EXCLUSIVE: Joda Committee to Buhari: Sack Jonathan’s last-minutes appointees, review contracts of last 18 months

Chairman of Transition Committtee, Dr Ahmed Joda, President Muhammadu Buhari, Vice Chairman Doyin Salami, APC Nartional Chairman Chief John Oyegun during the final presentation of report of Transition committee to the President at the defence house in Abuja
Chairman of Transition Committtee, Dr Ahmed Joda, President Muhammadu Buhari, Vice Chairman Doyin Salami, APC Nartional Chairman Chief John Oyegun during the final presentation of report of Transition committee to the President at the defence house in Abuja

The Ahmed Joda transition committee has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately terminate all dubious appointments made by former President Goodluck Jonathan in the last nine months, and review all contracts awarded by the administration in the last 18 months.

The committee said this is to help the new government sidestep ineptitude and waste, and scale up its revenue base.

The recommendations are part of a portfolio of swift steps Mr. Buhari must take within three months of assumption of power if he must save cost and “enhance liquidity”, the committee said in its 800-page report to the president.

PREMIUM TIMES exclusively obtained volumes of the report, which contain extensive analyses of Nigeria’s key challenges, with suggested responses for the economy and finance, governance and social welfare.

The report details a list of prompt, medium and long term decisions Mr. Buhari must take, or authorise, within 30, 45, 60 and 90 days of taking office, to create immediate impact, reduce government liability, increase revenue and stabilise the polity.

For instance, to deal with crippling fuel crisis, and backlog of unpaid salaries by states and the federal government, the committee advised Mr. Buhari to “borrow immediately or use CBN (Central Bank) advances” for salaries and fuel subsidies to “avoid chaos”.

For contracts, it urged the administration to “review all contracts signed in the last 18 months by FGN”.

“Non-strategic contracts that have not commenced or where no payments have been made can be cancelled,” the committee said, while also urging Mr. Buhari to negotiate exits for projects where mobilisation payments have been made but work not commenced.

That move will “save expenditure on non-strategic projects, and can free up cash flows for other vital initiatives”, the committee said.

The decision on contract is to be taken within 90 days from May 29, and should be handled by the Federal Executive Council and the Bureau of Public Procurement, BPP.

At a time Mr. Buhari is facing growing criticism over his delay in making key appointments, and his  failure to lay out initiatives to assure a burdened nation of immediate relief, the Joda report provides a fresh perspective on preparations by the new government and the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, to confront some of Nigeria’s monstrous problems.

The committee said the president should review all appointments made by Mr. Jonathan in the last nine months, and “for strategic agencies requiring professional leadership, the government should terminate all appointments not based on merit”.

The Joda panel said such move will save costs associated with poor decision making by an incompetent management team, and must be delivered within 45 days of the new government.

That recommendation appears to take into consideration the last minute appointments by Mr. Jonathan after he lost the March 28 elections.

In less than two months, Mr. Jonathan, not previously given to readily hiring and firing, sacked dozens of top officials and replaced them before leaving office.

As further measures to check waste and increase efficiency and accountability, the committee urged the government to quickly implement a single bank account, to be called Treasury Single Account, and to commence full implementation of the Fiscal Responsibility Act within 60 days, and chase up any outstanding funds from all government offices.

This will curtail the “excesses carried forward from previous administration”, it noted.

The committee also advised the government to fully implement the Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System, IPPIS, and Integrated Government Integrated Financial Management Information System across all MDAs within 60 days.

The two facilities were used by the past government to check thousands of “ghost workers” who drew billions of naira in salaries that ended in the pocket of fraudulent officials.

Despite its claim of saving more than N100 billion from “ghost workers”, the Jonathan administration failed to punish those behind the scam.

Claims by former Finance Minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, that the case had been transferred to the Independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) alongside names of indicted officials, were repeatedly refuted by the anti-graft body.

But more than other proposals in that unit of the report, the committee paid greater attention to government contracts and urged President Buhari to be decisive in reviewing the deals.

The committee said the handover notes from the Jonathan administration showed aggregate contractor liabilities of N4 trillion as at April 2015.

Of that amount, the Ministry of Education owed the most at N1.2 trillion, followed by the  finance ministry which has N467.7 billion.

The committee warned Mr. Buhari that it would be irrational to rely on the purported huge balances the former government claimed it left behind.

First, it said, the numbers lacked key information to establish the authenticity of the contracts.

It made the following  observation regarding the claims by the former government regarding outstanding liabilities:

– The aging of these liabilities was not provided.

– A detailed list of contracts was not provided and therefore, some balances maybe double counted (eg contracts funded through debt maybe captured in both MoF and the contracting Ministry).

– Some balances may be disputed. Therefore, liabilities may change once settlement/judgement is reached.

– No documentation was provided to confirm if the projects were executed to the agreed specifications.

– Some contracts maybe cancelled or terminated”.

As a first step, the Joda-committee advised Mr. Buhari to establish an Inter-Ministerial Task-Force to review all outstanding contracts (and associated liabilities) across all Ministries, Departments and Agencies within three months.

“The mandate of this Task-Force is to confirm the existence of the liability and authenticate the accuracy of information provided in the handover notes,” it said.

“The Government should only recognise the liabilities verified and confirmed by this Task-Force.”


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  • Psalm 35

    The onus is on Buhari to start acting straight away. He more than anyone else should have been prepared having applied for his current position 4 times. Inasmuch as we appreciate he needs to take his time to prime things considering the rot left behind,he must at least start doing something by reversing appointments,contracts and projects that were not instituted with the interest of the nation at heart. Nigerians are waiting

    • Spoken word

      A mess created in 16 years cannot be cleaned up in 30days. unless you think governance is a joke.Please get real and take issues involving your country more seriously. Stop being intellectually lazy.

      • Psalm 35

        If that is the way you perceive my comment, so be it. Thank you all the same

  • Ayelala

    Jonathan and iweala absolutely ruined Nigeria . The damage will take another 20 years to repair.

    • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

      a significantly lesser period will suffice

    • Otile

      That’s the opinion of every yoruba.

  • monti

    Good News…
    Sack…sack…and…sack all the last minute appointments
    made by Jonathan….
    Great recommendation for PMB.
    Kudos to Joda committee.

    • Iska Countryman

      he wants the emir of kano sacked from his position of prochancellor…allah seriki…

    • Otile

      Yeah, sack them and replace them with Northern illiterates and looters, that’s the message.

  • Nwa _ Africa

    And Buhari is still wasting time in order for the arrest of thug Wike after he and Mrs. Jonathan used N1.2 trillion to finance the Governorship election in Rivers State……………….Only in Nigeria………………

  • UOU

    Confused people, na today, we have been hearing it since before the elections,buhari will probe this, buhari will probe that, the power and authority is now with them, it is no more 1970s or 80s or 90s or even evil obasanjo period when you falsely allege and the accused will not have opportunities to defend him/herself, this is millennium age, computer time and everything can be revealed in a twinkle of an eye. Buhari should stop playing to the gallery and probe Jonathan and his ministers if he has balls( Tuko say, if you want to shoot, shoot and don’t talk). Let buhari bring out the facts and details against whomever that has stolen nigerian money even in local government council or is corrupt, the whole truth and nothing but the truth will be known. No one is holding anybody though I take it as petty journalism continuation of post election propaganda.People who are littered with faeces, wants to tell someone that he is smelling. Buhari is challenged now, not all these lies here, we can all see those that are prepared to work are already working like Wike etc. Time will tell

  • Angel Lucifer

    Please PMB make these things automated so that we can see fast result

  • Spoken word

    Chai. Wike where is the N1.2trillion?

