Dasukigate: How I disbursed N100million Anenih gave me — Olu Falae

Olu Falae

A former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Olu Falae, has given more details on how he disbursed N100million he received from a leader of the Peoples Democratic Party, Tony Anenih, ahead of the 2015 elections.

The money was part of at least $2.1 billion allegedly diverted by a former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, from arms purchase to politicians.

Mr. Falae has admitted receiving the funds from Mr. Anenih, a former chairman of the PDP Board of Trustees.

On Saturday, Mr. Falae told PREMIUM TIMES by phone that the fund was received through the account of his party, Social Democratic Party, before it was distributed to the state branches of the party.

He also dispelled the statements by some party members that they were not aware that the N100million was received by the party from the PDP, for the elections.

“It is true I received the money for the party and then it was distributed to the state branches of the party for onward distribution to other levels of the party,” he said.

“The money came through the party’s account and it was through this account that the monies were distributed.

“The account is there for everyone to verify. I can assure you that all the branches of the party in the states received the money.”

Mr. Falae said it was unfair for some party members to claim that they were not aware of the donation, because their respective branches were informed and received the money.

“We have over 200,000 people in the party, am I supposed to go around telling every one that I have received the money,” he asked.

Mr. Falae noted that once the party leaders were involved, they reached out to those at the grassroots.

“I have my integrity in tact,” he said. “I was a former MD of a bank, I was a former minister and a former secretary to the government of the federation.

“Once they cannot link us to the Dasuki thing, they are coming up with all sorts of things.

“Based on my integrity, these allegations should be discarded. At 78, what will I be doing with public funds.”


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  • Maria

    “I have my integrity in tact”… What integrity is this thief talking about? You received money for what? Did you ask where the money is coming from and for what purpose? You kept telling us then that your support for Jonathan was for the implementation of national conference…you never told us you were paid for the support…what integrity are you now talking about Mr Thief Falae?

    • Danladee

      Thank God none of these people deny receiving the slush. Even if they don’t return the money, we now know who are true Patriots and they must answer questions when seeking political offices. Nigeria is an amazing country. God!!

      • whales1212

        They can’t deny it because they know evidences are there. Not because they’ve got any truth in them.

        • I still dey come!


          I love APC a lot. They don’t steal anything, not even one kobo, very clean people.
          Raji Fashola became billionaire from a past job of 100,000 Naira per month; he saved.
          Bola Tinubu became multi-billionaire without touching a single kobo of public treasury.
          APC is a party of those that Nigerians should pray that their own children should look like.

          Even Buhari, very honest with A star in all his WAEC result, best student in the whole school.
          Coomasie told Nigerians that no Nobel Laureate has a better result than Buhari in any exam.
          The only thing there is that WAEC said Buhari did not do the Wasc school cert exam in 1961.
          I never go, my people, i still dey come. If Nigeria no die inside this one chance bus, na luck.

          • NoBeLie

            Lol@last paragraph

          • D.O

            WHAT DID @istilldeycome write that is not true? That’s first question. If everything he wrote is true, what is your complain? Is truth biting you? Did he give you truth to drink and it is so bitter for you? My friend, not everybody has to write Queen English. The important thing is you got the message.

          • whales1212

            You sounded like someone who is afraid of something? Look,I’m not the gullible type that will think apc isn’t corrupt,after all pdp members are mostly members, but the silliest argument I’ve heard is that someone shouldn’t be probed just because others too have not be probed,it doesn’t show common sense at all. You can’t go out there and steal and then shout you should be left alone because some thieves haven’t been caught? Neither can you say people caught red handed should be left alone.
            Now read your comment again, you haven’t stated way forward just irrelevant complaint. Honestly, if you’re not happy with what this man is doing,these are the reasons you might not like it,a typical nigerian just don’t condemn things.
            1. You either have a family member who have stolen and you’re worried or source of stealing has been blocked.
            2. You are hungry nigerian that is being paid a peanut to just right gibberish.
            3. Bitter that Jonathan lost and as a result, nothing this old man does that will make sense to you.
            4. Or you’re just an ignoramus who just make comments for the sake of it,you don’t know what governance is.
            Whatever reason it is you know it, but for you to think the way you stated above? You need to step up……….it’s not encouraging.

          • growthengine

            Can you not see that the man is just destroying the opposition with the excuse of fighting corruption. The country is becoming a one party state. All any thief has to do is just decamp to APC and you will be fine. Is that the society that you want. A country where there is no dissent. This is dangerous, more dangerous than you think. All Buhari has to do is simply go after everyone, but the way it is, even if I send a petition to EFCC about Tinubu, do you honestly think they would treat it objectively, that I will not be picked up the following day. You have already concluded above that the guy you replied is this and that. So Everyone must be on your side. How intolerant. We will not keep quiet, he better build more detention centers. By the way the economy is sinking. You succeed to keep fuel price the same for decades, but medicine and other life essentials have gone through the roof. Will fuel cure malaria. You guys deserve the govt you get, Buhari fits you, so you can keep him.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            “Just destroying the opposition”

            So who cares? Particularly when they are all thieves?

