Another boost for Nigeria’s anti-corruption war as Army chief orders all officers to declare assets

The Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai, has directed all officers of the Nigerian Army who have not declared their assets to do so immediately, the Nigerian Army said in a statement Thursday.

The spokesperson for the Army, Sani Usman, quoted Mr. Buratai, a lieutenant general, as giving the directive Wednesday during a conference with principal staff officers and Directors serving at the Army Headquarters.

“It is to be noted that the Chief of Army Staff has done so (declaring his assets) soon on his appointment as Commander, Multinational Joint Task Force in May 2015 and also on his appointment as Chief of Army Staff in July 2015,” Mr. Usman said in the statement.

“Copies of both are with the Code of Conduct Bureau.”

The statement said the directive became necessary “considering the fact that all military officers are having presidential commission and are public servants, as well as subject to both civil and military laws.”

“In addition, given the current drive of the country for probity and accountability, the Nigerian Army should not only key in but should be one of the key drivers for such laudable project,” the statement added.

Earlier on January 15, the Comptroller-General of Customs, Hammed Ali, had directed all officers and men of the Nigeria Customs Service to declare their assets within 14 days.

A circular signed by the comptroller-general and addressed to all deputy comptrollers-general, zonal coordinators and customs area controllers said the new measure was aimed at ensuring transparency and compliance with the rule of law.

According to the circular, the directive was in compliance with “the Bank Employees Declaration of Assets Act Cap B1 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004”.

The circular said although the act provides for asset declaration by all bank employees, it also empowers the president to extend its application to other categories of persons.

“Specifically, Section 12 (1) states that “The provision of this act shall apply to the comptroller-general, deputy comptroller-general, assistant comptroller-general, chief collector, principal collector and other officer, staff or employee of the Nigeria Customs Service as it applies to a chief executive or an employee of a bank,” said the circular.

The comptroller-general observed that many officers had not complied with the provisions of the act over the years, stating that the 14-day ultimatum for compliance would be strictly enforced.


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  • just kennie

    God bless PMB, Gob bless Nigeria

  • David Adeniran

    Yet somebody is saying this man is not working? Somebody is saying this is not change? Somebody is saying this Government is not different? Then such a person deserves a permanent place in the ASYLUM or MENTAL HOME because they are DANGEROUS TO THE SOCIETY! God bless President Buhari, God bless all those who voted for CHANGE, God bless President Jonathan who conceded defeat without a fight and above all God bless Nigeria! I am very proud and fulfilled to witness this in my lifetime and God bless me too!

    • Mayo

      First, this directive is from the COAS not the President and we are not aware that the President instructed the COAS to do this. Secondly, this doesn’t make any difference because the forms are not public. If Buhari pushes and gets the law amended so that these forms become public, then you can say he is working. We haven’t even see a breakdown of Buhari’s assets declaration – he only gave a summary without attaching a worth to the assets – and he has said anybody who wants the details should go to CCB who in turn have said the forms are not to be made public. So, what is the difference between this GEJ (i’m talking specifically about asset declaration)

      • Man_Enough

        Saraki’s declaration was not originally made public. It would have remained so if he had not lied Copiously in his declaration.

        • Mayo

          1) Saraki is the # 3 citizen in Nigeria. Can you compare the probability of his assets being verified to the probability of the assets of an army officer who is not occupying a top political position being verified?

          2) Look at how long it took for Saraki’s assets to be ‘verified’ and issues raised – 9 years. How long will it take before the assets of any of these other officers are verified or issues raised? On the other hand, if the assets are public, people who know them well can raise issues (if any) about the assets. Let’s even go with Buhari’s declaration. We don’t know the worth of his assets, we don’t know the location of the parcels of land he has, we don’t know the type of cars. So in the end we don’t really know much about his assets. I’m not saying Buhari is corrupt, I’m just saying the present situation doesn’t still engender transparency

          • Man_Enough

            Those empowered to find out will know , and that matters a lot.

  • eclub

    Another distraction.

    What good is asset declarations that are not made public?

