Buhari orders Police IG to withdraw orderlies from Nigerian ‘big men’

Police Escort

President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday directed the Inspector-General of Police, Sunday Arase, to prune down the number of policemen attached to dignitaries.

Mr. Buhari also directed the police inspector general to redeploy all policemen withdrawn from that role to regular police duties.

The President also warned that he would not tolerate any irregularities or extortion of money from unemployed Nigerians in the coming recruitment into the police.

At a meeting with officials of the Ministry of Police Affairs and the Police Service Commission in the Presidential Villa, President Buhari sad applicants having to pay bribes before being accepted into the police in the past was totally unacceptable.

The President told the officials that those in charge of recruitment and training in the Police must be above board and eschew every form of extortion and underhand dealing.

“You must ensure that the recruitment process is transparent. Those who will conduct the recruitment must be above board. It should not be heard that they receive gratification or extort money from those who want to enlist in the police,” Femi Adesina, Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, quoted President Buhari as saying.

On the stagnation of policemen on a rank for many years, the President counselled the Police Service Commission to review the current structure of the police, and make recommendations on how the problem can be solved to boost the morale of serving policemen.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Police Affairs, James Obiegbu, had, in his briefing to the President, listed inadequate police personnel, dwindling finances and non-rehabilitation of police training schools as some of the challenges facing the police.

The Chairman of the Police Service Commission, Mike Okiro, said the country needed to have more than the 305,579 policemen and women it has at present for effective policing.

He thanked President Buhari for approving the recruitment of 10,000 additional policemen and women earlier this week.


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  • Malik Isah

    High time really!

  • bib

    Up people’s president!

  • Francis Abagi

    Good news. Police officers have no business carrying handbag and suite case for the rich and the politically connected.

  • Edward Imade

    This 72 years old president is busier than the so called fake PHD-parading-young-ogogoro-junkie from Otuoko. Carry on my President. You are genuinely on course to become the father of modern day Nigeria after 30 years delay of the revolution by greedy IBB.

    • excel

      You nail it, old but vibrant.


      Thank you. PMB is indeed the father of modern day Nigeria.

  • Bidemi Lukman

    This is long overdue. You need to see how this bandits called rich men disturb us in Victoria Island on daily basis with thier police escorts.

    Nigerian police officers has been reduced to house boys for these bandits.

    I hope subsequent government will sustain this

  • akyn

    Why is Okiro still in charge?

  • chooka

    Issuing directive is one thing, implementing it is a different kettle of fish.

    • PolyGon2013

      GEJ was too scared to issue any direction, let alone implement anything. Welcome to a real president.

  • Basheer Shehu Zagga

    Up..up…up…PMB….hip…hip….hip….we call for change and it has come…. Nigerians be wise keep praying for baba buhari

  • Ifeanyi Nwoko

    I support this!

  • excel

    This is a good development some dignitary has more than 2 policemen attached to them. While the poor mass were left with or no security. PMB ride on in you Nigeria Believe. CHANGE is here

    • PolyGon2013

      Dignitaris should go and hire their own licensed body guards!

  • uzomedede

    insecurity can make them seek residence of other countries,When you can not guaranty their safety,is better u allow them to have the police or force them to move to other countries where their security is assured.If eventually the rich leaves ,they will move with their investments and job creation ability

    • Bidemi Lukman

      Can you see the picture in the story. You need to see how these rich criminals treat those policemen and use them to oppress the populace.

      They should seek for private security guards and not the Nigerian Police

      • uzomedede

        i listened to ur words,sounds good

    • tundemash

      So your own life is so worthless, all you care about is just the safety of your looter masters ?

      • uzomedede

        what do u do for a living?if u had use ur time well in school,u might be one of those who will be castigated as looter.christ was persecuted,he should insure better security before taking off police from individuals

        • tundemash

          Mor0n, at the school you went to; are community policemen supposed to be used to guard some private citizens who can afford to pay them an extra? How about you ? Is your life worthless than Dangote’s life ? To think d@ft people like u are allowed to vote is scary.