  • Ayo Blaqberry Oluduro

    Oga joda, Single Treasury is already on.

    • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

      since when? Why has NNPC not refunded the amount PWC said was outstanding?
      If single treasury is already on, where is NNPC going to refund the money from?

  • WE



    • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

      You are advocating for Boko Haram to murder the traditional rulers of the North?
      Be careful what you wish for. You obviously have forgotten what happened the last time some group assassinated leaders of the North.
      your stance does not bode well for you…..perhaps Boko Haram will start with your family.

      • Otile

        Aboki, the fact is that the so called ancient traditional rulers of the North are parasites. Nigeria has no use for them.

  • Olawale O

    Buhari should stop this new era of Spin and feeding the Press through the back channels it will come back and hun him down the line. Secondly the Joda report is a graveyard that will get his administration bugges down. It lacks any new policy or directives that will help Nigeria go forward. When you put an old man like Joda, bless him, in charge of this you get this vindictive proposal that lacks reality. Buhari needs to devote his actions to the newness of what he wants to do. To keep digging backwards is a recipe for failure and waste of his mandate. He will turn into a lump of salt and make the journey of four yeara into 400 years. Lead us to Canaan or get out of the way for Joshua.

    • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

      It is alarming that someone can use so many words and still say nothing
      rational. How do graveyards keep things bugged down? What the devil do
      you mean by “newness”? You conclude, conclude and conclude yet you say nothing sensible!
      Maybe you have never driving a car before……otherwise you should know that sometimes you have to reverse before you can move forward!

      • Olawale O

        But move forward you do in quick motion. He is not moving forward and he is being askes to head back. We can not see his forward movement.

        • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

          If you can have an open mind, you will see where you err!

        • aisha ani

          Better watch the quick forward motion so you don’t run into a wall. Lol!

          • Otile

            Aisha, you are very witty.

    • SAM .A

      Why don’ t you write this your garbage in Yoruba , so that some can understand. You are a disgrace to our well educated tribe, your eloquence & logic is Zero , grammar -10 , “idea is needed ” 50% .

      • Olawale O

        Sam please dont kill me with laughter….

  • band olu

    All those last minute appointments & award of contracts by d previous govt were not done with good intentions & must b reviewed or cancelled with immediate effect….they are like booby traps to cause problems for d new govt…..Forewarned is forearmed…..

  • Es3

    Just a recollection that the Chibok Girls are still missing one month after Buhari assumed office?!

    Meanwhile, Buhari/ APC had promised Nigerians the rescue of the Chibok girls one month after assumption of office and Nigerians are asking for the fulfillment of THEY (Buhari/APC) promised (at least)?!

    Is it too much to ask for what you were promised??? By the way, where is Oby Ezekwesili and her team of campaigners for Chibom girls return??? How come they went silent just because Buhari won or is there more to it as some of us had been telling Nigerians long before now???

    Promises and the promised deadlines are beginning to run by unannounced, unfulfilled and unaccounted for, and this must stop now?!!!

    Nigerians arise and ask for what you were promised…maybe not more for now as it does not look as if there is ability to fulfill ‘the promised ones’ talk-less of exceeding them?!!!

    =//= NO EXCUSES!!!

    • band olu

      The girls went missing under d watch of d previous govt who refused or were unable to rescue them….U do not expect d campaigners to hold d new govt responsible for what d previous govt caused…..D campaigners know d new govt is working tirelessly to bring back our girls…..

      • growthengine

        But the new govt has the machinery of army, intelligence and better knowledge of the region to rescue the girls, why the silence from BBOG and GMB, if Jonathan failed those girls, Buhari has destroyed all hopes of their rescue.

        • band olu

          I do not think all hopes of their rescue has been destroyed, as i have said,i am sure they are working tirelessly to rescue them only that they are not making noise about it…

        • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

          Buhari has destroyed all hopes of rescue? Really?
          Please warn us next time you decide to pull something out of your nyash!

      • Es3

        I hope you know that government is a continuum??? Jonathan government were held for sins of OBJ’s and Yar’adua government?!

        In the meantime, read my response to Emmanuel Maluba and be properly guided!

    • Emmanuel Maluba

      We know already and people are still asking this government to do all to bring them back. But of all the issue raised in the story, it is convenient for you to divert attention from all the critical issues raised in the report. I think we should talk about these issue first.

      • Es3

        Not a diversion, rather a refocus of our attention to the reality on ground?!!!

        Buhari/APC propaganda machine is still intact after the elction, and knowing how much lies they told/promised Nigerians to win elections, would do anything to divert our attention from their failures?!!!

        So, as they try to blindfold us with the truths, half-truths and blatant lies against Jonathan’s government, Nigerians should not allow them get away with their tricks of wanting to sneak away while ‘giving the baby a squeaking doll to play with’?!!!

        As Nigerians we have had enough of lies in the past and deception (from independence) and will not accept anyone taking us for fools any longer! The solution is simple – only promise what you know you can deliver and don’t lie to us again or take us for fools?!

        So Buhari/APC, the Chibok girls are yet to return one month after you took over power and this does not agree with what you promised us that made so many Nigerians vote for you?!

        This is unacceptable and Nigerians are saying BRING-BACK-OUR GIRLS when you promised us you would!!!!!!

        • Emmanuel Maluba


    • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

      Try to recollect exactly how long the Chibok girls have been missing and how long Buhari has been in office.
      You have no concern for the welfare of Chibok girls, you just want Buhari to fail at something so that you can point your filthy fingers at someone.

      Nigerans already have what they want….and it is to remove your godfather from office and install Buhari
      Buhari is not a magician. He will do what he will do and by the time he finishes, it will be done.

      • Es3

        Simple question requiring simple answer: Did Buhari/APC have an idea of how long the girls have been when they were promising Nigerians to bring-back-our-girls one month after assumption of office???


      I think Jonathan would have rescued them given another tenure. Anofia!

      • Es3

        What I miss is here (in your response) is if the one that promised you one month from assumption of office to bring-back-our-girls have delivered???!

        • aisha ani

          Ask the United States and all other countries that have had their citizens taken as hostage, the chances of finding these girls alive is very slim. Its sad but true!

          • Enyi

            But why did Buhari use the return of the abducted girls as one of his empty campaign promises? Rather than help him, it has killed his image as a liar. Lies upon lies, and denials upon denials. To the gullible minds, the lies do not matter so long as power has returned to the north.

          • Es3

            Maybe you can tell Buhari/APC that, though rather late for that?!

            Did APC know this when they insisted that GEJ should have rescued them???

            Did they know this they went ahead to promise Nigerians that they would rescue all of the Chibok girls 30 days after Nigerians vote for them. win elections and take over power???!

