Buhari under fire over comment justifying disobedience of court orders

Nigerian activists and lawyers have berated President Muhammadu Buhari for saying the government will continue to detain two prominent detainees – former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki and the leader of the separatist group, Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) – despite several court orders that they should be released from detention.

During Wednesday’s presidential media chat, Mr Buhari, while responding to a question by PREMIUM TIMES’ Ibanga Isine on the State Security Service’s has continued disregard for court orders on the release of Mr. Dasuki and Mr. Kanu, said the magnitude of their alleged crimes was too grievous that government cannot afford to release them on bail.

Mr Dasuki is facing corruption charges over alleged diversion of $2.1 billion meant for the procurement of arms while Mr. Kanu was charged for treasonable felony.

“If you see the atrocities these people committed against this country, we can’t allow them to jump bail. What of the over two million people displaced, most of them orphans whose fathers have been killed? We cannot allow that,” he said justifying while the SSS re-arrested Mr. Dasuki despite meeting bail conditions fixed by a Federal High Court.

On why Mr. Kanu was still being held, Mr Buhari said: “And the one you are calling Kanu, do you know he has two passports – one Nigerian, one British – and he came into this country without any passport? Do you know he came into this country with sophisticated equipment and was broadcasting for Radio Biafra?”

Most of those interviewed by PREMIUM TIMES believe Mr Buhari overstepped his power by openly defying the judiciary on national television.

Describing the comment as a “national embarrassment”, human rights lawyer, Ebun Adegboruwa, said Mr. Buhari, a former head of a military junta, which ruled the country in the 1980s with an iron fist, proved by his open defiance of the judiciary that he remained a dictator at heart.

“We appreciate the President because he has spoken from his heart and gave us the correct impression of who he is,” he said.

“Under Section 287 of the 1999 constitution, all persons exercising judicial, executive or legislative power must have respect for the order of the court. It is not proper for the president to choose which order to respect or to obey. Given that the president assumed office through the rule of law, it is totally uncharitable to be humiliating the judiciary openly in a presidential chat,” he added.

He said the President’s comment was capable of undermining the judiciary and causing anarchy.

“The reason why this is very difficult is that once we resort to self-rule, once we resort to a situation where the leadership is breathing down lawlessness, then anarchy will come because if a president will not obey a court order, a business man will not obey it, policemen will not obey it.

“It would be promoting anarchy. I am sure in some quarters the SSS people are rejoicing. Overzealous security officials and rejoicing, and perhaps using the President’s comment as reason to put people in custody and breed impunity.”

While asking the President to apologise to Nigeria for making such a comment, Mr. Adegboruwa advised judges not to be intimidated by Mr. Buhari’s comment and to carry on with their job without fear.

Similarly, Lanre Suraju, Chairman of the Civil Society Network Against Corruption, (CSNAC), said the President’s comment was “unfortunate”, adding that his utterance was capable of undermining security agencies in their jobs.

“The utterance of the president yesterday (Wednesday) only shows that there is a government agenda specifically and deliberately skewed to perpetually keep the guy in detention. And that is most unfortunate. That is also not only pitching the judiciary against the executive, it is also showing that there would be a measure of arbitrariness on the part of the executive.

“The case of Nnamdi Kanu is also unfortunate. It is an extra-judicial action. Basically, if he is being charged for treason, there is also certain conditions that needs to be met before bail can be granted. If the lawyers of the government have failed to establish the magnitude of his offence, and the court in its own wisdom has granted that bail, the SSS has no basis and no reason under the rule of law to perpetually keep him in detention,” he said.

Lagos-based lawyer, Jiti Ogunye, said the President’s argument about the severity of the detainees’ alleged crimes is not a justification to disobey court order.

According to him Mr Buhari will be violating Section 287 of the constitution if he refuses to obey court orders.

“I have my gaze fixed on section 287 of the constitution which says that decisions of our courts are bidding on authorities and persons including the presidents,” Mr. Ogunye said.

He, however, added that there was no law stopping security agencies from rearresting a person released on bail if there are facts suggesting that he was involved in another crime.

“Do you know how many offences Dasuki has committed? Do you know whether another charge is being prepared against him now? So would you begrudge the state the right to charge him in as many offences as he has committed in his life time?” he asked.

“There is what is call prosecutorial discretion. It is in the interest of the public that they be charged for every corruption related offence.”

He also berated judges for being soft on politicians facing charges while applying the full weight of the law on other suspects.

“I’ve said fighting corruption is not a theatre. It is not a circus. I’m familiar with the disposition of our court when it comes to granting bails to few cases of people who are alleged to have been involved in bank fraud and for instance have stolen N20 million or whatever, they are remanded in prison custody. The judges would say they are not going to exercise their discretion.

“But in the case of politicians, they would saunter to the court, assured that they are going to be released and then the court will grant them bail. Do you know that Dasuki was first granted bail on self-recognition?”

Similarly, a former Chairman of Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Ikeja branch, Monday Ubani, said although the president must ensure that the independence of the judiciary should not be undermined, he has a right to express his opinion on certain national issues like every Nigerian.

