Thousands escape death in Maiduguri as Civilian-JTF intercept bombs concealed in food flasks

A cross section of Civilian JTF fighters in the North-East

Thousands of Muslims celebrating Maulud, which is the birthday of holy Prophet Muhammad, on Thursday escaped what would have possibly been an all-time record calamity, had some eagled-eyed vigilante operatives not intercepted five food flasks filled with bombs outside a popular Maiduguri mosque.

Five suspects believed to be members of Boko Haram loaded five big food flasks (otherwise known as coolers) on a hand-pushed cart and headed for Medinatu Mosques in the heart of Maiduguri, Borno state, where adherents of the Tijjaniya Islamic sect were marking the Maulud Nabiyi.

Fortunately, they were arrested before they got to their destination.

The arrested bombers, according to witnesses, earlier claimed the giant food flasks contained hot rice cooked to be delivered to the celebrating Muslims as gifts.

Normally, during such occasions, which normally attracts thousands of Muslims from different parts of the country, and even from outside it, to the popular Sheikh Abdulfathi mosque located in Medinatu neighbourhood of Old Maiduguri, individuals usually make charity donations in form foods and other consumables to help make visitors comfortable.

“When we saw them coming with handpush-cart filled with food flasks, we thought they were normal people that usually come here,” said Aminu Abdullahi, an operative of the Civillan-JTF.

“We almost passed them on when one of our members instinctively asked what the content of the large food flasks were, and they said ‘hot rice to be delivered to the Sheik’s guests’. All of us were almost deceived but when we insisted on seeing the flasks opened for proper inspection, the conveyors became jittery, and by the time we forced them to open the flask we were shocked to find coupled bombs in all the flasks”.

Witnesses said the arrested culprits were all surrounded before they could escape and handed over to the soldiers in the neighbourhood.

The spokesman of the Borno State branch of the Vigilante Group of Nigeria, Muhammed Abba Gava, who confirmed the development said, “it was an act of God that those bombs were Intercepted on time: we have over 5000 people converging in Abdulfathi’s mosque and who knows what could have become of them had those bombs detonated”.

Security has been beefed up in most parts of Maiduguri ahead Christmas on Friday.


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  • Good thing that another tragedy has been averted. Nigerians all over the country especially those living in the NE should be extra vigilant during this Yuletide season.

    • Otile

      No need for vigilance, we have defeated Boko Haram. Liar Mohammed reassured us, so no cause for alarm.

      • I keep my political affiliations aside when the lives of innocent people are involved. Quit being a cynic!

        • Otile

          Be optimistic comrade, things have changed. Don’t you believe our minster of information, Alhaji L Mohammed?

          • mdsurgeon

            You obviously lack basic understanding of Lai Mohammed’s statement, or the nature of insurgency all over the world. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be making this your cynical and nonsensical comment.
            Biko Haram has been defeated on the regular battlefield. They have lost all the swath of land and territory they previously had and no longer has the capability to attack a whole village or town. As a result, they have gone underground and resorted to asymetrical warfare of suicide bombing, attacks on soft targets like religious gatherings as in this particular instance. This is the nature of insurgency all over the world where it exists, hence the need for everyone to be vigilant. Same vigilance is also called for even in advanced countries like the US, UK, etc.
            I have just given you a snapshot of Lai Mohammed’s statement and I hope you have been better informed!

          • Otile

            Wonderful! You mean you have explained the situation better than Minister Liar Mohammed who is drawing obscene salaries for say this. What is in it for you? I mean, what are you getting? I can’t believe you are so naive as to believe that Boko Haram and other Islamic terrorism are defeated all over the world with only remnants of the dying terrorists doing their last time of suicide bombing. Sorry, you have not informed me of anything useful. Try again.

