Again, SSS disobeys court order, detains ex-NSA, Dasuki despite bail order

FILE PHOTO: Former NSA Sambo Dasuki and others arraigned over misappropriation at the FCT High Court in Abuja

The State Security Service has again ignored a court order directing it and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to release a former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, on bail, his lawyer has said​.​

Three separate courts have so far granted Mr. Dasuki bail, who, alongside five others, is standing trial on a 22-count charge for alleged diversion of funds, misappropriation and breach of trust to the tune of N19.4 billion.

The charges were brought against them by the EFCC.
The former NSA and former Minister for State of Finance, Bashir Yuguda; former Sokoto Governor, Attahiru Bafarawa; ‎and three others were granted bail on December 21 by the Federal Capital Territory High Court in the sum of N250 million each and two sureties in like sum.

But even after fulfilling the conditions for his bail by Justice Peter Affe​n​, according to Ahmed Raji (SAN) his lawyer, the SSS has refused to allow him go home.

He said rather than allowing him to go, the service took custody of Mr. Dasuki. He is currently detained in Kuje Prisons.

Mr. Raji, who perfected the bail conditions, said the former NSA satisfied all the conditions, wondering why the SSS operatives would not obey the court order.

He said the action of the security organisation was an affront to the rule of law under democracy.

The lawyer appealed to the SSS and the Federal Government to obey the court order and allow Mr. Dasuki to enjoy the bail granted him by a court.

Before the bail, the former NSA had previously been granted bail on two occasions.

Justice Adeniyi Ademola of the Federal High Court had on November 3 granted bail to Mr. Dasuki, who was charged for unlawful possession of firearms.

The SSS however scuttle​d​ the bail the following day as its operative​s​ continued to lay siege on ​Mr. Dasuki’s​ residence in the Asokoro District of Abuja ​where he was kept under house arrest.

The service had claimed at the time that the former NSA was under investigation for another offence.

Mr. Dasuki was subsequently arraigned ​before​ an Abuja High Court for alleged breach of trust. Although the court granted him bail, the security outfit ignored it.​

The SSS could not be reached to comment on this story.​


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  • FreeNigeria

    The thief Dasuki na flight risk, make them keep am. From there he go Kirikiri him permanent residence for life.

  • Don Ajufo

    I thought the era of impunity was gone. You are blackmailed for supporting corruption if you insist on the rule of law taking its course but I believe that the law should be revised to deny the SSS of the powers to detain peopke at their discretion. The 48 hours rule must be followed to the letter. President Buhari promised the end of impunity. Unless I don’t understand the meaning of that word, he has lied to us.

    • muazu wali

      He means end of impunity to honest Nigerians. War and nor mercy to crooks and people who breach public trust.

  • Bayo Ola

    Dasuki was rearrested and detained on other charges. He was freed on previous charges but re arrested on new charges. Premium Times needs to reflect this!

    • e_orpheus

      Indeed, misleading headline.
      Akpolobokemi met bail conditions and was rearrested shortly afterwards on fresh charges.
      Kanu was released by the court and rearrested shortly afterwards on fresh charges.
      Dasuki met bail conditions and was rearrested likely on fresh charges.
      The headline is quite misleading. There’s no disobedience from the DSS.

      • Burning Spear

        Is this how educated u are-!? The headline is correct– I am a very strong critic of Premium Times—-But this time around the headline they cast is correct–as a matter of fact I am even shocked to have them cast such a bold headline——There is no law anywhere in the world which says a human being should be re- arrested when granted bail by the courts—————-Then granted bail again and then re–arrested–such draconian satanic laws can only be found in africa ati Nigeria—under a military dictator like buhari–kalas

        • e_orpheus

          I’ll try to illustrate as someone else on the forum has before.
          A thief smashes a window, enters a building and steals a TV set. When caught and arraigned he could be charged for theft and released on bail. Once free, he could be rearrested and charged for damage to private property. No law has been broken.
          He could have been charged with both offences in one sitting, but alas the prosecution chooses to charge separately.
          For the current offenders of the nigerian state, I suspect the rearrests serve multiple purposes. It buys the prosecution time to gather all their evidence, it ensures the accused don’t flee the country or otherwise disappear, it keeps the accused on their toes filing this and that and may pressure them into making additional mistakes, and it makes life very uncomfortable for the accused. I’m sure there are other things it accomplishes.
          While the back and forth may dizzy and wear out the casual observer, give it time, if they’ve committed the crimes they’ll certainly be brought down.