According to him, what the president was trying to say by his comment was that the judiciary should desist from giving frivolous orders.

“The president has a right to say certain things because he lives in Nigeria and he knows that there some criminal trial since 2007 and up till now we have not gone beyond the preliminary stages. What I’m saying is that our system has an issue. We have not been able to handle our cases in manner that engenders confidence. A lot of cases are muddled up here where as if those cases are taken abroad they are handled within a timeline. So anyone has a right to be angry with what is going on in this country. There is problem with our administration of criminal justice in Nigeria.

“But having said that, the President cannot in anyway interfere with the judicial process. He must allow judicial process to run through,” he said.


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  • ailandaaa

    Premium Times, have you heard of the phrase ‘ in the public + security interest?’ Fire from whom? On behalf of a totally compromised judiciary? Please drop this non-story.

    • Mayo

      Public interest doesn’t trump the constitution. The constitution is not some document that you choose when to obey or disobey. If the government feels they have an overriding reason to do something, they must either find a backing law for their action or they go to the courts and prove their case.

      • ailandaaa

        Even in the ‘freest’ of societies decisions taken in the interest of public safety + security are accommodated. Unless you reside in Utopia?

        • Mayo

          Nobody is talking utopia here. In a democracy, you can’t arbitrarily take laws into your own hands even in the name of public interest. The situation you describe has been covered in the constitution under certain conditions e.g. state of emergency. There is no free society where the Executive is allowed to act outside of the constitution.

          When GEJ decided that BH was killing people wantonly in the North East, he didn’t just say – in the interest of the public/security, I will do X,Y,Z. He first had to write to the National Assembly seeking to declare a state of emergency and that state of emergency granted him powers to do things he would normally not be able to do without the state of emergency. Obasanjo did the same thing. It was only under a constitutionally allowed State of Emergency that Obasanjo was able to temporarily ‘suspend’ the governor of Plateau State. Are you saying Obasanjo should have been able to wake up one day and remove a duly elected governor in the interest of the public/public safety?

          • ailandaaa

            PMB has only made use of one his discretionary powers. GEJ ONLY used his discretionary in the shameless rape of this beautiful country like the common thief he is…

          • Mayo

            I never mentioned nor referred to discretionary powers in my comment. To recap – nothing trumps the constitution; not even your so-called public interest and security because public interest and security has been built into the constitution. No President has the right to ignore court orders. If the President and his team feel that someone has committed an egregious crime, they should go before a competent court and argue their case. If they feel there are loop holes in the constitution, they should seek to have the constitution amended to block the loop holes.

          • ailandaaa

            even if the court orders will lead to anarchy? my friend, that will not happen here anymore. any court order that negates the unity + peace of this country will be ignored. totally.

          • Chris Osborne

            Then what is anarchy? Low brains.

          • ailandaaa

            Dear sir, there is no need for abusive words. Share your opinion + either engage in a robust discussion or move on. I wish you a beautiful new year.

  • evidence

    Buhari has been releasing and compensating boko haram members ‎with billions. Boko haram that the UN called the deadliest terrorist sect in the world, boko haram that has killed thousands including women and children, he is still begging them and spending billions in the name of deradicalizing them, yet Kanu that has not killed even one chicken, that his only weapon is a sophisticated transistor radio is the one buhari has branded a terrorist and is illegally detaining him. Buhari is a tyrant ,a terrorist sponsor and sympathizer. 

    • Oh!

      The temptation was tremendous to ask you to show proof of the things yo are saying. For instance. u said Buhari is begging Boko Haram and spending billions (supposedly on the same Boko Haram). How do you go about substantiating that comment??

      We may be wrong, but yo said the United Nations classified Boko Haram as the deadliest terrorist group in the world. Where did you hear that? We know that several news agencies carried similar messages but the United Nations? Really? Maybe you meant t(francophone country) e new york times? curiously, yu forgot to mention that the same news article based their findings partly on the fact that Barak Obama sent as many special forces agents to the middle east as he did to west africa. (300)

      You forgot to inform us that these special agents (instead of coming to Nigeria) were redirected to Cameroun..(a francophone country)Bbecause of issues with Jonathan’s administration.
      We were going to engage you intellectually until we re-read your comment and changed our mind.

      Instead of an inttelectual arguement, we decided the following will be more appropriate”

      Oooh! Poor baby……..don’t worry, daddy and mommie will find your pacifier……..in the mean time, SHUT THE F*CK UP!

      • evidence

        The energy and time you used in typing this windy drivel would have been enough to confirm for yourself what I wrote. Boko haram has been named the deadliest sect by the UN, Google is your friend. It is also on record that buhari is releasing and compensating boko haram members and has spent billions in the name of deradicalizing them. 
        It was under buhari that Obama ignored buhari and sent 300 troops to Cameroun instead of Nigeria after buhari wasted $2bn to visit Obama to beg for arms and technical assistance. Your pathetic drivel is a sure sign of someone suffering from cheap drugs.

  • Semiu

    Nicholas Ibekwe cannot be working as a journalist and still be a frontliner in Buhari’s criticism on social media platforms. It casts doubts on his objectivity (which is relative, of course). Immediately I saw his name, my mind goes to a pre-designed conclusion stage-managed to be a journalistic venture. Premium Times, warn him!!

