Radio Biafra lying against me — Buhari

Buhari Talking

President Muhammadu Buhari has denied expressing anti-Igbo sentiments as alleged by the propaganda channel, Radio Biafra.

The claim by the radio that the president disparaged the Igbo ethnic group in a BBC Hausa interview, is completely false, malicious and slanderous, presidential spokesperson, Garba Shehu, said Wednesday.

Mr. Shehu said the voice being ascribed to President Buhari in the recording, repeatedly played back by the pirate station, is definitely not the president’s.

“No one should be deceived by the pirate radio station’s hate propaganda against the president,” Mr. Shehu said in a statement on Wednesday.

The comments were the Nigerian presidency’s first official response to the controversy generated by the underground channel’s broadcast.

The government said on Tuesday the station had been taken off the airwaves, a claim that turned out false.

Mr. Buhari said he has not granted an interview to the BBC since March 31 when he was declared winner of the presidential election, and denied expressing anti-Igbo sentiments in that interview.

“President Buhari has not had any interview with the BBC’s Hausa Service since his assumption of office as alleged by the agents of disunity behind the pirate radio station’s inflammatory and divisive broadcasts,” the statement by Mr. Shehu said.

“The last interview he had with the BBC Hausa Service, lasting not more than five minutes, was on the day he was declared winner and given his certificate of return as President-elect by the Independent National Electoral Commission.”

Mr. Shehu said the BBC Hausa Service Editor, Mansor Liman, has also dissociated the BBC from the interview clip “being ascribed by the pirate radio station to President Buhari”.

“President Buhari is the President of all Nigerians and will continue to treat all citizens on the basis of fairness, equality and equity.

“Nigerians should therefore ignore all propaganda designed to sow seeds of discord among them and promote a separatist agenda against national unity, solidarity and progress,” Mr. Shehu said.


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  • Saydo Shan

    Whoever is for this so-called Radio Biafra or Biafran agenda is not a genuine friend of Ndi Igbos.

    • Smam

      Shut up your mouth

    • franklin perfect

      God will purnish you, If you’re Igbo I know that your mother was ashawo. Who is the so called Ndi IGBO

  • quo vadis

    <i"The government said on Tuesday the station had been taken off the airwaves, a claim that turned out false."

    This is the real issue. Where a six-year-old now hisses at the government of his own country!
    Lies-telling have destroyed Nigeria and spawned thefts in tow, with no official reputation left.
    When such a supposed government goes abroad to negotiate, it would be held in distrust.

  • quo vadis

    The government said on Tuesday the station had been taken off the airwaves, a claim that turned out false.

    This is the real issue. Where a six-year-old now hisses at the government of his own country!
    Lies-telling have destroyed Nigeria and spawned thefts in tow, with no official reputation left.
    When such a supposed government goes abroad to negotiate, it would be held in distrust.

    • No Comment

      “And now the conclusion seems to be inescapable in Nigeria
      that what we have as leaders in politics, business, and in the
      civil service, are common thieves in high places. The rot is so
      deep that stealing is now in the family system, in the religious system;
      even in friendly and social clubs. Everybody is looking for somebody
      else to steal from. Nigeria will begin a positive walk into sanity and propriety
      when leadership is about people and leaving a place better than you met it.
      Until then, Nigeria is just a nation of common thieves.”

      …….………..Muyiwa Adetiba

      (Pioneer Editor, Vanguard Newspaper)

      [June 15, 2013]

  • agbobu


  • Godfrey Etokebe

    I do not care when Buhari made the statement. But, please what is the Direct quote in Hausa and its Direct interpretation in English?

  • Jaja

    Shut up Mr Bokohari. Shut up! …Who is lying? Aren’t you a terrorist? When you lost election in 2011 you referred to Nigerians as Dogs & Baboons and then declared:

    “If I lose the next elections, the streets shall be soaked with the blood of the Dogs & Baboons”

    ….Did you or did you not say so? Nonsense. What some Nigerians demand from you is apology for your cruelty. But what majority demand from you is life sentence or death penalty like The Egyptian former Muslim brother hood president got. Unfortunately Nigeria is not a country but a continent. .. and that is why a violent man like you, more violent that Mohammmed Sisi of Egypt, finds himself as president where you ought to be in jail at a minimum.

    …and some shameless online media like Partisan Times is busy laundering your image. Nonsense!

    • CleanupNigeria

      Jaja of Otuoke, election is gone, Jonothing returned home a failure. Keep looking for ways to attack Buhari and APC, you would never get out of your fraud cases.

      • emmanuel

        This is not about election. Facts have been presented and you reply such an apt post with infantile delinquency. Did you see any mention of elections in his post? Grow up and learn to discuss issues.

        • CleanupNigeria

          Small brain boy. Start your name with a capital letter. It is all about the election your Jonothing lost woefully. Wake up Buhari is the President of Nigeria, it would be four or eight long years, return what you stole or ask your sisters and brothers to refund their loots.

      • agbobu


    • agbobu


  • Otile

    Wallahi. Power is a dangerous thing at the hands of an unjust ruler. Instead of doing justice to every citizen, the unjust ruler has already started discriminating against Igbo ethnic group, excluding them from national positions and jamming their air waves to silence their radio.

    Does Imam Buhari realize what he is doing by jamming the air waves? Some planes can be brought down by Imam messing up the communication systems. These illegal practices often cause air crashes in East Asia due to paranoid Chinese and North Korean governments jamming the air waves to silence their opposition, but they will not tell you why the planes crashed.

    Imam is playing with fire and his yoruba slaves would not tell him so, they are scared of him. Each time a plane is about to take off or land passengers are advised to shut off gadgets likely to interfere with the radio waves, but the Nigerian government knows this yet they go ahead to mess up the airwaves just to stifle people pointing out oppression. Imam’s government is definitely going to turn out to be a disaster for Africa.

    • CleanupNigeria

      The more you fuel subsidy thieves use every available means to attack Buhari the more you are making your cases worse. We would wait and see who will cry later.

      • Otile

        Are you such a sadist? Why not do justice to all, why wait to see people cry?

        • CleanupNigeria

          I found you crying since presidential election result announced and sent that guy with ‘resource control cap’ back to Otuoke. You know his name. The justice is ask the loser to return what he stole. And tell your froggy eye sister to come back home quick and vomit her loots. Ask your thick-lip aunty to zip her lips and bring on the table whatever she has stolen from Nigeria treasury.

    • agbobu


      • Otile

        Play politics with commonsense not with people’s lives. Imam knows how dangerous what he is doing is but human life is nothing to him as usual.

    • Julius

      As usual you are a moron and a loser ! wat da hell the Yorubas got to do with radio biafra and Buhari ?. I bet you see the Yorubas in your dreams. May you not be able to sleep well for the remaining of your loser miserable life. Amen !

  • Peacemaker

    This response by President Buhari should be enough to placate the Ibos or anyone that cares, and he should ignore any further accusations by the Radio Biafra. I know the main grievance some Ibos have against Buhari is that he was one of the group that actually killed Ironsi and Fajuyi in the outskirts of Ibadan on July 29th, 1966. That group included Murtala, Babangida, TY Danjuma, Joe Akahan (killed during the war), and Abacha. The unfortunate thing here is the Sardauna of Sokoto had been killed by a group led by Nzogwu whose mother was Hausa from Kaduna, and father from present day Delta State. Ironsi himself did not discriminate against any ethnicity, in fact his motto (for those old enough to remember) was ‘No tribalism, No Nepotism, No ethnicism…”. His driver was Hausa, and cook was not Ibo either. He had visited Jos just before heading back to Lagos, but stopping over in Ibadan where he was assassinated. During that Jos visit the Ibo union in Jos invited him to the Igbo Hall (situated in present Plateau State Library) to welcome him, but he told them he was Head of State of all Nigerians and not that of any ethnic group. My father was a member of that Ibo union, so he had accurate information on Ironsi’s response. Instead of go to Ibo Union Ironsi along with Hassan Usman Katsina went to commission the ‘Fibre Factory’ along old airport road. So Ironsi lost his life to the very people (northerners) he loved, and the rest of the Ibos paid a heavier price. However, unfortunate things never cease to happen in history, like the innocent women and children dying from Boko Haram, and 6 million innocent Jews murdered by Hitler. Ibos should take their loses and move on and reintegrate into Nigerian society. No need for any bitterness. We should not forget the past, but we should not dwell on it.

