Dasukigate: We rejected Jonathan’s $3 million – Islamic groups

FILE PHOTO: Former NSA Sambo Dasuki and others arraigned over misappropriation at the FCT High Court in Abuja

Two Islamic organisations were offered $3 million by the past administration to secure their members support the re-election of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, an official has said.

Abdullahi Shuaib, the Coordinator of the Conference of Islamic Organisations, CIO, stated this on Saturday at the 22nd National Islamic Training Programme NITP, held at Odosengolu near Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State.

Mr. Shuaib said the CIO and The Muslim Congress, TMC, rejected the money after they were offered under the label of “religious fund.”

“It is not a secret, they came, offering us over $3 million,” he said. “We said no….It came through their proxies to us and we said no. And today we have been vindicated.”

Mr. Shuaib, who is also the Executive Director/CEO, Zakat and Sadaqat foundation, an arm of TMC, added that “it is not even part of our own culture to take bribe. We prefer to go hungry than to collect a bribe from somebody and then eat what is unlawful”.

Expatiating on why the money was rejected, the official added that “because we know very well that it was bait; it was a poison and you cannot eat and dine with the devil and think the devil will not come after you.

“We said clearly no. It is completely un-Islamic. All those organisations that actually took and swallowed the bait, today, they all know what it means for them to have allowed the devil and themselves to eat and dine with the devil.

Nigeria’s former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, who is currently being prosecuted for mismanagement of about $2.1 billion security funds allegedly gave over N4 billion of the money to ex-governor of Sokoto State, Attahiru Bafarawa, to distribute to Islamic organisations.

Apart from Messrs. Dasuki and Bafarawa, others being prosecuted in the scandal include ex-PDP Chairman, Haliru Mohammed, and Raymond Dokpesi, the owner of Daar Communications.

Mr. Shuaib condemned all those who collected the funds from the ex-NSA.

“It is morally wrong, it is unethical for any organisation, either Muslim or Christian or traditionalist to have indulged in that reckless looting of treasury, the common wealth and there is no way they can exonerate themselves because they have desecrated the house of God because they symbolise the House of God and they have desecrated it and it is a sacrilege and it is wrong.

“Ethically it is wrong, morally it is wrong, socially, it is wrong, economically it is wrong, legally it is wrong. And I think, we should allow the long arm of the law to catch up with them and let the law take it cause over them.”

Reject Corruption

At the formal opening of the programme on Saturday, the President of TMC, Luqman AbdurRaheem, listed bad governance, corruption, and godlessness as some of the factors responsible for the challenges facing Nigeria.

He said the problem will remain until Nigerians imbibe positive attitudinal change in their activities.

“Our change is different from the APC’s change and PDP’s transformation agenda. Rather it is more all-embracing because change in Islam is rooted in morality, piety and goodness.

“‘We need Muslims with a clear change vision, a comprehensive Da’wah programme, having fixed priorities and well defined strategies to change Nigeria for the best,’’ AbdurRaheem said.

On Boko Haram, Mr. AbdurRaheem said the TMC and other Islamic organisations in Southern Nigeria have used education to defeat extremism.

“If you look at The Muslim Congress and other responsible Islamic organizations in the South West, you see that we have been able to give our youth proper education,” he said. “So, it is very difficult to lure Muslims in South West to some of these criminal activities because all our organizations are registered by government.”

“There is need for collaboration and idea sharing, that is why we are not limiting our activities to South West. As we speak, we have established a branch in Abuja, a branch in Niger and within the last week we are also working with our brothers in Yobe State who have seen the need to associate with the responsible Islamic organization.”

The cleric also made reference to the clash between the Nigerian Army and the Shiites community in Kaduna in which scores of the group’s members were killed.

“We are not anti-state. Any organization that is anti-state, it means building a state within a state, and that is terrorism. We should respect military; we should respect the police, because they are there to protect lives and property.

“Once you said you don’t recognize them, then you have problem. That is what happened to Shiites in Nigeria. So, you don’t indoctrinate your people.

“Let them be informed, let them be educated. So that where you and government clash on ideological ground, you go to court.”

“For instance, if you look at the issue of Hijab, we are court, with some other organization. But in some part of the world, they will start demonstrating, killing, causing commotion, that is terrorism. We don’t allow that in our own organization.”

In his lecture on the theme of the camping programme -‘Change: The Islamic Approach’, the guest speaker, Abdulateef Sulaiman, asked Nigerians to be patient and ready to bear the consequences, pains and sacrifices resulting from positive change.