    • chnwk

      he doen’t share your views so he shouldn’t write again? African’s have tyranny embedded on them

      • Semiu

        No. He should write. He should do that in his capacity as Nicholas, a social critic, not as a journalist. Can you see the difference?

  • kayode Olufade

    How can one be under fire for doing the right thing? They keep getting bail and immediately are arrested on other charges before they are set free, how is that unlawful?

    • Mayo

      He is not doing the right thing. These guys have been granted bail by competent courts. They are only being re-arrested because as the President says – the government feels they are guilty and cannot be allowed to be let go. And it is not just Dasuki and Kanu. The DSS raided the home of a former DSS director and evicted his family even though there was a court order saying the DSS should keep away from the house. The bottom line is – the DSS is willfully disobeying court orders and Buhari has just given them an official cover for what they are doing.

  • peaceometer

    Please PT don’t just write, write something reasonable.

  • trutometer

    This is no surprise from our dear President coz once a dictator always a dictator..we appreciate his honesty and straightforwardness in making known to Nigerians what he truly feels. So what do you expect when PMB openly said when he was the military head of state, they apprehend people in guarded detention and say you are guilty until proven innocent, whereas now the reverse is the case. That said, Nigeria right now needs a leader that can rule by iron fist and not kid gloves, coz that’s exactly what Nigeria deserves at the moment in order to curb all kind of misdemeanor, corruption and impunity to a halt for the nation to progress in the right direction.

  • Höly Wähala

    I am neither a fan of Sambo Dasuki nor Nnamdi Kanu but the law… and the law is binding on all from Mr. President to pauper. I told @Julius the President should not have answere that question or put his view more diplomatically, but his crass blurt only solidifies the urgent need for more coaching of Buhari in media parleys as this is not the 3rd blunder after India, US, Germany and so on. His stance on illegal detention of suspects grants impetus to people like Tompolo not to appear before the EFCC and get detained indefinitely while the government gropes fro evidence. Only a pfool would honor any security agency invitation now that Buhari has proven to be a wild wolf in sheep’s skin… we dey look with wide open eyes. Nonsense!

  • joe

    Our judiciary is one big joke and scam. You have aĺl sort of hemp-smoking criminals sitting as judges.While we have decent people labouring day and night to bring the nation forward,some never-do-well judges are holding us all to ransome and drawing us back by granting senseless injuctions to thieves. Sone injuctions even Prohibts the Police from investigating them ever! Charging the criminals piecemeal is a creative way of dealing with the corrupt judges.

  • Bunduma Mohammed

    So called human right should keep quite as this country cannot be treated like matured democacies. Can u bribe a judge in UK or US?. Instead of them to put pressure on the judiciary and courts who are on daily basis selling justice to the highest bidder; they are disturbing our incorruptible PMB.

    • Mayo

      Yes, you can bribe a Judge in the UK/US. You talk as if there is no corruption in that country. In the US, the Speaker of the New York State senate and his son were arrested for corruption, a former governor tried to sell a senate seat, another governor was recently convicted of corruption. So, yes corruption happens in the US too.

      Secondly, more than 1 Judge granted Dasuki bail. A different Judge granted Kanu bail. Are you saying all these judges are corrupt?

    • Benny

      This is the way Idi Amin of Uganda started by arresting politicians that were seems to have stolen and the Ugandan people were jubilating that a messiah has come. Before they realised it, their priests, teachers and parents were arrested on trump up charges and thrown into jails with going thru the courts of law. The rest was history. Pray, your relations is not detained by your local police and a judge will grant him or her bail and the police will flout the order.

  • Olaruwaju

    The president has a right to say certain things because he lives in Nigeria and he knows that there some criminal trial since 2007 and up till now we have not gone beyond the preliminary stages. What I’m saying is that our system has an issue. We have not been able to handle our cases in manner that engenders confidence. A lot of cases are muddled up here where as if those cases are taken abroad they are handled within a timeline. So anyone has a right to be angry with what is going on in this country. I HATE IGBO’S .

    • Remi

      Yes i understand u are very right to say u hate anything u don’t like or to say what u want but when mr kanu says what he want and what he hate as a human being like u as well it become a treasonable felony does that make any sense to u?

      • Du Covenant

        I beg to differ, your idol committed several offenses and he is not being held just because of his opinion. He travelled on a forged passport, he was inpersonating someone else as the hotel documents showed, he was in possession of supversive equipment and related materials, there is ample evidence all over the place to prove his intention to commit treasonable acts in Nigeria, no country will allow such a person roam its streets freely.

    • chnwk

      seems like your landlord is an Igbo… Don’t worry you’ll end up marrying his dauther…

    • Fadama

      Your last sentence suggests you need psychological help.

  • Mayo

    1) The DSS is only doing that (filing new charges) simply because they want to keep them in jail in the meantime.
    2) Buhari is not just expressing his opinion. This was a presidential media chat and so his statements were from the office of the President.
    3) There is also the case of the DSS evicting one of their former Directors from his house even though there was a court order asking them not to do so. Is that also not disobeying court order?

