Arms Scandal: Jonathan’s govt spent billions, abused trust – Buhari

The former administration of Goodluck Jonathan spent billions of naira and millions of dollars on efforts to equip the Nigerian military against Boko Haram, but there was rampant “abuse of trust”, President Muhammadu Buhari has said.

Mr. Buhari said the abuse cost the nation lives and equipment.

He made the remark while addressing members of the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

Mr. Buhari urged the legislature to collaborate with the executive arm of government to secure the country and effectively manage it.

“There are a lot of obstacles to be crossed. The objectives we have are to secure this country and effectively manage it,” the president said.

According to him, the major challenge in the security of the country was the threat posed by the Boko Haram insurgency but added that the leadership of the country had set clear targets toward the re-organisation, retraining and re-equipping the military to neutralize Boko Haram.

He said his administration had hoped that at the end of the rainy season organised attack would be launched against the insurgents, adding that government had also raised the morale of the soldiers to tackle the challenge.

The president, however, observed that his administration uncovered that the previous administration expended “billions of naira and hundreds of millions of dollars to acquire military equipment but with several abuses of trust.

“There were abuses of trust and that cost Nigeria a lot of lives and a lot of goodwill’’ he said.

Mr. Buhari observed that Nigeria, which had earned reputation in the fight against criminal activities and defence of territories abroad, found out that it could no longer defend a few local government areas occupied by insurgents.

“I seek your understanding,” Mr. Buhari appealed.

He told the legislators to think about the consequences of not acting in tandem with the government, noting that Nigerians were wiser to know those who represent them well.

He noted that he took the initiative of seeking the collaboration of the international community to be able to win the war against terrorism.

He said the Boko Haram’s attempt to divide the country was a miscalculation adding that their claim to be fighting for Islam was both misleading and working against God.

He said the group was gradually being decimated and were finding it difficult to recruit while the military was doing well.

Responding, the Speaker of the House, Yakubu Dogara, said that the support of his colleagues would be total to ensure that the government bequeathed something meaningful to posterity.

“What bothers me is the legacy we are leaving behind. After we have exited, what will our children and grandchildren say about us,’’ he said.

He noted that there was bound to be disagreements between the executive and the legislature, beginning with the handling of the provisions of the 2016 appropriation bill but said the issue would be handled in the interest of the public.

“Your hosting us today shows that there will be a seamless interface between the three arms of government to deliver to the people.

“We support you like many Nigerians will support you because there is nobody that will be in doubt that you will rid this country of corruption,” he said.

Mr. Dogara added that the time to restructure the economy was now.

“These four years are very critical. If you don’t get it right under us, this generation will forget about getting it right.

“We will support you regardless of our political differences and we have to leave something to our children and posterity,’’ he added.



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  • evidence

    Denying campaign promises and hiding behind the Senate to gag the social media is also abuse of trust but I digress. Buhari has prepared another meal for his blind followers to distract them. While they are busy worshiping him for being the judge, jury and executioner,‎they will not remember or care that for the first time in history, dollar is N252 or that fuel is scarce and sold above N87, or that power has dropped drastically, or that prices of foodstuff have skyrocketed. If tommorow buhari succeeds in jailing everybody that he claima stole money including Jonathan, will that end Nigeria’s problems? Is it the stolen money that caused the free fall of the naira? Anti corruption fight cannot substitute good governance. Buhari, allow the EFCC and ICPC do their jobs and face the myriad socio economic problems bedeviling the country.

    • AfricanChild

      If your hero left a stable government it will be difficult for any new government to achieve that in 7 months. It appears to me all what your hero did was white wash the dirts and sugarcoat the rot. It didn’t take too long to see the rubbish he did with Nigeria. With oil selling at over $100 per barrel through his tenure he couldn’t even pay salary and pay his goons petroleum subsidy for 2 years. Now the new government is still cleaning up and paying his debt 7 months after. It’s amazing that you have the gut to even complain about what the new government is doing. Shame on you.

      • evidence

        Please stop with the meaningless apc talking points and start using your brains. Jonathan left an unstable government of N150 to a dollar, no fuel queues and fuel sold at N87. Salaries were paid as at when due unless you’re mistaking Jonathan’s govt with aregbesola and okorocha’s govt. Today FG is owing salaries, go to ask federal workers, for the first time in a long time, salaries have not been paid to some of them, stop the slave mentality and start holding buhari accountable, stop deifying a mere mortal like you. Your cannot continue blaming Jonathan for buhari’s incompetence. I would have called you shameless but I think you’re closer to brainless .