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  • blow fissh

    Wonders shall never end. Someone or somebody refusing to obtain in Nigeria? Na wa oh. Very hard to believe.

    • Eniolataiwo

      Very hard believe in your warped world view

    • New Nigerian

      It was public news in the run up to the last election.

  • Burning Spear

    APC is the most dangereous, Jihadist Islamic politcal party on mother Earth–Look at them——from the lies that the Boko Haram war has ended to this rubbish—again? Aware the campaigns for elections for 2015 are over and done with–Yet the moaning mourners in APC, will not stop deceiving Nigerians with their lies—-Added to the cold blooded murder of Shiite Muslims to this satanic lies—–Editorial judgement simply means critically examing the content of a new item, to see if it will create religious, among eother ethnic crisis in the country if published–Often Premium Times, throws caution to the wind in her efforts to appease the Apes ati moaning mourners in APC———Only a mental case will offer bribe money to Muslim Fulani supporters of Buhari—in the core North–ati Chad and Niger Republic——They claim to refuse money from Christains but accept oil revenue from the South south——-How many industries in the North pay tax? Do Fulanis pay tax on their cows–to the Federal government? -Remove oil from the table and examine the Customs duties collected from the entire Fulani North–And compare such with what is obtainable in the South-? They accept money from VAT including ogogoro-factories-without complain- Separation is the answer-Instead of these jihadist blood stained thoughts of these Fulani parasites-from the West African sub region–disturbing the peace of 9jas—-thieves————————————-animals

    • Höly Wähala

      Merry Ogogoro Gulping o’jare… No mind dem!

      • blow fissh

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          • blow fissh

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          • SAM .A

            It is only those who do not value their parents , moms and dads that will routinely advertise them on social media ,your vulgarity, verbal violence , obscenity ,profanity and crudity confirmed that despite your advance in age , infantilism still predominates your daily utterance and behavior. You have to grow up on this medium and stop this tantrum

      • Very Proud Oily IZON Redeemer

        Ibo man with roots in the Fulani North—–close to Chad——U are only good to be used as meat for the pot of soup being cooked at the Onitsha bridge head—-If this is how the brain of an Ibo man works–while your Kalu is holed up in the Gulag of Buhari in Bauchi, then I pray never to have anything to do with the regional thoughts of an Ibo man–I mean where is your conscience if u have any————–over 12 Ibos were gunned down by Buhari during the protest to get Kalu out————Yet your only thought in life, is how to (Hiroshima) the Ijaw Nation with the rusty boko haram bombs from Chad–ati Mali-Thought u said the war was over-in the North East-Monkey!——–Happily there are Ibos and there are Igbos———-U are certainly not even qualified to be called an Ibo-man–Not even an Osu-May be an orphan saved from starvation by some catholic Nuns–in Ivory Coast–Mistakenly taken back to Enugu–to be rehabilitated by them—cheers

        • Höly Wähala

          @Deri di Drunk…
          My people are Igbo and our language is Ibo. Quit the bottle now that your Eze Ndi Nkwu, Dr. Drunk himself has sobered up, Asari ati Ateke have tossed-in their white handkerchiefs… only Tombopolo wants to die gulping tombo. When will you Aborigine fools learn that alcohol is not food? Soon, Sylva will be crowned Governor and Dickson ditched so better start chanting your final incantations to that egbesu god you drunks worship… no wonder Ijaws get thrown into rivers after 3days of birth, it’s to give thanks to the useless riverine deities that screwed your mothers to produce retarded thugs cum imbeciles like you and Kokori Kelvin, now safely chained to the floors at Kuje Gulag next to Charlie Okah… both awaiting executions like Kento Saro-Wiwa. Henry nko sef… abi Zulus don toss into a lion’s den? Deserves it anyway, the chump should go straight to Hell from the gulag, we have enough drunks like you to contend with. How Nembe? Biafra don dey take shape ooo! Better start gathering your fishing nets because like I’ve always told you, “Aborigines must be gathered like logs on their fishing canoes and deported to their natural habitat in Papua New Guinea… animals cannot be allowed to mix and minglee with humans.” Oloshi. Like I said, I will be here the day you die of heart attack from Dumbo’s loss… didn’t I warn you not to mess with me, that I will make sure he loses re-election? Clown!

  • Maria

    It was in the news then when these people rejected the money…..

