FACT-CHECK: Xenophobia: Immigrants to South Africa not stealing jobs as claimed

By Kate Wilkinson

With every outbreak of xenophobic violence in South Africa, the refrain is the same. “The kwerekwere are stealing our jobs,” people say.

Shops are torched. Streets are barricaded. Tyres are set alight. Rocks become weapons. People are hacked, stabbed, shot and burned to death. Jubilant mobs hound Somalis, Mozambicans, Zimbabweans, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis from their homes and businesses.

The claim that “foreigners” are taking jobs from South Africans “is an argument that is always made,” says Professor Loren Landau, director of the African Centre for Migration and Society (ACMS) at Wits University. “As if it justifies killing.”

The most recent spate of violence in Gauteng, which swept through parts of Soweto, Kagiso, Alexandra and Langlaagte, claimed the lives of six people, including a one-month old child.

“I am not xenophobic”

Statements by some government ministers have done little to calm tensions.

In the weeks preceding the violence, Nomvula Mokonyane, the Minister of Water and Sanitation, commented on Facebook that in Kagiso “[a]lmost every second outlet (spaza) or even former general dealer shops are run by people of Somali or Pakistan origin (sic)…I am not xenophobic fellow comrades and friends, but this is a recipe for disaster”.

And last week Small Business Development Minister Lindiwe Zulu told Business Day that “[f]oreigners need to understand that they are here as a courtesy and our priority is to the people of this country first and foremost… They cannot barricade themselves in and not share their practices with local business owners”.

New data provides new insights

“The idea that people are here ‘stealing’ jobs and that they don’t have a right to be here needs to be corrected,” says Dr Zaheera Jinnah, an anthropologist and researcher at the ACMS.

Myths and misconceptions travel quickly. But new data, some of which has yet to be published, presents a far more nuanced picture of what it means to be a migrant from Africa or Asia and trying to make a living in South Africa.

The Migrating for Work Research Consortium (MiWORC), an organisation that examines migration and its impact on the South African labour market, released two studies last year that drew on labour data collected in 2012 by Statistics South Africa.

They found that 82% of the working population aged between 15 and 64 were “non-migrants”, 14% were “domestic migrants” who had moved between provinces in the past five years and just 4% could be classed as “international migrants”. With an official working population of 33,017,579 people, this means that around 1.2-million of them were international migrants.

A racial breakdown of the statistics reveals that 79% of international migrants were African, 17% were white and around three percent were Indian or Asian.

Jinnah said there were misconceptions about the size of the international migrant community in South Africa. “There is a disconnect between perception and reality largely because there hasn’t been data available until now. So a lot of what has been said and reproduced is based on hearsay and anecdotal evidence or myths.”
MiWORC found that Gauteng province had the highest proportion of foreign-born workers with around 8% of the working population having been born in another country.

Limpopo and Mpumalanga had the next highest proportion of international migrants at 4%, followed by North West (3%), the Western Cape (3%), Free State (2%), Northern Cape (1%), Eastern Cape (1%) and KwaZulu-Natal (1%).

Low unemployment rates

International migrants are more likely to be employed than South Africans. According to the MiWORC data, international migrants in South Africa have much lower unemployment rates than others. This is unusual. In most other countries, international migrants tend to have higher unemployment rates than locals.
South Africa’s unemployment data shows that 26.16% of “non-migrants” are unemployed and 32.51% of “domestic migrants” are unemployed. By comparison, only 14.68% of international migrants are unemployed.

But while international migrants are less likely to be unemployed, most find themselves in positions of unstable, “precarious employment”. They don’t have access to benefits or formal work contracts.

International migrants in South Africa are more likely to take jobs that locals are not willing to take or find work in the informal sector.

According to the MiWORC research, 32.65% of international migrants are employed in the informal sector in South Africa compared to 16.57% of “non-migrants” and 17.97% of “domestic migrants”.

The studies suggest that this is because the informal sector offers the lowest entry cost into the labour market. The majority of international migrants also come from African countries which have large informal sectors.

Foreigners don’t dominate informal sector

According to MiWORC’s research, international migrants are far more likely to run their own businesses. Eleven percent are “employers” and 21% are classed as “self-employed”. By comparison, only 5% of non-migrants and domestic migrants were employers and only 9% of non-migrants and 7% of domestic migrants were self-employed.
Late last year, the Gauteng City-Region Observatory – a collaborative project between Wits University, the University of Johannesburg and the provincial government – conducted a limited survey of the informal sector in Johannesburg.

