DasukiGate: Olu Falae lied; we never got any money – Ogun SDP

Olu Falae [Photo: Expressng]

The Ogun State Chapter of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, has dissociated itself from the N100 million collected ‎by its national leader, Olu Falae.

The Ogun SDP said contrary to Mr. Falae’s claims of distributing the money to state chapters of the party, it did not get any money from him.

Mr. Falae, the National Chairman of the SDP, admitted receiving N100 million from the ex-chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Peoples democratic Party, PDP, Tony Anenih.

The money is believed by federal investigators to be part of the $2.1 billion arms fund allegedly misappropriated by Sambo Dasuki, the former National Security Adviser.

Mr. Falae, a former Nigerian Finance Minister, told PREMIUM TIMES that the money was for him and his party to support the ex-President Goodluck Jonathan’s re-election bid last March.

“It is true I received the money for the party and then it was distributed to the state branches of the party for onward distribution to other levels of the party,” he said.

However, the Ogun SDP in a statement jointly signed by its Chairman, Olu Agemo, and Secretary, Clement Adeniyi, said it was not a party to the deal with the PDP or the distribution of the funds.

The chapter said it was never notified of nor involved in any negotiation to partner with the PDP or any other party for the purpose of winning the March elections or maintaining peace during the period as claimed by Mr. Falae.

The statement added that the chapter was never informed by the national secretariat of the decision to adopt former President Goodluck Jonathan or any other candidate as the party’s presidential candidate.

It added that it was never informed of any donation of funds to the party by the PDP or any other party and that it did not receive any financial or campaign assistance from the national secretariat of the party or any of its principal officers.

The Ogun SDP said it declared its sources of campaign finance in the Guardian, Vanguard, Punch and Tribune Newspapers of April 20, before the current revelation.

“We plead with our members and supporters who have received these untoward revelation with great shock to remain calm and await the convocation of a general meeting where these issues shall be thoroughly discussed and appropriate decisions taken,” the statement said.

“We assure you that the SDP in Ogun will continue to operate within ethical and moral norms as laid out in the principles of progressive welfarism established by our progenitor, Obafemi Awolowo, in the struggle to establish an egalitarian, peaceful and equitable nation.”

Mr. Dasuki and several other former political leaders and their relatives are currently being prosecuted for the $2.1 billion arms scandal now known as Dasukigate. Several others, like Messrs. Falae and Anenih, as well as the PDP spokesperson, Olisa Metuh, are also being investigated for their alleged roles in the scam.


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  • Emmy

    We were all upset when baba was kidnapped and made to trek for miles, little did we know that those boys only came for their shares of the largess received by him through the Godfather from SantaDasuki. And some riff raffs (e.g FFK) were threatening separation of he wasn’t rescued alive. The question is when will these fossils, whom through their greed and incompetence (e.g SAP etc) has brought this country to this sorry state, quit the stage finally? They had is so well during their time and instead for securing the lives of future generations through laudable programs and policies, they rather stole and pillage our matrimony. You shall all reap the fruits of your labors on earth before departing to hell.

    • Julius

      I told you people maybe we should give these kidnappers a contract to collect our money for us. Their intelligent department is A-1. Better pass DSS self. They knew baba got the money and they came for their share.

      • Sheriff

        Another thing is that we were spending Nigerians money to look for him when he was kidnapped…we should hav forget him there

        • Julius

          We should demand a refund the government spent looking for him.

  • Arabakpura

    Olu Falae has played football with children!

  • Ogom

    Biggest waste of money. Olu Falae can’t raise a single vote. Why would anyone in his right mind give him N100m?

  • Julius

    Hehehehehe !. This is getting interesting !. Over to you sir !. Let me hear from the folks that said I was abusing my elders.

  • Shahokaya

    I want to apologize to my family and political associates for voting for Olu Falae in the SDP presidential primaries in 1992. I never knew that this once acclaimed progressive has become a turn coat yam eating goat.

  • Chuks

    Even as God warned Olu ‘secret deal’ Falae when his son died in a plane crash, he continued in his illicit evil ways. They formed political parties to cut deals from the useless PDP during elections. It’s pay back time for Falae for his sins against the common man e.g. SAP, devaluation, inflation etc.

