‘Missing’ 2016 Budget Documents: Senate awaits probe report


A committee mandated by the Senate to investigate the controversy surrounding the “missing” 2016 budget is to submit its report on Thursday.

The committee was set up at an closed-door session of the Senate on Tuesday when the matter was discussed.

On Wednesday, Eyinnaya Abaribe (PDP-Abia State), raised a point of order asking the senate to clear the air on the missing budget.

He said the matter had become an urgent issue of public importance, hence the need to account to the public.

But the Senate President, Bukola Saraki (APC-Kwara State), said the Senate would wait for the ad hoc committee to look into the matter and submit its report on Thursday.

“As we know we are all part of the decision. We gave assignment to some people and they will come back tomorrow,” he said.

The Senate also announced it would debate the 2016 budget from Tuesday, and that lawmakers would receive copies of the document by Thursday.

The upper lawmaking body is expected to produce new copies of the budget, after senators told PREMIUM TIMES on Tuesday that copies handed over by President Muhammadu Buhari had surprisingly disappeared.

Senators said they suspected the presidency secretly withdrew the documents for some modification, a claim the presidency denied.

Officials well briefed on the matter told PREMIUM TIMES that both the leadership of the National Assembly and the presidency, as well as Ministry of Finance and the Budget Office, were working to discreetly change certain parameters of the budget proposal following the slide in the global oil price.

Speaking Wednesday, Mr. Saraki said senators would start deliberation of the budget on Tuesday, but would only receive copies on Thursday.

Meanwhile, while the senate awaits the conclusion of its investigation, Yakubu Dogara, the speaker of the House of Representatives on Wednesday displayed a copy of the budget during the house’s sitting, saying the budget was not missing.

Mr. Dogara said the report of the missing budget was an “April fool”.

Editor’s Note: The senate said members would receive copies of the budget Thursday, not next week, as stated in our earlier report. The error is regretted.


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  • Marcus Garvey

    The question here is, who wrote that budget for president Buhari and convinced him to go and read it before the National Assembly and the whole world? Can we say president Buhari is truly in-charge of this nation if indeed the 2016 budget was written without his consent and input and given to him to just go and read? What is happening to our nation? Every foreign investor, business owner, stakeholders have the right to be afraid as things stand. Will it be right now to call our genuine concerns on the issue of budget as “wailing wailers”? As coined by Deri against the Apes in APC? Now that the truth is out suggesting president Buhari withdrew the budget back because he could not believe some of the contents he was told were in it at the Media Chat, are we still THE “Wailing Wailers” his 419ner Adesina spoke about?

    In a country where even Banks are now struggling to stay afloat, business owners are being forced to close shop, foreign investors are leaving the country, and our economy almost sliding into recession, we need a president who knows the economic issues of 9ja and not a president who does not even know the contents of the budget he read before the whole world.—What a shame! What a country!

  • Burning Spear

    Same old budget of Madness

  • No Bull …..

    Metuh needs to be X-rayed. You never know

    • Otile

      You and your god Buhari are dishonest. Let him go back to his computer and print another forged copy of the budget. Is he not the master forger?

      • bib

        To begin with it’s transparency program the Senate should look at the discussion below that is circulating in the social media.

        I read this and got angry. How about you? If you get angry, share it for CHANGE to occur in Nass!

        ] Below is a discussion between a Concerned Nigerian(CN) and an equally Worried Member(WM) of Nass. It throws so much light on how members of the Nass are/have been fleecing the common man on the Nigerian streets. Then deceive them with the crumbs from there tables in the name of empowerment project.

        CN:Pls Sir, educate me. Is youth or any kind of empowering part of National Assembly members’ constitutional duty? WM: Tough question. No. Only legislation. But if you fail to empower youth or women or some power group, it is at your political risk. CN: So how do members get millions they dish out for the projects. WM: From the coffers of the national assembly and some from mdas. CN:But the two sources are illegal and the money is used to fund illegal projects. Isn’t it? WM: The one from the mdas may be illegal. But, the one from the Nass is perfectly legal except that the application of the funds itself is illegal. CN:If work done with the money is illegal why will taking the money be legal? WM:Excellent! Most people outside the nass call what members and senators collect as quarterly allowances. Even Alh Hamman Tukur of Revenue Mobilization and Fiscal Commission got it wrong this way. But, it is not allowance. The amount advanced is supposed to be used to take care of the expenditures of the office of the member/senator. Things like local and foreign travels, newspapers,communication, medical expenses, etc. As a member, you are supposed to retire these advances based on actual and verifiable expenditures. Now, this is where illegality crops in.Most members retire the funds 100% and cart away the advances. In doing this, they manufacture receipts, invoices, air tickets, etc. to expense the advances granted them. CN:Because in the real sense the amount is expected in the first place to be fully retired. WM:Yes! The retirement is just a facade. CN:Then, it’s collusion between members and Nass civil servants. WM:Exactly. It is a whole sub-industry.By calling it quarterly allowances, Nigerians are obscuring its real essence and making it difficult to stop this abuse. The journalists are lazy or too compromised to investigate thoroughly ; civil society groups are un informed or afraid to venture in while the general public don’t know or don’t care about what is happening If the executive wants, it can order an audit of members/ senators expenditure retirement and virtually everybody would be jailed for corruption. But PMB has said he will work hard to make politics unattractive for the mercantilist among us. I say Amin to his plan It is the accumulation of these “allowances” that some members dish out as empowerment to their constituency. CN: No Sir, It’s a miniscule part of the accumulation that they dish out. WM: Laughter.

