Nigerian Bar Association queries Bayelsa governor, Dickson, over attack on Court

Seriake Dickson

The Nigerian Bar Association has queried the Bayelsa State governor, Seriake Dickson, for leading thugs to attack a Federal Court in Yenagoa, the state capital.

The governor was caught on video, walking into the court premises, accompanied by his police guards and hangers on, before hooligans, including rifle-wielding police officers, invaded and attacked the court.

The video, published by PREMIUM TIMES Friday, sparked outrage with many Nigerians demanding an independent investigation into the attack.

Mr. Dickson, a lawyer, is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association, and a onetime attorney general of Bayelsa State. He is also a former member of the House of Representatives.

The NBA president, Augustine Alegeh, told PREMIUM TIMES the association of lawyers in Nigeria had sent a letter to the governor, asking him to explain his actions in the court.

Mr. Alegeh explained that the NBA needed to hear the governor’s side of the story before deciding whether or not, disciplinary measures would be meted against him.

He said the association will also hear from the lawyers who were in the court during the attack.

“We have sent a letter, a notice of information and a link of the video to him, asking for his own side of the story,” Mr. Alegeh said.” Once we hear from every party involved, we would take action and make available our next line of action.”

Mr. Alegeh described the court as a sacred place, stating that anyone who attacks the court also attacks the whole essence of rule of law and the judiciary system.

The governor’s spokesperson, Daniel Iworiso, had earlier refuted the contents of the video, claiming the video published by PREMIUM TIMES was “photoshopped”.

But Mr. Alegeh said he had received reports from the Federal High Court about the incident, and had also watched the video.

Police still investigating

Meanwhile, the Bayelsa State police command has said it was investigating the attack.

Asinim Butswat, the state police spokesperson, said the police have been investigating the attack soon after it happened.

He added that whenever the investigations are concluded and the perpetrators are found they will be prosecuted.

“I cannot tell when exactly the investigation will end or how long it will take before we pass our judgement,” he said. “All I can say now is investigations have started.”

When asked what the police would do about the governor’s involvement, he simply replied: “We are still investigating.”

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  • Investigator


  • burning spear

    I think Jonathan is gone–Ijaws will now know that khaki no be leather–this is what I have ben telling the likes of this mumu governor-Dickson-who foolishly thought he was fighting the first lady–unaware–that he was exposing the Ijaw Nation to ridicule————–like Amaechi–he would soon know that a pig has more respect in the Fulani north–than his the Ikwerre ethnic group that adopted him into their fold–in Rivers state—Mumu ayakata———Have u heard any abuse Buhari from the Fulani North or from the Yoruba enclave–om facebook-never- Such will never happen—in Nigeria–They are the Holy ones———-The only quota system general who enlisted into the Nigerian army without a certificate—and had Obama the US president impose him on Nigeria-Ask an Ijaw retired General to try it—- even with all his PSS fss NNN-NEPA- PhDs————-HE WOULD BE SO–vilified that he will quit b4 day break in aso rock-animal

    • Olu Ade

      Psychotic whining animal…stop smoking that thing, its not good for you..I bag, go take your medicine.

    • Umar Dendi

      Haven’t you burned up already?
      Your spinning vim of hate isn’t impressing anyone!

    • Strong System

      Incorruptible good people of Niger Delta equalvalent of Buhari can never be abused by even the most irresponsible drunkard from the same region.
      Do you think it’s regional sentiment that makes people like Buhari?…… Why are other northern politicians not commanding such respect?

  • Omotolaaraujo

    Despicable exhibit of lawlessness. The Governor should already be in jail. This is what people voted against.

  • Spoken word

    We are in trouble in this country when we have people like Akpabio and Dickson as lawyers.these are people that have complete contempt for the rule of law

    • lawyer d.a.l.l.e.y

      @Spoken Word:

      Court Hearing starts on Buhari’s WASC case 22nd April

      The cranial emptiness of a whole swath of Nigerian lawyers dwarfs those two examples.
      The Buhari Wasc case alarms me, for instance, because the pleading in court is funny.
      Rather than argue to the point the lawyers instead set store by “Buhari not attaching Wasc”.
      But what relief would they get for that brainless pleading in court, even if proved true, i ask.
      When the real issue they ought to plead is as follows, viz:

      • General Muhammadu Buhari PRESENTED a false certificate to
      INEC by reciting in a signed and written statement that he obtained
      WASC/Cambridge Certificate in 1961 and deposited that WASC with
      the Nigerian Army – an assertion the Nigerian Army has disproved as
      false and which disproof Buhari has conceded at a press conference.

      • Spoken word

        What a lawless country

    • Double U

      You forgot to add Wike to the list

      • Spoken word

        Bunch of touts parading themselves as lawyers.

  • Sholoko


  • Strong System

    All these rascals must be taught a lesson to prevent future occurrence.
    Dickson, Fayose and co are confident that no amount of thuggery will be allowed to be investigated by Jonathan, but thank God we will soon have a government that will never allow itself to be seen as irresponsible.