Dr Sally Peberdy, a senior researcher at the Observatory – says that the belief that international migrants dominate the informal sector is false. “We found that less than two out of 10 people who owned a business in the informal sector [in Johannesburg] were cross-border migrants.”

Peberdy argues that international migrants do play a positive role in South Africa. “The evidence shows that they contribute to South Africa and South Africans by providing jobs, paying rent, paying VAT and providing affordable and convenient goods.”

The Observatory’s study, which is due to be published tomorrow, found that 31% of the 618 international migrant traders interviewed rented properties from South Africans. Collectively they also employed 1,223 people, of which 503 were South Africans.

This article was first published by our partners, Africa Check, a non-profit organisation that promotes accuracy in public debate and the media. We have their permission to republish. Follow the organisation on Twitter at @AfricaCheck or visit its website at www.africacheck.org


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  • Otile

    The average Zulu is an unrepentant savage . We gave our money and blood for these animals

    • PeterPaul1

      I still remember how Nigeria sacrificed for them during the freedom struggle. In my high school, we had some South Africans lodged in our hostels by the Federal govt. They enjoyed many privileges than us, before they were moved to another location. That was when a lot of us became aware of the Soweto uprising. It’s sad to see them turn against us.


        The above comment was made by me but PT have chosen to designate it as @Otile.

        Wonders will never end, anyway thanks for your reply !!

  • Yusuf

    our foreign minister is waiting for things to worsen, ‘worsen’ in their dictionary means when our brothers and sisters in S.A are all dead


    I miss the apartheid days.
    The whites made a grave mistake to capitulate after more than 300years of labour.

    • Proud Yoruba

      It is a clear example of why people should never try to prosper in someone else’s land. 300 years and they have nothing to show for it today, not so smart are they?

  • burning spear

    Is this not the same South Africans that said they will now do business with Buhari instead of Jonathan–Let the Apes in APC take care now–wetin concern agbero with over load—–

    • PeterPaul1

      “Apes”? Have you taken a good look at the mirror lately?

    • Ibrahim

      the same Christian community like yours cannibalists like the apes in South east and Berom land – but I DO NOT say this is Christianity but it is the lack of understanding the christianity that they practised. thus JonaEvil does not understand the Christianity that he gives his big head to Pastors to bless. the cultism in JonaEvil is the cultism running in their evil head. religion does not breed hate. so the hatred of Muslim Hausa/Fulani that fuels his heart and blood should make you bow in church and pray if you are truly a christian or a cultist like mama Piss badluck and her sugar boy the son of a prostitute

  • Vultures_in_Power

    This might just be a warning to the Vultures (tired and retired) who feast on the resources of the Niger Delta.

    Rather than rush to castigate the South Africans, let us first explore the reasons for their REACTION. There must be an underlining precedent action . What is ur business if they are lying? What u cant call a lie is that some aliens are feasting on their resources. Why they need not kill anyone, they have a right to protest any inconveniences caused by aliens.

    When Fashola felt uncomfortable with aliens he waited till 2am at midnight to deport them to Onitsha bridge….and bcos it was midnight we cannot verify whether any of his officers was holding a sledge Hammer like the idiooot in the photo. Well, maybe the State Govs in Johannesburg should have simply waited till midnight and deport the Malawians & Zimbabweans quietly back to Kente & Mbogeto bridges respectively using the Fashola anti-immigration model

    • Proud Yoruba

      No need to be angry with Fashola, he did what was right. Lagos is overcrowded, and crime is rising, should he let it get out of control? I agree with you that the South Africans should be respected in their own land and their wishes granted. But, I don’t agree that the Niger Delta’s resources belong only to the Niger Delta. Agriculture was our source of wealth before and after independence, it was shared by every state in the federation equally, in fact the states that produced the agricultural products only got like 10 percent derivation as 90 percent had to go to the center.

      Now we have oil and you have seen how that money is distributed. Akwa ibom, Rivers, Delta, and Bayelsa get the highest amount yet they are still not that developed, Rivers is looking much better, but not quite there. What we should be looking for is the dividends of democracy not resource control because oil prices are coming down and now we are going back to agriculture and minerals, soon the North will be feeding the whole country. Don’t make haste to complain about resource control.

