Buhari’s aide, Ita Enang, reacts to “doctored” budget allegation

The Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on National Assembly (Senate), Ita Enang, says he will not respond to an allegation by the Senate that he doctored the 2016 budget presented by President Muhammadu Buhari in December.

He described the matter as “sensitive”.

Lawmakers had told PREMIUM TIMES on Tuesday that the budget documents was missing, prompting the senate to set up a committee to investigate the matter.

On Thursday, after a closed-door session, the Senate president, Bukola Saraki, said the copy of the 2016 budget made available to the Senate was different from the original copy presented by Mr. Buhari in December last year.

“What he distributed is different from what was presented by Mr. President and we have resolved not to address any version until we receive the version presented by Mr. President,” Mr. Saraki stated, referring to Mr. Enang.

The claim was later reinforced by the Senate spokesperson, Aliyu Sabi, after the plenary. He said the Senate would obtain a soft copy of the original document, produce it in hard copies and consider next week.

Neither Mr. Saraki nor Mr. Aliyu gave details of the discrepancies.

But speaking with PREMIUM TIMES, Mr. Enang, who is a former senator, said he would not comment on the development.
He said the matter was between “two of my bosses”, in reference to the presidency and the National Assembly.

“I do not want to comment on the matter at the moment,” Mr. Enang said. “It is a very sensitive matter involving two of my bosses – the National Assembly and Presidency. I don’t want to talk about them.”


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    Is this an admission of guilt? Na wa o for Niga.

  • sunny

    The greatest mistake is allowing this corrupt born saraki to be the senate president.what is wrong if the budget is being amending, how come the one before house of rep is not doctored.saraki is a criminal he can’t change.

    • Burbank

      That’s the funny things – Dogara already denied the docs are missing but the Senate claimed they were.

  • Otile

    Boo hoo! We told you so.

  • sam

    Senate should just pass the bill whether they are 2,3,4 or more versions. They should harmonised the different versions, no minister is coming to bribe you guys this time.

    • Burbank

      They are trying to squeeze some money from the presidency with the “missing budget documents” blackmail.
      Except Buhari is not corrupt unlike Jonathan.

      • IZON Redeemer

        naother semi Ibo man very childish dry satanic sense of humour–

        • Burbank

          LOLz…my humor is neither satanic nor childish.
          But it’s a comical response against PDP vainly trying to support criminals.

  • Damilola

    How has the “original” soft copy become so sacred that we have to wait for the Senate to get hold of it and print? A document that is not lost to ordinary Nigerians. These people are just playing us.

  • FreeNigeria

    These senators are clowns. Whatever budget document was presented to you, just work with it and spare this drama

    • ayo

      Don’t mind them. They are throwing tantrums as they don’t have new Lexus Jeeps. All bunch of clowns we call distinguished.

  • Sword of Damocles

    Let me guess, the so-called “doctored” document has LESS GOVT/RECURRENT EXPENDURE THAN the original document, and the “betrayers of a Nation” are upset.

  • Omolaja nofiu

    I belong to nobody, but I belong to Nigeria. The presidency should be honest on this matter. If for any “justifiable” reasons they had secretly connived with some elements in the National Assembly to withdraw and change the document. They need to be conciliatory about it and learn to respect the independence of the National Assembly.

    The rule of Law as well as Natural Law of fairness and justice cannot not permit the presidency or other arms/agency of government to brand the National Assembly as corrupt, while they secretly violate rules and by extension the Law. We as Nigerians do not deserve to be ruled by tricks any longer. We voted for change and supported the Buhari, Ogbonoya Onus and Fasholas of this world because we had more faith in them above previous tricksters who were gentle in the open, but looters and thieves behind-the-scenes. So PMB cannot afford to lead Nigeria and Nigerians by tricks. Let all of us make Nigeria great again by doing things transparently, honestly (not trickily or dictatorially) and according the Law. Nigeria o ni ba je O!

  • Höly Wähala

    Sen. Eta Enang must talk o biko…
    There is nothing sensitive about the Oluwole Budget he submitted to the Senate after President Buhari had read out his official budget to the whole world at large and Nigerians in specificity. Sen. Ita Enang should be made to understand that Nigerians are the real bosses of his “bosses”…he may zip-up his lips for now but we want answers which means his deaf & dumbness is only temporary ailment. Nonsense!

    • Shugaba Nkasa

      “…..Nigerians in specificity.”????

      • Höly Wähala

        Same as, “Specifically”…be creative, it pays. Not that it is grammatically incorrect. Now, thank me for enriching your mind. Lol!

