Emir Sanusi secretly marries Adamawa princess

The Emir of Kano, His Highness Sanusi Lamido Sanusi
The Emir of Kano, His Highness Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

The Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, has finally tied the knot with his rumoured heartthrob, Sa’adatu Barkindo-Musdafa, the daughter of the Lamido of Adamawa, Muhammadu Barkindo-Musdafa.

The 18-year old becomes the emir’s fourth wife. She recently completed secondary school and is been enrolled for advanced level studies.

In addition to his first wife, Sadiya, who is the daughter of the late emir of Kano, Ado Bayero, Mr. Sanusi has two other wives — Maryam and Rakiya.

The secret wedding was contracted in a low-keyed ceremony in the town of Yola on Friday.

Palace sources in Yola told PREMIUM TIMES the wedding fatiha held inside the palace of the Lamido minutes after Jumma’at prayer.

Insiders say that the influential emir only sent out invitation to some dignitaries across the country, as Kano government officials sneaked into Yola for the wedding fatiha to avoid journalists.

The Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, was said to have acted as the guardian for the groom, while his Adamawa counterpart, Jibrilla Bindow, played the role of the bride’s guardian, who gave her hands out in marriage to the monarch.

Mr. Sanusi’s rumoured marriage to the princess was debunked in the past.

“His decision to take a new wife is in line with Islamic injunction.

Islam allows having a maximum of four wives for those who can treat all of them equally and provide for a large family,’’ said a top Kano state government official who travelled to Yola for the wedding.

A social commentator, Dan’Almajiri Ibrahim, argued that in ancient times, links between empires were tightened by marriages among royals and nobles across boundaries.

“So, the engagement of the Adamawa princess to Emir Sanusi II may also be a move to deepen royal bond between Adamawa and Kano.

“You see, historically, both emirates have similar origins in the 19th Century Uthman Bn Fodio’s jihad,’’ he concluded.

Emir Sanusi could not be reached for comments as he is currently away in Saudi Arabia, where he is acting as leader of Nigeria’s delegation to this year’s hajj.

A highly placed palace source however confirmed the development to PREMIUM TIMES, saying Sa’adatu would not move in with the emir immediately.


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  • amazing2012

    Now we will have a long debate with those who has no work doing and who this issue does not concern !

    • Frank Bassey

      “with those who has no work …?” I can see you HAS a lot of work.

      • Jango

        Don’t mind the half illiterate herdsman. We told him to attend nomadic school, but he said NO..because it was jonathan that set up the schools.
        Cutting his nose to spite his face..now he is troubling us with his ‘missiles’..

        • amazing2012

          Idiots on stage !

          • Jada

            Hahaha! E dey pain you abi??
            Go through your replies so far..full of insults.
            Are you a good Muslim?? Does Islam teach you to insult others??
            Hypocrite. Abeg go school jor.
            See, the girl sanusi married just finished her secondary school. Maybe if you went to school, she would have considered you.
            Sorry o aboki!

    • Musty

      The issue doesn’t concern some people? Sorry aboki, the news is on a general website accessible to ALL!
      This is not an Islamic website ka ji ko???

      • amazing2012

        The website is for everybody sure, but the issue at hand does not concern you. Or is Lamido your father ?

        • Musty

          Yaro, Is he yours??

        • okenwa

          Can you help me ask the girl if she loves sanusi or is she married against his wish.

  • Frank Bassey

    Yeye people. Shame!

  • B.Messi

    Sanusi is the leader of the Nigerian contingent to hajj.
    Over 700 lives wer lost on Thursday 24th to an inexplicable Stampede..with Nigeria losing a good number herself.
    That is the reason why the ‘wedding’ was conducted HUSH-HUSH.
    Is this unbridled lust/libido or what??

    • amazing2012

      Is your mother !

      • B.Messi

        You are too small.
        Can’t lower myself to your level to roll in the mud.
        Fire on with your insults aboki.