    I’ll tell you what! In reality, since all key positions on enforcement are deliberately concentrated in one ethnic group, the Fulani, including head of Code of Conduct Tribunal, Umar, this gives the Fulani the exclusive knowledge and power to tick off igbos and yorubas and jail them, because only them what was filed. It will be selective prosecution on steroids.

    If asset declarations are made public, the opposition, all ethnic groups, the press, indeed all Nigerians can help verify and fight corruption.

    Amend the constitution.

    • Curseless

      Constitutionally, the law says they report to Code of Conduct Bureau and if you have interest in knowing more you can petition the government using the FOI Act to obtain needed information. Nothing says they must publish it in the news papers.

    • Julius

      All the Yoruba thieves /looters should be picked up and jail. We, the Yorubas dont mind and if we have evidence of their loots, we will turn them in. We do not condone illegality ! Thank you sir !. Dont worry about us, we are okay

      • eclub

        Again, you have answered responsibly for those who truly acted illegally or stole. BUT for the first time, can you address my concern for those who are victimized by false accusation or simply persecuted because of their tribe by the state. If you don’t address that now, I’ll start ignoring you.

        • kexiena

          Who is being persecuted on account of his or her tribe? The first time Dasuki was picked up, PDP and many easterners stood against it. They blamed Buhari for revenge based on public perceptions that it was Dasuki who toppled his government in the 1980s. Surprisingly, the same Dasuki is now being used as a reference point to demonize Metuh’s handcuffing to jail. The fact remains that many innocent people have died from Boko Haram attacks and their blood will continue to fight Nigeria until justice is served.

          • eclub

            You don’t believe in two things being true at the same time?
            4 is greater than 3, and 4 is greater than 2; do you see how both are right?

            Dasuki may be persecuted for arresting Buhari when the latter was a jack boot thuggish dictator of the 80’s, and yet receive favorable treatment by prisoner handlers over his igbo counterparts.

          • Sword of Damocles

            Speculation IS NOT/CAN NEVER BE….. ESTABLISHED FACT. this my friend is a simple proposition, DONT YOU THINK?

          • eclub


          • Julius

            The Ibo criminal was destroying evidence. The e-goat was trying to eat it. You see the difference ?

          • Julius

            Thank you. The Northern elders and the Northern youths came out in support of his arrest. I dont get why the Ibos are all up in arm about this.Unbelievable !!

          • eclub

            Because you are comparing your devils with their saints.

            Go get Buhari, IBB, Danjuma, Dangote, and other alleged looters from the north first.

          • Julius

            Something is seriously wrong with you mentally. Im done with you. Next topic !

        • Julius

          Nobody should be locked up, harassed by false accusations. This is why there is a court of law. Tribes becomes an issue when they are caught. I bet Methu didnt call you when Jonathan/Dasuki gave him 400mils because you are from his tribe. Maybe he did but, I seriously doubt it. So, get off that tribe craps. The Yoruba thieves dare not complain about tribe when they get caught because we do not wanna hear that shit. My friend, thats the difference.

          • eclub

            You are non-responsive to my question. Everybody condemns people who are convicted justly for corruption, my question goes to those who are wrongly accused. DO YOU EVEN GET THE CONCEPT OF WRONGLY ACCUSED? Do you? Answer my question.

          • Julius

            Who are they ?

      • eclub

        Many people say that Obasanjo had 20,000 Naira before he became head of state, now he is worth billions, when was the last time Yorubas turned him in? Address this issue too.

        We can’t rely on what you Yorubas claim, we can only go by what you did, or do.

        • Julius

          You are being silly. Yorubas didnt vote for him to be the president. He was never charged with looting. Maybe I miss when he was charged to court. As a matter of fact, he was investigated and nothing came of it. Many people say a whole lots of things about a whole lot of people. If I point my finger at you in the street that you are a kidnapper without evidence, should you be arrested and locked up ? Be serious!.This is a topic about Methu. The dude admitted when he was trying to be smart by half that Jonathan gave him 400mils for a special assignments which he refused to explain when they found out the money actually came from Dasuki.So, I dont get your point.