  • Sir Louis

    Our President expressed the mind of many concerned and helpless Nigerians who are appalled by the rate of corruption in Nigeria. The two people he mentioned as deserving continuous detention namely, Sambo Dasuki and Nnamdi Kanu, are enemies of the Nigerian people, Dasuki misused money meant for arms for soldiers fighting Boko Haram thus empowering the terrorists to kill, maim and displace not only poorly armed Nigerian troops but innocent citizens, while Kanu wants to create the condition for war and mass murder by encouraging civil strife. Both deserve to be guests of the security people to ensure that they neither jump bail or have the liberty to commit more atrocity against the people.

  • Jakadiya

    Those who want to condemn PMB are at liberty to do so, moreover, even America that harbors most of the commentators, still operate Guantanamo bay and Abu Ghraib detention centres without the full backing of most Americans and the international community. PMB deserves commendation for initiating a legal process, something lacking in America.

  • Remi

    Yes mr buhari is right to voice out his opinion but when mr kanu voice out his own view it become treasonable felony?

  • Cleartruth

    Nigerians must rise up against this dictator called buhari before he truncates our hard earned democracy. A president that disobeys court orders is worthless and doesn’t deserve my respect. He is not ashamed to go to the same court after disobeying it.

  • evidence

    Terrorist. You should have mentioned the name of the person I copied from. That codeine and tramadol you terrorists have been abusing up north has replaced your brain. ‎

  • Tafidan Dogon Daji

    This is quite unbelievable for Buhari,the Nigeria’s head of the Executive Arm of Government to wearing wig and gown and most startling of it,make a pronouncement expected of the Judicial Arm of Government.
    Yes,the Dasukis were accused and arraigned but if not of their convictions by the court of public opinion,the personalities are yet innocent in the eyes of the law.But the position taken by PMB is certifying the insinuation that the Presidential Villa is behind the Dasukis’s travails and nothing more.So,let’s fear Allah the most.

    • Burbank

      “But if not of their convictions by the court of public opinion,the personalities are yet innocent in the eyes of the law.”
      Like Shekau.

  • Mayo

    No, the police officer was not set free on the basis that the boy shouldn’t have played with a toy gun and it was not a Judge that did so.

    2 independent investigations including one by a retired FBI agent concluded the shooting was reasonable.

    It was a Grand Jury (not a Judge) who ruled that the police officers would not face charges. The prosecutor (i.e. the government lawyer) also recommended to the Grand Jury that the officers not be prosecuted. The Prosecutor said that after reviewing the video tape, it was clear that the officers could not tell that this was a toy gun and so shot the boy.

  • Isi Agwo

    What is the sense in trying to educate an illiterate Bokohari at the age of 90? Moreover, what is the relationship between rule of law and sharia law that Bokohari believes in and he is currently operating in Nigeria?

    • Burbank

      “at the age of 90?”
      You using Aztec calender.

  • mao

    Rant all you want, corrupt and person perpetuating acts of criminality and treason will never be granted bail. If u don’t like it, go to kufena mountain and JUMP!!!.

    • Iniabasi Akpan

      Very silly comment. U don’t just detain someone bcos u want to,due process must be followed.

      • mao

        Did they follow due process when they were carrying out their irresponsibility? Oga pls u r entitled to your opinion and i am entitled to mine. They shouldnt be granted bail.

        • Iniabasi Akpan

          They should if d courts say so…

        • IchieBart

          Two wrongs can’t make it right

    • monster


      –By Michelle Faul | AP December 30, 2015LAGOS, Nigeria — Nigeria’s government will not release two prominent detainees despite several court orders for their release, and will not comment on the situation of a third, wounded detainee, President Muhammadu Buhari said Wednesday.

      Buhari, a former military dictator who calls himself a born-again democrat, did not discuss the propriety of defying court orders when he spoke on national TV.

      • Buhari4Ever

        Deri Orbuka, go and do something with your life

    • Chris Osborne

      No Nigeria will boil….

      You will say my statement amounts to treason…. Fools wake up.

  • Amir

    A system that permits one man like Dasuki to disburse federal funds at will is already lawless. If an appointee can be so powerful that no government official or agency can challenge his arbitrary actions, then we are already in trouble. Dasuki and Kalu first disobeyed the rule of law and carried on as if ‘there was no country’. Their impetus was therefore from the lawlessness of the land. Why did Dasuki circumvent public procurement, code of conduct & ethics of public office, including the money laundering law? To what extent do these suspects respect our laws that they did what they did? I am particularly concerned that the people we defend today using the ‘rule of law’ mantra anchored on PDP’s desire to truncate the fight against corruption than any genuine reverence to law, were more disrespectful to the same laws. From the time Ibori was apprehended and detained in Dubai to his conviction in the UK, no sensible lawyer or court granted him bail. Public officers like Dasuki have access to about 3 international passports; they deposit one in court but retain others for escape if they wish. If you look at the bail bonds signed by these suspects, you will understand we have hardened criminals as public officers. They rent or arrange 90 year old retired civil servants, buy a property on his name in Abuja and have N250 million moved into their account within days to satisfy the bail conditions. If they jump bail and the 90 year old is arrested, Nigerians will start another round of ‘rule of law’ song. I blame lawyers and judges in all these because they arrange and abuse this discretionary legal process.