  • Maria

    See how police paid to protect us become handbag carrier for a big man’s madam. God will judge these animals.

  • Arrest warrant

    Is a shame on policeman to be serving these criminals as : washing car,buying fooditems,escorting women to super market,driving thier children to school,attimes even cooking for those criminals they suppose to put behind bar for life..a good example is the showdown on Dasuki ex-NSA house..police men are better than how they are treated..good work GMB,we are counting your achievements..

  • Auve Justice Igba

    100% in support, long live Mr President. God will extend your years on this earth to 450. Carry go PMB the mass are with you.

  • Antony Ithenumah

    The picture portrays the crudest and shameful level our policemen have reduced themselves to. Where in Section 4 of the Police Act, 2004 is the carrying of hand bags made part of the functions of the Nigerian Police Force?

  • PolyGon2013

    Said Buhari. That is my president.

  • SAM .A

    Mike Okiro is still heading PSC , which makes the place stinks, Nigerians never have shame to resign. Okiro and other dead woods has to go before bringing 15, 000 on board , otherwise they will likewise be infected with pre existing Nigerian Police Syndrome.

  • Even one 419 pastor from my village de carry Police. This killer is close Akpabio and inside him vehicle him de carry one AK 47 wey him de carry assassinate people for Akpabio.

  • Guguru

    I wonder how many Jonathanians are preparing to commit suicide after hearing this good news? Another building block of their corrupt enterprise is now being brought down by our dear and loving President Buhari. Jonathanians must be weeping and wailing over this news.

  • tundemash

    chai ! This President Buharis just keep nailing the coffin of PDpigs daily!
    Where are the misfits Otiles, TAWANDAs, DeadBurning Spear, empty head ShareIdea asking where is the CHANGE ??

    • Otile

      Ahmad Abubakar tundemash. You are hailing this decision from Imam because you know very well that once the escorts are gone muggers and pickpockets will surround our entrepreneurs while you will standby clapping.

      • tundemash

        Mor0n , let your “entrepreneurs” hire private guards with their money for their personal protection. There are entrepreneurs in other parts of the world too and don’t depend on community policing to protect them!
        Police are paid with taxpayers money to police the larger community not carrying hand bags for wives of your “entrepreneurs”.
        Mugu with china-made, factory-fitted idiocy you are !

        • Otile

          Abubakar tundemash, what are all these: moron, mugu, idiocy, bla bla bla all about? Why can’t you make any comment without relapsing into your chronic name calling and base insults? Did I insult you when I gently responded to your usual praise singing of your master/god? If you had left me out of senseless comment I would ignore you. Be civil once in a while.

          • tundemash

            Creek monkey …. I can’t recollect where i told u my name was Abubakar. If you can’t take as much as you can give, you better stop making s1lly submissions ! Olodo ! Address the issue …… are policemen supposed to be carrying the bag for wives of your “entrepreneurs”.? Oponu !

          • Otile

            Abubakar or Abu for short is a promotion for you. It is not the same thing as your cherished titles: moron, olodo, omo ale. Abu Jihad is a coveted title in your new religion, and you know it.

          • tundemash

            Among the creek mor0ns, u have no equal !

          • Otile

            When fully converted you will have no equal in Sambisa. You know what I mean.

          • Julius

            lol..otile is a play monkey ! Wind him up and see him perform. Everything is Yorubas fault to him..even when an Igbo man cook and eat another person..as they often do. lol.

          • Citizen

            Please leave this guy alone, he has been programmed to respond to all issues like a simpleton.

        • share Idea

          Hope you will not complain when those private guards starts having high caliber weapons all in the name of using them to protect the big man. Nigeria we hail thee

          • tundemash

            If the law permits that as long as citizens are not harrased with it. Nigeria is on CHANGE and no amount of imaginary fear will stop it. Thanks for trying.

