Why we’re not hard on Boko Haram – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday explained why Nigeria is using “minimum force” in fighting Boko Haram insurgents, saying his administration was doing its utmost best to protect the fundamental human rights of persons in the theatre of operations.

Addressing a special session of the EU parliament in Strasbourg, France, President Buhari said his government shared the European Union’s commitment to peace and security.

He said he also shared the UN’s respect for human rights, democracy and good governance, equality and tolerance, as ways of developing prosperous and strong societies.

“For our part, we have updated our rules of engagement in fighting terrorism and pay very close attention during operations to the treatment of captured terrorists, civilians caught up in the conflict and in general, safeguarding property.

“Our aim is to use minimum force necessary in our fight against terrorists,” Mr. Buhari assured members of the parliament and the European Union Commission.

Mr. Buhari also spoke of Nigeria’s concerns about the Economic Partnership Agreement between the European Union, African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP), collectively endorsed by the Economic Community of West African States.

He said Nigeria was yet to sign the agreement because pertinent technical issues raised by the Federal Government have not been satisfactorily addressed.

“Giving due consideration to the mismatch of the two regions (Europe-ECOWAS) in terms of technology and manufacturing experience, the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria and Associated Trade Unions raised concerns over the negative impact of the agreement on Nigeria’s industrialisation programme.

“Nigeria is working towards addressing her own side of the issues and I therefore urge our European Union partners to also address our own concerns to allow for an Economic Partnership Agreement that is mutually beneficial and can contribute to the prosperity of our people, in the context of our shared values and interest at promoting cordial bilateral trade relations,” Mr. Buhari said.

The president also sought greater support from the European Union for Nigeria’s efforts to curb the theft of its crude oil and corruption in its oil and gas sector.

“Nigeria is facing the challenges of oil-theft and illegal bunkering in the Niger Delta as well as recovery of illicit funds.

“In this regard, Nigeria solicits the cooperation of the European Parliament to support the efforts aimed at stemming these vices.

“Our attempt to restore security, curb corruption and fight crime will result not only in improving social stability in Nigeria but will re-open the doors for full economic relations with Europe and the rest of the world.
“Those who wish to invest in our country have immense opportunities and we intend to guarantee the security of people and investments brought to Nigeria,” Mr. Buhari said.

He assured the parliament that Nigeria would collaborate with the European Union to address illegal migration to Europe.

“Our government is making concerted efforts to address the push-factor that propel migration, especially from Nigeria, as both destination and transit country.

“In this year’s budget, the government has provided for over 500,000 graduate employment in the teaching profession alone.

“We are equally collaborating with the states and local governments, to strengthen skills acquisition centres, in order to train the teeming youth in various vocational skills, so that they can be self-employed, and eventually, become employers of labour.

“We are also making efforts to diversify the economy, giving impetus to agriculture and solid minerals exploitation, to create wealth and employments.

“Nigeria welcomes the outcome of the Valletta EU-Africa Summit on Migration, including the launching of 1.8 billion Euros Emergency Trust Fund to address the root causes of migration from Africa to Europe.

“Nigeria will work with the countries of the Sahel and Central Africa, to submit to the Board of the Emergency Trust Fund, our identified projects for funding in due course.

“The Common Agenda on Migration and Mobility (CAMM), which Nigeria was the first African country to sign on 12th March 2015, is a demonstration of the positive spirit of our cooperation with the European Union in the field of migration and development.

“It is in the light of this understanding that I wish to propose the reciprocal visa waivers for holders of Nigerian Diplomatic and Official Passports attending official meetings and conferences in Europe,” the president added.


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  • Heroes_Nigeria


    WARNING: The National Assembly must address the threatening issue of Buhari’s incompetence without further delay or Nigeria will sink!

    The malicious, deliberate and intentional use of excuses, lies, outright falsehood, propaganda, frivolous foreign trips, and a so called war against corruption … to mask Buhari’s incompetence is nothing but deadly political Ebola

    Buhari is suffering from “Truth Deficiency Syndrome” complicated by acute incompetence …. and there is no cure!