    • burning spear

      Have u the Yorubas finsihed teaching drug addicts like Tinubu a lesson in his certificate forging life—–animals

  • band olu

    We should thank God Jonathan has been kicked out of power….this gov did all this bcos of d protection Jonathan & his wife gave him…Fayose did d same in Ekiti state…they believed they could do whatever they wanted & get away with it under Jonathan’s govt…they must be punished for their actions…

    • burning spear

      U are a senseless unthinking Yoruba traitor—where were u when Dickson attempted to run down Jonathan and his wife?–can any Yoruba governor in the entire south-west ever disagree with tinubu for a second-‘? This is how mouth u the Yorubas are-When Fashola tried it Tinubu told Fashola that he should always remember that———he was rigged into government house——-he kept quiet—-Every Governor in the West except Fayose was imposed on the electorates by Tinubu———who is the alpha and Omega of APC—Even yr certificate less Buhari said recently that he owes his life to tinubu———————-leave Jonathan out of yr silly regional ideas of old

      • band olu

        I will say again that Jonathan & his wife are d cause of lawlessness in Nigeria & especially in d SS & SE…we should thank God they have been kicked out….u can continue calling us traitors, we are still smarter than all of u….bye bye to jati jati…

    • staaaaaaaaaaa

      you dont need to reply that mad post from@buringspear:disqus otherwise people wont know the difference between you and him. Simply ignore his senselessness.

      • burning spear

        Happily I am not on drugs like them tinubus—or was ever convicted nor signed a pact with the CIA—-to work against my adopted Nation Nigeria———–via the oil wells in the Niger Delta——their president———their Nigeria—-my freedom—yet the animals in them responded————-to our cries in the wilderness——————let my people go

        • staaaaaaaaaaa

          u know a mad man calls every other person mad. Na real wilderness you be if you cant use your mind.

  • Jossy J

    fayose got away with it, so what do you expect

    • burning spear

      Fayose is the only governor who was duly elected by the people of ekiti state———he was not imposed on them—-by any—yeye asiwaju–with his drug infested brain—

      • Jossy J

        oh pls tell me you haven’t listen to the ekiti rigging tape.Nevertheless, he fayose and his gang beat up a judge not long ago. today he ran to the same judiciary to save him from impeachment but they refuse.

  • burning spear

    Nigeria is now in the hands of drug convicts————-and certificate forgers——-no sweat—-Still we give glory to the Almighty God——–so we should expect these types of regional acts—from the Yoruba lawyers in Lagos who are acting on behalf of the tinubu dynasty———–Dickson the big He-Goat of the Ijaw nation, does not know or UNDERSTAND the place of IJAWS in Nigeria—till date———–if he did————-he would have assisted Jonathan develop a sound human -development index for the Ijaw nation——He is in Yenagoa wasting the resources of the Ijaws on frivolous projects- Erecting houses in Ogun state for reasons best known to him—Instead of working to improve then lot of ijaws via education—The scholarship scheme of the state WHICH HAS ALREADY COLLAPSED –CAUSE OF LACK OF FUNDS- is based on man know man—–Most of those who BENEFITED earlier are not even from the state-and those who haikl from the state–have started fending for themselves—–But-all Dickson is interested in, is to carry HIS FILTHY walking stick about in abuja—–as if—his application FOR citizenship OF Nigeria———–has been approved by THE YORUBAS VIA Tinubu ati the head of the Fulani Hegemonic tree–Alpha Buhari—————on behalf of the ijaws nation—What contributions is the person Dickson is sponsoring going to make at the Senate to help transform the Ijaw Nation?–Ijaws have at best been bench warmers in the Nations seat of power– for the past 16 yrs –Even with the presidency of Jonathan—————–How many Ijaw youths were hired or offered jobs in ministries in abuja–under Jonathan? Not one—-Ijaws are back to square one-where they started from in 1914-with the rest of Nigeria———–Jonathan went to abuja to improve the lot of the Fulanis and Yorubas—-at the expense of the Ijaw–NATION–hE WAS HASSLED–HARASSED–VILIFIED–INSULTED AND FIANLLLY BUNDLED OUT OF aSO ROCK BY OBAMA—On behalf of the Fulanis and Yorub traitors–Now they sing the old song of unity to my kids–Jonathan saw himself as a Nigerian—-But unfortunately for the Ijaw nation—the fulanis and Yorubas saw him as an Ijaw man-May be we suffer cause he was never told Awo introduced– the bottom medium policy to improve the lot of the Yorubas and not Ijaws—-weep not my people—in their Nigeria—for freedom is our goal—Izon laya public————–animals

