Akwa Ibom governor, Udom Emmanuel, boasts about his wealth, and his father’s big house

Akwa Ibom State Governor, Udom Emmanuel

Governor Udom Emmanuel recently threw away modesty, and publicly boasted about how wealthy he was before becoming governor of Akwa Ibom state.

The governor went as far as referring to his private residence in Uyo to underline the gap, in terms of wealth, between him and others in the state.

He also spoke about his father building one of the best homes in his native Awa, in Onna local government area of the state.

“The question there is that as at the time some of us built one of the best houses in Ewet Housing Estate, how many houses could be compared to our own,” Mr. Emmanuel said in November, 2015 during a live television interview in Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom state.

PREMIUM TIMES obtained a recording of the interview this week.

The governor was responding to claims that he began building a mansion in his village with public funds shortly after he was sworn in as governor.

Mr. Emmanuel said his father’s home was one of the best in his village in Awa, Onna Local Government Area of the state. And yet, neither him nor his father was in government at the time it was built, he said.

The governor said, “Look at somebody of my own status in life. I was already sitting on the board of profit-making companies at the age of 35.

“At the age of 40, I was already sitting on the board of 12 corporate bodies, including a group.”

Apparently referring to Zenith Bank where he worked as executive director before becoming secretary to the Akwa Ibom state government and later governor of the state, Governor Emmanuel said, “At the age of 40, I was in the board of one of the best banks on planet earth.

“And there is nobody at that level that will go home with a salary of less than $1 million per annum.”

The governor said it wasn’t true that he was building a mansion in his village. He said he was merely doing an expansion on his father’s house.

“Is building a four-bedroom house such a big deal?

“I am one person when I contested (for governor) people brought money, and I told them I didn’t need their money.”

Governor Emmanuel, during the interview, attacked those he said were spreading ‘satanic propaganda’ against him.

“If you see those people who are sitting on the radio to rant, and rant and rant, they have failed their generations,” Mr. Emmanuel said, angrily. “They are a total failure. Most of them cannot feed their families.

“Go and ask them, what have you done since you were born.

“Most of them are 50 years and above and they can never boast of managing a trust.

“When you see people who through God’s grace and their personal sacrifices have actually risen to the peak of the whole world, you can’t bring those people down.

“So some of them are just ranting, they are failures – they failed humanity, they failed their families. So the only way they can vent is to come to the radio and insult a governor.

“And when you see all those illiterates coming up on radio, you can tune off your radio for a while, you don’t allow them to corrupt those minds,” the governor said.


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    Nigeria 2016 Budget – Health Sector Summary.

    1] University of Benin Teaching Hospital ————– N212M

    2] Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital – N162M

    3] University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital ————- N218M

    4] Aso Rock Medical Centre, Abuja ———————– N3.8Billion.

    A Fraud remain a fraud which ever way they hide. This budget is a big SCAM that will only benefit those that sponsored Buhari’s campaign


    THERE IS PRACTICALLY NOTHING WRONG WITH WHAT THE GOVERNOR SAID—–I DO NOT EVEN UNDERSTAND WHY THIS STORY SHOULD ATTRACT THE FRONT PAGE OF PREMIUM TIMES-U PEOPLE laughed at Jonathan for having no shoes to go to school with–now a man comwes out to say he is an embodiment of wealth-kudi ati owo-ego—and u are catching cold– animals

    • Shugaba Nkasa

      who laughed at Jonathan for having no shoes?
      Jonathan’s shoe-less story began as an inspirational one but he turned it into a joke with the way he ran the Government.
      He has single-handedly destroyed the hopes of all the shoeless people in Nigeria from ever attaining the highest office in the land because Nigerians are now extra-cautious when dealing with people without shoes!

      As per this Governors speech, lets just say we would like to blame his buffoonery on immaturity but even those much younger would not speak like this if they made their wealth legally. The state of mind and dedication required for wealth acquisition has no room for such mundane and frivolous talk. His speech is akin to the notoriously popular phrase/question “Do you know who my father is?”

