Buhari insists Boko Haram degraded, says sect can no longer launch military-style attacks

President Muhammadu Buhari on Sunday insisted that the Nigerian military has succeeded in degrading the extremist Boko Haram sect, saying the group “can no longer launch military style attacks as they had done in the past.’’

Mr. Buhari, who spoke at the Inter-Denominational Church Service to mark the 2016 Armed Forces and Remembrance Day at the National Christian Centre, Abuja, also called on Nigerians to build on things that unite rather than divide the country in spite of diverse cultures and religions.

Represented by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, the President said, “The armed forces contribute and represent one of the most patriotic institutions in the land playing a leading role in nation building.

“It diligently attends to their traditional duty of defending and protecting our territorial integrity.

“Their remarkable efforts in particular at this time in combating insurgency in the north-east is greatly appreciated by the Nigerian people

“Boko Haram and insurgency in the north- east has now been degraded militarily; the insurgents no longer hold territory and can no longer launch military style attacks as they had done in the past.’’

He expressed gratitude of the nation to the military, adding “we are confident and we pray that with God on our side, the armed forces of Nigeria will complete the work that they have started.

“They will also in due course continue to render the kind of service that they have rendered to our great nation and even better in the years to come.

“Our armed forces and military have been assisting and will continue to help our communities in the affected areas to recover and resume their normal lives especially in securing their communities, clearing land mines and keeping terrorists out.’’

The President also urged unity among Nigerians, saying, “Let us renew our determination to build a strong and united nation where freedom, justice, peace and prosperity are easily within reach; a nation where we emphasise those things that bind us rather than those things that divide us.

“We are a country of diverse cultures and even religions but let us tap more into that diversity for strength rather than for strife.’’

According to him, the country today celebrates the families of the fallen heroes, their wives and children as well as their other family members.

“No one has suffered as much loss as you have and no one can truly understand your pain but today our nation commends you.

“Your great loss is the gain of millions of Nigerians and generations yet unborn.

“We applaud you and the heroic men and women of our armed forces and we thank God for the worthy lives they lived.’’

The President further applauded those who made contributions in various ways to support the military.

“On a day like this, we not only commend the gallantry of the armed forces; we remember in particular all those among them that have paid the supreme price.

“They belong to the distinguished company of those we refer to in our national anthem with the words, the labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain.’’

“Today, we honour their service and their memories.’’

Mr. Buhari noted that the reputation of the armed forces for courage and service had often been noted not only at home but also abroad especially the military’s contributions to several international peacekeeping missions.

He specifically mentioned Nigeria’s military and heroic operations in Congo, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Dafur.

According to him, at the end of 2015, Nigeria had 2,972 troops active in various UN missions and Nigeria is one of the top 10 contributors of troops to the UN all across the world and top five on the African continent

Mr. Buhari acknowledged the support of Nigeria’s foreign partners in the fight against terrorism adding that their contributions and encouragement had been worthwhile.

He said the administration was confident that they would maintain the backing and even step up such support where needed as the nation advanced into the final stage of combating the insurgency. (NAN)


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  • Kickboxer

    My goodness, when will brainless Buhari/APC show us one thing they have achieved instead of stealing GEJ’s achievements. It took Nigerian security agencies 6 weeks in March/April 2014 to degrade Boko Haram from conducting military-style attack and hoisting of rag-tag flags. What brainless Buhari needed was to hold the grounds won by GEJ’s forces. GEJ ensured that he purchased military wares for Brainless Buhari to do the job. (Brainless Buhari has not purchased any rifles).

    Instead of upholding professionalism of the Nigerian forces, brainless Buhari is trying to politicize the forces. He appointed commanders based on emotions. Now that December 2015, with technical victory!, had come and gone, brainless Buhari is left with grabbing victories won by soldiers under GEJ.

    • Rommel

      You’re pathetic

    • Demola

      But you are one of those that denied that the war is technically won when PMB and Lai Mohammed said so.

      Now you are admitting that the war is won although u said by GEJ.

