El-Rufai lied, Jonathan spent only N333 million on independence anniversary in 3 years, ex-Minister says

El Rufai's post

The Goodluck Jonathan administration only spent N333 million on three independence anniversaries (2012-2014) and not the billions of naira alleged by the Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, an ex-minister has said.

Abubakar Sulaiman, the immediate past Minister of National Planning during the Goodluck Jonathan presidency, stated this in a statement on Sunday.

Mr. Sulaiman described as “tissue of lies” the statement by Mr. El-Rufai on his facebook wall on Thursday that the Jonathan administration spent billions of naira on Nigeria’s independence anniversary celebrations in five years.

“We would have allowed this to go as just ranting of a favour seeker , but for the sake of ordinary Nigerians who were abreast of happenings under the administration and also those who never did, we will like to set the record straight,” the former minister said.

The facebook post, which was widely shared on the social media, appeared to be further evidence of the wastefulness and corruption associated with the Jonathan administration, especially after the current administration announced N70 million as the spending for this year’s anniversary.

On Friday, the anti-graft agency, EFCC, raided the home of Mr. Jonathan’s petroleum minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke, after she was arrested same day by British authorities on allegations of bribery and money laundering.
Mrs. Alison-Madueke fled Nigeria to the UK prior to the inauguration of President Muhammadu Buhari and is believed to have supervised one of the largest corruption scandals in Nigeria’s oil industry during her tenure.
Irrespective of the various corruption allegations against officials of the Jonathan administration, Mr. Sulaiman said that of the independence anniversary celebrations by Mr. El-Rufai were false.

Read his full statement below


We never spent billions on independence anniversary – Jonathan

We were taken aback by the recent comment reportedly credited to His Excellency, Governor Nasir El-Rufai where he claimed that the immediate past President, His Excellency, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s administration spent N64billion to cover the country independence anniversary spending in five years.

The break down, according to the governor showed that N13billion was spent in 2011, N15billion in 2012 and N14billion in 2013 and N22billion allegedly spent in 2014.

This tissue of lies was contained on his facebook comment on Thursday. Ordinarily, we would have allowed this to go as just ranting of a favour seeker , but for the sake of ordinary Nigerians who were abreast of happenings under the administration and also those who never did, we will like to set the record straight.

It is important to correct the misinformation so that the unsuspecting public would not be misled.

For the record, a breakdown of our anniversary spending between 2012 to 2014 amounted to N332.6million. We challenge the Office of the Government of the Federation (OSGF) to publish these details for the consumption of the public.

For the record, a breakdown of our spending for this event between 2012 and 2104 goes thus; 2012-107.6million; 2013-45million and 2014 had 180million. So, the question here is where did the billions as claimed by El-Rufai emanate from? Even though that of 2010 and 2011 are not handy now, but it should be known that they all fall within the same bracket as the one stated, except that the 2010 anniversary was a golden one when the country marked her 50 year of independence. But even then , not such outrageous sum was either budgeted or expended .

Again, it is germane to explain the increase in the 2013 anniversary spending for the purpose of accountability. The National Honours Award Investiture was incorporated into the celebration, thus making it two events in one, hence the N174,800,000.00 budget. We also want to add that the said award investiture could not hold in 2013 and the approved budget rolled over and was utilized to organise the investiture in 2014.

It is high time government functionaries desisted from abusing their immunity by destroying history and trading on lies just to gain cheap popularity or curry one favour or the other from certain quarters.

Perhaps President Olusegun Obasanjo was right in his assessment of El-Rufai when he said in his latest memoir, My Watch that his vivid recollection of him (El-Rufai)is his penchant for lying, for unfair embellishment of stories and his inability to sustain loyalty for long. That exactly is what El-Rufai has done with his ungodly fabrication of lies against Jonathan government.

One hopes that President Buhari would be on guard against being misled by the likes of El-Rufai who are hell bent on misinforming the Nigerian publics.


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  • easterner

    We no longer take the likes of rufai and oshiomhole serious. The earlier the realise that their comments worth nothing b4 Nigerians the better for them. Shameless people who are better off motor park touts

    • AryLoyds

      My facebook account was hacked – El Rufai 🙂

    • Psi Ciroma

      Shhhhhhhhhhhhh…… its a TAG-TEAM you are Yapping o..