            Let the thieving and rotten heads make way for new blood in the opposition.

            We must not keep the thieves above the law for the sake of lootocracy!

          • Peter_Edo

            What’s about all of the above

          • Maria

            lol! Charge them to court since you have all this evidence or you are a coward? Loser…. even your comrades in igboland are already decamping to APC for cover but they havent seen anything… from within APC they will be swept into prison.

    • dudu

      Perhaps he should tell Nigerians the commodity he sold that warranted a hundred million naira from Dasuki. Shameless old man

  • Very Proud Oily IZON Redeemer

    It is time Premium Times and Sharia Reporters are told to stop deceiving Nigerians with their stale news-reports Cause of their gullibility haba!-Already, other media houses have carried this very sponsored APC story on Falae and the 100m he got from Dasuki——We yearn for more news on the 5 vehciles Buhari got from dasuki ati the 300,000 dollars———not this fake news!————-Did PDP organize a fund raising event? Were people able to donate- freely? The answer is yes—So what is BUHARI talking about here——-? Instead of searching for customers to buy my crude oil and find ways of ending the fall of the Naira against the dollar–Buhari is busy chasing shadows——in Efcc—————–PT——even forget to announce to us that it was the Spokesperson to Buhari–Chief Dr. 419NER, Adesina who urged Dasuki to disbursce money to owners of media houses–that had their papers politcally seized by the soldiers Buhari sent to kill Shia Muslims—during the era of Jonathan——–For whcih the USA gave Buhari 24 armoured vehicles——which he refused to dash Ijaw man Jonathan because of the socalled human right abuses——–Now that our soldiers murdered Shia Muslim nko’? Double standards—–the Amaerican way–cause Obama is Fulani like Buhari—so case don change—Let my people go–biko–animals

    • Uzoma John

      Wailing wailer. You are on your own o.

  • Shahokaya

    Shameless old man. We thought you have some principles and we were sympathizing with you when you were kidnapped only to find out that as one of our yam eaters you have kidnapped our commonwealth .

  • whales1212

    So the money you received was a private funds? These are the type of half baked people we celebrate in Africa. “What would I be doing with public fund” ?

  • Rommel

    So President Jonathan ended up ruining all these men,I said it then that whatever the man touched,he destroyed, what was left off by the Babangida virus,was finally finished off by president Jonathan, do we still have men of integrity in Nigeria from that generation?

    • Daniel

      If an adult cannot tell the difference between good and bad then who will? They have always had the tendency for corruption, so they are all corrupt.

      It is clear all the ethnic groups in this country have a fair share in the sorry state of Nigeria.

      Thieving elders!

    • Oh!

      Don’t kick a simple man when he is down. it is ungentlemanly.
      We actually believe him when he said he never gave out a contract for $2 billion.
      He did not know what was happening. Sadly, ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law.

      We would have started a process to get as many Nigerians to request a pardon for President Jonathan (not his wife) from Buhari but Jonathan himself was the one that pissed in that pot by pardoning alami-whatever-the-devil his-name-is!
      We wish him luck.
      Let us reiterate:

      Jonathan is not a criminal!

      Woman wrapper? Yes!

      Didirin? Yes!………but criminal? Hell NO! Just someone out of his depths….and if you don’t have some kind of sympathy for him, we will only dine with you using a very long spoon!

  • Bihari Osinbajo D best


    • Oh!

      It came from that Party account. Falae has no problems.

    • umunnem

      You are very uncharitable. Cant you see the transparency in the transaction? Baba Falae has no case to answer. And am available for his defence for free!!

      • Kuku

        Which tribe are you?I guess you’re Ibo? If so you’re one of those bad eggs among Igbos who defend anything when it comes to money. What’s transparency in someone collecting ill gotten fund from a serving public officer of such amount for campaign. Can’t you read how Yorubas critisise their elders for wrong doing? You’re there busy defending evil from far away from Republic of biafra. Is that how biafra will succeed even if there’s is an opportunity for self determination? You definitely have a terrible background as far as I can see.

  • Oh!

    Only those that received funds directly from the Dasuki or other Government sources have issues. Falae should rest assured, does not touch him. If you start carrying this issue this far, where do you intend to stop? The market woman that sells rice? or the mallam down the street that sells suya?
    No! only those receiving funds directly from sources they know they should not be getting funds from are liable and they know themselves. They are the ones making up stories to justify the bribe….sorry, payment. Like the one saying he performed some services for Jonathan and was duly paid N1.4 billion….we are still wondering about the type of service that cost so much money.

