Nigerian govt to declare ex-Minister Adoke, Obaigbena, Bello-Fadile others wanted

AGF Mohammed Adoke

The Nigerian government has concluded plans to declare some top officials of the Goodluck Jonathan administration wanted, in connection with several ongoing corruption investigations.

Security sources aware of the plans told PREMIUM TIMES that although other names would be released in future, the first list of wanted ex-officials and military officers, who anti-graft investigators believe fled the country to evade arrest and prosecution over corruption, has been compiled and would be released this or next week.

Top on the list of those to be declared wanted is a former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation, Mohammed Bello Adoke.

Mr. Adoke, sources in the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission told this newspaper, is being wanted in connection with the $1.1 billion Malabu Oil deal.

PREMIUM TIMES learnt that Mr. Adoke is believed to be in Dubai.

He is required to answer questions about his role in facilitating the transfer of the huge sum, paid by oil giants Royal Dutch Shell and Eni, to accounts operated by a former petroleum minister and convicted felon, Dan Etete.

Also on the list is the publisher of ThisDay Newspaper, Nduka Obaigbena. He would be declared wanted for receiving N670 million from former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki.

Mr. Obaigbena claimed, in his letter to the EFCC, that part of the money was meant for compensation for Boko Haram attacks on his newspaper offices in Abuja and Kaduna, while another N120 million was on behalf of the Newspaper Proprietors Association of Nigeria and 12 newspapers who asked to be compensated for the “unlawful seizure and stoppage of circulation by armed soldiers in Abuja and several cities”.

Some of the newspapers have denied receiving money from the newspaper body, NPAN, while some others have returned the money they were paid to the association after it was revealed that the payment was made from the alleged missing N2.1 billion meant for the procurement of arms to fight Boko Haram.

According to our source, the whereabouts of Mr. Obaigbena is unknown, but it is hoped that he would be arrested wherever he is as soon as his name is published, and be extradited to Nigeria to face trial.

Others on the list are a former Comptroller of the Nigerian Customs Service, Abdullahi Dikko, who is being investigated for fraud, and a former chairman of the Pension Reform Task Team, Abdulrasheed Maina, who is wanted for allegedly stealing N2.8 billion.

Both men are believed to be hiding in Dubai, United Arab Emirate.

Our sources said two retired senior military officers, Sarki Yarki-Bello, a retired General and Bello Fadile, a retired Colonel, who worked in the office of the national Security Adviser under Mr. Dasuki, are also on the list.

Mr. Sarki was the Director of Counter-terrorism at the ONSA while Mr. Fadile is described as a close confidant of former National Security Adviser, Mr. Dasuki.

Last July, Mr. Fadile was arrested in company of Mr. Dasuki when operatives of the Department of State Security raided the home of the former NSA in Abuja.

Messrs. Sarki and Fadile are believed to be hiding in Dubai.

Also on the list of wanted ex-officials is Waripamowei Dudafa, a former Special Assistant to ex-President Jonathan on Domestic and Social Events.

On Tuesday, President Muhammadu Buhari signed a series of bilateral agreements with the government of the UAE, among them the Judicial Agreement on Extradition, Transfer of Sentenced Persons and Mutual Legal Assistance on Criminal and Commercial Matters.

These are intended to help in the extradition of officials wanted for fraud and other criminal activities and the repatriation of funds siphoned out of the country.

The UAE has a particular appeal for former and serving ex-government officials because until Tuesday, Nigeria had no extradition agreement with the country.

Intelligence also suggested that corrupt officials fleeing from trial prefer the country because of its opulence, cosmopolitan allure and abundance of sun.

It is believed that they have largely avoided Western countries because of the harsh winter cold, their strong anti-corruption postures and the fact that Nigeria has subsisting extradition agreement with some of them.

They have also stayed away from South American countries, such as Venezuela, which do not have extradition treaties with Nigeria, largely due to language barrier.


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  • eclub


    • tundemash

      Mr. Career Liar, the future is getting bleak and bleak for you and those who stole your destiny !

  • Again, we insist that Buhari and his fraudulent administration follow the rule of law and respect for the Nigerian judiciary. We’ll fight corruption to a logical end in Nigeria. Those that expended $16 billions on power generation with nothing to show for it should be on notice.

    • Zak Eneji Muhammed

      If only the previous clueless administration had realized the negative impact of corruption on any nation and summon the courage to probe their predecessors. Buhari has not flouted any rule of law but I can see this govt has been clever enough to make sure the criminals have no avenue to take advantage of the weaknesses in our judicial system to evade justice. This they are doing by splitting their charges into pieces so that when they are granted a bail for one charge then the anti-corruption agency immediately files another piece of the charges against them and by law, they are bound to be apply for a separate bail for the new charges. So, get ur facts right and don’t jut join the bandwagon who can’t see anything good about this administration. U sound like someone who sees something good about the anti-corruption crusade but u are busy listening to the apologists in the PDP.

      • You cannot be more wrong. The law would do a better job in fighting any crime than a dictator’s lawlessness. We need a strong justice system that follows due process and the constitution. A Dictator will come and go, but a strong institution will endure. We cannot fight lawlessness with lawlessness. Nigeria must be saved from lawlessness.

        • Joe

          But now you do not have such justice system you are imaging is it not wise to make do with their approach now till all come to be in place. You are not wiser than those who are doing the job now for Nigerians. If you have stolen, get ready. We have been praying for whoever will fight corruption in Nigeria no matter what means. Good Nigerians are happy with the war and we will win. We do not need rule.

          • It will be a long night. We all want to fight this corruption. It is an opportunity to strengthen our justice system. Certainly a dictator cannot do this for us. Those that stole $2.1 billions from NNPC account that was traced to a private Midland Bank account ; the $16 billions spent on power generation and nothing to show for it. It will be a long night.

        • TrueFairGame

          You did not realize that you need a strong individual character to build strong institution? go an read your history on how strong institutions organically grow. All developing countries require initial push with strong individuals to build up the institutions. after which the system will get to a ‘cruising level’ and may not need the ‘that strong personality’ again to function. It is like an aircraft taking off. Read the history of ur so called USA.
          Besides you equally did not know that trial is like a game of using law to your advantage. If the prosecution are using the legal holes to their advantage, the criminals to are using the same laws to enforce their right. I see nothing wrong in that so long the criminal did not go free.
          Did u ever see a strong institution emanate from a weak, compromised leadership?

          • Not by someone who subverted an elected government and delayed our return to a democracy by more than 30 yrs.

    • Mr Wise

      Looter keep hiding the law will soon catch up with you

    • Hussain Abdulgani

      looters sympathiser u’ll never see anything gd abt PMB even when it’s obvious these pple looted our resources

      • That’s what Buhari told you. Let’s charge them to court. They told us they don’t trust the court. A president that doesn’t trust other tiers of government is no president.

        • Hussain Abdulgani

          No one has been jailed yet most av been charged before courts of competent jurisdiction and majority of nigerians do not trust these judges cos of past antecedents. Take for instance the guy called Maina during GEJ administration he was shielded by the govt from prosecution despite ample evidences that he looted pension funds.I wonder which planet you live in, get away your hatred for the man and let see the outcome of all these cases

    • Maria

      lol…yesoooooo we will wrestle all criminals to jail including Jonathan and mama piss. But wait ooooo how come you expect “Buhari and his fraudulent administration to follow rule of law”?…It seems you are a brain-dead fellow… How can a fraudulent government be called upon to follow rule of law? Your call ought to be how to remove the fraudulent government and bring it to book not calling on it to follow the rule of law…In your brains… criminals follow rule of law when they commit crime…I hail Buhari because if indeed he is not following the rule of law as you claim….all these looters by now must have been tied to stakes and burnt alive…but Buhari has been taking them to court contrary to your idi0tic opinion. This cast Buhari as a man with strong belief in the rule of law.