      # El-Rufai- President + Oshiomole- Vice- President




      • okenwa

        For which country?

  • Fairgame

    The season of lies and propaganda is what Nigeria is witnessing. Even the military is not to be outdone. There was an explosion in Maidugri this morning and eye witnesses according to several news sources said that about 10 dead bodies were seen but the military came out to say that the explosions were as a result of ‘routine’ test of weapons! Testing weapons in Boko Haram stronghold? And there was no prior communication from the military about such a test that was going to be carried out. It looks like the Boko Haram boys are seriously embarrassing the current administration and so they turn to lies and propaganda just like El Rufai, Oshiomole and co. The war on Boko Haram cannot be won by lies and propaganda and I hope the military just steps up and defeats the evil group. But from the look of things the military is on the back foot. Boko Haram is now also poisoning water in the north. God help Nigeria.

    • Arabakpura

      It’s all good for the country! The name of the game is prove your case; democracy!

  • Ifeanyi

    This statement from the former Minister wouldn’t have been necessary as Nigerians would have been able to confront Governor El-Rufai with “evidence” had President Jonathan not run a highly opaque government.

    • Guguru

      Mr Sulaiman’s actions were triggered by a high level of guilty conscience and by probably the belief that El-Rufai’s comments could trigger a corruption investigation.

      • abodes_124

        Indeed I would not be surprised if the EFCC and DSS now raid the houses and arrest the relevant ministers under GEJ over those years following the ‘shocking revelation’ by someone as highly placed as El Rufai. No further proof is needed.

      • okenwa

        El rufai was once part of pdp just like saraki. He is now the darling of apc e.rat. We await his day of reckoning

        • Guguru

          Keyword: Was once! Which politicians in Nigeria was once not a part of another party?

    • abodes_124

      Having journalists who can check facts would help. They only print whatever you hand to them with the appropriate brown envelope attached. Just wait, tomorrow this same paper will headline another set of figures by some other person without any corroboration or attempt at analysis.

  • amazing2012

    Suleman did not serve for three years in Jonathan government. From the embazzlement record of Jonathan government, there is no way he can manage such figure for three independence anniversaries. Suleman will only expose more of what he did not know !

    • Echelons

      And you are talking from the perspective of AGF or what? How close are you to FG funds.
      It’s even ridiculous that some people could believe those figures from El Rufai.

      • amazing2012

        Let’s check it 333 divide by 3years = 111 each year. How much can you allocate to the following out of 111 million each year !
        print invitations,
        venue decoration,
        hotel booking,
        TV and radio jingles
        Flight tickets
        Food and refreshment
        Car hire for guest
        Children party
        For instance: One celebrity collect minimum of 3million !
        Just think !! Elrufai is right !!!

        • Arabakpura

          Let’s not quarrel yet; the result will be out within the week! This is the beauty of democracy!

      • Hassan Lawal

        …my dear,under GEJ, anything,i mean,anything was possible!!!

        • okenwa

          Anything but not all things.

  • nigerianunity

    Soon El Rufai or what is his name will say that his facebook account was hacked.

  • Guguru

    Mr Sulaiman’s data looks highly suspicious in the same vein as i am yet to verify how El-Rufai arrived at his figures. It is easier to accept El-Rufai’s figures as metaphors for the wastefulness and abuse typifying the Jonathan administration. Mr Sulaiman needs to tell us where the money to buy 53 iPhones which cost Nigeria about N682 million or N662 million (depending on the source) during the 2013 Independence day celebration, came from?



    • Echelons

      Are you okay at all? 53 Gold plated phones costing 682mil? That’s about 13m per phone? Please tell ur children that BS. You’re indeed on the same shameful level as El Rufai.

      • Guguru


        Why are you insulting as if I wrote the articles? Why don’t you fight with the facts? I provided two different sources and you are here mouthing off like a raped ape? International transactions need not be about the products. The payment could be a part of a wider money laundering scheme that is yet to be revealed in the Jonathan administration. Did the Jonathan administration not engage in the money laundry of $15 million to South Africa? Abeg, make I hear word bo.

        • Arabakpura

          You shouldn’t have responded to uninformed people! How much does he think a moderate Rolex plain watch cost? Poverty of the mind indeed!