    • Sani

      Your lengthy narrative is incomplete for the fact that you fail to mention that the events that set the stage for the counter coup and the civil war, were engineered and orchestrated by the Igbos. It was the 1966 coup that set stage for the counter coup that led to the death of Ironsi and thereafter the civil. The North suffered greatly in the coup of 1966. Had the coup not taken place, there will not have been a counter coup and eventually, there will not have been the civil war. The Igbos must hold themselves responsible for the war. The North retaliated after they suffered greatly in a coup that schemed the Igbos to take the reins of power of the country. As an indication that the coup was planned, Major Ezeogwu and some others went back to their posts as if nothing happened. Ironsi never cared to arrest them nor punish them because it was all planned. The Igbos could have arrested Sardauna and Tafawa Balewa because they coupists met no resistance from these politicians. They could have taken over power without having to assassinate the leaders of the North. The initial plan was to rid the army of all its high ranking officers, including Ironsi. It never happened. The Igbos guys singled out Northerners like Maimalari and spared their kith and kin. Last but not least, the Igbos should, as a matter of urgency, abandon their campaign and become Nigerians. Since the start of this campaign decades ago, the Igbos have been facing a lot of challenges in the North. Igbos are fast loosing their monopoly in terms of business. Before now, Igbos dominate the supply chain in the North particularly in the areas of spare parts, building materials, electronics, etc. It is no exaggeration to say that recent events concerning Igbos have pushed Northerners into these businesses. It is time for the Igbos to redefine their roles in our society because hate can only isolate them further.

      • egoigwe

        Interesting, but I think it’s your narrative that’s incomplete. If you must get judgmental, you ought to start from the very begin. You have to start by asking the question, what happened in Kaduna… and why did it happen??? Those who know, clearly understand my question… and know its answer. The war happened for all sorts of reasons. It wasn’t even an Igbo Vs the North or the rest of Nigeria thing. The Igbos didn’t have to take anything, they HAD everything prior to the war… and lost it.

        We paid the price. I completely agree, it’s time to move on. Let no man call me Biafran, for I am Nigerian… rack, stock and barrel. I think Mr. President does me and all patriotic Nigerians a great disservice by responding to these political miscreants, in far away lands, hiding behind a jukebox. There are far more important things to respond to and crushing national matters to confront. You make super stars out of nonentities… and give them wings.

        Sani, we need to quit the blame game to get at some oxygen. Regarding the civil war, there are compelling arguments and reasons from all sides. ‘Radio Biafra’ is not something we should grow but nip in the bud. Forget history and judgments, some force is determined to wreck our beautiful country. We are being pulled asunder… strangled. What we witness in Nigeria now, is not an upheaval, it’s a recital playing out. The embers of hatred and division have never been this strong amongst us. Political and economic frustration, even physical exhaustion, all round up in one, as if on queue at the push of a button, is not coincidence… it’s orchestrated. An orchestrated reality.

        That is the war we need to fight… routing this force from amongst us. I pray it’s not already too late.

        • FactsandFigures

          A better way to handle would have been to get the media houses to show that BBC publicly dissociated itself from the clip in question. Having a president’s spokesman do so gives it wings.

        • Chidi

          You said ‘ political miscreants in far away lands ‘! Doesn’t your comments proves that the igbos where high discriminated and marginalized in Nigeria for thousands if not milions of them to be living abroad?

        • Fair_Justice

          Your choice of name says it all about your narrow selfish mindedness.
          If you know any of your people history your thinking maybe a bit different. But sadly you want to ‘forget history’!
          Pathetic! What kind of human being thinks like that?

      • FactsandFigures

        “Igbos are fast loosing their monopoly in terms of business. Before now, Igbos dominate the supply chain in the North particularly in the areas of spare parts, building materials, electronics, etc. ”

        They did not loose the monopoly because they wanted to, they were pushed. So many Igbos left the north because their lives were at risk(so many have died, their killers are known and nothing is done). They never could tell when they will be murdered as a result of intolerance from the northerners. A lot of them are yet to pick up their lives and be back on track economically. Can you not see how the call for Biafra will tug their hearts? In addition, in the past couple of months the Igbos have been ridiculed for their political choices, asked to leave Lagos, TY Danjuma’s interview also left a lot to be desired. All these make some nostalgic for the Biafran struggle. Having said that, I do not think that they will be better of without the rest of the country. As Nigerians, we are stronger together than divided. This admnistration can do a lot to reduce the call by some to seceed once it is is seen as fair in the dispensation of equity, fairness and justice.

        • Chidi

          The marriage between north and south is a scam. If the Yorubas like they can go with the north. The igbos should be allowed to move out and move on!

          • FactsandFigures

            Move on and out to where? When you have invested most of your life work in businesses outside of the SE, it is difficult to follow your line of reasoning. People with lesser commitments are the ones that clamour for seccession.

    • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

      If only wisdom was infectious…..I’d help you infect everyone !

    • franklin perfect

      You are senseless Peacemaker my foot, was it not the same Sardauna who preached hate message in BBC station. He said that Igbos are domineering and because of that instead of him/them to give an Igbo office that he will first give to a British considering the fact that Igbo man will emerge to be on top of the affairs. So shut your mouth up…. Biafra is a name of our country and her Radio station is called Radio Biafra. That Pedophile hasn’t seen anything yet

  • Abdul

    No be igbos, they can forge anything. The silly people lying and forging the president’s voice. Shame on this crooks. Mr President should just sit and watch their folly. They are agent of distabilization. Nigeria will NEVER SUCCUMB TO THEIR ANTICS. God forbid.

    • Peter

      Tell Bokohari to solve the Boko Haram menace that is currently ravaging his northern brotherhood for now and leave the Igbos and Radio Biafra alone. He used arresting the Boko Haram within his first few weeks of his being made the president as his phantom platform for coming on board. He should make time to visit the war zones of the north east before going on a merry ride to America. Radio Biafra is not deadly like the northern home grown terrorist Boko Haram.

  • Theodore

    “Nigerians should therefore ignore all propaganda designed to sow seeds of discord among them and promote a separatist agenda against national unity, solidarity and progress,” ————Mr. Shehu

    I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that Mr Shehu is sick. I hope he too did not graduate from Katsina college with 2 credits only. But Mr Shehu must know that Imam Buhari is notorious for his love for inciting violence and making divisive speeches. He has done this time without number……….in his comment on Sharia when he said that Christains need not bother about the chopping off of limbs bcos it is not theirs but those of the ‘faithfuls’. ……..He also threatened to spill blood if he lost the last election. …..He also called for amnesty for Boko haram terrorists…..etc, etc

    So, is Buhari not a terrorist ? Yes he is. Is he not divisive? Yes he is. There is o good about Buhari. The general opinion is that his Northern allies set up Premium Times to help promote his cause………….and this is why the news medium is working hard to make him presentable and acceptable to the South and East of Nigeria who are not Muslim fanatics.

    • CleanupNigeria

      …hope he too did not graduate from Katsina college with 2 credits only” See yourself, Olodo. Mr. A in all subjects from Otuoke College, your brother with PHD redefined stealing as not corruption. Where were you when Buhari was criticized by Premium Times last week on the delayed appointment army chiefs and how it had been affecting fighting against Boko Haram. You have whole four years to cry, crying more.

      • Theodore

        …everyone who speaks the truth and calls Buhari by his name is from Otuinke. It shows how shallow your reasoning is. Blinded by cowardice, with your Oba of Ilorin driven into the bush for life and a Fulani taking over his stool, all of you become enslaved in perpetuity. I had hoped that 9 generations after, a lot of you will be bold to break the circle of servitude, but it appears only a few like Olukayode Fani who have decided to break the yoke…I pity you. Keeeping coming here to defend ur master. Odel.

        • CleanupNigeria

          Olukayode Fani or Femi-Fani Kayode is your hero. Dance naked let me see your brainless head. It is Otuoke not Otuinke, you better get off from your ogogoro drinking. You are Ode not Odel. There is not like “keeping coming…” Olodo.

        • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

          If you want to know the actual slaves in Nigeria, go look in the mirror. You are slaves of your own minds creation. You have built a ‘catch 22’ prison for yourselves in your minds where you refuse to participate because you feel persecuted, and the reason you feel persecuted is because you see yourselves not participating.
          No army or Government can help you with your enslavement……and God does not disturb himself with self enslavement!

    • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

      your kind of idiocy can neither be qualified nor quantified.

    • Malik Isah

      This thing dey pain una too much o!

      • Pause

        Rich people or folks from rich homes do not get angry like almajiris, you know…

        • GEJinsideDUSTBIN

          Rich people breeding and selling babies or those on highways with AK47?

        • Malik Isah

          rich homes?, hehehhehehe!