      • The worst criminals are those that subverted elected Nigerian government and entrenched corruption and impunity. They are back to continue their treachery against Nigeria.

        • SAM .A

          You are a fake USA-George , US should never be attached to your name , but because of your inferiority complex , let it be . You sympathize with corruption , glamorized it, you are in bed with it . Now that PMB is in the process of kicking your a*h of corruption , you now see a dictator. Your delusion makes you happy . We the people gave PMB the Mandate to clean up this augean stable that you are already part of . Goodluck to your ignorant submissions here.

          • APC is the new destination for the political leeches and prostitutes that are ravaging our nation. They are the same corrupt elements in our midst that installed Buhari, a dictator on the throne, so they can hold our nation to a perpetual ransom. I cannot wait to see the probe of the $16 billions invested on power generation by the “Navigator”; the Halliburton and Atiku connections; the Jagaban of corruption and Lagos State tax collectors.

  • Papa Oghworiodo [Warri]


    Wait first, this Dubai you are talking about, where is the place? When I was working at the ECN,
    that was before the Biafra civil war, I never heard of a country like that, even when I was in P & T.
    That is why this Dubai I am hearing now is confusing me somehow. Is Dubai a country like United
    Kingdom? I know why I am asking this question. I want you to explain if Dubai is just no-man’s land.

    If it is not a no man’s land why are all our criminals in Nigeria rushing there? I am suspecting that
    there is no Police inside Dubai. That is why Nigerian criminals go to hide there. Here now, you are
    saying that former Justice Minister, Adoke Muhammed, has run there to hide. Even the other one,
    Nduka Obaigbena, who is from my state here, has run there too. Who is remaining in Nigeria?

    • Zak Eneji Muhammed

      Dubai is not a country but just one of the cities in the United Arab Emirate (UAE) same as Abu-Dhabi. Compare them to Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria.

      • My take

        How can Nduka Obaigbena ever explain the ₦670 million he got from Dasuki,
        even if he escapes judgment for the 120 million Naira as ‘bribe’ for journalists,
        how about the balance of ₦670 minus ₦120 millio, where is that balance now?

        • Hussain Abdulgani

          thts for energy consultancy

    • JM

      Papa, from ur own history, u r a cave man and pls just stay there jeje. Coming out go be disaster for u and dubai people. thank u 4 the laff sha.

    • nw leader wabnted in abuja

      All these lies does not hold water–a newspaer editor is supposed to know better–than publish that rubbish Buhari sent as a press release to premium times———————–Was that not where Ibori was arrested and sent to the UK for trial during the regime of Jonathan? So why is Buhari making all these noise about signing pacts with UAE–And-at your age, u are supposed to ask better questions than this–Simply because they used their oil and gas wealth properly–Nigerians go there because in dubai u cannot buy fake gold–no way—-the road are well paved———–everything works fine including their police—why have our fulani leaders not been able to turn Nigeria into a dubai of africa———with my oil resources—————how old is dubai——————? Dubai was developed into one of the most beautiful countries in the world while IBB -Abacha and Buhari were busy stealing Nigeria blind—

  • K_Kenechukwu

    Ride on EFCC and PMB, 90 percent of patriotic Nigerians are with you, the remaining 10 percent unpatriotic people from a particular region of the country can go and eat grass for all we care. Nigeria must be good again.

    • Etomi

      I love your child-like optimism…

      I just siddon dey look at the remaining 3+ years left for Buhari to CHANGE Nigeria into Eldorado!!!!

      • tundemash

        Atleast you and those who stole your future now know stealing is corruption and punishable; that is CHANGE, mumu !

        • Etomi

          Keep hope alive stinking Skunk!!!

          May Allay give your messiah the power to sustain your bold hopefulness…

      • 1nigeria

        Nobody is expecting Buhari to change Nigeria to Eldorado in his first 4yrs term. All we want is a just and egalitarian society where the system works for everyone, where government works for the generality of the citizens and not the privileged few. Where no matter where you come from, if you have a legitimate business, you can bank on the amenities provided by the government to grow your business. However, it is rather unfortunate that your hero has bastardized the economy of the country despite the fact that Nigeria earned the greatest of her income during his tenure. it is only God that can help any president not just Buhari, but any president to perform with the level of financial recklessness your brother and your hero subjected this country to. Moreover, you are free to continuing wailing. Wailing wailer!

        • You’re speaking for the majority of us!


        We already know men like you make your money through these corrupt scumbags. You careless if your brothers, sisters, aunties and uncles are living in abject poverty, as long as they are queuing up in front of your house every week shouting and hailing Sai Etomi, you are pleased and fulfilled.

    • pointitout

      Real Patriot you are…God bless you richly.

  • Kuku

    Imagine if Jonathan was re-elected as president ,what would have happened to this country?

    • Zak Eneji Muhammed

      We will all wake up one day and discover that some select few cabal members have sold the landmass and also obtained overdraft on top of it. Then we will be recolonized again just as they collected Abacha’s loot and then re-looted it.

    • larry

      God saved Nigeria. Imagine and imagine if Jonathan ….. The victory of Buhari was a divine intervention. Though, I don’t like Buhari.

  • what a insult to 9jas

    Federal Govt To Charge N50 Anytime Someone Pays Money Into Your Bank Account.

    THE Federal Government through the Central Bank of Nigeria, on Tuesday, imposed stamp duty of N50 on bank customers for money received into their accounts.

    Consequently, bank customers will henceforth pay N50 stamp duty for money received into their accounts via electronic transfer, cash and cheques.

  • band olu

    Some of these looters hiding in Dubai alwas come online to attack PMB & his govt, they will never see anything good in anything he does.Their game is now up,no more hiding place for them..They thought they will get away with their loot but they miscalculated d fact that PMB is smarter than them..

  • imprison all Gejs family

    when will Premium Times stop this PR work for the thieving APes in APC and the Hired Buhari mice on the web sexing up comments for Buhari while he keeps on putting them relations in handcuffs and chains-what we are experiencing here are the work of the–same hired buharimice who worked for APC during the elections—-posting and recycling yeye comments–BUHARI will never win the Malabo oil deals case because that of Danjama was never investigated-by Obasanjo-Again Malabo oil deal is being sponsored by the Ibos against the Ijaw Nation—-That is the truth about the case—————–It was Abacha that gave the oil block to Etete an Ijaw man—-Not Jonathan———When Obj came he was tricked by Andrew Uba and co into chasing Etete————-But they kept quiet over that of Danjumah which he made over almost a billion dollars—-from——————————

    • pointitout

      Just listen to yourself talk.

    • Spoken word

      You are obviously a yam eater and worried that you are soon going to be forced to vomit all the looted yams.

  • new leaders wanted in abuja

    All these lies about Nigerians going to hide in Dubai by Premium Times does not hold water—————–A newspaper editor is supposed to know better–than publish that rubbish Buhari sent as a press release to premium times———————–Was that not where Ibori was arrested and sent to the UK for trial during the regime of Jonathan? Where Buhari killed Alams—with the fake stories Adesina published in the Sun owned by Orji Kalu–That Alams was to be extridited to the UK again?–So why is Buhari making all these noise about signing pacts with UAE–And-at your age, u are not supposed to ask better questions than this–Simply because they used their oil and gas wealth properly–Nigerians go there because in dubai u cannot buy fake gold–no way—-the road are well paved———–everything works fine including their police–there is water–electricity never fails—–in Dubai————- Besides-why have our fulani leaders not been able to turn Nigeria into the dubai of africa———with my oil resources—————how old is dubai——————? Dubai was developed into one of the most beautiful countries in the world while IBB -Abacha and Buhari –all Fulanis were busy stealing Nigeria blind—50 yrs after our freedom we are still talking about a never ending war against CORRUPTION——————————while they move with the same thieves as their Ministers

    • TrueNja

      Wasn’t your brother, an Ijaw man GEJ given 8 years chance to turn Nigeria into paradise like Dubai? Instead your moron brother turned his Goodluck to be Badluck. and his government to be the most corrupt government in the history of Nigeria..