  • Tamuno-Opubo Cookey-Gam

    Premium Times should post the handover notes. Some of us would much rather prefer reading it.

    • redeem

      when the Fulanis are in power its vindictiveness unlimited—-DSS is not longer relevant—the very SSS that Buhari used in chasing Nigerians from the South –especially the Yorubas—-from pillar to post–among followers of Awo—–Investigate contracts awarded by Jonathan within the last 18 months—as if the money for the payment of the said contracts are going to come from–the fake Fulani groundnut pyramids from Senegal—————-Every bit of information is available in the said hand-over note—All PT does is to cock up fake stories—–for us—–Was this Fulani man asked to investigate the award of contracts- by Jonathan——-was he asked to look into appointments—–by him—look at a party that cannot put its house in order—pretending to be in control of her certificate forging brain–what a shame

      • aisha ani

        Are you taking a history class or something, because am totally confused.

    • aisha ani

      I don’t think their server has enough room for the handover notes.

      • Tamuno-Opubo Cookey-Gam

        They did publish the CBN report.

  • Otile

    Chei. Commiittee upon commiittee, wasteful commiittee. I did not know that Mullah Ahmed Joda is still alive, still rulling Najeriya indirectly. His report is sterile at best. The Northerners have everything to gain from this unholy union. Haba

    • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)


      • Otile

        So, let the North start contributing something positive to Nigeria they enjoy. Why can’t Mullah Ahmed Joda recommend banning the banditry of oil block schemes? So mute it be.

  • redeem

    Buhari is still confused and deeply angry about the alleged missing 2.8 billion dollars that Coopers and Lybrant, another high-class accountant, mentioned in an audit query while he was Minister of Petroleum. Many still believe that episode has not been fully explained even if Buhari swears he knows nothing about it. Time for Fulani Buhari to re-open the case which Dr. Saraki investigated in the Senate. His shaky reputation now should encourage him to inquire into the 12 billion dollars or 49 billion dollars or indeed any large sums of money that went missing under his watch.

    He should instruct the investigators to write their report in plain English and not the kind of English Mr Justice Irekefe wrote about the alleged missing 2.8 billion dollars. The language is worse than an abuse–W to a man in search of his certificate—in Katsina state—b4 it was created—–If the move by Buhari ati his Fulani brothers and Tinubu are designed to clean up the country, then he should start with the 2.8b he was alleged to have stolen by Coopers and Lybrant.. It will not cost much. Some reports are already in existence; they only need to be translated to normal English for the ordinary Nigerian to understand how the 2.8b went missing under his watchful eyes–

    • Psalm 35

      Your comment is neither fair nor objective,it is riddled with personal insults, malice and hatred. It is unnecessary my brother, let us aspire to move the country forward irrespective of how much the disagreement is.

      • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

        you are wasting your time with this clown, I can imagine he has no friends that think anything of him. This is why he keeps writing outrageous things to get people to reply! It makes him feel important even if the reply he gets is negative. Ignore him and watch how he undergoes a name change on the forum.
        he is a Sad case! Please remind him that even if no one else does, Jesus loves him.

      • Enyi

        REDEEM is about the most sensible commenter on this blog. You can see that hate commenters like WAHALA are backtracking and even singing NOI praises. What a world!

        Since all the Jonathan haters did not hang themselves throughout the Abacha heinous reign, we will not hang now that Abacha’s accomplice has been rigged into power. All we need to do is to do what you rightly did, that is, to wait for the demise of this criminal administration because four years is around the corner. All the sins of this administration (real or imagined) will be visited by whoeverthat becomes the next Nigerian president in 2019.

    • Funso Ogunsanya

      You comment at everything and anything. Do you have a job at all?

      • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

        …..Yes he has a job! He is a professional imbecile!

    • ThankGodJonahIsGone

      GEJ is gone for ever into the smouldering dustbin of history. Why are you crying more than the bereaved? Use your brain to apply your creativity into something meaningful other than mischief. Your comments are the creation of your small lizard brain and only pleasing to you and your likes.


      YEYE Dey smell, mmmmmmmmmm!!

  • share Idea

    I said it that GEJ will be vindicated whenever probed as he ruled Nigeria with mindset of building strong institutions through scientific means. Before the release of this snippet, Joda told us that there was corruption everywhere and now PT could not cite any instance of wrong doing linked to GEJ.

    One of the recommendation was for Buhari to implement TSA (Treasury Single Account) but the last time I checked, GEJ implemented this across ministries with deadline of 28 Feb 2015. With all the timelines mentioned in this report, 30 days deadline have been missed and 45 days is most likely to be missed in all, Buhari have succeeded in confusing himself. Nigeria we hail thee.

    • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

      I will pray for you.

      • share Idea

        I won’t reject your comment, as a Christian, I welcome prayer offered on my behalf. Meanwhile, do you have any contrary opinion to what I said in my previous comment. Nigeria we hail thee


      If I say may ur life be ruled the same way GEJ ruled Nigeria for the past 6 years will you say Amen?

      • share Idea

        Yes, I claim it. I’m a process person and GEJ did most of his work believing in process and scientific ways of tackling issues and that is why I’m one of his numerous fans. When a leader believes in process, followers can predict the outcome and investors will have confidence in such economy – hence, the reason, Nigeria became the largest economy in Africa during his term and highest direct foreign investment in Africa was also recorded.

        It is because of the processes instituted by GEJ and his economic team that Nigeria economic did not collapse as result of drop in price of crude oil relative to some other opec countries

        • taiwo

          Nigeria didn’t become the largest economy in Africa DURING GEJ’s time in office. The economy was REBASED during his time & it showed Nigetia ‘s economy was bigger than South Africa’s. My friend rebasing is a supposed to be done every 10 years or so and Nigeria had not done it for about 25 years before his govt carried it out. The import here is that the economy was bigger than South Africa’s before OBJ left but it was not revised then to assist in debt write off. You get it? Rebasing is a routine exercise & not an end in it self. Thank you sir.

          • share Idea

            My friend, please give honour to whom honour is due. When you studied in Social Studies that Mongo Park discovered the mouth of River Niger, does it mean that nobody had been to that place before Mongo Park – No, it was credited to him, to acknowledge his efforts in documenting what he did.

            Hence, that GEJ used existing data to come up with the largest economy in Africa is still a credit for him as it happened under his tenure. Meanwhile, can you refute other points in my previous comment. Nigeria we hail thee

          • taiwo

            Of course I credited GEJ with carrying out the rebasing. However, I cannot credit him for making our economy bigger than South Africa’s. If the credit is to go to any President, it should go to OBJ. On investment dollars coming into the country, again OBJ’s government spurred the action and it gathered momentum under Jonathan. However, most of this investments were/are actually ‘hot’ money that are primarily for quick profit and not employment-generating. Tell me what big ticket achievement of GEJ you would compare with GSM? I rest my case. Have a good day sir.

          • share Idea

            It is difficult to understand where you’re coming from in terms of comparing Obasanjo and GEJ as both were PDP former rulers and GEJ never discredited his predecessors efforts like the current administration.