  • Long Live Biafra

    ========FELA WAS RIGHT!……..ANIMAL talk don start again….Dash dem Human Right!==========

    Dem hold meeting ooooh, Inside Sambissa forest!
    Animal talk don start again!
    Dash dem human rights! (2x)

    Dem hold the meeting oooh, as the elections don dey come close
    Animal talk don start again!
    Increase oh…the suicide bombings!
    Fake my own assassination attempt!
    Bomb mosque when Sanusi has travelled

    Dem hold the meeting oooh, as the elections don dey come close
    Animal talk don start again!
    Kidnap all the Chibok girls!
    Bomb dem, for inside market!
    Bomb dem for Bus stations!

    Dem go hold meeting oh, Dem go start ban Radio station
    Animal talk don start again!
    Dash dem human rights! (2x)

    How animal go know say dem no born me as slave?
    How animal go know say slave trade don pass?
    Henhenhen…., Duncee wan dash us human rights
    Animal must talk to human beings
    Give dem human rights!

  • progress

    It is high time the sponsors of this radio station hunted and brought to justice. Otherwise it will become a thing for competition within the different ethnic groups causing disunity everywhere.


    Don’t worry PMB. If lie travels a thousand years……..

  • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

    Seeds of discords? The seeds have germinated and grown for so long that even Iroko tree is afraid of what is in the hearts of these folks. There is no point having dialogue with them or trying to appease them.
    They have ascertained that nothing short of the destruction of the nation will suffice for them.

    Garba Shehu is an id10t for even engaging these Simians. He has given them what they were seeking in the first place, some kind of relevance! If he makes another blunder like this, he should be fired with immediate effect.

    Can Shehu not think? If radio mosquito comes out and says Buhari defecates in his cap, would Shehu reply radio mosquito?

    mallam Shehu, this is your last warning!

    • Gwongworo

      Beware what you wish for….I am sure you have never handled a gun… one took Boko Haram seriously….they even killed their leader and now even you would like them to stop killing Nigerians…you do not want even 5,000 Igbos to start killing Nigerians, do you? So it is in order that the presidency continues to clarify issues if they were lied against.

      • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

        If you are a rational individual ( and i have no reason to believe you are not). you will see clearly it is pointless holding talks with folks you can never win with because their point so far is for you to go ‘off yourself;
        . Maybe i am assuming too much…..please educate me.
        With regards to your issue with regards to guns and my experience, I can only advice you not to assume anything. you do not know me/

        Finally, advocates of Biafra hide in the shadows inciting my eastern brothers and sister to begin an action that can only end in their doom while Boko Haram see death on the battlefield as a guaranteed Invitation card into heaven.

        Do not ever compare the threat of Boko haram with the clowns behind radio Biafra ever again.. The only people the east celebrates as heroes are northerners in all but name.

        Of course we don’t want 5000 Igbos to start killing Nigerians. this is the whole point of my comments. We will save as many innocent igbos as we can then we will eliminate the ones doing the killings.
        For, as has been witnessed, when Igbos embark on killing Nigerians, they only kill Nigerian igbos!
        ….and we will not allow these to happen again.


          You are not thinking properly,that recorded voice was the voice of an old Sarduana interview with the BBC recorded in the 60s,it is available on-line,it was not PMB,they may have used it to relate to current affairs.The PR people at the Presidency got it wrong.

          Please bear in mind that peace is always better than war and everything can be settled on a round table. If you come with that brash attitude you may see that there are people worse than you on the other side.

          No people or persons are too small to talk with. When that BH leader was killed,you or I never believed that they would hold the whole country to ransom for the next 6 years. We are talking of a whole region here not a rag-tag religious sect so take it easy.

        • Gwongworo

          I laugh. You discuss from the position of fear instilled in your psyche by Boko Haram. That is the only reason I can fathom for you to convince yourself that Boko Haram can be more deadly than an potential Igbo insurgency. This is just talk so I leave it at that. Suffice it to say that Boko Haram is never the first Nigerians to use suicide bombings during conflicts. There were incidences of suicide bombings/attacks during Biafra War including one that took place in Marina Lagos which was widely reported. Ask around because you would not believe it at first. MEND also used suicide bombings sparingly. I make these statements to remind you that any group can resort to suicide bombings. So keep that in mind.

          Per comparing Boko and Biafra Radio my comment did not compare Boko Haram with Radio Biafra. There is no comparison whatsoever. In fact Radio Biafra has only become an issue because govt. is apprehensive about what might become. So my reference to Boko Haram was only meant to bring attention that the group’s leader was killed (no apologies for his killing though because they were already killing Nigerians before his death) and they resort to suicide bombings. Any group can do same.

          I have not listened to Radio Biafra but I have watched the interview Kanu (Director of Radio Biafra) gave to Saharareporters a while ago. BE THAT AS IT MAY, RADIO BIAFRA IS NOT AN IGBO PROBLEM AND WOULD NOT BE. IT IS A NIGERIAN PROBLEM & PROBLEM FOR PEOPLE LIKE YOU. THINK ABOUT WHY.

          YOU WROTE:

          “For, as has been witnessed, when Igbos embark on killing Nigerians, they only kill fellow Nigerian igbos! ….and we will not allow these to happen again.”

          MY RESPONSE:

          Boko Haram in the north is killing their own people so killing one’s own people is not a rare occurrence. The Soviet Union killed 70 million of their people to win the WWII…..What matter is the WILL……where there is will there is a way…..but look at how you are shaking in your pants…an average IGBO person does not reason like you…..that million Igbos die during Biafra is a tragedy but an average Igbo would do Biafra again… do not get it, do you?….so pray that no major IGBO group would decide to experiment in killing Nigerians because you would evacuate. PERSONALLY I PRAY THAT IT DOES NOT HAPPEN.

          YOU WROTE:

          “The only people the east celebrates as heroes are northerners in all but name.”

          MY RESPONSE:

          I have no ideas what you were trying to communicate here…



          The presidency did the right thing by taking time to clarify issues regarding the insulting statements Buhari allegedly made according to Biafra Radio.

          • Gwonwgoro

            LINE #4= incidences= incidents

          • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

            You mean well but you are wrong.
            The worst type of enemy you can face is one that is hoping you will kill him.

      • Malik Isah

        Killing Nigerians?

        • Gwongworo

          No, killing Martians!

      • OnyeAbia

        Biafran agitators are peaceful. Please stop comparing them to a terrorist branch of ISIS supported by muslim northerners.

      • Julius

        hahahahahaha, you did that before…what happened ? . Your coward leader ran away with his car and his family..abi na lie. The problem with you losers is you talk too much and cant back it up. Keep lying to yourself.


      Radio Biafra has come to stay …. Long live the Federal Republic of Biafra

      • GEJinsideDUSTBIN

        They will all run away or die like Ojukwu

      • tundemash

        Sore loser ! Keep hallucinating.



    Radio Biafra was created by Buhari who has continued to show open hatred for Ibos.

    I and all well meaning Nigerians stand strongly with Radio Biafra … Ibos have the right to defend themselves against Buhari’s vicious hatred.

    I would like to use this medium to appeal to Radio Biafra to let Nigerians know how they can donate money to them in support of their fight to defend the fundamental rights of the oppressed people of Biafra who are being forced against their wish to remain in Nigeria.

    • Malik Isah

      Forced to remain in Nigeria hm, look around yu well well and be careful what you wish for! Use your tongue to count your teeth

    • tundemash

      Buhari must crush the rogue station immediately !

    • Alamu

      Buhari is trying to silence radio biafra.
      Buhari hates Ibos and he created radio biafra
      Nigerians should support radio biafra.
      What message are you trying to pass across?

  • Radio Biafra


  • eric. bade. thomas

    Excuse me,

    I just want to ask Nigerians at home. Is Goodluck Jonathan now taboo inside the country?
    Nobody talks about him nowadays or at least in newspapers we get to read here on-line.
    Is he so irritating that he’s been ostracised by the entire swathe of journalists and writers?
    He is the only past president whose defeat was not cause-analysed in a newspaper page.
    That’s quite a terrible record that would be attributable only to a very heinous human being.

    • Nwa _ Africa

      Why not come back and check for yourself……………Fool…………..

    • ABBEY

      @eric b.t

      Re: Goodluck Jonathan as not Igbo but heinous

      “Goodluck Jonathan is not a terrible human being, but he
      is NOT a good leader. He is not the right leader for this nation.
      Not now, not in 2015 and beyond!

      You don’t have to be the most intelligent person to make a good leader,
      but you must be smart and curious and steady and have a good sense
      of self. And you must surround yourself with intelligent people with an
      abundance of courage and vision.

      Under Jonathan, our institutions are collapsing at a faster rate.
      The elite continue to steal; knowing there would be no penalties
      but national honour for them; and the country continues to drift.
      Is this the kind of country you want to grow old in?”