    • Rommel

      HahahahahahahLol! una never see anything yet,wait until the probe reaches petroleum sector,that is when una go hear nwiiii!,by the time your people were looting the treasury funds left right and center,did you realize that everything that has a beginning,also has an end? now that the end has come probably sooner than you expected,why are you complaining? you have enjoyed small,now is the time to pay for your sins

    • Rommel

      Was James Onanefe Ibori extradited to Nigeria from Dubai? was it not UK government that sought for him in that country? or are you still hallucinating from the loss at the polls

    • Ajayi Ifayemi

      Uk had an agreement with UAE, Nigeria did not until now. In fact this was why Ibori ran there. Unknown to him then was that he also had a case in the UK which sought for his extradition. In these new cases, the folks being sought do not have any issue in the UK. Believe me, it is not for nothing that the government worked hard to get the agreement in place with the UAE. You will see some people on the move again soon.

  • TrueNja

    Mohammed Bello Adoka and his predecessor Andoaka from Benue State were the most corrupt and worst Ministers of Justice and Attorney generals Nigeria has ever had. We all remember when that burukutu drunkard Andaoka wanted to destroy the EFCC. Both should be prosecuted and sent to maximum prison term as warning to the incumbent and future ministers of justice and attorney generals.

  • agbobu


  • new leaders wanted in abuja

    All these lies about Nigerians going to hide in Dubai by Premium Times does not hold water—————–A newspaper editor is supposed to know better–than publish that rubbish Buhari sent as a press release to premium times———by the Apes in APC————–Was that not where Ibori was arrested and sent to the UK for trial during the regime of Jonathan? Where Buhari killed Alams—with the fake stories Adesina published in the Sun owned by Orji Kalu–That Alams was to be extradited to the UK again?–So why is Buhari making all these noise about signing pacts with UAE–And-at your age, are u not supposed to ask better questions than this–Unaware they used their oil and gas wealth properly–Nigerians go there because in dubai u cannot buy fake gold–no way—-the road are well paved———–everything works fine including their police–there is water–electricity never fails—–in Dubai————- Besides-why have our fulani leaders not been able to turn Nigeria into the dubai of africa———with my oil resources-?———–How old is dubai——————? Dubai was developed into one of the most beautiful countries in the world while IBB -Abacha and Buhari –all Fulanis were busy stealing Nigeria blind—50 yrs after our freedom we are still talking about a never ending war against CORRUPTION——————————while they move with the same thieves as their Ministers in APC———so who is fooling who—Buhari said Fashola and Amaechi are not thieves—————Yet Nigerians hired by APC with my 39b for Liar Mohamed still believe Buhari is amrketable without his certificate-animals

    • Spoken word

      You seem to know a lot about fugitives.I hope you are not one of the yam eaters that are on the run.

      • Obosi Warrior

        You don’t have to wast your time with a deranged mind whose only job is to be creating different monikers for postings online.

  • Rommel

    The people with the president number more than those against him so the Jonathanians can shout all they want,the fight against corruption must be intensified,many of them have multiples aliases which they use online to create the impression that a number of Nigerians are irritated,how can Nigerians be angry with the cleaning of the political Augean stable? well let me tell them,Nigerians are excited and very very happy with the actions of PMB, only those with criminal links are jittery

    • 9jas in search of new presido

      Another Buharimice biko—–confine your regional thoughts——to the issues at stake here-Hiring loafers to post comments on the web does not mean support for Buhari—who is seen as a National disgrace!—-The artcile was penned by Liar Mohamed and his band of APC rented Editors in Premium Times–No sane Journalist worth his salt would ever publish such rubbish my friend-!———-See–Buhari is a thief period—He stole more than 2.8b from NNPC–now another 5.6b is missing in NNPC again—None knows where his school certs are–whether with the army or the police service commison—-Buhari who stole the budget at night–the same way he lied about his certs–cannot qualify to be called a president-He copied every bit of his (budget of madness) from the–old discarded budgets of Jonathan—-I mean Buhari does not even know how budgets are prepared–remove the fake anti corruption crusade from his wet fulani lips—-then would u see how empty Buhari is———-now he wants to charge 50 kobo on any withdrawals from the banks—————————Buhari is become a mental case —threatening every human on earth with arrest——a mad fulani man that is what we have as presido in aso rock–

      • Obosi Warrior

        Next you will start shouting “the are insulting my aunty.” Don’t you have real job? Go make use of your brain in a better way. Haba!

  • I trust PMB to deliver. #FireOnBuhari

  • APC don piss for church

    resident Buhari Has No Capacity To Rule Nigeria. – Bloomberg UK.
    **Nigeria dangerous sliding, investments in all-time low, stock market rated world 3rd-worst & growth slow to 16-year.
    International financial and business news giant, Bloomberg, has expressed serious doubts on the ability of President Muhammad Buhari of Nigeria to turn around Africa’s largest economy and oil producer.
    In a scathing analysis of the over six months of Buhari in office, the news outlet concluded that the country was on a dangerous slide with investments at an all-time low, the stock market rated as the third-worst performing globally within the period, and growth projected to slow to a 16-year low of 3.3 percent.
    In an article, Buhari Bounce Becomes Bust As Nigeria Policies Annoy Investors, the group noted that stocks that soared as investors looked to the former military ruler to reverse decades of economic mismanagement and policy inertia, have all nosed dived and “Now hopes have fizzled in his ability to turn around Africa’s largest economy and oil producer.
    “Money that flowed into stocks and bonds in the West African nation, which McKinsey & Co. says could become one of the world’s 20 biggest economies by 2030, is now fleeing as growth prospects diminish along with oil prices. While Buhari, 72, has prioritized stamping out the graft that has plagued Nigeria since independence from Britain in 1960, policy-making appears as uncertain and haphazard as ever.”
    Quoting Ayodele Salami, who oversees about $500 million of African equities as chief investment officer of London-based Duet Asset—————

    • Spoken word

      Sai BUHARI.

    • luv-naija

      Guy I hope u “OK Upstairs”, u keep copying and pasting this false news over and over again, Are u that shallow “Upstairs”?

    • tundemash

      To hell with Bloomberg. Next election, let their MD contest on the platform of PDPigs.

    • ayo

      Please move into exile…..Nigeria will not miss you and your convoluted opinion. Koni da fun bloomberg…

  • Spoken word

    Yesterday’s big men are today’s fugitives.what is the point of stealing all that money if you are going to end up in Kuje prison.

  • tundemash

    Thanks God, Dasuki was not let off, he would have escaped like Bello Fadile did. He must rot in jail, let the wailing wailer keep wailing without disturbing the peace of our CHANGE. If they do more than wailing and disturb the peace, they get shot; simples !

    • Damilola

      It won’t be a news to any sane individual, if by tomorrow some of this people said to have absconded make their own media statements. Can’t just laughing at you people’s wazzock rhetorics. Seriously are you not tired of this? Talking d same topic for 5months straight? Looooooolz oh my goodness, Nigeria God safe you

      • Izedomi Ohirein

        You are unbelievable, friend of looters. Enemy of probity & accountability in Nigeria.