      Democracy is the answer, you must elect good leaders and hold them accountable. Even if you have a bad leader, you can still hold them accountable. You must ensure that your state is developed, your money must be spent on education, infrastructure, security, and better environment. The people have all the power and they must weild it to keep their elected officials accountable, there can be no sacred cows. No one person is above their state or their country.

      • Dr Efe Tobore Overedjor

        Na fly wey no get adviser dey follow dead body enter grave. Keep hoping on my resources. U’ll get the shock of ur life very soon. Learn from SA experience. Xenophobic practices are evil but parasitism on the resources of another is demonically evil.

        • Proud Yoruba

          It is not your resource, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about that. Are you the first to have oil in your land? We Yorubas have oil too, but we are developing our land without oil by increasing our IGR.

          Look, go to other countries that have oil and find out, no one group, region or state lay claim to it, it is for the entire country, because when oil is found it is not everywhere, just in some areas.

          What if your resources become worthless tomorrow? Virtually every country in the world is finding oil. US does not buy our oil anymore because they have found shale oil, soon no one will buy our oil, what will you do then?

        • Proud Yoruba

          You even get 13 pervent derivation, the ones in America who chose to let the landowner exploit their own oil can only sign contracts for 6 percent. Oil prospecting, drilling and producing is very expensive, messy, and risky business.

          It takes a lot of upfront resources to develop it, and that is just the beginning, then you have to do the production, transporting, selling, etc. etc.

      • Thomas

        Tell me what Sokoto, Bornu or Ogun and other states do with their allocations? Cowards. You people will never learn. Cowards!

        • Proud Yoruba

          They use it to pay for their civil servants, so that their people can receive services and the govt. can run. If you do not provide subsistence to other states, would you like them to migrate into yours?

        • Proud Yoruba

          I hope you know how the revenue is allocated in Nigeria, 53 percent goes to Federal Govt. and FCT, 27 percent goes to 36 states, and 20 percent goes to Local Govt.

      • Ayobanna Ikeanumba

        If oil was discovered in 1959 in Ogoni, Nigeria got independent in 1960, states and regions were created then after, when then were the agric proceeds sheared among the regions. We pretend alot in Nigeria and ignore common historic truths and facts, but one thing is sure, Buhari can never enjoy the proceeds of oil from Niger Delta unless true federalism is addressed in Nigeria. He can as well run his govt with proceeds from agriculture. Any ruler, be it Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo even Ijaw that fails to address inequality in Nigeria will have it rough just like Jonathan. S. African current crisis is a pointer in Nigeria, so Buhari is not here for a tea party.

        • Ayo Kellany

          Did Jonathan right those injustice ? He has been in power over 6 years now or you believe an Aboki from far away Daura is beta informed and enlightened to right the wrong your brother watched with open eye meted on his region for 5 years under his leadership ?

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Quite very unfortunate that thousands of Nigerians now reside in South Africa.Most of Nigerians who are in South Africa,Namibia and other countries are there because,they preferred those countries than Nigeria.
    South Africans too are scared of loosing their employment at home to Nigerians residing in their country hence,they become hostile to Nigerians,many of whom refused to depart from South Africa.But with newly elected president Buhari incoming government,thiungs will start taking shape in Nigeria with redu7ce corruption practices government.


    There is a body language which offers tacit support to the xenophobic mentality in South Africa and it emanates from the south African political,security and traditional establishment. It has been two weeks since the violence was unleashed on innocent foreigners but only 22 arrests have been made despite the destruction of millions of dollars worth of property and the loss of 6 lives and hundreds injured.

    The South African establishment should tell their citizens the truth, most of the migrants are self employed,they grow their businesses and employ South Africans,they are not employed by the government. The South Africans are naturally lazy and like depending on state hand-outs for a living,they end up more impoverished than migrants who came over as refugees from Somalia,Zimbabwe etc.

    It is not enough to make speeches,the South African government should start prosecuting and arresting these haters and paying compensation to the victims of this atrocity.

    • Proud Yoruba

      See this is the attitude that gets you kicked out of countries. How dare you call them lazy in their own land? You do not understand the background of the struggle for citizenship in their own land, who are you to judge them. Everybody thinks they have rights in other people’s land except the land owners, heh?