    • wode

      I find it very difficult to understand where you come in here. How does private live of an individual concerns you? Who, or what rule, says a marriage can not be conducted because of the occurrence of irreversible event? I think some of you need to learn that wisdom is knowing that it’s not all the time that you should “talk” or write about an issue. At times, silence is golden. Learn to be in the side of honor.

      • Micky

        By saying this, you have just proven that you and your people do not have conscience or value human lives.. and that’s the reason your leaders treat you like cows and slaves.. how can you defend such manner wickedness, you led people to a place of and worship, disaster occurred and you still have the heart to merry. So so SAD I feel disappointed and sorry for the Northern citizens .

  • Kunle

    Let Mrs Yaro catch him..

  • jerry

    Which mortal can love four women ‘equally’?
    They keep divorcing and re-marrying. Which means the love waxed cold, which means they CAN’T love all equally!
    Lol! These people nawa

  • Hondo Sina

    Another pedophile in action..

  • evidence

    It should be investigated if she is really 18 years and if she is, the we can safely say there is progress in the north as regards not marrying underage.

  • Jason

    North truly has a long way to go if their leaders are on reverse gear like this.

  • Wale

    He is getting married while the people he led to hajj are dead or still missing. What is the rush-as he not screwed before? Why can’t he wait till all the hajj hoopla settled a bit. Na wa for the pedo-emir o!

  • T-Rex

    Na their style……

  • no_be_lie

    islam and too much sex is like butter and bread

    • The truth is ugly

      What about illegal baby factories.

      • no_be_lie

        It’s farrrrrr more decent and honorable to be a “baby factories” than to be called a Muslim, u guys are #manace2society

        • The truth is ugly

          Hmmm.. your mother is crying for you my man, delete that statement and ask her forgiveness coz you have a daddy. Dont hope to b a product of baby factory. I pitty you

      • Carruth

        Baby factories are ‘illegal’. Marrying children is legal, as per Islam.

        No one thinks that baby factories are acceptable, as opposed to those who marry children and taking 18 year-olds as 4th wives.

        Shout out to Yerima, Buhari, Sanusi and the other cavemen.

  • Romberg

    I thought they said Sanusi is educated. How then is Boko haram not the ideology of the whole north? What a heck is education when elites are not so different from Stone Age practices?

    • wode

      So, what was the stone age practices ( legal marriages?) and what is the latest practices – having only one publicly knows wife, and several others (i.e. concubines and girlfriends) outside with bastards as their “children” while committing adultery? For your information, no conscious Muslim would be carried away by the decorated immoralities that have pervaded all nooks and crannies of the globe. Good Muslims, irrespective of wherever they might have being to or learn about other people’s culture, are always very conscious of their Creator as well as His commandments and strive to live their lives within His dictate.

      It is exactly people like you that would criticize the same man as not being sincere with his religion were he to be found around flirting with other women not legally married to him.

      I think people like you should learn to respect other people’s believes and not embark on fruitless effort at stereotyping. As long as unrestricted amorous interaction between people of opposite sex not legitimately entitled to each other as well as homosexuality are seen by most of you as being “freedom” to do what you like to do, then why is it so difficult for you to comprehend why a man would gladly take up his God-given right to marry a number of wives?

      FYI, Islam is a perfected complete way of life which guides the lives of Muslims. Irrespective of ages, Muslims would continue to be guided by the fundamental principle of their faith.

      • Clergy

        It’s not about marrying more women legally, but about the age of the said wife. At 18, and yet to attend a higher institution, what’s the moral justification of marrying such a girl when he can wait until she graduates from the university. Why the rush to catch them young during this formative stage?

        • William Norris

          But there’s no LEGAL requirement that every Nigerian must get a university degree BEFORE getting married.

          As far as I know this marriage complies with Sharia law as enforced in Kano and other Northern states.

        • wode

          What is wrong with the age? Is she not matured? When has the degree or number of it that you have become a requirement for marriage? Who says she can not get as many degrees as she wish to get while still married? What do you say to all the young girls around – in the streets, campuses, etc – some that are even below the age of 18 and sleep around with men, some that are old enough to be their father? That doesn’t seem bad, right? At least the men are not marrying them, they are just having fun… is that not the thinking? Most unfortunate! Such is the life of multifaceted immorality we’ve found ourselves.