      ………………Sabella Abbide

      [December 17th, 2014]

    • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

      As Abbey insinuated below, Jonathan is a very good man that makes very poor decisions hoping that his ‘goodness’ is transferable. With good and honest advisers, Jonathan could have been one of the great leaders in our nation. Sadly he surrounded himself with people that took advantage of his goodness to wreck havoc on the country. Even his wife is the wrongest type of person Jonathan could have married.

      i am sad to conclude that Jonathan belongs more in a monastery than occupying the presidents office. His naivete assured him that giving a choice, people will always choose the good choice.

      We do not speak of him because he is a sad chapter in our history. A good man lead astray by those closest to him!
      Even today, he is torn between accepting responsibility for what those around him did and speaking out for himself because the only thing he can say or has ever said is “I didn’t know”. When you are the President of the country with the largest population of Africans in the world, you can not afford ‘not knowing’. Especially when dealing with the smartest and once happiest people in the world, Nigerians!

      • Fair_Justice

        And who are those surrounding the genocidist and BokoHaram terrorist Buhari, angels like Tinubu huh?
        The I’ll – educated Jonathan with no common grasp of history will be forced to learn history the hard way, like other fools linning up to eat from the same table of Satan without long spoon…
        The pigs will soon start to fly! KAIBUHARI!

    • Malik Isah

      Tell me why Jonathan should not be allowed to rest peacefully

  • Nwa _ Africa

    Only a fo00ol will be following terrorist nnamdi kanu………………….Let him enter Nigeria and see what will happen to him……….I want the NIS to revoke his passport forthwith as he is a terrorist, hence has no right to be using our passport…………………

  • moses

    useless Northerners and their useless Muslims this Bokoaram will kill all of you useless bastards

  • moses

    useless people you will use your eyes to see hell in your donkeys yard soon idiots

  • NoSpinEd

    We lost more than 1 million of our dear brothers and sisters during the 1967-1970 civil war. Please let us remember the sequence of events after the war and learn from our unfortunate history. There was an attempt at reconciliation. Remember the quote attributed to Gowon: ” no victor no vanquished”? pardon was granted to Ojukwu, he returned to Nigeria and actually ran for president. We have a big enough challenge with Boko Haram. let us please put aside any residual animosity and unite as one against this scourge on our humanity. Muslims and Christian alike are dying daily in the hands of these merciless terrorists. Let us hid these words from our former national anthem: “Though tribe and tongue may differ in brotherhood we stand.”

    • Alamu

      Word going around is that 3 million died. Why are you reducing the number of people that died?

      • NoSpinEd

        I stand corrected. That was the estimate at the time. Please note that it was not my intent to minimize the body count. That is why I said “more than 1 million”.

  • Adoki Achine

    Wrong move, my president! The brazen lie by the rogue station was designed as propaganda and calculated to attract maximum attention to itself and to its cause. Now there is no greater advertisement for them than Mr. President and C-in-C himself speaking, on the record, on a certain Radio Biafra.
    This, incidentally, is the second avoidable wrong- footedness on this budding infestation. The first one was all that very public, very celebrated, song and dance by the National Broadcasting Commission about jamming and not jamming frequencies. Now, thanks to these to two very high- profile ‘celebrity endorsements’, I am tempted to look up the bast-rds next time I am scanning the airwaves. Previously I had all along been not the least bit convinced that these jobless clowns deserve the tiniest bit of my time and attention. Now that seems to be in the past.
    And, unfortunately, I have the sick feeling that I might be speaking the minds of more that one dissatisfied Nigerian.

    • Malik Isah

      No dear, the rule of don’t respond is not applicable in our environment where the audience is largely illiterate and easily given to believing the even most bogus and outlandish stories

      • Pause

        hahah…you sure think like occupant of Aso Rock….with the very low literacy rate in your state and region and illiterate abokis/almajiris clinging to their radio all over town and ready to start blowing up themselves in a twinkle of an eye……it is a smart thing to do…

        • Malik Isah

          E de pepper o !

          • Pause

            I dey enjoyam especially say you almost forget your illiterates and their affiliation to “radio,’ so it was good I brought you by to reality

          • Malik Isah

            clapping for you. i know say e still dey pepper you

        • Malik Isah

          e still dey pain you to watch illiterates rule, e hehehehehe!

      • T Focker

        And that illiteracy of Nigerians is what Buhari/APC capitalized on in the first place. Classic case of “as you lay your bed…” I love this crazy country. Lol

      • OnyeAbia

        I have no idea why the govt engaged the radio station in this non story. The station actually played a clip of Sardauna of Sokoto speaking before independence on his view of Igbos. Buhari was never mentioned. They were talking about how Nigeria was already divided as at independence. I don’t why Buhari’s govt got involved and got the entire story all mixed up. I actually supported Buhari in all elections when he ran for president from 2003 to 2015 and quite a few people in the east supported him, despite the heavily rigged results for PDP. However, what bothers me greatly is that this govt appears extremely disorganised and incompetent. It is also clueless for a president to engage in dialogue with what is in effect, a pirate radio station. It is this incompetence and lack of a sense of direction from someone who I remember as an extremely dynamic leader in the 1980s, that should bother all Nigerians.

        • Adoki Achine

          I would rather put it down to the crass incompetence of these people they call media team around the president. I have said it before that as long as politicians keep hiring non expert PR managers, and instead choose to hire journalists to be simply issuing press statements and arranging ‘interactions’ with editors, they will continue to get this quality of service.

        • Malik Isah

          I think we should be patient, the rot is monumental and everything will appear at the moment to be disorganised. our society is extremely complex with the added disadvantage of having countless mischief makers. it is an honour to have someone like you taking the stand you have taken against all odds, you must be very tall/huge in your reasoning to take a very unpopular stand in your area. that Buhari you knew i can assure you is still the same, what has changed is that he is struggling to be a democrat in the midst of mischief makers. it is obviously a very tough call. my analogy is this, i went to my work site for 6 months and could hardly understand what my engineer was doing (to a point of alarm at some point) until the project took shape. same as watching a tailor cutting your materials into pieces before sewing it.
          we also need to avoid committng the offence of thinking aloud to avoid giving the mischief makers weapons.
          i agree with you in total that not all issues require response but still our environment is easily excited by lies. i did not listen to the broadcast in questions, but some are reporting it to be Buhari’s interview with BBC and that is how low some people can descend.
          i appreciate your comments. with people like you, Nigeria will rise again!

  • IskaCountryman

    is buhari mentally stable…ignore these clowns instead you re giving them a platform to lampoon you…who the heck is advising this man?…

    • Pause

      Hahah…CHANGE has come to Nigeria

  • ’70

    Are they not tired of slandering the man? They did it during the campaign and it did not work… it still will not work. Buhari should ignore them and focus on fixing the country…

  • Sams

    God bless Nigeria.

  • Abdullahi Salman

    I appeal to all non-Igbos to desist from generalization and hurling insult at all Igbos. There are a lot of peace and unity loving Igbos who are speaking and writing against radio biafra and trying to educate their brethren about the dangers of hate speeches and propagating hate.

    • Pause

      Igbos and non-Igbos do not want your input. Goodbye to Sambisa Forest

      • Abdullahi Salman

        Are you the spokesperson of Igbos and non-Igbos??? What is Sambisa Forest???

        • Samuel Enwelim

          i see u are the only educated primary 6 northern hausa/fulani person talking.u better keep quite and learn.

          • Abdullahi Salman

            I doubt there is anyone as educated as me in your entire village.. lol

          • Chidi

            What is it about you people! You don’t want them in Nigeria yet you people don’t want them to go. Is it by force to be a Nigerian?

          • Abdullahi Salman

            Who said Igbos are not wanted in Nigeria??? I am pretty sure I didn’t say that.

          • Tonnero

            The guys are a hopeless bunch. They have been an extremely disruptive force in Nigeria since 1959. They usually want their cake and yours as well. If they cannot get yours, they cry marginalisation. Interesting species.

          • okenwa

            Where did you forgot your cattle?

          • sani

            Learn English first!

          • Chidi

            Your Buhari can not even express himself in English. Because he is a certificate forger like you ha ha. Your Buhari stood among the G7 in Germany and addressed Chancellor Merkel as ‘president ‘ and Germany as ‘ Western Germany ‘ ! Ha ha ha…he made a public show of his backwardness and illiteratracy for which people like you are known for for the whole world to see. Ha ha ha ! What a shame!

          • Abdullahi Salman

            Please see a statement by a person called ‘Open thy eyes’ above. It perfectly addressed your misconception about the meaning of being educated.

          • Chidi

            You educated illiterate what is your own view ?

          • Abdullahi Salman

            I am sure you will agree with me that the phrase ‘educated illiterate’ suits you, not me.

          • Chidi

            Ha ha i can you you have run out of ideas dummy!