          • Guguru

            Arabakpura, my good friend, thank you.

          • Psi Ciroma

            You Nigerian youth are Over-Zealous…..

            Can any of you boast of meaning above $10,000 eq per month….. If Not Please go and work and stop living on the internet

          • Guguru

            40 Psi,

            I love the internet. Why do you hate facts?

          • okenwa

            You will soon be like chika okoro who predicted what that comes back to hunt him.

          • Guguru

            Be quiet.

          • Psi Ciroma

            I wish there was a way ofr channelling this energy into commerce!

          • Guguru

            What energy are you talking about? And why commerce?

          • Psi Ciroma

            THE Energy of the Youths ON-LINE!

            OBJ, GOWON,IBB..SARAKI, etc had all attained centre stage at this stage…..Meanwhile Youths are Languishing in CyberSpace here..

            One guy begged me for money!

          • Guguru

            40 Psi,

            LOL. They did?

          • Psi Ciroma

            READ BOOOOOKS MAN!

          • Guguru

            40 Psi,

            Books? What books? Do you know what a book is? LOL.

          • okenwa

            Are you talking about buhari’s wife wrist watch that cost fifty million niara abi.

          • Arabakpura

            That’s another example!

    • Segun Abiodun

      Where is the evidence that these items cost that much?
      You are not even specific with how much the so called iPhones cost.
      However you are ready to build on a totally fabricated story.
      What did professor Owolabi call you?
      A master fabricator of tales.
      Ha ha ha ha lol
      You must be the one who supplied the gold plated IPhones that cost about 682 million Naira Abi ?
      What a gullible id#ot you must be
      Ha ha ha ha lol
      Sorry I forgot you are Fulani- no brains just violence
      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha lol
      Or better still provide us a picture of any of the so called gold plated iPhones that you are ranting about.
      You also sight premium times as your source.
      You are ever ready to use soft selling and gossip news media as your source.
      Ha ha ha ha lol
      Very typical of a certified plagiarist.
      Ha ha ha ha lol

  • Ed

    The President should put a stop to the official lies. The Nigeria military under Buhari’s regime now called Boko Haram bombing military weapons testing.
    El Rogues made up numbers on behalf of Buhari’s about independent day celebrations,
    Please stop the official lies. The world is watching.

  • Guguru

    2012 Independence day speech

    “The fight against the scourge of corruption is a top priority of our Administration. We are fighting corruption in all facets of our economy, and we are succeeding,” Mr. Jonathan said.


  • Guguru

    No Jonathanian or south-easterner complained when President Jonathan lied in his 2012 Independence Day speech

    “In an attempt to salvage President Goodluck Jonathan’s integrity after a PREMIUM TIMES investigation revealed that the president lied on a claim he made in his independence anniversary broadcast to the nation, the Federal Government on Tuesday said the president‘s claim was based on “notorious facts” provided in a newspaper article.

    In his Independence Day speech, Mr. Jonathan scored his administration high on many fronts, despite the widely held believe among Nigerians that its performance had been abysmal.

    In an apparent attempt to gain international goodwill, he further asserted that the global corruption watchdog, Transparency International, had endorsed his administration’s war against corruption.

    “In its latest report, Transparency International noted that Nigeria is the second most improved country in the effort to curb corruption,” Mr. Jonathan had said in the broadcast.

    However, in an email to PREMIUM TIMES, Transparency International said the president’s claim is untrue.

    “Transparency International does not have a recent rating or report that places Nigeria as the second most improved country in the fight against corruption,” the Berlin-based organisation told this newspaper.

    The presidency, in a statement released this morning, said the president‘s claim was based on “notorious facts” published by Nigeria’s BusinessDay newspaper.”


    • Fred Duke

      My problem with GEJ is that he was either too naive or too gullible. He approved everything and ANYTHING that was presented to him. He must have been reading just any speech written by the same people who were using him. Under him, there was no word like caution. There was no word like verification. He made a mess of himself. Most the data he quoted were all wrong, at least most of the time.

      But in this case, I don’t believe El-Rufai. He’s still reasoning as if he’s in the opposition. His figures look over-inflated. Besides, telling us doesn’t help in anyway. But if there’s an investigation on how tthe purported amounts were disbursed, it would be more substantial and fruitful.