    • Julius

      Just like some obas rejected the money in the south west. It was in the news as well.

  • Poor Jonathan. No wonder he was not able to define corruption!

    • NoBeLie

      I really pity the guy… He was surrounded by and trusted these hungry hawks and crocs! Imagine this Dasuki guy sharing money all around the place. Meanwhile, the main purpose for the money was ignored… Waiting for the next can of worms to be open.

  • Redeem

    Another missing Chibok lies by APC again–This is what happens when the Fulanis–most especially Muslims are in power-in 9ja! -Imagine for a second a Christian Organisation alleging that Buhari tried to bribe them’? Do u know the type of crisis such will cause-‘? It is always lies lies lies by APC!!!!!!! Just name the person who gave them the money–or forever shut up–Nigeria is dying dead-under thief Buhari–with these his Fulani tribesmen–and their lies–Aided by the Yoruba traitors chasing tinubu in lagos from Osun state–Separation is the answer——–Not the propaganda—stories about the boko haram war coming to an end————————For how long are Nigerians going to put up with these lies?

    • Eniolataiwo

      Wow,I am amazed at your slavish mentality

    • Denis_NG

      So upon all the ugly revelations pervading the airwaves, streets, offices, farms, firms, industries, etc, your own head remains buried deep in the sand like that of the proverbial ostrich. You really need a salvation.

      • Very Proud Oily IZON Redeemer

        That Buhari took over 300,000 dollars Bribe from Dasuki including 5 vehicles abi–? If Buhari had been an Ijaw man the media houses would have been flooded with talks on how Jonathan collected bribe from Dasuki–But because Buhari is fulani the Yorubas are trying to bury the matter underground with their hired moaning mourners on the Web—–Why are the buharmice hiding facts concerning the thef of 300,000 dollars by Buhari–ati the Halliburton case against Aisha?—Until the APES in APC are able to send Amaechi–Fashola–Prof Yakubu—head of INEC—-Fayemi—-Rtd Col Ali—-to efcc—–Buhari should forget about the war against corruption- because he took part in stealing from the masses via dasuki-APC is using hired thugs on the web to raise the matter of dasuki to an abnormal level while the PDP mumus beg Nigerians to back the APES in APC–SEPARATION IS THE ANSWER–Not the rule of the Fulanis ati Yoruba traitors

  • wode

    It’s always very difficult remaining upright and firm in the face of temptation, frustration, molestation, trial, etc however, maintaining one’s belief, principle or position not only preserves one’s integrity but also brightens one’s pride as being above board as a true vanguard of one’s acclaimed belief or principle. It’s really pleasing and heart-warming to know that we still have some decent Nigerians that would rather remain poor than to sell out their belief, conscience and principle. There is, in deed, a hope for a better and greater Nigeria if we have the right leadership.

  • NinjaK


  • New Nigerian

    This is good news as the local level is where real change happens. Virtue is it’s own reward. The Muslim organizations conducted itself according to the islamic values by rejecting Jonathan’s bribe of $3m from money he did not own, this was public news at the time of run up to the election.

    Nigeria would be a better place today if all Muslims understands and practice Islam and all Christians practice Christianity. It is instructional that giving and taking bribe is haram (This is illegal acccording to Christian faith too). In the context of what we know about Islam, next time a Muslim asks you for a bribe or “oga weting you bring for the boys”, tell him straight up – I can not give you haram, sorry. And if you are Muslim and asked to give, say sorry I can’t give, as it is a sin…this simple approach would help clean up the country at the person-to-person level.

    Summarily all these big men thieves that are Muslims have committed sins against their own soul, society and God..it is in their interests to return the loot or whatever they took that is not theirs, repent and seek God’s forgiveness..even as they are met with the justice they deserve, which would actually be helping them in the long run, for what use is stealing for others and then you go to hell for ever for that foolishness.We thank God for the administration of Buhari who will help them by ensuring justice is served there by saving them from themselves for ever, and for that they should be thankful.

    …same for all big men thieves of other faith. And those who fear that President Buhari will not allow justice to take it’s course – excercise no such fear, from what we know his integrity stems from fear of God – he says what he means and mean what he says – with the full realization that he will give account of his stewardship to God and that includes ensuring justice is served without fear or favor as dictated by the oath of office that he took. And let those who aspire to lead or be in public service approach it from this exemplary way.