      Don’t always be sentimental on issues.

      • Nwokolo

        Nice reply to IDIOTS.

      • trutometer

        you know is always a waste of time explaining or trying to convince people like kickboxer just like you can’t hols water in a basket. They always see darkness at the end of the tunnel, even if they eventually see light, they automatically take it to be an oncoming light of a train.

      • Burbank


    • excel

      you need an healing hand….. now the war was won by pdpig/jonadaft? you are a big clown.

      • Burning Spear

        Ibo man wahala–the war with boko haram was won by Jonathan–in spite of the fact that the USA refused to sell arms to Ijaw man Jonathan——Buhari now has a free hand to buy arms from the USA—mumu-Yet he cannot find the Chibok girls——-nor win the war—-BUHARI SHAMELESSLY GAVE THE SOLDIERS A DECEMEBER 2015 DEADLINE–Are we still in December 2015? Again Jonathan did not have the opportunity tio buy arms—-from the USA————- yet he was able to reduce boko haram to nothing b4 Buhari came and raised their flag in the fulani north–after he had borrowed 2.1b from the world bank and sqandered it—on nothing

        • Burbank

          “Boko Haram is our siblings.”
          Jonathan Aug 2, 2012.

      • Kickboxer

        u r technically intelligent…hahahha….now you may go back to finish school

    • Burbank

      “GEJ ensured that he purchased military wares for Brainless Buhari to do the job.”

      With the $2.1bn that Jonathan approved and Dasuki kept in his personal accounts.

      • Kickboxer

        what has brainless Buhari achieved? IS it not better to move him to run EFCC and get someone else to manage Nigeria? Oh, h is not even qualified to run EFCC for no conviction has been recorded.What we have is a lawbreaker who is harassing his opponents and perceived enemies.

        Since folks like you wanted a Fulani herdsman to rule why could you assemble all of them and select intelligent ones? Haaa

        • Burbank

          I don’t care who rules Nigeria. But he must rule Nigeria without corruption.

  • MushinSpeaks

    Firstly lets appreciate the present govt for investing in the military
    Secondly for the improved welfare
    Thirdly for its strong will to end insurgency.
    CHANGE is here.

    • ayobamiba

      Please can u tell Nigerians how much was invested and on what particularly. We must give honor to whom honour is due that’s the civilized way of doing things.Nigerians must be grateful to PDP and Jonathan for decapitating this murderous monsters even when organized conspiracy of the agents of ungovernable land denied the military the needed equipment. Again kudos to PDP for not playing the evil games which APC played with the insurgency when they were in opposition. APC is an axis of evil the war on insurgency can now be won because one of the live wires sustaining them have been retired.

      • eddy

        Give honor to PDP and Jonathan for what? With the amount of monies meant to purchase arms that was shared around like father Xmas, has it not occurred to u that some of this monies may have found its way into the hands of boko haram? And most likely they were being funded by this people in order to continue receiving funds to fight the sect? Jona didnt know what he was doing.

        • ayobamiba

          Bros what we are being told is how PDP shared money to run their 2015 campaigns and to make it look more damnable and convincing, we are being told that it was the money meant for arms purchase so that gullible citizens like you could easily fall into their well crafted conspiracies. I will ask that Nigerians should also demand an audit of APC campaign finances.if buhari can be so open and transparent to that extent Nigerians shall take him seriously.

          • Burbank

            “I will ask that Nigerians should also demand an audit of APC campaign finances.”

            Did you asked same from PDP?

          • eddy

            If I am gullible to have voted buhari in becos of what he is doing now and how Nigeria is going??? Pls I would to remain this gullible in other to continue having leaders like him as presidents. Thank u.

      • dudu

        I am always baffled by comments from the likes of you because honestly, you are pathetic. Boko haram killing both the young and the old, the weak and the strong, causing needless deaths cutting across all faiths irrespective of social status, and, as revealed by Dasukigate, Jonathan and your party the PDP, used the money for arms for combating boko haram for reelection bid, yet, we should be grateful to them, abi?. You cannot cover your head in shame? It is only God that can forgive your liks. Wallahi!