      On this one … I think Buhari is telling the truth for the first time.

      Buhari is really soft on Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen.

      In fact, Buhari is aiding Boko Haram in many ways. For example, Buhari has consistently boosted Boko Haram fighting force by freely releasing their captured members unconditionally.

      Also remember that Buhari even asked Jonathan to stop the fight against Boko Haram … and bring their members to Aso Rock for dinner in Presidential Jets.

      Also remember that just a few days ago Buhari said FG will establish special grazing fields his murderous Fulani Herdsmen. Going further, Buhari said he would beg and persuade his murderous Fulani Herdsmen to use the grazing fields when they are eventually established.

      The only problem is that when it comes to Niger Delta Militants, Biafra Agitators and OPC … Buhari advocates that maximum force should be to crush them … with out without human rights.

      • clairvoyance

        Just as ugly as your brainless god

    • Samadani

      You can relocate to planet mars if you fell so disgusted!!!

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    @heroes_nigeria:disqus: You are very sick and quite insane with your utterance of classifying president Muhammadu Buhari,as incompetent.You are a cursed nincompoop.Drop dead ass-hole.You and your fellow felons in PDP wrecked Nigeria public treasuries and bankrupted our national treasury.Urgently return your portion of the millions of naira you looted from the office of former national security adviser,Col.Sambo Dazuki.

    • Luash

      Why don’t you do the things you listed above first before telling someone else to, this is why this country wont develop because of people like that all you do is insult people at the slightest opportunity rather contribution or tell your fellow nigerian to calm you pour fuel when there is already fire.

    • Ini Jeremiah

      Shut up. You don’t know anything

    • Marshall247

      ..and soso?that’s enof reasons for random disobedience of court orders, for Nigeria taking the lead in the least of worst hit extra judicial killers.I pity u cis soon u will get ur own dose of the tyranny

    • Marshall247

      Did I see the’Dr” well?sorry but its unmerited

    • adeade

      Please don’t cry!!! Learn to live with the fact that PMB willl always be criticized and called names..

  • C3kwe

    Buhari is a hypocritical Liar. Here is a man since he came to power has continued to abuse the human rights of his fellow citizens by putting them to prison and disobeying the courts order for bail. A government that is holding a political prisoner, Punishing his perceived enemies and settling old scores. All I know is that you will be held to account when you leave office. Your ego might be massaged by the white man but they will come back to you when the time comes.

    • Comment

      This is not the
      Nigeria that Muhammadu Buhari promised us in the build-up towards the
      presidential election. Neither is it the one he promised after he had won. In a
      nationally-televised speech, hours after his declaration as president-elect,
      Buhari had told Nigerians: “Boko Haram will soon know the strength of our
      collective will.” Fast-forward several months, and it instead looks as if it was
      the Boko Haram commander who directed that statement towards the Nigerian
      people. In less than three months of Buhari’s reign, the gory era of terrorism is
      back in Nigeria, and the insurgents are furiously striking the people again and

      …………Fisayo Soyombo

  • Luash

    We all know that he has been and will continue to be soft, please MR PRESIDENT TELL US SOMETHING WE DON’T KNOWN now Aba. All talk No action.

  • Ini Jeremiah

    Blame game continues .Being shifted from past administration to protection of human rights where there are evidence of monumental violations of the same human rights.

    • Marshall247

      This pmb thinks hr can bully ppl around in that side of the world,but those rhetoric of his are but deceptive tantrums



    Nigeria has become the world capital of extra-judicial state executions in the last 8 months of Buhari’s administration, hundreds of Nigerian civilians including many women and children have been killed by the army on the streets of Zaria, Onitsha, Port-Harcourt , Warri etc. Nigeria has within the last 8 months made it to the top of this ignoble list.

    Well ,maybe Buhari thinks the white boys do not know of his regimes undemocratic and brutal antics at home but he must think twice.

