VIDEO: Bayelsa Governor, Seriake Dickson, leads thugs to attack, sack court in Yenagoa

Seriake Dickson, Bayelsa State Governor

The Bayelsa State Governor, Seriake Dickson, on Monday led a gang of thugs to attack a Federal High court in Bayelsa, a video obtained by PREMIUM TIMES has shown.

The video shows the governor, dressed in traditional Ijaw blazers, walking into the court premises, accompanied by his police guards and hangers on, before hooligans, including rifle wielding police officers, invaded and attacked the court.

The thugs were chanting “we no go gree, for this state, e no possible” as they walked into a court hearing. Loud gunshots could be heard shortly before the hooligans began breaking glasses and destroying properties inside the court.

At least 15 lawyers, including a pregnant woman and two Senior Advocates of Nigeria, were in the court during the attack.

The governor walked out of the court premises at the peak of the attack.

Most police officers seen within the court premises during the attack either aided the attacker or looked on, idly.

Only one police officer was seen, in the video, after the attack, trying to help the injured.

The thugs upturned chairs within the court room, scattered files all over and shattered glass windows as lawyers ducked under tables. A female lawyer covered herself with a chair.

Another could be heard saying her upper arm was hurting.

An elderly man, who was seemingly brought out of the court room by police officers, gasping for breath, said he was badly beaten by the thugs who came into the court room.

“The governor and his troops walked into the court room and I was beated (sic),” the victim said.

Why Dickson stormed the court

According to Heineken Lokpobiri, a serving senator, the court was in session to deliver a judgment on his case against the governor’s preferred senatorial candidate, Foster Ogola, over the validity of the later’s candidacy for Bayelsa West senatorial district.

Mr. Lopkobiri claimed his party, the Peoples Democratic Party illegally substituted his name with Mr. Foster’s, and had filed a suit accusing Mr. Foster of issuing false information to INEC.

Mr. Lokpobiri added that the attack on the court was the second, claiming that earlier, thugs had come to seal the court and stopped the Judge from entering the court, forcing an adjournment.

Mr. Lokpobiri told PREMIUMTIMES he was shocked and irritated by the governor’s action at the court.

Mr. Lokpobiri said the governor has the right to support his opponent, but has no right to bring thugs to attack the court.

“All these things happened in the presence of the commissioner of police and am surprised. If the governor did not lead the thugs, it would have been a different thing entirely,” he said.

The governor’s spokesman, Daneil Iworiso, told PREMIUM TIMES the incumbent governor did not lead any gang to the court.

But in the video, Governor Dickson was clearly seen storming, and at the end of the attack, leaving the court accompanied by thugs and police officers.

Mr. Iworiso however described the video as photoshopped.

“You know its election time and we need to ensure that no violence occurs in our state, as soon as we heard of the clash we went there with commissioner of police and armed men to try to cub the situation that was when we found out it was a case between the incumbent governor and aspiring governor,” he said.

He explained that the governor was not there when the clash started, stating that it was all propaganda.

“When I saw the video I was just laughing because it was all photo shoot, and I describe that as poor representation of what happened there and I was also there,” he said.

Mr. Iworiso accused Mr. Lokpobiri of also bringing thugs to the just-concluded PDP primaries, stating that he is known for carrying thugs around Bayelsa state.

Mr. Lokpobiri admitted he has a loud crowd and followership but that his followers and loyalists are peaceful.

“If he is accusing me of carrying thugs in the last primaries, did they destroy anything or harm anyone during the election,” Mr. Lokpobiri said.

Although several police officers were present when the attack occurred, the Bayelsa Police Command said no arrest has been made in relation to the incident.

Asinim Butswat, the state police spokesperson, said he had no information that the governor led the thugs to the court premises.

“What we know is that the governor visited the court and the thugs took advantage of his visit to force the gate open and invade the court,” Mr. Butswat said.

“The police officers on the court premises did not know the thugs came to cause havoc because they were not armed.

“After they attacked the court, they all fled before they could be arrested.”

Mr. Buswat denied the state police commissioner was present when the court was attacked, saying he only visited the court “shortly after the incident”.

Watch Video Below


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  • Hassan Lawal

    …..and somebody told me president Buhari should not probe these pasts,if a governor can act like this,a former minister struggled to disrupt a vote -counting process and many more! We should still not probe those morons,please,think again!