    • absam777

      If you cannot see what is wrong in the governor’s comment, then you must check you outlook about life. He did not say what he’s done for humanity – his charitable service.etc.He is all ego and shadow boxing. You will never hear Bill Gate, a higher achiever talk like that. Nothing in life is permanent. It is all vanity.

    • tundemash

      The rogue is preparing ground to loot your future.


        he smells wealth—-unlike tinubu who had to sell drugs to survive in the USA

        • Buhari4Ever

          Deri Orbuka, you were equally selling drugs to survive in Switzerland

        • tundemash

          Deri, may Tinubu continue to haunt you in your sleep.

      • Waphyguy

        The assets can be verified easily. How is that preparing grounds? Go to Ewet Housing and his village you will see the houses.

        • tundemash

          Verification is not about me going to his village, it is about him declaring his assets as dictated by the constitution and his earnings ought to conform with what he pays years as income tax to govt.

  • hiro hiro

    Just like Akpabio, why are these people so dumb. See the man that sat on the board of 12 companies. How pathetic. This is a governor in Nigeria. I pity the people of Akwa Ibom, they keep producing dullards as their leaders. This Emmanuel of a boy is preparing the ground to loot the state to zero, his utterance says it all. This how they grandstand before looting, it is called the dirge before the burial.

    • Waphyguy

      He graduated First Class from the University of Lagos. What is you level of education?

      • hiro hiro

        Please don’t insult my university. I know wise people are being produced by UNILAG. And bagging a first class does not amount to having wisdom and leadership qualities. This your governor is lacking in wisdom and I can’t see any trait of leadership in him. As a leader, you allow the rain fall on your friends and enemies. You don’t disparage the led because they don’t share your aspirations. That is wisdom. Get it mister first class?

        • Waphyguy

          You called a First Class product of your University a dullard and you accuse me of insulting the university?


    Amaechi Looted $757M from Rivers State To Fund Buhari’s Campaign.

    The immediate past Rivers State Governor, Mr Rotimi Amaechi stole $757 million (N230Billion), reliable sources at the Government House told our reporter in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, south south Nigeria.

    Findings from our investigative reports revealed that Rotimi dug deep into Rivers State coffers and doled out a whopping $757 part of which was used to fund Buhari’s campaign and every hue and cry that has been raised so far to have Rotimi Amaechi investigated in spite of the glaring evidence against him tendered by the Rivers State Government has fallen on deaf ears.

    • Rommel

      If Rotimi Amechi were a thief,he would never have left the PDP so find another story,even a toddler in your house knows you are talking nonsense

      • Room23

        Pls go to youtube and watch the video where Rotim confessed to being a thief. Thank God for technology. Mumu!
        This is how Sanusi Lamido Sanusi @ Room 23 @ Radisson Blu holel Lagos came out few weeks ago to open his mouth wide to tell people not to insult a confirmed bigot like Ahmadu Bello whose statements of uncommon bigotry is captured on youtube too. APC – the Lying liars.

        • Buhari4Ever

          Deri Orbuka, you are a bigger thief than Amaechi. Few years ago, you were just a miserable fellow in the Swiss Refugee Camp. In the name of free money from amnesty, Bayelsa government, NDDC and Ministry of Niger Delta, you have all the time in this world to make useless, hateful and irrelevant comments on the internet

    • tundemash

      So why has wicked Wike not prosecuted him , dunce ?

  • Rommel

    It’s just pathetic,another moron in Akwa Ibom

  • Basketmouth

    There is practically nothing wrong in blowing ones trumpet except for those who have no trumpet to blow. However, when a question that leads to the governor blowing the trumpet of his achievements comes up in political discussion, I think the course of wisdom is to ignore it and move on to discuss issues that affects the lives of the people. The house he built in his village or the magnificence of his father’s house in the village does not put money in the pocket of the unemployed or put food on the table of the poor. I think the governor got carried away by his ego and it is a fundamental flaw in so many men.