    Finally these organization is doing the right thing by educating Muslims about true Islam. Let similar organization do similar from the Christian ranks – CAN should be doing this, but alas it was hijacked by Oritsejafor for lining his pocket – if 90% of Nigerians (Combined population of Muslims and Christians officially) understands, and practice the these two great faiths devoid of ignrorance and focused on helping their members connect to God through service to His creations, Nigeria would indeed be an exemplary country for all of mankind. God Bless.

    • REDEEM

      Hired moaning Buharimice—U are sick upstairs period—Elections are over–qwhy donot u get it? -This was how the Apes in APC over flogged the issue of the Chibok girls—-Lied about girls being kidnapped by Jonathan via boko haram–Little did we know it was all lies. Now the Apes in APC have started again This time using Satanic Muslim group to whip up sentiments against Jonathan-Instead of helping to improve the economic conditions of the Malian and Chadian who migrated to the Fulani North as Nigerians –Separation is the answer

      • Omotolaaraujo

        You can go somewhere else. If you hate Nigeria so bad, you should leave.

      • Julius

        You have been saying separation is the answer for so long but, you aint separating. Sup with that ?. By now you could have walked to Israel. You ranting it is not gonna make it come thru. Do the needful, get the fuk out !

      • NoBeLie

        Lol @ Apes in APC… I guess that makes you Alice in Biafra land

    • ukoette ibekwe

      They rejected money, education, and took up guns. Is that right. Buhari has budgeted 500b Naira to share to the vulnerable.
      I guess the Muslim organizations would participate in providing names of the vulnerable to Buhari’s government.
      That would not be evil because the government is lead by Moslems. When government is lead by someone other than a moslem, that person or government is evil.
      And our people continue to talk about one Nigeria.

      • Musbau Hamzat

        Is this how you will be in pain till PMB finish his 8 yrs tenure?

      • Agbari-Ojukwu.

        It is a pity you lack the basic knowledge and understanding of what the story above is all about.

      • You completely missed the point. The writer stands for justice regardless of one’s faith.
        Indeed, the Muslim community set an example I’ll call worthy of emulation by people of other faiths in this issue. I say this, not because I worship at a mosque, but because it’s the truth. The Muslims behaved in a way truth-loving Nigerians deeply appreciate.

  • Datti

    Its becoming clearer that CAN took money, the Pastor that split the beans was correct. Ayo Arisajatfor could not resist the temptations – it was too heavy for him

    • Musbau Hamzat

      The issue of allegation of sharing the 7 Billion Naira by pastors will soon come to the surface of the earth clearly soon!

  • Denis_NG

    Now, we need to hear from the Christian organizations and how they also rejected the forbidden fruits or did they not? OK, Pastor Oyedepo, Pastor Ayo Oritsejefor, Pastor Adebiyi, Pastor Kumuyi, Pastor Oyakhilomeh, et al. Oya, make all of una comot come deny whether una collect money under “Religious (Fraud) Fund” or not! We are waiting!!

    • Musbau Hamzat

      Only 7 Billion Naira received!!!

  • Burning spear

    We remain opposed to fuel subsidy removal – ACN–Today Nko?

    On December 27, 2011 at 8:59 pm, Vanguard Newspapers published

    LAGOS – The Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, has re-stated its opposition to the plan by the Federal Government to remove fuel subsidy, saying the pains that the action will inflict on Nigerians, who are already reeling from the effects of bad governance, will far outstrip whatever ‘gains’ will accrue therefrom.

    In a statement in Lagos, yesterday, by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said the clarification of its stand on the issue becomes necessary in view of the insinuation by the government’s propaganda machinery that it has secured the support of 40 political parties for the subsidy removal.

    It said: ‘’The government should state the 40 political parties it met on this issue. By the Grace of God, our party is the largest opposition party in the country today. We have not expressed support for the removal of fuel subsidy.

    “We remain on the side of the people. We feel their pulse and their pains. We believe the removal of fuel subsidy is a great misadventure, and have conveyed our stand on the issue in a letter to the President, though we never got a response.”

    ACN also wondered what a government is elected to do, if it is now tying the provision of infrastructure to the removal of fuel subsidy.

    ‘’President Jonathan did not tell Nigerians, during his electioneering campaign, that his administration will only be able to deliver the dividends of democracy by removing fuel subsidy. Therefore, it amounts to arm-twisting the people to say that funds saved from fuel subsidy removal will be used to construct roads, build hospitals and schools and other expectations from the government. But Buhari did abi?

