Verification of Buhari, Osinbajo’s assets yet to begin – Code of Conduct Bureau

President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo in a meeting with House of Reps members

President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo have not commenced the process of having the Code of Conduct Bureau verify details of their declared assets, ahead of making them public, the head of the bureau has said.

Sam Saba, chairman of the code of conduct office, said the bureau was prepared to commence the verification of assets declared by the president and vice president, but said CCB was awaiting a convenient time for the two leaders to carry out the exercise.

The bureau said none of two steps used for verifying assets has been implemented in the case of Messrs. Buhari and Osinbajo, nearly three months since they took office.

“Both the conference and the field verification exercises are pending,” Mr. Saba said in an interview with the Punch, published Sunday.

He said a conference verification involves the examination of the particulars of an asset, while field verification requires physical validation of the listed property.

“For instance, if you say you have three vehicles, let us see the registration numbers. We don’t have to see all the details. Once we are able to see the receipt of the purchase of the vehicle or the registration documents, we are satisfied,” Mr. Saba said. “But we still have to see it physically and that is the second stage which we call field verification.”

The Constitution does not compel office holders to declare their assets publicly, but amid an increasing scale of corruption, more Nigerians have intensified calls for asset details of senior government officials to be made open as an important step in combating graft.

Messrs Buhari and Osinbajo’s election campaign centred on rooting out corruption, and the two leaders pledged to voluntarily declare their assets on assumption of office.

The ruling All Progressives Congress (opposition before the elections) also assured that its president – unlike former Peoples Democratic Party presidents, Goodluck Jonathan and Olusegun Obasanjo – would declare his assets. Umaru Yar’adua, also a PDP president, declared his assets promptly on taking office in 2007.

In June, PREMIUM TIMES reported how President Buhari and Vice President Osinbajo ignored a recommendation of the Ahmed Joda transition committee that they declare their assets publicly as they took office.

The committee suggested that a public declaration of assets would be a “quick win” for the administration.

Reacting to growing calls for the president to fulfil his election pledge, his spokesperson, Garba Shehu, on June 6, assured that Mr. Buhari would make the report of his asset declaration public soon after verification by the Code of Conduct Bureau.

“President Muhammadu Buhari has said that in fulfilment of one of their campaign promises, his declared assets and those of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo will be released to the public upon the completion of their verification by the Code of Conduct Bureau,” Mr. Shehu said.

He added: “There is no question at all that the President and the Vice President are committed to public declaration of their assets within the 100 days that they pledged during the presidential campaign”.

The 100-day period since the new administration came to power lapses in September.

The chairman of the Code of Conduct bureau, Mr. Saba, told Punch that the first step of the verification will commence once “it is convenient for Mr. President and his vice for us to go and do it”.


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  • ikenna

    Nigeria don enter one chance government. Mr Liar of APC has not said anything regarding the 78 million website upgrade in Lagos state rather he is busy shouting 11.trillion was stolen without any document to proof his allegations. We were promised public declaration of assets by Buhari and co but now we are hearing many tones. We are watching.

  • tycoon

    Only the gullible/sycophants will support the duo in their witch hunt fight against corruption. As a matter of fact kettle has been calling pot black since may 29th. I desire change, real change and such change can not come from those that need 100 days in office before making asset declaration public

  • tycoon

    The the devil has nothing good to offer. ….when you invite a fake man of God to conduct a deliverance on a demon possessed person, such pastor will not be able to deliver rather he’ ll worsen the condition of the possessed by inviting more demons.You don’t fight the devil with demonic powers

  • ikenna

    Baba go slow

  • Otile

    News coming from the core North reports that our troops captured 1,232 Cows, 295 Sheep, 14 Donkeys.
    Reliable sources report that Security operatives have recorded more successes in the battle to liberate cows, goats ad sheep in Kaduna State. Another batch of cows, this time numbering 1,232, were recently recovered in the combined operations by the military, police, the State Security Service (SSS), and other agencies in the Kamuku and Kuyanbana forest ranges that straddle the borders of Kaduna, Katsina, Zamfara, Niger, Kebbi and Sokoto States.
    Great news, this shows that Buhari is a great Imam for his people. He has done as he said.