    • international games

      How did Nigeria get to the point where touts like this could be governors?
      Buhari should leave Johnathan alone due to respect of the office. It is not good for children to see the office of President disrespected. However guys like Dickson and Namadi Sambo must account for looting the treasury.

  • Jack

    Dickson is a thug and this video has gone viral, this is the reason the western world think we still live on the trees. A governor of a state behaving like this, what happen when an ordinary citizen or a group of people behave thus. Dickson will surely be prosecuted!

  • burning spear

    Bayelsans have already made up their minds on Dickson—so let him do whatever he wants to do———–that is no longer their business————-Dickson contributed to the defeat of Jonathan at the polls—instead of moving around to help the president–he was busy sponsoring stories against him—-Again what has been the contributions of senators from the state at the national level—–they are all empty—-useless both of them—we are no longer interested in the senate–what we want is our freedom–and not slavery

    • Usher

      Mr. Spear i thought he is in PDP? Please can you explain how they have made up their mind? Is there any other party they plan to vote for?

  • burning spear


    Dear Goodluck:

    i. Unlike Charles Taylor, you believe your
    country (Nigeria) is greater than you, so
    you have admitted defeat without war.

    ii. Unlike Gbagbo, you have conceded and
    you are ready to inaugurate a new
    government headed by your opponent.

    iii. Unlike Robert Mugabe, you haven’t
    manipulated election to keep you in office.

    iv. Unlike Mahmud Ghadaffi, you believe
    the people have the right to choose their

    v. Unlike Hosni Mubarak, you’ve refuse to
    use the security forces against your

    vi. Unlike Babangida, you are not ready to
    set up interim government because
    you’ve lost peoples’ confidence and

    vii. Unlike Abacha, you don’t consider Aso
    Rock your father’s house, so you are not
    going to die for it.

    viii. Unlike Obasanjo, you’ve appointed a
    free and unbiased umpire as the
    chairman of INEC (Jega against Iwu).

    ix. Unlike Aregbesola, you’ve never
    believed in violent polls, so you haven’t
    asked your supporters to go to polling
    booths with charms and ammunition.

    x. Unlike Shagari, you would never hand
    over to a military president, so you’ve
    conducted a transparent election.

    xi. Unlike Obasanjo, you don’t believe
    election is a “do or die” affair, rather, you
    believe that “one’s ambition worth the
    blood of nobody”.
    xii. Unlike many Nigeria’s politicians,
    you’ve openly accepted defeat and don’t
    blame INEC for your loss.

    xiii. Unlike many African presidents, you’ve
    become the first sitting African president
    to conduct election which you’ve lost.
    I’m more than proud of you. After Nelson
    Mandela in South Africa, you are the new
    god of democracy in Africa. Your open
    acceptance of the results and
    congratulating of your opponent have
    opened a new democratic chapter for
    Nigeria and Africa in whole. I do hereby
    recommend you for Nobel Laurel Prize for
    Peace and Leadership, the Mo Ibrahim
    Prize for Leadership and every other
    available award for a true statesman and
    true democrat.

    As you bow out of office come May 29,
    may you bow into peace, happiness,
    wealth, good health, prosperity, and long

    • Ade

      Good one!!!

    • Orubebe

      Rubbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nuga A

    Thank God we are going to have a no nonsense President soon in GMB all this nonsense attack on judiciary will stop,first was Fayose and now is Dickson what nonsense is this,it has to stop

    • Ken

      Just go and seat down.

  • Truthometer

    Exactly what Fayose did in Ekiti state, when he slapped a judge and ordered his thugs to roughen him up and the court workers. It’s high time to stop all these crude and uncultured behaviours. Both governors should be impeached and be made to face the full weight of the law. The days of impunity is over. There is a new Sheriff in town. Buhari should start planning on how to take care of the business. We want to live in a civilised society.

  • ebelema

    A bold and major component of the GEJ legacy is the limitlessness of impunity from stella oduah, through deziani, to orubebe, and seraki dickson. God is great!

  • Factual

    I don’t blame the Ijaws in the manner they conduct themselves (thuggery), I would rather put the blame on Obasanjo for bringing one of them to limelight ( Jonathan) which gave them the ego to be above the law. Had it being Jonathan wasn’t handpicked by Obj as Yaradua’s running mate in 2007, these thugs wouldn’t have been doing what they are doing now. Nigerians have now seen a lot of these thugs such as SATANSDAY ORUBEBE, GOV. SERIEKE, EDWIN CLARK, ASARI DUMBKUBO and many others among the ijaws.