  • Rommel

    If the presidents informs the national assembly of his intention to withdraw the budget for review in light of recent developments with regards to commodity prices,would anyone object? if not,why then does anyone think that he would steal it when can simply ask for it to be returned,something else is going on and it is within the national assembly,grapevine has it that senators are making some selfish demands

    • FreeNigeria

      I tire oooooo. These dishonorable people calling themselves Senators has been sworn in almost a year now and collected salaries and allowances and has not passed a single bill. These senators are the real enemies of Nigeria.

      • Burning Spear

        The 2016 Budget drama has taken a dramatic twist as Senate President, Bukola Saraki Thursday said the Upper Chamber has two versions of the budget. What type of government is this–why cant we separate and go our different ways–So my friend stop fooling yourself–think before u post comments–was it the Senate that posted two versions of the Budget’?

  • IZON Redeemer

    Mumu Akwa Ibom man—-from the South south–very sad indeed! Soon he would be used as the fall guy by the tripod- ati Buhari himself-over this very troubling matter—-fro the camp of the Apes in APC–For he will be seen as-another brainless monkey from the SS—- who instead of quietly rejecting the trojan horse buhari offered him as a gift–by making him his chief house boy to the Senate——-he gladly accepted it—–cause of poverty in his zone and greed——–And since being chained to the apron strings of Buhari, he has been behaving like a slave to the Fulanis ati Yorubas———-Now he is being turned into a punching bag——by the thieves—in APC——What else is there to say again’? He has already said it all—Confessed the person who stole the document–It was the same brainless Buhari————–and his cohorts in APC–period–very sad———————what a country–what a Fulani president–

  • IZON Redeemer

    The question here is, who wrote that fake budget of (madness) for Buhari and convinced him to go and read it before the National Assembly and the whole world? Can we say president Buhari is truly in-charge of this nation? And if indeed the 2016 budget was written without his consent and input and given to him to just go and read-then it simply means Nigeria is in trouble—What is happening to our nation is that we are now like a ship without a Captain from the Fulani North? Buhari has become so empty he is being twisted left right centre-So had to use his fake one sided anti corruption rubbish to deceive Nigerians-While the Apes in APC doctors the budget and steals the Nation blind- Every Nigerian, foreign investor, business owner, stakeholders have the right to be afraid as things now stand in Nigeria.

    The commericla banks are refusing to grant laons to business men who do contract with Ministries. Because of the senseless way Buhari approached the single account issue. Will it be right now to call our genuine concerns on the issue of budget as “wailing wailers again”? A phrase which was actually coined by good old Deri, against the Apes in APC? Now that the truth is out suggesting president Buhari withdrew the budget, with a view to doctor it-Then used babalawos ati alphas steal the budget again. Or was it smuggled out because he could not believe some of the contents he was told were in it at the Media Chat, are we still THE “Wailing Wailers” his 419ner Adesina spoke about?

    In a country where even Banks are now struggling to stay afloat, business owners are being forced to close shop, foreign investors are leaving the country in droves, and our economy already sliding into recession, we need a president who knows the economic issues of 9ja and not a president who does not even know the contents of the budget he read before the whole world.—What a shame! What a country

    • Fred Duke

      Guy shut up. Buhari is trying his best. At least I now have light in the house. We should be lucky Buhari took over as President. Have u ever wondered what would have happened to Nigeria if Our dear Goodluck Jonathan was still President now that oil has fallen below $30 per barrel? The present difficulties in the economy is not the fault of Buhari. Our over-dependence on oil and past administration’s inability to heavily invest and save for the rainy day is the problem. During oil windfall, Nigeria should have been able to accumulate Trillions in reserve. But PDP led by our all-correct and clueless brother GEJ stole everything. Imagine what would happen if Buhari decides to probe power sector and NDDC and Nnpc, etc. My brother, leave the Fulani man alone, he’s trying. At least we’re not going for bailout yet. We’re not applying to World Bank for loan. Imagine, GEJ applied for 1billion dollars in loan for arms even when Dasuki was busy sharing arms fund To PDP which I believe you’re a member. Let’s leave this north -south sentiment and call a spade a spade. The mallam is trying.

      • Cleartruth

        This way of reasoning is why they call you a f00l. “At least I now have light in the house.”.can you listen to yourself? Dollar is now 305 naira and still going down. I don’t have light and I can’t find a place to buy fuel to power my generator here in lagos. And here you are telling me the mallam is trying. Go get your head examined. You are certainly not normal.