      • Ashibogu

        Bros. I disagree with your thinking. You cannot cure lusts by marrying more wives. Rather, you ought to renew your mind and your soul. As well, pray to God that he should grant you grace and strength to overcome the corruption that is in the world. There is a spirit that rules the world. It is called the spirit of ungodliness. It works by pushing people to act contrary to God’s injunction of righteousness and holiness. Most people who amass women to themselves realise to their dismay that they still cannot control their desire/ lust for the opposite sex. The painful fact is that they secretly resort to having concubines. Most Northern Muslim friends that I know are under this affliction. The only way a man can overcome lust is by yielding to the Holy Spirit. Anything outside of the Holy Spirit is a total failure. This therefore explains why some religious people like Priests, Imans and Pastors are still falling for strange women. It is not easy but with God all things are possible.

        • wode

          You see, you can disagree with anything. I don’t have problem with that. What I have problem with is not respecting other people’s view, faith, tradition, culture and try to give it all sort of derogatory names.

          As to your opinion regarding lust and how to treat it, I am sorry, you are not being practical in your view. The God Almighty that created us knows us very well and knows about our individual varying capacities and capabilities. As our voracity are different so is our libidos. In order not to give excuses for falling into fornication or adultery, that is why God leaves the room open for a man not to be restricted to just one wife if he feels he has the capability for more than one, up to maximum of four. There are other legitimate reasons for which a man can marry more wives.

          Whoever now go beyond or abuse these God-given privileges are the transgressors who God shall not be happy with and be due for His punishment.

  • lukasss

    Nigerians should keep dying in the stampede. Our Emir don get another wife be that. You think say our emir dey folly as una. iNSHA ALLAH,Sanusi go marry another 9 year old woman next month.

    • Romberg

      No be now him marry am. He don dey skin the girl for some time now. He only needed to wait until the girl turns 18 to get a marriage certificate. Islam 101.

    • Hondo Sina

      Our Emir? Please he is the Emir of kano ,, and not Emir of Nigeria…

  • concerned


  • Romberg

    No be only him dey do am. It’s a pattern of life for them all. They cannot marry out their daughters at 18, but they mess around with others’ at 15!

  • Uwadiegwu

    Emir Sanusi of clowns and governor of all paedophiles.

    • The truth is ugly

      Kai go back to Biafra this is Nigeria. We married them off legally. You are living in a deluded world where 18 year old girls are allowed to sleep around but frown to them on getting married at same age. Check ur religion about age of consent is not only in Islam but also allowed in Christianity. If you don’t know ask ur pastor

      • chinny

        but how come your women marry end up having extra marital affairs and becoming lesbians because the man cant satisfy them.Please in Saudi where islam started how many wives do they marry even though they can marry 4?by the way where did sanusi or where will they get the money to sed their kids to uk to study if not nigerian stolen funds and funds meant to tackle the level ofpovery in the north? what makes sanusi different from aanyother hausa musim? because they have pertually decided to keep thier people underdeveloped and in bondage so that they can keep lording over them,even you! tell yourselves the truth you better wake up! cos its his kids and wives who would study i UK and where are yours?

  • Contact Point

    It cant be termed “secret” when invitations were sent out and the caliber of governor of Kano and Adamawa played role in all. So stop your insane indirect aspersion.

  • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

    Listen up my friend! The fact that you were not invited does not mean it was done in secret!

    These marriages are very different from what you think! for one, the husband and wife are never in the same room….
    You know what? Go do your research!

  • Omotolaaraujo

    I wonder what he paid for her?

    • yukkmouff

      I was just wondering the same too about the f**king Emir of Paedos , Muhammadu Sanusi II!!!

  • Alhajivinco

    This oppression of women children (an 18 year old in this case) by old men of Mr Sanusi’s ilk in the name of marriage ordained by religion has to stop.