    • staaaaaaaaaaa

      just one chance and it was as if there is no one but only the Ijaws!!! why are they like this?

    • Charlotte

      You took the words right out of my mouth. Obj really did put us in this mess.

  • Ukpaka

    Do we still have president in this country?. The lame duck president will tell you this is another APC propaganda. I hope this governor gets punished for this act…immunity or no immunity. This act of lawlessness cannot stand. He’s a governor, not God. The era of impunity is over.

    • Rotimi Lawanson

      I totally agree with you. the so-called immunity clause as stipulated in section 308 of the 1999 contitution needs to be repealed. Such provisions are no longer fit for purpose. Sent from my amnesty blackberry from MTN.

  • amazing2012

    Their end is near !

  • kwazulu

    This is what Jonathan is breeding, good riddance to irresponsible criminals.

    • burning spear

      did we not see similar crisis between APC and PDP in Ekiti————-what has this got to do with Jonathan–Dickson is gone already from the state——–The state now belongs to Labour Party———

  • Chris1408

    Na sooooooo banana republic. Thx God there’s a beginning next month

  • MilitaryPolice01

    Adult illiteracy is another problem Nigeria is facing,how can that man at the end use repeatedly the word ‘beated me’,we thought the first one was a mistake but he repeated it again…haba this is not funny at all

    • Contact Point

      You should address what really happened than that old man that was “beated”. PT did not show you the clip ‘cuz of the man, but the madness of Seriake Dickson.

      • MilitaryPolice01

        The commentary section is for comments on anything that pertains to the recorded video,I can therefore elect to comment on anything I feel necessary to comment on as long as it is contained in that video.The prerogative is mine so also the opinion.If you feel strongly about Seriake Dicksons ‘madness’ you are entitled to make an original comment on it right above

    • Wagbayi

      That is the problem with Nigerians. Always crying on irrelevancies. Hope you no that English Language is not his native language and hence may not be able to to use it properly like a native speaker. Moreover, do you know his level of education before you jumped up to your keypad and typed this nonsense. Mr English speaker, I hope your so called fantastic English speaking ability has turned you to a millionaire. Nonsense.

    • Ha

      “Beated” or “beaten” the message is that impunity has been committed. What this governor would have done had Jonathan won the election?

  • Enemona

    Immunity = Impunity

    Hope this is one of the senseless laws Buhari repeals in few months.

  • Halima

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  • Deji Joseph

    The good news is that people now know that they have a choice. Governors like this one and others like him will soon become extinct.

    • Allayes

      Under normal circumstances that is how it should be. But recent elections have taught us that in many parts of the country, people are either blind to the fact that uncouth politicians like this hinder their progress in life, or simply do not care.

  • Passionate about Nigeria

    Please for now no more Bayelsa or South South people as President. They are just to crude and unruly…smh

  • burning spear

    If the thieves and election riggers in APC think they can benefit from the foolishly of Dickson and Amaechi–they have to do a rethink—-these types of crisis are all over the country–from Ekiti to the core north–Adamawa and Nassarawa—————-so Bayelsa state should not be singled out——Thank God Jonathan is gone—He wanted Dickson removed b4 his departure———-He has no hand in the ongoing madness by dickson–As a matter of fact—we are not even interested in electing anybody into the house of reptiles and baboons—-in the senate—Freedom is our goal————————-U cannot use our resources to enslave us in the Niger delta—————————period

    • Ajayi Ifayemi

      What has APC got to do with this? It is obvious the issue is an internal PDP problem.

    • Cliffhanger

      The actions of Dickson and his thugs are inexcusable no matter the tribal lense with which you view it. Elected officers should lead by example.. not tow the path of dishonor. An Ijaw man has presided over ur resources for the past 6 years. What did ur people benefit from his leadership? Nada…only enslavement and oppression. So don’t come here and whine about resource control.
      Writing like someone possessed by the evil spirit can only do u an untold harm. You’ve made enough money under corrupt JEG to last you a life time….why don’t you go and enjoy your loot quietly instead of drawing undue attention to yourself? Sent from blackberry from MTN

    • Tunsj

      I’m glad that you are out of your cave. How was the cave?