      • Truthometer

        Oti ole, are you back from otuoke?

        • Otile

          Are you back from Sambisa?

          • Ahmad

            Are you back from Okija?

          • Otile

            Ahmad Abu tundemash, Okija is not like Sambisa evil forest where innocent girls are forcibly taken to be abused. So, don’t be proud of your Sambisa forest.

          • funso

            omo ALE

          • funso

            OMO ale

      • funso

        Omo ale

      • share Idea

        Even the directive is not clear and still leaves room for discretion – prune down the number of police allocated to individuals which is different from withdraw all policemen attached to individual that is not covered by law.

        Some directives sound good to the ear but difficult to implement, will the IG withdraw policemen guarding Dangote? Buhari should have effective government policy on every sectors and release such to the public rather than engaging in all these media PR that are not well thought out.

  • eclub

    Buhari likes directives more than anything.

    The trouble I have with Buhari is that he likes picking winners and losers for the economy, prosecuted or not-prosecuted for the courts, Senate president and house speaker for the assembly; what does that make him? A dictator, right? Right!

    I am asking every Nigerian, indeed any fair minded person, to ask Buhari to recover all of Nigeria’s oil wells, and nationalize them to help Nigeria develop. These oil wells are currently in the hands of a few former generals, former heads of state, and other thugs, even though some are by proxy. To demonstrate his commitment to ending corruption, Buhari can recover these looted wealth of these oil wells tomorrow! If he doesn’t, then he is a fraud.

    • Otile

      Don’t say that loud else his Yoruba slaves will lynch you.

      • funso

        omo ale

      • Julius

        hahahahaha, your life is so fcked up !. Na Yoruba de y make igbos do everything. Dem be slaves but, ruling you losers. By the way, what does that makes you as a human being when a ‘slave’ is your boss ?. I know losers never reason and you showing it daily in here !. oloshi

    • tundemash

      Since Dumbo didn’t do what you want Buhari to do in 3 months, in his 6 years of presidency, , going by your logic, do you now conclude Dumbo is a fraud ?

      • Ahmad


  • citizenka


    Breaing News

    Just as the officials of the Ministry of Police Affairs and the Police Service Commission left the room …
    Buhari said to someone in the room “that name Mike Okiro sounds familiar”

    Femi Adeshina replies ” You probably saw his name in the paper

    PMB: About what?

    FA: Well he was involved in a scandal about training and funds

    PMB then muttered something Adeshina did not understand.

    Question for you:

    What do think PMB said?

    • Wombiliki Wobia

      Dan bro bah!

    • Sai Baabaa

      You are not serious !!!

  • MI

    Long awaited and Gladdening call from Mr President. It’s either their is security for everybody or no security for nobody!

    Anyone in Lagos knows there are at least 1000 policemen between Ikoyi, Victoria Island and VGC in offices and big men houses. On a single street you may find up to 20 houses with policemen but of no use to anyone in the case of emergency. Just 10% of this number can effectively cover same area with 33 Hilux vans positioned at strategic location.

  • Arabakpura

    The picture above is quite instructive and goes to show how far and how low and how debased our policemen have become!

    • Moe

      So according BY you, a man (or Policeman) carrying a bag for a woman is debasing?
      May God help your wife or girlfriend.
      (pssst,,,,,madam, if you are reading this and you are his wife or girlfriend,,,,pack ya things and run away from this yeye man, if he has not started beating you yet……check his hands, he probably has an injury)

      • Ed

        You’re the one that need help. Police are to serve and protect. Carrying a private citizens handbag is a disgrace to the uniform.
        Helping a woman or man in need of assistance is totally separate from dutifully carring a lady’s hand bag for her, as a house boy.
        Let our police force earn our respect.
        We also need to respect them naturally.
        Hope they well stop asking for bribe before doing anything sha.

      • Arabakpura

        Are you in Nollywood yet? I can bet all of my earnings that you are a good candidate!