            Every administration, has it own challenges, Obasanjo started most of the things as you said and GEJ as believer in institution consolidated on few and passed the baton to Buhari. One things I like GEJ for, is his firm believe in strong institutions and not strong individual. Secondly, he believes that our problems can best be solved using scientific ways and to me that is one of the surest ways to tackle myriad of problems confronting the nation.

            Hence, his less noise approach through the media but greater and solid action that will outlive a single administration. Buhari, is having a field day shouting corruption but posterity will vindicate if actually he believes in corruption fight as some of these scientific policies already in place, if bypassed by him, will be a strong pointer that something sinister is been condoned. Please just release and lets watch events as it unfolds.

            GEJ have laid a solid scientific foundation in Nigeria and most of issues will not be determined by who shouted the most as facts will always be available.

        • BROTHER WHY

          Amen. Let it be as you accepted it. I hope your skull is not the treasury?

  • Omo Ooduah

    Let Buhari bite more than he can chew. We are keenly watching! He will surely live to regret his actions if he does any bad move against the South.

    • Funso Ogunsanya

      What is the rationale behind this your post? Did you make any sense to even yourself?

    • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

      Calling you an ‘I D I O T’ would be an insult to real idiots*!

      • Iska Countryman

        be nice…

        • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

          be nice? this ‘Ogbeni’ is trying to fan the embers ethnic hatred!

  • Wähala

    “The committee also advised the government to fully implement the Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System, IPPIS, and Integrated Government Integrated Financial Management Information System across all MDAs within 60 days” – PT

    Love or Loathe her, integrating crucial aspects for a transparent running of government was Dr. Ngozi Iweala’s brightest and most innovative achievement as the former Coordinating Minister for the Economy, she saved Nigeria tons of money otherwise pocketed by ghost workers. Her integrated financial mgmt. information system made it possible for clowns like ex-Gov. Amaechi to shut-up soon as she published her allocations to states from the ECA… Premium Times did not tell you all whose idea it was because of bad belle journalism. Even the so-called “Inter Ministerial Task Force” is big grammar for the role she served as “Coordinating Minister for the Economy” because she oversaw the smooth running and interaction between ministries. The rest of this story is fluid, sack all of Dumbo’s appointments of his cronies like Peter Obi heading the SEC; and cancel all contracts entered into by the most corrupt government in World History. Finally, while at it… President Buhari should not accede to the frivolously passed 40 Bills by the Senators in record time, he should veto them because the new APC Govt. has enough lawmakers to proffer sensible new bills as replacements. Ende!

    • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

      you need to go find out what achievement means

      • Wähala

        You need to find out how the economies of Angola, Venezuela and Russia are faring to appreciate her good works. You are an ingrate. She is gone, ask your mother to apply for her job or, send your wife or daughter since you seem to pride yourself as “Uncle” to whoever. Without her efforts, Buhari would have no Nigeria to inherit… and your grey ass would be a refugee in some nearby African country living on leftover crumbs. Now, stay away from my comments, I’m very nasty when it comes to my Aunty, Dr. NOI

        • Tonnero

          We do not care whether you are nasty or not. We eat dozens of you for breakfast. This is about using data to reach informed opinions and not this emotional claptrap that you indulge in. Okonjo did not know that $20b went unremitted to the federation accounts! Even a small company will fire their chief accountant for that. NOI it was who kept telling anyone who cared to listen that the economy was robust and governors like Oshiomole who started shouting mid-2013 were only being alarmist. A few short months later she changed her views and told us we were in trouble. Her job was not to tell us we are in trouble but to navigate us out of it. Even if you are a fan of Messi, you should be able to say so when he does not play well.

          • Bigzy

            Before you finish boasting about carnibalism, an accountant is only as good as the information in front of him. If a small company had that sort of money, it may well qualify to be called a big small company. Lol. In any case,where were you, when the so called unremitted $20 was accounted for?

        • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

          …..you are a typical example of an inbred human being. STOP doing nasty things with your ‘aunty’!
          There are now 2 things I am asking you to do:
          1. go find out what achievement means
          2. Stop doing nasty things with your aunt.

          • Wähala

            I will notify you when your mama finally gets off my laps… idyiot!

    • Dr.kay

      What a load of bullocks, an imbecile would have done the same if in same position. All your frothing and chest thumping on her behalf does not in any form reduce an iota in the way she bastardized the economy. Continue singing her praises, i on the other hand knows she’s a fraud and the job is out of her depth, just wait a little
      Longer and things will start unravelling , mark my word!

      • Wähala

        You wrote… “i on the other hand knows she’s a fraud and the job is out of her depth, just wait a little
        Longer and things will start unravelling , mark my word!”
        I, on the other hand have no doubt that Buhari will need the Chinese Army to reveal any incriminating irregularities traced to her, and she will NEVER land in jail/prison for her service to Nigeria… unlike thief Obafemi Awolowo, who served in the same capacity. She saved your azss from insolvency if you are truly a doctorate in any field you would know that. Go-siddon! your word is not worth marking, you can send your wife, daughter or even mama to go fill her shoes let’s see how she fares. Talk is cheap, criticism is free… Ode!

        • aisha ani

          Wahala don’t start, Obafemi Awolowo has not done you any harm.

          • Otile

            No, Aisha, Jeremiah Obafemi Awolowo murdered millions of Igbo children and Wähala happens to be one of the few Yorubas who sometimes condemns Yoruba injustice on Ndigbo.

        • Dr.kay

          You are so predictable that I just relish the way you descend into your antiAwolowo mode once your beloved Okonjo is poked and shown to be a fraud incapable of running anything financial . I won’t join issue with you but go back in history and refresh that your gragra all noise no substance brain of yours on how Awolowo was jailed.once done you can come back well informed ,not half cooked beer pal our gossip you ranting every now and then.
          You half baked wanna be intellectual that’s just as fraudulent as your aunty. Empty vessel they say make lots and load of noise , without a zilch of substance. I don’t have to descend to family name calling like you , I think you do that because you are so afraid of engaging people in a constructive debate , hence going the gutter route, Nna let’s debate now , I’m sure all your family members will not approve this your line of attacking the messenger, abi you dey fear debate?

          • Bigzy

            If Mrs Iweala is fraudulent, then you are a bush doctor, with a penchant for insipid magic portions. You accuse others of noise making, and yet, this piece from you passes for very loud noice making.

          • Dr.kay

            Portions you say? I beg your pardon? You said noise making, Nna where did you see me writing in capital letters or abi your spectacles don lose power? Abeg, abeg ,abeg , say something intellectually engaging make we debate o Jare , all these una personal attacks on my person no go work . Next!

          • Bigzy

            If you are interested in pulling me up on my grammar or spelling, you will lose everyday of the week. I have simply ignored your whoppers up till now. This is because I am mature enough to know the difference between conveying a point and nit picking. Oh, what was that nonsense about writing in capitals?

            Don’t get me wrong, I think that both yourself and Wahala are apc goons with the capacity for truth of an Islamist advocating Taqiyya. Your so called angel of deliverance has now been in power for a month and no Ministers have been appointed. Instead, he is trying to run the country like he ran the PTF under Abacha with paid consultants. What is he playing at? Does he think that he is now an elected King of Nigeria? Someone should tell him that the essence of appointing ministers is to share the burden of managing the economy under the umbrella of collective responsibility.