        • Burbank

          Great retort.

    • IZON Redeemer

      @wahala–nee senior brainless Ibo/Fulani———-maggot————How did Buhari invest in the present Military-? Via the theft of another 5.6b dollars from NNPC again by Buhari abi?—Show us one evidence of the purchase of weapons or uniform for the army by Buhari-within the last 7 months————–Has Buhari bought even one bottle of gun powder @ the cost of 2,000 Naira for the army?–May God forgive u and the lying demonic spirit troubling your regional soul—Even TB Joshua will not be able to cast such luciferic spirit away from–u and the lying tongue of Buhari–ati the Apes in APC–chasing nothing in Aso rock-All u do is to plant lies daily for us–Do u have anything like conscience pricking your rotten hate filled heart for the Ijaw Nation at all when u lie against Jonathan?—Yet u do not want them Ijaws to separate–even with THEIR crude oil selling at 5 cent per barrel-NOW–Monkey

      • Burbank

        5 cent per barrel?
        When will it be 5c per oil block?

  • Ebaah Odibo

    What is the difference in the death brought to the innocents by military-style attack and the one caused by Non-military style attack!

    • trutometer

      The difference is that you can’t see the difference coz your blinded by sentiments. First clear your eyes of that then we can help you see.

    • Burbank

      One is death brought to the innocents by military-style attack and the other one is caused by a non-military style attack.

  • excel

    The is a victory for all Nigerian. Change is here.

    • Burning Spear

      Victory for the Fulanis ati YORUBAS -TRIBALISM AGAIN ABI-?–THE TRUTH-300-SHIIA Muslims killed by Buhari are not members of boko haram–31 Ijaws murdered in cold blood in d Niger Delta—by d Buhari Gestapo are not fulani fighters–Boko haram can still launch attacks any day they decide to——in spite of the backing they the Fulanis and Yorubas have from the USA—–On Jonathan, the USA cited Human rights abuses by our soldiers————-as the excuse for the overthrow of Jonathan and their refusal to supply arms to Jonathan-to figjht boko haram –So he had to resort to the use of other sources–to purchase arms which he did for Nigeria——-Now Buhari is foolishly using that to haunt the spirit of the Ijaw Nation that never took part in the Fulani dasuki-deals-It was Buhari who benefitted–with 5 vehicles ati 300,000 dollars—That again is lost to–the 3 major ethnic groups—–in Nigeria!———-Just as when the Buhari Gestapo murdered 300 Shiia Muslims-Nigeria kept quiet–Not one human rights body was able to raise their regional voices—-against the soul depressing killing of the Shiias–in d Fulani North——-Sadly -America woke up from her self induced slumber with Jonathan and supplied Buhari the monster, with 24 trucks and weapons———to murder innocent Nigerians again-in Bayelsa state– instead of Boko haram-Rather than have Buhari search for the fake Chibok girls-he is here lying to us again and talking about nothing! animals

      • Burbank

        Pass me the popcorn

    • Burbank


  • IZON Redeemer

    By Marshal Obuzor, Abuja.

    America refused to sell arms and military equipment to Nigeria under Goodluck Jonathan because of Human Rights violation of the Nigerian military.They went further to enforce an international arms blockade against Nigeria.
    As a result of their action many Nigerians died while Boko Haram thrived and the Apes in APC celebrated the refusal of the USA to sell arms to Ijaw man Jonathan. Most Nigerians then were not aware Buhari was never elected by the masses of Nigeria–They did not know the CIA installed Buhari as President of Nigeria-now we have the evidence-

    Well …….
    On the 7th of January 2015.
    1] Over 2 months after the continued illegal detention of Nnamdi Kanu.
    2] Over 1 month after the continued illegal detention of Sambo Dasuki.
    3] 23 days after the Army massacred unarmed Shia moslems in Kaduna.
    4] 8 days after Dr Buhari declared his superiority to the laws of Nigeria during his Media chat/gaffe.
    5] 2 days after the illegal arrest and detention of Olisah Metuh without being charged to court.