      • Nwa _ Africa

        That a policeman should be turn to houseboy to the extend of carrying handbags for his madam?

    • PlusOne

      The lady could be the police man’s wife from the picture, but the uniform should be respected. Its a Nigerian Police uniform and not casual market journey outfit or a handbag carrying obsession display mufti…

  • sammyctu ode

    As long as okiro is still the chairman of PSC, the recruitment excercise can never be transparent and it would be ladden with corruption.

  • Saydo Shan

    What is an established Crook like Okiro still doing in the Police Service Commission? A man befitting to be in Prison.

    • Kitunde

      You know-it beats me. How on earth?

      • Saydo Shan

        How on earth?

  • MushinSpeaks

    Sincerely, God knows what would have befell us if GEJ had won. This CHANGE is encompassing.

    • Moe

      …….ah ah! you bilo mi girama!

  • Okey

    If this photograph repeatedly used here by Premium Times is to demonstrate that it is infradig for a man to carry a bag for a woman, then PT is unfair to womanhood and I take serious exception to it. But if is to demonstrate that Police men have been converted to bag carriers for “big men” and “big women,” then the photograph a policeMAN carrying bag for a “big man” should be the only appropriate photograph for that demonstration..

    • Soja

      Out of line.
      Should a policeman carry bag for anybody? whether man or woman?
      What is the duty of a policeman attached to anybody or anywhere? Is it to be carrying bag for the person or to protect the person?

      • Okey

        I have no argument against your position. But, please, read my post again.

    • Baron Samedi

      You are not being perceptive here. It is very very bad for a police officer to be carrying a woman’s bag while the same woman is putting on airs of importance. It is not done and it is of a very bad taste. I cannot carry MY WIFE’S bag for her unless she is ill or already loaded. The police should have more psychological influence/clout than physical one and therefore MUST be respected. We CANNOT turn our police to houseboat of “big men”.

      • Okey

        You still fell into the same error the editor repeatedly makes with repeated employment of this photograph.
        I have no problem with stopping our Police from being handbag carriers of our “big men” and “big women.” But I have every problem with an impression (such as the repeated use of this photograph conveys) that it is “permissible” for a Police man to carry the bag of a MAN but the rule should apply against the Police if their personnel carries the bag of a WOMAN.

    • Moe

      …….we are actually more concerned about the wedgie she is trying to pull out of her nyash!

    • Arabakpura

      Is this the Okey that I used to read in Thisday? or another?

    • Julius

      Be serious. What do you think ? I think its to show how a policeman is reduced into a house boy shores ! Simple

  • Oweja

    “You must ensure that the recruitment process is transparent. Those who will conduct the recruitment must be above board. It should not be heard that they receive gratification or extort money from those who want to enlist in the police,” Is the President speaking to the NIGERIAN Police? NIGERIAN POLICE??? Is it ever possible to prevent a dog from wagging its tail covetously upon sighting palm oil? Anyway, if the instruction is read “should not be heard” then maybe it is possible. Those from whom gratification would be collected can be only those well-known folks who would be schooled properly not to ever mention it afterwards.

    • Moe

      Firstly, You dey craze!
      Secondly, you don craze finish!
      Third, I don’t know what kind of dog you people have in your house that gets so excited about palm oil!
      If you near my dog with palm oil…….General hospital will not accept you!

      What kind of defeatist attitude is this? It is people like you that nourish and encourage the continuity of the status quo. How can this be successful if all of us adopt your attitude?

      Finally, did I mention that you don craze finish?

      • Oweja

        Thank you Moe, for your response. I can pick two points from your comments. First, that I have a defeatist attitude, and second, that I belong to the class of people that nourish and encourage the continuity of the status quo. No please, I am none of these! The truth is that I have been at the receiving end of organized atrocities by the police that I believe strongly that if their ugly side is not first fixed before anything else, it is pointless expecting them to change overnight and carry out rational directives as normally expected just because our no-nonsense president has given such.