    • Contact Point

      I said it that this person has gone nut, i think you need to follow your psychiatric drugs religiously


        An estimated more than 300 shiite unarmed civilians were gunned down and about 25 unarmed Biafran protesters gunned down,court orders have been tossed into the bin as extra-judicial detentions become the norm in the last 8 months.


        • C3kwe

          You got it all right, TAWANDA.

        • Marshall247

          ..and you forgot to mention personal vendetta on p perceived enemies in guise of fighting corruption

  • Khafilat Adeoye


    Just take a look at the picture above … you don’t need a medical Doctor to tell you that Buhari is looking sick and stressed.

    I hope he finds time to take care of his health even if it means resignation from office


      It might be the fault of the first Lady,she is not making him good meals.

      • Contact Point

        Be reasonable when reasonable or serious issue is been raised or discussed.


          Does he look well fed in your eyes ? The first-Lady is clearly not feeding him properly and this is very worrisome indeed !!

    • Charles Odemero

      You are an enemy of the Nigerian vision


        …because she made an obvious observation ? How do you then show concern for the dictator’s welfare if you are not concerned about his health ?

    • hiro hiro

      That was your sing song before and during the election, and today the man is still standing. Your mama Piss and his boyfriend, the areaboy in Ekiti, Fayose, said he was brain dead. Now we know who is brain dead.

      • Ngozi

        The man is a walking corpse, that’s why he is not in full grip of the economy and country. His lieutenants are having a field day, churning out propaganda every minute. The is no policy and project to show for 9months. Ndi ara.

        • excel

          You are not observant enough you’re d one walking corpse. Pathetic loser

    • Contact Point

      Taking care of his health yes, but resigning, well am sorry you will be highly disappointed because he will remain strong till end of his 2 Constitutional terms

    • Fadama

      Are you one of the daughters, concubines, or wives to those involved in the Dasukigate?

    • Bash

      You lost it all daughter of a thief

    • C3kwe

      He has undergonised TB ( Tuberculosis). I can’t wait for Osinbanjo to take Nigeria to the next level.

      • FormerNigerian

        So this is why you people support the Fulani terrorist in the vain hope your midget will take over.

  • √๏и๏

    First of all, I will like to commend the speech writer for taking the criticism I leveled on president Buhari just a few days ago seriously, whereby I stated that the youth, investments, economic activities, and many of the virtues listed in this speech, were lacking in the president’s lexicon.
    Having said that, I’ll like to make the following four observations:

    1. This president should not be welcomed into the comity of civilized nations who mean well for Africans, Nigerians, or Humans, until he explains, and accounts for a tremendous massacre committed by his army just 2 months ago, where hundreds were murdered in cold blood, burnt, and buried in mass graves! This genocide is on video, and on social media. If the Europeans think that African lives are worthless, they can continue ignoring this crime, but it will not work because these are human beings. We will make sure Buhari doesn’t get away with this crime.

    2. The world can see that Buhari is complicit in the Boko Haram genesis and activities by his mockery and body language. Yes, there are 2 or more types of Boko Haram. There’s the local, religious Boko Haram, and there’s another political, more sophisticated Fulani Boko Haram used to advance the northern agenda. This Boko Haram nominated this same Buhari to be their negotiator with the federal government a few years back; today, he has shamelessly admitted to going soft on them, while at the same time is being brutal with religious sects that are his ancient rivals, minority groups, nations seeking self determination and so on.

    3. Buhari is never going to talk about any commitment to progress, and peace today, it’s always put off with myriad excuses.

    4. He has no plans whatsoever, just emoty rhetoric and blame game fir his predecessors and abstract jargon.

    It’s time for Europe to help Nigeria, or simply stay away. You all know what this man is doing, stop giving him moral cover. He is fomenting division and chaos, while killing many of our people.

  • UYI111

    BOKOHARI is fighting boko haram with kid gloves but Biafra with with iron fist!