      • uduakomiri

        You are mad. How can someone steal something which he could replace as many times as he wants? Of what value to the presidency is stealing an ordinary booklet with the budget details in it considering that the presidency also gave copies to House of rep and senate. How logical is it that the presidency will simply opt to steal the copies given to the senate but not the copies sent to the house of rep even though both copies are exactly the same. We know that the senate is a house of crooks, and I can only think one or two reasons amongst many why Saraki and his gang of immature senators are trying to play silly games with the budget upon which the livelihoods of millions of Nigerians depend on. Vindictive Saraki is still licking the wounds to his over-sized ego when the presidency recently chided senators publicly for trying to defraud Nigerians of 47 billion naira for luxury cars after collecting millions of naira per senator in car loans after the inauguration of the senate. Also late last year, the president equally distanced himself from the ludicrous social-media gag bill which the childishly vindictive senate leadership midwifed by saraki were actively pushing forward to target Sahara reporters and Nigerians on social media because of unfavourable and unflattering revelations about the corruption in the senate as exemplified by the senate president saraki. Buhari’s public statement simply killed the media bill and also heightened national outrage against the senate. So for vindictive saraki, messing about with the 2016 budget was simply a way of trying to spit in the face of the president and Nigerians. Saraki deserves what is coming for him

        • Otile

          You are insane. I know you are ready take the bullet for your god Mohamed Buhari. Did he not also swear that Abacha stole no money? Has he apologized to Nigerians for that shameful deceit?

          • Reymeline

            My friend listen, i dont want to know what you are up to. Either you like it or not this country will be great. If PMB is not good for Nigeria, is it GEJ we should opt for. With all allegation on ground you still having gutt of saying PMB is not ok. U want GEJ to continue and distroy this country. u are not sincere with your post and God will purnish whomever wish this this country down. Such pple will see the wrath of God Almighty. if you want to critizise let it be constructive, we need better Nigeria. Campagn is over. whether you like it or not he will be Nigeria President for minimum of 4 yrs there nothing you can do and God will use him for betterment of this country. Amin

          • uduakomiri

            Ohu abu nwa

  • Deolu

    I am suspecting National Assembly of trying to smear the presidency with the disappearance of the budget proposal. What will presidency gain from this. If the presidency wishes to make amendment, the presidency can do that in various means without stealing the document. Haba!

    • Mrs. Bola Cole

      No Electricity for 3 days running in Lagos!!

      I will like to thank the Editors and reporters
      of Premium Times for their professional news-reports; and in particular
      for the thinking that goes with it. Premium Times stands out as clearly the
      best news website in Nigeria. Premium Times does not cover up the failings of
      a government and does not go out of its way to dress up a failing government
      in borrowed robes. I will like to invite the Premium Times to undertake a tour
      of Lagos mainland today. Please come along with your individual torch-light
      as you do, for otherwise you might fall into a gutter. There’s been no electricity
      on Lagos mainland for three days running.

      Darkness envelopes the land. This has never
      happened before under a previous government. This is testament to the truth
      that Buhari is more incompetent and a worse failure than any of the other
      useless presidents Nigeria has had. President Buhari’s Minister for Energy
      and electricity supply – RAJI FASHOLA is a third-rate Nigerian with less than
      average thinking ability. He is more interested in paying photo journalists for
      photographs to be published of him gesturing to pose and mimic a good thinker
      which he’s not and will never be, anymore than buying and wearing rimmed frame
      of Mahatma Ghandi ever made Bola Tinubu look anything less than an urchin
      bereft of thought like Raji Fashola – his sidekick.

      • FreeNigeria

        looks like you have personal grudge with Tinubu, Fashola and Buhari. were you at some point their girlfriend? just checking

      • Fuzio

        Minister for Everything, Raji Fashola is learning a hard lesson. Lagos state is not Nigeria.