        As for the earlier part of your observation, something told me that you do not believe that I “dey craze”, otherwise your eminent self would not have dignified me with a response. It just occurs that due to my upbringing, I find it impossible to engage in the use of gutter language. That does not make me any better than you really, except that it helps my listeners to pay better attention to me whenever I want to express my view so that I can reach their hearts. I look eagerly forward to the day when this forum will be used in a dignified manner devoid of name-calling and abusive language, after all you can say NO to a person without hurting his feelings. Nevertheless, Moe dear …, respect!!!

        • Julius

          I see your point but, you must also agree that things mostly starts with small steps. We will ge to where we have to be soon. !st thing 1st. Im most sure those head will be replaced soon, Buhari and the smart people around him knows whats going on.

        • Sai Baabaa

          I am really impressed with your response. It really portray mannerism and a cultured gentleman.

          • Oweja

            Hey! U don dey make my head swell o! Lol! I appreciate!

  • Ed

    President Buhari’s anti-corruption attempt so far is just a sad joke.
    Ikiro’s continuation as the head of corrupt police board is an insult to the intelligent of all Nigerian, that hope Buhari administration was about integrity.
    Okiro leading a reformation of Nigeria Police is sad.
    Rubbish in Rubbish out.

    • PlusOne

      Don’t change the topic!

      The lady could be the police man’s wife from the picture, but the uniform should be respected. Its a Nigerian Police uniform and not casual market journey outfit or a handbag carrying obsession display mufti…

  • Olamide

    Sanity will be restored to all the government institutions in this country. We have a leader that has vision and ideas put together with a party that has the interest of the nation at heart. APC is the party for all Nigerians.

    • Tunsj

      Olamide, you said it all. BRAVO!

  • PlusOne

    Withdraw orderlies from Nigerian ‘big men’ is somewhat
    vague, who gets orderly and who should be left out, “rank-wise”? For
    the first time I say well-done to Buhari for putting forward such directive.
    Clearly, the picture here depicts shamefully on our military and paramilitary personnel.
    Imagine a police man holding a bag for a woman, walking casually? The lady
    might be his wife but in uniform, there has to be some element of respect to
    start with…

  • Edafe Kokori Esq

    Does Papilo De clueless use his brains at all?————Oh yes, it is good to withdraw police orderlies from private citizens but has Duncee thought of the spiral effect? Does Duncee know that the civilians or private individuals affected will resort to ‘private’ protection which will certainly involve hiring so-called hoodlums who will have to be armed? —–leading to arms proliferation? Is Duncee aware of this?
    I want to be president by all means including spilling the blood of the Dogs & Baboons. But governance transcends sacking of people and employing your Northern brothers from the least developed and lest educated region of Nigeria. This military mentality that civilian need no police protection is archaic and mumuish——We all know that if not for UK’s Metro police Umaro Dikko wouln’t have survived Buharii’s pioneering kidnapping attempt of foreign soil.

    • Rommel

      Edafe the animal,your brain is running riot,maybe you forgot to take illicit gin today

      • Burbank

        He got no brain to run riot.

  • Nigerian Police Vs USA Police

    This is why I love Nigerian police men. They are well trained and quite visibly very courteous, ‘resourceful’ and helpful – carrying 2 hand bags for a lady whose 2 hands swing in the air in a Cat walk or ‘Duckie’ walk style. This is why I have long recommended that the US police departments should come for free intensive 3-month training in Nigeria so they can be reformed and taught rudiments of contemporary policing…and hopefully this will help destroy the assassin inside every white Police in the US.

    Nigeria needs to help US urgently in this regard. Buhari should dispatch our police officers to US immediately because by the end of the year, after killing all the slave descendants, the US police might descend on other african immigrants, and Nigerians are many amongst them. So it is in the interest of Nigerian police to reach out to assist US police departments. The US police killed ay killed another black man just yesterday. a stitch in time saves nine.