  • Dr Pat Mumuwole Awosan

    Etubo Udom Emmanuel can boast of his wealth and his father’s ‘big’ because because he knows he earned his wealth LEGALLY and the source verifiable. This is in sharp contrast to a man referred to as Vice president – Mr Osinbanjo, who declared physical cash assets of about N100m (Naira) and $1m (Dollars) respectively amounting to a total cash assets of approximately N400m. BUT the question is: HOW did Mr Osinbanjo make his money? And Mr Osinbanjo never presented verifiable evidence of source of income (Bank payments, Bank account numbers, transfers, invoices, contracts etc ) in the last 5 – 10 years. This is the problem. Asset declaration shouldn’t be mere paper declaration but the subject must be able to provide VERIFIABLE EVIDENCE to prove that s/he earned such wealth legally. We must therefore commend Etubo Udom for his professionalism. He remains the only Governor to reject the FG’s so called bail out money stating: “I would not borrow money I don’t need and by so doing, leave a huge debt burden for future governors to pay” . And since that day the APC government sought to remove him as Governor , hence the court’s nullification of the elections. Premium Times refused to capture and report Udom Emmanuel’s statements at the press conference/town hall meeting where he explained his reason for rejecting the bail out money. Why is Premium Times reporting this story and giving it prominence to slight the Governor? Dickson has shamed all of you. Now it is Udom Emmanuel . Premium Times is sick.

    1. Retired General Ibrahim Babangida invested billions in private power sector at privatization of PHCN
    2. Ex-president Abdulsalami Abubakar invested billions of Naira in power sector at privatization of PHCN
    3. Ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo invested billions too by proxy.
    The pertinent question is: How did all these Ex-presidents become billionaires? Did they partake of sharing of Dasuki’s money?

    • F9 Mathematical

      1] University of Benin Teaching Hospital——— N212M
      2] Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital—N162M
      3] University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital——–N218M
      4] Aso Rock Medical Centre, Abuja—————- N3.8Billion.

      The above says it all. Buhari is a very dangerous man. Budget missing. Budget found. Who receives treatment at Aso Rock Medical centre? Why is PT not reporting on the budget fraud by Buhari’s govt?

      • Olu from South Africa

        Who receives treatment at Aso Rock Medical centre?…… Ex-president Johnathan ‘ s brother. May his soul rest in peace.

      • Ndidi

        Are you sure of these figures?If this is true then Lagbaja was right to call Nigerians 200 million mumus

    • aisha ani

      At least Mr Osinbajo does not go around rubbing his wealth in peoples faces, Mr Emmanuel is tactless.

  • Wale

    Ok, over to you FIRS
    How much did this moron paid in taxes when he was “taking” home $1 million Dollars per annum, plus sitting on the board of eleven other companies.
    Another case of Tax Evasion in the oven, dumb aZZ.

    • Okon

      a) How much did the Otta baboon pay as tax for his Otta farms for 10yrs before 1999 and for 10 yrs between 1999 -2009?
      b) How did VP Osinbanjo make N400m cash as a Lawyer and University teacher?

    • Waphyguy

      Have you ever heard of PAYE? Staff of corporate bodies get their salaries net of taxes. Please let us be reasonable, he can easily afford the assets mentioned by virtue of his position in corporate Nigeria and he is publicly declaring the assets though some of you may call it arrogance.

  • Domingos

    How does PT determine stories that make headline news on its web page?
    Is Udom Emmanuel’s bragging about his legal wealth more pungent in the ear than VP Osinbajo’s N400m declared with no evidence of income?

    • How do you sir Domingo determine the stories that you comment on?
      Is your comment on PT’s story about Udom more pungent than other stories on PT’s site?

    • Holy truth

      U need to go back inside ur mum’s womb perhaps u will be given birth to again with a better brain if u said there is no proof to show how VP oshinbajo made his money.

    • Sincerely Yours

      Are you for real? And I think, Metuh’s N400M arms purchase windfall and the $2M dollars cash that was changed for him at the bureau de change with no evidence of income is more “pungent” in the ear.

