Senators suspect presidency behind ‘missing’ 2016 budget documents

Senate chamber

Some Nigerian senators said Wednesday they are suspicious the Nigerian presidency is behind the sudden disappearance of the 2016 budget submitted to the National Assembly.

The lawmakers said the intelligence they had so far gathered suggested that the presidency discreetly withdrew the documents to enable it to make some adjustments to it.

The president had presented the budget to a joint session of the legislature in December.

PREMIUM TIMES had reported Tuesday that the senate, during an executive session, declared the documents missing.

The Senate Leader, Mohammed Ndume, sources said, informed the senators, upon resumption from the Christmas/New Year break, that deliberations on the budget could not commence until fresh copies of the documents were obtained from the presidency, Ministry of Finance or its national planning counterpart.  

However, some senators, who requested not to be named so as not to anger the presidency, told PREMIUM TIMES they had since realised the budget was discreetly withdrawn by the president in order to make some adjustments.

The senators said the presidency had in the past two weeks been combing through the budgets with a view to removing provisions that had so far exposed the administration to ridicule. 

“The executive have now started delivering fresh copies of the budget documents to the National Assembly,” one of the senators said.

“The details in the copies they are delivering are different from those in the version delivered to the National Assembly in December. Some adjustments have been made.”

But the presidency has however denied withdrawing the document.

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, said only Mr. Buhari could withdraw the budget but had not done so.

He suggested that the issue of missing budgets should not arise because several copies of the document were sent to the legislature.

“Nobody except the president can withdraw the budget; as far as we know, he hasn’t done that,” Mr. Shehu said in a response to PREMIUM TIMES enquiry on the matter Tuesday.

“The copies in their hundreds have been delivered to both chambers of the National Assembly.

“By tradition, once the budget is submitted, it ceases to be our property. Inquiries should be directed to the appropriate quarters.”
When contacted, the Minister of State for National Planning, Zainab Ahmed, expressed shock at reports of missing budget.
She explained that ahead of Tuesday’s resumption of the Senate and House of Representatives, more than 400 copies of the document were delivered to the two chambers on Monday by the printer, for distribution to all members.
“After the official presentation of the budget by the President on December 22, 2015, both hard and soft copies were given to some key members of the Assembly. How can anyone say all the copies are missing?” she said in an interview with PREMIUM TIMES.
“Immediately after the presentation (by Buhari), most of the members went on break. But a printer was given the job to produce the document for distribution to all members on resumption.
“On Monday, the printer delivered more than 400 copies to the National Assembly for distribution to members and their aides. Another 100 copies were delivered this afternoon (Tuesday). Therefore, the same budget cannot be said to be missing.”
Mrs. Ahmed argued that if there is need to withdraw the budget, the same process with which it was presented by the president to the legislature would be followed.


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  • Shugaba Nkasa

    “Some Nigerian senators said Wednesday they are suspicious the Nigerian
    presidency is behind the sudden disappearance of the 2016 budget
    submitted to the National Assembly

    We say Some Nigerian senators are too intellectually retarded and criminally prone know this is ‘bird shit’ on themsekves.

  • Chuks

    We want a budget that will function and address the problems in the country. What is this noise about ‘missing’ or ‘withdrawal’. I believe the presidency or budget office found some errors and wanted to rework the document which is fine. So what?

    • FormerNigerian

      I’m guessing your name isn’t really Chuks.

      • Chukwuka

        Anuofia. What has name or tribe got to so with this?

  • Opia

    These pple r taking us 4 a HUGE RIDE..PATHETIC

  • Ela

    APC scam @ its finest lol Chanji

  • Jenny Baibee

    One of the reasons these guys want to ban d use of Social Media lol..we will neva go quiet

  • Ela

    President Buhari took back the budget so as
    to make corrections because he did not read
    it before bringing it to the National
    Now they are lying that the budget was
    stolen so that they can bring the one already
    doctored by the Presidency.
    So sad that these people take all of us as

  • damian

    The simple logic from all these pronouncement, alterations and dismay is that the budget weren’t found at the time senators wanted to deliberate on the document. This not withstanding is smuggling in place by the executive.