          • mdsurgeon

            You are free to believe whatever you choose to believe, and to cherry pick whatever information you choose to align with. The truth of the matter is that your prejudicial belief is totally inconsequential.
            Boko Haram has been so decimated it can no longer seize and hold on to territories. It can only engage in attacking soft targets which is what it is presently doing. I wonder what is so hard for you to grasp in that?
            When was the last time you saw a propaganda videocast from any of their leaders??

          • Otile

            Right from the word go the military has never admitted losing any territory or suffering defeat at the hands of Boko Haram, and you know it. Rather they have been telling us that they killed Imam Shekau several times, perhaps you are the only person who believes them. At one time they claimed they rescued the Chibok girls but it turned out to be false. Most recently Liar Mohamed told us that the troops have finally defeated the enemy, but nobody saw where or when that final battle took place.

            You don’t measure the progress of the conflict by any video cast put out by the troops or Boko Haram. Each of them conveniently put out such videos to promote their propaganda when the morale sags and you know it too.

        • ilesanmi

          God bless you

        • SAM .A

          You are one of evil creatures , Devil left standing in SS. As you continue to see their evil machination,preemptively dismantled, your sadness and bile filled gut will be will continue to swell until it explode. BH is in its endgame .

      • musa aliyu

        Otile the pdpig Boko Haramite. Your end is here. Ntooooo!

        • Otile

          How can you be protected by the Federal Military Gwovrment and you still choose to live in fear? So the Gworvment protection for you is in vain. In other words you neither believe in Allah nor your Gorvment. Ntoooooo!

          • Peter_Edo

            what just happened in France, as France France reach them still collect. my brother today na day of peace so i will say MERRY XMAS TO YOU AND YOURS!!!

  • Otile

    Jamaa barka da Eid-El-Maulud.

  • Victor Aikhionbare

    Praise God. Vigilance required at all times

    • Otile

      There is need for vigilantes, we have defeated the enemy. Don’t you believe the federal minister of information, Alhaji Liar Mohammed?

  • Very Proud Oily IZON Redeemer

    I thought Liar Mohamed and the moaing mourners—-in APC said the Boko haram war was over—-

    • ceweeco projects

      Na waoooo

    • staaaaaaaaaaa

      yes of course BH is decimated already. what u have now are just remnants who have strategic goal again but to engage in random senseless bombings, without any capacity to hold anymore nigerian territory. they are gone forever.

      • Cleartruth

        Don’t deceive yourself. What do you mean by remnants when few days ago they attacked buratai village and they are still making bombs? Five coolers not one. If not for civilian jtf there would have been massive deaths.

        Look , you and liar mohammed must start telling yourselves truth

  • Omotolaaraujo

    They are performing their great work. They should be commended and supported. We give them our sincere thanks.

  • smart G

    I need to understand this hatred for Shiite Moslems . Why are they so hated?

  • luv-naija

    Nice Work Civilian JTF

  • Bonny

    The main war, that is territorial control by BH is over. What we are having now is pocket of people living within community still believe in BH objectives. Having schooled in Old Bornu & Gongola States now split into Yobe, Borno & Adamawa, Taraba respectively, you need to see how large the land mass of combined states is. In some areas, houses or communities are far apart and difficult to know the plan of the next neighbour. The next target is neighbourhold search for remnants of BH adherents and enlightenment of the people to embrace the new order.
    For someone to be hypnotised for 6years that BH has taken over Nigeria is not easy to debrief in a month. It takes time and gradually the society will be become normal.
    Remember the issue of Chibok girls. Concerns should be to find out if they were actually married out, killed and buried in the forest or living in bunkers in the forest of Sambisa considered to be the size of Belgium. I personally does not subscribe to the theory that the hole episode was a hoax. Recall that we are talking of over 200 girls from different families and religious groups.

  • objective

    Glory be to God. Thank you Jesus for exposing the evil plans of those bad guys and saving the lives of the people that went to pray. It would have been calamitous.

  • I saw the faces of these young boys called JTF and I got very emotional. Their love and devotion to the country is palpable. We applaud them as they gave us hope that Nigeria will see better days ahead. Thanks guys.