  • Daniel

    Hmmm… These are the elite that have led Nigeria to its sorry state. Yet they say Nigeria is broke.

    What a shame of a nation!

  • Golden Boy

    All Nigerian politicians including APC politicians are guilty of looting our common wealth. I wish Jimi Agbaje had won in Lagos, then all looting in Lagos could have been made open. Part of the reasons Osun State is made bankrupt was a huge fund wasted on governorship & presidential elections by Ogbeni Aregbe.

    • TrueNja

      Yes o, you said the minds of most Nigerians.

  • Kekedu

    Hello Baba, I just don’t know what this money was meant for. Was it for posters. radio jingles, TV adverts, or simply to share? What instruction did you give your excos as you split the money down the line?


    I beg keep quiet and let somebody hear word. “At 78 what am I doing with N100m”….Really? Mr Soyink at 99 yrs took and pocketed N82 for just lunch. Just a meal. What of Bola Ige? OBJ sent N50m cash to him carried by one of his ex-aides (Mr Adeyanju & Co). Yoruba people!!! Una go chop clean mouth. Obasanjo went to the farm after his financial escapades. You too went to the farm after….No wonder they kidnapped you. I now know why. Coooookoooooruuuuuukuuuuuu…. The wnd don blow and yeye fowl yansh don open waaaaaaaaa…….Nonsense. You be thief. I no be thief. Rubbish!

    • NoBeLie

      Wetin do yoruba people? Na only them bad for naija? Please try to be less tribalistic… Mr Integrity!

    • zacchaeus Akinleye

      You have Biafran integrity, the ruinous, poisonous betrayal of trust and a lying spirit by saying WS took Rivers money and sundry drivel. If the Igbo continue to thrive via the Yoruba urbane hospitality but denigrates same openly they should be prepared for the backlash.

    • Julius

      lolz. You so into rumors ! Soyinka took N82 million ? Really ?. Did you read the news at all or you did but cant understand shit. Is diezani and Jonathan Yorubas ?. Is Methu and Jimmy yorubas ?. Fat Stella and the fat mama piss nko ?

  • Fadama

    Baba, you took money to throw your support. Irrespective of where the money came from, that act in itself is ignoble.

  • IZON Redeemer

    “Electoral corruption is the mother of all corruptions”
    – President GoodLuck Jonathan

    When President Jonathan was sworn in as the acting president in 2010, he vowed to fight electoral corruption to a stand-still.

    How did he go about it?

    – He enacted electoral laws and guidelines that were beyond manipulation

    – He created an electoral system that is manned by qualified, competent and efficient personnel

    – He conducted free, fair and credible elections

    The Result?

    Governorship elections were acclaimed by both local and international observers and free, fair and credible in…

    – Edo state
    – Ondo state
    – Anambra state
    – Ekiti state
    – Osun state

    In these 5 elections, only 1 was won by the president’s party (A.k.a the ruling party), the PDP. The major opposition the APC won in 2 states and 2 other parties APGA and LP won the other 2.

    As a result, the confidence of most Nigerians in the electoral process has increased dramatically.

    No wonder more Nigerians are now interested in getting the permanent voters card. But when Buhari came–case changed from Akwa Ibom to Bayelsa-Rivers ati Kogi state where one of the candidates died–In Bayelsa state alone over 17 people were killed by the New Buhari Gestapo–DSS—WHAT A SHAME¨–WHAT A PRESIDENT-

    Today’s Zaman – New Nigerian Leader Jonathan Sworn In, Pledges Electoral Reform
    Point Blank News – President Goodluck Jonathan’s Administration’s War On Corruption
    Vanguard – Gains of electoral reforms

    3. 60,000 “GHOST” Workers Exposed

    Between 2007 – 2010, the federal government built a new system for paying salaries, the IPPIS system.

    In 2012, President Jonathan (and his team) took it a step further. They used it to expose “ghost” workers.

    By October 2014, they’ve discovered over 60,000.

    For years, these fake workers has been collectively carting away N160 billion every year.


  • Omo Akin

    Chief Falae, your integrity is destroyed for ever. You and the other Afenifere people never disclosed that you received any money for whatever purpose from Jonathan. At that time you and Afenifere said that you supported Jonathan because he would implement the confab report and you purport to be acting in the best interest of the Yorubas. Now we know that 100 million actually did the magic. How much of the 100 million did you take as the party chairman? If you have integrity, you would have disclosed that you and your party received 100 million from Jonathan and PDP as soon as you decide your party would collaborate with PDP. If there is no probe of Dasuki and the letter from Chief Aninih, we will never have known that you received any money from Jonathan.
    When Fani-Kayode accounts for his own 1.7 billion, we will know which other Yoruba groups received the blood money.

