How 14 suicide bombers descended on Maiduguri to kill dozens – Army

FILE PHOTO: Bomb explosion scene

Fourteen female suicide bombers descended on Borno State on Sunday, killing 25 people and injuring at least, 85, the Nigerian Army has said.

Yushau Abubakar, a Major-General, said during a press briefing in Mai‎duguri, Monday, that the suicide bombers blew themselves into bits as they attempted to invade the city.

“The 14 female suicide bombers, who were between the ages of 12 and 18, attempted to entered Maiduguri with the intent to cause mayhem, confusion, and panic,” said Mr. Abubakar, the Commander of Operation Lafiya Dole, who represented the GOC, 7 Division, Major-General Lamidi Adeosun.

The attack, one among a recent wave of violent assaults by the Boko Haram terrorists, came days after the Nigerian government claimed it had met its December deadline of defeating the insurgents.

Mr. Abubakar said the girls, who planned to carry out coordinated suicide missions through Asmari, Damboa checkpoint, Ali Dawari, Molai Kura, Baderi, and Jumari villages, were intercepted by soldiers on patrol.

Three of the terrorists, according to the army officer, detonated their Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) while seven others were shot dead by soldiers.

One of the bombers was arrested while three others escaped.

“I believe this development has averted what would have been a major disaster if they had gained entrance into Maiduguri,” Mr. Abubakar said.

“One of the girls went into a nearby house and requested for water to perform ablution but instead prepared herself and came to a nearby mosque, killing herself and one other person while 13 others sustained injuries.”

Mr. Abubakar said four soldiers were killed as the insurgents recently ambushed Nigerian troops in Mairaria village on the Maiduguri and Firgi road.

Fourteen insurgents, he said, also died in the ensuing gun battle.

The army general noted that the terrorists had now resorted to attacking “soft targets” and ‎laying ambush for soldiers due to their weakened strength.

Also‎ speaking to journalists on Monday, in Maiduguri, the Borno State Police Command confirmed the death of scores of people after a suspected bomb blast near a mosque in Silimanti on the outskirt of Maiduguri.
Victor Isuku, the Police Public Relations Officer, gave the confirmation while speaking with journalists in Maiduguri.

“I can confirm to you that the incident happened in the early hours of Monday,” Mr. Isuku said.

“But I cannot give you the casualty figures as aid workers are still counting.”

However, some residents claimed that at least 20 persons were killed.

Bukar Idris a resident of the area said, “I was lucky to have escaped the attack because I left the place few minutes to fetch something in my house for a friend at the gathering.

“But I lost two childhood friends Mallam Modu Bushara and Mallam Shehu Sawab,” Mr. Idris said, adding that he counted at least 20 dead bodies before the arrival of aids workers at the scene.‎


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  • Very Proud Oily IZON Redeemer

    “Defeated” BOKO HARAM Kills 282 Nigerians In 4 Days.

    1] 25/12/2015: Duwari, an outlying suburb of Maiduguri, the village chief, 10 of his children and 28 others killed. [39 Killed].

    2] 26/12/2015: village of Kimba in Gur ward of Biu Local Government Area of Borno State. [13 KILLED]

    3] 27/12/2015: Alidawari village close to Molai area of, Maiduguri and Jiddari Polo area of Maiduguri. [200 Killed].

    4] 28/12/2015: Motor park in Madagali, the headquarters of Madagali Local Government of Adamawa state – [30 Killed].


  • Kickboxer

    Since these bombings were done by “technically defeated” Boko Haram they can only cause technical DEATHS & INJURIES.

    Now brainless Buhari start sharing N5,000 per BOKO member……that way we shall technically prolong the technically self-inflicted deaths and injuries on Northerners.

  • Ehichioya Ezomon

    @Kickboxer and IzonRedeemer; You are happy and mocking the govt over the death of many innocent Nigerians in the hands of Boko Haram. It’s a big shame on you two to rejoice over the blood of fellow Nigerians.