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          You speak out of ignorance.

          Even as early as January this year, military salaries were being owed into the following month, talk less of civilian salaries!

          • evidence

            Another apc loon on the loose, who owed the military? Apc propaganda has been weig‎hed and found wanting. Try another lie,this one won’t fly.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Ode, did you read that anywhere?

            Those who know, knows.

            You obviously don’t know or belong to the class that does.

          • Michelle Messi

            Soyemi my friend, once again you display your ignorance on the WorldWideWeb.
            Civilians being owed salaries??
            Must you lie?? Must you write about what you know NOTHING about??
            Blame jonathan for anything BUT NOT PAYMENT OF CIVILIANS SALARIES.
            Most of you have lived all your lives in the SW. Know next to NOTHING about what is happening at the centre.
            I challenge you to call any Federal civil servant you know(i doubt you know any) and they will confirm salaries under GEJ/okonjo were always paid BEFORE the month ends!
            Under this bungling regime, October salaries were paid in November. They blamed ‘computer failure’.
            November salaries were similarly paid in December! No excuse this time.
            Stop lying at your age soyemi..dont sink as low as wahala/julius/tundemess. They epitomise falsehood..

          • Bright Henry

            My friend keep quiet we where here when NOI told us Federal civil servants where owed and she went to borrow to pay them.

          • Michelle Messi

            They were not owed. She said they had challenges paying an had to borrow. Bottom line is she was truthful and workers were paid..borrow or not.
            APC on the other hand prefer outright lies like ‘computer failure’ in October.
            November was paid in December..they couldn’t use the same excuse.
            NOI would not have needed to borrow if your heroes Amaechi, oshiomhole and other APC governors had not insisted on her sharing instead of saving and chopping with ten fingers.

          • Onike24

            Ignorance or sheer wickedness?

        • aladeadekunleoluwaadeshinaola

          Jonathan devalued the Naira in February N198 officially while in the black market it was N234. You need to check you facts. This government is attempting to prevent further devalue of the currency by temporally preventing misuse of dollars to buy things we can produce. If you want dollars to buy tooth pick, go to the black market. In my opinion, this government has done better than its predecessor

          • evidence

            Buhari is depleting the foreign reserve to shore up the naira, even without officially devaluing the naira,it is devaluing itself, so why not allow it find its level? Restricting companies and individuals from accessing forex when you have put anything on ground in terms of infrastructure and palliatives is fulani monetary policy and suicidal to our economy. If this govt has done better with dollar at N252 when they have not devalued the naira, and fuel is sold between N100-600,with low power supply with fashola giving approval for discos to increase tarrif,not to mention buhari plan to revive Decrees 2 and 4 using the Senate, then you must be high in something.

          • Buhari4Ever

            What have you been smoking?

          • aladeadekunleoluwaadeshinaola

            My brother, the approval for increase had already been given by GEJ via the regulatory body before now, this government have been restraining them from increasing it. You guys expect him to solve the problem in 6 month what GEJ could not do in 6 years. I will join you if he fails in 4 years and that I doubt.

          • evidence

            I don’t understand you,what regulatory body did Jonathan give approval to? Every democratic and economic achievement under Jonathan has been eroded in six months under buhari. Violation of the constitution, disdain for court orders, scarcity of fuel and when you get to buy,the price is above N87. Restrictive forex policy that made JP Morgan and Barclays  delist us and made foreign investors pull out their capital, lack of clear and sound economic blueprint that has made investors,both local and foreign wary of investing, not to mention depleting our foreign reserve to shore up the naira. Is it until Nigeria grinds to a halt that you will agree that buhari has no business presiding over a complex economy like ours?   ‎

          • aladeadekunleoluwaadeshinaola

            Do you know who created National Electric Regulatory Commission, It was created during the GEJ regime to regulate the industry, there was a plan to increase tariff in June this year but the PMB stopped it because he felt it was wrong to increase when power situation has not increased. I am not more interested in JP Morgan & Barclays wanting us to devalue our currency to favor people bringing in money when it does not favour me. On that front, it will favor us when they see us doing it ourselves. I understand you do not like PMB, which you have a right not to, but give him some the time you gave GEJ and his PDP guys and you will be happy you did. In conclusion, the foreign reserves was already depleting before they came in. 8 years ago, we were on 45B USD, you handed over 28b USD, after we just had 4 years of oil boom.