  • Kuku

    He suffered nigerians by introduction of SAP in 1985 now he’s part of the conspiracy to killed innocent citizens by sharing money meant to equip the military to fight boko haram. I’ve said it before that the Afenifebi of akure are desperate politicians who lost out following Jonathan’s defeat. It’s now obvious that these criminal old fools never meant well for Yorubas they were only fighting for their pockets.

  • peaceometer

    Your party? SDP? I thought you said the party has Awolowo ideology, haha ‘na wao’

  • mdsurgeon

    The basic question is, what was the legal basis for the disbursement of that money to your party, SDP? Is there any constitutional basis for a ruling party to dip its hands into the national coffers and begin to distribute money to all and sundry in the eve of an election?
    And you would expect someone of Falae’s status, having been in government and a banker, to query the source, the process and the reason for such a Greek gift with no due process. So if a drug dealer or armed robber decides to deposit a huge amount of money in your account you will just keep quiet and swallow it!!
    What a horrible generation!!!!!

  • Spoken word

    What a shame to tarnish your name at 78

  • David Adeniran

    Falae, shame, what a shame? At your age and with your pedigree you fell so stupidly? What a shame!!!

    • yorubaparapo.com


  • Burning spear

    The White House did not release agency-specific intelligence budget requests Monday.

    Obama Won’t Disclose Spy Agency Budgets

    Your bill for the NSA, CIA and other spy agencies is classified and won’t be up for public debate.

    Resisting a campaign for greater transparency, the White House has decided to keep American taxpayers in the dark about how much they’re likely to spend on government spy agencies.

    President Barack Obama unveiled his fiscal 2016 budget requests Monday with the continued omission of proposed spending levels for specific intelligence agencies, which are funded with a so-called “black budget” supplement debated and voted upon behind closed doors by congressional appropriators.

    Last year, dozens of members of Congress asked Obama to voluntarily disclose the dollar amount requested for individual spy agencies, pressing for more democratic decision-making as a check against potential waste and arguing limited transparency would not harm national security. Sixty-two members signed onto legislation that would have forced the disclosure. Unlike Buhari who is 75 and now playing politics and lying about with ours—-as if he will live forever-

  • Chidinma


    Sir, I want to thank you for your concern about the welfare of the people of the South South by exposing the plans of the Igbos to recolonize the region. But I am worried about the sincerity of these your concerns. Because of these worries, let us dissect and carefully assess your statements of fear and concerns in four (4) segments, so as not to repeat the mistakes of 1964, 1966 and 1967-1970s till date. In your carefully written letter or chat with the Journalists as reported in the national dallies yesterday, you clearly stated that the Igbos want to;


    Alhaji Ringim, may I remind you that the economic prospects of the South South is currently being seized and controlled by your people of the Northern protectorate of Nigeria. Does that in anyway mean that you agree that your people have colonized my region? Are you also aware that even the oil wells in Abia State, Imo State and Anambra state and recently Enugu State (Igbo land) is being owned by your people in the Northern Protectorate? Are you aware that we in the oil rich region (South South) do not have control over our wealth, and its fortunes are determined by your people? Are you also aware that after sharing the proceeds of oil between your protégés in Shell, Mobil, Agip and Chevron, the left over is given to 44 local government of your state Kano, and only 8 Local government of Bayelsa? How more criminal could that be?

    • Damilola

      Northern Emirates and the Seven Sisters!!!

  • Dr. Tam George

    Soyinka and the Pornography of Excess.

    Prof. Wole Soyinka’s reaction to the scandal of the 82 Million Naira dinner held in his honour by the Rotimi Amaechi government in Rivers State is at once disappointing and depressing.

    Soyinka has said he didn’t know about the cost of a party held in his name, in a State where 90 per cent of the people live in insufferable poverty. But now that official documents show the cost of his three-hour dinner, where is his moral outrage? Why does his statement not include a condemnation of such unconscionable misuse of public funds in his name?

    In a country full of villainy, Soyinka is often held up as a moral titan. The Nobel Laureate cements this perception by conducting himself in the manner of someone who suffers from a god complex, someone who does no wrong.

    But Soyinka’s unbridled support for Rotimi Amaechi invites close moral scrutiny.

    Rivers State is reeling from the catastrophic legacy of the Amaechi years. Despite receiving over 3 trillion naira in revenue in 8 years, Amaechi left the most abandoned projects in the history of Rivers State, since 1967.

    Thousands of workers went without their salaries for 4 months, aged pensioners faced starvation without their pensions for 8 months, and the salaries of thousands of teachers were not paid for nearly 12 months.

    Everywhere you looked in Amaechi’s Rivers State; there was this stark, almost synonymic connection between poor governance, corruption and fiction.

    A physical tour of the Greater Port Harcourt City in Rivers State on which Amaechi had spent over one hundred billion Naira, revealed only a putrid landscape of corruption, broken dreams and wasted resources.