      • muazu wali

        I wonder its all in their bis to sell papers.

    • Xto

      True talk. The media needs to key in to this war. This is government’s reply to perpetual injunctions of the past. Its all about spreading your nets – one must enter. I’m happy with this new way of doing things.

    • REDEEM

      And u call that justice abi? Where were the janjaweed thoughts of the Itsekiri He goat Sagay who introduced the idea–was this not the same method Buhari used against late Tai Solarin–Babatope—Late Pa Ajasin of Ondo state–over 30 years ago? What about the drug offenders whose case was on appeal when Buhari executed them–? Buhari of 30 years ago is the same Luciferic person today—Regardless of the efforts of the moaning mourners—-the Apes in APC hired———to rebrand him on the web for the Fulanis

    • Oh!

      you are wasting your time on these clowns.

      They are grasping at straws to bash Buhari! If this is all they can come up with, Buhari must be performing excellently!

  • sammyctu ode

    When these evil corrupt criminals were stealing and looting billions do they think of the havoc they are doing to the nation? My answer is No but after getting caught in the act they run to useless corrupt judges for protection and bail. I am not saying that FG should disobey court orders but until our judges do the right things this kind of situation will continue to happen. dasuki was most evil, his actions killed many innocent people, soldiers are in jail because of his evil callous actions. When we talk about the rule of law, let us differentiate the western rule of law from ours. In USA and Western countries, nobody is above the law and when anybody commits a criminal act, they are promptly arrested, prosecuted and jailed but in Nigeria, these criminals continue to steal, loot and commit criminal acts and after leaving office and they are caught, they start bribing our judges for bail. dasuki and all those who got the blood money committed crime against humanity and they deserve no mercy and not entitled to any bail. It is high time our judges wake up and perform their duties under our constitution period.

    • Bullshit,….,, that’s what your comment is. Bullshit,

      • muazu wali


  • Burning Spear

    Blame the ongoing mess in the country on Nigerians who aided the CIA to reward dangerous, insensitive, dishonest, mean, cruel, partial, egoistic, religious, fundamendalist, conscienceless human being like MOHAMMADU BUHARI with the presidency of Nigeria with his evil track record. See why most Africans and Europeans still wonder why Nigeria has not and will not make it to the promised land? In spite of our oil well wealth-He is a Fulani oligarch who does not believe in equality before the law! That is why he has refused to allow Dasuki ati Kanu and Akpos of NIMSA go home free men-The way he jailed Lateef Jakande, Jim Nwobodo, Ambrose Ali, Pa Adekunle Ajasin, Chief Ayo Ojewumi on cases that had no foundation in Law. But allowed Awwal Ibrahim, the then Niger State governor, who was arrested in Heathrow Airport in London with 14 million pounds sterling and several millions of Niara and dollars to go home a free man!! Even allowed Shehu Kangiwa, Sokoto State Governor who conducted and supervised the famous Bakolori Massacre of poor peasant farmers whose land were appropriated without compesation to be set free-So who is that person with no sense of history to tell me that Buhari is a changed man–who Syxoinka or Obj abi na Falani ati Senior house boy to Buhari— Sagay!? Buhari of yesterday is the same luciferic person–he will never change-animals

    • Oh!

      Go take laxatives because you seem to be dangerously constipated. In the future, try to incorporate some fiber in your diet……..hopefully, these measures will de-fuddle your brain!

    • muazu wali


  • Julius

    Charge him with another count !