        Zuma,their President called them “Lazy”,South Africa accounts for the highest amount of rapes and robbery on the African continent,the men do believe in drinking hard and playing truancy. If Yoruba living in Peckham London are attacked and Peckham market destroyed by the owners of England you would think and talk differently you bigoted mouse.

        • Proud Yoruba

          Yorubas are well behaved and respectful. They never cause trouble to their hosts. If they do, we let them suffer the consequences because we do not spoil anyone in Yoruba land.

          Never interfere in internal politics, just because Zuma called them lazy does not give you the same right. PERIOD.


            One does not need anybody to tell who is “lazy”,the important thing here is that this violence has no justification whatsoever. Only a bigoted animal would put up a defence for this bloody mess !1

          • Proud Yoruba

            You have probably never been to South Africa. And you don’t know personally the circumstances there, so I advise you to stop calling people that you don’t know lazy. If you don’t like what the South Africans are doing, your ONLY choice is to go back to your own land. GOODBYE!


            I have been to South Africa twice and can drive around Jo’Burg unaided. South Africans whom I know are working all over the globe as well and they would never share your narrow minded ideology !

          • Proud Yoruba

            Okay. So you don’t want to be educated, you just want to lash out because you feel entitled. Good luck with that little boy. BYE.

          • Ayo Kellany

            They would never learn. Na to contest parliamentary seat remain for them in South Africa.

          • Proud Yoruba

            Lol. With one stroke of the pen, we can get our seats back. Let’s wait and see.

          • nwaigbo

            You just stay on your techno small phone to write rubbish with your two hands .soon Nepa will take light then your battery finished. . that’s when you will stop with your nonsense. The world is now a global village. One must not travel to south Africa to understand or know what’s going on there, is that how you justify the killing of your fellow human being,these same people helped defite apartide in that very country, very lazy people who will kill , Rob just anything to get some money for alkohol, rape is all they enjoy

          • Proud Yoruba

            Didn’t I say that ibos will not relent. You just always covet other people’s property. If you provoke someone to murder, it could be construed as a crime of passion and not murder, you will lose your life unnecessarily, is any business worth that?

          • Ayobanna Ikeanumba

            I can conclude your estate of anthropology by your comments. However, the simple truth of the cause is envy on the part of South Africans. Only few people in a foreign land make trouble. We have had surveys on this matter and can conclude as such. You don’t tell people to leave by burning and killing them, you deport. Not too long ago, even my father contributed to the ANC struggle, ie SWAPO. Check your history and you will adjust your opinion. Thanks

          • Proud Yoruba

            You are ibo right? Because it is very hard to get it through to you ibos that people have rights in their own land and you as a guest have only the rights they give you. If they don’t want you, there is absolutely nothing that you can, except loose your life.

            Stay there now and see who wins. Goodluck

          • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

            he can easily counter your whole speech by declaring that he is Youruba
            ….where would you go from there?

          • Proud Yoruba

            No where because he is not Yoruba. We don’t argue after we are told we are wrong with convincing argument. We see sense.

          • mavin

            I see u have a serious hatred for d igbos but I see it as jealousy, igbos are just hardworking ok so stopp hating

          • Proud Yoruba

            Jealous?! I wish ibos had something for Yorubas to be jealous of. I suppose south africans are jealous too, like everyone in the world who hates ibos and don’t want them around them. Keep deluding yourselves.

          • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

            this is a new one. ‘estate of gini?
            do I have one too?

        • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

          You are not President Zuma.

    • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

      We have a saying in Sicily…..

  • Proud Yoruba

    It may sound harsh, but the South Africans have a right to determine who lives in their country. It is such a fragile social situation with them trying to reclaim their rightful ownership of their land, they don’t need foreigners coming to enjoy what they suffered hard for. Give them time to heal, maybe 10 to 20 years, people can freely go and start businesses or work there from other African countries.

    The level of insensitivity to the indigenes is whats causing all these problems. Leave their land for them, why stay where you are not wanted?


      In like manner,South Africa must wait for 20 years to start investing,living,working,do business,marry or tour outside their country ? You are senseless but no surprise because you are a true follower of the Oba of Lagoon !!