  • Maria

    Olu Falae your sins have finally caught up with you…you are an evil man…

    • PolyGon2013

      I totally agree.

  • bjay

    PMB should not listen or take any explanation from Anenih and coy, in as much dasuki is in detention Anenih and coy should be arrested and false to return all they took from dasuki.

  • Omomeji

    This thief called Falae needs to die by firing squad. He does not deserve to live. So this is how they collect money and deceive the people. If he collected money at 78yrs of age to support a presidential aspirant, then it is very clear he must have collecte kick backs and kick forwards as a Finance minister to the chief of corruption (IBB). To be frank, such species like Falae should be executed like it is done in North Korea or China to serve as deterrent to this endemic corruption in Nigeria.

  • Dazmillion

    Our elders are now dancing naked in the market place. Falae as a former finance minister, should have known without doubt that the 100 million Mr Fortunato was dashing him was not appropriated in the 2015 budget and was therefore corruption money. No wonder his fulani kidnappers came looking for their share of the money.

    • aisha ani

      There was no Fulani Kidnappers just some of his party members that know about the 100 million but was not given out of the money. It is also possible that the alleged kidnappers are his unpaid employees.

      • Sincerely Yours

        I think you are right.

    • Sword of Damocles

      “No wonder his fulani kidnappers came looking for their share of the money.”

      And they(kidnappers) asked for how much? 100 million naira

  • Truthometer

    Ghen ghen! Up to you grandpa. You don chop and clean mouth abi? Useless elders shamelessly eating up the future of the young generations.

  • favourtalk

    Imagine, as they are now exposing an old man, he really disgrace himself because of money and lust for the things of this word at his age. He is a real mess to this nation

  • my kehinde

    Alatenuja Agbaiya we knew when all these so called afenifebi started going all around selling the future of their grandchildren and great grandchildren shameless old goats

  • uduakomiri

    Olu Falae should spare us all this cock and bull story and face the consequences of his dishonest ways. For a long time, people like Falae have lured Nigerians into a false sense of security that they could be trusted. Now that the scales have fallen off our eyes, Mr Falae should at least be man enough to accept the fact that he could no longer go on an act like he could be trusted. At least, given what we now know about the Dasukigate, and if we look at the electoral act, party organisational structure, and the duties of each party organ, and considering Falae’s claim of innocence, first question then is: if Falae received any money from PDP, and if this deal was nothing but a tainted one, one would inquire whether there was a consensus within the party to adopt GEJ as SDP candidate? Secondly, even if there was some consensus within the SDP to campaign for PDP, then we have to also ask whether the agreement was discussed and agreed nationally within SDP? Again, assuming it was, and the PDP decided to fund SDP’s efforts in canvassing for votes on their behalf, the critical question then is, since it is a party-to-party agreement, why was any funds agreed between both parties personally collected by Falae through either his personal account or in cash? Why was the funds not channelled to the financial secretary of the party or its accountant?
    Further, even if we accept that Falae had to collect the money directly from the PDP chairman, why on earth would Falae personally distribute such funds? Is the SDP simply run by Falae as a personal business? Surely if the party is not private property, then Falae did not follow proper procedures in handling the funds. Thus under the Electoral Act, Falae failed to declare sources of party funding which is a punishable offence under the Act. In addition, Falae by personally distributing the funds, he failed to follow proper accounting procedures required for public and private organisations under Nigerian law. Such failure is a financial crime under Nigerian law, in fact, improper accounting is a serious financial crime especially under the strict rules of party funding and accounting under the Electoral Act.
    Finally, Falae is potentially guilty of a criminal offence in accepting 100 million from another party in person without declaring the funds to the inland revenue, and also without following the guidelines for moving large funds within and outside Nigeria as required under the Money Laundering Act. The other leg of the argument is that, since Falae is not the accounting officer of his party, he must have mismanaged the funds because even members of his party were unaware of the money which suggests that the funds were not properly channelled for party use but rather diverted by Falae. So whichever way we look at it, Falae has committed a very serious criminal offence which if all the charges are properly tallied, and the tariffs set in the sentencing guidelines for each offence under Nigerian law is fully applied, Falae is looking at more that 30 years hard life in prison.
    I have only done this analysis even without adding the more serious charge of receiving stolen funds, or slush funds, and if one adds the charge of corrupt enrichment, financial fraud, criminal deception, false accounting, tax evasion, obstructing the work of federal authorities, perverting active federal investigation, and blackmail, then this shit gets really hot. Falae should simply start packing his bags, and start consulting good lawyers. There is no way he is going to get out of this one unscathed if the federal authorities are serious about fighting corruption, this guy should never walk free. Every day na for thief pesin, but one day na for di house owner. Ekwensu e-kisseh mammy water!