          • evidence

            And has the power situation improved now that buhari has given fashola approval to increase tarrif?It is only an uninformed person that would wave aside JP Morgan and Barclays, because these are investment banks and experts that have the eyes and ears of foreign investors,nigeria is an import driven economy and these delisting coupled with the restrictive policy on forex and lack of policy direction has made investors wary and most have pulled out their investments. You don’t impose such policies when you don’t have the necessary infrastructure on ground. My dislike for buhari has nothing to do with the fact that he has no economic blueprint or seasoned economic team. The state of Nigeria’s economic demands action now, not patience or empty rhetoric. The foreign reserve is being depleted to shore up the naira ,which is what buhari is doing .

    • Olu

      Ignorance is a disease, but could be cured by seeking knowledge. As a reminder, Jonathan succumbed to World Bank and IMF pressure to devalue Nigeria currency few weeks to the exits of his government. He left Naira to free falling in addition to his putting unreasonable and uneconomical money into Nigeria system through largess of bribery for selfish ambition of staying put in power. Babangida did the same thing immediately he hijacked power and Nigerians faced the consequence that is still lingering. Jonathan is a curse to Nigeria. Thank God for his exit.

      • evidence

        Your disease is worse than ignorance, that is why you don’t even why the naira is in free fall. The naira appreciated immediately buhari took over and apc said it was due to buhari’s body language. Now that because of his restrictive policy on forex, that made investment banks like JP Morgan and Barclays to delist us and investors pulling out their capital, you turn around and blame Jonathan. Your stupidity cannot be fixed. Babangida introduced SAP because of the same buhari’s policy of 1983 that devalued our naira, turned our economy to trade by barter and made sugar, rice and milk essential commodities. Read up on your history and save your slavish existence.  

        • Olu

          So, you did not know that your Jonathan devalued naira? It is worthless to engage a novice like you in conversation.

          • evidence

            Devaluing the naira and removing the restrictive policy on forex imposed by buhari is the only option because the continuous depletion of our foreign reserve to shore up the naira which is what buhari is doing, portends grave danger, even evil Sanusi has warned buhari to devalue the naira. Jonathan devalued the naira and never imposed restrictive and opaque policy on forex‎ but buhari thinks the economy is an extension of his daura cattle ranch. Illiterate.

          • Onike24

            You are the illiterate here and you are the worst sort of illiterate, the half illiterate, not quite literate, but is literate enough to pass off as one! When a president illegally prints money and puts it into circulation what has he done? When a President steals from foreign exchange reserve and pours the money into the local currency market what has he done? Do you think he is strengthening the Naira

          • evidence

            While you make up your mind on whether you think I’m illiterate or semi literate or whatever you have going in your confused mind, let me tell you that you’re unequivocally illiterate without fear or favour, you wear your mindless stupidity proudly like ‎a badge. Now who illegally printed money and put it in circulation?  I know buhari is the one that is depleting our foreign reserve to shore up the naira because he doesn’t want to go back to his vomit and devalue the naira after criticizing Jonathan for devaluation. What point exactly is are you trying to make?  

          • Onike24

            Again I reiterate my point that you are the worst sort of illiterate! You are also quite evidently a thief or one who has empathy for thieves, one would ordinary not exchange views with empty vessels, who by their nature make the loudest noise, but for the sake of posterity and so that any non Nigerian who stumbles on this forum will know and appreciate that we are not all like you amoral sorry lot. I really don’t expect a mea culpa from people like you, but God willing many decent hard working people will find the time and the grace to deal with crooks and their apologists. You are no better than those who protect pickpockets and market thieves. Awon ole .

    • MammanJiyaVatsa

      Seriously !
      You’re one of the looters,directly or indirectly.

      • evidence

        Yet another brainless apc lunatic, who looted more than abacha,IBB,buhari,obasanjo,tinubu and Amaechi? It is only in buhari’s govt that only the opposition and political enemies are looters while people like abacha, tinubu,obj,amaechi, atiku,aregbesola and okorocha are saints. Moron. 

        • Amir

          I can assure you that Intelligence and good reasoning is not painful to the brain. No matter your age, start learning how to reason well by reading and emulating well meaning contributors on this forum. Stupidity is a struggle!