          • Abdullahi Salman

            A man curses because he doesn’t have the words to say what is on his mind.

          • Open thy eyes

            There are less people in Norway than Delta state of Nigeria. Norway is about Four million people. When their president gets to UN she speaks Norweigian and if you care to understand, you get an interpreter. When the colonialist invaded africa uninvited, they went on aggressive brainwashing that everything african, language inclusive, is inferior. Today, about 5 generations after, you still suffer from this seemingly incurable blight. Shame on you. But I pray for you deliverance. I recommend you to visit wise man Daniel or TG Joshua for them to cast out of your dumb brains the demon of colonial mentality.

            Jokes apart, grow up. The first man made artificial satelite called Sputnik was built by the former Soviet USSR and it was designed with calculations entirely in Russian and not English. Liberate your mind. ————How many people in Island UK can make a sentence in Igbo language of about fourty five million people?

          • NoSpinEd

            Your comparison between Norway and Delta State is a classical example of apples versus oranges logic. I am afraid that you have grossly over simplified the process a nation must go through before it attains to its full potential. Every successful civilization borrows heavily from its previous conqueror.
            Britain was conquered by Rome in 30 AD. London was built by the Romans. The British borrowed the administrative skill of the Romans. The Romans also conquered Greece but adopted the Greek language because its was the language of philosophy and scientific inquiry. Colonization is nothing new in human history. The issue is how it is leveraged. If we stop complaining about our colonization and begin to translate the wealth of scientific knowledge into our local languages. we could actually in generations to come colonize our colonizers.

          • Jujubeans

            It’s not by force my brother.. Please get organised, conduct a referendum about seccession in Igbo States, and if the people vote yes, secede already!

          • Julius

            Thank you, I have been telling them the same thing for years !. They wont do it.They are scared, loud mouth, empty barrels. Its a scam !. I even told them I will campaign for them make sure they get the needed votes. They wont do it. Its all noise.

          • Fair_Justice

            So did the terrorist Lugard or his harlot Flora Shaw that named you ‘nigga-areas’ conducted any referendum before amalgamating ‘water and oil’ or naming you like a dog?
            Ignorance is sure a disease!

          • Otile


          • Samuel Enwelim

            i wont blame u.i see that you people from the north have started attending school.That is a welcome development.At least you need to come-up educationally.but if u think you can talk with ur primary 6 certificate,then rethink becos their is still room for u to enrol for JSS3 exams or better still ALMAJIRI school-CATTLE REARERS

          • sani

            U r still not good in English!

          • Abdullahi Salman

            If you guys are so damn educated as you claim, why do you constantly complain of oppression in Nigeria??? Educated people can’t be oppressed by “cattle rearers”.

          • okenwa

            Thanks to janathan for building almajiri schools.

      • tundemash

        Mor0n … who chose you to speak on behalf of others ? Agent of disunity . Sore loser !

      • Nwa _ Africa

        Lazy Ijaw mind your own tribe and stop talking about Igbos……………..

        • sani

          Is jonathan whom u guys are dieing for not an ijaw man? The end result of ur long awaited break away is only but eventual occupation of the south south region. The ijaws are wiser now.

      • sani

        U ve not heard from kcee who is from south south a non-igbo? Stop the hate!


      U the Fulanis started the hate speeches—in the North—Not a single Ibo man stoned Buhari during his visit to the east—————or abused him–Jonathan was stoned by almajiris in the North————-elders like the sultan of sokoto made statements that a 4 yr old boy would find it hard to vomit in the south———More Ibos have been killed by boko haram than any other ethnic group—–in the country–we have radio changi set up by the USA—-pouring insulSt on the south–the only way out is separation———not another rule by buhari and his fulani ethnic group—that is the truth——————-

      • Abdullahi Salman

        “More Igbos have been killed by boko haram than any other ethnic group” – Seriously??? Please try repeating that to yourself in a mirror with a straight face.

        • Dr Babalawo Awosan

          Is he lying or you just want to pretend and shy away from the truth? bloody parasitic fulani like you!

          • Abdullahi Salman

            I see that mannerism is not one of your strengths. Why not copy my statement and show it to your teacher for interpretation???

      • kcee

        But it was Jonathan that said he should be stone if he fails and he will join in stoning Dickson if he fails. He said that when he was campaigning for Dickson. He failed and he was stone. Nothing wrong with stoning him since he requested it. I am from South South, so should i keep quiet when Jonathan failed us?

        Ndigbo must learn to stop this ethnic and tribal sentiments. None of the Igbo state has got proper Government Service delivery from it’s governors or past Government but yet still it citizens complain of people from other zones than they complain of themselves. Why are Ndigbo’s not complaining about the high rate of it’s people in Jails in Nigeria and abroad. Why are they not holding their leaders to task, instead they are on every website attacking Buhari.

        • Alamu

          Story going around is that Anambra got proper government service delivery.

          • kcee

            I pray so, because it is pathetic of a region

    • Alamu

      You also appeal to igbos to desist from generalization and hurling insult at all non-Igbos.

      • Otile

        Alamu, the insults are healthy. How else are you going to know how much yaribas hate Igbo? Let the insults continue until they get intolerable and we separate. The North may like peaceful separation, SS will like peaceful separation, the SE is ever ready for separation at any time, but where do you want the yoribas to go? SE don’t want them, SS definitely don’t want they, they North may take them as slaves, but that will hurt us to see our brothers abused misused and humiliated. The situation for yorubas is indeed miserable, that’s why they are fighting tooth and nail to avert our secession.

        • Alamu

          Insults are healthy??? and you claim to be civil, educated, exposed and whatever.
          Abdullahi Salman, an igbo lacks confidence in his “igboness” that thinks he should come here and comment as a norherner.
          You as usual, attack yorubas from morning to night, even in your sleep. Maybe your hatred will make you strong. (Beware of the dark side of the force.) Why some igbos are afraid of, and hate the yorubas so much beats me. I wonder why they (these igbos) lack self confidence. What you fail to realise is that if Nigeria breaks up, the yoruba nation will benefit more than other regions/zones. Look at all the investments that have been made in the Lagos axis.
          Do not think the SS will willingly team up with the SE or SW if Nigeria breaks up.

  • redeem

    An official of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation–NNPC has said that operatives of the Department of State Services–DSS have interrogated him 11 different times since May over crude oil swap deals with traders.

    “The DSS has been harassing some of us like hell,”
    The investigation by the DSS and anti-graft agencies involves crude oil swap deals and offshore processing agreements in which the corporation gives certain volume of crude oil to traders in exchange for refined products.

    President Muhammadu Buhari has been after the NNPC since May investigating offshore processing agreements with trading companies because of the belief that the deals might have cost the country millions of dollars in lost revenue and refined product supply. Which most believe not to be true-Aware he was accused of stealing more than 2.8b as Minister in the oil industry-

    “There is a siege mentality here at the moment official of NNPC claim with the new DSS bosds who hails from the same state with Buhari in Katsina, an NNPC veteran of 36 years, was quoted as saying.

    He said Buhari’s initiative had given fresh legs to media coverage of the alleged Sanusi accounting holes worth over $20bn identified by two separate investigations to be false-Yet Buhari will not give up-He just wants something that will tie Jonathan to the theft of crude oil-So that he can put him behind bars-what a shame

  • Dr.kay

    Igbos knows only one thing alone and that is how to get to the trough where they can make money, money and more money at all cost. Having miscalculated in voting enmasse for Dumbo and seeing that they are now not in the political influence peddling equation. They now starting roforofo mudslinging so as to slowly work themselves back into the equation. PMB shouldn’t have engaged these ingrates in any debate, they always play the Biafra card when they see money is going to be hard in coming by. To make their nightmare even stark ,they have in PMB ,someone uncompromising , someone that will not be swayed or moved by their moneybags way of buying anything at any price. They are afraid that , hard work and competency is now the change watchword . No more drug dealing ,piracy, smuggling, 419, ritual moneymaking, kidnappings, armed robbery , corruption, filling up a department with Ndigbos irrespective of their qualification and competence…..etc . So this is just a cry out for help. If they really want Biafra, who is stopping them? Igbos you guys are all mouth,no action ,yet you call others cowards!

    • Ebubedike

      “Igbos knows,” you write and also claim to be a “Dr.” That’s English as used in the zoo. Only in an illiterate-governed Nigeria can people promote this level of ignorance.

      • Dr.kay

        English is not my mother tongue, if my doctorate is in English language then you can get away with your rejoinder but as you understand my line of thought and get the message , this is not WASC/GCE.
        Now let’s debate my treatise and have a useful conversation , grammatical errors or not, at least we will understand each other or you wan debate in Yoruba? Lol!