  • F9 Mathematical

    1–University of Benin Teaching Hospital——— N212M
    2–Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital—N162M
    3–University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital——–N218M
    4–Aso Rock Medical Centre, Abuja—————- N3.8Billion.

    The above says it all. Buhari is a very dangerous man. Budget missing. Budget found. Who receives treatment at Aso Rock Medical centre? Why is PT not reporting on the budget fraud by Buhari’s govt?



      • Buhari4Ever

        Deri Orbuka, may Col. Hassan kill all those Ijaw criminal miscreants in the creeks of Niger Delta

      • aisha ani

        Col Hassan, why do you want to kill all the Ijaws?

    • Buhari4Ever

      Deri Orbuka, why does an average Ijaw man gloat when somebody steals government money?

  • Spoken word

    Typical Nigerian moron,suffering from black man disease.

  • Obed

    My problem is what Abia state went through in the hands of Orji Uzo Kalu.Those days we were hearing about Okada air, Chanchangi,Oriental and the likes of concord air.There was no slok air ,sun newspaper,slok shipping line etc.Orji Uzo Kalu pocketed Abia’s revenue and allocations with his 419 friends and started boasting that he was richer than Abia state as a whole.Abia state has remained a besieged state since.So when people start boasting like this,you better beware.

    • Ndulewe Ikenna

      You guys in Abia were luckier with OUK, come to Imo state now and see for yourself, Rochas is doing imo people in. Claiming to be richer than your state might be a hoax but when a governor claims that his state is owing him 13Billion naira then you know that there is a serious problem

  • Omotolaaraujo

    Maybe he should Google his own name followed by the word “scandal.”

  • Abiboss

    How much is $1m/year? If he lives in the US, he will not take that much home because he must pay taxes to fed, state and local. He will be in 36% tax bracket. He will thank God if he takes home $600,000. There is alternative minimum tax for high income earners AMT. Government wants the high income earners pay more for fair game. If he owns a house like he said, he will pay property taxes to the county and Home owner association fees from the remaining income. He will also pay sales taxes on everything he buys including services except on raw groceries. He will still be ok but not in boasting mood because he will get mad to see his pay check with huge deductions as a result of taxes, social security, Medicare, SDI, 401K etc. By the time he sees 13 year old girl or boy making multi millions dollars, he will keep quiet. There are many high school drop outs who are making millions. Majority of billionaires in the US are college drop outs including Bill Gate, Steve Jobs, Larry Elison etc. They don’t make noises. They let their billions do the talking through their charity organizations.

    • Issei

      Are you jealous?but he’s stating the fact. He’s not like most of his intruders who live most of their lives under the tree with women rapper rapped on ther west drinking Odeku from morning till night

      • Abiboss

        I feel jealous of nobody. I thank God for what I have. I always like success story because God has made me successful too. At the same time I don’t celebrate small conquest. I look at Warren Buffett, Bill Gate because they don’t slow down. I think everyday to see how I can get better. I believe boasting of oneself is a distraction. This life is a race for oneself without comparing self with others because it will make one loose focus. People should work in their lanes without crossing to someone else lane. Let your success announced you.

        • victor Towobola

          This guy is too proud let us see how much he has paid in Taxes.

      • aisha ani

        The odeku drinking guy will come after you, be very careful.

  • MushinSpeaks

    PDP is the last place you find modesty… Udom will meet his waterloo in court soon.

  • Abidilagungun


  • Emeka

    Who would it be, and kept quiet. He did the right thing which I would have done if am in his shoes with the enormous falsehood that he is spending public money for personal purpose. If many of us at age 40 sat as an MD in any corporate institution, no one will have the luxury to listen to rants on radio or TV aimed at cheap political shot.

  • jes

    when APC are falsely accusing him of using government money to refurbish the house he has to speak up and respond to the APC propaganda and that is precisely what he has done, APC throw out decency when the make-up propaganda for public consumption without proof. Runaway, APC goats, go and hide your face in shame.