    • burning spear

      –How many Ijaw youths were hired or offered jobs in Ministries in Abuja–under Jonathan? Not one—-Ijaws are back to square one where they started from in 1914-with the rest of Nigeria—-The story on the lips of those who own Nigeria is what did Jonathan do for u—over the 5 years-periopd he wasted-dancing with the Fulanis-in Abuja–Silly question from those who did not even allow him renovate a 100 yrs old church in his village—Jonathan went to abuja to improve the lot of the Fulanis and Yorubas—-at the expense of the Ijaw–NATION–HE WAS HASSLED–HARASSED–VILIFIED–INSULTED–intimidated and FINALLY BUNDLED OUT OF ASO ROCK BY OBAMA-the US president–On behalf of the Fulanis and Yoruba traitors–Now they sing the old song of unity to my kids-GO ON WITH ONE NIGERIA—Gowon———-SADLY-Jonathan saw himself as a Nigerian—-Unfortunately for the Ijaw nation—the Fulanis and Yorubas saw him as an Ijaw man-May be we suffer cause he was never told Awo introduced– the bottom medium policy to improve the lot of the Yorubas and not Ijaws—-weep not my people-THAT WAS WHY OBJ AND THE SOYINKAS-WERE HIRED–to paint him black b4 the international community——–Thought obj was doing it as a patriotic citizen of Nigeria—Little did we know he was working in accordance to the script prepared for them by CIA–ati MI5 to enable them take charge of their Nigeria—Freedom is our goal–better for us to be free and poor than remain-enslaved under the riches–of our oil resources———–Izon laya public————–Animals

    • Olutola

      Are you sure you will make it to the 29th of May? Your boss lost election and has moved on but you took it personal. Please dont hurt yourself, seek counseling. You seem so traumatised. Pele!

      • redeem

        so we should all go to sleep because the fulanis and yorubas are in power –now abi—–thieves—–whose resources are they going to rely on—-to move their regions forward—their ground-nut pyramids and cocoa–or my oil resources—-?-mumu-sadly this is how the fulanis have been moving nigerin on for the past 54 years with the aid of d yorubas—————–still –noting to show for it——we cry 4 light water and roads–soon the excuse will be on he dwindling oil revenue————animals

        • Progress CT

          In the words of oshiobaba, go and die!

    • Progress CT

      How market? You will die with your hatred for Yorubas and nothing will change the fact, that SW is the bastion of progress in Nigeria

  • Assibi

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  • Toate Ganago

    Do people who what is the meaning of impeachment?

  • lawyer d.a.l.l.e.y


    Nigerian Bar Association lost its marbles in pretence that it does not know the difference
    between right and wrong under Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution. That assumed ignorance
    gave leeway to General T.Y Danjama – who does NOT know his left hand from his right
    hand on matters of law – to talk rubbish in ignorance.

    General T.Y Danjuma said that President Jonathan’s ‘concession of election’ is the equivalent
    of SURRENDER; which BIAFRA – under Odumegwu Ojukwu – should have done in 1967.

    The 1999 Constitution says “..SHALL NOT BE QUALIFIED.” When the 1999 Constitution
    uses the word ‘shall’, no Judge, no court, nobody – not even President Jonathan himself;
    or charlatan T.Y Danjuma, has the power to say, no!, or to qualify Buhari by himself.

    • lawyer d.a.l.l.e.y


      Section 1 [1] of the 1999 Constitution is supreme over any Judge and over everybody in Nigeria.
      Never must anyone violate the 1999 Constitution to procure Muhammdu Buhari for Nigeria as an
      ILLEGAL PRESIDENT. Whenever the 1999 Constitution is violated to procure an illegal president,
      every Nigerian is called to arms to promptly get rid of Muhammadu Buhari as an illegal president.

      • General Muhammadu Buhari PRESENTED a false certificate
      to INEC by reciting in a signed and written statement that he obtained
      WASC/Cambridge Certificate in 1961 and deposited that WASC with the
      Nigerian Army – an assertion the Nigerian Army has disproved as false;
      and which disproof Buhari has conceded at a press conference.

      • Noni

        Fake lawyyer! If u really want to be a real one, be current and stop justt quoting only the Const. Add facts to substantiate what u quote. Stop blind following. U have a long way to go, and need to see the world too!

  • famaks

    This story is about another pdpigs thug governor repeating yhe Fayose treatment of the judiciary as in ekiti.

    These are the same people who will want to ruin Lagos with its large population of foreigners and nigerians living in this great city.

    The madness of inpunity!

  • Dolly

    Pls don’t sweep Wike and Fayose’s own under the carpets also as their conducts and utterances are unbecoming of learned men which most people doubt they are!


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  • Thank you, Pius. I personally sympathize with you and your position. Nevertheless, my take is that you need to re-think your definition of such terms as “civilization” and “human dignity”.
    Kuuse o

  • Cub


  • Goodkind

    Sounding so dictatorial and arrogant,he killed Agu Irons, his commander on chief and Fajuyi,Why will he not be so boastrious?