      As for the Mallam Suleiman, where were they when GEJ swept everything under the carpet. Sometimes, big issues of national importance would pop up, but GEJ’s government would never issue any statement. GEJ’s aides were the main reasons he failed. So I can’t even trust any figure provided by GEJ’s ministers. Why is Mr. Suleiman trying to educate Nigerians now after they carefully worked to misinform or totally blank out Nigerians? We don’t need any of them to set straight any records again. why didn’t they set straight the records during Stella oduah car case and many others that went unexplained. They can save the records for when they get to meet their creator.

  • Datti

    Anyone that quotes OBJ may not be taken seriously. Looking for a credible witness and you are quoting OBJ one should know that the individual had failed. Suleiman record is not correct because he was not there in the preceding three years. Rufai figure might be a hyperbole but one can not take anything beyond the Jonathan’s administration.

    • Tonnero

      And we should listen to you instead of Obasanjo because…? Or was it your father that was…….? Or maybe it was you uncle that was….? Stoopid fellow. Lilliputians who have no respect for giants.

  • jojo

    Following criticism of the federal government’s plan to spend N16.4 billion on the celebrations of Nigeria’s golden independent jubilee, President Goodluck Jonathan has slashed the anniversary budget to N9.5 billion.

    The adjustments are included in the latest amended supplementary budget which the president presented to the national assembly for consideration and passage.

    In a letter to the national assembly conveying his intentions, the president said listed the areas which the cuts affected and said it was a “slight amendment.”
    Contrary to widely circulated reports that the president, earlier, presented a budget of N10 billion for approval by the National Assembly for its Nigeria at 50 celebrations, the figures from the former supplementary budget shows that the actual figure that was budgeted for the event was N16.37 billion.

    • Goodluck

      Please can you provide the source of this write up?

      • Rommel

        Is your memory so poor or very weak? which is which?

  • Tonnero

    el Rufai, I hope you have hard evidence………

    • rhad

      Which evidence and where is the evidence?

  • Hassan Lawal

    …sorry,i’ll rather believe el-rufai,nothing worthy can ever come out of those people that served under GEJ.

    • abodes_124

      I know. Why confuse us with facts when rumour , lies and innuendo will do.

  • Said Mohammed

    Mallam the ball is your court. Am sure you will not be denied access to records, please prove them wrong.

  • Rommel

    What happened to the billions got from oil sales under the Jonathan administration?

    • Isi Agwo

      Because of the bad state of the road (despite spending billions of naira) it took four days to travel from Lagos to Onitsha during the Obasanjo maladministration. After the Jonathan administration’s work on the road, it takes 4 hours to travel. That’s is just one tiny piece of where the oil money (by the way from Jonathan’s area) went.

      • Rommel

        Do you know that an administration that received a tiny fraction of the money the Jonathan administration received constructed that road which you are talking about saying that Jonathan rehabilitated with over 400 billion dollars he received in under 5years,are you sure you understand what the issues are?

  • Comfortkay

    Nigerian have the right to see all receipt of all independence celebration.

    • Fuzio

      Agreed. Starting from 1960, so we can see how the Jonathan’s expenditures compare with the others.

  • zung

    You don’t rant on the pages of newspapers in defence of the alleged wastes of your administration. Prove it. Time will come when you’ll shut up when all documents totaling what is being alleged is shown to Nigerians. I am not surprised your administration compromised the judiciary and thinks that you can always make a hell of noise in your defence since you have a compromised judiciary behind you,Even that judiciary shall soon be visited.Most of you are becoming quiet including your Metuh as one of your biggest fish is answering questions in far away UK on the continuous allegations of “witch hunt”. The onus lies on Nasir El Rufai to give us the proof. We’re waiting. We’ll soon see who is right.