          • Dr.kay

            Umbrella? Are you kidding? PDP is history, the past , like shit passed in the bush , nothing to return to but covered and buried forever. Coolu down small small, the man is just a month in office , una all go get the ministerial list you so desperately looking for

          • Bigzy

            Well, Bokohari has lived his life up till now in deceit and lies. He has no certificate to speak of. How in the world could such a man run Nigeria like a Chiefdom? He had so many attempts at running for the presidency, that one might be forgiven for thinking that he had a plan. Alas, the only plan he had was how to get into power. He is incapable of making any decision. To begin with, Tinubu had to decide who would occupy the VP position, if they won. Now that they are in power, he seems to be stuck in gear one. He urgently needs to see a mechanic.

  • Gbosa

    Jide Omokore’s theft of $4.5 billion oil money

    By being associated, if not
    implicated, in JIDE OMOKORE’S heinous theft of
    $4.5 billion U.S dollars, Goodluck Jonathan may just have buried himself alive.
    But whilst still breathing on the surface of the earth he’s set to live the rest of
    his life on the defensive, if not in disgraceful and utter shame for financial crimes.

    No government official tarred with the brush of $4.5 billion dollars theft in a country
    without electricity – like Nigeria – was treated less than a beast in the global community.
    Jonathan’s loot, according to this early discovery, already surpasses ABACHA’S LOOT.
    If Abacha thus lives in infamy, JONATHAN can’t expect any lesser disgrace, worldwide.

  • redeem

    Would buhari be man enough to review all the oil blocks allocated to the fulanis emirs in the north-Sometimes people just wake up from their regional slumber with no clear vision in mind—just start witch hunting humans——-Buhari has never been known to achieve anything tangible within the last 30 yrs—————now the Fulani man is being asked to cancel all the contracts Jonathan awarded within the last few years—He has no time for the Siemens scandal—because it involves-Fulanis——–If there is any president who worked quietly to give Nigerians a sense of pride–that person is Jonathan–and his team—from Agric to the Finance Ministry————————roads education—–just name it—These are all attempts designed by Buhari and his Fulani group——to divert attention from his promise to raise the price of crude oil–make the dollar be at par with the Naira——-How can a man who cannot shape the affairs of his party—–review jobs awards by Jonathan?rede

  • redeem

    Would buhari be man enough to review all the oil blocks allocated to the fulanis emirs in the north?-Sometimes people just wake up from their regional slumber with no clear vision in mind—just start witch hunting humans——-Buhari has never been known to achieve anything tangible within the last 30 yrs—————now the Fulani man is being asked to cancel all the contracts Jonathan awarded within the last few years—He has no time for the Siemens scandal—because it involves-Fulanis——–If there is any president who worked quietly to give Nigerians a sense of pride–that person is Jonathan–and his team—from Agric to the Finance Ministry————————roads and education—–just name it—These are all attempts designed by Buhari and his Fulani group——to divert attention from his promise to raise the price of crude oil–make the dollar be at par with the Naira——-How can a man who cannot shape the affairs of his party—–review jobs awarded by Jonathan? Yeye dey smell—————–Already we see inlaws——selling abstract oil wells——to would be Fulani customers—–


      You have just proven that one of ur family member or ur source of bread is guilty of corruption! We are talking of the country being rescued you are just out of point! Why didn’t Jonathan do it? Any mad man or woman is welcome to rule as long as he delivers Nigeria!

    • aisha ani

      Isn’t this a lot of work to do in 30 days, Siemens, oil block, selling abstract oil wells, give the man a chance to do a good job.


    People are suffering, people died, the country made millions and billions were stolen. There is nothing worst than being a corrupt leader and a coward at the same time. Badluck jonathan was corrupt and worst of all a terrible coward, slapped by the bayelsa state transport officer when he was a deputy governor. I wonder why I see supporting comments here for GEJ. If I pray for your life to be run the way GEJ ran Nigeria will it be a good prayer?

    • redeem

      If buhari wanted to end corruption he would never have given Abacha a clean bill of health–shameless–cow hand-He would have called a spade a spade———————————he did———not————————————–his inlaw has just been caught stealing over 300m from a certain malam in the north–over promise of handing him an oil well from the south south—would Buhari be man enough to put him inlaw a thief—on trial—–? we are waiting———————–and wait we will–its going to be same as it was over 30 yrs ago–when he freed all the Fulani thieves——-and locked up the Yoruba traitors- including their surrogates from the deep south–animal

      • ThankGodJonahIsGone

        When will you stop thinking upside down? Bitterness will certainly kill you before the end of Buhari’s first term. GEJ and his gang of do-nothing thieves bankrupted Nigeria. Very soon, those who took $500m cash to frogy eye Diezani Madueke;s house will be exposed. There will be no hiding place for them, not even in the creeks


    Has Buhari ever apologised for any of his actions’ Not that I recall.In the March 18, 2015 edition of THISDAY Newspaper, which reported the news of Buhari’s failure to apologise, there was another news story that caught my attention, titled: ‘Switzerland to return $380m Abacha loot’. The timing of the action of the Swiss authorities was particularly instructive as we go into the election. Buhari whose twin campaign sloganeering messages have been that he will fight corruption and end Boko Haram has consistently denied that Abacha stole Nigeria’s money. According to him, Abacha neither stole nor looted the country’s treasury. He described the allegations of looting against Abacha as ‘baseless’, because according to him, ‘ten years after Abacha, those allegations remain unproven because of lack of facts’. This was despite the fact that hundreds of millions of dollars had in well-publicised reports been returned to Nigeria as part of the Abacha loot. Now that Switzerland is set to return another tranche of $380m, does Buhari still stand by his statement that the allegations or accusations against Abacha are ‘baseless’ and not supported by ‘facts” Here are three countries that have returned money stolen by Abacha to Nigeria. Switzerland: Switzerland had earlier returned more than $700m that the late Abacha hid in Swiss accounts and is now set to return another $380 million stolen by the dictator.Liechtenstein:

    • REDEEM

      The Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein returned $227m stolen by Abacha in 2014.Channels Island: The State of Jersey in the Channels Island is set to return 315 million (N90,040,634,775.00) to Nigeria as part of funds recovered from the late dictator, Sani Abacha. The Island had earlier returned the sum of 140m (N40,018,059,900.00) to Nigeria in two batches. But the man who has been rebranded as the face of change; the man ‘destined’ to save Nigeria and fight corruption denies it ever happened in the face of overwhelming evidence – and stated sternly that – Abacha never stole Nigeria’s money.Anyone who has a long memory will recall that former President Olusegun Obasanjo earned many flight miles in pursuit of Abacha’s loot. He hired international lawyers to chase those monies anywhere they may be located on planet Earth and recover them for Nigeria. Buhari was fully aware of all those efforts and yet denied Abacha ever looted the country’s coffers. The irony today is that the same Obasanjo is one of the front row supporters of Buhari-for-President in the coming election. It is most probable that Obasanjo will even deny his efforts to recover the loot considering the manner he recently dismissed the PTF report. What does this say about our leaders’On Thursday last week, newspapers lavishly reported Buhari as saying ‘a corrupt government is worse than armed robbery.’ Really’ I chuckled – Was he kidding’ I am sure his definition of a corrupt government does not include Abacha’s thieving government. Otherwise, he won’t have said the clear evidence was ‘baseless ‘unproven because of lack of facts.’Meanwhile, the Swiss prosecutor’s office said overall, the Abacha clan was thought to have diverted about $5bn from the Nigerian treasury, adding that much of it ended up abroad.Now the question is: should Buhari go on to win Saturday’s presidential election, it would therefore mean that, he will be the one to manage the $380m about to be returned by Switzerland. Will he hand over the money to Abacha’s family since he believes they were being wrongly hounded to return money they never stole in the first place’ Will he tell the Swiss authorities to keep the money as no money was ever looted and insist on being an accessory to the fact of a conspiracy of lies and falsehood told against Abacha family’ Will he demand Switzerland must apologise to the family’This is the man now being advertised as the one who will fight corruption and ‘restore hope.’ Anyone who denies that Abacha looted the nation’s treasury not only holds our values in contempt but does pure violence to those values.And for the first time, and strangely so, the interests of the activists, pro-democracy groups, career critics, seasoned lawyers, ex-dictators, flawed progressives, ably supported by a vocal section of the intelligentsia have converged on a candidate – Candidate Buhari – irrespective of the records of history against him. What an irony

      • Alfa

        Redeem go eat ur smelly self jare. U keep repeating the same bullshit. Buhari is Nigeria’s president!!

    • Daniel Okogie

      Pls can u quote d media n date on which buhari made these statements giving a clean bill t abacha,so I can verify this ur assertion? It’s not enough to com t d public n make accusations against ppl without giving reference t prove what u claim.otherwise don’t com t demomnise buhari here like u ppl are currently doing t tinubu



    • aisha ani


      • GRINGORY H.

        It is not funny. This is no laughing matter I am talking about. The webmaster is getting on my nerves here.

  • redeem

    Declaration by Muhammadu Buhari is particularly shocking because the week before he made that assertion that Abacha did not steal public funds, the Swiss government had returned to Nigeria some of Abacha’s huge loot which he had siphoned from the Nigerian treasury.

    “Only last week, the government of Switzerland said it had returned all of the $505million (N59.05billion) looted funds stashed in its banks by the late Gen. Abacha. The repatriated money is part of an estimated $3billion of public funds believed to have been stored up by the late Head of State in banks in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Britain and Luxembourg, besides Switzerland.” Yet Holéy Saint Buhari said Abacha never stole a dime—Now he wants to probe Ijaw man Jonathan—because of his Ijaw tribal marks–Would Buhari have gone into the contract if he had taken over from a Fulani man like late Yara Adua———Why did Buhari hide his regional head from the Oputa panel—————–then——————————-Nigerians seems to have erasable—-memory sticks in their skulls————————-dont forget to go for the oil blocks owned by the emirs in the north———————animals

    • ThankGodJonahIsGone

      GEJ and his female co-presidents stole Nigeria dry. Abacha’s corruption is a child’s play when compared to GEJ who does not believe that stealing is corruption

  • redeem

    Chibok Girls Campaign Founder Appointed Chief of Staff.

    Hadiza Bala Usman the founder of the Bring Back Our Girls (‪#‎BBOG‬) has been rewarded by Kaduna State governor, Malam Nasir El-Rufai by appointing her his Chief of Staff.

    After series of denials, by #BBOG campaigners that they were not working for the APC it is now exposed that they are all at the Highest Strategy level of APC leadership.

    Hadiza Bala Usman secretly served in a number of committees and capacities, key amongst which are:
    1] the Administrative Secretary of the Buhari Presidential Campaign Organization,
    2] Member Secretary APC Elections Planning Committee,
    3] Member APC Strategy Committee.
    4] Director of Finance in the Nasir El-Rufai Campaign Organization,
    5] Kaduna State APC Campaign Council.

    Hadiza worked at the Bureau Of Public Enterprises (BPE) from 2000 until 2004 under mallam El-Rufai in January 2008 served as a Special Assistant to the FCT Minister, Mallam El-Rufai on Project Implementation.
    In Borno the Principal of Chibok Girls has also been rewarded with the Education Commissioner position for her role in the Conspiracy. It is a shame!!!

    • Wähala

      so what???

    • ThankGodJonahIsGone

      Go and tell that to Asari Dokubo, Tompolo and those freeloaders cum criminals who had sway during GEJ’s administration

      • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

        ……even after he hangs himself, Buhari will still be the leader of Nigeria.

  • Gwongworo




    1.Buhari stole $2.8 billion in the 1970s and overthrew Shagari when he found out they were going to probe him.

    2. Buhari worked under Abacha, arguably the most corrupt Nigerian junta, as chairman of PTF. Buhari ran away during the Oputa Panel where he would have been required to account for his stewardship.

    3. Buhari allied himself with TINUBU who stole Lagos State taxpayers' funds and with Obasanjo who fleeced Nigeria's wealth for 8 years as president and oil minister.

    4. Buhari wants to rule Nigeria as a DICTATOR to enable him build up his wealth by selling our oil money. Buhari refused to declare his asset and appoint ministers because he has been selling our crude oil to build up his wealth.

    One has to be an Islamist who believes that 72 virgins or 72 bachelors with long penises are waiting for them after they blow up themselves to believe that BUHARI IS NOT CORRUPT!!!

    • James Breen

      The important fact gleaned from your post is that MOST Nigerian presidents, past and present, are simply thieves !
      This is despicable. These people treat Nigeria as their personal bank and millions of people have been living in abject poverty

      • Gwongworo

        Let’s call a spade a spade….Britain is covering their atrocities…..that is why Buhari ran to Chattan House before elections and just a few days after winning elections he ran back to Britain (now 10 Downing Street). If not Nigerians would burn these people alive. But our grandfathers fought the British and forced them out of Nigeria. Prior to that, King Jaja of Opobo forced the British to pay him taxes through the 19th century until they lured and kidnapped him.

        Nigerians must whittle the British influence on our leaders especially those who come from the north for Nigeria to have a chance. Unfortunately Yaribas are too cowardly to even begin to think. How I wished the Ijaws were the ones with the population of Yaribas. Based on the recent showing by Ijaws, I personally believe that they have backbone than Yaribas…. That said, Ekiti State people have my respect. We now have dullards in Lagos State in form of Thiefnubu, Mr. Oloookpaaa Akiolu, Obas of some Lagos Yaribas. Intelligent Lagos aborigenes like Jimmy Agbaje, Lateef Jakande and late Obas must be SHAKING for recent backboneless LAGOS.

        Sorry if I have bored you with local politics because you come across as a foreigner.

      • Sani

        I think you should ignore this guy Gwongworo. Almost all his postings lack substance. He thrives on conjectures and nothing more. The last time I asked him about facts and he came up with mere allegations. He does not understand the distinction between fact and allegation as such he should be ignored for good.