        • Fair_Justice

          …But are you making any sense worth debating on? You are lacking in not only language but also on history and truth!
          ‘Igbos love money’ according to members of ‘Oluwole’ nation. ‘Yorubas hates money’ right? Yet all the lists of insane looters and fraudster are dominated by non-Igbo/Biafrans despite having everything stolen from them after the genocidal annihilation ‘world war III, led by agent of darkness -Britain, that Biafrans fought with almost nothing for 3years and in continuation of the annihilation plot, few ‘lucky’ ones were given only £20 pounds for all their millions in nigeria banks before the genocidal war, by war criminal Awolowo & Co.
          Get some basic education on history and observe/learn with open mind the present before asking for debate.

          • Otile

            Don’t waste your precious time responding to that dunce. His arguments are laughable. He always carries on and on thinking that he is making sense. Pathetic animal. dr my foot.

  • OnyeAbia

    This govt lied about closing down Radio Biafra. So it is lying now. Anyway, the clip played on Radio Biafra is about Sardauna of Sokoto saying he preferred foreigners to Igbos. So it’s nothing to do with Buhari. Buhari is getting into a row with a pirate radio station. The presidential thing would be to ignore the station. This govt is really turning out to be a joke with no dignity whatsoever.

  • michael godwin james



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  • Dr Babalawo Awosan

    What has Radio Biafra said that could be more inciting and inflammatory than what Bokohari has been saying since Jonathan was made President in 2011 till he was rigged out in collaboration by United States few months ago. Bokohari’s inflammatory statements were the causes and the rise of BoKo Haram in the Northern region. How many Igbos have been kiled by his statements in abokiland so far? uncountable! Yet he says he doesn’t hate Igbo. Liar!! Radio Biafra is just protecting the interest of the Igbos, and i dont see anything wrong in what they are doing at all! Am a Yoruba man, omo Oodua tokan-tokan, but i strongly support what the Igbos are agitating for. Why not allow them go their way? What are the Northerners afraid of?

    • Dude

      @ Dr Babalawo Awosan…I 100% concur with your last sentence…”What are the Northerners afraid of?”. If any ethnic group want to go their separate way, so be it. Must we remain clobbered together by all means? I think the best option for Nigeria is the way of the defunct USSR in a very peaceful way. This union to me is not working.

  • SULE

    Radio Biafra is correct about Buhari. Buhari never condemn the killing of southerners living in the North. Buhari and Hausa/Fulani hate the Igbos and other southerners.

    The best option is to divide Nigeria. We are not one. Gowon deceived us with one Nigeria slogan. It is high time everybody go his or her own way. The cheat is too much. We are tired to be one.

  • emmanuel anizoba

    The Igbo must be more discerning and skeptical about so-called History, i.e., any narrative concerning a past event. Authority is not truth. The planet Earth is not flat because some authority says it is. Investigating-Doubt should become our worldview after the colossal failure of the 1st Biafra – accept nothing as true until you have verified the underlying facts. Cheers!

    • Save Nigeria Father

      The two sides of a coin makes it difficult to know the truth. the first coup de tat was viewed from different angles by our then pivoters, God help us for we need peace to succeed as a nation.

  • bikky

    I know that reasonable Igbo leader will not support all these accusations and counter accusations, those then elders decided to work together as a nation and whoever granted them independence agreed with them and they were together even without a drop of crude oil until the first coup execution and this is what brewed the discord of unity but almost fifty years after would we not forget the past and forge ahead, why elders are allowed young people to continue steering the troubled water if Igbos want to go (secede) let there be referendum and present their case to the national assembly after all their representatives are there to support it, or why these Hullabaloos?
    Please we need peace to excell in this nation.

    • Tonnero

      Where are those elders? Do you see any of them in the neighbourhood? This is the same way they could not speak up against a young, brash man who took them to a war they were ill-prepared for.

  • Mamman Bako

    In a situation like this you defend yourself by speaking to the Hausa Service of the BBC and not the NTA! How many Radio Biafra are patrons of the BBC Hausa Service? Poor choices of the President’s media men makes this counter ineffective. Poor PMB!

  • franklin perfect

    Jan 31 2015.


    Maj Gen Muhammadu Buhari has dropped the bombshell, on the reason he has been losing election in Igboland and parts of Nigeria where Igbos are residing, stating that it is because he was involved in the Nigerian civil war.

    The former dictator spoke once on BBC Hausa services monitored in kaduna, said with regrets that, “the igbos hate him for what happened during the Biafran war”. “I don’t have any regret, and at such do not owe any apology to them, in fact if there is a repeat of the civil war again, I will kill more Igbos to save the country”.

    The APC presidential candidate, added that this was the reason they never bothered to vote for him anywhere in Nigeria.

    Why is he now saying Radio Biafra​ lied against Him?

    • Save Nigeria Father

      The Bible admonish us to pray for our nation and the leader which is now PMB, if you wish yourself and love ones well, obey God’s commandment. Together we can resurrect Nigeria again, it is not the duty of PMB alone.

      • Fair_Justice

        You must be crack head to refer to agents of Satan -British as your god that created your so-called ‘nation’! Even more insane to call a genocidist, pedophile and terrorist a ‘leader’, get some basic education it’ll help you and your ilk a lot, especially to know when not to Use the name of God in vain!
        What is the meaning of ‘nigeria’ and how does it define a ‘nation’?
        The more you pray for this British curse the more their master Satan curse you all! God don’t support evil! ‘Nigeria’ was a creation from deepest pit of hell by agents of darkness British!

        • Save Nigeria Father

          My Brother, we need to understand that this God is the father of all and that we wrestle not against fresh and blood but against principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places warring against mankind, Christ died for all and he expect us to follow His footsteps thinking on how much we can give for the salvation of souls. Think of what is happening in the NE our country and what might be the position of the loving father to those victims who are His handwork. Let this mind be in us which is in Christ Jesus…….

          • Fair_Justice

            …And what is your point or connection to your earlier argument?

          • Save Nigeria Father

            Thinking on what we must do to save every soul in Nigeria and beyond is the mind of Christ. And God can use anybody and no authority exist without God knowing about it including the president of Nigeria. We must pray for him not that I am against any constructive criticism.

          • Fair_Justice

            You must be deluded to say the least! Why not also save the whole world as one country? What do you have in common with Islamic Hausa/Fulani that you do not have with Afghans or Somalia or even Europeans?
            The way some of you reason and mock God that made you different people with different language and way of life, one wonder where it will land you lot.

          • Save Nigeria Father

            It may not be possible but Christ died for all not only for the Jews or any part or region of Nigeria. As many as that receive him to them gave he the power to become the sons of God. And if only in this world we have hope, we are of all men the most miserable. Anybody who fail to reach out for the grace of God is doomed not withstanding which part of the country you come from. Your race or tribe is irrelevant. So shall it be if God has put Nigerian environ in his timetable.

  • e dey happen!


    IGBO SENSE: Chief Emeka Anyaoku negotiates corruption with Buhari

    “Our sources disclosed that Mr. Emeka Anyaoku spent a little
    more than two hours in a close-door meeting yesterday where he sought to
    prevail on President Buhari to halt the ongoing probe of what happened to
    billions of public funds during the last few months of the Jonathan government.
    The former Commonwealth chief executive Emeka Anayaku urged the new president
    to remember that Mr. Jonathan voluntarily decided not to contest the results of
    the March 28, 2015 presidential election, won by Mr. Buhari, on the understanding

    that he and his administration would not be subjected to a probe.”


    • Happening Now

      Goodluck Jonathan implicated in oil money thefts:
      …… business Associate – JIDE OMOKORE – to return $4.5 billion

      Newsreports say Goodluck Jonathan’s criminal partners want immunity.
      They’re said to be “returning stolen money” and negotiating the figures.
      On top of the list is a parvenu billionaire asked to refund U.S $4.5billion.
      His name is JIDE OMOKORE. He’s said to be offering a refund of one-ninth.

      The Buhari government is correct not to accept that deal with Jide Omokore.
      Under the law Mr. Jide Omokore is criminally deemed an economic saboteur.
      Jide Omokore must be arrested and arraigned in a criminal court for sabotage.
      Omokore’s company must also be put on trial as a criminal organization.

      To prosecute both successfully, Jide Omokore’s company must be fully probed.
      And that means starting with the company’s acquisition of a producing oil well.
      It is in that initial acquisition in the year 2010 that Jonathan’s interest is hidden.

      • Otunba Akindele

        This is very bad and very shameful to all IJAW PEOPLE.

        Jonathan is now begging Buhari for escape with loot.

        This is a real disgrace! Now we know the whole truth.

        Jonathan has plenty to hide; and must have stolen.

        Jonathan did not concede defeat for any democracy.