    • Fulani flag

      Kanuris do not tend to Cows ati donkeys—– its Fulanis who do—meaning as I have always stated here without any shaking that the fighters in boko haram are all Fulanis—–killing Nigerians under the cover of the Kanuri flag at night

    • tycoon

      LOL……I haven’t heard of the Chibok girls in a while, even from the woman who likes to do the “bring back our girls”. They stopped the campaign does it mean the girls are back?

      • okenwa

        Are you talking about oby ezekwesili, that talk of bring back our girls will depend on who and who makes the ministrial list. Have a little more patience.

    • IskaCountryman

      we are winning…i heard one cow stood on her hind legs and mooed with joy upon being liberated by our gallant troops…

      • T Focker



      Were those cows,sheep and donkeys strapped with explosives ? have those animals learnt how to use AK47 rifles ? Why are our soldiers fighting and capturing livestock instead of terrorists ?

  • breaking News

    The immediate past Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, has denied the allegation that a substantial part of $1.1billion loan obtained from the China-EXIM (Export-Import) for a rail project was diverted by the Jonathan administration.

    President Muhammadu Buhari had last week questioned the alleged diversion of the loan.

    He was reacting to the specific instance of the diversion of a substantial part of the money obtained from the Chinese Exim Bank, for the construction of a standard gauge rail line linking Lagos to Kano but which was moved elsewhere.

    The permanent secretary in the Ministry of Transport, Mohammed Bashar, had told the president that only $400 million of the loan remained with the ministry of finance.

    But the former finance minister, Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala, said Sunday that there was no truth in the allegation, challenging those interested in cross-checking the facts to get in touch with the China-EXIMBank, or the Chinese Embassy.

    “The alleged diversion has no substance, for the simple reason that the Kano-Lagos project was not even among the projects presented for funding by the China EXIMBank for several strategic infrastructural projects across the country,” the minister said in a statement signed by her spokesperson, Paul Nwabuikwu.

    “In fact, it was the Lagos–Ibadan rail project, not Lagos-Kano rail project that was proposed in the original application to the China-EXIMBank. But in the end, no funds were assigned for the Lagos-Ibadan rail project by the China-EXIMBank,” the statement said.

    • ikenna

      Don’t mind the ape of Edo state.

    • Rommel

      She is talking nonsense,her explanation is very shallow,if confronted with facts now as happened before in the excess crude account withdrawals,she will summersault, we need explanation how subsidy payments climbed from 300 Billion naira to almost 2 trillion naira per annum


        We deal with figures in cases of finance and that is the basis of NOI rebuttal. Nothing was diverted because the financial procedures in place would have made it impossible in the first place.

        The Hausa man at the finance ministry trying to sell wrong figures to the witch hunters forgot that foreign banks were involved in execution of the contracts. The APC inquisitors will have all these false claims implode on them. They had better start their probe so that Nigerians will see more of their lies.

        • Daniel

          I am glad not all of us are gullible. Let the APC remain in the opposition mode,time is running out.

      • ikenna

        We are talking about assets declaration and what are you talking about?

      • Daniel

        Tell Buhari to publically declare his asset. We all said he needed a hundred days to do that. Time is running out.

        The gullibility of the youth especially makes me sick. If we could believe that Buhari has no 27 million naira to by presidential nomination form, we will believe anything from this government.

        We are watching. I will always say, if Nigeria is good, everybody will benefit; but if it is the other way round,we all suffer.

        Only the truth can save us…

    • Ed

      The problem is the missing $700 million. Lagos to Kano. Lagos to Ibadan or Lagos to Lagos. For all we care. All we,re interested in is the missing money. Ngosi is always too smart for her own good.
      Question was that Exim bank of China loan Nigeria $1.1 Billion of which $400 was accounted for. Where is the reminder.

  • AmenWolf

    If it were Jonathan that filed asset with the conduct bureau without making it public. One gambari Fulani would have leaked the content to saharareporters and premiumtimes but since their Fulani demented Lord is now in power no more leakage. I don’t blame them I blame retardeen Jonathan.

  • Na Weytin?