        • MammanJiyaVatsa

          Mr. Evidence,
          Why do you insult me, didn`t your parents teach you common home training or you were taught but refused being cultured ? Either one or the other, my simple advice to you is to Grow-up !
          Either your folks are among the looters directly or indirectly, or you`re someway involved somehow.
          What school did you really go to in Nigeria ?…… with people like you crawling the streets of Nigeria….. we really need divine intervention.
          Curse so as not to be cursed !

          • evidence

            Madman. You think you have monopoly of insults? You see nothing wrong insulting other buts start whining when you receive your own insult. Hypocrite. You must also be benefiting directly or indirectly from the 2.8bn buhari stole in1978,‎53 suitcases of hard currency he smuggled into country when he was head of state and 25bn he stole when he was PTF chairman, not to mention IBB, atiku,and abacha loot, you guys should return all the money you have stolen for over forty years before looking for who else looted. Animal.

    • Ndulewe Ikenna

      This arms deal has gone beyond politics, the amount of money being mentioned is simply crazy and the fact that individuals are admitting to collecting these monies is even more worrisome. How can one individual steal so much? This is a crime against Nigerians. It has nothing to do with Buhari

      • evidence

        I never mentioned that it did. Since it has nothing to do with buhari and falls under the purview of  EFCC and ICPC and the judiciary ,allow them do their jobs. He should face governance and do something about the protracted fuel scarcity as minister for petroleum. What is his body language doing about the free fall of the naira?since body language is now a tool for governance.Why has power supply dropped drastically? Why are federal workers not paid as at when due anymore? Why are the prices of food stuff skyrocketing? He should as a matter of urgency address these problems and leave who abused trust because he’s also guilty in that dept.  

    • Bright Henry

      Sir do you have a conscience at all? If this doesn’t sober you then nothing will.

      • evidence

        What is sobering here? That means if budget for defence is investigated between 1960- 1999, you will just go into coma and hopefully never recover. You are not sobered that for the first time in history, naira is N252 and chasing N300, you are not sobered that you have to queue now to buy fuel between N100 -600, you are not sobered that buhari is hiding behind the Senate to pass his infamous Decrees 2 and 4. Please spare me the hypocritical indignation.  

    • greatbiodun

      This economy disaster you sighted here, he due to this mismanagement of fund by the immediate past Jonathan administration, Whether you like it or not corrupt government officials will be prosecuted

      • evidence

        Yet another illiterate that does not know his left from his right . Jonathan is the reason why you went to play with sand when your mates were busy studying. Your incompetent president will continue to blame Jonathan, handover notes and the weather until four years elapse.

    • Night Crawler

      Those who sowed the wind, will reap the whirlwind. President Jonathan raped Nigeria, from all that’s emerging.

      And there’s no denying the expectation of the fact that all those responsible for that irresponsible waste of lives and mindless governance by President Jonathan would pay for it, God willing, even as the nation moves forward

      • evidence

        Moron,equating rape to political witch hunt is an affront on rape victims. Use your brain sometimes but I’ll tell you who destroyed Nigeria for over forty years, it is the military of which buhari was part of,  the budget for defence from 1960-1999 is where the real crime is. 

  • Fredodo1

    “Nigerians were wiser to know those who represent them well” …….this is a good advise to the politicians. Nigerians will eat your stolen yams and vote against you. Just ask GEJ

  • Michelle Messi

    Jonathan stole this.. Jonathan stole that.
    Lol! This man sounds like a broken record.
    This is the reason civilised societies and SANE citizens require presidential candidates to have debates! You know what to expect from them. See the buzz about Donald Trump nd other candidates in the US. HOW WILL A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE RUN FOUR-FORTY FROM A DEBATE??


    • Arabakpura

      The only way he can stop talking is if Jonathan and his evil friends will yield up all the money in their custody. He cannot use his children to finance his programs! So, the reason why you will keep hearing this is for people like you to tell Jonathan and his gang to refund all the money and not waste the state’s resources and time in chasing them about! I think it is very simple!

    • dpfrank

      I strongly believe that you did not read what PMB said here, or that you did but don’t have brains to understand, he was talking about people who work under Jonathan but abused the trust he had on them.

      • Onike24

        He read it but can a hardened criminal see anything wrong with stealing? Just like Jonathan said ordinary stealing is not corruption, knowing that stealing is the worst and highest form of corruption! Promised myself I won’t curse anyone again… Even Jonathan Ali Baba and his forty thieves

  • Proud Yoruba

    Is mr. Prez laying the groundwork for more high profile arrests?