  • Segun Abiodun

    No body believes el rufia anymore.
    He is nothing but a crook.
    No body should forget that this Fulani thief pocketed over 50 billion Naira during the sale of federal government houses as FCT minister.
    El rufia is a master of using proxies to do his dirty deals.
    He brought in Jimmy lawal a certified crook to handle the sale of the said houses in the FCT and used his uncle Idris Othman to arquire so much land in the FCT. His strategy was simple- revoke land belonging to ibos and Yorubas and reassign the same land to mainly fulanis. However what most people did not realize was that the dwarf was reallocating most of the land to himself using all sorts of proxies.
    El rufia bought the Vice Presidents guest house as a serving minister.
    He even allocated land to his 2 year old son at the time.
    What a criminal.
    This Fulani thief now says he is worth 90 billion Naira but has refused to allow for a detailed investigation of his net worth by ensuring that a bogus case is filed in court to stop any investigation to determine his net worth.
    It is the same el rufia who sold Nitel to a one month old company ( pentascope) as head of the BPE.
    His modus operandi at the time was to sale federal government assets to only those who guaranteed him an interest in the companies he sold.
    What a criminal.
    He would do anything for power. Including telling lies and fabricating false stories against others he considers as competition .
    One only has to remember what he did to Atiku , Nuhu , NOI and even Buhari to know how treacherous this dwarf is.
    That is why nobody trusts el rufia.
    He is a treacherous criminal. Who would do anything for power including go into covenants with the devil.
    At each stage he offers a family member as a blood sacrifice to the devil for greater power.
    Every one knows that.

    • Ebubedike

      Very revealing. Another “change” leader, the de facto vice president, exposed.

      • Segun Abiodun

        Yes don’t be fooled most of these so called change agents are nothing but criminals.
        El rufia has houses all over the world hidden under different names. One of his proxies is his uncle Idris uthoman who el rufia has used for his properties in the following jurisdictions- Maryland in the US , the UAE. In London and all over Abuja
        El rufia claims he is worth 90 billion however when it was exposed by a newspaper he went to court not to ensure the truth about his net worth came out but to conceal his true worth.
        That is his style. Use the courts as a tool for concealment.
        Never believe a man who would lie about small things. That is why obasanjo refers to el rufia as a certified lier. One who has a penchant for telling lies and fabricating stories against perceived enemies.
        Do some research on this crook.
        Find out what he thinks of Buhari.
        Further this mans father is not even a Nigerian. His father is from Niger. However el rufia keeps telling people lies that his father is from Libya.
        I have taken time to do extended research on this lier.
        His father is a buzu from Niger.
        Technically el rufia is from Niger. If you follow the laws of Islam he is from Niger.
        It is only his mother who is Fulani from Zaria.

  • MI

    It’s not in pdp’s character to be that prudent, simply the Ex-minister lied……or he should now tell us how rest of the approved funds got spent. How can a govt that spent billions on nothing now spend only N333million on anniversary in three years.

  • OmoLasgidi

    I dare Mr Sulaiman to go even further to prove El Rufai wrong….let him and his PDP ex-Minisyers publish the company names, contracts and invoices regarding the past 3 Independence celebrations for us Nigerians to judge! Why did they not tell us then?
    Strange that he also failed to defend allegations of fraud and corruption by one of them – her Royal Ex-Minister Diezani in his piece…
    All these 40-thieves should please spare us all these posthumous explanations! Very soon Ali Baba will also come out of hiding to tell us nonsense!

    • Fuzio

      What was at issue here was the total amount expended. Going into the details of how that money was spent would cloud the main issue. El Rufai has not raised any issue about the contractors, so, it would be pointless answering questions that no one has asked.

  • UOU

    Lies lies lies lies everywhere, a space go on the way of lies, we all know where it is heading to,people decides to come to power via lies, obviously, they will meet their waterloo because lies has an end

  • emmanuel

    El-Rufai bought over PT to further his Presidential ambition which he has now put on cruise control ahead of 2015. Part of it, is to lie against anyone and anything.
    I am sure Jega will come rig him to power.

    • emmanuel


  • Proud Yoruba

    Thank you Mr. Sulaiman for having the courage to speak up.

    It is time that we all understand the importance of transparency in a democratic country, so that people cannot peddle information for power by keeping the masses in darkness.

    It appears to be the Buhari administration’s public relations strategy, to keep grabbing credit in order to boost his lack of concrete actions in four months!

  • Omotolaaraujo

    I wonder what the Minister of Finance was paid to do? We are reading these stories, but we don’t see the accounting to support what’s being written about. Is Nigeria run on rumor?