    How could Wole Soyinka be indifferent to such atrocious legacy?

    During her 80th birthday in 2011, the American Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison had a hearty laugh over coffee with friends at her home in Ohio. No State dinner was held in her honour at tax payers’ expense by the State of Ohio.

    Can Soyinka reasonably claim to be indifferent to the exemplary moral contrast provided by Toni Morrison?

    The 82 million Naira dinner for Soyinka is a financial crime against the people of Rivers State.

    Did the Nobel Laureate receive cash gifts during that bibulous night?

    Will Soyinka condemn this pornography of waste and excess by Rotimi Amaechi?

    That is the moral question.

    • Dr. Austin Tam-George is the Hon. Commissioner for Information and Communication, Rivers State.

    • Alpha

      Gov Wike will do himself a world of good by sacking this commissioner, just like he did to his earlier logic twisting press assist.

      Port Harcourt people have their eyes wide open and can see the many achievements of Amaechi. That does not reduce the importance of what Wike is doing. Bringing WS to the dispute will not be of any advantage, it will rather be such a PR minus and I know the governor realize this early enough.

      I commend Ezebunwo Wike for the strides he has made so far, especially, I plead he fast-track Woji Road, and connect the new Odili round about to GVC junction, Eleme, to solve the Akpajo junction traffic logjam.

    • Orumili

      If you don’t want to be too disappointment with the Nigerian leaders’ and elite’s attitude toward stealing, you just have to accept the fact that they’ve all received stolen public money one way or another. The average Nigerian does not see corruption as a bad thing. It is bad only when you are not one of the receivers. Can’t you see that virtually every former or current political appointee that they look into their record has some question to answer at EFCC. I think only a good military ruler can change things in Nigeria.

  • Alpha

    What is Olu Falae telling Nigerians? That he is not intelligent enough to think of the consequence of receiving stolen money? What manner of president would Falae had been had he been elected in 1999?

    This is a shame!

    Little wonder this man has become “boy-boy” to Mimiko, the worst governor Ondo State has the ill-luck to endure these past seven years.

    • Damilola

      But sincerely how could he have known how d money came about? Is there no campaign funds for candidates any longer, Where the party spends for the dream? So how could this man have known the money given to him for elections alias by such big party as PDP known the fund is from “Arms Deal?”

      • share Idea

        Don’t mind the clueless APC followers

        • Peter_Edo

          Hahahaha. Dullard!

      • Peter_Edo

        Money for party activities from the office of the NSA is illegal! Period. Is the SDP and appendage of the PDP? (We knew it was, but they ALWAYS argued that it wasn’t) if I were you guys, I would chill and wait for the government to deal with a these looters and then that would free you youth (assuming you are youths) to give the New PDP a new light without the old evils.

        • Damilola

          Hahahha bros why are you people bent on nailing others with such irrationality. Go back to that story and comprehend it well. The money was given to him by Anenih, a PDP BoT member who was kin to the GEJ/Sambo campaign, and not from Dasuki, abah. How could he have known where Anenih got the money from aside from the campaign fund of the party? The story is there go read it again. Because you just want to dent others you neglect the fact and even simple thoughts, disgracefully dancing to the gallery. The APC Maradonas must be in frenzy for a job well done on your intelligence and ability to discern issues. Let’s stop living for these politicians and see issues beyond what they feed us.

          You have to reply this very question which I’m asking you from your comment: how do you expect a rational govt to “deal with the goats?” everyone that sees differently from you guys and intends to stay objective is always seen a PDP planted machinery. Belief that to your own detriment. I’m sick of rumours and deceit of these politicians and if seeking for the truth and speaking the truth always is what will term me as a PDP e.rat, fine, you’re entitled to your opinion.

          • Peter_Edo

            And who gave the money to anenih?

          • Damilola

            Eheh you’re now talking!!: Dasuki as alleged, but how could the old man known the money is not from PDP campaign fund? How could he have known the overhead? You mean as big as that party is for 16years, one could still doubt their ability to fund elections campaign without stealing? Let’s the rational bro. I earn 500k per month, I gave you 2500 for a certain purpose, I bet you will never tip thought that I conned my employer for such. Now answer my question also please

          • Peter_Edo

            you are trying to be smart. ignorance IS NOT AN EXCUSE!!!. This is not N2500 we are talking about but rather N100 million and above. keep your question, there is no need to get into a scholastic discourse with you, you are incorrigible..

          • Damilola

            Looolz really??? I gat u bro…I’ve related with enough of your kind here and beyond. God bless Nigeria… Shame unto the masochists that live their every bit for those in power, dancing and goi into frenzy to their manipulations.

          • Peter_Edo

            look in the mirror.