    • kayode Olufade


      • Goke Adeseye


        I don’t know how Sambo Dasuki and Raymond Dokpesi can both be prosecutable,

        if Goodluck Ebele Jonathan who approved payments to them is deemed innocent.

        This sort of illogic is why many Nigerians don’t fully trust this Buhari administration.

        • dpfrank

          We must trust PMB, he will do what he has to do in line with the laws of the land, if Jonathan is to be arrested Buhari will ensure it

        • NaijaMindOfChange

          Buhari administration is trust worthy..dis govt is for the people..the hand writing is on the wall

    • Very Proud Oily IZON Redeemer

      which high profile arrest–when he is the theif who cannot even account for the 5.6b dollars Diezani left in NNPC—————-Instead borrowed over 2.6b from the world bank–what did buhari then do with the 5.6b she left in the coffers of NNPC–what about the 4.7 trillion budget–when salaries of doctors cannot be settled till date?”I am the most abused and insulted president in the world, but when I leave office you will all remember me for the total freedom you enjoyed under my government”. – Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan –

  • greatbiodun

    Any government officials that is corrupt must be arrested and prosecuted . No room for corrupt individual.

  • Night Crawler

    I wonder why some people still call gej their hero… To me his the most corrupt ex-president in the history of Nigeria

    • Very Proud Oily IZON Redeemer


    • greatbiodun

      I wonder as well , the worst president ever!

  • dpfrank

    Days of condoning corrupt govt officials are over, any corrupt individual who is not acting in line with the zeal and focused leadership of PMB should be fished out, this nation is our own and we must make it work. Funds provided for development of the country or for the fight against terrorism and what have you must be used accordingly.

    My heart bleeds to know that Nigeria is one of world’s terrorism affected nations today. We were not like this before.

    • Very Proud Oily IZON Redeemer


      • greatbiodun

        out of point!

  • agbobu


    • Very Proud Oily IZON Redeemer


  • NaijaMindOfChange

    Pdp is a disgrace to the nation

    • Very Proud Oily IZON Redeemer

      “I am the most abused and insulted president in the world, but when I leave office you will all remember me for the total freedom you enjoyed under my government”. – Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan -happily for the SS most of the clowns who abuse us here are from the south east of Nigeria!

  • madilu

    No doubt Jonathan and his government were very corrupt. However, Buhari promised to fight corruption, and this is seven months into his administration, but not even single conviction yet. All we see is EFCC arrest, quiz and let go. We should not dwell too much on what happened yesterday. There is a saying that if you are talking too much about what happened yesterday that means you are not doing enough today.

    • thewatcher

      This is democracy, he has to build a case and gather evidence against them before convicting them. If he convicts without due process, it’s you same people that will be calling him dictator

  • Very Proud Oily IZON Redeemer

    Curiously for the Nation state of Nigeria, Buhari has the worst unthinking visionless set of thieves as media advisers on earth—MUMUS AT BEST!–Besides only God knows how Buhari became a Certificate less General in the Nigerian army——–I am very sure the type of training he got never went beyond the handling of rifles——-and how to salute his boss on parade ground—–period——If Buhari were to be a sane General like we have in other countries, he would have known that-the USA did all to thwart the efforts of Jonathan in the areas of the procurement of arms–for the soldiers——-Jonathan had to obtain his arms from any source that was prepared to make them available to the troops-Yet-6 solid months after Jonathan left Aso rock rock, mumu Buhari is still blaming Jonathan over his enabiltiy to win the boko haram war and produce the Chibojk Girls as a retired Fulani General-Unfortunately for us-the boko haram fighters are all Fulanis like Buhari—So why should the Apes in APC attempt to divert attention with their propaganda rubbish concerning the supply of army-?-How many weapons has Buhari himself bought and from which country did he obtain them–since May 29th? Is buhari not still relying on the weapons Jonathan bought till date?——————–During Iraq war, the USA wasted billions of dollars on contractors—————–several years after, the war is still on in Iraq wirh ISIS–BUHARI SHOULD pls JUST SHUT UP AND FIND WAYS OF MOVING NIGERIA FORWARD-ECONOMICALLY AND END THIS YEYE BLAME GAME-4 ONCE! ANIMALS


    “I am the most abused and insulted president in the world, but when I leave office you will all remember me for the total freedom you enjoyed under my government”. – Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan -unquote—-Buhari show us the arms–weapons u bought for our soldiers since u assumed the mantle of leadership in Aso Rock or forever shut up!