    • IZON Redeemer

      Did late Pa Ajasin of Ondo state also steal money belonging to Buhari when he refused to allow him go home after the courts granted him his freedom? Truth can never be buried no matter what Buhari does-

      • IZON Destroyer

        Late Pa Ajasin had multiple accusations and investigations on his tenure and independent investigators declared him innocent case after case showing clearly they were not under instruction to find him guilty on ‘orders from above’. The guiltless should therefore not be afraid.

      • Buhari4Ever

        Deri Orbuka, there is no bail for political thieves. All of them will be rounded up and locked by Buhari.

        • Chris Osborne

          Sorry , it will mean they will pull resources against him and man I tell you that as he disobeys court orders some of the guilty will also refuse arrests at all cost because they have the resources and when it becomes the obtainable as it is now anarchy zooms in as it is already ……

    • Chris Osborne

      As it stands now they did not contravene any laws of this country else the court will ask that they be remanded. See your shadow arguments. This makes me sick.

  • Du Covenant

    Desperate situations require similar measures!. I support government position on these individuals.

    • Burning Spear

      Are u not an African with a balck mans brains–why would u not suppoprt such—What is the difference betseen u and monsters like Buhari? He did it over 30 years ago—why should his acts shock us

      • Cooling Spear

        It is good to be a monster against corruption than to be a priest in criminality like you.


          It will be good till you start seeing that precedent deployed for other purposes.

          • Burbank

            It will be good for Nnamdi and Dasuki to remain jailed.

        • Burning spear

          Yes we saw the same fight against Sam Mbakwe–Pa Ajasin and Okilo in the name of the fight against corruption over 30 years ago—until Ambrose Ali died shortly after he was released from the gulag of buhari-by IBB–SEE WHY IS CALLED A MONSTERS?

          • No Bull …..

            All names you mentioned are collateral damage in the war against corruption; just like in conventional wars, innocent people also suffer

        • Burbank

          Beautiful retort!

        • okenwa

          If dasuki is convicted and buhari implicated in bribe taking, what will happen to buhari?

          • NoBeLie

            Then Buhari goes down with him…

          • okenwa

            Thank you.

      • Buhari4Ever

        Lazy Ijaw terrorists like you and Asari see nothing wrong sharing out government money.


      You support government to break the laws which they are supposed to protect ? The mentality of the zoo.

    • Burbank

      Buhari should have applied Guantanamo’s detention without any trials, practised by the greatest democracy on earth – USA.

      • Hopeistheonlyformofreason

        You’re mad if you think the us is the greatest democracy on earth. No wonder you support lawlessness

        • Burbank

          OK then ,let’s try China is the greatest “democracy” on earth!
          And what did Xi Jin Peng to the corrupts?

          A point-blank head-shot with an AK-47.

          • NoBeLie


  • Amir

    Personally I see it as the President’s resolve to send a strong signal to the people, processes and procedures that sustain the incubus of corruption in our country. We have become a soulless society where people including civil society groups are arguing ‘rule of law’ for a few politicians, but ‘rule of lawlessness’ for millions of innocent disabled citizens, orphaned children, and poorly paid IDP volunteers across the cities in the NE. Buhari made it clear that his preference in politics and leadership is to defend the poor while not punishing the innocent rich. It is always the corrupt elite that have problems with him, not ordinary Nigerians. Soon armed robbery suspects and kidnappers will carry placards to demand the ‘rule of law’. Unfortunately an equally compromised and docile Labour Union cannot see any relationship between abuse of public trust and stealing public funds as directly related to governments inability to meet basic salary commitments of minimally waged civil servants.

    • dasuki has no case

      Did Buhari collect 300,000 dollars from dasuki and 5 vehicles—-the answer is yes———-the question is was it bribery–yes–Is Buhari guilty of thievery yes———————case closed

      • Burbank

        Did you or anybody file a police report against Buhari? No.
        Case closed.

      • Buhari4Ever

        Deri Orbuka, GEJ is gone for good!! Buhari believes that stealing is corruption. The Federal Government has always taken care of past leaders before you were born.

    • abodes_124

      ‘Dem wey no sabi dey jubilate. Dem wey sabi dey shake their head’ so said Fela presciently on the first coming of GMB in 1984. Folks we are in for the long haul this time . There is no IBB equivalent in the wings to ease GMB out. That is democracy and we should not complain too much. The ‘Jubilators’ will continue jubilating for another 1,124 days. ‘ Wailers’ can continue (shaking their heads) wailing.


    Buhari does not understand his job description,he see himself as an emperor ruling over a 14th century Fulani Caliphate. The courts of law and the entire legal community need to stand up and defend the constitution against the assault of a fascist dictator.. Democracy is not just about conducting elections,Sadaam Hussien and Gaddafi both conducted elections.

    • No Bull …..