  • andy

    The only reason for the unclear withdrawal of the document can only mean one thing. That the dcument inherently had errors and blunders on it. Point to note: The ministry of planning and budget had not taken proper inventory to facilitate the workability of the instrument. Some lapses in the technical expertise during budge preparations. BUHARI the President with blunders.

    • Es3

      It (the Buhari presented budget) was actually a mess and mockery which revealed their true idea and intent of their supposed Change”!!!

  • Sambo

    The question is how did our budget got missing? If Mr President is the only mandated authority that can withdraw the budget, who else would have? Why was the budget withdrawn? This incident has raised a lot of doubt as to Mr President’s transparency. We are now in a Nigeria where everybody has become very sensitive to our National issues. God bless Nigeria

  • Agnes

    the 2016 budget still remains a surprise to Nigerians. It only shows how the current dispensation tends to loot our national funds in a cruel manner.

  • Bashir

    They knew Nigerians were going to probe that budget, that is why they just had to withdraw it. That budget was a scam

  • Danladi Umar

    Why is the apc party full of liers even Mr President himself. They want to deceive us Nigerians. A whole national budget missing without knowing who perpetrated the act. PMB should respond back within 24hrs, let Nigerians know why he had to withdraw that budget without proper notice

    • Dandaman

      So the budget which was submitted to the National Assembly is missing, and your immediately point the finger at the President? The budget which is the property of the NA and within its custody and you blame someone else?????
      Hate the President much?

  • Farouk

    Mr. President should tell us why he withdrew that budget without prior notice

    • Julius

      Be serious. Each one of the Senators has copies.

      • Es3

        No they did not before it was withdrawn through the backdoor?!

        They were supposed to get their individual copies after resumption from the break1

        • Julius

          Now it wasnt withdrawn through any door, back or front. I never believe anything those useless Senators say anyways .You shouldnt either.

      • Joe

        Julius, what do you gain by being twisted?. Which senators got the document in December, 2015?. politics is over, it does not matter whether APC, PDP, KOWA party. Government is in place and criticizing it does not mean people hate the leaders.

        • Dandaman

          That is true but blaming the Presidency without evidence or a document that goes missing in the National Assembly means what? They love the President?

        • Julius

          Get the latest wasnt stolen after all. Pity that you chose to believe these thieves.

      • Dandaman

        Apparently they were not given copies after it was submitted. Check your facts before making claims

        • Julius

          Well, now they found out it was stolen/lost after all. Go figure

      • NoPeaceInOurTime

        Each of them may have a copy but what many fail to understand is that there is the official copy sealed with the seal of the president which is the one considered authentic. This is the copy handed to the Senate President and officially kept and guarded by the Clark. Any other copy cannot stand in a court. That is why they say it is missing if that particular copy is missing. Of course people have it . It is even on the internet.

        • Julius

          Thank you. Hope you know, as usual they found it. Alas, it wasnt missing !!. Go figure !

    • Dandaman

      So the budget which was submitted to the National Assembly is missing, and your immediately point the finger at the President? The budget which is the property of the NA and within its custody and you blame someone else?????

  • FormerNigerian

    The word zoo is an understatement.

    • Julius

      The word looser , cannibals are understatement as well.

  • wode

    @PT, the first line of this news piece needs subtle amendment. “Some Nigerian senators said Wednesday they are suspicious ….”

  • Rommel

    The truth is that the presidency had already hinted they might need to withdraw the budget in light of recent development in oil benchmark so there would be no need to steal it as it would have amounted to efforts in futility since the document is already online and thousands of Nigerians have copies,it must be from characters with funny intentions possibly aimed at embarrassing the FG or even Messrs Olisa Metuh who right now is known for mastication of documents.

    • IZON Redeemer

      @WAHALA– with his usual dry sense of humor for Buhari–what a shame——-crude oil from the SS, was already selling at less than 38 dollars when Buhari prepared his budget of madness-!——————–I mean how can a media house now go about shaming Buhari by alleging that PHOTOCOPIES OF THE BUDGET- which was all over the web was missing–? DOES IT MAKE SENSE?-Rather than criticise the boko haram agent Ndume in the House he was praised by PT——-to the shock of Nigerians-

    • Otile

      You got a dumb sense of humor indeed. Try again.

