Imo Election: Senator Hope Uzodinma of PDP, relatives arrested for fraud

Hope Uzodinma

Senator Hope Uzodinma of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has been arrested for thumb-printing ballot papers at a private residence during the gubernatorial election rerun in Oru East Local Government Area of Imo State.

Arrested alongside Mr. Uzodinma were his uncle and elder sister.

However, while his uncle and sister were detained, Mr. Uzodimma was released on personal recognition.

A top police source involved in providing security in the area told PREMIUM TIMES that soon after his release, Mr. Uzodinma’s supporters in the area set bonfires on the road to prevent the police from taking his relations away.

The police had to call for reinforcement from the army and officials of the secret police, the State Security Service before the bonfires and hoodlums were cleared and his relations carted away to be detained in the state capital, Owerri.

Meanwhile, the rerun election in the local government was almost marred by pockets of violence and irregularities.

At Oru East Local Government Area, which has majority of the Polling Units where rerun election were held, some officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) were caught thumb-printing ballot papers in favour of one of the political parties.

Also arrested were fake INEC officials who posed as Returning Officers at the collation centre.

The Edo State Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC), Mike Igini, who was among the INEC team deployed for the election, said the INEC officials were arrested at Umumma primary school Ward 10 Polling Unit 008, Polling Unit 003 and three others.

“Myself accompanied by the Assistant Inspector General of Police and Commissioner of Police have arrested poll officials in Oru East involved in mass thumb-printing and are now taken to owerri.

“Upon my suspicion, an imposter, who claimed to be lNEC staff without proof, acting as a presiding officer, l ordered his arrest and it was effected by the Police”.

At Ozuh-Omuma, an agent of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bernars Nwaokoro, was shot by thugs and the ballot box of his unit hijacked.

Also, one Rex Anunobi was kidnapped from his home but was rescued by a team of Policemen led by one of the visiting Assistant Inspector Generals of Police to the state.


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  • Obosi

    Dishonorable senator Hope Uzodinma, you have proved your opponent in the last national assembly election right that you thumb printed massively for yourself and Jonathan. Shame to you and your fraudulent life.

  • Strong System

    INEC must try harder to find a system that can’t be manipulated by crooks.

  • Saydo Shan

    U cannot reform a Pig. The antecedents of dis so-called Hope is presumably well known. He is known to those that know him as a 419 linchpin. But he became associated with the powerful in Nigeria. But true to type, as has been alleged, he has finally shown his true character.

  • tundemash

    Police seems to be doing their job now that power has changed hands ????

  • sammyctu ode

    This boy should not be a senator of the federal republic. The security forces should not have released him on any personal recognition because he has no immunity. The boy and 419 has committed a crime and he should be treated as a criminal period.

  • campol

    lol! I hope this is untrue

  • Wetin Naija

    This man must go to jail as an example for other thieves like him

  • Paul Graham

    Good work by the new Inspector General. If Hope Uzodima arrest is confirmed, then the other masquerades and their drummers will sooner or later be unmasked. If indited and convicted for electoral fraud, he should be stripped of his senatorship to deter others. Hope is not only highly connected but is also a billionaire with extensive connection to the powers that be and if truly he is involved as alleged and arrested, that signals the end of impunity. Bravo Igini. You deserve Jegas Job!

  • Akpaks

    Hopeless Uzodinma! 419 kingpin

  • Curseless

    Poverty is a disease. Can you imagine some ragamuffin supporters endangering their lives to ensure a criminal is elected into office. This man Hope and his urchins have to be put behind bars to send a serious message that we as a people are fed up with thugs having their way in our governance

  • Interrogator


    • segun


    • SAM .A

      Your psychosis has just push you into market nicked, I hope u will not commit suicide at this rate.Your relatives have to watch you closely.

      • andy2


        Please allow me to make a public appeal to Buhari. He is an ex head of state.
        Buhari should respect himself. There’s no single respect in getting messed up
        in this 1961 WASC fraud. He is a grandfather. He is supposed to have shame.
        I can’t imagine my grandfather involved in WASC fraud. Buhari is 72 years’ old.
        It’s better for him to have a good name than a top office position with no dignity.

        • SAM .A

          Go to KiriKiri at Apapa Lagos, you will find a copy of his WASC reserved for u.

        • True Nigerian

          You are just the same person replying yourself with another name. Honestly and seriously, that is a symptom of some serious psychiatric illness. You may not know it, but it is true.

    • Bbb

      Trek from Bayesa to Abuja if you love GEJ, for once say something reasonable

    • Omababa

      Change in action. You can lock up yourself…

  • SAM .A

    The release of this criminal Senator Hope Uzodinna on personal recognition will not stop his prosecution? whatever penalty any person caught for violating electoral law faces, Senator hope must face it too, enogh of double standard in Nigeria law , where only poor person face the music why the rich may pay his way through.

  • ceecee

    This Hopeless Uzodimma must be prosecuted. He can never escape it this time.

  • True Nigerian

    These are the kinds of criminals we have as senators, governors, presidents, IGs, army Generals and INEC officials. Yet we keep wondering why our country is laughing stock across the world and why we now have a lawless and insecure country.

    The worst is not he and these INEC officials were doing these crimes. The worst thing is actually the fact that, in the end, there will be no serious consequences (jail term) for him, despite these crimes. This is the summary of the reasons for Nigeria’s terrible state as a society.

    In 2011, one Senator Heineken was caught in similar acts in Bayelsa. It was widely reported. Nothing happened to him. Nigeria is a rotten country. If Buhari fails to halt this decay and impunity, I will simply give up on Nigeria.