        • Damilola

          And you’re victim of wily and demagogue govt. Let the thieves be jailed, excuse then if possible, but remain the sanctity of the Nation. With names coming up now I wonder which court, judge or custody that will attend to all these. It’s becoming messing that’s all I’m saying here. Too much time has been spent on these, things and not getting any means full result aside prodding and cacophony. If calling for the goats to be prosecuted in earnest for the new sets to be commenced is what makes me a saboteur, you need a check my friend

          • Cele

            You guys should stop insulting yourselves. At the end of the day, our collective goal is a society free from corruption. We might disagree on how to get there, but the end goal is the same. That is the bigger picture. As much as I want to here that corrupt politicians are already cooling their heels in jail, I also understand the need to get everything right. A wise man is never in a hurry. Investigating and ensuring that all the evidences are in place before prosecution is the right thing to do, and it takes time. Tracing dark monies isn’t easy, you might end up in Russia or even North Korea. And getting foreign governments and financial institutions to cooperate isn’t easy either. Lets be patient compatriots.

          • Damilola

            Some of these guys cud make one go vexed. I regret my rants to their cacophony displaying thuggery and lost of every sense of decency…

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            I cant the sense of your argument. Looters must account for their crimes & made to pay.

          • Damilola

            ..and what did I suggest in that “senseless” argument? Cos you’re just bent on following the crowd, you become blind to facts and realities. But who are we to blame for that? Deal with it bro. As many as the yam eaters are, u think hounding one or two down without a clear purpose for prosecution and justice will solve and deter d rest right? You think lumping D cases togeda without clear cut will give the masses justice shey? I pray we get any of these guys pay for the rot they bestowed on this Nation.

        • ayo

          The looters in the USA are awake. Six hour behind. Won ti ji o….

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            Nigeria is a member of Interpol, with extradition agreement with USA & UK. They can run, they can hide.
            These Countries have promised to help us recover our looted commonwealth .

      • tundemash

        I hope by day after tomorrow, u would be bold enough to apologise if they don’t make any media statement to that effect ?
        Last I checked, Nduka was writing EFCC from United States. Only a cursed person make excuses for those who looted his destiny.

        • Damilola

          Looooolz really? The days are almost over, sit your dead brain down and watch.

          • tundemash

            Is that all you can come up with ? Keep clawing to any straw, those who stole your destiny are going down and all you can do is just wail.

          • Damilola

            Don’t be too ridiculous man. Destiny bawo??? Ileyi ti yawere ooo. How low could you stand man? What keeps you in frenzy in all this? How much have been shared with your impoverished destiny since Abacha loots have been recoverd? What have you got to show for it? Keep stinky in this miré while your level of living depreciate. You won’t understand what that means until it bounce on you big time. Keep living for the smart guys, your time is far gone bro

          • tundemash

            Mor0n, what is the meaning of of “Ileyi”? Do you actually mean “eleyi”? Why use a borrowed language, why not use your dialect ?
            I repeat, you are cursed for making cases for those who stole your destiny and that of your generations unborn !

          • ayo

            Oponu jati jati ni e. Hope you get that?

          • Abiboss

            It is true. These looters ruined Nigeria if you don’t know. Do you know how investors that ran away or stayed away from the country called Nigeria because of corruption? Do you know how many Nigerian-Americans who are doing great here that would like to do something great in their country of origin? Some came to do something but corruption would not let them stay because this corruption in Nigeria is like cancer spreading everywhere from civil servants to directors, from governors to rep, from president to clerk. This reminds me of a patient the surgeon opened up and found out that the cancer had spread everywhere. The doctor just closed the abdomen back up. That case was hopeless. The man was walking but he was dead walking waiting for his last moment on this earth. I don’t pray Nigeria situation will be like that. It is still possible to stop this cancer called corruption before it destroys every organ of the country. Do you know there is no middle class in Nigeria? It is either you rich or poor. I don’t base it on car one uses or where that person lives.

          • Damilola

            One thing have noticed generally in people like you is IGNORANCE. You don’t know and you don’t want to learn. You learn, but you choose to learn from the biased minds who gist you the history and present of your country, manipulating all for you, knowing fully well that you lack the ability to read and understand or too lazy to even check up on facts, hence u stay deluded and display ur charlatan mode at any slightest opportunity.

            “Do you know how investors that ran away or stayed away from the country called Nigeria because of corruption?” answer: between 1999-2015, check Nigeria’s position on the investors ladder. As far as I can tell u in case you can’t solve that assignment, Nigeria was the Third eyeing place for investors by 2014 following China and Qatar. You will have to tell me where we are now in that radar in 8months, partly reason for massive shortage of dollars and subsequent unbridled inflation. But we’re fighting corruption. Fine, we shud, no body in his right sense wud come out even though deep down doesn’t want it done, as we’ve seen from some controversial politicians themselves calling for it. It’s long overdue. However, will this single effort mob up the decades mess that have been legalised even by the constitution of the land? I hope u understand what I mean, if not quote me in ur reply, I will explain it to you when I av the time.

            All other areas you mentioned sir, you’re right, very right infact. It reminds me of the Orubebe and Bash Ali’s saga. Now u
            Made the point with wrong application and mindset. Already the elites involved in these mess are so vast that 10years from now, we can’t get hold of all of these people. Now we’re talking about ministries, agencies and Depts, how many of em can we goi to hound down in this path we’re taking? Until we shift our paradigm from Arrest, to proper prosecution with given time frame defined for each offences, which wud involve reestablishing or revolutionising the Judiciary, I tell u this practice will continue. This practice will continue so far we don’t take the war holistic, so far the ones in power are saints despite back logged of cases against them and the ones in opposition aren’t, but devils, it simply means redefining those entitle to loot and wise time to eject from looting. Like a writer said brilliantly, we need to create a system where a kleptocrat worse than Abacha wud find it difficult to operate his hidden agenda. We shud look at the future and past and discern issues beyond what they seems on media. Buhari is not doing anyti extraordinary here, he’s just following OBJ,’s path and that path we know how it ended. You’re the one telling about corruption and cancer now, meanwhile OBJ in the past had tried to make us believe he fought it, yet the cancer is in the spread. Or do you think Buhari is doing differently in the war now? Now looking at the future, I don’t see this as a justice meant for the masses but for the big boys in politics, playing themselves. The 2016 bugdet didn’t suggest otherwise, and how the masses will benefit from this fight that has crippled the economy and psychology of many, funny enough the minister for information had hinted us to hold on on other matters as this is more germane. I laugh. I much are we talking about here. Please don’t twist this now. I’m not saying they shouldn’t but I’m still on my previous points inter alia above.

          • honesty NO1

            You are completely correct. Not until we put in place a system that make looting and graft impossible and cleaned up the judiciary GMB will just be chasing the corruption shadow

          • Abiboss

            I don’t think you have any exposure. What is unemployment rate in Nigeria? I betcha it is very high. Those new grads are roaming the street looking for jobs while some looters are mortgaging their future. They stole money from Nigeria and took it to western world to benefit their economies. Talking about investors. I don’t think you know what you are talking about . There were many companies that moved to neighboring countries during the last administration. Your new grads could not find jobs due to mismanagement of the few. Government doesn’t really create that much jobs but it provides atmosphere for business to succeed. Jonathan administration could not do that because of massive looting. For your info I don’t have any political affiliation in Nigeria but I will support any government that fight corruption. I will support any government that will provide good atmosphere that encourages investors to come in. It will help provide good jobs to those new grads because I don’t think 18000 naira cando anything. It is a garbage salary to pay a grad.