    With Nigeria having it’s worst human rights record in recent history. America is donating military hardware to Nigeria under fake Dr M. Buhari.
    So what do they expect us to believe?
    Was the arms embargo really about Human rights or about blood politics for the Nigerian Presidency?

    I laugh because most Nigerians do not know about the Yoruba connection with the CIA in the White house with Obama–or his Fulani roots in Kenya-So a well known human Rights ABUSER-A MAN who has no Respect for the Rule of Law! had to be installed by the CIA as president of Nigeria-to destroy the country–and the foundation of the various ethnic groups in Nigeria-in addition to the recent murder of 31 Ijaws by the Buhari Gestapo in Bayelsa state——-Let my people go-instead of the satanic rule of the Fulanis and Yorubas-separation is the answer———Animals

    • Burbank

      And you still believe Elvis is alive today!

    • Oh!

      “Most Nigerians then were not aware Buhari was never elected by the masses of Nigeria”

      yeah!……just like most Nigerians do not know that your mother was the one that killed the dead sea!

  • favourtalk

    It can only be a blind man who won’t be able to see the war the present administration had won so AR. When the past government allowed the wicked rule and bad decision to thrive with gage corruption by putting many millions of innocent Nigeria lives on the line. They care less about the masses, God had come to avenge for the lost souls. Change had come and we should give PMB kudos for the great work done so far

    • Burning Spear

      @wahala—money na hand back na ground—–Happily not all are being paid to post rubbish—-like u often do here—-for the Apes in APC arti the maoning mourners blaming Jonathan for our 55 years old woes—-Buhari is– destroying the economic base of Nigeria—But all we ask of thee is for u to put on your thinking cap–b4 u post comments as an Ibo man with a Fulani father—-Not the Mbaka type that is flying about in presidential jet at the expense- of the tax payers——–Jonathan had already won the Boko haram war—as indicated in an article Adesina who is now working with Buhari wrote in praise of Jonathan-in the SUN newspapers-while he was eating from the same table with Dasuki—–Buhari said if given the chance by the USA he will end the boko haram war-Instead buhari went about killing 30 Ijaws and 300 Shiia Muslims—–hours ago boko haram killed over 7—-9jas–again————Change goes beyond locking people up and lying to Nigerians that u did not benefit from the dasukigate secuirty vote rubbish–Did Buhari not collect vehicles from dasuki–what about the 300,000–he got from him-?-why is Buhari scared of taking him Dasuki to court—-? Nigerians can not be fed by fake press releases from efcc ati adesina–the former dasuki house–boy–now the master of buhari house in aso rock–that is the Yoruba man for u–friends today enmies tomorrow!

      • Burbank

        Please make a police report if and when you have any evidence

        • takethetrain

          he has an obsession, but that’s it….he got dumped…so to speak.

      • Oh!

        “Jonathan had already won Boko Haram war”; “Hours ago, Boko Haram killed over…… 7….njas again”!
        Your mother should have aborted your dumb ass and spared us your insanity!

        • Kickboxer

          that is right….if your wishes had happened, Nigeria would have been populated by TECHNICALLY thinking folks like brainless Buhari and yourself! Then poverty rates would have mirrored the “enviable” stat from Katsina, Sokoto, Kano, Bauchi, Bornu…..hahahaha

      • NoSpinEd

        Take heart Burning Spear. Now that the anti-corruption wagon is rolling, no one will escape. There is no honor among thieves. Everybody’s ox will eventually be gored. There will be another administration after this. This is one of those rare instances where the law unintended consequences works for the common good. We will eventually prevail against the culture of corruption if we keep this pressure on our civil servants.