  • This man called Buhari is unfit to be the president in a democracy. Any probe that violates the civil and constitutional rights of a Nigerian should be dismissed on technicalities. We have seen this nonsense perpetrated before by this lawless man. A Nigerian is innocent until proven guilty. Buhari and his Gestapo had tried and found Dasuki guilty. This process is a mess and unlawful. This tyranny cannot stand.

    • West

      But Dasuki is fit to loot funds meant to buy arms to equip those young loyal and dedicated military guys, resulting in the death of those boys. U need to have your properly examined

      • The allegations are speculative at this stage. Let’s start the trial so Dasuki can tell his story. But there cannot be a trial without bail. It’s called Due Process. These charges could be dismissed on legal technicalities in a civilized society. Why is this man, called Buhari messing up our system. We’ve seen this before. Nigeria is a joke.

        • muazu wali

          In the meantime let Dasuki remain in prison.

    • kinsly

      Actions that leads to murder and crime against humanity is not Bailable. Dasuki should stop wasting time and start facing his trials.

      • No Nigerian is above the law. The rule of law is the foundation of a civilized society. Buhari is not above the law. His impunity and the violations of the law is an IMPEACHABLE crime. Buhari is on notice.

  • Oh!

    Premium Times does not understand the aspect of lesser included charges!
    Again, if you steal our DVD player and are arrested and brought to court only to have the court dismiss those charges, we can automatically charge you with the theft of the DVD inside the DVD player.

    The Judge can dismiss this as well, and we can charge yo with stealing the electric cable the dvd player needs for connection…….and the beat goes on!

    • Only in a banana republic like Nigeria.

    • kinsly

      Please help me teach all the block heads. Finally,someone with full grasp of what is going on.

    • Exactly! I wonder why people think Dasuki is actually being detained without cause.
      Yes he was granted bail for the offense brought forward. This however, does not mean he can’t be detained again if fresh charges are levelled against him. And detaining him thus does not in any way go against the rules of democracy.

  • Dazmillion

    Buhari needs to be careful to fight corruption within the ambit of the law no matter how irritating.

    • Arrest warrant

      You need to Becarefull first for interfering with NATIONAL SECURITY CASE LIKE THIS…DZMIILION OR WAT EVA..

  • Eze Udeka

    The Courts should, henceforth simply continue releasing Dasuki on bail in recognition of the bails already granted and perfected until all the courts in Nigeria have done so. Then it will be the turn of Sharia courts to take over the charade.

  • Arrest warrant

    This monster DASUKI treated Jonathan like an infant on faked rumours of security against the presidency…and has more power than even the then jona president..he played the intelligence reports and write nonsense to DUMBO JONA PRESIDENT…HE is comfortable with his actions then while millions of his country men are at risk and dying…how on earth can this man live in peace ?…DASUKI HELL AWAITS YOU..

  • Suleiman

    1984 NSO under Rafin Dadi, 2015 DSS under Lawal Musa Daura. All from the Daura axis. Any correlation?

  • Oh!

    All things being equal, Col. Dasuki is as dumb as they come. He knew the part he played in toppling Buhari’s administration in 1983. Having the type of access and liquidity at his finger tips, a wise person would have ensured that Buhari never wins the presidency.
    Instead, this national security adviser used all in his power to do the dumbest thing his addled mind could fathom: He misappropriated $2 billion. We are talking about 2 billion in dollars!!! How the devil does he think he can get away with it?

    To top it all, these are funds that if used for their intended purposes (purchasing weapons to fight Boko Haram), would have significantly enhanced Jonathan’s chances of retaining the Presidency…..hence nullifying any chance of being at the wrong end of Buhari’s deserved presidency.

    Away with the imbecile!

    • muazu wali

      Obe you have hit the nail on the head. The only explanation one can make is that PDP’s time in governance rasu up. Dasuki could have run away, but he did not. He went to Chatham House and announced the postponement of the elections. After the elections with Buhari in the Villa he still stayed put. As you rightly said Dasuki is dumb.