          • ayo

            Some of these criminals in exile are the ones replying to your opinion..Cant you see that most of them are lost souls like Tunder fire his yash guy….

  • mental trouble in aso rock

    Only an insane man will go about with knife chasing people in the market place as Buhari is doing now in Nigeria—That is because he is so empty the only thing he knows how to do for now to enable him become relevant, is to sneak into the Senate and steal budgets-then deny he ever stole them only for him to send a letter confessing he actually stole the budget of madness—he presented to the House–Did he not go through the budget——b4 he sent them items in it to the House——————That is to show the type of person we have as president–a mental case-

    • tundemash

      Only an insane man will not chase rogues with a knife .Keep wailing, we are enoying it!


    Calls have gone on to the shaky government of Buhari for Mrs Adeosun minister of finance to be removed or redeployed to another ministry for the good of our economy. She does not understand the direction of our economic projectile.

    For the simple fact the she failed to successfully prepare a national budget even with GEJ and OBJ budget expos.

    The earlier President Buhari who also does not seem to understand why the USA imposed him on Nigeria, jettisons his handcuff filled military-mentality and nepotism and hires or appoints somebody competent enough, the Better for him and the rest of Nigeria.

    Our economy is getting worse daily. No amount of Spin doctors hired by Buhari on the web will ever be able to change the shape of the economy—Nigeria is dying dead and needs urgent help! For nothing seems to be working in the country-even the banks are folding up

    • Damilola

      Bros rem the ministry of Finance has been detached from bugdet planning or whatever they called that thing. Of which Baba is very much on kwaraption with his two hands, and eyes, how do you expect him to know what’s going on elsewhere? He doesn’t have more than two hands and eyes like ourselves for goodness sake. Leave this baba abeg. Let’s collect all these loots first, then we’ll come to that. If it takes us 4 yrs, Nigerians like our friends here will understand.

    • ayo

      @Chidinma Let me break it down to you like this. A man has looted the property you and your family are about to move into. You dont have money to renovate the property or your family will have to sleep on the floor and have nothing and live in squalor. However you have the opportunity to recover the stolen furniture back if you move quick, what will you do Chidinma? As a true Igbo man, you will go after the guy to recover the furniture so that your family will be comfortable. That is what we are all going through….We are broke and have a budget deficit. Do we borrow money to execute our budget or go after these criminals to recover the loot….they have sent to Dubai and all over the world?

    • ukoette ibekwe

      The minister was a commisioners for a state that could barely raise income to pay state employees the became Nigeria’s finance minister. Buhari’s round peg in round hole.

  • TrueFairGame

    This hausa singer during election time really knows what he was saying ‘Masugudu sugudu’ when i learned the meaning ‘Those that should run, should run’. It appears he knows what is coming

    • tundemash

      even HipoPatience said same thing.

    • Abiboss

      I can’t stop LOL. They comin comin back back to naija naija. They are all coming back to naija. I hope they can take them to one of these western world where they will jail them for thirty years like Ibori because I don’t trust naija judges yet.

      • Julius

        I hope the EFCC meet them at the airport and handcuff them like Methu. The picture will be priceless !!

  • Wale

    Ebele Azikwe Jonathan, you see yourself now;
    From Dasuki to Tompolo, they all points fingers at you, we, the people would have no choice than to convict you and your cronies
    You should be ashamed of your self that almost eighty y to ninety percent of your cabinet members took off as soon you lost the election.
    The guilty are always afraid.

    • courts are not media houses

      Courts all over the globe were established to proof if humans accused of corruption falsely are guilty or not–of the crimes they were alleged to have committed—Newspapers have a different role—-create awareness—Same as the regional media houses in the axis of evil like Sharia reporters and Premium times—-The Press were not established by the founding fathers of democracy in then advanced economies of the word to replace the courts-or dish out propaganda-as Buhari and the rogues in Efcc are doing–Sadly every minister in the government of Buhari have been found to have stolen from their states or Federal government–so what are u talking about here–?——-From Amaechi—Fashola—-tinubu—prof Yakubu– Dambazua—Fayemi to Buhari himself- have been declared as thieves——No amount of sexing up of comments is going to save Buhari–elections are over and done with———–Time to fix the economy with idea not lies——Monkey

      • Izedomi Ohirein

        No ideas will fix Nigerian economy with ease when our money was looted when price of Oil was $140PB, compared to now when price of Oil is $25PB.
        You may not know or don’t want to know.

    • lala

      He himself took off, what do you expect the ministers to do.

    • I sigh

      I will take off if a beast unleashes unless I have a gun, wont you?

  • 9ja deserves better

    Buhari’s 2016 Budget Correction Letter.

    Nigerians heard from President Muhammadu Buhari this week that he was not aware of the withdrawal and re-submission of a “corrected” version of the 2016 budget submitted by his Adviser on National Assembly matters.

    The President and his incompetent Team in this letter dated 15/01/2016 confirmed that a corrected version of the 2016 budget that had 261 errors and duplication to the Nigerian Senators.

    As error cannot correct error, President Buhari in this letter claimed that he submitted the 2016 budget on December 22, 2016. This is a error on an error as it remains about 11 months to the month of December 2016.

    The 2016 budget was presented to the senate by President Buhari on December 22, 2015, not 2016.

    Everything about Buhari’s government is all errors, mistakes, duplication, fabrications, lies and inconclusive results.


    • tundemash

      Keep wailing, we are enjoying it .

      • Damilola

        Lmfaooooooo Tunde will definitely have to kill someone for this ineptitude wazzock govt, a similitude of himself. It’s your time. I pray it doesn’t get worse for you till you realise.

        • tundemash

          If “Keep wailing, we are enjoying it” addressed to your fellow crumb catcher is funny to you, i won’t begrudge a bit of happiness taking into consideration
          the tragedy that befell since March 28th.

          Keep wailing, we are enjoying it
          Keep wailing, we are enjoying it
          Keep wailing, we are enjoying it

          I hope that makes you happy kid.

          • Julius

            The fake dude never see anything good in Buhari and Nigeria. He calls himself a Yoruba name. I can smell shit from across the ocean !. I read him and laff.

          • tundemash

            Every rogue will not see anything good in PMB, it is understandable

          • Julius

            Yes sir. The coward is afraid of faceless people on the net by using a fake name. Idiots !

        • tundemash

          If “Keep wailing, we are enjoying it” addressed to your fellow crumb catcher is funny to you, i won’t deny you a bit of happiness taking into consideration
          the tragedy that befell since March 28th.

          Keep wailing, we are enjoying it
          Keep wailing, we are enjoying it
          Keep wailing, we are enjoying it

          I hope that makes you happy kid.

          • Damilola

            Loooooooooooooooooolz…. you this guy. You display childish act every single time. I regret replying to you in the first place as u lumped me in this miré of senselessness.

          • tundemash

            Kid, like i said earlier, i wouldn’t deny u a bit of happiness taking into consideration the tragedy that befell your household since March 28th so keep wailing in your dingy room at the amnesty camp there as long as you don’t disturb the peace of the majority!

          • Damilola

            Chei… Smh. It is well. Pele!!!

          • tundemash

            Another crumb-catcher down. Next !

    • share Idea

      My gee, the government is more is sensationalising issues than governing, everyone is trying to bandy figures to the public without due diligence of cross-checking figures.