        Jonathan conceded defeat so as to run away with his loot.

        • James Breen

          No you are wrong. It is not shameful for all Ijaw people. If Jonathan stole then the shame is on him, not all Ijaw people. I am Ijaw and why should I carry Jonathan’s shame.

          When Abacha and Umaru Dikko were accused of stealing, did it mean that all their tribes people were also guilty ? No of course not. I dont remember anyone shouting saying that Hausas and Fulanis were all thieves.

          • Paul T. Adama

            james breen,

            The reason is that Hausa/Fulani people themselves joined to call Umuru Dikko a thief,
            and even put the Dikko of a beast inside crate in London. But now, all the Ijaw people
            keep quiet to support JONATHAN’S THIEF. No one of them has shouted since. Now,
            the IGBO PEOPLE have put their head inside to go and beg President Buhari to
            look the other way and let Jonathan go with the thief money. Can you see now?
            You see how Igbo people disgrace themselves as chronic thieves too!

          • OLEJU



          • Sethken

            You are a liar. Sanni Abacha is a hero in Northern Nigeria. There are very many public edifice named after Abach in Kano and beyond. Most recognizably, the Sanni Abacha stadium in Kano. There you have it.

          • Save Nigeria Father

            Ref to “Bade Adu” Igbo people are not only 40 in number. No sin shall go unpunished God is not mocked. May God guide His given President and answered prayer the courage to continue His work of sanitizing our God given land and only country we can call ours. But we must avoid generalization, condemnation and tribalism for non of us bargain with God on the choice of tribe or race before coming into this world,

          • okenwa

            When tinumbu met buhari, he didnt beg him to exonorate any yoruba man from being probe abi. Please kindly leave a respected elder stateman chief emeka anyaoku alone. Buhari is also his president just like me and you and he has the right to meet his president. When tinumbu met the president, no one reported any nagative thing against him. Why the hatred to igbo.

          • Tonnero

            I agree with you. Apologies on his behalf.


        Anyone implicated in any fraud should return our money. GMB your mandate is to return every stolen item from our treasury since independence no matter who is involved.

    • Bade Adu

      What!!!! I am very dis-appointed…..very very disappointed. I thought Emeka Anyaoku is a decent man.
      How could he go on this criminal errand for Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for God’s sake? Haha! Does this
      Chief Emeka Anyaoku have any sense again? Does Emeka Anyaoku know it is a criminal offence to
      go and negotiate with law enforcement that crimes must not be probed? What is Nigeria turning into?
      What is Nigeria becoming? There is no honour again! Please, PREMIUM TIMES must write something.
      PREMIUM TIMES must write a very powerful editorial today to expose this EMEKA ANYAOKU for who
      he is. And then to let it be clear that we the people will take to ARMED STRUGGLE IF Buhari accepts
      to let GOODLUCK JONATHAN and his 40 thieves escape with the billions of dollars of stolen money.

    • Dave


  • Gerald Okoduwa

    This statement from Garba Shehu is unnecessary. As a government, get rid of the illegal radio station and deal with the operators rather than responding to their trash as that could accord them an undue recognition.

    • chika

      Perhaps this is only solution available…you may can never tell!

  • the_adviser

    Buhari will come to realise it is difficult running Nigeria PLC as a civilian politician than as a military man. A pirate radio like BH is difficult to silence.

    • Julius

      You also know that its in the constitution that he can declare a state of emergency to deal with things like this. Dont you ?

      • chika

        Just this comment gives you away as a mediocre political commentator…pls take another look at the constitution and stop gushing out rubbish.


      No difficult. Biafrian and BH should be annihilated, and no one will shed tears

  • 9ja jaga jaga

    Buhari Calls for Fuel subsides Removal and Rejects the Call.

    Throughout his campaign, Maj Gen Muhammadu Buhari was telling Nigerians that he does not know what Fuel Subsidy is.
    Buhari sang the same song on his visit to his Colonial masters and when the the US secretary of states visited Nigeria.
    He was bold telling Nigerians that there is nothing like Fuel subsidy.

    Last week, Buhari, makes a U-turn to announce that he will not remove the Subsidies on Fuel.

    People are wondering why the inconsistent Buhari should bother about Fuel subsidy which he claimed that NEVER existed?

  • Conscientia

    Was Radio Kudirat a ‘menace’? ———— The Yoruba’s should know they cannot eat their own cake and have it back. It was they who also started militancy with its ruthless OPC with a transparent ethnic agenda. Now we have Boko Haram and this explains why the greatest apologists of Boko haram and their Northern sponsors are the Yoruba folks.

    Thank God for Radio Biafra – truly in defense of freedom.

    • Inemesit

      True word. May u live long. God bless you.

    • Julius

      You are a moron. Didnt you know that it was on top pf the list for the government to find and destroyed ?. The people behind it was sent to exile. The peoblem with losers like you is you start a history in the middle. Where were your freedom loving losers then ? You know who was leading a million man match for Abacha ? Yes, it was a biafrian..Nzerebe. Be serious for once. FOOLS !!

      • Conscientia

        …You know who was Abacha’s VP? It was the weeping ‘General’ Oladipo Diya. You know who was his military communications Chief? —another Yoruba weeping General called Abdulkereem Adisa. —-and do you know who was collating sales proceeds from oil and makng them available for him to loot? It was shameless Buhari…..Do you know who was CBN Governor who helped Abacha loot Nigeria’s funds? It was yet another cowardly Yoruba man called Joseph Sanusi and before him was one Aluko…all Yorubas…..If there were any Igbo Easterners in abacha’s eviil govt, the number should be definitely infinitesimal. The ratio of Yorubas to Igbos in partaking of that demonic enterprise of .Abacha can be put at 30 to 1. Prove me wrong with facts.

        So my dear Moronic friend, I have begun history from the beginning. I hope you have learned. Orhue!ny

        • Julius

          Glad you not telling me that an Ibo man did not lead the million man match !. As for the weeping General, he is better than a coward run away General who started a war but ran away with his car and family when the heat got closer to him. Left you to your misery of which you have not recovered. Guess who were the blood sucking losers in charge of clapping and organizing for Abacha to become a life president… Gave them a crump and they will do anything.You guess it a loser biafrians hidding when Abacha was hunting and Killing the Yorubas, men, women and children

        • i-priest

          History oga, you forgot to mention Col Benjamin Adekunle, and hid Yoruba- filled 3rs Marine Commando, the Great Black Scorpion, the Grrat Biafran Tormentor, who licked the Biafran defence of Igbo-stolen city of Port Harcourt up! When he got to the village of Umuahia, he met Ibos eating their dead fellow Ibos yrt he continued the slaughter of satanic Biafrans till his troops developed Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and could kill Biafrans no furyher. Head of State Yakubu Gowon then brought in Yoruba General Olusegun Obasanjo, who continued the slaughter of Igbo Biafrans till Enugu village where he cornered the devil himself, the bearded rebel called Odumegwu Ojukwu who was hiding in a bushwhile his fellow Igbos were being killed all around him. Well, benevolent Yoruba Obasanjo allowed Ojukwu to escape the firing squad of the Hausa-Fulanis by letting his light aircraft take off for Abidjan where the coward-in-chief Odumegwu Ojukwu escaped to hide. Carry on vituperating nonsense on Yorubas and Hausas in this forum and on your accursed RADIO BIAFRA and be prepared to perish with your people forever.

          • okenwa

            The same way jews were slaughterd but never perish forever.

          • i-priest

            Igbos are not Jews. Igbos are Gentiles like the rest of the world, and have to receive Christ as Lord and Saviour of their souls.

          • Bangura Aisha

            point of correction, Igbos are not jews as you said, Igbos are hebrew, thats their name and it was changed by the british to disassociate them from the chose people of God.

          • Talu Luia

            tlme shall tell who lives and who perishes, they said who laugh last laugh the best, if not british and us it cannot have been this way, you think nigeria favors you? time shall tell, – biafra is my country

          • Talu Luia

            i am a yoruba but i hate someone enslaving me, everything biafra did was to clear all of us from slavery, with this contraption called nigeria we are slaves forever

          • Bangura Aisha

            and after that, he died like a puppy without memorial, theophilus danjuma, abacha, babangida, obasanjo, all got their spoils of the war, while you great black scorpion died as a rat. shame.

      • Emmanuel Maluba

        Daniel KANU and others too! They were from Biafra and Nigeria was fair to them then. The fact is that a majority of SE people dont buy the puerile agenda of the hungry characters masquerading as defenders of Biafra. These urchins are hungry and looking for food. Now that Nigeria has a serious government, the chances of such food flowing is far removed, so they must resort to some other means. I have been impressed by the views of some good people of SE over this. Many of them understand the game going on.