    • Akiika

      Good lord, see reasoning of a human being

  • Phil

    How can Jonathan fail to out-run an in-eligible opponent at a general election? How?
    An in-eligible candidate is like a cripple who can’t run and is legally forbidden to run.
    All anyone needs to outrun an invalid opponent at a general election is a point of law.
    An in-eligible candidate – like Buhari – runs election at his own risk until declared invalid.
    Buhari’s 15.3 million votes are invalid in law. A court of law just need pronounce that fact.
    That’s how to defeat an in-eligible opponent at a general election without breaking sweat.

    • akindee

      @Phil: Buhari cannot be legally sworn in on 29th May 2015 without showing his WASC certificate.

      This Buhari case does not depend on whether a Judge has courage or not but on whether Buhari has

      a school certificate or not. No Judge can give Buhari a school certificate he swore on oath he has.
      I am 100% confident that any number of Judges in Nigeria will surely declare Buhari legally dis-qualified.
      Otherwise, the 1999 Constitution would have to be declared void, to dissolve Nigeria for Buhari’s sake.

      • Runny

        Looks like we are dealing with a basketcase here. How will the judges declare GMB’s victory null and void? What facts are there that werent there before? Pls give us a break geeza!!!

        • frieday


          If Buhari does NOT have WASC or NECO;
          and goes to do JAMB; can he be admitted?

          You ask which facts are there that were not there before. Very good question!
          See, since December last year Buhari cannot show any WASC he swore he got.
          He now got adjournment in court in the middle of the in-eligibility case going on so as
          to enable him participate in the 2015 election on 28th of March. His votes at that
          2015 election are the facts that were not there before.

          Somebody going to do JAMB exam for admission to university without having WASC or NECO
          now wants to show his JAMB score (of 15 million votes he got at Saturday’s election) and tell
          the High Court to nullify the law and the Constitution of Nigeria that any candidate to be admitted
          to a university – in this case, Aso Villa – must have, attach and show a copy of his claimed WASC he swore on oath he has.

          Muhammadu Buhari went to bring five S.A.N (lawyers) to court but none of the five lawyers
          has till today shown the court any WASC certificate. They were just playing tricks or so.
          They slowed down court proceedings since February to allow Buhari take part in the
          presidential election. But that is mosquito sense. Buhari must now show his WASC!

          • Runny

            Your incessant whining is driving me up the wall …honestley. You guys should abandon the wild goose chase. If Jonathan was a serious leader and, if he believed that there was an overwhelming evidence to the contrary, he should have stopped GMB in his tracks before the elections. He is the C-in-C for christ sake. What happened to his executive powers?

      • Festuso

        Presumably he has to come and show the Certificate in your father’s compound for it to be validated?

      • Saydo Shan

        Be fooling yrself dat GMB has no qualifications in accordance with the Constitution.

      • Ibrahim Ishaq Okanlawon

        @ phil , this is bias or partial judgement , since from Tafawa Balewa down stroke G E J has not done that & constitution does`nt demanded, i/ we all however agreed that G M B went via the wright process before the attainment of full General in Army. take or you leave it.

    • Runny

      @burning spear,
      You sound very preposterous . If a sitting president would allow all you’ve stated to hold sway under his guidance, what does that tell you about the man Jonathan and the compromised Judiciary? He left the juduciary open to abuse which unfortunately came back to bite him.

    • Saydo Shan

      Be fooling yrself and continue playing Ostrich.

    • Kim Roland

      You guys are incredible, you’re still talkin, thought you were all committed to ARO with mama peace, alias miss piggy!

  • SAM .A

    Seriake Dickson must be the 1st scape goat to all Nigeria , that arrogance of power & impunity are twin bastards that must be exterminated in the New Dispensation.
    The new security apparatus that will start on June 1st , must look at the faces of all who entered that court with Dickson , including police , put them all in the paper and apprehend them , police commissioner must not be left out .
    They must all be tried in an open court and get their jail terms .W e shall be happy to miss them in a New Nigeria.
    They should also look at Fayose ‘s invasion of the court.

    • Omo JC

      Exactly my thought!!!! These guys don’t realize how fast the advancement of technology is quickly checkmating the culture of impunity across the globe nowadays. We all saw what Orubebe did in front of the whole world last week.
      Listen to me BUHARI – Unless we make an example of these people, they will never LEARN. Go Buhari, Go Nigeria!!!!

      • Abdulazeez Oyibo

        Examples will be made or it is back to the trenches!