    • share Idea

      Last two weeks, the government said Dasuki abused over $2.1B and today Bhari is quoted as saying the GEJ’s government mismanaged billions of Naira and millions of dollars, can this government ever be consistent.

      • thewatcher

        The consistent thing is that Goodluck and his cohorts looted money meant for soldiers to fight, was there no limit to their corruption????

      • Onike24

        People like you are a curse! Some people stole billions by their own admission and your problem is with Buhari? Ten people like will heed the progress of any country. You should be ashamed of yourself, that is if you are capable of feeling shame and not a sociopath.

    • NaijaCaesar

      Jonathan might have as well been the worst president Nigeria ever had

    • No Bull …..

      After six years in office, Jonathan has validated the your quote

  • excel

    The demon called pdpig and jonathan are the worst things to happen to this nation. PMB cleaning up Nigeria,the Change is here.

    • Very Proud Oily IZON Redeemer

      @wahala——–Happily for the Nation state of Nigeria, u are an Ibo man per excellence-fine! So what concerns u with Nigeria ati Boko haram and the Fulani ati Yorubas ruling us again when u have yr biafra agenda-on the table?

      • NaijaCaesar

        Are your Governors – Fulani and yorubas?…or your senators? or your representatives in the house of reps? or your local government chairmen?…don’t you have igbo ministers and captains of indsutry?…what exactly is your grievance?

  • Very Proud Oily IZON Redeemer

    On Tuesday, December 23, the Rivers state governor had stated that “The soldiers have the right to protest for the Federal Government’s failure to fully equip them”. APC is at it again oooh¨

    The Nigerian army then released a statement, imploring politicians and activists to desist from using “the forum or medium of their political campaigns to incite or endorse acts of indiscipline in the military establishments”

    In the release signed by the Director of Defence Information, Major General Chris Olukolade, the army said it expected Amaechi and his party, All Progressives Congress, to have immediately retracted or “correct this fallacy or erroneous impression being propagated especially in view of the level of knowledge of his principal and candidate in forthcoming elections”.

    According to the statement, since no such move was made, “There is therefore the need to caution against the propagation of this dangerous idea before it causes more problems.”

    “For the avoidance of any doubt, the military institution rejects this declaration and its intention in all ramifications. The military law as recognized by the Constitution of the Federation is an appropriate legal document for the management of affairs of the military. The processes it outlines for handling military offences remain legal and will continue to be applied in the interest of the nation’s security and democracy.”

    “Individuals and interest groups seeking to play to the gallery by being meddlesome, sensational or mischievous in interpreting developments in the military are advised to moderate their activities with some decorum. It is clear that the false accusations that depend on unsubstantiated allegations being peddled on the military operations in Nigeria are intended to tarnish the reputation of Nigerian military and its leadership. The campaign apparently aimed at undermining constituted authority in the military must not be encouraged.”

    “It is obvious that most of the comments and sensational stories in the media have been oblivious of the fact that the processes are still ongoing and yet to be concluded. The war on terror is not all about equipment but mindset of both the military and the public. Inciting remarks can only compound the situation for all involved.”

    “The military is resolved to prosecute the counter terrorism campaign with all sense of commitment by the rank and file. The tendency to suggest or encourage dissention in the system will not yield any advantage to any well-meaning Nigerian citizen. Politicians are therefore requested to guide their utterances as the military remains a veritable institution of the state. Those who seek to undermine or destroy it should be prevailed upon to stop the mission considering the fact that the institution remains indispensable to government and its process under any dispensation.”

  • Very Proud Oily IZON Redeemer

    I am the most abused and insulted president in the world, but when I leave office you will all remember me for the total freedom you enjoyed under my government”. – Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan -unquote—-Buhari show us the arms–weapons u bought for our soldiers since u assumed the mantle of leadership in Aso Rock or forever shut up!

    • thewatcher

      Don’t trivialize this…the actions of your mentor and his cohorts led to the deaths of so many people

    • NaijaCaesar

      *sigh…if they show you now, you’d just find something else to use against President Buhari. Please the level of your partisanship is disgusting and irritating

      • Africa

        The guy is just simply a moron!

        • Akiika

          That is an understatement!

  • thewatcher

    The selfishness, greed and cruelty of a certain few in the previous administration truncated and seriously stymied the fight against Boko Haram, leading to the death of hundreds if not thousands. What a shame!…President Buhari please hold all of them accountable

  • NaijaCaesar

    Pdp and the Jonathan administration might be the worst thing to have ever happened to Nigeria

  • Fireman

    President Buhari we are behind you…GOD Bless you…we know you want to and will move this country forward!