        • Fred Duke

          I have had an uninterrupted power supply both at home and office for the past 5 days. And fuel is selling at N86.5 just close to my house. You may wish to pack out from the forest that you currently live in, because Buhari is concentrating in the cities first, then local communities before getting to the forest. I have no business buying fuel for the generator. I have light and I’m telling u that the Mallam is doing better than my dumb, clueless and shoeless shoe brother Goodluck Jonathan. The way you keep supporting Dasuki and PDP and looters of our country means you’re a bigger f00l.

          • Cleartruth

            I’m not supporting any person. I’m only supporting truth and justice. What we are saying is let the thieves in pdp like dasuki and co and thieves in apc like amaechi and co be prosecuted so that the anti corruption war would be seen as sincere and just. Anything short of it is pure witch hunting of opposition and an attempt to reduce nigeria to one party state.

          • Fred Duke

            I agree with you. But my brother, I’m putting myself in the shoes of a President. I will start my hunting from somewhere. As long as the people under me have not committed any crime yet WHILE UNDER ME, I would definitely start from somewhere and if they get entangled, they go in for it. GEJ had that chance of locking people up, but he didn’t lock up even a fly. He didn’t know his powers. I would lock someone up, even if it’s only enemies, as long as you’re corrupt. It is called power, and I have to let u know what I will not tolerate.

          • Cleartruth

            They are many people in apc who have been accused of stealing money. People like amaechi and co and loads of petitions sent to efcc.but efcc is telling the world that he has not seen any petitions. Yet he is going after opposition members whom no petitions have been written against.
            THe point is when you are unjust in fighting corruption, you are simply witch hunting and the masses won’t support you. But if the fight is wholistic you will get overwhelming support from the masses. In case you don’t know, I voted for buhari and I want him to succeed . He should do things right.

      • Cleartruth

        This way of reasoning is why they call you a f00l. “At least I now have light in the house.”.can you listen to yourself? Dollar is now 305 naira and still going down. I don’t have light and I can’t find a place to buy fuel to power my generator here in lagos. And here you are telling me the mallam is trying. Go get your head examined. You are certainly not normal

        • Sincerely Yours

          Where in Lagos don’t you have petrol? Stop fibbing.

        • Fred Duke

          I have had an uninterrupted power supply both at home and office for the past 5 days. And fuel is selling at N86.5 just close to my house. You may wish to pack out from the forest that you currently live in, because Buhari is concentrating in the cities first, then local communities before getting to the forest. I have no business buying fuel for the generator. I have light and I’m telling u that the Mallam is doing better than my dumb, clueless and shoeless shoe brother Goodluck Jonathan.

      • Chuks

        If Jonathan had managed Nigeria at $30 dollars per barrel, we would have been worse than Somalia.

    • Ikani Augustine

      Bro..you just made my day. I bless you and your generation in the name of the most high God. Do ve a splendid night rest my broda.

  • Shugaba Nkasa

    Let us assume President Buhari altered the budget! So what?
    The NASS should take whatever Buhari gives them and work with it! You want to see the original copy so that what?
    Are you the one that created the budget?………Buhari can scrap that budget anytime and reissue a new one.
    If indeed the Presidency altered the budget as alleged, the only issue would be how it went about the process.

    Nigerians are struggling and you fools are there arguing whether this was the original budget or not.
    NASS should Sit down, shut up and listen carefully. The only time when altering a budget presented by the presidency is a crime is when the alterations are done by any institution other than the presidency. You can not accuse the creator of a document of forgery!

    So go do your work! What is Saraki still doing there……..EFCC should hurry up and remove this crook from Government.

    • REDEEM

      U aere a brainless fool—If u have to alter the figures–after submitting the said budget to the House and reading it to the hearing of all-around the world————–Then-U have no right to alter the figures SECRETLY after that-again That to me is forgery–U must seek the permission of the Speaker or the Senate president to do add or subtract-Sadly from your comment it seems u have been a thief all your life————See why the Ita man said the case is between thief buhari and the Senate president-?The act by Buhari is the highest level of corruption—But allowed in an uncivilized enviironment like Nigeria -because of fools like u——————-

    • Iniabasi Akpan

      Stop exposing ur stupidity..
      How did they retrieve d document?
      Secondly how do u want efcc to remove him?
      Are u confirming that efcc is a tool used in hunting perceived enemies?
      You can do better than this pls…

  • Holy truth

    Saraki is bent on tarnishing Buhari’s name & image. Saraki is just playing d game of his former party pdp which everybody knows he is planning to go back to.Dat guy called saraki is a big time shameless criminal, dignity has no meaning to him.
    He joined his father to swindle pple’s money in societte generale bank. He stole kwara state money , he collected hush money 4rm cbn staff when he got to know about gej’s & his gang loots. He joined ekweremadu & others to forge NASS documents. what can dis man called saraki not do? Having him as d Senate president is a big black dent on fabric of decency.