    • Omo Akin

      You do not sound harsh, you sound like a sadist. Are all your relatives living in Yorubaland? I know if your relative is hacked to death because he/she is a foreigner doing a legitimate business somewhere outside Yorubaland, you will appreciate the sadistic and outright evil this episode is. From the speeches of the Ministers quoted, it is the Government that subtly supports the violence, probably to divert attention from Zuma’s corruption. If the Government does not want foreigners, it can refuse to give them visas but it is wicked to encourage the killing of innocent people.

      • Proud Yoruba

        You are too emotional. None of your relatives are hacked either, and as far as is reported, no Nigerian has been hurt. My relatives live everywhere in the world, but if unrest starts and the host tells them to go, they go. Throughout all the unrest in the North of Nigeria, my uncle lived there, all his children speak hausa and one of them married hausa, till he returned back home, not one incident of violence. Treat others how you like to be treated, you will have no trouble anywhere.

        Grow up, you are not the only one with business, what do you want Apple to say, the biggest business in the world, in China, they clone his shops and he can’t do anything about it, they just take it as a business loss. If you are a good business person, you’ll have insurance for any loss. CHILL!

      • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

        Nigeria embassy should supply all nigerians with their own personal cutlass in South Africa so that they can defend themselves against being hacked to death.

    • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

      tell that to Ijaw people. The Itsekiri’s have been trying to get rid of them forever.

      • Proud Yoruba

        Funny! You just did.

        I believe that everyone should stay in their homeland to develop it so that Nigeria can develop, what we have now is lob-sided development.

    • ken

      Like Lagosians trying to force ibos out of Lagos right??… Wen foreigners were buying up/ renting deir properties,did dey not collect money? There is no justification, moral or otherwise for their actions.D only right they have is to refuse to rent or sell deir properties to foreigners.dose causing trouble r bunch of lazy fools dat sold deir inheritances n drank d proceeds to stupor.

      • Proud Yoruba

        Like ibo parasites calling our land no mans land, and kicking up a fuss when we deported 3 ibo indigenes? We are going to be smarter about shipping you back home this time.

        Buy and rent all you want, you are just increasing our IGR. More money for us to use to develop.

        I don’t know about you, but I still have all my inheritance from all my grandparents, great grand parents and parent. Too much land for me, none for you!

        • ken

          Exactly d true u I wanted to expose. We can only get better.

          Sent from my HTC

          —– Reply message —–

    • Alex

      No south africans do not have that right, they are savage creatures I know because I see them everyday, south africans need to be replaced with foreigners asap.

  • Dr Efe Tobore Overedjor

    With the election to office of Sharia loving Buhari largely due to his ability to frighten by terrorism, an ever jittery region to block voting in his favour, the many Nigerians who relocated back to Nigeria during the liberal and focused tenure of Dr Jonathan will begin to regret their coming back home. Those who are left in South Africa would not want to come for obvious reasons. The uneducated president elect just won an award with the terrorist Commander of his party’s military wing. With Buhari & Shekau on the same page, where does hope lie for Nigerians in South Africa?

    • Arkhuma

      I seriously doubt the genuineness of the “Dr” you bear After reading your statements. Please be objective or at least try to be!!!

      • Ayo Kellany

        Let him continue he as four years to suffer the burden of calamity he bestowed on himself with his doctored doctorate degree.



    • Trendy

      What a shameful name#

  • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

    People, remember Ghana must go?

    What goes around….besides, what the devil are you doing in South Africa?


      That was Buhari’s legacy,he chased other Africans out but Nigerians never attacked any body nor supported the dictators shenanigans !!

      • Maria

        Buhari never chased anyone, it was Shagari.

    • Hcredo

      Ghana-must-go was a completely different scenario. It wasn’t about Ghanaian enterpreneurs taking over our jobs, it was about a range of socio-economic & cultural issues caused by the influx of refugees. At least South Africa gets to screen who comes into its country as an immigrant worker, during the Ghana-must-go crisis Nigeria had no control over the riff-raffs and unsavoury characters entering it’s border. Immediate measures had to be taken.

      • Xolani

        I don’t know about Ghana must go but ANY tension, caused by an influx of refugees can be used as a poor excuse for Xenophobia. South African, Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia etc have lived for many years with no Xenophobia. There are easily 4 million or more immigrants who can now easily take less money for blue collar jobs than their (lazy) uneducated south african equals. Nigerians, Somalian, Ethiopians, Bangladeshi and Zimbabweans are more educated and entrepreneurial than south africans. Mozambiquens and Malawians are more hardworking. South Africans don’t stand a chance in their own country. But hey. That’s globalisation.