    • DOD

      Shut your yeye mouth

    • UOU

      But you rejoiced, feted and enjoyed your silly and dirty self, when/while such carnage were going on by this time last year 2014. Wicked Hypocrites, since you evil people have decided to make mockery of human lives, why do you complain now or you forget that what goes round, comes around.. The same weapon you used to maul others, would also be used to maul you someday

  • DOD

    Where is oga mouth ordour who said Boko Haram have been defeated? He should ask Buhari to use his body ordour to stop them.


  • SAM .A

    This news make me sad everyday. 14 female suicide bombers , killed 25 , injured 85. The Governor Kassim Shettiman should declare state of emergency where no female will wear pudah to public place , just cover only your face . The civilian JTF since they know their community and villages more than the soldiers should be allowed to sweep through the whole Borno State with the Soldiers assisting them and immigration officers preventing anybody from coming in or going out during this period. I am tired of hearing this evil cowards taking the live of my fellow Nigerians prematurely.

    • Otile

      Are you sure the news is true? How can this happen? What did Imam Mohamed Buhari do with $2.1 billion he borrowed from the World Bank? He said that he understood the high interest rate involved but he had to take the loan to settle his people. How can they receive that kind of money and still carry out suicide bombing on people? Nigeria needs to divide, nobody from east of the Niger can do this. If this were to happen there Imam and his Yoruba slaves would have joined hips to obliterate the region.

    • UOU

      You are the original and confirmed coward

      • SAM .A

        Mumu , I am not a coward , you should fight insurgence with [sense] tactics/technology , better than their crude method , deny them of fund and space , no chicken hearted murderer is allowed to cover her head without passing through metal detector . no more head cover , that is what i am talking about intead of turning yourself to Suya, for this hell bound murderers .

        • UOU

          As a hypocrite, sadists, slow poison, back stabber and mischief maker, you have written all that “Technically”

  • Darlington

    Buhari has joined Nigerian Institute of Clueless Leaders. Where is the change? Have we forgotten the Chibok girls?

  • Otile

    Aboki Yushau Abubakar must be lying to us. Are we to believe him or to believe the announcement minister Alhaji Liar Mohammed. Maybe Aboki Abubakar was simply re-enacting some battles fought long time ago with Boko Haram at Medinatul Islam. Aboki Abubakar has not yet heard that under the leadership of Imam Mohamed Buhari our gallant troops have defeated Boko Haram for good. They should not report this kind of news again it puts our Imam and his announcement minister in bad light.

  • B. Messi

    I think lai(e) meant to say the APC e-zombies; Wahala/julius, TundeMESS aka Tunsj/mosaku/tunji olanrewaju, Okrika merchant Kay soyemi, etc, have been degraded.
    Curiously, their disappearance coincided with Laie)’s announcement of the BH defeat. The word on the lips of every discerning Nigerian is the apparent DECIMATION of those zombies above. They have been s quiet.
    I hope what people are thinking/insinuating is not true.

    • Otile

      My brother, don’t count on that. definitely they are lying low in their hideouts, when the dust settles they will rear their ugly heads again. I believe we have not heard the last from them. By the way you forgot to mention their awon ori ejo, I mean their awon omo meji: transvestite Maria and her aburo Burbank.

  • Otile

    This is a great day for Imam Abu Shekau and his fighters. The actualization of Islamic Caliphate of Arewa is going according to plan. Beelzebub is great. Nobody can tell what will happen to the Republic of Oduduwa when the Caliphate breaks away, maybe the insolent Odua minions will all commit suicide because they cannot live to see Nigeria break up.

    • Dan maikoko

      A great for not having any territory under his control? A great day for resorting to the first method they used when they were weak and just starting? A great day when all their leadership has been decimated? What great day Otile, have you recently heard of the great Imam? Where is he?