        • Gwongworo


          No reasonable person with any sense of decency can ignore my posts. only cabals’ and vultures’ e-rats like you want my comments ignored but it would not work as you will continue to learn and as many more like me join to expose CORRUPT PEOPLE LIKE YOUR BRAINLESS BUHARI

          • Sani

            Buhari may be brainless, but he is the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Last but not least, I would like to state without any equivocation that your postings in all of the online forums lack substance. All you are good at is to make empty assumptions in a desperate attempt to malign people you do not like. Buhari is the President and that is it.

    • Sani

      So what about Tai Solarin and Wole Soyinka, who both held positions during IBB’s regime? Are they corrupt for taking up appointments in a corrupt regime? No! It is one thing to serve under a corrupt government and another to be corrupt yourself. It is not about making noise and sitting on the fence. What this Ogogoro guy keeps telling us is that stay away from politics. Politics is bad. You cannot make a difference. This is pure nonsense. Wole Soyinka and Tai Solarin are still revered for having served under a corrupt regime and they came out unscathed.

  • John Matthew


  • redeem

    Mr President, You Are Disappointing Me, I Cry for Nigeria Says Dele Momodu. [APC leader & Buhari’s Supporter]

    Sir, let me say right away that the goodwill garnered during your campaigns and the jubilation that heralded your recent victory are fast fading and you need to, as a matter of urgency, convince the people of Nigeria that you’re now ready to hit the ground running.

    Your Excellency, I write to you today with a heavy heart. The reason should be obvious. I was one of those latter day converts to Buharism, a political philosophy that believes in the reincarnation of former leaders in the days of tribulation. You were never the first man to resurrect from retirement and near political oblivion. General Olusegun Obasanjo bounced back from prison to Aso Rock Villa. In nearby Benin Republic, former military dictator and strongman, Mathieu Kerekou who had served as maximum ruler for about 17 incredible years, came back to defeat incumbent President , Nicephore Soglo in a 1990 election. He led his country for another ten years and almost got another five-year term but for the age barrier that disqualified him.

    It is normal for Africans to run towards the wise elders of the village when trouble comes knocking. That is one of the major reasons Nigerians in their millions voted with their feet and thumbs to elect you President. Many of those who supported you did so for several other reasons and you must understand that they were mainly not members of your political party, APC.
    So, apart from your age, they backed you because they believed in your impeccable pedigree as an incorruptible and honourable man, a strict disciplinarian, a Scrooge who would not fritter away our meager resources, a scourge of rogues and prodigal sons, a metamorphosed tyrant now a born-again democrat, and so on and so forth.
    Nigerians ardently placed their hopes in you and fervently prayed you won’t disappoint them. This is the principal reason I have decided to send you this desperate memo today before some despicable politicians tarnish your hard-earned reputation and truncate this beautiful chance again.

    Sir, let me say right away that the goodwill garnered during your campaigns and the jubilation that heralded your recent victory are fast fading and you need to, as a matter of urgency, convince the people of Nigeria that you’re now ready to hit the ground running. They are not going to listen to excuses since you had 30 years after quitting the high office to onerously prepare for the job again. For them it is immaterial that you met an empty treasury or that you are mostly surrounded by selfish, corruptive influences and impostors. As I mentioned in my earlier epistles to you, Nigerians have become totally impatient and what they expect of you is tantamount to performing the miracle of turning water into wine or raising Lazarus from the dead. You cannot afford to waste any second before displaying the sterner stuff you’re reputed to be made of.

    I had encouraged you not to be afraid of taking charge of the Party that brought you to power or tackling the politicians that claimed to have helped you in the process. I had imagined that you know the ways of our politicians by now and thought you knew how to handle them. I had told you matter-of-factly that you may have to step on some powerful toes in order to achieve anything tangible.
    The worst that may likely happen is for people to say and accuse you of dictatorial proclivity which won’t be new in your lexicon or to be threatened with impeachment and all-what-not. But trust me, no evil shall befall you for as long as you carry the people along in your crusade and do not pander to the whims and caprices of members of the privilegentsia.

    There is no doubt that the present imbroglio in your Party is as a result of your lukewarm attitude to Party issues thinking you could merely concentrate on nation-building while others deal with political intrigues. However, it is not always as simple as that. As you can now see, you don’t seem to be on the same page with your Party.
    While you were busy agonising over the myriad of problems besetting Nigeria, many of your presumed disciples were busy fighting over positions and control of power the way babies squabble over lollipops. They have studiously forgotten the change mantra and the huge expectations that made the electorate to troop out in droves and cast their votes for you and the Party.

    The moment you became the President-elect, you should have readied your manacles for all would-be trouble makers. You should have sent out a powerful message to those politicians who may wish to act above the law. But the moment you appeared ready to abdicate some of your leadership responsibilities to them, the obvious lacuna gave them the needed impetus to take charge and cut you adrift.
    Your political advisers, if any, should have prepared you for the offensive. There is no way you are going to fight and survive the battle ahead if the political class see you as a man they can easily bully. You cannot sit on the fence. Whilst your decision not to interfere in the affairs of another arm of Government, the legislature, is commendable and indeed your constitutional duty, you must make it clear to your Party that the same non-interference must apply to them.

    Our people may have voted for your Party but they also voted for the individuals that the Party entrusted its mandate to including you. Just as there is a limit to how the Party can control you in the exercise of your executive functions and those you choose to assist you in the fulfilment of those functions, so also must you tell the Party chieftains that there is a limit as to how much the leadership structure and duties of the legislative arm can be controlled.
    If you are ambiguous about this, then you are inviting your Party leadership to write a letter to you categorically stating not only those you must appoint as your Ministers and Special Advisers but also those that you must not work with under any guise. I am sure you would not tolerate that. In the same vein you must not tolerate Party interference in the legislature. Change has come, please imbibe it!

    In essence it is incumbent on you to deal with the issues arising from tensions created by party supremacy, parliamentary democracy and above all constitutionality. There is a delicate balance to be struck between these competing interests though constitutionality must eventually prevail. However, even constitutionality is subordinated to national interest, because that is the most important interest of all.

    Your Party has a lot to learn from the tragedy which was invited upon itself by advertence of the former ruling Party, PDP. As a mark of respect to your status and office, your Party should have adopted your instinct and temperament immediately you conceded that the elections of principal officers at the National Assembly were “somewhat constitutional.”

    Even if internally aggrieved, like mortals may invariably be, your Party hierarchy should not have washed their dirty linen in public knowing the full implications of the backlash that might splash and smear your collective image. APC should have done what PDP failed to do when Governor Rotimi Amaechi won the Chairmanship of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum by instantly recognising the leadership of the National Assembly while seeking ways to ameliorate the unfortunate saga. No reasonable parent would voluntarily kill a recalcitrant child. There is always another opportunity for penitence and atonement.

    I expected the crisis to escalate once the warring factions stuck arrogantly to their positions and neither was ready to bulge. Had APC accepted its fate with equanimity, I’m certain this peculiar mess would have been exterminated. Had Saraki and Dogara shown magnanimity in victory some of the truculent malice expressed by certain leaders may have also been mellowed.