    • Tamuno-Opubo Cookey-Gam

      Dickson has immunity. I think despite this, state police must be approved but there must be federal police in every state and the military must be firmly under the federal government.

  • Rommel

    President Jonathan had been deceiving Nigerians with his facial expressions as a decent man but like I always said,no decent man could have lived with a woman like Patience Jonathan,Mr president protected these people by making police an appendage of the PDP.Seriake Dickson should be made an example of with this expose,time has come for the rule of law to be enforced in Nigeria,political hooliganism or Orubebeism must be exterminated.

    • David Adeniran

      I never bought his dummy of decency at any time. Sky News in 2014 said concerning him: “Goodluck Jonathan, the Nigerian President who at his worst is naive and at his best manipulative.”

    • King Carlos


    • udemeobong

      Das stimmt!

  • Omo Akin

    Fayose did the same thing in Ekiti, what did the NJC do?, nothing. If there had been a serious consequence for Fayose’s action, Mr. Dickson would have had a second thought before embarking on the same fool’s errand. The Police Commissioners in both the Ekiti and Bayelsa incidents should face internal trial by Police Authority and be dismissed (no pension) for dereliction of duty. That will send the signal that the police must protect all persons and institutions and not allow politicians to unleash thugs on us and any institution such as the court.

  • isioku

    Mr. DICKson has never had a disposition of a decent man or an man fit for high office of a Governor. His mien, countenance and gait always reveal the tout in him. Though a lawyer but how she passed law school remains a mystery. A man of little or month intellect, always puffs like a Christmas turkey (tolotolo). The Disciplinary Committee of the Bar requires no other evidence to debar this man. Someone who dececrates his own temple (the court) must be stripped of the privilege of practising in it. He must be debarred and his name perpetually struck off from the Roll of legal practitioners. I will be forwarding a petition myself to the NBA. This man deserves his punishment.

    • Adam Ant

      Very insightful contribution. He is suffering from power drunkenness. The ogogoro will soon clear from his eyes.

    • udemeobong

      Please do, I support you. If you need online signature or support, I am here.

    • Tunji Olarewaju

      DICKson?Lwkmd o!!!

  • Bayo Ola

    One wonders how these miscreants and nonentities even get to leadership positions in Nigeria!! Orubebe, Fayose, Kashamu, Omisore et al. What types of men/women are these and what type of country allows these thugs to ever get to even a government house gate?

  • udemeobong

    I hope this Video will get to Buhari o

  • Sith Lord

    PDP the worst thing to ever happen to Nigeria, Jonathan one of the worst plagues to ever accompany the worst thing (PDP) to ever happen to Nigeria.

  • Deetruth

    This is the end result of Jonathan administration’s impunity management system.

  • Jeremiah Mbong, Ph.D

    This is what happen when you rig a thug into the governor’s office. And that people is the Governor of the President’s home state, sacking an Arm of the Federal Government run by his boss and states man. This is the legacy of corruption and impunity that became an institution under Goodluck Jonathan. That is how they turned in all those votes for him on March 28, by breaking heads and stomping on the law. Imagine a governor supervising the sack of a Federal Court, what would he have done if it was the courts that he appoints the Chief Judge and Attorney Generals. Posterity is what some of these so-call leaders forget. The evil that governors do, lives with and after them.

  • MushinSpeaks

    PDP is known for thuggery and violence; its in them.

    • Wale

      Let us watch how your “heroic” president Jonathan reacts to this, it will be more of the same. It only goes to show and reminds us why we threw out his government and his party. I progressive backward people!

  • Linda

    Oh my God, this is barbaric. Never will pdp taste the seat of power again in Nigeria. No wonder Jonathan administration gave contract to thugs, opc, mend. Enough of this mess in Nigeria. We have choice now to vote pdp out of all Nigeria state in the coming governorship election .

  • Etochi Victor Uzoagbara

    how can you be destroying the lives and properties you swore to protect?? the court house you’re thrashing is it your father that built it?? i can’t believe this nigerian politicians! we should strip them of some of the powers they have honestly.. what rubbish??

  • Abdulazeez Oyibo

    Na film trick. It’s not what it looks like? So what is it ? You were superimposed in the video? And somebody says pdp would bounce back? They are leaving the morgue and heading to the grave yard!

  • Burbank

    Seriake and Fayose have one thing in common – attacked their local High Court whenever their cases are being heard!