  • Dare

    Don’t forget anything can disappear under Saraki. Check his antecedents; the bank money, kwara state money etc.

  • monsieur404

    Premium Times Editor,

    I want to appeal to the Senate and the House of Representatives on the other matter
    of original copies of the budget 2016 reportedly smuggled out of the National Assembly
    to be altered or substituted during the Christmas holiday when all Senators were out of
    the National Assembly.

    The Senate should stick to the photocopies of the originals which
    President Buhari delivered himself, no matter how outrageous the figures there look.
    That is the copy to be submitted to a vote and assuredly voted down as irresponsible.

    Shocking details emerged from that recently presented 2016 budget that the executive arm
    will spend the lion share of N5.87 trillion or about 96.5 per cent of the total N6.1 trillion. Then,
    about N205 billion (or 3.5 per cent) goes to the other arms of government. The Legislature
    and the Judiciary will get N115 billion and N90 billion respectively.

    The breakdown of the budget also indicates that the federal government intends to spend
    N39 billion in running the Office of the President with major allocations going to car purchase
    at N3.9 billion; and, another N189 million to change tyres for specified vehicles in the Presidency.

  • Burning Spear

    Same old APC ati Buhari budget of Madness

    • Olotu

      This kind of reaction is expected from the presidency! Will they agree that stole the budget? They won’t.
      This budget of yams got missed cos is unimplementable. A padded budget!
      Sure, very soon even the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria would be declared missing for the simple reason that as president Buharigradually metamorphosed to full blown dictator, to chief justice of the Federation, a supreme leader like that of North Korea.
      When a well crafted scenario like this plays out, they will simply deny it, then rewrite already prepared document, includes features like Sharia law, the president as supreme leader; the president can decide those be granted bail etc.
      This is what you get when you package a well known bad product to deceive prospective buyers yet they bought into it knowingly. Olotu

      • Reymeline

        What is the sense in what you are saying. is it Buhari that should be in custody of Budget already presented to NA. At the presense of everybody, PMB presented the budget to NA and everybody saw it live. your hatred for him will make him life longer and you will be in high blood pressure. If at all the budget need to be review, it isl left for NA to review it and and harmonise with presidency. Very simple and after all Saraki is not a par to PMB. Shame on your comment of hatred.

        • okenwa

          Buhari told the whole world that he did not know the content of what he was carrying in the box presented to nass. Following the outcry of nigerians and the visit of IMF CHIEF, buhari then learnt what was in the box and went back to steal it.

  • Ezomon Ehichioya

    @Mrs. Bola Cole; Which Lagos are you referring to that is in darkness for three days? Not the Lagos where others live. Your focus here is not that there’s no light in Lagos or The Mainland, as you later narrowed your generalization, but to use the opportunity to insult Pres. Buhari, Chief Bola Tinubu and Raji Fashola. If you were complaining about lack of light, why pour insults on the aforementioned personalities? Definitely, you have an axe to grind with; so don’t come on the presence of lack of light in Lagos for three days, which is the greatest lie in this New Year.

  • FreeNigeria

    So NASS is missing the budget that was presented to them weeks ago. Where did they keep them? Why wasn’t it distributed to the Senators immediately so they get read it and get used to the contents before deliberating on it? How do they deliberate on something they don’t know what’s inside? These senators are TRULY shameless

  • Shugaba Nkasa

    Why would the presidency need to ‘discreetly’ change anything in the budget if the lawmakers know where to get copies of the same budget that they will be using on Thursday?
    What exactly is there investigation suppose to reveal and how does it help the nation?
    May God help us with these people!

  • IZON Redeemer

    Sad that certain Confused Nigerians from the old regions of the country, rewarded a dangerous, insensitive, dishonest, mean, cruel, partial, egoistic, religious, fundamendalist, conscienceless human being like MOHAMMADU BUHARI with the presidency of Nigeria with his kind of track record via the USA. Then why are we shocked to see Buhari go after the soul of Tompolo? Enemy number one of the tripod–Fulanis- Ibos and Yorubas-cause of his Ijaw tribal marks’? And still wonder why Nigeria has not and will not make it to the promised land under the ruler ship of the Fulanis and Yorubas? Aware Buhari is a Fulani oligarch who does not believe in equality before the law. Has no respect for the rule of law! Given the way he jailed Lateef Jakande, Jim Nwobodo, Ambrose Ali, Pa Adekunle Ajasin, Chief Ayo Ojewumi on cases that had no foundation in law-And allowed Awwal Ibrahim, the then Niger State governor, who was arrested in Heathrow Airport in London with 14 million pounds sterling and several millions of Niara and dollars to be freed–Just like his Fulani brother Isa-Prof Yakubu of Inec-who embezzled over 800m from UBEC-Rtd Col Al of Customs–Dambuazua–who stole over 4b-Amaechi 58b-Fashola 4 trillion—Fayemi—49b are the only evidence I need to show Buhari is a Fulani tribalist. Buhari equally allowed Shehu Kangiwa, Sokoto State Governor who conducted and supervised the famous Bakolori Massacre of poor peasant farmers same as he ordered his soldiers to kill more than 30 Ijaws-because of Sylva who paid for his nomination form—added to the murder of 300 shiuia Muslims—-While he chases Tompolo about the Niger Delta–and goes on to order his gestapo to beat up–Akpos former NIMASA boss under the supervision of Sagay the Itsekiri war-lord in his government-behaving like a drunken cow in a china shop———-with Buhari—