  • Maria

    Just read the comments here … no one is defending Falae or saying he is being victimized for being Yoruba…. but let the pendulum swing to the east of Niger…the comments here will be different!

    • Höly Wähala

      Can you repost any comments by Igbos supporting Olisa Metuh’s pocketing of N1.7bn? Who supported Orji Kalu, Jim Nwobodo or any other Igbos implicated in this ongoing scandal? Some of you are so ethnocentric I wonder what goes on on your minds when the news is not about Ndigbo… just as this yet, you can’t fail to link Ndigbo to your views. Pathetic. Really sickening… just can’t understand your paranoia. SMH

  • Infolist Builder

    Ogun state PDP chairman and secretary are Yorubas telling Falae(a once respected leader) to his face that he lied,because Ogun state PDP was not told anything about the N100 million blood money Falae collected from Dasuki. These Ogun officials are NOT defending their chief,neither is the entire Yoruba race crying persecution nor witch hunting. When will Ndigbo and the Ijaws grow up to call thieves amongst them thieves without making fools of themselves.
    Falae has got family and village union members,but none is insulting the collective intelligence of Nigerians.

    • share Idea

      The only thing that is vivid to the public is that all the fingered PDP members agreed receiving money and how they used it contrast with APC and their associated people – Buhari never believed that he received any thing from Dasuki and when the information leaked, he conveniently denied ever receiving $300K but acknowledged the car and termed it constitutional entitlement as if NSA have been providing him cars before Dasuki. His Spokeman (Femi Adesina), never told us that when he was NGE president that he received 50m naira from NSA office till Thisday publication and he turnaround to tell us about fundraising.

      Now, Falae have confirmed receiving money from Anenih and that respective state of the company were credited and the first reaction was to deny.

      • Sincerely Yours

        For your information, the office of the National Security Adviser is in charge of providing armoured vehicles for past heads of state, as part of their constitutional entitlement. Also, any application for the importation of armoured cars by any organisation, individuals, embassies and high commission, must go through the NSA’s office. That has always been the case. So yes the presidency is right in that regard.
        And what do you mean by “he conveniently denied ever receiving $300K”. That is to say he is not telling the truth.

    • Höly Wähala

      You are an idi*t and a very stinking one at that. Who has demonstrated for freedom for Olisa Metuh? Do I have to post my comment on SR here for your ignorant and poorly educated asz to know that not all Igbos defend corrupt Igbos? Why not comment on your fraudulent old Yoruba Falae and keep Igbos out of your ewedu soup? Did Igbo man Dr. Alex Ekwueme collect any monies for his support of Dumbo? How about Prof. Ben Nwabueze and his Igbo elders of Thought… why didn’t Dasuki bribe them? Even Fr. Mbaka rejected dirty money but not your slimy and lazy Yoro criminals. Wait until we get to the Obas of South West then, count how many Igbo Obis got greased for their support. Mordafcuker, next time I catch you writing sh*t about my people I will put a foot into your ahnus and wait for the hooker you call mama to complain before ripping apart your torso. Bastard. Some Yorubas simply have no principles, morals and are shameless liars just like this old pfool Falae. Greasy miscreants. Mtchewww!

    • Efemena Edafiok

      God bless you. Holy wahala, do all you can to maintain sanity. For only kids goes about insulting people around. Man up and be true to your conscience for once. Coz our brother’s comment makes a whole lots of sense!

