Kogi makes another history as Governor Yahaya Bello is sworn in without a deputy

Kogi State on Wednesday made another unusual history as its fourth democratically elected governor, Yahaya Bello, was sworn in without a deputy.

The man nominated by the All Progressives Congress to be Mr. Bello’s deputy, James Faleke, made real his threat not to present himself for swearing in with the governor.

He was conspicuously absent at Wednesday’s ceremony, and no replacement was announced at the event.

The legal implication of that arrangement remained unclear Wednesday.

It is the first time in Nigeria’s political history that an elected governor would be inaugurated without a deputy.

The North-Central state had made another history late last year when a leading governorship candidate, Abubakar Audu, died before its governorship election is concluded, throwing the state into what appeared a constitutional logjam.

On Wednesday, Mr. Bello was inaugurated amid pomp and ceremony by the Chief Judge of the state, Nasir Ajana, who administered the oath of office and that of allegiance on him.

Mr. Bello was picked by the All Progressives Congress to replace its late candidate, Mr. Audu.

Mr. Faleke objected to the party’s decision and approached the election tribunal in the state asking it to declare him governor-elect.

He contended that the election had been won and lost before Mr. Audu died and that he (Faleke) should have been pronounced governor-elect.

Mr. Faleke has repeatedly claimed that he was not consulted or taken into confidence by anyone regarding the choice of Mr. Bello as Mr. Audu’s replacement.

He was also quoted in various reports as expressing suspicion that the party was planning to announce his replacement on the grounds that he absconded from Wednesday’s inauguration.

Those attending Wednesday’s inauguration include the National Chairman of the APC, John Odigie-Oyegun as well as the governor of Nasarawa state and the Minister of Communication Technology, Adebayo Shittu.

The President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, was represented by Kabir Gaya, a senator and former governor of Kano.

The Senator representing Kogi East, Dino Melaye, who gave the welcome address, said Wednesday’s inauguration was historic because “a minority is now the governor of Kogi state”.

He pledged that Mr. Bello would not disappoint the people of the state and called on all aggrieved people to unite and cooperate with the new governor for the sake of Kogi state.


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  • Maria

    Occupy till I come…Your stay is temporary….


    The law is very simple on this matter–U cannot contest elections without your deputy—period——The question is, why is it that the APES in APC have the perchant of refusing to obey simply laws with impunity? They have little or no regard for the law–Is it because of the old army uniform still hangin in the cupboard of Buhari?

  • I Hate Sycophant Truly

    Hence, Yahaya Bello would be a tenant for few months bcos he can’t survive that seat. No sole candidacy in our constitution. Bello is a goner.

  • i dey ask


    I want to ask questions? Is James Faleke of APC in Lagos inside Bola Tinubu’s camp or not? The answer is
    yes, James Faleke is in the Bola Tunubu camp. Good! Next question: this governor sworn in – Yahaya Bello,
    is he in the Tinubu camp too? The answer is no! Bello is in the Buhari camp. Next question: did James Faleke
    sue Bello to court over this Kogi governorship? The answer is yes! So, why did Faleke go to court if Tinubu
    and Buhari are the Leaders of APC? The answer is that Buhari and Tinubu do not agree on this Kogi issue.
    That is why the Tinubu camp of James Faleke has sued the Buhari camp of Yahaya Bello to court. Simple!


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  • Wale

    Soon to be Ex.
    Faleke will be sworn in after all the shenanigan settles down and common sense kicks in.

    • Abidilagungun

      …and unrest will set-in in Kogi and APC

      • Ade Omowest

        MOPOL and JTF will be moved in to restore order and deal with people like you Abidilagungun.

        • Abidilagungun

          May Almighty Allah soothe your troubled soul

          • Ade Omowest

            Same to you, and I will say no more.

  • l-eche

    You can see why I don’t read Premium Times. They don’t promote peace! Are they supposed to expose
    that Yahaya Bello did not have any deputy when he was sworn in? Can’t they keep quiet about that one?
    Is it everything they see they must say out? If somebody has energy to do all the work what does he need
    deputy governor for? Has Yahaya Bello complained to Premium Times that the work is too much for him.
    Nonsense! Journalism does not mean you should not know when to keep quiet, haba, Premium Times!

    • NoSpinEd

      Sounds good if you think little of the law or constitutional protocol. According to the law you cannot govern without a deputy even if you are sure you do not need one. After what led to this crisis it should be obvious to you why it is so stipulated. They should have simply swon in another deputy to ensure legal compliance.

  • Abidilagungun

    Tinubu is a bad sport; he had been attending all such inaugurations as the APC ‘National Leader’. He should have been there

    • Sword

      APC backed a Muslim against a Christian–now they are knowing that they did wrong–sadly Muslims Do not know right and wrong. Judgement in their view belongs to the sword and not ones conscience or God.

      • PolyGon2013

        Religion has nothing to do with this. Stop pitching Christian against Muslims.

      • Akanji92

        Sword of Satan you goofed

  • Ade Omowest

    This is a “One Chance Governor”. A caretaker governor has just been inaugurated in Kogi State. The
    impostor, interloper and pretender is Alhaji Yahaya Bello, who will be
    warming the seat until the judiciary legally installed the authentic
    Governor for Kogi State. I am of the opinion that the issue will be finally settled by the Supreme Court to show that the AGF/Minister of Justice in collaboration with INEC and the disgruntled National Executives of APC ell in law.