      You can’t fix Nigeria playing by the book only; necessity requires that you sometimes bypass our flawed court system for the common good.


        You just cannot pick and choose when to apply the law,that is what makes the difference between a democracy and a dictatorship. Buhari cannot operate by rules concocted in his bedroom

        • No Bull …..

          Dictatorship is not a bad word the last time I checked. Don’t forget it saved Ghana from extinction. In contrast, democracy gave us Goodluck and his gang of looters.


            Well Nigeria is a democracy and dictatorship will not apply in this discussion

    • Burbank

      “The courts of law and the entire legal community need to stand up and defend the constitution against the assault of a fascist dictator”

      Like those dictators that detained people without trials in Guantanamo.

      • Hopeistheonlyformofreason

        exactly. Though you’re being facetious the US is not the example that any country should follow. Buhari has broken the law and is blatantly violating our constitution. Lawlessness cannot and should not be promoted by anybody, specially not a sitting president.

        • Burbank

          Then you can sue Buhari today and jailed him tomorrow.

      • ed

        The Islamic terrorist that were involved in 911 are the people in Guantanamo. Not American citizens. Dasuki and Kanu are Nigerian,
        The same protection that protects Buhari should protect them. Until they’re found guilty.

        • wazobia scatter!!!!!!

          exactly,just like obama ordered the execution of alwaliki,the american citizen that turned against america ………. this folks have turned against their country and caused the deaths of fellow citizens ……..

    • Jakadiya

      Are the Iraqis and Libyans better or worse with the murder Saddam and Gaddafi?

  • Iniabasi Akpan

    Then charge d courts if they r competently corrupt.
    Who gave abokis den power… Always thinking from their anus.


    Defiance of Court Order is indeed a “HIGH TREASON” if there is one like that in our penal books. It becomes the “HIGHEST TREASON” (if such exists in our penal books) if the defiance is unfortunately coming from the head and mouth of a democratically-elected President who shoulders the obligation of being the Enforcer of law in Chief. Sections 6 and 287 of the amended 1999 Constitution vindicates me. Until President Muhammed Buhari withdraws his unfortunate arrogant statement and apologizes to Nigerians, I withdraw my support for President Muhammed Buhari and apologize to all Nigerians for actively supporting the machineries that brought a tyrant back to power.

    The Constitution of Nigeria is the plank upon which democracy is standing and if it is destroyed, democracy is gone. It is sacred and must remain inviolable. In law, nothing stands on nothing. If you put something on nothing, it will collapse. Open defiance of Court orders is literally rumpling the Nigerian Constitution and casting same to the trashcan.

    Let it always be remembered and may history and historians record that at a time like this I rose to condemn presidential impunity. The time to rise and stop Mr. President Buhari in his unconstitutional path is now. I eternally believe Thomas Paine when he reasoned that “IF THERE MUST BE TROUBLE, LET IT BE IN MY OWN DAY THAT MY CHILD MAY HAVE PEACE” May God save Nigeria from Traitors. May God bless Nigeria and give her peace! I choose to say no more.”….

    • Burbank

      Then you should make a police report today and get Buhari jailed tomorrow.

  • Burbank

    “He (Jiti Ogunye) however, added that there was no law stopping security agencies from rearresting a person released on bail if there are facts suggesting that he was involved in another crime.”

    That’s sums up perfectly the actions against Dasuki and Kanu.

  • ed

    The President answer was a national embarrassment.
    The President lack of respect and understanding of the separation of judiciary , legislative and the executive is troubling. Why should any president find any suspects guilty before trial.
    The kangaroo rules should not be our portion in 2016.
    Our outrage shouldn’t be mistaken for support of Dasuki or anyone else that’s under the lawlessness that’s currently underway. People has right to fair trial.
    Court order must be obeyed or appealed. President Buhari’s magnificent reading of the possible offensive act of Kanu or Dasuki was ill advised, let the prosecutor do their job. DSS should be called to order.

    • Jakadiya

      We are practicing Presidential System. PMB is just borrowing a leaf from the Americans: Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. NATIONAL INTEREST.

      • ed

        American citizens are not in Guantanamo Abu Ghraib. Enemy combatant were the associates of the people that destroyed world trade centre 911. Those were the people.
        The USA government created a special permit that allowed the foreign Islamic terrorist to be detained pending trials.
        Dasuki and Kanu are Nigerian citizens. Therefore covered by the same protection as Buhari.
        Please don’t mislead Nigerian about historical facts. DSS and the President can’t justify breaking the law.

        • Jakadiya

          We are talking about NATIONAL INTEREST as against the so called rule of law. Guanto and Ghraib detainees are SUSPECTS who have been denied fair hearing. Obama promised to shut down the two camps as part of his campaign promises.