  • UOU

    The died technically yet some evil people are playing with others lives as if we are all chicken, perhaps until there is full blown war then this technical government will know it cant make any impact with lies, propaganda, wickedness and hate

  • Fairgame

    Buhari is a beneficiary of Boko Haram’s massacres and now another northerner seeking to take Buhari’s seat perhaps the cursed Nasir el Rufai who is so desperate to rule Nigeria, is using same Boko Haram that Buhari used to get that power from Buhari. Buhari announces that he has defeated Boko Haram and a day or two later Boko Haram strikes mercilessly to send a message from their sponsor to Buhari. This evil of Boko Haram, murdering and shedding blood for political power was created in the north and the north will burn for it.! And all supporters of this evil people who used the blood of helpless Nigerians to get political power will surely share in the wrath from God. Lying liars

  • Dan maikoko

    BH is not holding any territory, they cant cut any video, they don’t come out in open display of their prowess, they cant attack any fortified targets and indeed any secured area, they don’t have any hideouts in sambisa. I am satisfied they are defeated.

    • Fairgame

      Abeg make we hear word. Boko Haram was on the run before Buhari took over. Now a section of Boko Haram has taken over in service to one of the northern politicians probably cursed el Rufai who wants power by all means. Shekau’s paymasters have called him back that is Buhari but unfortunately for Buhari and Shekau they have no control over the other fragments of Boko Haram under the pay of some other northern politicians. The lie of not holding territory is another APC lie to show an inconclusive achievement by Buhari.

  • 9jas are now talking

    (Well, I can tell you now that never in the history of the world has a gov­ernment given insurgency ultimatum as Buhari and Liar Mohamed did recently on behalf of APC lying machine. They say it must end by December. America has never done it in Iraq, Pakistan, Libya and Syria, anywhere. So, it passeth all understanding for me that as soon as Buhari came, he gave in­surgency a terminal date. The impres­sion we get is that somebody knows something that we don’t know in Nigeria. And that is Buhari.

    What I have seen in the last few months is magic, military magic. All along we see convoy of cars of the militants with their tanks and flags that when they went to Chibok they had vehicles to carry 290 girls— those girls were taken with not less than 50 vehicles. Now you say you are routing them, we didn’t recover any vehicle, I haven’t seen any of those Hilux vehi­cles. You declared 100 people wanted but none of its leaders has been cap­tured and you are telling me that the Boko Haram war has ended. So, who is suspect­ing who? I rather want to see it as an international phenomenon, but trying to politicize insurgency which is what the APC did in the first place, is evil. I had warned that insecurity in any part of the country should be seen as a col­lective responsibility and opposition mustn’t use it to play politics. APC was responsible for that and now that it is PDP turn in opposition they should also play the same game that APC introduced against Jonathan.)

  • Fairgame

    Lying liars. All liars will go to hell. The families of those who lost their lives are the ones wailing and yea I wail with them. But you that support the blood shedding will pay with your life.

  • Fairgame

    Lying liar

  • All Trust

    In short why did u people ”From the North” actually start this insurgency in the first place? Quite unfair!!!

  • Omotolaaraujo

    See what happens when girls aren’t educated?