  • Ogbeni Leke Olowe

    It is a game plan not to lose from both side. Anyway d tribunal goes will always be favorable to d party. This has been seen and predicted long ago.

  • Es3

    The courts, here litigations come to annul the illegality!

  • Pure Reasoning

    Common sense dictates Bello should not be the governor however, since Faleke is in court, there should be no cause for alarm. My only problem is that in a case like this, the court should acted swiftly before Bello even dream of occupying or get close to a position he never contested for. We do not want to wait for another 6 months before the court rule. By then, needless resources would have been spent. The court should make a decision NOW.


    The law is very simple on this matter–U cannot contest elections or be sworn-in without your deputy—period–But with a thief–as the Chairman of INEC-what else do u expect from him? —-Besides the question is, why is it that the APES in APC have the perchant for refusing to obey simple INEC laws with impunity? Yesterday, it was Buhari who swore b4 the courts that his certificates were with the army–It turned out to be a big fat lie! So how could Buhari who disregarded the law for presidential elections, encourage the Apes in APC to obey their laws? Now that very Buhari have little or no regard for the Rule of Law—The Judges in our courts have been warned to obey the voice of Fulani Buhari-alone-and that of the cowhands following him about from the South West——–Is Buhari not becoming law unto himself and his party because of the old army uniform, still hanging in the cupboard of his secret mansions in London ati Abuja? -Let us now see if he Buhari will congratulate this Ape from APC over his alleged election–Given the refusal of Buhari to send congratulatory messages to Dickson in the creeks of Bayelsa state, because of his Ijaw tribal marks——————-Animals

  • Infectious MEDIOCRITY

    Do you people, who post comments here every day have brains at all? Duncee’s dull brain has become dangerously infectious like Ebola and very very many Nigerian youths no longer aspire to excel. They no with a failed WAEC secondary school certificate they can become president someday.

    1. America gave us 24 armored military vehicles. Is is not worth it to send one of the armoured military hardware to the workshop and begin to dismantle it and learn the technology?
    2. Do you know how many graduates of Mechanical, Electrical and Production Engineering students emerge from Bachelors and Masters programs from over 200 universities in Nigeria every year?
    3. Do you know how much Nigeria can make annually if it were to be a manufacturer of military hardware?…or go into the business of massive industrialization?
    4. Do you know that revenue from sale of military hardware is now highest of all income sources all over the world?
    5. Are you aware that only members of the G7 who tell you to focus on Agriculture, malaria and Cholera are the ones who manufacture over 85% of what the entire earth consumes?

    In 1991 the world was stunned when America deployed the then novel “Anti-Patriot missiles” to Israel to intercept the surface to air missiles launched by Saddam of Iraq into Israel. The world had not seen anything of such anywhere before. Israel had no such capability at the time. It momentarily relied on US. However, 13yrs after, the Israelis developed the now unrivalled “Iron Dome” that presents over 90% more efficiency than the Anti patriot missiles of the US. All the Israelis needed to spur them to invent was to have a US invention placed in their care. – But the least educated Israeli PM from 1947 to date are those with one Masters degree, career military or civilian. If they allowed Dunces to be PM, it would be a different story.

    If your leaders are brain inactive and confused must you get infected by this seemingly incurable blight? Let us innovate. Let us choose our leaders who have the right vision and the right attitude. Leaders who are sharp, smart and intelligent.

    • emmanuel

      told them. That is the way black man reasons. Even the Editors are no different.

  • ilesanmi

    Any unusual can happen because we are in unusual time.
    It is the first time we learned that original certificates of an employee are retained by the employer for life – UNusual
    The first time we witnessed a candidate issued with SSC result with greyed hair passport attached, after 50 years – UNusual
    First time a president said he did not need ministers to work with – Unusual
    First time a president refused to congratulate a state governor on election victory – UNusual
    This the first time in Nigeria where votes won by a dead candidate refused to die with, but added to those scored by a living candidate – UNusual
    The first time Senate rule was allegedly altered, is forged? – UNusual
    The first time the appropriation Bill document got missing or is supplanted or forged? _ UNusual
    First time a governor sworn-in without a deputy – UNusual
    Above all, the first time I see my Yoruba brothers commenting, condemning action of the APC (because of Faleye?) – UNusual

  • Pure Reasoning

    Enjoy the stolen mandate and the platitudes while it last.

  • no_be_lie

    nawao! these are dangerous times in nigeria, barely 7 months into apc led federal govt. we have started seeing this level of impunity where a gov is ”elected and inaugurated” without a deputy, if they are allowed 16yrs in power like pdp had there will certainly be no more nigeria left.

  • objective

    PT, Melaye represents Kogi West. Not Kogi East


    What a shame to our Nascent African Democracy——————-Nigeria is now under Military Rule————–Not a Civilian Rule as we expected–It is now the rule by Buhari for Obasanjo ati Ibbs

  • Hopeistheonlyformofreason

    Great, makes it easier to disqualify him in court. This single act will end his career. Bello will not last. The electoral act says a governor cannot be elected without a deputy.

  • shola

    Sorry to note the way this Faleke spoke yesterday on the Channels TV. His arguments were so baseless, that he doesn’t qualify for an office of a local administrator. If you refuse categorically to be the deputy and you are not willing to work together with the new governor, get out from the party. Party membership is team work. APC never elected you as its potential governorship candidate. In a democratic country like Nigeria there is no automatism of office in any party. Never take your personal interest above that of your party, else you will be seen as asocial.