        • Hcredo

          This is precisely the kind of resource-grabbing, nonchalant-to-the-concern-of-others attitude that yields hatred and xenophobia. Any society that progresses to the detriment of the weak among them is bound for failure. The only societies that succeed in the end are those that are considerate to the needs of all concerned, those that take care of the weak among them. To live together successfully means that you are willing to play fair and share economic resources with those that you consider weak, lazy, minority or educationally inferior to you. But if you decide to covet all the resources because you think that you are smarter and more hardworking, the end result is always your own downfall. No group of people can excel in isolation of others. God did not make us equal, but He expects us to show love for one another and to share – the strong carrying the weak. But this in no way means that I support the proposition that other nationalities are more educated or hardworking than black South Africans. These blacks recently came out of the repressive regime of Aparthied, and did not have the same opportunities for self-determination like the rest of us. It would take a couple of generations for the South African blacks to change their orientation to life and attain the same drive for achievement. The blacks in the United States have had over 100 years of freedom from slavery, but they are still the most unproductive race in the US, even Mexican immigrants are doing better than them. So give the South Africans a break! If you can’t support your brothers, then at least don’t encourage their exploitation. What’s more, the educated South African blacks I’ve met are intellectually smarter than the average Nigerian’s I know.

          • anna

            U are nuts, are u kidding me. Give the South Africans a break? There is no excuse, none whatsoever for taking any human life. Did u see the child that was killed. If you have nothing valid to say then say nothing . You hv got to be a lunatic.

          • Hcredo

            People don’t go around killing people and babies for no reason at all. If the South Africans are doing this, then the proper thing is for us to ask ourselves WHY. What could have pushed them to such drastic actions, whether we agree with their motives or not, the correct course of action is to give it the weight it deserves. And not to go around making disregardful comments the “South African’s are lazy, uneducated and don’t stand a chance in their own country…hey, it’s globalization (hence they should sit aside and let foreigners take economic resources from them).” I repeat: it is exactly this kind of careless attitude of yours that instigates and fuels such riots and massacres in the first place.

  • Iliyasu Biu

    South Africa and its people have reminded the world that all that glitters is not gold. Touted as the destination for all who hopefully to change their fortunes but now a mirage. If other home governments did a little bit of right why pack shit in another man’s land?

  • Peter

    Nigerians forget so fast or is it that they intentionally refuse to look inwardly. There is xenophobia in in northern Nigeria and most of the time targeted on the Igbos who reside and do business there.

    • Ayo Kellany

      Is that after the Igbos must have claimed where they migrated to do biz is a no man’s land or before ?

    • Hcredo

      It’s only in the Northern states and a liberal town like Lagos that an Igbo man can be made a Commissioner. Tell me if it is ever possible in Igboland for a Hausa man or Yoruba man to be made a Commissioner, or even hold a public office of any kind. I think that you, Peter, are the most myopic of all the commentators on this forum.

  • BusinessNG

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  • favourtalk

    We are here because our country doesn’t care much, many are in that state because of nothibg in time of education standard and yet they are problems now but the country doesn’t know any strategy to help them.. what a president

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Bruv, not sure I would fully agree with the statement “…what a president”

      Our dysfunctional society is a collective failure of our leaders and we, the followers, who defended their incompetence on the basis of ethnic and religious affiliations.

      Agree fully with you though, that Nigerians are forced to sojourn in foreign lands because our country do not care much.

  • Xolani

    This article says south africans are lying about losing jobs to foreigners when it also clearly shows that 18% of the jobs are done by migrants? I’d hate to think what’s happening in the informal sector where most unskilled and uneducated south africans compete? With a 25% unemployment rate, every job possible must be done by South Africans. P.s. The winners here are those that do business because they can employ the cheapest laborer because most of the blue collar jobs in the services industry is overrun By foreigners. P.s. I condemn Xenophobia and I am so embarrassed and very sorry for what those south africans did. We are not all like that and our government, as useless as it is, does not condone this. It’s just our poor uneducated village idiotic masses who do these things. We are so ignorant it’s scary.