    “The government should have been honest enough to say it is seeking ways to raise money for governance, and Nigerians would have been glad enough to let it know how to raise money without resorting to a phantom fuel subsidy removal.

    • Sparzo

      So, did the christian leaders/pastors and organizations refuse the bribes offered them by Jonathan’s administration or did they take it ?

      • Julius

        lolz. You notice that he moved to another topic. NA so ! Ranting off topic !

      • Abdulazeez Oyibo

        See how they lie against each other? It’s not everything a child cries for that it’s parents must give in to. Hard knocks or strong currents can’t be dispensed with in certain circumstances to revive a thing or force.

    • Musbau Hamzat

      Removing subsidy without fuel price increament is commendable. There is a different between good leader and thief leaders. Sorry the game is over!

  • Chibuzo Afamefule

    Chibuzo Afamefule writes:


    Never has Nigeria witnessed the present level of ineffective and useless presidential and government communication.

    A pointer of what to expect was GMB’s decision to saddle Lai Muhammed with the leadership of government information dissemination. Given that Lai has never added to the spread of truth, one would have expected that GMB would have left him at his position as propaganda chief of the party of lies. By this appointment the president clearly showed that he was obviously more comfortable with spreading of propaganda, misinformation, lies and half-truths.

    Yesterday, Garba Shehu decided to inform the country that the war on corruption was a battle between the PDP and APC. The impression made by his statement was that the “war” was restricted to PDP members and not just any corrupt individual; irrespective of party affiliation, creed, faith or position. It is so soon for Mallam Garba to forget that a significant portion of the APC is made up of PDP decampees. Any other corrupt individual need not worry as long as he is a member of the saintly APC.

    Do we still really expect that this government can unite the country under any common cause? GMB has shown that he is not a man of peace and that he doesn’t desire to operate an inclusive administration. I do not expect his henchmen to run against this body language.

    The presidency has made it clear through words, actions and this declaration that their fight against corruption is now limited to the PDP. It has now become a waste of time to question members of the APC, write a petition against them, ask the EFCC to interrogate their wealth or deeds and request for accountability from the party and its members. The EFCC, ICPC and other security agencies will obviously take a cue from this. Little wonder GMB, the EFCC, the APC-dominated senate and other government institutions ignored the petitions and issues surrounding Amaechi and Fashola.

    This bid of GMB, his government and political party is clearly to muzzle and muscle out any form of sustained organized opposition to whatever they are presently cooking for Nigerians. The judiciary has been blackmailed and hijacked; the security agencies are now official arms of the party, the senate has been threatened into silence and while the country slides to fascism, indecency and anarchy, people now take positions based on party affiliation. All of a sudden truth and conscientious opposition has disappeared from the ethos of certain “activists”. I really fear what the remaining forty one months holds for the country and its citizens.

    The lying Lai, the court-jester-in-chief Femi and Garba have never thought it fit to explain the many gaffes, issues and fears surrounding this administration. We will not hear them discuss or explain the still missing Chibok girls, the status of CCB’s investigation into GMB’s assets and the asset declaration, the disappearance and suspected killing of over 100 gallant Nigerian soldiers, the decision of the GMB administration to include Nigeria in the Saudi Arabian islamic military nonsense, the obvious government sanctioned genocide against peaceful IPOB protesters,the N1.7billion Aso Rock 2016 food budget, and the christmas day poke-in-the-eye by the evil misguided brothers of the president, boko haram, that are supposed to have been technically defeated. I can go on and will only waste space and time to list things that the information triumvirate have refused to clarify.

    The streams of shame that comes from GMB and his government does not run dry. I strongly believe that statements that come from these individuals represents the view of the president and government, and by extension, their policy and intentions.

    Dear GMB, your messianic affirmation by 15 million Nigerians seems to have made you take the remaining 155 million for granted.

  • Omotolaaraujo

    Electoral crimes should bring the death penalty.


      Start from Bayelsa where 17 humans were killed by BUHARI GESTAPO–DSS ati the soldiers sent to the state—whereas the same APC thugs went to court to stop soldiers from monitoring the Presidential elections

  • justin

    What a mockery state Nigeria is. When Abacha died, everybody started talking about his loots ,forgetting that PMB was PTF chairman then. The only person to blame is Jonathan, for failing to understand that Nigerians appreciates tyranny. All the politicians we have today are still the same ,from OBJ, PMB and GEJ, if not while did only one statement from IBB made PMB to withdraw from his zero anti craft crusade. Well if they group didn’t collect the money, trace it well, you will end up seeing that the are sympathetic of APC , or sponsored by then, either way. Saying that they didn’t collect the money for the said reasons is A BIG LIE.