  • Höly Wähala

    “Last July, Mr. Fadile was arrested in company of Mr. Dasuki when operatives of the Department of State Security raided the home of the former NSA in Abuja.” -Premium Times

    @Premium Times…
    If Mr. Fadile was arrested last July with Sambo Dasuki, how did he escape to Dubai to now become a wanted fugitive?
    Sha, hope they will return home jeje and save Nigeria the delays and extra cost of protracted extradiction process, that would go to their credit during sentencing especially if they quickly return our common wealth and cooperate with anti-graft agencies. This temporary list is proof that President Buhari is not witcg-hunting any ethnic group but merely interested in recovery stolen funds which is a crucial part of his 2016 budget permutations to avoid unnecessarily increasing our debt burden. RESPECT!

    • aso rock in trouble

      Senior semi– Ibo ti fulani man which budget are u talking about—–here the one that Buhari just stole from the Senate?——–I had expected u to tell us how or who paid for the trip made by the Britsh to extradite Ibori from Dubai to london—-under the government of Jonathan-? That Nigerians do not want to travel to Latin American nations because of the language barriers—-what about UAE-ati Dubai–do they speak english -Is it not Arabic like the do in Dubai–? How many times have u seen the Indian prime Minister act the way Buhari have been doing-insulting Nigerians abroad—And by the way why is Buhari not in Devos————because he don shit for church abi?——————

      • Höly Wähala

        Deri di Drunk…
        I have no time for drunkards at the moment, especially those who hide behind strange monikers to write trash about things they don’t understand. Quit the bottle… get a life!

    • Peter_Edo

      17 July 2015
      Source: http://wwwpremiumtimesngcom/news/more-news/186862-sss-raids-bello-fadiles-home-seizes-computer-hard-drive.html

      Paragraph 1 and 2:
      Some operatives of the State Security Services on Friday evening
      searched the Abuja home of Bello Fadile, a close confidant of former
      National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki.

      Messrs. Dasuki and Fadile were placed under house arrest by the Service Thursday and released late Friday.

      • Höly Wähala

        No one is doubting Fadile was arrested… but this report should have said he jumped bail thus, a bench warrant was issued for his arrest. Go to school… with the Editor who permitted this article without proper vetting. Olodos!

        • Julius

          Is this the same Lt . Fadile that was jail by Abacha for coup plotting ?

    • PolyGon2013

      We know PMB is not witch-hunting anyone. But we know those tribes in Nigeria that cry whenever any of their son is arrested or charged to court.

      • Höly Wähala

        Shut up your ewedu-infested stinking mouth dia… were the Yoros not crying when Abiola ati Pa Ajasin were jailed and charged to court? How about the aboki problem we have today with Boko Haram, was it not because Yussuf was arrested and killed in prison while awaiting trial? Talk about the Shiites and El-Zakzaky… are his followers not crying foul today? Stup*d bigot you are and will remain. Buzz-off jare!

        • PolyGon2013

          So, iborokiti like you still get mouth?

    • TrueNja

      Certainly, Fadile was arrested in company of Dasuki in July last year and set free on bail by an FCT Federal judge. This is the reason why Mr. Dasuki should not be released on bail and whoever was the corrupt judge who approved Fadile’s bail must be fired. Hope Mr. Falana, SAN and his co-travelers human rights campaigners advocating Dasuki’s bail are aware of fugitive Fadile’s escape to Dubai. .


      A budget based on phantom funds abi ?

  • Comfortkay

    How the mifghty are fallen. Thanks APC led government.

  • okon

    Shebi na until Nigerians die finish before Buhari will do anything about Lassa fever? We are tied of hearing rubbish gist, what’s the way forward?

    • Deen Tee

      Is Buhari a Lassa fever doctor? How does he come into dealing with Lassa fever directly? What is the job of those he pays to look at people’s health and that of the Minister of Health? Nobody is faulting anybody for hating Buihari, but let us talk as reasonable people and not as area boys who just talk both relevant and irrelevant things together.

      • I sigh

        The bus stops at the desk of a real president. If you exonerate buhari, then you are questioning if he is a real president.

    • Don Kingsley

      Mr Man are you nigerian or Biafran? what side are you on?

      • I sigh

        The world and EU are talking about Nigeria and why wont an Ibibio Biafran talk about his neighbor, Nigeria.

    • Artful ºDodger

      Ask your bastard igbo generation, you lowlife nonentity son of a whore! Is Buhari responsible for Lassa fever now too? Hopeless aberration to the human race, that is what you igbos are!


        Buhari is junketing in one of his 12 jets while the country is being over-run by an epidemic…..he is directly responsible for the lack of control of that epidemic.

      • I sigh

        You were breast feed by a moving cow.

    • IgboRatEaters

      Chai! Igbo rat eater complaining about lassa fever! As if it’s not your money desperate brother seen all over Lagos at night hunting domestic rats with touchlight and spikes into big sacks obviously to be sold and fed to unsuspecting public as stick-meats and all sorts! As if that’s not how they’ve been spreading diseases and infections without regards for people’s health. You better warn them before people start lynching them. This lassa fever don spoil market for we Igbo brothers o Chai!

  • favourtalk

    All our looters will pay for what they have done, we should thank God for the new leadership that wants to get rid of the looters in our society because we don’t need them again. Let them all refund our money and face the consequences of thier action. God bless PMB


    These Northern boys are genius in the business of fraud. Wetin. Na only dem waka come. Na so so Northern names. Hey, these boys are wicked. They were living in Abuja and Dubai in wealth, meanwhile their kins men and children were being slaughered in NE Nigeria like goat. Years later, these same idiots will come back telling us North is backward. Why would it not be backward. Now, we know where those Bereau De Xchange mallam are getting money from. They are simply doing money laundering.

    • Du Covenant

      Is Nduka a Notherner?, Ibori?, Governor General? GEJ?, Ngozi?, Dizeani?…there is evil in every geographical region of Nigeria. Thank God we have President who does not believe in shielding anybody even if you are his blood brother and you are talking nonsense. Who are the so called importers in Nigeria that have blooded the country with sub standard goods and are literary stealing from fellow citizens in our so called market place?, who are the people bringing in faked drugs into Nigeria and killing the most desperate fellow citizens?. You don’t have to patronize Bureau de Changes in Nigeria, go to the banks and buy your foreign currency. Our fellow citizens who are sick and dying don’t the choice whether or not to patronize Onitsha market quacks!. If we are to be honest everyone knows who are those sabotaging the country more than anybody else so just keep quiet!.

      • I sigh

        Don’t you have customs to check the goods coming into the expired country (talking about expired drugs).

        • Du Covenant

          With this Government we are now going to have a real custom & excise service in place. Already your people who have been fleecing Nigerians at our ports have started complaining they will be out of job. This is a very good development, let them go and farm or do something else with their lives. We cannot continue doing the same things and hope to get different results. Normal people call it MADNESS!. By the way, the day Nigeria expires, you will have place on this planet so be careful what you wish yourself.

          • I sigh

            First of all you cannot make a carpenter a surgeon, unless surgeons work with nails and hammer. If you do, you have failed from the unset. The head of your Custom does not have any custom experience. He was appointed because of tribal sentiments. Nigeria was put together for 100 years in 1914 and expired about 2 years ago. If a president is elected for 5 years, for example, his term expires after 5 years.

          • Du Covenant

            You just demonstrated how terribly ignorant a person you are whose mind is clouded by hate and ethnic bigotry. I beg to educate you that in surgery we use nails, screws, chisels, saw, drills you name them for a variety of procedures in different surgical specialties. I hope this tells you where I am coming from. The head of customs most not be a custom officer, it only takes somebody with a patriotic DNA and ability to enforce the laws of the land without fear or favour!. It is not rocket science to be a custom officer this is why must of them are those who failed their WAEC and many of us were NEVER attracted by wearing uniforms. You can concoc all sorts of nonsense about how Nigeria came to being, the truth is all countries on this planet are artificial creations meaning you will live and die a miserable person as far as Nigeria goes!. Was America an act of GOD?, yet you are desperately emulating everything American. Columbus not too long ago was also roaming the planet just like me & you are doing right now. What is so special about you people I don’t get it?…By God’s grace there will be many more Buhari to come, this is just the begining of taking back our country from the hands of scoundrels!!!!!…

  • shola

    No place to hide. These crime-ridden elements are creating Nigeria ghettos in Dubai.