  • FACTS!!! Hard Facts

    1—- 29-May-15——Bornu —— 12—— 7=========Twin bombs in Nigeria’s Borno
    2—- 30-May-15——Bornu —— 0—— 26=========Terrorists on horseback invade Borno village
    3—- 30-May-15——Bornu —— 11—— 8=========Suicide bomber atack in Bornu Market
    4—- 31-May-15——Bornu —— 0—— 48=========Boko Haram attackes Monguno
    5—- 2-Jun-15——–Bornu —— 0—— 50=========Bomb blast hits market in Maiduguri city
    6—- 3-Jun-15——Bornu —— 33—— 2=========Bomb attacks by Islamic terrorists in Maiduguri
    7—- 3-Jun-15——Bornu —— 0—— 18=========Islamic Suicide bomber attackes mechanic workshop
    8—- 4-Jun-15——Bornu —— 0—— 2=========Islamists attacks in a Maiduguri Village
    9—- 4-Jun-15——Bornu —— 0—— 2=========Female suicide bomber attacks Checkpoint
    10—- 4-Jun-15—–Adamawa — 11—— 45=========Islamist terrorists attack Yola market with bomb blasts
    11—- 6-Jun-15——Bornu —— 4—— 2=========Suicide bomber attacks Bornu
    12—- 6-Jun-15——Bornu —— 5—— 16=========Bomb blast hits market
    13—- 8-Jun-15——Bornu —— 0—— 19========= Boko Haram attacks village in Borno
    14—- 9-Jun-15——Bornu —— 0—— 3=========Female suicide bombers in Borno
    15—- 10-Jun-15——Bornu —— 3—— 43========= Boko Haram attacks Maiduguri village
    16—- 12-Jun-15——Bornu —— 2—— 8=========Soldiers (3) killed as Nigerian army engages terrorists
    17—- 13-Jun-15——Bornu —— 2—— 3=========Suicide attacks in Maiduguri
    18—- 15-Jun-15——Yobe —— 4—— 11========= Two blasts in northeast Nigeria’s Potiskum
    19—- 16-Jun-15——Bornu —— 8—— 63=========Explosives abandoned by Boko Haram explodes in city
    20—- 22-Jun-15——Bornu —— 0—— 20========= Boko Haram attacks Bornu village
    21—- 22-Jun-15——Bornu —— 9—— 30=========Boko haram attacks market in Maiduguri
    22—- 23-Jun-15——Yobe —— 3—— 15=========Female suicide bomber attacks Yobe market
    23—- 23-Jun-15——Bornu —— 0—— 20========= Boko Haram attacks Bornu Village at night
    24—- 27-Jun-15——Bornu —— 1—— 5=========Bko haram’s suicide bombers attack Bornu
    25—- 30-Jun-15——Bornu —— 1—— 1========= Bomb blast hits market in Maiduguri city
    26—- 1-Jul-15——–Bornu —— 0—— 2========= Suicide bombers attack hospital as Osinbajo visits
    27—- 1-Jul-15——–Bornu —— 19—— 118========= Boko Haram attackes Kukawa town
    28—- 2-Jul-15——–Bornu —— 2—— 12========= Islamist Boko haram attacks Maiduguri village
    29—- 3-Jul-15——Bornu —— 0—— 11========= Boko Haram assassinates 11 of its members in Borno
    30—- 3-Jul-15——Bornu —— 1—— 29========= Fleeing Boko Haram terrorists civilians
    31—- 3-Jul-15——Bornu —— 4—— 61========= Boko Haram attacks Borno’s capital in mass killing
    32—- 5-Jul-15——Bornu —— 5—— 6========= Suicide bomber attacks Church in Bornu
    33—- 5-Jul-15——Plateau —— 11—— 51=========Islamist terrorist Boko haram attacks city of Jos
    34—- 6-Jul-15——Kano —— 0—— 1=========Boko Suicide bomber strikes near Kano mosque
    35—- 7-Jul-15——Bornu —— 0—— 4========= Female suicide bomber attacks military checkpoint
    36—- 7-Jul-15——Kaduna —— 11—— 30========= Bomb blast attacks by terrorists in Zaria
    37—- 7-Jul-15——Kaduna —— 9—— 41========= Female bomber attacks Kaduna verification centre
    38—- 10-Jul-15——Bornu —— 0—— 8========= Boko Haram gunmen northeast Nigeria