    • Burbank

      Kudos to PMB

  • redeem

    Buhari aides (fake) nabbed over attempt to defraud Fayose, so reports Vanguard this morning

    Vanguard reports that two men, who claimed to be President Muhammadu Buhari’s private security aides, were at the weekend, arrested at the Afao-Ekiti country home of the Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose for presenting themselves as staff of the Office of the National Security Adviser, ONSA, with influence over the report of the military panel set up to investigate alleged involvement in partisan politics by some soldiers and officers during the 2014/2015 governorship election conducted in some states such as Ekiti, Osun, Rivers and Akwa-Ibom.

    This is what you get in a situation where a president of a nation arrogates unconstitutional powers to himself all in the name of fighting corruption, but apparently is fighting perceived political foes, then, con men and swindlers would study the situation on the ground and take advantage of it.

    The two men, Benedict Ola Idega and Abdulsalami Leader H. (As a matter of fact, these are not Igbo names) claimed that they already had the preliminary report of the military panel and that with the cooperation of the governor, they could manipulate the final report if necessary.

    They also said the army panel report was targeted at some top army officers that the Federal Government wanted to punish.
    Governor Fayose, who was suspicious of the men’s real intentions, had informed the State Commissioner of Police and Director of the State Security Service, with the Police Commissioner already putting men of the State Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, on standby.———
    The two men, in a meeting with the governor presented what they called a photocopy of page three of the preliminary report to show that they meant business. The purported copy of the page three bore the Nigerian Army’s logo.
    After turning copy of page three of the purported preliminary report, the governor gave the impression that he was satisfied with all that they said and asked them to wait in his waiting room for him to show appreciation.

    He then called in the Commissioner of Police and SSS Director, who in turn asked their men to move in and arrest the two men.

    The identity card found on Abdulsalami Leader H bore “GMB SECURITY” and it was stated at the back that he (Abdulsalami) act as security for President Muhammadu Buhari with Number 34, Lobitto Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja as issuer’s address and 088133636478 and 08057010255 as telephone numbers. Benedict Ola Idega was with the identity card bearing Federal Capital Development Authority, FCDA.

    • Burbank

      Thanks to Buhari, conmen like these are nabbed and prosecuted.
      In Jonathan’s era, these thugs are REAL ministers and army officers – Obanikoro, Omisore, Brig Gen Momoh – and Fayose will be the leader of these thugs.

      • Kickboxer

        That is right…Nigerians are enjoying now that Saint Thiefnubu is the LEADER! and Saint Amaechi(Soyinka entertainer), Imam Fashola(the Website tip-of-the-iceberg), Fayemi(the home decorator), and Lying Mohammed is the mouthpiece…..kai…you must be one of those TECHNICALLY intelligent Nigerians people ar talking about

        • Burbank

          If you have evidence against them, please submit to the EFCC for action.

  • NinjaK


  • Burbank

    Bravo to the military.
    May the Boko Haram pestilence be wipe out forever.
    While rag-tag terrorists may strike Nigeria in future, just like they did ( and still do) in Israel, France, US and UK, Nigeria must also be vigilant not only against terrorists in suicide bombers vests but also against terrorists that solicits guns and bullets to kill Nigerians.

  • Anonymous

    Bokoharm is in hibernation. This is a good time to annihilate them, if not they will become a very formidable force.

    • Iskacountryman

      they have been technically defeated…

      • Anonymous


        • Otile

          Amen amen I say unto you, Imam has wasted our oil money settling them thinking that the struggle is over. It ain’t over until it is over.

      • Otile

        Technical what?

        • Iskacountryman

          son, paw paw is a vegetable but technically a fruit…do you understand?

          • takethetrain

            is that p-aw, pa-w, p-a-w, and is P pp or kimba? lmao

          • Iskacountryman

            you would get there…keep thinking technically…

  • abuasmau

    PMB is telling us to use our common sense to guess who was behind boko haram. You would otherwise have gotten a response from BH.

    • Otile

      Did he not borrow $2,1 billions to settle them? When the money finishes they will resurface in a big way and the last state of Nigeria will become worse than the first.

  • Otile

    Imam Buhari is funny. After he defeated unarmed civilians in Zaria and Onitsha, he thinks he has defeated Boko Haram.