    • Dafidi


      Look, I am tired of these tidbits. Ladoja took 100 million – separate story. Nwobodo took 100 million – another story.
      Yakassai took 65 million – yet another story. Bode George took $30,000 – another story. And so on and so forth. That’s rubbish. Question is: HOW MUCH IN TOTAL DID COLONEL SAMBO DASUKI TAKE, AND FROM WHERE,

      I have not read any
      report in any Nigerian newspaper or on-line version of a newspaper answering this single-rolled up question.
      But President Jonathan is alive and has a phone number. No journalist contacted him in the last four weeks
      after this expenditure scandal was announced by President Buhari’s government. Journalists only just wait for
      President Buhari’s media aides to tell them who took what every two days. The treasury keeper is not asked
      any question at all. How can one make sense of the quantum of the theft, if all these monies still do not reach
      the two billion dollars President Buhari alleged, when added up? I am tired reading this kind of thing my brother!

      • share Idea

        Thanks for being one of the few people that still maintain their sanity. I have said it severally that it will take a miracle for these cases to be concluded in court without inviting GEJ for his testimony.

      • Damilola

        I’m more sick of the rumors and deceit than you do here. I don’t really understand our people, they take this personal as if they’re to gain from the incarceration of these people rather than from their prosecution. Just a black man mentality of “bring him down”, noti else. Instead of us to be clamouring for the alleged looters to be taken to court of justice they keep dancing to the gallery. I reserve my laughter till the end of this case when these ones will see how far they’ve been conned.

  • Oh’ Media

    Where is journalism in Nigeria?

    The sort of journalism going on today is a betrayal of the profession. Nigerian journalists don’t ever discuss
    their country frankly. They kick the can down the road. They then close the door to bright people who want
    to say things as they are. Occasional flashes of exposures of theft or lewdness is only just that – occasional.
    Journalism is not occasional – but consistent picturing of truth; not the partial or shaded, but the whole truth.
    That’s exactly what’s not happening in Nigeria. The truth is seen through political party blinkers and refracted.

    What’s worse, the justice system in the shambolic country takes a cue as Judges give verdicts to the APC.
    No journalist in Nigeria has since 1999 assessed actual expenditure post-budget balance sheet of any state.
    For that failure corruptive thefts grew hoofs and ready to kill off the country with 3 years federal income stolen.
    There can’t be journalists in a country that’s so robbed and so stolen. That’s for sure a contradiction in terms.
    The $150b now confirmed stolen, officially, is enough money in the hands of treasury thieves to buy a country.
    How could intelligent journalism have truly existed in the same country with three years national income stolen?

    • Viva Nigeria



  • D.D Esquire

    Editor Premium Times,

    The person(s) who signed the authorization for withdrawal are the real criminals,
    unless evidence can be led to show that the receivers knew they were receiving
    diverted stolen money. President Buhari can hardly find any evidence of the nexus
    to the receivers of these funds and may just be blundering by taking them to court
    only for the showing, maybe That is my well-considered opinion on the point of law.
    I am very dis-appointed that President Buhari’s cabinet team does not know better.

    • share Idea

      You stated the real fact. What concerns Olu Falae with alleged Dasuki’s fund when he never met him nor received any money from him. Anenih was PDP BOT and we are all aware that PDP did fund raising for their presidential campaign and when the BOT Chairman approached another party for strategy on how to win election, people expect the other party man to be asking where the money paid into their party account came from.

      • tundemash

        Share dunce, if u realise later that what u have received is a stolen good, common sense dictates u return it.

        The money given to Ole Falae has been traced to be from the $2.1b arms money so what PDP fund raising are u talking about ? Even your master rogues have not used that as an excuse and here u are a mere e-rat, sitting in your amnesty village, now claimed it is money from some fund raising.

        • share Idea

          You must be the daft between us. Money received and had been shared as discussed, how do you want such people to return what they have spent.

          Ask your dunce president to charge them to court and stop disturbing public peace.

          • tundemash

            Dunce head,
            You are here justifying those who shared your destiny; your children shal certainly curse your memory.
            Did Ole Falae not tell us then they were supporting Jonadaft because of the ill-fated national conference? Did the Ole Falae ever mentioned then that the support was paid for for N100m ?
            Surely Ole Falae and other rogues shall have their day in court and u wailing wailers can continue to wail !

          • share Idea

            Before the election campaign, was Olu Falae not one of the supporters of GEJ administration or you’re just commenting because others are doing so. Will you now say that a PDP member that supports PDP, and during election campaign if such person is mobilised by PDP, you will turn around and say that the support such person gave PDP for the election was as a result of the mobilisation – maybe that is what you APC gullible fans are doing, hence defending the indefensible online because your pay is dependent on number of gibberish posted online.

          • tundemash

            Share dunce, i have just pasted the link before the election where Ole Falae claimed his PDP-sponsored party was adoting Jonadaft as their Presidential candidate.