  • excel

    Pdp evil is worst than the devils. When will pdp realise that the days of massive rigging is over? Hopeless will be prosecute as an example for rest of them

  • Guguru

    Nigerians should be proud of themselves. They voted for the APC and today, APC has allowed the system to work. Nobody is above the law, not even a Senator. The arrest of this Senator is important because it means any Nigeria’s laws have teeth. This whole idea of impunity is going to end one way or another.

  • uduakomiri

    We need to ask the incoming government to make sure that it puts an end to election rigging. This practice is one of the greatest problems affecting Nigeria. First, we should put election rigging in the right perspective, as the root cause of bad governance in Nigeria. It is responsible for corruption within the political establishment which in turn has corrupted every shade of national life in the country. If elections are political contests akin to an exam test, the candidate with the most votes should win rather than the other way round. So rigging is a threat to our survival as a nation because if elections are truly won and lost on the strength of votes, it is likely that Obj, Yar’Dua, Jonathan and many PDP governors, senators could never have won an election. Same applies to other parties including some candidates from APC. Rigging denies Nigerians the opportunity to truly choose their representatives. Rigging robs us of our commonwealth by way of having officials we did not vote for at the helms because without holding a mandate given by the people, and elected official is unlikely to be accountable nor even make an effort to govern properly because his allegiance is not to the people but to himself because he rose to power on the back of stolen mandate rather than a legitimate one. Rigging is a new type of slavery. Buhari, pls do something mazamaza!

  • OneNaija

    Rigging elections in Nigeria is a chronic social illness. Eradicating this sin involves addressing the root cause: political office as quick way to wealth. Sometimes to go forward, you have to step backwards. We see this in soccer all the time.

    The two solutions that I propose are as follow:

    The Revenue and Fiscal Mobilisation Commission, or whatever agency that decides the benefits of political office holders, should slash their salaries and allowances to the level of secondary school teachers. That one is a senator, member of house of reps, state house of assembly or a councillor does not confer any special advantage over other public servants. Their current legitimate incomes and illegitimate ones from contracts make them super rich and people kill to get there.
    Political parties must be banned from selling their expression of interest and nominations forms in hundreds of thousands of naira and sometimes millions of naira. Truly, if you have a desire to serve the nation at any level, such astronomical costs are unwarranted. Sourcing the amounts for such forms create godfatherism followed by connivance and diversion of public funds once in office to satisfy the godfathers, etc.

  • Nwaebule Akor

    Honestly, while I had sympathy for President Jonathan and supported him seriously, this Hopeless Hope Phenomenon must end. This guy and his antecedents are well known.

    This Hopeless Dishonourable Hopeless Hope Uzodinma should be shown how the Cooky crumbles.

    This is a guy who attacked and stole a market Woman’s Motorcycle while she was returning from her trade in Omuma near Awo Omama in the 1980s, and the village chased him and he escaped and went into self imposed exile Neil he got 419 money and returned spreading money.

    This guy Hope who was taunted as linked/related to the then LOBITO, the well known Drug Lord then started making fraudulent money and eventually became a 419 Kingpin. The likes of Fred Ajudua of Ibusa, would be laughing at Imo State; the likes of Anajemba, Late.Morris Ibekwe( Okwelle Holdings), Chinasa Mbano, Comas Mmaduba ( Ode ebube), Inncent Onuoha Mbano, Oscar Jah-O-Jah Isu Njaba,Late.Victor Okafor ( Ezego Ihiala), Akin Adesonya ( Akin Allen), Lawrenece Okoro ( Larry Holdings), Late.Obidiozor Otokoto, Late. Late.John Nnebolisa (Alusi Awkuzu) etcetera would be laughing at Not only Imo State but the entire Nigeria for having such identifiable Criminal as a Political Leader to the level of a Senator in Nigeria.

    Such personalities must be flushed out of the system. That is the reason PDP has lost so much ground, these people who are similar to James Ibori must be distanced from Governance. Chief. Achile Udenwa of Imo State should have allowed such miscreants like this Hopeless Hope to rise to Prominence in Im State. Anyways, I am sure this incumbent Governor Rochas Okorocha who had defeated them now would definitely show them the way.

    General Buhari should be wary of this people…there is another crook from that same Imo State who is coming to the Senate now called “One Hand General” from Okigwe side. The new Government must flush yet these criminal money bags from our political system. Gen.Buhari as you claimed in your campaign, the job is now yours.

    I am Nwaebule Akor

    • burning spear

      what about Okorocha who stole over one million dollars under the watcful eyes of abasanjo–in the Aviation ministry?———has he rochas refunded the money or sent to prison——?—–carry u village politics comot from here my friend-Ibos are their own enemies-what has his past got to do with Jonathan——-? Tell me

  • burning spear

    if an APC agent FROM the CAMP of the Apes in APC had been nabbed like this senator——FROM iMO STATE——-the entire Nigeria would have been moved to occupy the village of Jonathan—now that it is a PDP Senator–the front pages are open to them—-we must join APC to enable us belong———-to the main-stream

  • Rommel

    Uzodinma should thank his God that we are still in PDP controlled federal government else he would have been cooling his heels in kirikiri maximum as we speak

  • john jones

    Except the 3 committed different offenses why on earth was the senator released while others were carted away. Isn’t this an indication of how this one too will end. I weep for Nigeria

  • favourtalk

    Baba buhari must bring all this thieves back to book, we deserve a better nation devoid of such people who misbehave anyhow and bring total calamity to nigeria