  • reverso999


    Naira falls to 300 to a dollar

    President Buhari’s inane
    and knee-jerk directive in June to close access to lawful dollar bank accounts,
    and to ban dollar deposit in banks, has come home to roost after seven months.
    The Nigerian currency – the Naira – fell today to its highest unprecedented pit
    and now exchanges for 300 Naira to one dollar.

    Buhari had got knocks from
    global economists last week for his thoughtless dollar policy which he aimed at
    achieving nothing in currency stability or in foreign trade ease. Nigerian banks
    are now looking for dollars to pay $5billion in arrears on letters of credit owed to
    foreign banks, having been deprived the pool of dollar resources to draw from.

    Buhari shamefacedly reversed himself 48 hours
    ago when the devastating effects of his dollar restriction policy came home to
    roost, and he ordered 360° degrees reversal ‘immediately’. But it was too late.
    The Naira has fallen to 300 Naira and local banks are grossly indebted by five
    [5] billion dollars, to add to a series of other woes Buhari’s uncoordinated
    spending and investment plans have brought on Nigeria.

    • Otile

      Fulanis and some Yorubas are the winners in this fraud. They recieve the money at N197/$ and turn around to sell it to us at N300/$. What an obscene profit for the fraudsters. Nigeria needs to divide before Mohamed and his criminal gang reduce our people to beggars. Nonsense.

  • Economic Colloquium


  • MC

    Shameless regime. I thought Buhari said he was clean? Now dem don dey thief budget.

    • Uzoma John

      What is your problem? What did Buhari do? You guys are really funny. tribal bigots who don’t see anything good with a man who means well for Nigeria. Reps have the Budget, and Senate is trying to play cat and mouse with the copies they received. Shame on all you devil’s advocates.

      • Uzoma

        It’s possible to mean well for Nigeria and still be incompetent. So point that out, namesake, shouldn’t make one a tribal bigot.

    • FreeNigeria

      How’s Buhari responsible for this? Buhari presented the budget to NASS in December 2015, January 11, 2016, NASS said the budget documents are missing. You should be asking them what were they doing with the documents ever since. How do you review what you didn’t read? This one no concern Buhari oooooooooo

  • Archdaily

    Biggest gaffe of the century from bunch of incompetent clowns. At least Jona has finally got something to smile about.

    • Raul

      What has a man whose name, ironically, portends doomsday got to smile about? He left a serious rot in the shebang and you here making snipe comments about a government working assiduously to tidy up the Augean stables.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    The Nigerian senate led by Dr Bukola Saraki, appear not to be solid leadership ground as strange things are now occurring in Nigeria senate chambers. Nigeria senate has never ever reported the disappearance of the original copies of the annual budget presented to the senate for deliberations and debates for appropriation purpose.Something is really wrong with the senate under dr Bukola Saraki,s leadership.All present senate leadership must resign and face serious consequences for negligible with such an important strategic national documents.

  • X.O 234


    Nigerians who rooted or voted Buhari are walking face down nowadays – ashamed and feeling disgraced.

    Buhari’s fumbling on the job is second to none; with no single success chalked up in seven straight months.

    • Kola Lardner

      Hahahaha! But Saharareporters has not given up on its lost battle behind the wrong horse! Hahahahahaha!

    • Reymeline

      What is the issue of Buhari on this? Tell the world.

      • okenwa

        The issue(s) of buhari on this is that he brought the budget to nass without knowing what it contains and with the outcry of nigerians on the extravagancy of the budget, buhari went back and steal the budget. Nigerians are waiting whether there will be change on the subsequence copy they will send to nass.

  • Omotolaaraujo

    Forged House Rules, missing Budget: Sounds like the NASS needs changing to me.

  • Atlantisdotcom

    what a poor excuse for a country! What a blundering govt! What an incompetent bunch of legislators and bloated NASS, but little value for money!!

  • babateem

    If d committee on budget ree view said that they don’t know how the budget miss they are blantard lier pls find it oooooooo all Nigeria are screaming