    39—- 10-Jul-15——Bornu —— 1—— 45========= Boko Haram attacks Monguno village
    40—- 11-Jul-15——Bornu —— 0—— 4=========Exlosions by Boko haram
    41—- 11-Jul-15——Bornu —— 0—— 11========= Boko Haram attacks village
    42—- 13-Jul-15——Bornu —— 2—— 1=========Boko haram’s bomb in Bus hits checkpoint
    43—- 13-Jul-15——Bornu —— 3—— 30=========Boko Haramattacks Bornu village
    44—- 14-Jul-15——Bornu —— 0—— 15========= Boko Haram raids Borno border town in night attack
    45—- 14-Jul-15——Bornu —— 7—— 20=========Boko Haram attacks Ngamdu
    46—- 16-Jul-15——Gombe —— 19—— 50========= Boko Haram attacks Gombe market with bombs
    47—- 17-Jul-15——Yobe —— 8—— 50=========Boko Haram bombers attack Damaturu prayer ground
    48—- 20-Jul-15——Yobe —— 0—— 8========= Boko Haram bombers attacked Damaturu checkpoint
    49—- 21-Jul-15——Bornu —— 0—— 2=========Bokoharam terrorists attack Nigerian army chief’s home
    50—- 22-Jul-15——Bornu —— 0—— 8========= Suspected Islamists kill eight in NE Nigeria village
    51—- 22-Jul-15——Gombe —— 3—— 37=========Boko haram attacks Gombe city
    52—- 24-Jul-15——Bornu —— 2—— 18=========Boko Haram kills 18, burns houses in Borno
    53—- 24-Jul-15——Bornu —— 2—— 25========= Boko Haram attacks NE Nigeria
    54—- 26-Jul-15——Bornu —— 1—— 22========= Female suicide bomber attacks Bornu market
    55—- 27-Jul-15——Bornu —— 2—— 29========= Fresh Boko Haram attacks Borno Village
    56—- 30-Jul-15——Bornu —— 0—— 7=========Boko Haram kills 7 in Brnu village
    57—- 31-Jul-15——Bornu —— 0—— 13========= Boko Haram attacks Maiduguri village
    58—- 1-Aug-15——Bornu —— 0—— 13========= Boko Haram attacks Borno community
    59—- 2-Aug-15——Bornu —— 0—— 8=========Boko Haram attacks Madagali
    60—- 4-Aug-15——Bornu —— 0—— 13========= Boko Haram kills 10 fishermen in Baga
    61—- 6-Aug-15——Yobe —— 0—— 9========= Boko Haram kills in Yobe Villages
    62—- 9-Aug-15——Bornu —— 0—— 4=========Boko Haram attacks Borno highway
    63—- 11-Aug-15——Bornu —— 0—— 8=========Terrorists attacks and abducts women in Maiduguri
    64—- 11-Aug-15——Bornu —— 5—— 47========= Boko haram attacks Borno state
    65—- 12-Aug-15——Bornu —— 0—— 17========= Boko haram kills 17 in Bornu with vigilantes
    66—- 15-Aug-15——Bornu —— 0—— 6========= Suicide bomber attacks Bornu
    67—- 17-Aug-15——Bornu —— 0—— 7========= Boko Haram raids Borno village, loots grains,livestocks
    68—- 18-Aug-15——Yobe —— 1—— 160=========Yobe residents drown, killed by Boko Haram
    69—- 21-Aug-15——Bornu —— 0—— 2=========Explosives kill two soldiers in Borno
    70—- 23-Aug-15——Bornu ——— —— 11=========Boko Haram members ambush convoy of Army chief
    71—- 25-Aug-15——Bornu —— 0—— 2========= Suicide bombers kill Soldiers at Maiduguri checkpoint
    72—- 25-Aug-15——Yobe —— 20—— 8=========Suicide bombers strike in Yobe
    73—- 25-Aug-15——Bornu —— 6—— 24=========Boko Haram Attacks Bornu
    74—- 27-Aug-15——Bornu —— 0—— 4=========Boko Haram Attacks Bornu
    75—- 28-Aug-15——Bornu —— 7—— 68========= Boko Haram Attacks Borno Village On Horseback
    76—- 29-Aug-15——Bornu —— 1—— 24========= Boko Haram militants attacks NE Nigeria
    77—- 30-Aug-15——Yobe —— 0—— 10=========Islamists attack villagers in Yobe
    78—- 31-Aug-15——Bornu —— 28—— 26=========Suicide bomber attacks mosque in Maiduguri