  • morency

    18 years? phew. see sanusi dressed like masqurede. I understand such dressing is for dersert environment. Possible his father or grandfather is not nigerian. I pity the little girl. After drinking burantashi, he will ravish the innocent girl. Yet his own daughters will go to universities before they are given out in marrieage to a young bobo and not an old man. If life was fair, sanusi should have been hanged or be serving a life sentence for his role in killing Gideon Akaluka, severing his head and parading it on a pike round Kano shouting alahu ku bar. who knows when this defiling started? possibly when the girl was 10.

  • Essex

    This Mallam could not even wait for the teenager to finish school. Something I don’t understand is at what age did they start dating? Is this with the full consent of the innocent girl? This affair must have started before the girl turn 18, which in itself is a punishable offence and abuse of under age. Well instead of sleeping around with married women, as he was doing in CBN, he decided to do the ridiculous, that is marrying a secondary school girl. I am careful not to be seen to be abusing people’s religion but it is difficult to understand this kind of disrespect for women.

  • Tony Chinyeremeze

    Promoters of new developments in properties, investments and opportunities platform courtesy of Investing More In-Properties strongly support educational development in Nigeria as a key to freedom for all

  • musa aliero

    Well am quite disappointed in Sanusi! Am sure this marriage was arranged and the girl has no choice! And if Sanusi should die in future she would still be young and tradition of kano has it that no man can marry a dead kings wife except another king in another place!! I pity this girl! Sanusi it’s still better than sleeping with people’s wifes like you used to do in CBN. But all your daughters are older than her?! I mean doesn’t it feel like sleeping with your daughter to you?! Chai what happened to morality?! U seemed to be to be the most vocal and exposed person in our region but now I see u as another aboki a pedophile!!!

    • wusqah

      In Response:

      By Amir Muhammadu Sunusi II

      I am sure NC members all have their views and have kept quiet out of (appropriate) deference to our right to make our individual choice. Obviously I do not need to explain anything to anyone in a purely personal matter but a few points are worthy of note:

      1. The lady in question is 18 and therefore legally of age to marry under all laws and certainly inside Muslim law

      2. She is proceeding for her undergraduate education in the UK in January. She had an A in computer science in her O levels and plans to get a degree in computer science

      3. Each and everyone of my wives is a university graduate and some have worked and then stopped and in each case the choice was purely theirs

      4. It is a tradition in Kano that emirs and princes in choosing wives consider issues beyond the individual. The family is in every sense a social unit. My predecessor was married to princesses from Ilorin, Katsina and Sakkwato.

      5. The relationship between the late Lamido of Adamawa Aliyu Musdafa the father of the current Lamido is well known. Lamido Aliyu was the first emir turbanned after emir Sanusi I and they remained close until Sanusi’s death.

      6. My own relationship with the current Lamido dates back to 1981 when he was Ciroma and commissioner for works. By the way the Lamido and I are not illiterates we know what we are doing and he does have a PhD in Engineering

      7. My own mother was married in Adamawa and lived there for more than two decades and I have eight younger brothers and sisters from there.

      8. It is therefore natural that if I choose to marry from another kingdom Adamawa would be the first choice for me and I am extremely happy to strengthen these ling historical bonds

      9. The young lady in question gave her free consent and even after the contract the wedding will not happen for a few years. By then she may be 21. If she freely consents to this I do not know on what moral grounds anyone has a grouse. She is an adult, she gave her consent, her education is not being in anyway interrupted.

      10. The real issue is that people do not accept cultural difference. And you can see it in the approach to these issues. I am supposed to be urbane and western educated. Yes but i am not european. I am a northern Nigerian Fulani Muslim brought up in a setting exactly like the one my children are being brought up in.

      If you read this and it improves your understanding of this issue that is fine. If it does not just remember it is not your life, it is not your daughter and you are not my wife therefore it is not your business.