  • Nkem

    Dubai – the first place Ibori fled to when he escaped from Nigeria. Alamiesegha and family frequented the place until he was forced to fake his own death. We even hear Abubakar Atiku, former Vice President, and family are now based in Dubai since they fled the US after he and his wife were indicated for bribery and money laundering.

    • Nkem,you said Alamieyeseigha faked his death.How uncharitable can people be to the dead.The man’s corpse lies still in the mortuary in Amassoma and you claim he faked his death?You have taken scurrility to the extreme.May God forgive you.

  • Clairvoyance

    Looters and wailing wailers are definitely going to have sleepless nights with this news, I wonder what nduka is still doing in the US despite promising to return soon and answer for charges against him. I thought we are in mid January and holidays are over or not?

  • Du Covenant

    They can run but can’t hide, there are people out there who are sympathetic to what we as a nation have been going through because of the actions or in actions of these greedy animals!. Just pass their names over to Interpol to fish them out wherever they may be.


    Olisa Metu, Why Different Treatment by Buhari?

    1] Dasuki, [$2.1b (N630b)] was treated with some dignity. No handcuffs.
    2] Bafarawa of Sokoto accused of N4.6bn for prayers No chain or handcuffed.
    3] Haliru Bello from Kebbi alleged collecting N600m with his son were never handcuffed.
    4] Dokpesi allegedly collected N2.4b for contracts was Not given this humiliating treatment by Buhari.

    Olisa Was accused of receiving N400m for his party, not personal gift or donation, was pronounced guilty by Buhari, before being proven Innocent.

    Was Olisa Metu given this type of Treatment because of his string of Attack on the incompetent Buhari’s government or Buhari continuing his Natural hatred for Igbo people?
    The Dictator, Buhari did a similar treatment in 1984 to Dr Alex Ekwueme the then Vice President of Nigeria who he dumped in a prison and allowed his brother Shehu Shagari the President to be in a house arrest

    • TrueNja

      The difference was, Olisa tore his statement. Do you understand simple English, moron?

      • Enough of buhari

        What are u saying-here–old boy are u OK upstairs——————how could Metuh have torn his own statements into shred–unless he was forced to make them–Are we saying efcc people do not have duplicating machines abi–This is another case of-the theft of the budget by Buhari–a professional thief–teaching government officials how to steal


        What about Dasuki who opened gunfire on security men who came to arrest him ? he came from prison to court without handcuffs. NOW IMAGINE IF Metuh did such a thing being Igbo.

        • peaceometer

          Dasuki the rogue did not open fire at EFCC, he was arrested, manhandled along with Bello Fadile


            Yes he did but the security men decided not to kill him…stop telling lies.

          • Sparzo

            Don’t be ridiculous @tawandaincommunicado:disqus ,
            He did not. In fact he denied stockpiling arms at his residence.
            If indeed anybody opened fire, it would be the security forces that went to arrest him.


            You are a liar,the narrative was from the security agents who went to pick him up,stop revising history in a most cynical way.

          • Sparzo

            Liar? You or Dasuki?
            By the way Dasuki might be,but the ”Dasuki gate is not history”.
            Try typing Dasuki on the search button of the Premium Times or the net.

      • peaceometer

        Tore statements and attempted to eat it. He is violence and needed chains.. hahaha Hahahahaha,Hahahaha,hahaha.
        Peeeeeee Deeeeeeeeee Peeeeee

      • I sigh

        He is not obligated to make any statement by law. He can wait till the day of court to make his statement of do it in the presence of his lawyer.

        • A Aminu

          No my friend you are wrong. If you are charge with an offence, and you are brought to an investigating authority, you are compelled by law to make a statement. If you refuse, it is by itself an offence. You will first be tried for refusing to make the statement, which carries a punishment of I think 6 months in prison. The judge may decide to refuse a fine for your un-cooperative behavior, and after the sentence then be made to make the statement that you refuse to make at the investigating authority at the first instance. This is the position of the law in the country.
          You are looking at an issue of civil law but charges for criminal offences are different.

          • I sigh

            Mr Metuh never broke any law civil or criminal and no statement by law is allowed to be obtained through torture as Metuh was put through. He has the right to make a statement only in the presence of his lawyer if he chooses.

        • Saydo Shan

          He made a voluntary statement and tore it.

          • I sigh

            It was under torture if he ever did make one.

          • Saydo Shan

            Let me tell U one thing for sure. I have first hand experience of people who havehad issues with the EFCC, both in Lagos, Abuja and Kano. This is not them say. One of the finest policemen in this country, Ilyasu Kwarbai, who heads the Operations in Lagos, who will will indeed come out as a classy police officer in any part of the civilised world told me when I went with my friend bossom who was duped, that “we do not torture suspects at all. We don’t do it at all”. This was in response to my request to put heavy pressure on the duper. I didn’t ask him to torture the scoundrel nor suggest it. But Kwarbai is a total no-nonsense officer, with an amazing incisiveness, very resolute and decent. Criminals fear him with trepidation. I never thought I would have the chance to praise him like I am doing today.

            Apart from the EFCC in Lagos under Kwarbai, other events in Abuja and Kano convinced me that the EFCC does not torture. The EFCC is supported with funds by international organisations. And the total avoidance of torture is a non-negotiable policy the international bodies insist upon. I cannot vouch for mental torture, because that is a matter of strategy. As they say, there are many ways to skin a Cat.

            So perish the thought that Metuh was tortured. Metuh is just a classy urchin, who found his way to be a Lawyer, there are many of them, and be a top executive of the PDPigs. There are a few with honour in that Party. We will call them PDP. The PDPigs are the dubious ones. Somehow they sit together.

          • I sigh

            Well, it looks like you agreed with me that Metuh have been tortured for at least acknowledging mental torture. Were are Amaechi, Sanusi, Fashola and other in the EFCC net?

          • Saydo Shan

            I did not agree that Metuh was tortured. Torture is primarily physical. But the tactical psycology approach is not something within my capacity nor yours to talk about. Besides, the tactics may just be subtle and results obtained. Please try and have some shame. Don’t even advance anything about Metuh. It is even disgraceful to stand on his issue.

          • I sigh

            I am 100% with Metuh unless Sanusi and others that are implicated are treated the same way, because all fingers point to a witch-hunt.

      • A Aminu

        No don’t abuse him. You have made the point. Olisa behaved true to type a disrespect able criminal and two institutions would not accept contempt and impunity whoever you were when you are brought into their custody. Police and prison authority. So the police and the prison authority jointly see him as a threat and had to handcuff him. And that is what he deserves.

    • Saydo Shan

      What Olisa did warrants and justifies his being taken to court in handcuff, since he is not a goat to be eating papers.

    • Oyadefufolly

      To stop Olisa from killing himself.

  • go buhari go

    Budget 2016: Figures Duplicated, Bogus Expenses Accounts To N1.4trn (23%).

    **Zungeru Hydropower project (built by GEJ, 95% completed) is duplicated 6 times! (budgeted 6 times. 5 to enter a private pocket or two).

    1] The huge amounts spent may reflate the economy (businesses and individuals will profit. Good!!)

    2] N420 billion borrowed to pay salaries. (salaries MUST be paid) Good!!!