    Say what you will, the PDP had its fair dose of political migraine and rambunctiousness but it accepted certain realities and moved on. The ones they failed to accept led to their cataclysmic fall. The mutually destructive suspicion in APC should have been nipped in the bud for your sake. The burden you currently carry is heavier than an elephant and I don’t think you need or deserve this kind of nuisance distraction.

    The leadership of the National Assembly should also calm down by reaching out to their angry Party chieftains. There is nothing to gain in fighting a perennial war. Once upon a time, they were all friends and members of the same family. It is never too late to embrace peace and reunite. Now that we know what the bone of contention is, no one should be victimised for belonging to whatever factions that exist.

    I have read endless arguments for and against the pugilists in APC and my candid advice is that you need to appoint your cabinet and aides now. The sooner you assemble and send forth your foot-soldiers the better for our polity to begin the healing process. Right now our nation appears to be rudderless and floundering and this should not be the case. What is left for you to do is to quickly bring all the gladiators together and see how you can apply some balm on frayed nerves.

    The Federal Government has humongous largesse to disburse so it should not be too difficult to appease the juggernauts. When that is sorted, you should draw your own plans and let your people know your roadmap. Your job would be much easier if you surround yourself with people who can look at you straight in the eye and say the truth no matter how bitter. Most of our leaders failed because they fell victims of sweet-talking scammers.

    It is very essential that your Party sees and embrace you as their father and not the other way round. Whether you like it or not, and whether others in your Party want to accept it or not, you are the de facto national leader of your Party. You are the President and Commander in Chief of our country. Yes, you ARE the capo di tutti capi. You therefore cannot be subservient to any other person.
    You must immediately take upon this role and assume that mantle. Please feel free to lay down the law and if occasion demands, enforce our law. That is what leaders do. Ambivalence or hesitancy will simply not do! You have the next four years minus one month and time is ticking away dutifully.

    Equally important is the fact that you are more of a social crusader than a politician and your Party ought to note this fact and understand that it can’t be business as usual. Your Party leveraged on your uncommon reputation to gain POWER. Sir, you can’t afford to evaporate such stupendous equity just like that. You have demonstrated enough tolerance but the time has come to repudiate our propensity for rascality.

    The task ahead is so gargantuan and it would require all hands to be on deck. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I reiterate that the first priority, apart from national security, should be how to reduce the atrocious costs of running government in Nigeria. Until you achieve that sir, the Muhammed Alis of Nigeria will never stop their boxing tournaments in parliaments and elsewhere.
    The fight is for cash and not for any selfless services.
    Many won’t bother to contest if they think it is not lucrative. I don’t know how you plan to do this but it has to be done somehow and thankfully there are many methods that you can deploy. I’m glad you hope to retrieve some of the stolen billions. You need some serious cash, Sir. The challenges ahead would dissipate if you can raise the finances needed to tackle them.

    I trust that God has deliberately raised you up at this time as a veritable example to mankind that being honest is not a crime and we have a lot to learn and cheer from your miraculous victory. May God help you to carry this cross successfully.

    Mr President, you are disappointing me,I Cry for Nigeria says Dele Momodu…

    • Tonnero

      My friend, prepare well o. It is only one month in a four year journey. You will cry bucket loads.

    • Saydo Shan

      U really have time.

    • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

      Who the hell is Dele Momodu and why is he/she/it saying Buhari is disappointing him?
      ….you know what? scratch that! Who appointed him in the first place?

      • Dtata Malam

        Ha ha ha… Thank you!!

  • prince david

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    For more info call the sales manager Mr Aliu on 08062215834,Delivery can be
    made all parts of Nigeria.

  • Okey

    Pity, this Committee did not recommend ways of job creation or review of the existing criminal allocation and ownership of oil blocks which has pauperized most Nigerians but enriched a tiny minority. Instead what the Committee considered a major assignment was “Contract awarded by the last administration and Jonathan’s last minute appointment. What a shame of a Committee !

    • newvoice404

      You and your cohorts would cough out stolen money in your coffers. Keep trying to divert people’s attention from your atrocities. We are not in any way fallen for your cheap trick!

      • Gwongworo

        Lagos can’t wait to grab Thiefnubu who has stolen their money and Obasanjo who fleeced Nigerians treasury from 1999 to 2007. Imagine what would happen if Lagosians and Nigerians were allowed to interrogate Thiefnubu and Obasanjo, respectively, they would ring their necks with tires and baptize them with fires. YOU KNOW & THEY KNOW TOO. They know that brainless Buhari is CORRUPT so they are hiding and financing him. But Nigerians would get them dead or alive.

  • Ed

    The only way to fix the injustice and fraud in Nigeria is to return the Oil blocks to the federal government.
    That was the beginning of institutional corruption.
    The contract that were awarded at the last minute by Jonathan should be revoked. All out efforts has to be made to recover stolen fund.
    That move will make President Buhari the people’s President.

    • Dtata Malam


  • Gwongworo

    Nigeria was destroyed between 1970 to 2007 by brainless Buhari, Buhari-like folks, Buhari’s people, Obasanjo and other follow-follow Yaribas and backboneless others.

    Thank you GEJ and tam for improving electricity and fixing the refineries. We know now that you did these two things because APC supporters are informing us that electricity has improved and refineries are coming back. That means that these things were fixed under GEJ & team.

    If left to him, brainless Buhari who could not even appoint 15 aides approved by the 7th NASS could have taken 4 years to figure out PHCN & Refineries, then went to G7 for advice, and then returned to begin to ‘THINK’!!


    …kai…we are in for underdevelopment in the next 4 years oooo…..

    • Vertigo

      I want you to clear your mind and read what you wrote from an unbiased point of view and tell ne if its a reasonable thing you wrote. GEJ did not improve the refineries, him and the minister were going to privatise them, they said we couldn’t afford to while they were doing crude oil swaps. GMD Andrew Yakubu repaired them without the ministers knowledge. Try to be objective when posting, even if you are posting falsehoods for whatever reason thats only known to you at least be true to yourself. Have a nice day.

      • Sani

        Thank you so much. As the name indicates, perhaps the guy is suffering from amnesia and Ogogoro addiction. He is truly uninformed and he thinks he can swindle us with his usual hate stuff such Vultures, Thieves etc. We must impress on him that it is absolutely wrong to deploy conjectures in an attempt to castigate someone. What we seek are the facts. He keeps saying PMB is corrupt and is yet to show any substantial evidence to support his claims. Even his masters-in-trade, his mentors in the business, people like Fani Kayode, Doyin Okupe, Reno Omokri, etc have made sweeping allegations in the past and guess what? They failed to show any evidence, whatsoever, to back their claims. They will forever remain disgraced.

  • Ogedegbe Martins

    CEMENT (50KG)
    *TRAILER LOAD QTY: 600 or 900 BAGS.
    *Total Cost: 600 BAGS X… 1000 NAIRA: d=600,000 NAIRA..
    NOTE: we deliver our goods to which ever state our.
    customers may reside in stocks, sites or construction.

  • Man_Enough

    What joda and his committee are recommending is biblical. When king solomon ascended the throne, he removed all political appointees both good and bad, eventhough appointed by his father. It is on record that he had the most peaceful reign among the kings of isreal.