  • tonii

    That is exactly what happen when you have an inconsistent leader in power. From CBN policies to national budget.. incase you don’t know, it was basically withdrawn inline with IMF directive. It shows PMB and his economic team don’t understand how to run an economy…..Change in did

  • Burning Spear


    1] Missing SSCE Results
    2] Missing plot of land in Port harcourt
    3] Missing 105 soldiers
    4] Missing electoral materials in Brass LGA
    5] Missing INEC officials in Southern Ijaw LGA
    6] Missing goats in the # DasukiGate ‪#‎YamFestival‬
    7] Missing budget proposal at the National Assembly
    8] Missing respect for the rule of law
    9] Missing guarantee of human rights
    10] Missing democracy

  • Kokoman

    Boys and Girls we all know the presidency stole the budget. This change mantra came from America. It will not work for Nigeria!

  • IZON Redeemer

    The question here is, who wrote that budget for president Buhari and convinced him to go and read it before the National Assembly and the whole world? Can we say president Buhari is truly in-charge of this nation if indeed the 2016 budget was written without his consent and input and given to him to just go and read? What is happening to our nation? Every foreign investor, business owner, stakeholders have the right to be afraid as things stand. Will it be right now to call our genuine concerns on the issue of budget as “wailing wailers”? As coined by Deri against the Apes in APC? Now that the truth is out suggesting president Buhari withdrew the budget back because he could not believe some of the contents he was told were in it at the Media Chat, are we still THE “Wailing Wailers” his 419ner Adesina spoke about?

    In a country where even Banks are now struggling to stay afloat, business owners are being forced to close shop, foreign investors are leaving the country, and our economy almost sliding into recession, we need a president who knows the economic issues of 9ja and not a president who does not even know the contents of the budget he read before the whole world.—What a shame! What a country!

  • ceweeco projects

    Now we have budget-gate!! Na waooo.

  • DanielOsazuwa

    This is Saraki and his Lucchese crime family trying to redicule the Presidency. How can a document with all members of the National Assembly be declared missing? It beat my imagination how these crooks take us for a ride.

    Thanks to Atiku for supporting this evil currently clawing back what Nigerians rejected during the 2015 election.

    • Roemello_Skuggs

      Why would they steal a budget that makes their opposition look bad. Think before you type.

    • deji

      Dogara has declaed that his own copy and that of NASS Is not missing. Something is wrong with Saraki. Right from his emergence. He was supported by PDP to emerge, therefore he is their agent. But God pass them. They will all be put to shame.

  • Sammy Charles

    Inconclusive budget . Inconclusive government

  • Arabakpura

    The handiwork of anonymous PDP!

    • Otile

      You are a he-goat. Does the whole thing make sense to you?

      • Arabakpura

        Do you have a she-goat that I can redeem for you?

        • Otile

          I know it, I know that you can never make sense in your life. Are you not the same Islamist who calls himself Julius? Get a life, odale.

          • Arabakpura

            Are you happy now insulting me? Nothing positive will ever come out of a heat oppressed brain! It only shows the pedestal where you reside! I wish you quick recovery though!

          • Otile

            It is encouraging to know that you and your Fulani masters have been oppressing us. …oppressed brain…

          • Arabakpura

            Don’t worry! Relax! They have found your budget in the noise of Representatives! When I called it the handiwork if anonymous PDP, you snapped!

    • Godwin A Godwin

      You think from your anus

      • Arabakpura

        I will use it to drop something on your head if you are not careful!

  • Emem Bassey

    Anything can happen in Naija. Budget now missing! In the regime of CHANGE, EFCC go to work

    • Jola

      Budget got missing in the hands of PDP apologists in the house, the enemies of change, Saraki and others.

      • Otile

        If it is actually ‘missing’ then Imam Buhari should quickly provide them with a duplicate copy from his computer. It is asinine to now talk about missing document which was published in December 2015 in the year of the Lord. Are they all a bunch of illiterates? This is absurd.