  • justin

    Another thing i don’t understand is how for over seven months, the Government and its agents can’t draw a road map for the the next four years. How can a serious Government with dwindling economy, come up with such an anual budget of over 6.trillion naira, highest since the history of Nigeria, with with over 35% to be borrowed. The problem with the current government is that it is yet to realise that governance is not about propaganda. People need change not useless statements. I can only take this old man serious if he comes with clean hands just as IBB advise him to do. How do you probe people for corruption, when it started with you.

    • Eniolataiwo

      What a pity. U are a product of derailed intelligence. Oponu ode

    • REDEEM

      This is a borrow– borrow —-government–Mrs Madueke left 5.6b dollars in NNPC–Yet Buhari went out of his way to borrow 2.4b dollars from the WB-what happened to the 5.6b that Mrs. Madueke left in the coffers of NNPC–? A government of waste–Remita thieves–sadly there are Nigerians who still believe in their lies told by liar mohamed ati Buhari

      • 2hf

        Do you know that Nigeria is owing N1.2 trillion? But you are saying rubbish… You are from which bush?

        • Sir Demo

          Are you ok?

      • Buhari4Ever

        Deri Orbuka, if your aunty has clean hands, tell her to return home and face those she milked. Dominica has already revoked her passport and next month Interpol will bring her alongside her crooked friends back to Nigeria

    • Sir Demo

      What is a road map in public governance? This literate uneducated twits sef? And you think the incoherent jejune you posted is making any sense? Stop wailing pls.

  • Very Proud Oily IZON Redeemer

    Buhari Budgets N1.75Billion For His Feeding in 2016.

    The Nigerian President, Dr Muhammadu Buhari has allocated the sum of N1.75 billion for his feeding for the year 2016. This implies that Buhari will be spending N4.7 Million everyday (around £15,913.86 a day) on food.

    Although Buhari promised Nigerians that he will cut cost against what was obtainable in the last administration, his feeding budget was increased by 70% from last year’s budget.

    Former President Goodluck Jonathan was abused for budgeting N1billion for the Presidency during his tenure. On therefore wonders why Nigerians are silent when Buhari doubled his feeding budget. See the double speaking Nigerians are quiet because an Ijaw man whose oil resources were used to feed the Nigerian Nation for over 60 years————-has no right to spend 1b for feeding in Aso Rock—But Fulani Buihari ati his Yoruba backers whose ancestors contributed nothing towards the development of Nigeira, has the right to spend 1.75b for his feeding——————–Separation is the only way out-not the rule of the Fulani s ati Yoruba traitors–what a shame what a country of hypocrites–animals

  • This Islamic group hasn’t told us anything new. We know corruption is killing our nation. It was entrenched by the unelected dictators that were not accountable to the people. We couldn’t even talk about corruption during dictatorships. Buhari would lock you up under decree 4 if you ask questions.

  • sammyctu ode

    These are the real Muslims while idiots like dasuki, bafarawa, halisu and co are the boko haram muslims who are heartless, evil, totally deranged who claim to pray five times daily, who have gone to Mecca more than five hundred times yet they kept on wrecking havoc on the Nigerian state and millions of Nigerians. All the Northern states that have Sharia laws must try them also and cut off their hands and legs like how they have done before in Zamfara state to poor innocent muslims who only stole goats.

  • Nkem

    Let me ask – where are all the committees of Jonathan Christian(???) prayer warriors and the college of General Overseers and General Superintendents, especially those whom Dr Fortunator was doing his weekly courtesy calls to their churches in the countdown to the presidential election, and those who visited the Villa either by themselves or through their proxies, their representatives or emissaries? So are they going to speak up like Zacchaeu and proceed to return the blood dollars like Judas the betrayer or are you going to continue to pretend that time and silence provide absolution?

  • linkhadj.

    Nkem, thank you but let us be less diplomatic. Let the following also come out and speak as the Muslim body has clearly done: CAN and its representatives like Orisajefor, the Adeboyes, the Oyedepos, the fake future-seers assuring GEJ that God has revealed his victory to them. Even, the Walking-stick-pointing traditional rulers should speak now. Otherwise, PMB should make all of them return our 1.4 billion naira said to have been Dansukied for ‘special prayer’ during the election.