    • Burning Spear

      Which name has Buhari to protect in Nigeria pls tell us–about his achievements——–so far. A man who stole over 2.8b-oil wind fall-now we have another—-5.6b missing again in NNPC under his watchful Fulani eyes—Budget is doctored by him -after it developing legs—–Then it goes missing again-re-appears in Katsina then vanishes again. So what next? Buhari who refuses to obey simple court orders, just as he did over 30 years ago with Pa Ajasin ‘?–What is in Buhari that is worth dying for—Is it the certificate that he forged or what-?–That he is brainy–beyond the media works designed to elevate him to the status of great leaders like Akintola by a section of the Yorubas press in APC-‘—Let him go work and stop dancing around like a cow in a china shop–biko–no wonder Nigeria is now the laughing stock of antions in africa–

      • Holy truth

        U are sounding like a broken record.

  • Anthony Ogbo

    ■ Criticisms of BUHARI is not an attack on the Fulani North because Buhari does not represent the North but himself and his wife Aisha, his obscure unfeined mission, and ancestral interests from Chad or Senegal.
    ■ Attack on BOKO HARAM is not an attack on Muslims because Boko does not represent Islam but her brutal sectarian Fulani interests.
    ■ Advocacy for NNAMDI KANU’S freedom is not a call for disunion but a demand for respect for humanity, justice, and civil liberties.
    ■ Criticisms of Buhari’s fight against CORRUPTION is not an attack on implanting moral decency in the system, but a condemnation of tyranny, discriminatory justice, and suppression of the judicial process.

    • Ikani Augustine

      Excellent write up my broda.

  • Gidi

    For Pete sake, when I will going to get serious in this country? The presidency should take the full blame for this disinformation, misinformation and embarrassment. For the umpteenth time, there is a reason why process and institutions were created. If the initial budget presented by Buhari to National Assembly was inaccurate, then why not follow the right process to update the document as opposed to doing things in a shady manner?

    The optics of this madness is not only bad for the country, but makes us look unserious. Buhari must come out and explain to us why this happened. There is nothing wrong in updating projection and numbers if new information made old assumptions irrelevant. However, such changes must follow due process.

    This is a stain on the administration character and I hope they come out and nip this pseudo controversy in the bud before it is too late. Nigerians deserve honest debate about their future and where APC led government is taking us.

    • Peter_Edo

      did you or did you not see PMB present the budget to the senate in the SENATE? If you did, then i suggest you stop kidding yourself, if you didn’t…


    The 2016 Budget drama has taken a dramatic twist as Senate President, Bukola Saraki Thursday said the Upper Chamber has two versions of the budget. What type of government is this–why cant we separate and go our different ways

    • favourtalk

      Acting like a confuse man, what is the news has to do with separation?

    • SamPsalm

      Next time your nose says what your anus is producing is offensive, go to sawmill and ask for a separation of your anus down from waste up to spare your anus of the offence. Iberibe

  • smart G

    This is forgery and corruption of the highest order.
    This must not be swept under the carpet.
    If Buhari has a hand in this it shows he is after all a Nigerian.
    The whole NASS would have wasted 1 month debating a forged document.

    • favourtalk

      So, you are fooled with Senate pity right? You will stay there for life

      • Dave

        Amusing ‘Senate’ waste time for a month? Do you appreciate that for 15 years the National Assembly had been determining our expenditure heads. All Nigeria’s President had complained that the document they sent to the National Assembly is completely at variance with what comes out as the Act.

        National Assemble turns the ordinary budget to an act. They know more that anyone else that the power in the process lie in the hands. They are setting us all up for the usual conversion by painting the President as changing figures so that there won’t be major complain when they change their own.