    • Cleartruth

      Igbos dont have mob and animal kingdom mentality like the yorubas and hausas. Igbos stand for the truth always. What igbos have being saying is that let the anti corruption war be wholistic not selectively targeted at witch hunting opposition pdp. Igbos are saying that the rule of law must be followed in fighting corruption. If someone has stolen money both pdp and apc, let him be investigated, arrested and charged to court. If court convicts him, let him be jail. That’s is how things are done in a constitutional democracy.
      There are loads of petitions against apc thieves like amaechi, tinubu, Fashola and co with the efcc, but the efcc chairman without shame told the world recently that he has not seen any, but he is going after pdp members who don’t have any petitions against them like metuh without charging them to court.

      Igbos always stand against injustice. Read the history of slave trade in usa and uk and you will see how igbos like olaudah equiano fought to abolish slavery. Igbos are listed along side Ireland, england and Germany as the main ethnic groups that built America and as a result U.S has built an igbo village in America.

  • Son of Law


    • Moses T. Ayobami

      Once Ogun State SDP branch said it got nothing Olu Falae entered the loop of a theft case because the Ogun
      state branch of the SDP is the biggest of the party branches, if not the most active branch. What we are looking
      at here will be very messy for Olu Falae. He has to prove not just disbursement but receipt of the entire money.
      I really don’t see how he can do that without breaking moneylaundering laws along the way. It is that serious!

      • Efemena Edafiok


  • new republic

    when etcc is going to pick this man up?and send him to KUJE prison.

  • PolyGon2013

    Olu Falae is finished in Yoruba land. He has a case to answer. EFCC, you should move in! There should be know sacred cow.

  • IZON Redeemer

    What did the Yoruba Nation do for Jonathan–‘ Did they the Yorubas not betray the Ijaw Nation despite the fact that we have Ijaws in Ondo state ati Ekiti and Lagos’? Are they the Yopruba traitors not with the Fulanis now?–They took 100 million and went to the Fulanis–why are they troubling their regional souls about Falae-Did Soyinka also not take 84m from Amaechi?—The Yorubas are known as chop broke pot–even if Falae gives them the entire 100m they will still not vote for Jonathan—The Yoruba traitors will go back to Buhari take money from him and deny Falae whom the Fulanis wanted dead recently-lik Kudirat abiola–Leave Falae alone—Dasuki was so stupid—a Fulani man left top documents for Buhari to use in scoring cheap political points

  • metuh

    EFCC Releases Buhari’s Friend Jafaru Isa, Who Angered Buhari By Signing Dasuki’s Bail Within 24Hours.

    **Jafaru angered Buhari after it was revealed that he helped Dasuki Sambo to meet his Bail condition.

    All Progressive Congress (APC) Chieftain, Lawal Jafaru Isa who angered President by signing the bail for the release of Sambo Dasuki has been released by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) 24 hours after his arrest.

    Brig. Gen Jafaru Isa (retired) was a former military administrator of Kaduna State and a close friend and classmate of embattled former National Security Advisor, Colonel Sambo Dasuki (rtd).

    EFCC spokesman, Wilson Uwujaren, confirmed the arrest of Jafaru Isa on Wednesday night at his residence in Asokoro, Abuja. They confirmed that his arrest has nothing to do with the Security vote Investigation by Buhari’s Government.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Why are our elders and politicians so selfish and greedy that the thieving,looting and embezzlement of our public funds and assets are their passions.There is no decent,transparent and honest role model for the youths among our elders and politicians.All most of them care about is their personal pockets and self-enrichment from the public treasury.Shameful elders.Chief Olu Falae claimed he collected the N100 million naira on behalf of his political party,SDP but Ogun State members and other states members of SDP are voicing out their lack of knowledge or sharing out of the N100 million naira?

  • Sunday OGUNKANMI

    Chief Falae is our leader, sorry dealer. He dealt with Dumbo on our behalf. I make bold to say he had been collecting money on our behalf since the ages past. Baba Falae must have passed the Ogun share of the loot to Segun Osoba, the leader of SDP in Ogun State who must have undone other members. Chief Falae has never been of any value to anyone. As a pseudo economist, his ministership dragged us into the IMF hell hole and the hardship of the SAP. Perhaps, nemesis must have caught up with him.

    • tundemash

      lol !