    • Sanu G. Onitiri

      Ahahahahah, these two men don’t know what PDP knows already.
      I foresee clear-cut perjury resulting from this asset verification process.
      Buhari still has a 1961 WASC certificate to solve before he put himself
      in this asset verification mess without being ready to make a disclosure
      that both he (Buhari) and Osinbajo are un-accountable billionaires.


    What are they hiding ?

    • tycoon

      Stolen money of course

  • terry

    delay tactics. later buhari will come out with some bogus claims. currently nobody knows how much is nigeria’s revenue, or been disbursed, they are currenlty looting with his inlaws.

  • T-Rex

    Yeye dey smell.

  • Pause



    Brainless Buhari & hide-and-seek Osibanjo promised to declare their assets publicly but have now taking over selling of our oil at below market rates in Europe, Asia, and a few African countries to increase his assets.


    Brainless Buhari promised not to intervene in NASS affairs yet he imposed a majority leader on the House of Rep by a phone call.


    Brainless Buhari promised to be for everyone and for no one yet he abandoned federal character adherent in the HOUSE for party supremacy. Lo and behold, brainless Buhari is for APC.


    Brainless Buhari promised to not have an office of the First Lady yet AISHA BUHARI-da Gold Watcher- now occupies the same office which Dame Patience Jonathan was occupying


    Brainless Buhari swore to uphold the laws and constitution of Nigeria, yet eminent Nigerians who could have been focusing on their personal affairs have to be visiting ASO ROCK to remind him that ours is a country of LAW.

  • tycoon

    The saints that are fighting corruption refused to make asset declaration public,it has been kettle calling pot black since may 29th. I still wonder how Yemi Osibanjo became a pastor in RCCG with out Adeboye seeing his corrupt tendencies

    • TrueNja

      GO Adeboye is the godfather of corrupt mega priests in Nigeria.

  • Lakeside

    ‘Messrs Buhari and Osinbajo’s election campaign centred on rooting out corruption, and the two leaders pledged to
    voluntarily declare their assets on assumption of office.’ Obviously this is the end of it. The two guys will not make any public declaration of their assets. Nigerians are being taken for a ride.

  • international games

    Buhari is a Liar. He said he will PUBLICLY declare his assets. He did not say Code of Conduct will do it for him. Enough time has elapsed for him to jig jig the assets. We are not fools anymore. The clock is ticking, Less than four years and you are gone.

  • Frank Bassey

    Please forget this matter. They will NEVER make their assets public.

  • Ed

    The Assets and Liabilities will be made public in line with the promise made to the Nigerian people but Mr. Integrity himself President Buhari and the VP.

  • Daniel

    If he does not declare, I will not be surprised. Policians are liars and pretenders. They only say what will excite voters.

    However,if Buhari fails to declare publically as he promised, he will be doing grave damage to his reputation as anti- corruption crusader.

    I do not expect his supporters to see anything wrong. It is their hypocritical trade to vilify Jonathan even for going to wee wee.

    Public declaration of asset is not a constitutional requirement which Jonathan and the former presidents complied with. But some belly- aching ethnic jingoist insulted him for not doing so.

    History will surely judge all of us…

  • Uwadiegwu

    This is expecting transparency from masters of forgery: A certificate forger and a serial perjurer who has sworn to false affidavits since 1962 and a puppet who somehow became a “Professor” without a PhD and less than 5 years active teaching in any university.

  • Akiika

    Cry cry wailers! wait for the 100 days to lapse. If Buhari and Osibajo wouldn’t declare their assets after 100 days, i will be at the forefront of criticizing them for lack of integrity.

  • breaking times Buhari na thief

    BREAKING TIMES is reporting authoritatively that President Muhammadu Buhari’s hidden property situated at a choice location in Asokoro beside an exotic lake few yards away from the Aso Rock Presidential Villa fence is worth N2.1Billion .

    Since his inauguration on Friday May 29, heavy security presence has been deployed around the area surrounding the property. BREAKING TIMES reporters at the risk of their lives managed to take photographs of the sprawling triple-duplex property on Wednesday.
    President Buhari’s Asokoro property has been home to a former High Commissioner of an African country to Nigeria. The family of the late Special Adviser on Strategy and Documentation to former President Goodluck Jonathan, Oronto Douglas, are tenants at the Buhari Asokoro property, a source who pleaded anonymity disclosed to BREAKING TIMES.