        Only a dumb person will take this serious. Our legislators are what Obasanjo called them, band of crooks

  • whales1212

    Look at these lazy clowns we call senators, just imagine how they are reacting to budget when they kept mute about someone being accused of 2.1 billion dollars? It takes gullibility to actually believe such documents can be stolen or missing,all this is a political drama,does it mean they didn’t check the soft copy,no one copy the soft copy, soft copy was stolen as well? Sometimes I pity especially you guys that have lost every sense of reasoning, you just wish to score political point and it doesn’t matter what it is. Now if it is truly changed by the presidency,that is nonsense, the motive needs to be established. On the other hand,these lazy senators ain’t serious, you’re still gonna remove stuffs and add,what the fuss about,work on what you’ve got. If they can use the same energy,may be chibok girls would have been found,may be they would have found means of stabilising the naira. You want to impeach the president? Wow,you’ve got senate president with forgery case and corruption hanging on his neck? You lazy guys need to get to work please.

    • Iniabasi Akpan

      U r right about d removing n adding..bt d process of d retrieval of this sensitive material is criminal,& d last time I checked this administration does not condone that.if u must recall such document it must b done d right way.
      Pls I’m not wailing o…just being objective.

      • whales1212

        I agree with you, honestly I’m not here to just support blindly, it is irresponsible if they did that and those involved should be punished. But, I’m not accepting such documents can be stolen, they’re simply playing some games, does it mean no one actually have a soft copy or they didn’t copy it anywhere. That is exposing something about this legislators, in a sane world, such documents can’t be missing and if it is. You can’t have the gut to come out and be saying that, it an act of irresponsibility. These people on both sides ain’t serious, unfortunately this is what we have to manage for now.

      • Dave

        I do not see anything sensitive at the budget stage. If the National Assembly is in doubt; let them send the copy they have to the President for a sign-off and move on with the consideration of the budget.

        This is apparently a political dance to blackmail the President. Nigerians are not dumb

  • Gbenga Olu

    This is what you get when you engage a cobbler to roof your house instead of a Carpenter simply because the two of them carry hammers! Exactly what you get! Those who look down on education can now see how illiteracy can do mess up a whole president of a country like Nigeria

  • agbobu


    • Iniabasi Akpan

      …..keep ejaculating in ur self induced orgasm…
      tell u what punk…
      Those GATES will never open.


    The Federal Ministry of Mines and Steel Development is proposing to spend a scandalous sum of N795, 234, 275million annually for its website update, according to a document from the budget office of the Federal Ministry of Finance currently trending on twitter.

    The sum allocated for website update is about N200million lower than what was budgeted for the development of the Solid Mineral Sector in the same Ministry.

    It cost less than N200, 000 monthly to update websites most espeicially those with huge files.

    Minister of mines and steel development, kayode Fayemi, had revealed that that the nation’s solid mineral sector was allocated only N1billion in the 2015 budget.

    • bigbang

      It is a proposal. The Senate and House of reps can make changes.

      The NASS is also planning to spend a scandalous amount of 115 billion Naira. The executive is spending 19 billion Naira. The EFCC, NEMA and NITEL is part of the president budget.

      I tried to look for the NASS budget details online. I can’t find it.

  • Man_Enough

    The hue and cry is unnecessary. Even if it has been doctored or altered, thevsenate reserves the power to amend as they wish. The senate has been known to add, subtract and even create new, so what is the problem. In addition, if the document has been laid with the senate, it is the senate’s responsibility to tske care of it. Knowing the kind of crooks we have at the leadership of the senate, i will not be surprised if they intentionally hid the document to rub mud on the president.

    • tunde008

      I concur with you.I have written the same thing above.I have asked if he stole the budget from the senate

  • favourtalk

    The best is just to look as Nigerians finds out that the senate is just been clueless and trying to frustrate the good work of PMB for the past few months and trying to stop the work they should have started doing after gong for several fake and useless break. I wonder what Nigerian pay them for.

  • Obajana Cement

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  • Sir Demo

    Is a budget not JUST A PROPOSAL and amenable until the last day of the budget year? What is really happening at the Senate?

  • Sparzo

    When is Saraki due in court?
    Shameless infantile politics,
    This is a disgrace.

  • Dave

    When did the budget become an Act of the National Assembly that the so called ‘doctoring’ became an issue? This is really funny and it seems the National Assembly is just turning itself to floor of comedy.

    Such ‘doctoring’ is the exact purpose of the budget being presented to the National Assembly. SCRUTINY!!! A serious action is only necessary when you ‘Doctor’ an act.

    Worse case scenario is that the Executive remove or reduce some expenditure heads or introduce some expenditure heads which the legislature can ammend accordignly.

    Saraki and his cohort better get serious. Nigerians are not in the mood for this joke