    • Otile

      Why not? They shouldn’t even waste resources on Boko Haram, after all North East is contributing nothing to the Republic except violence. Imam knows very well that without Biafra Nigeria is nothing. But he is daft in handling the situation. He is behaving like an armed robbery – harm or kill off the owner and steal his belongings. That’s Imam Buhari’s mentality for you.

    • excel

      I salute your stupidity it exceed my understanding

  • Factsay

    You are using minimum power against Boko ur fellow Sunni but at same time using maximum power against armless Shiites

    • Jennifer Matthew

      Boko Haram are just Wahabbi puppet sponsored by Saudi Arabi, not mainstream sunni muslims. The mainsteam sunni and shiite are peaceful people.

  • FormerNigerian

    Hmm, minimum force against Boko Haram but maximum force against people in Niger Delta and Biafra. Na wa for one Nigeria o.

  • Otile

    Everyone knows that Buhari cannot in good conscience attack his people as he would attack Igbo people. He recently borrowed $2.1 billions to settle his people and to rebuild their mud huts with ultra modern structures but gave nothing to Igbo people. Everybody is witnessing his unjust policies. Sycophants and praise singers are the ones egging him on so as to receive Crumbs from his ill-gotten loots.

    • Gugurus Ekpa


      When last was your diaper changed? Do you want me to change your diapers for you now?

      • Otile

        Islamist Gugurugus Ekpas,

        Diaper sniffer, when last did you go to Sambisa forest baby factory to sniff dirty diapers?. Dan iska.

        • Gugurus Ekpa


          Are you babbling to daddy again with those wet diapers you have on?

        • Gugurus Ekpa


          Stop sounding like a crazy baby who has been denied his baby formula. All I want to do is help you change your diapers. Do you need your diapers changed now that they appear soaked? LOL.

  • Maverick

    I don’t not expect Buhari to be hard on his creation. Boko Haram is his creation. He’ll rather nurse them.

  • Isi Agwo

    President Bokohari, the spiritual head of Boko Haram, has never, and will never use “maximum force” against Boko Haram since “a fight against Boko Haram is a fight against the North” (according to Bokohari).

    Meanwhile, Bokohari’s address to the European Parliament is the TOP News across Europe, broadcast live! Yeye illiterate, certificate forger deh smell.

    • Abdul


  • NinjaK

    Walai this is pure, undiluted 419!!!
    Buhari told us when he was campaigning that he would crush Boko Haram within 3 months of assumption of office. It is now 8 whole months and he is now telling us he is using “minimum force” to fight them. Good Gracious!!!
    Buhari, you are either fighting a war or you are not. There is nothing like minimum force in warfare. You use maximum force to end the war as quickly as possible!
    Nigerians did not vote for you to come and be using “minimum force” 8 WHOLE MONTHS afterwards!!!!!!!

    • Abdul

      he is crushing them already.

  • True Nigerian

    When we compare this excuse to the chest-thumping answer you gave in justification of the maximum force used against the defenceless shiites in Zaria, we can only reach the conclusion that, on this matter, the conscience and standards of your government is deeply flawed, hypocritical and self-contradicted. And I say so as someone who has been supported since 2003. I am very disappointed.

    Minimum force against those who kill and maim innocent people in thousands, including soldiers. And then maximum force against shiites who are guilty of holding processions that disrupt traffic. The force was so brutal that 700 people were shot dead and then secretly burried by the army.

    My President, you must have a rethink now before it is too late.

  • Anonymous

    I knew he’s sympathetic to Bokoharm. The cynics said he’ll crush Bokoharm in a month. With PMB the war on Bokoharm is unwinnable.

    • Abdul

      story story

  • adeade

    I cry for my country!!! May be we should allow the Boko Haram to establish their Caliphate since my Government wants to be sympathetic to them..,

    • Abdul

      cry for yourself

  • honesty NO1

    This is the most outrageous comment a president fighting terrorist can make in the international media . This is just plain DUMB. Do the boko haram killers cared about the rights of the people they kill in cold blood? Does it mean the president have a soft spot for these killers. This statement is very strange. Please Mr President you may not pass any comment if you dont have to.