  • Spectre echo’s

    All this news popping up here and there really worries me… what if PMB didnt come into office where we will be?

    • ukoette ibekwe

      Buhari is a scam artist. He is talking about probing corruption yet he is budgeting billions of Naira to northern Nigeria development company. Why should the federal government fund a company that is owned by a Northerner(s).
      Where are our representatives?
      This is how Babangida, Abacha used federal resources to enrich themselves through dangote.

      • Spectre echo’s

        look we are Nigerians, we are one… people need to leave this tribalism thinking behind… because that is the way this country can move forward.. I don’t think PMB is such a man and i believe that all he is doing is for the best interest for us all.

  • favourtalk

    We will wipe them out, all those who benefited from the loots in this country under GEJ regime. They shall not be taken control again and they will surely end up in jail

    • ibsoken

      Yes including Fashola, Tinibu, Amechi and the rest of them.

  • Very Proud Oily IZON Redeemer

    BUHARI Declares December Deadline On Crushing Boko Haram Inconclusive.

    The Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari have accepted his government’s little successes in defeating members of the Islamist terror group, Boko haram under his December, 2015 deadline he promised Nigeria. Stated that his government is open to modifying the December deadline on ending Boko Haram in the country.

    President Buhari represented by the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Gabriel Olonisakin, dropped the bombshell at the annual chief of army staff (COAS) conference yesterday in Dutse, Jigawa state.
    He said new operational exigencies may require a modification of the December deadline of ending insurgency.

    Olonisakin said “Let me emphasize that the time frame given is only a guide line and if exigencies of multiple operations across the country advices a modification the federal government will not hesitate to do so in order to address the flash points that are rearing their heads in this country.”

    He said the army must therefore develop new strategies to address current security challenges facing the country and ensure total elimination of insurgents.
    “Despite the achievements of the military in combating terrorism in the Northeast, the challenges of terrorism in other parts of the country remains issue of serious national concern with the potential to impede our change drive,” he said….

    Boko Haram has intensified its attacks after the president declared the December ultimatum to end the insurgency, executing bomb attacks on civilian targets as well as the military’s.
    The military suffered serious attacks by Boko Haram recently with dozens personnel reportedly killed in their effort to rout the insurgents in Sambisa forest.

  • Very Proud Oily IZON Redeemer

    It is from an elderly woman in Katsina still in shock that in the last 6 months of hardship, skyrocketing food prices, unpaid salaries, fuel queues and suicide attacks, the ordained “Moses” of “Change” from her home town has been in the saddle.

    “Wata tsohuwa taji matsin rayuwa, kuma sai taji ance bom ya tashi acan da can, ga wahalar mai, Abinci ya na neman gagarar talaka, malamai na kukan ba albashi, don haka yaran ma sai dai suje makaranta suyi wa sa su dawo. “Sai ta kirawo babban danta (Auwalu) tace, nasan baza kamin karya ba, Auwalu ka fadamin tsakaninka da Allah, Wai Jonathan ya ba Buhari mulkinna kuwa?”

    The foregoing text message narrates the story of the old woman when she summoned her first son, Auwalu, and said “I know you would not lie to me, Auwalu, so answer me truthfully. Has Jonathan handed over the government to Buhari, or is he still holding on to it?”

    For the old woman, the symptoms of the promised “change” are yet to be felt, hence her disappointment in finding out that Jonathan had handed over to Buhari in the last 6 months of unprecedented sufferings.

    She crucified Jonathan for the litany of Nigeria’s problems and she embraced “change” as the best antidote, so now that Buhari come into power, the problem should have been nipped by now, 6 months into power isn’t it? She must have lost all sense of hope when Auwalu confirmed that Baba Buhari having come into power has lost touch with the masses. Hmm, it must be very painful for the old woman.

    This reminds me of Professor Sheldon Wolin, the Harvard Professor, when he announced that elections can easily be an illusion after an era of change is ushered in. He said democracy can be what he termed “inverted totalitarianism” in which a powerful few or cabal lose touch with the masses and still use the concept of popular sovereignty to hold on to the reins of power.