  • Amir

    If Dasuki and Kalu were arrested in the UK, nobody will shout witch hunt or rule of law. This is because online and landline lawless corruption witches, dangerous ones at that, exist only in Nigeria. Ibori’s local lawyer could not even secure a visa to export the rule of law stup*dity to the UK. Ironically most PDP e-rats uneducated and daft as they are do not realise that it was Dasuki that frittered security votes away and effectively blackmailed the Jonathan administration as weak, insensitive, and incapable of defending helpless Nigerians and that made him lose miserably in 2015 elections. A former federal minister scammed unemployed graduates of cash for non-existent vacancies, cramped thousands at a football stadium and trampled numbers to their untimely death, but our rule of law apostles were quiet. It shows clearly that Jonathan’s government created a frightening army of disoriented lazy bigots that have become a worry to any sensible government.

    • ed

      You’re missing orange and apple. Compare apples with apples. The ex-minister of petroleum was arrested in England and released.
      The crying about someone running away while on bail is a sign of a fail state. You can install a chain chip on the accused. Or 24/7 monitors.
      Government that can’t release somebody because we’re not capable of doing the basic things is sad.

      • Reymeline

        Their offence are different entrely. If one of your relatives is among the victims of Boko Haram you will not be talking like this. A lot of both innocent civilians and soldiers life were lost as a result of the mismanagement of arm fund. And this Kalu has causde a lot of problem and his action also resulted in loss of life and also calling for war. Dasuki was rearrested for different case and Kalu rejected the Judge. They will be in custody until they perfect their case. Kalu disguised to enter Nigeria and use different name to lodge at hotel and initiate pple to take arm against the soverign nation, it is a criminal and treasonable offence.

        • ed

          Please go back two years, one year back and read my comments on NSA Dasuki.
          I called Dasuki the Boko Haram leader that operates from the Jonathan cabinet. You can find the reference on pointblanknews, premiumtimesng and Sahara reporter.
          Nothing has changed. The fight to put in place strong institutions for the benefit of our children is paramount. That’s my concern.
          I’m not asking or looking for personal gains.
          President Buhari must start to respect court order. There other ways to monitor people with 100% success.
          Democratic system of government where president is free to break the law is destined to failure and destruction.
          We need to build our democracy on sound rock. Not just sound ground.
          President Buhari is taking us back to the Abacha time.
          The President is careless about people like me, that campaign and supported him now that he’s the president. All we want is respect for the rule of law.

          • Ogom

            Building or reforming institutions takes time. Meanwhile they can’t let Dasuki off the hook.

            I think they’re playing the (crooked) game they met, BUT by the rules ie arrest, then rearrest on new charges. Unorthodox, but entirely by the book.

            No one can reform the judiciary, police, etc in a day. Buhari has to work within the constraints of the laws and institutions as they now stand.

    • z

      why do people keep equating insistence on following the Nigerian constitution to the latter as interpreted by the court of law with support for Jonathan. It is not the same thing….

  • femi alasoadura

    God gave us PMB with zero tolerance for corruption people are complaining about his approach to it. I reiterated Mr president should ignore any court ruling not made to protect the interest of the masses. Every country has its own method of dealing with crimes of this kind. Countries like China, UAE even Egypt have own legal ways – which they alter to suit particular cases that has to do with the sovereignty. Call it whatever name – those countries are better than Nigeria. People dont refer to constitution when they want to loot so nothing bad if we have to compromise when it comes to crimes against the state. PMB should not hesitate to pull down any structure built on false foundation as long as it is for the interest of the country – it shall be rebuilt with time . For sure, families/ friends of the looters including the benefactors are not expected to support the on going anti-corruption war of Mr president but comes whatever the truth shall prevail at the end of the day. These corrupt individuals have money also a very strong network and if they are allowed to be outside they will use these devices to escape justice. Keep them away in the interest of suffering masses…nothing will happen. UN and others are aware that we are yet to have a reliable judiciary system in Nigeria.
    Mr president, tag any individual or group attempting to disrupt peaceful coexistence of Nigeria, as terrorist then keep them in custody till they repent.

    • okenwa

      Who take these people to courts? I gues the govt! Then if the govt cannot obey the orders of the courts, then no need taking people to courts but rather gail them upon arrest.

      • NoBeLie

        Good point! Very good point. I guess when you see a threat, you don’t gamble. Especially when our judges can be easily influenced by their cases. Imagine tribunal, appeal and supreme all giving different judgements to the same case presented by the same people with same evidences. It shows that our legal system can be manipulated by our SANs. On this basis, I will understand why Bulgaria wouldn’t want to gamble with Kanu and Dasuki, whom have been seen as threats to national security in different ways.

    • Suleiman

      I hear they are trying the terrorist Shia members for public disturbance at a Kaduna Magistrate Court and not for conspiracy to overthrow the government! What a contradiction. Kanu is a terrorist for importing arms? El-Zakzaky and his gang of terrorists are being tried for public disturbance even when they engaged our military in a military-style battle, using the arms supplied by the Iranian government. What a contradiction! I see another Boko Haram brewing! Remember ISIS only came about when the Shia Prime Minister of Iraq was thrown out of office. El-Zakzaky has ran a parallel government for nearly fourty years and yet the government has not paid attention to his atrocities. Ask those of us who live in Zaria and we will tell you that this sect terrorize us on a daily basis! If they are not terrorists, what are they? If there is any more justice in Nigeria and this so-called government of change, then we must try them as terrorists. Anything short of this is discrimination against the Igbos

  • Egbokodo andrew jolomi

    When Dasuki was first granted bail to go for medical checkup abroad.I was one of those who opposed the federal government for not allowing him to travel out.But I came to realized that Dasuki is a security risk.And PMB is the chief security officer of the country.All those making noise about his continuous detention does not like this country because the level of fraud committed by this man is too enormous.He needs to be kept for security reasons if not some of those that he is implicating may even kill him.