            Did Ole Falae tell the world then that the Jonadaft adoption was bought for N100m ?
            If you find out that what u have been given is proceed from criminal activity, are you not supposed to return it ?
            I repeat your children will curse your memory for selling their future off for a pot of potridge!

  • zygote

    “At 78, what will I be doing with public funds.”
    Meaning when you were younger, you were stealing a lot of public money. Thanks!

    • Questioner


      • zygote

        Why are you asking me? You think that Jonothing of a president is my father?

        • share Idea


  • amazing2012

    …..at 78 why do you collect it ! You are an old f..l !!

  • Olu

    This dasukigate has indeed opened a window to the mindset of our political class, especially the so called leaders and I now understand why Nigeria is where she is now.
    If you take a look at the reactions or comments of all the recipients of these relooted funds, it’s nuesating! The common response is they have used the fund for the purpose it is meant for.Now that there is after fact of the event, none of them had shown any form of regret for accepting the funds and that they would not have accepted the fund had they known the source of the funds. No apologies the families of those that have lost loved ones as a result of the diversion, no apologies to Nigerian State. If I am the President, I will prosecute these people including Chief Falae because this is a crime against humanity

    • share Idea

      with which evidence?

    • yorubaparapo.com

      Tell them.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    All those named as beneficiary in the Dasukigate security funds diversion and sharing of such funds should be made by DSS and EFCC to refund the amount they collected from Col Sambo Dasuki and Chief Tony Anenih and others involved in the scam.Thieves and thieves.

    • yorubaparapo.com

      Nice comment.

  • yorubaparapo.com

    Funny afenifere.

  • Arabakpura

    It is not as simple as that sir! You have tarred yourself with a very bad brush! Couldn’t you have campaigned for Jonathan and PDP without collecting money? It simply showed that you have no morals and no principles!

  • Olusegun Olawonyi

    With “Dasukigate”, we see the probing of the campaign finances of the dying PDP political party. I hope in the future, we would somehow witness the probing of the campaign finances of the APC as well. I can bet all the monies I have, that the sources of the funding for campaign for all Nigerian political parties are our national treasury, regardless of whether it is PDP or APC. Right now, I am looking at the hands of those who financed the APC party in the last election, and I cannot honestly say that they look clean. Most Nigerian politicians and political parties are all compromised and morally unclean.

    • Public Records

      Financial Reporting Council Audit Findings

      • ₦38.23billion developed legs and got missing in Central Bank under Sanusi Lamido Sanusi,
      • ₦1.97billion was paid out in cash and entered on Central Bank accounts as “inexplicable
      expense” by Sanusi Lamido Sanusi,
      • ₦20billion was paid out in cash as Legal Fees by Sanusi Lamido to persons un-known,
      • ₦3.086billion was paid out in cash by Sanusi Lamido as expense ostensibly to promote
      Central Bank image,
      • ₦160billion was paid out by Sanusi Lamido at Central Bank for self-determined activities,
      • ₦240billion was discretionally doled out at will as ‘donations’ by Sanusi Lamido,
      • ₦1.12billion was taken in cash and entered in the account as paid to a non-operating airline
      for charter service,
      • ₦1.12billion was claimed as spent by Sanusi Lamido on lunch for 12 CBN police
      guards in one year.

      • Okisokay

        Nobody is entitled to a good name who has either stolen or received stolen money;
        or has aided and abetted the theft of public funds, or has been criminally negligent
        as head of a government institution where high fraud took place under his nose.

  • PolyGon2013

    Chief Falae, you are finished inYoruba land.

    • Fairplay2000


      Raji Fashola is another Buhari’s Minister who was recycled from a crime scene in Lagos state,

      where he’d lied that Lagos’ total revenues in eight (8) years was 2.234 TRILLION NAIRA.

      That was forgery, as later exposed by his own Planning Commissioner, Mr. Akhabueze,

      who told the media that to the contrary Lagos got an AVERAGE of 400 billion Naira

      as revenue every year. By simple arithmetic it means the total revenue of Lagos state

      under Raji Fashola was 3.2 TRILLION NAIRA. By intentional fiddling of Lagos’

      official account, Raji Fashola hid away 800b Naira still to be accounted for.