  • wode

    PT, I love the picture. It really worth a thousand words.

    • Otile

      That picture is staged, and you know it.

      • Tunsj

        Really? How did you know that the picture is staged? As usual, you just want to criticize Premium Times. Go and find something else to do.

        • Otile

          Are you blind? Can’t you see the thick hip of the Odua woman, and the hip of the man dressed as olopaa? How else can you get a closer look at their hips if the scene was not staged?

          • Tunsj

            You need another thick pair of glasses.

          • Otile

            By the Grace of God I got me 20/20 sight, I don’t know about you.

          • Citizen

            Please ignore the silly fellow he is completely unhinged upstairs.

          • Tunsj

            He has a big problem and he sounds like a sociopath.

          • Burbank

            He is.

        • Burbank

          Tunsj – ignore that bigot clown.

    • Tunsj

      Great order Mr. President. She has two hands to carry her own bag. Ridiculous.

  • Isi Agwo

    When will Sole Administrator of Nigeria, Bokohari, investigate the “disappearance” of his “original” WASC certificate from his file in Military Headquarters? Surely, it’s another great way to show he is committed to a war against corruption.

    • Burbank

      Isi Agwo…still suffering that Buhari “certificate” is giving you nightmares.

  • Abidilagungun

    PMB, when are you restoring former Police IGP Abba to his job, like you restored the NPA MD? Please be fair and equitable

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    @Isi Agwo: So you are still sitting at the fence criticizing and ranting about elected president Muhammadu Buhari’s secondary school ceritificate issue.Did you not sound like an ambarrassment and disgrace to yourself ranting like a fool-ethnic/religious bigot after former president Ebele Jonathan whom you are supporting was voted out of office by Nigerian voters on march 28,2015 presidential poll? President M. Buhari is a retired army General with the most senior officer and elites trained army General from USA before being promoted an army General. Wake up from slumber and come to your reasonable senses ass-hole!

    • Roland Akrah

      Dr. Pat, if I were you, I would ignore Isi Agwo so he can continue to live in his fools’ paradise. Such persons with warped thinking do not worth your attention. They’ll unnecessarily get you agitated.

  • Bassey Eniang

    Dear President Buhari, please permit me to use his public medium to send this message. It is the only opportunity
    I have presently. Mr Solomon Arase is a disciplined Police officer who is interested in seeing that officers and men of
    the Nigeria Police do their work professionally “without fear or favour to ensure that justice is not only done, but seen
    to be done transparently”. If I am obliged an email address, I will forward the letter he wrote ten (10) years ago (as
    Principal Staff Officer to then IGP) to the head of the Police at State CID, Panti warning that a case they were handling
    there should be done professionally to enable justice to be done transparently.

    Mr President, this is not a solicitation nor promotion of the interest of the man, but an opportunity to bear witness to
    enable God’s Will (change) to be done, to reposition our country for greatness. Nigeria has the right personnel in place
    and the opportunity, therefore if I may, I urge that the present management be used to build a new Police Force to facilitate the necessary change, as it relates to schedule of their duties, assigned by the constitution.

    I also urge that the managements of the Police Service Commission and the Ministry of Police Affairs should be changed immediately, to provide the necessary support for the Federal Government’s establishment of the new Nigeria Police that Nigerians want. God bless Nigeria.

    Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

  • Burbank

    Mike Okiro must be sacked, charged, prosecuted and jail – a serial fraudster like Okiro in the PSC is a disgrace to the PSC, the NPF and to Nigeria.
    Either ICPC, EFCC or IGP Arase must prosecute this Okiro fraudster – to let Okiro roam free is a slap on the security agencies and the police.

  • Roland Akrah

    This is good. Any big man interested in his private security should employ the services of organized private security outfits dotting the space of every state in Nigeria. This will consequently boost the employment drive in the country and reduce the pressure on the rank and file of the Nigeria Police.