    The Naira is in free fall, manufacturers have downsized their labour force, leading to high levels unemployment, the CBN chief once warned we are on the cusp of recession and recent reports in the international media about the economy of our country are, to put it mildly, not flattering. Blame Buhari’s tacit economic direction. Suicide attacks have refused to plummet; we are all waiting for the Almighty December deadline too.

    Fuel queues have refused to disappear and power supply has dipped. What happed to body language? Some say these problems were not created by this administration, but fail to remember that Buhari promised to fix them once elected.

    It is therefore not unreasonable to expect that he would act with a sense of urgency. The old woman has called for courage from Buhari to rise above his illusions to overcome the problem of the day.

  • Otile

    I hate reading this kind of article, it’s very upsetting. The problem at hand is Boko Haram and Islamic terrorism. No where does Buhari condemn Boko Haram or Islamc terrorism but goes on and on ranting about how much his enemy Jonathan wasted without showing us any credible evidence. We are still asking if Buhari is more intelligent, more articulate, more scientific than Jonathan why did the Yorubas shield him from debating Jonathan one on one? Nigeria is indeed a zoo.

    • Henry_Itopa

      “He said the Boko Haram’s attempt to divide the country was a miscalculation adding that their claim to be fighting for Islam was both misleading and working against God.

      He said the group was gradually being decimated and were finding it difficult to recruit while the military was doing well.”

      That is from the article. I guess you have a problem reading as well.

  • Onike24

    Process ke? Processing is not for them

  • Mephistoheles

    This “eye service” coming from the same Dogara that recently discounted all efforts by well meaning Nigerians by claiming that only divine intervention can help?
    Where are our people with the rotten eggs? Come out and blanket his vehicle with your patriotic rotten eggs so that he will remember that so many Nigerians have no choice but to squat and poop!
    So that he will know that his appointment was not as Preacher or imam, but a representative of the people!
    so that he will sit up and do his job instead of waiting for divine intervention!
    Most importantly, so that he will realize that he is a servant of the people….not a lord or king but just a servant…and the power he feels he has is bequeathed to him by the people and it can very easily be withdrawn!

  • Olusegun Olawonyi

    Mr. President Buhari should talk less and act more. He still enjoys my goodwill. He should prosecute those who stole this nation blind and throw them into the jail. While at it, he should not be talking much. No need for too much talk, abeg.

    • Mephistoheles

      Take your own advice and go sit in a corner. Nothing this President does is ever okay with you folks.
      How many prosecutions of federal account looters took place in all past administrations?.

      • Olusegun Olawonyi

        I didn’t vote for the previous administration, but I voted for this one. My views are mine and I stand by them. PMB and his government should talk less and stop prosecuting political opponents in the media. If there is a case against anyone, take them to court. Talk less, PMB. Dude, I’m surprised you didn’t get or see my point.

        • Mephistoheles

          Of course if your views are yours, you should stand by them.
          For some reason, you think the above afford you some degree of infallibility.
          No sir! Your views can be yours and you can stand by them from now till the end of time (if such a thing exists).
          It does not exonerate you from being wrong.

          Listen to what you are saying and try to think back to the previous administration. Did you voice such views? Your story is that of the tortoise locked in the toilet for 17 years. On the day he is to be released, he starts yelling to his rescuers to “Hurry up! You no know sey dis place dey smell?”

  • Otile

    Imagine this report: A lake in California is being searched by police investigating last week’s shootings in San Bernardino, in which 14 people were killed. Divers from the FBI began searching the waters of Seccombe Lake Park, two miles (3km) from the site of the attack. The two suspects are thought to have visited the park on the day of the shooting, an FBI spokesman said.

    The attack is being investigated as an act of terror, the deadliest in the US since 9/11. Tashfeen Malik and husband Syed Farook opened fire at a workplace event for Farook’s colleagues, killing 14 and wounding 22. The couple, who officials say became radicalised some years ago, were both killed in a shoot-out with police hours after the attack.

    Is there any reason for this senseless attack? Islam is a bane of mankind. Religion of peace my foot.

  • MushinSpeaks

    It is so unfortunate that those we held up to watch our back our our real enemy. Billions flying here and there leaving the country to run a snail economical speed. CHANGE will stay and put an end to this.

  • Recoup the stolen money if you can without witchunt and with due process. But there is no greater abuse of trust than the 45 yrs of dictatorships and the entrenched impunity and corruption by the dictators. Who can forget Buhari’s and Arewa Elders defense of Boko Haram to pull down a Nigerian government? Buhari cannot exonerate himself from the mess we are in today.