    • monsieur


      I want to appeal to the Senate and the House of Representatives on the other matter
      of original copies of the budget 2016 reportedly smuggled out of the National Assembly
      to be altered or substituted during the Christmas holiday when all Senators were out of
      the National Assembly.

      The Senate should stick to the photocopies of the originals which
      President Buhari delivered himself, no matter how outrageous the figures there look.
      That is the copy to be submitted to a vote and assuredly voted down as irresponsible.

      Shocking details emerged from that recently presented 2016 budget that the executive arm
      will spend the lion share of N5.87 trillion or about 96.5 per cent of the total N6.1 trillion. Then,
      about N205 billion (or 3.5 per cent) goes to the other arms of government. The Legislature
      and the Judiciary will get N115 billion and N90 billion respectively.

      The breakdown of the budget also indicates that the federal government intends to spend
      N39 billion in running the Office of the President with major allocations going to car purchase
      at N3.9 billion; and, another N189 million to change tyres for specified vehicles in the Presidency.

  • Otile

    The Fulani Yoruba lawmakers are very dishonest. How can they buy the crap that the budget is missing? Was it not typed on a computer in Buhari’s office? Is the computer missing too? Do the corrupt Fulani yorubas not have any copy of it since it reached them. Nigeria needs to divide, the deception is too much,

  • NoSpinEd

    If the budget is indeed missing, everyone is suspect. The ball is in the court of EFCC. Those who have a copy of the original should compare it diligently with whatever inevitably emerges as the “budget”. It should be easy to determine which branch of government altered the budget by the bias of the updated version.

  • olotu

    This kind of reaction is expected from the presidency! Will they agree that stole the budget? They won’t.
    This budget of yams got missed cos is unimplementable. A padded budget!
    Sure, very soon even the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria would be declared missing for the simple reason that as president Buharigradually metamorphosed to full blown dictator, to chief justice of the Federation, a supreme leader like that of North Korea.
    When a well crafted scenario like this plays out, they will simply deny it, then rewrite already prepared document, includes features like Sharia law, the president as supreme leader; the president can decide those be granted bail etc.
    This is what you get when you package a well known bad product to deceive prospective buyers yet they bought into it knowingly.

  • FreeNigeria

    So this Mumu NASS is missing the budget that was presented to them way back in December. How come none of them read the budget till now? How do they deliberate on something they don’t know what’s inside? These senators are TRULY shameless

    • Original_Raskal

      receive sense in the name of sango! Read this report again and tell me you didn’t see where it is written that buhari presented a copy to the house in December and then a printer was ask to produce up to 400 copies of the budget so that senators can be given copies when they resume in January!

  • terry

    maybe Jonathan stole it

  • Roemello_Skuggs

    So in 2016, noone thought to make a backup copy of the budget. Nigeria is cursed…

  • Omotolaaraujo

    Oh, the Budget disappeared after it was delivered 3 weeks ago. Yeah, we believe that.


    In the Zoo ,all things are possible !!

  • Original_Raskal

    it is sad the budget is following the path of buhari’s waec certificate! yeye dey smell ooo!

  • Dear Colonel Mariama(rtd)

    One wonders what Buhari is up to now. What is he hiding from the Nigerian people?

    • excel

      Mr use your head, over 400 copies missing?

  • Rick Eson

    Better to get the fact right before name calling. Document has been handover to the house, it is the house responsibility to ensure the safety of that document. We Nigerian should refrain from tribalistic biase sentiments. Diversity should be look at as a blessing to our Nation. If our house is not in order we do all we can to make it in order. Nigeria is our home and we Nigerian has a responsibility to help make our Nation an orderly one.

  • babateem

    2016 budgets does not miss they no wia they put it

  • excel

    A document delivered as far back as december. “On Monday, the printer delivered more than 400 copies to the National Assembly for distribution to members and their aides. Another 100 copies were delivered this afternoon (Tuesday). Therefore, the same budget cannot be said to be missing.” this is enough for any right man.

  • DON

    It seems Mrs Ahmed knows more about the missing budget.

  • favourtalk

    Let them confirm to talk rubbish, someone presented a whole budget to you and gave you the whole package and you are here given Nigeria silly excuse and bad omen. Find our budget and stop talking rubbish to Nigeria and stop telling us story