        • Julius

          Thank you !, They are losers..period thats how losers behave. They lash on to anything to abuse others but forgets to cover their behind. Very unintelligent…they are not smart at all. Most SE folks I know laff at these fools. Its a scam .I’ll make a bet with any of them, if they tender a referendum, most Ibo will vote it down. They know it, thats why they prefer making noise about biafra online. Dumb asses.

        • Bangura Aisha

          why are you so much afraid of this Biafra, why does it concern you guys so much, you never valued what you had, now chances has come for you to loose it. you HATE Igbos so much with passion, yet you are afraid to loose your looting point, hate or love igboman,, he remain the greatest and every community in black africa would wish to have Igbos as a tribe among them.

          • Emmanuel Maluba

            Obviously you lack the capacity to understand what you are reacting to. I take it that you belong to the few characters who are trying to give South East people a bad name just because of a few pennies. Daniel Kanu, Arthur Nzeribe and people like you would make others want to see the good people of SE like them. The dregs of any society most often want to mirror the society if care is not taken. I have moved round Nigeria and I have friends from the major tribes. There are people from SE that I would love to emulate any day. People like you bring a whole tribe into disrepute with this superiority attitude. Wish you all the best as you live in your castle in the air.

      • Wise Head

        Come on, why don’t you make your own point without name-calling? It is known that those who have NO clear ideas about what to say always think they would be able to intimidate their listeners by hauling insaults.

        • Julius

          Did you read his post at all ? Do that and see why I responded in kind !.


      Freedom by lieing. Dog destined for destruction hears no warning whistle. Biafrians to the LAGOON

  • Observer

    S/N State

    1 Abia State
    2 Anambra State
    3 Enugu State
    4 Ebonyi State
    5 Imo State

    1 Ekiti State
    2 Kwara State
    3 Lagos State
    4 Ogun State
    5 Ondo State
    6 Osun State
    7 Oyo State

    1 Bayelsa State
    2 Cross Rivers
    3 Delta State
    4 Akwa Ibom State
    5 Edo State
    6 Rivers State

    1 Benue State
    2 Kogi State
    3 Plateau State
    4 Taraba State
    5 Nasarawa State

    1 Borno State
    2 Gombe State
    3 Jigawa State
    4 Kaduna State
    5 Kano State
    6 Katsina State
    7 Kebbi State
    8 Niger State
    9 Sokoto State
    10 Yobe State
    11 Zamfara State
    12 Adamawa State
    13 Bauchi State

    My dear Partisan Times, when is your next story on Bayelsa, Rivers or Akpabios’ Akwa Ibom? Tell your jounalists and Editors to take their miserable eyes off my Resources in the South & East. There are 36 states in Nigeria. When 93% of your reporting is on the wealthy states of the South, then something is ‘fishing’. Elections are coming in Bayelsa and Partisan Times has begun a series of hate campaigns to hopefully assist APC but I tell you this day, you have failed. When last did you report on Oyo, Jigawa, Ondo and Kebbi states etc? When? If it is not Bayelsa today, it is Rivers or Akwa Ibom tomorrow. The only reports from the North is when Boko Haram strikes…meanwhile, it is this period of festivities that the Northerstani states ferry cash to Middle East & elsewhere. Dont you know?

    • Contact Point

      I think you are one of the dumbest brains propagating stupidity online, hiding under the darkness of your room. You stated, East, West and South, then separated Middle Belt from the Northern Region. For you dumb brain, we have 6 Geo-political zones in Nigeria, which was created from the original 2 zones and Mid-West. Now with the 6 zones, we have each of the zones politically separated now. We have the Southern part, zones like, East, West and South South, while in the Northern part also, we have North East, North West and North Central. But if you should go it in the previous original 2 zones, Nigeria has 18 States each in those zones. For you silly brain, there is nothing like Middle Belt in Nigeria anymore, it has never been before also, as that was creation of some detractors like you. We had MidWest then so educate your dumb brain and stop continuing with the same lies Radio Biafra has been going on with.

      • Wise Head

        Why don’t you make your own point without name-calling? It is known that those who have NO clear ideas about what to say always think they would be able to intimidate their listeners by hauling insaults.

      • Talu Luia

        you said that there is nothing like middle belt? hahaha, you are the joker of the century, you divided easterners – south east and south south and now said there is nothing like middle belt, they said the evil that men do live before and after them, what you sow is what you will rip

      • Bangura Aisha

        lies that give you sleepless night ?, you hate IGBOs so much, yet you cant allow him grow more than you. to be frank with you, nigeria is just a dumb country, non of the politicians care for nigeria they only care for the money that it brings through oil, which is why in a country of over 150million people, a retired soldier without certificate is considered credible and corrupt free to lead. SHAME, Aisha Bangura, from Guinea Conakry.

        • thomas

          Aisha you are very correct

  • Nwade Chudi

    But the appointments spokes volume. We are not deceived by Garba Shehu propaganda . PMB is an Igbo hater. How many did he killed during the Biafra war?.

    • 100% Naija

      But, must you people fake the president voice to get Biafra? If you are fighting for a genuine course you don’t have to pretend to be someone else. That is cowardice. Come out boldly and face your struggle otherwise, it will only show your Biafra does not worth it. Not this hiding in one obscure location under the name, Radio Biafra, cooking lies to deceive many of your Igbo youths to cause trouble which will consume them and wipe out their generation when the war they have been looking for becomes full scale.

      • Otile

        Imam Mohamed Buhari is a forger, perjurer, liar and you know it. Nobody can mimic his voice cos he got a thick Fulfude horrible accent which no non-Fulani can mimic. Why do you want to kill Biafran children again, to steal their resources?

    • paiko

      U will give account before God on every statement u make. Were u their during biafra war? Bunch of ingrates, the man is their alrady and u cant do noting about it

  • Save Nigeria Father

    This forum ought not to promote hatred but peace among Nigerians for us to move forward. PMB have it as a duty to serve Nigeria and not one person, group or quarter. And to that I believe when he says I belong to nobody and I belong to everybody. We must support him for Nigeria to succeed.

  • robo

    I have listened to the Radio and my immediate response is ignore them. The way the Director talks smack of Unseriousness and recklessness

  • Otile

    Radio Biafra is excellent. Imam and his Yoruba servants are very scared of the truth coming from the good radio station. These are truths you will not be allowed to hear in continent Nigeria. Nigerian Democracy my foot.

  • walter enang

    Until we have equal rights and justice there can be be no peace.

  • Biafra or death

    Mr.President sorry oo what made you to be telling us this now ? We heard all Radio Biafra said about you but we didnt expect you to prove to us that all were truth. If an innocent is been accused the silence or smile proves that its not a reality..when you tried to jam Radio Biafra you didnt remember to make any comment.You went ahead and arrested Mazi Nnamdi Kanu unlawfully proving to the whole world that you are 100% guilty. You lack legal advisers thats why you fall into every cheap trap have Director with you . You can abuse him you can torture him even you can kill Mazi Nnamdi Kanu you have killed so many of us but all you understand better in your bloody life is Biafra.Those blood of family men you killed in owerri are still after you have a dame problem with Biafra restoration.sleepless man i pity you . Plan every well because we have 50 million ways to get Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu might have inform you about that.Biafra Or Death..we are fearless infront of our enemies.And the sons of Biafra Born to Die for Biafra ARE HERE TO GET BIAFRA ..There is no going back my great grand father fought galantly for Biafra its my culture my religion and on Radio Biafra is were i worship. The north must hold you resposible in any which way you choose to free Biafra. By force or by fire we are ever ready to die for an idealogy Biafra. Finally you are guilty infront of all the baboon and monkeies called nigerians.You are finished by only one man .only clippled you .You will be tired of holding Mazi Nnamdi Kanu your Legend.carry on keep keeping on ALL HAIL BIAFRA FREE#NNAMDI KANU FREE#BIIAFRA …

  • Bangura Aisha

    i have seen so many reasons nigeria can not work as a country, first, in any friendship that merge three people, two among them must gang up agaisnt one, and that one will be treathed as a slave, the strongest will always dedice what happens, while the other shall always accept any condition he brings and by that, keeping their alliance together while accept any shame that must come up. always be afraid not to allow the later brake his alliance with the strongest. unity of nigeria does no good to the yorubaman, only his hate on igbo people, he would sacrifice the future of his generation just to see the igbos cries and feel pain. we live together in conakry, IGBO, YORUBA, GUINEAN. i bet, i never new there was another tribe in nigeria, except the igbos and yoruba, you see them everywhere.
    if the yorubas can take off the hate they have for igbos, and protest to divide nigeria into south and north, i bet they will be a very strong and educated nation in africa, push off the north and build and better country. we love you guys.