    • Oh!

      …and such death would be a great loss to the country since all the diverted funds are yet to be recovered.


    It may be the job of the president to enable the legislature and build a better justice system but it is not his unconstitutional for him to make his own laws or govern by his own laws. Buhari is fast losing legitimacy because he is becoming lawless.

  • linkhadj.

    Our Judiciary is obviously not supporting the anti-corruption fight. A common thief who steals 50,000 Naira will be denied bail by our courts and locked up in prison while a politician who steals billions and has the means to buy his way through will be granted liberal bail, even on self-cognisance. Our judiciary is indeed rotten.

  • Bayo

    “1. Not all criminal cases are bailable. Terrorism falls within this. All the people currently detained are terrorists. You may wonder how Dasuki and KANU could be described as terrorists. Kindly consult your dictionary for the meaning and types of terrorism. In those days the British and Americans regarded any communist or socialist ideology as terrorism. So never think that Shekau alone is a terrorist in Nigeria.
    2. Judges only adjudicate on facts of matters currently before them but the security agencies may have facts that can compromise the security of the nation.
    There were two terrorists, Abu Qatada and Abu Hamzat in the UK who fought tooth and nail against their extradition from UK to Jordan and US respectively. They got judgements both in UK and EU courts that they should remain in UK. Theresa May and Cameron did not obey those judgements on the ground that these two people were security risks to the survival of UK. They made sure the two terrorists were bundled out of UK.
    Nowhere in the world any government would obey the judgements that threaten the survival of such govt. How many UN resolutions have been passed on Israel without obeying a single one out of them? The survival of Israel and its people are important to its govt. Nobody would know the inside out of Ojo more than his mother says a Yoruba dictum.
    Perhaps you were not in Nigeria when our judges were rejecting video and finger print evidence in election petitions. Is that the type of judgements you wanted us to obey in this 21st century of technology?”

  • ilubarde

    President Muhammadu Buhari
    may have said what he said. But, the reality is that he did not order
    the continued detention of Dasuki and Kanu in continued violation of
    court orders.
    The reality is that Kanu was discharged by
    a Magistrate Court and the security agencies complied and released him.
    But, he was re-arrested on a different offence and charged to a High
    Court. At the High court, the new charges were read out to his hearing
    and he was asked to plead. Kanu refused to plead and instead expressed
    lack of confidence at the judge. The judge correctly washed his hands
    off the case and returned the case file
    to the Chief Judge, Federal High Court for re-assignment to another
    judge. In the meantime, he must continue to be arrested pending the
    re-assignment. This does not in any way indicate a flouting of court
    order. Which court order?
    The case of Dasuki is different.
    has been granted bail but has been re-arrested on other allegations against
    him. He can be re-arraigned for as many times as there are different
    alleged crimes against him. Again, where is the executive interference
    in this case?

  • Those that brought this calamity upon us shall never be forgiven. Those that conspired to turn our nation to a tyrant shall forever remained condemned. Our democracy will take care of the mess we are in. This also shall pass.

    • muazu wali

      Amin. Those who stole our money should be arrested and locked up for life.

  • Chris Osborne

    You are gullible and talking like this will make police to ‘re arrest at will. If the court grants them bail then the law enforcement agencys should do their homework before arrest. Also do not forget IG of police said conduct it investigations properly before found for arrest and charge the suspect to court within 24hr. See what the law said pls. Flagrant breach of court orders is not the way to go about fighting for corruption.

    I for one will resist arrest by all means available to me once I am certain that court decision will not be obeyed by those who see my arrest.

    It’s time for people to say no to this ugly trend and allow rule of law fully obeyed as scripted because many will resist arrest and will result in absolute state of anarchy. Police will abuse it and the citizens will abuse the policing systems as well a……..

  • Chris Osborne

    The court orders were obeyed. It amazes me when you compare US senerios with our. In USA police and all law enforcement must obtain arrest warrants from the court before going for such arrest and thence no court order is flawed. Most arrests are charged within hrs or bail granted….. So you people should not try to compare this acts of GMB to any civilized democracy.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Senile, illiterate certificate forger and perjurer MuhamMADU (alias Dept. of Customs and Exercise, French Franc, Deutch Mark and President Michelle of Western Germany) Buhari is an animal that needs to be tamed soon.

    • muazu wali

      Freedom of speech does not allow you to abuse anyone especially the President. Let us introduce self respect and some decency in our postings.

  • muazu wali

    The President is expressing his misgivings on the court and Nigerian judicial system he inherited.He was a victim himself.The courts are now on trial. If EFCC disobeys the courts what next. The courts can summon the chairman of the agency for contempt why didin’t they? The process has nothing to do with Buhari.