          • eclub

            There’s no difference between an accused but not convicted such as Metuh, and a rumored looter, but not charged such as Obasanjo, they are both innocent until proven guilty.

            Oya na, if you promised to take an accused’s money as a Yoruba saintly people, go get Obj’s na.

          • Julius

            You should be educated enough to know that the law enforcement do not just go and pick anybody up. You walking free without anybody picking u up. Right ? Write a petition against Obj and Im sure they will take a closer look at it. There is a difference between an accused and charged and a mere rumored looter that is not charged. You went to school at all ? Is this how biafraud will be governed ? Oh my god !. I pray for una

    • Bakanridi

      This is because they have been in realm of affairs busy looting public treasury, forgetting the day of reckoning will come. Whether you like it or not PMB remains the President and C-in_C of FGN.

  • Musamba

    The major group that needs asset declaration is all elected officials, right from president to assembly members to ministers to governors to state commissioners to state assembly to local government chairman. Is should not be voluntary. Why is Buhari not pushing for that?

  • linkhadj.

    Musamba,stop dispayig your severe ignorance o the awherefoorpeolppe to see. Go and familiar is yourself with Code of Conduct Bureau Law before contributing nonsense.

  • 9ja is dying under Buhari lies

    Buhari lied in 2014 about being a pauper, and suddenly in 2015, barely a year later, he is such a rich man. Punch disclosed that Buhari had written in his Facebook page (thank God for the internet) as follows:

    “I have at least one million naira in my bank, having paid N5.5m to pick my form from my party.

    “I have around 150 (head of) cattle because I am never comfortable without cows.

    “I have a house each in Kaduna, Kano, and Daura, which I borrowed money to build.

    “I never had a foreign account since I finished my courses in the USA, India and the UK.

    “I never owned any property outside Nigeria. Never!”

    CAUGHT IN A BIG LIE!! Compare this to what he has so far declared. I leave it to his supporters to explain this bare-faced lie.

    My question continues to be, if there is no conspiracy of the western media to make out Buhari as a saint to Nigerians, why would they be lavishing such fallacious praise on Buhari instead of a truth corruption fighter like the late President Yar’Adua As Nigerians are now rightly pointing out, there is vagueness in Buhari’s assets declaration with a lot of loopholes in it. Buhari’s so-called ‘spartan’ living is a hoax that is being played on Nigerians.

    Buhari did not tell Nigerian and the CCB that he had a mansion in Abuja-

    • Bakanridi

      The problem with you people, is that you believed in what your CLUELESS Leader GEJ had said that stealing is not corruption. You believed that looting of public treasury is not a crime because “our kinsman is in charge”.Look “Mr” whatever you called yourself,the ERA OF LOOTING PUBLIC TREASURY IS OVER. You have to wake up from your slumber and face reality. It is the time for the POOR masses to have relief after 16 years of hardship. Be responsible person and behaving like you have a skeleton in your cupboard.

  • Kuku

    God has delivered us from the bondage of evildoers we can now have a genuine fresh breathe in Nigeria contrary to the fake one promised by GEJ.

    • Mayo

      How? Because the COAS says soldiers should declare their assets? Pray, aren’t governors and other public officers supposed to declare their assets but has that stopped corruption at the state levels? The COAS is asking them to declare their assets to the code of conduct tribunal and we all know that asset declarations submitted to them are not publicly available. So this instruction from the COAS does nothing to curb corruption. We can only talk about fighting corruption via asset declaration if the asset forms are publicly available.

  • Man_Enough

    Those hoping to outwit the government by falsefying should ask saraki.

  • Excisionist

    Premium Times now belongs to Ahmadu Bello, Buhari and Foolaani bigots That’s what the heavy sensorship and removal of comments like this one critical of their narrow minded policy

  • Excisionist

    I dare you Buhari If you are honest and fair as you pretend to be, Start investigating corruption from Buhari military era, through Babangida, Abacha etc till no. Why are the Fulanis the richest Nigerians even thought they are very lazy. The answer is institutionalized corruption !!!. Once upon a time, PT told the truth but after they bought it, they started heavy sensoring. Shame