    3] N795m ie $3m to update a website for the Ministry of Solid Minerals? (almost a billion for website for a ministry??? UPDATING? God punish somebody!!!)

    4] N535m is to connect cables to the State House, Guest, Gate and Generator House…. N535m! (God please leave this punishment to Ayelala. We do not need Jesus begging you on this one).

    5] EFCC 11 Billion. only ONE PERCENT is for legal fees and related to court cases. The EFCC will spend more on fuel and lubricants, than legal services. (lawyers done cheap like this or it is just a depiction of the value to be placed on the legal system? If 11 billion is to catch thieves, how much did the thief steal? This is separate from police and DSS funds. Considering that all the ACTUAL CHARGES brought in court against Dasuki et al is less that 11 billion naira, is the EFCC not over-budgeted for? Is there a guarantee they can bring in more than these funds from loot recovery? Again, moneys not budgeted for legalities, but for fuel and generator and diesel and such-like. So power wont improve this year?)

    6] “Generation of 10mw from Katsina wind farm” is duplicated. (budgeted for twice).

    7] “Generation of 700ma from Zungeru Hydropower project (built to near completion by GEJ) is duplicated 6 times! (Money towards it budgeted 6 times. 5 to enter a private pocket or two)

    8] “Sustenance of Effective Budgeting Systems’ is duplicated 3 times! (What does this even mean?)

    9] N531m to attend meetings on housing and development? (what meetings again my GOD!!! This is a matter for Ogun to show his power of destruction of Nigeria’s enemies).

    10] Do we also really need to spend N919m on Research and Development on housing matters? (1 billion to research how to build houses in times of austerity abi? Are they going to build a university of housing?)
    Oh Olokun, where is your water to carry all these thieves away like Noah’s flood?

    • BENS

      Maybe you are HONORABLE senator or Reps.that debates budget on social media . Kudos

  • Oil Crimes Inc.

    Premium Times Editor,

    The same people Goodluck Jonathan selected as Ministers and Advisers destroyed him for life.
    Adoke Muhammed was one of them. Not a man of knowledge but if only Adoke Muhammed had
    fidelity to principle he would have told Goodluck Jonathan the truth of the illegality involved in
    the proposed private transfer by sale of OPL 245 by Dan Etete to Shell/Eni companies.
    But Adoke was more interested in the commission to be pocketed and he exploited
    Jonathan’s naivety to lead Jonathan by the nose into money-laundering.

  • Gugurus Ekpa

    This whole blog looks more like a summit of Association of Depressed Nigerian Wailing Wailers.


    The idea of individuals selling oil blocs is despicable but is it not the same thing that Danjuma did,yes he sold oil blocs for billions of dollars.

  • ed

    President Buhari must be commended for his efforts to bring some degree of sanity to Nigeria. For those that are crying one sided anti- corruption war. Please let’s cooperate with the present efforts.
    Nigerian need the money back for laudable project. The light will soon shine on others.

  • MushinSpeaks

    No peace for the wicked. All looted funds must be returned. CHANGE is here.

  • Dele I

    The Oxford Handbook posits that “Public accountability is the hallmark of modern democratic governance. Democracy remains a paper procedure if those in power cannot be held accountable in public for their acts and omissions, for their decisions, their policies, and their expenditures.”. Why are they running away from the EFCC particularly? Politicians and all public officials must appreciate that it is their duty to publicly account to Nigerians through the government agencies. As it is happening at the centre today, so shall it manifest in Kogi State shortly. Only the truth sets free. Predatory rule has ended in Nigeria!

  • kenny


    Raji Fashola is the most heinous creature that ever strutted public office. He stole 1.5 billion Naira

    in a single day by stealing 25 plots of Lekki lands for his family. If Raji Fashola is not kicked out of

    cabinet and locked up to await trial for theft, Nigeria’s anti-corruption war will remain a joke.

    • inoknowbook

      “Akinwunmi Ambode, the new governor of Lagos state, last August revoked the corrupt self-allocation of over
      25 plots of land in Lekki by his predecessor – Raji Fashola – in his final days in office. Most of the plots, it is alleged, were allocated to Raji Fashola’s own relatives, aides and associates —including Yewande Animashaun – his cousin who also served as his special adviser on public health, and Wale Ahmed, who served as his commissioner for special duties. A female newscaster with a Lagos-based TV station was one of the beneficiaries, The Cable learnt.
      The land was officially parceled into 25 plots and shared by Raji Fashola who went on to sign the certificates of
      occupancy on May 26, three days to his exit from office.”

    • inoknowbook

      “Akinwunmi Ambode, the new governor of Lagos state, last August revoked the corrupt self-allocation of over
      25 plots of land in Lekki by his predecessor – Raji Fashola – in his final days in office. Most of the plots, it is alleged, were allocated to Raji Fashola’s own relatives, aides and associates —including Yewande Animashaun – his cousin who also served as his special adviser on public health, and Wale Ahmed, who served as his commissioner for special duties. A female newscaster with a Lagos-based TV station was one of the beneficiaries, The Cable learnt.
      The land was officially parceled into 25 plots and shared by Raji Fashola who went on to sign the certificates of
      occupancy on May 26, three days to his exit from office.”

      …..CABLE NEWS

    • A Aminu

      Yes this is according to you @Dele I. If you are a lagosian you should be proud that Raji Fashola was the best governor between 2007-2015. He remains the best governor Lagos State ever had since and including Brig. Mobolaji Johnson. If you are not a Lagosian but a Nigerian, you should be glad you have a Nigerian who governed the richest state in Nigeria and developed it to the envy of the western investors who are falling over one another to invest in Lagos.

  • owhonda

    Apart from Ogbaigbena that I don’t know too well. The rest are already well known Nigerian elitist crooks. They can run but not hide. The God that made Buhari President will see to it that these men and others that destroyed our country must be brought to book.

  • Styvn

    I don’t understand how ANYBODY can be against this corruption fight. The fact of the case is that some group of people have stolen money – money that belongs to me, you and everyone. Everytime someone dies in the hospital due to poor medical faciltiy, that’s on them. Everytime someone dies of an accident caused by bad roads, that’s on them. Everytime someone sufferes a mishaps or embarrassing situation due to lack of electricity, that’s on them. And here comes someone who says he wants to help YOU recover some of your money. But you’re angry because he has shown you that the thief belongs to your tribe. Come sef, how much did these people give you??? Do you think dem send your fada??!!!
    I don’t understand Nigerians…I really don’t.
    See, when PDP comes to power, let them gather all the APC goons as well and probe them. Let them collect stolen monies from the also. In the end, everyone will become scared of stealing in the future once you have it at the back of your mind somewhere that someday, someone will come and prosecute me. Money always leaves a trail. Whether it’s today or next week, a thief will be found out.

  • Tito Kane

    Those men know no shame at all.
    They Steak Mone,run away to a very well constructed Country with modern infrastructure and,24 hours electricity and good functioning government that takes care of their People.
    Dubai was a complete desert Country around 40 years ago..Today,it is far more modern than western european countries and the USA.
    It was men like our Nigerian politicians that had the vision to transform a desert Country like the UAE(DUBAI)Into becoming a 21st century modern Country.
    The men who built dubai are living there and have no need to loot and run to hide and enjoy their loot in a foreign Country.
    Now,what curse has be placed on our looter politicians??Are they NEVER ashame to always loot,run and go hide to enjoy their loots in countries that is not theirs but function well???
    Why would’nt they fix their own Country Nigeria like the ones they always run to and hide??
    Our Nigerian looters are the very people that have permanently accepted to be slaves to the western and Arab Country leaders because.their countries is where they always run to.
    It is high time that curse on them is and be Reversed