      I obviously cannot stoop to the level of responding publicly to these kinds of articles. I have always been an advocate of girls marrying after maturing. I personally like the minimum age of 18 even though i understand those who say 16 is fine and indeed this is the law in most so called advanced countries.

      Is this something that I expect a European or western trained or feminist mind to appreciate or endorse? Not at all. But has any american been bothered about my views on men marrying men or women marrying women which frankly I find primitive and bestial? No and my views do not matter. These are cultural issues.

      Even in Nigeria I have heard all this stuff as in Pius article about “north” and northerners. Again it is a failure to respect difference. There are parts if this country where parents expect their daughters to live with their boyfriends for years and actually get pregnant before they marry. It has become culture. We do not have that in the north and if your daughter gets pregnant before marriage she brings nothing but shame to the name. But we do not issue condemnations. We agree that this is how they choose to live. And i can give many other examples.

      When people use the term libido they do themselves injustice. First of all it shows how they view women and marriage. Women are nothing but the object of sexual desire. Marriage is nothing but sexual gratification. Well I am sorry but in my tradition it is not. Beauty and attraction rank third after religion and lineage in the choice of a wife. They see an 18 year old young lady. I see a princess of noble birth whose mother is also a princess, and who has been brought up in a good Muslim home. This is the kind of woman that is prepared for hiving birth to princes and bringing them up for the role expected of them in society.

      Marriage is both social and political. Expanding the links of Kano which have already been established by my predecessors through intermarriage with katsina, sokoto, ilorin, katagum, ningi, bauchi etc to adamawa is an important and significant step and this is obvious to anyone with a sense of how royal families work and Ibn Khaldun’s sociological concept of Asabiyyah. When the emir of Kano marries it has to be something beyond what he personally desires to what is appropriate for that position and the expectations of the people he represents. You don’t just pick up any girl on the street. And by the way for those who shout libido sex is cheap and available everywhere in all shapes and sizes and all colours if that is what they want. And all ages too. Marriage is a very different proposition. The mother of your children has to be something other than, or at least much more than a mere object of sexual fantasy. But if you do not know that you need to buy yourself a brain.

      I have daughters. And they know they can only marry from certain backgrounds. I always prefer family. When my daughter wanted to marry Mouftah Baba Ahmed’s son and she asked me, knowing my views on family, i told her Mouftah is family. And this is not about me and Mouftah or me an Hakeem or Nafiu. No. It goes back to Baba Ahmed and Emirs Sanusi and Bayero. And the same rule applies to my sons. And it applied to me as well.

      It is I am sure very strange that I should even bother to comment on this. But it would be hypocritical for me to just keep quiet so long as these things are being posted and commented upon explicitly or in a snide manner. There was no secrecy in the marriage fatiha. The date was fixed and it was to be done in the central mosque after Friday prayers. The day before we had a tragedy in Saudi Arabia and decided the fatiha must be very low key as a mark of respect for the dead. All traditional rulers in Adamawa were there, as were governors and commissioners, members of my own emirate council and Adamawa people. There is nothing here to hide or be apologetic about.

      The emirs of adamawa have shown love to my parents and grandparents and it is a sign of my appreciation of their love that i marry their daughter. This is the highest statement of friendship and loyalty on both sides.

      Again if you understand this this is fine. If you do not buy yourself a brain, A la Pius.

      In any event this is my one and final and only comment on this. And I am making it out of respect for NC members.

      • omoghana

        I am astounded and slightly incredulous that this is indeed the emir of Kano responding in this manner. Not only do i commend you for deigning to respond at all but your response was cogent and fulsome. Over this weekend, I have been reading about you and as is often the case when i read about nigerian politics (i grew up in ibadan but i am not nigerian) i’m left wondering which of the many portraits of you painted by your detractors and fans to believe. whatever the truth is, this response of yours has allowed me to at least confirm that you are a thinking man (and god knows there is a complete dearth of them in positions of influence in Africa and particularly in Nigeria – Ph.Ds notwithstanding). as the advert jingle went in old ibadan – ‘more jelleen to your elbow’.