      • AMA AMOAH

        I am very sure you are one of the non Lagosians bent on destroying the same state giving you opportunity which your native state cannot. WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE? And what has Falae issue got to do with Fashola. Please comment on the issue and stop diverting the forum to malicious comments about another person. Perhaps you are Mr. Akhabueze and pretending to be PolyGon2013

      • dpfrank

        Stop deviating from issues of discussion

  • bomboy


    • Oladapo Sunday

      2.1B equivalent

    • dpfrank

      Arrest Jonathan now

  • Zachs Orlu

    I commend the EFCC and the ICPC so far for tracing the money Jonathan squandered corruptly. I am not sure if
    this money is recoverable though. I don’t know the basis on which a court can order Olu Falae to return 100million
    Naira which was delivered to him for political campaigns. But who knows? I’m looking forward to more EFCC action
    on the moneylaundering of billions of Naira by the staff at the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY the Premium Times investigated.
    and listed the names of all the National Assembly staff involved. Ditto, Nigerians will also like to see the EFCC show
    some honesty of purpose by acting on the statutory audit showing that 1.2 TRILLION NAIRA is missing or stolen
    at the Central Bank of Nigeria under Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. This CBN fraud case has been pending since 2014.

  • Okisokay


    Nobody is entitled to a good name who has either stolen or received stolen money;
    or has aided and abetted the theft of public funds, or has been criminally negligent
    as head of a government institution where high fraud took place under his nose.


    So this man’s kidnapping was justified because they wanted their own share of the money as well. These people need to go to jail. They have all soiled their hands.


    yet thousands were dying daily in the North East and they were all busy “sharing” blood money. They will all pay for these and all their children, grandchildren and great grand children until all the blood shed in the country have been avenged

    • dpfrank

      “This blood you people are sharing in Bornu” – patience Jonathan.
      This is time for NEMESIS

  • Omo Oduduwa Panbele

    It is really sad to read Chief Falae explanations which are flimsy and nauseating to the ears. I don’t think this man deserves any respect again in our society

    What logic makes a cerebral and experienced politician to align with a party SDP based on his beliefs, ideologies, etc but then went ahead to collect money from another party on the basis of campaigning for the other party’s presidential candidate?

    Baba Falae of all people knows better ways or options to even embark on this disastrous route by at least making it known to the public, announcing it through the SDP secretary, obtaining the slush funds directly into the SDP party bank account, etc.

    Why should such ex bank MD, ex Minister, ex SGF collects 100 million Naira CASH and remained mum until the can of worms is now opened before talking about it?

    One way or the other Chief Falae has compromised his image and integrity and should hide his face in SHAME forever.

    As Chief Falae secret project benefactor once said “”OLE IS OLE”” and chief has stolen from the public.

    Money given by PDP to SDP for hidden hatchet job should have been paid to SDP party bank account immediately chief got such large amount in cash from Anenih

    With regards to the purpose the money was used for, chief Fale and SDP could have simply announced the adoption of GEJ as their official presidential candidate openly without any financial inducements before their can claim any integrity.

    Refunding the money is very simple and Fale should be prosecuted. There is very simple law about election campaign financing and how the accounts of donation received should be properly kept. Secondly for not announcing the receipt of such slush funds in his tax declarations he is s guilty of tax fraud by hidding incomes that were not reflected on his declarations. This also borders on money laundering and fraud.

    My simplest advise for this shameless and disgraced Yoruba leader is first to rerun the money urgently through his SDP party, then tender a sober apology to all Nigerians and then a special apology to all Yoruba people that he failed us woefully and most importantly retire from politics or any Yoruba leadership organization’s.

    As a Yoruba man, I am deeply sad and actually wept the first day I read chief Falae’s clumsy explanations.

    Looking back at all the afflictions chief Falae went through these past years including the loss of Deji his son, being kidnapped, although it is totally wrong to think this way, one is bound to start concluding he serves all these pains towards his twilight years for his shameful dealings and decit.


  • muazu wali

    Why should you even accept the money? PDP bribing SDP with N100m in an election yesr must be odd. Mr False has excellent credentials and a true nationalist. However on this particular instance his judgement was strange to say the least.

  • NaijaMindOfChange

    Every partaker of looters must not go unpunished..this government must move forward

    • woman leader


  • dpfrank

    Looting galore, these guys dealt with Nigeria and must be punished

  • Thesource

    What honour is this old man talking about? There’s none among thieves. All looters must face the consequences of their actions. Glad power changed hands!

  • favourtalk

    As old as he is, thank God Nigeria didn’t vote someone like him to be president of this nation, they would have destroyed the nation. What a big shame and they will also be calling themselves elder statesmen also, bunch of disgrace to Nigeria and thier family.

  • excel

    Another looting revelation. All looters must pay for their heartless act. waiting for pdpig press release on this looting revelation.

  • disqusnews

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  • OmoLasgidi

    Some were Looters, some were Receivers and some were Spenders ….All on the Corruption Chain are guilty and deserving of Refund and Jail!!

  • Aremu Mathew Okikiolu

    This explanation by a former bank MD is disgraceful. You are telling us you and SDP sold out?
    Pa, in the criminal code, parties to an offence smears who disbursed PDP yams to SDP goats!

  • Bidemi Lukman

    Whic hintergrity is this BOY taling about. You loose your intergrity for collecting the money either you benefit from ot or not.