    • Abdul

      oh shut up, he has explained why he is not using maximum force, do you expect him to start killing civilians too the way jonathan did? pls give me a break i beg.

      • Right Minded

        You are the one that should shut up! When Your dumb President said an attack on Boko haram is an attack on the North, where were you? This President is simply clueless, heartless and senseless.

        • Jennifer Matthew

          You are right.

    • Rek

      Don’t forget buhari is a member of bh. It’s against ethics of terrorists to kill there members, therefore minimum force is required.

  • WaFleet

    So our Mulatto Mistake visited a Mosque today? Hope he took time to say a prayer for the Nigerian children butchered by Boko Haram this week! President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday explained why Nigeria is using “minimum force” in fighting Boko Haram insurgents, saying his administration was doing its utmost best to protect the fundamental human rights of persons in the theatre of operations. (‘How’s that for pure unadulterated bull shit’) President Buhari does indeed sound like our very own Mulatto Mistake – Buhari’s approach to solving the Boko Haram situation is very much like our Presidents – who leads from the rear and avoids any conflict at all. So any help from our Muslim supported – Liberal – President will never come. Besides President Mistake won’t back the Sunni’s – he would stick with Buhari and toss in against the Shiites.

  • Ebaah Odibo

    PMB can’t use maximum force because a war against Boko Haram is a war against the North. And if such a war is forced on him, he will use minimum force because BH are his people. He rode on their back to electoral victory. Bloody hypocrisy. Sanguinary mixture of religion, tribal allegiances and politics.

  • Atunde Adeola Yusuf




    CALL 08186948992

  • Jennifer Matthew

    Oh really Mr Buhari? Why did you use maximum force against defenseless shiite in Zaria? Bloody liar!

    • nkolika

      The term Maximum is relative. Maximum force will endanger the civilian population like we have in Syria. The President is right, you do not want to solve a problem and create More

  • Rek

    The man is telling EU who he is. Supreme commander in chief of bh. He is telling EU he is using kids gloves to fight his kins men and women who made him president and their spokesman. Again, bh is a terrorist organization and require no kids gloves. If you Know you’re doing EU 419 fight these terrorists with deserved seriousness.

  • ayobamiba

    How this nation substituted her work in progress transformation agenda for this national calamitous iniquity I still dey wonder.what kind of spell did tinubu cast on jega to so much betray Nigeria. Buhari have shown what it really mean to be clueless, incompetent, myopic, weak,tired and unintelligent. Those who are managing our President should please advice him to have some deserved rest for a while because buhari is showing serious sings of mental weakness, tiredness and need to rest his brain.I can vow in good conscience that the buhari that I know means very well for Nigeria and is sincerely burdened with the desire to bring a positive change but he was given this rare privilege and opportunity when his body can’t withstand the serious rigours of the office. May God give buhari wisdom to select sincere Nigerians with great capacities to help him to actualize his lofty visions. May God help him to jettison his tribal,ethnic and religious sentiments so that he can tap from the abundance of human resources that God has endowed Nigeria with.buharis biggest challenge is that he has surrounded himself with hollow minded human resources who are misguiding him because they have nothing in them to offer at this critical time of our nation.this has manifested rather badly in the way buhari has been carrying his presidency with lots of timid,myopic and shameful tendencies. Indeed buhari needs help quickly.

  • Excisionist

    The true reason Buhari is soft on Boko Haram, is because he is one of the sponsors. He fought tooth and nail to win the election because he knew he would be exposed if he lost. I am sure Western Intelligence Agencies are aware of this. Buhari is releasing Bopko Haram terrorists while slaughtering peaceful demonstrators in the south east and incarcerating their leader. Who is deceiving who?

  • evelyn smith

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