    79—- 31-Aug-15——Bornu —— 0—— 4========= Boko Haram attacks Bornu village
    80—- 2-Sep-15——Bornu —— 0—— 5========= Suspected Boko Haram gunmen attack Bormu village
    81—- 3-Sep-15——Bornu —— 0—— 53========= Again, Boko Haram attacks Bornu village
    82—- 4-Sep-15——Bornu —— 0—— 30========= Boko Haram attacks Bornu village
    83—- 11-Sep-15——Adamawa — 0—— 5=========Suicide attack on Adamawa community
    84—- 11-Sep-15——Adamawa — 0—— 10=========Boko haram attacks Yola IDP camp with bomb blast
    85—- 20-Sep-15——Bornu —— 0—— 27=========Boko haram attacks Monguno with bokmbs
    86—- 20-Sep-15——Bornu —— 37—— 117=========Boko haram attacks with sporadic bombs
    87—- 24-Sep-15——Bornu —— 0—— 20========= Many killed as Boko Haram attacks Monguno, Baga
    88—- 27-Sep-15——Bornu —— 0—— 20========= Boko Haram kiils in Bornu in a midnight attack
    89—- 1-Oct-15——Adamawa — 0—— 11========= Boko Haramattacks Adamawa
    90—- 1-Oct-15——Bornu —— 0—— 15========= Boko Haram suicide bombers attack with multiple blasts
    91—- 2-Oct-15——Bornu —— 0—— 20========= Boko Haram attacks Gwoza
    92—- 6-Oct-15——Bornu —— 0—— 20=========Boko haram attacks Gubio mosque
    93—- 7-Oct-15——Yobe —— 0—— 18=========Multiple blasts in Yobe by Boko haram
    94—- 10-Oct-15——Bornu —— 0—— 3=========Boko Haram kills 80-year-old, and others in Borno
    95—- 12-Oct-15——Bornu —— 0—— 14=========Boko Haram raid in Bornu
    96—- 13-Oct-15——Bornu —— 0—— 7=========Boko haram blasts in Maiduguri
    97—- 15-Oct-15——Bornu —— 0—— 35=========Boko Haram bombs worshippers in Maiduguri mosque
    98—- 16-Oct-15——Bornu —— 0—— 30=========Boko Suicide bombers attacks Maiduguri
    99—- 17-Oct-15——Bornu —— 0—— 12=========Boko Haram storms Adamawa village
    100—- 21-Oct-15——Bornu —— 0—— 20=========Boko Haram attacks Maiduguri
    101—- 23-Oct-15——Bornu —— 0—— 28=========Boko haram suicide bombers attacks Maiduguri mosque
    102—- 23-Oct-15——Yola —— 3—— 56=========Boko haram attacks Yola Mosque
    103—- 24-Oct-15——Bornu —— 1—— 5========= Four suicide bombers attack Bornu
    104—- 25-Oct-15——Bornu —— 0—— 4========= Boko harams suicide bombers strike in Bornu
    105—- 28-Oct-15——Bornu —— 0—— 20========= Boko Haram launches fresh attack on Yobe town
    106—- 17-Nov-15——Yobe —— 80—— 34========= Boko haram attacks Yola
    107—- 18-Nov-15——Kano —— 2—— 19=========Kano twin suicide bomb blasts
    108—- 20-Nov-15——Bornu —— 0—— 7========= Boko Haram attacks Fika village
    109—- 27-Nov-15——Kaduna —— 0—— 21=========Boko Haram suicide attacks on Shit Muslim march
    110—- 12-Dec-15——Bornu —— 0—— 30=========Boko Haram attacks 3 Maiduguri villages
    111—- 15-Dec-15——Bornu —— 0—— 2========= Boko Haram ambush convoy, killing officer and soldier
    112—- 25-Dec-15——Bornu —— 0—— 14========= Boko Haram attacks Borno on Christmas day 14
    113—- 26-Dec-15——Bornu —— 4—— 21=========Bomb placed by fleeing Islamist Terrorist in Mosque
    114—- 27-Dec-15——Adamawa — 17—— 41=========Islamist terrorists attack Motor park with suicide bombers

    TOTAL Deaths (Buhari’s tenure) From May 29 – Dec 29, 2015 = [2,505 DEAD]

  • William Norris

    OK. Let’s see when the FG will start paying the N5,000 and also the free meals to children.