APC snatches Senate majority, ends PDP’s 16-year rule

Senate chamber

After 16 years of majority power in Nigeria’s two houses of parliament, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has finally lost the Senate to the now ruling party-elect, the All Progressives Congress, APC.

The APC secured 60 seats out of 109, according to PREMIUM TIMES’ tally, based on results released by the Independent National Electoral Commission.

At Saturday’s National Assembly elections, the PDP swept through the South East, taking all 15 senatorial seats, and all but two of South South’s 18 seats.

If the PDP wins the Edo State’s South Senatorial district, which is yet undecided, the party will take 17 seats in the South South.

But the two big wins are a far cry from the party’s bleak national performance in the Senate.

Elsewhere – North Central, North West, North East and South West – the APC, whose presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, won Tuesday, took a sweeping lead.

In the South West, the APC won 13 out of 18 seats. The party lost Ekiti’s three seats to the PDP, and lost one seat apiece in Ondo and Ogun States.

In the North West, the PDP managed to secure a single seat in Kaduna, leaving the APC with the outstanding 20, the biggest regional win for the party.

In the North East, the PDP won all in Taraba and snatched a seat in Yobe. The APC took the remaining 13.

In the North Central, the PDP took Plateau, and picked one seat each from Benue and Nasarawa States.

The spread gives the APC the majority power with at least 60 seats, the first time the PDP has been edged out of federal legislative leadership since the end of military rule in 1999.

The closest the PDP came to losing its majority lead, was after a series of defections to the APC in the House of Representatives, between 2014 and 2015.

Results of Saturday’s elections also show that the APC has won the majority in the House, this time, not through defections.

With the APC’s win, the biggest political casualty in the Senate would be David Mark, who has spent eight years as president of the Senate.

After the National Assembly’s inauguration in June, Mr. Mark’s best bet will be the Minority Leader post.

The APC, on the other hand, will produce the President of the Senate, Deputy President, Majority Leader and Chief Whip.

Notwithstanding its lead, the APC currently lacks a two-third majority (73), needed for key decisions. The party will count on the PDP as it stands.


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  • Ole

    Two third majority/ Apc will get it as the tribunals are yet to sit. very soon those who got their mandate cheating would lose it. I just remember Stella Oduah.

    • Intrepid

      Is only Lady Oduah your eyes will see, kashamu, your eyes will go the other way. Thats the problem we have in Nigeria, Bigotry.

      • Guguru


        Why do you like preaching to people? Are you a Catholic Priest?

        • Intrepid

          No I am a good mohammedan. I got my lectures from sheik Aiman al zawahiri in Afghanistan. What about you?

          • Guguru


          • Intrepid

            Silence is indeed, GOLDEN. Lets move the country forward. Justice for evryone is all that I crave for.

          • Guguru


          • Intrepid

            Yes, what is good for Adamu in Nigeria, let it be also good for Okechukwu, in Nigeria. Take what belongs to you, and give me what belongs to me. Don’t have yours and take mine and the same time. Thats what I fight for.

          • Guguru

            Hmmm! Really?

    • Tunji Olarewaju



    PRESIDENCY BY TERRORISM….will Nigeria REGRET – No one has a patent for making governance impossible.

    Now the cowardly ethnic group that helped Buhari come to power will lick their wounds forever. You don’t come to power with an instrument of terrorism and expect to have peace. It’s just impossible and undemocratic.

    We all have choices. Every Nigerian should be able to aspire to become president without using the instrument of violence by his ethnic militia and terrorists. Jonathan started the fight even before he became president. Only a big fuuuuul will assume that the people of the South & East will not react too.

    Those who do not want to be in Nigeria anymore should have their way. No one is interested in blood shed or war. But secession is a right. Buhari can remain North& West Nigeria President but never of South & East. I listened to his interview and he sounded so incoherent and sluggishly unintelligent. This is not the type I will accept as a 21st century president…a sharp contrast to educated Dr Jonathan. Every one has a right to determine his own CHANGE. For many, this change is secession & Resource control.

    Time for RESOURCE CONTROL is now.

    • DanielOsazuwa

      Scumbag, you better go to the rightful place you belong: dustbin!

      Any breach of the Nigeria constitution by any criminal gang will be crushed by the incoming government with outmost alacrity( ala Odi treatment)

      Buhari is not going to accommodate any criminality against the Nigerian State the way your clueless and incompetent JONATHAN handled Boko Haram.


      • Leonardo

        Shame on you,Nigeria constitution my foot!! did’nt your so called constitution stated the criterials for elective positions in your Nigeria?Where is your Papa’s WAEC certificate?

    • tundemash

      Your main terrorist group has spoken today aligning with people’s choice at the polls. Which terrorist group is yours ?

    • Frank Bassey


    • Chidi

      U don’t know what u are talking about. Boko haram has been in Nigeria before late Musa Yaradua became president. And Yaradua was the person that ordered their clamp down as a president were many INNOCENT & DEFENSELESS PEOPLE WERE BROUGHT OUT AND KILLED IN DAY LIGHT. After then, the sect became violent by attacking govt. institutions and later it turned to become a religion stuff because our govt. failed to act on time. My problem with Buhari then was he condemned it late but looking at what was happening then with anybody that condemned it then in the North paid with his life. Buhari was almost killed when he did condemned. So don’t blame him for BOKO HARAM LIKE PDP DID WHILE APC WAS BUSY CAMPAIGNING.

    • eddy

      Calm down…

  • Dazmillion

    I am very happy about the David Mark situation. Unrepentant corrupt criminal.

    • Intrepid

      Saraki nko? are they not birds of the same feather? or sai chanji?

  • harry

    The APC-dominated legislature will be a good check on President Jonathan in his second term.
    President Jonathan will have to be more convincing to get executive bills passed this time.

    • Amina Omowumi

      Hallucination or denial?

      • akindee

        @harry is absolutely correct. Buhari did not meet the triple conditions to be sworn in.

      • Double U


    • tundemash

      Is the apeteshi too strong or u are still dazed by the defeat ?

    • Wale

      Crazeman, no try am oo.
      where you been dey, under the rock?
      Joe who? Tan what?

  • tundemash

    The casualty are the Igbos who put all their eggs in PDP basket. Igbos ought to take the Senate Presidency ….i do not know how that would happen with no Senate win!

    • Intrepid

      We don’t want any. Take all and rejoice so that all these abuses will stop. In Nigeria is a winner takes all. Our fate and survival have always been in our hands. The Igbos are too strong – spirited for any one to cry for her. We have gone through this wilderness before, and here we are in the royal of morning.

      • tundemash

        Since when did u start representing Igbos that u are using “we”? We are talking about animals with horns and u snail also showed up. We are talking about the Okorochas, Umanas, Joe Igbokwes and a nameless you came up.
        Please jog on sore loser !

        • Intrepid

          There you are the same insults I just mentioned, you have just began to show how sick you are. Animals with horns but you are gravitating towards her. Then what are you?

          • tundemash

            I have told u those I addressed my posts to; not nonentities, not MASSOB, or “got-nothing-to-lose” misfits like you.
            Jog on, sore loser !

          • Intrepid

            Never been a loser in my life, because success has been my name all my life. For you winning election is like life eternal. There is always tommorrow, mind you.

          • Segun

            Intrepid they did not win any election- Buhari actually lost.
            You Can not be said to have won election when you used under aged voters to gain a false and hallow victory.
            You also don’t win elections when there is deliberate disenfranchisement of over 4 million Nigerians of Ibo extraction by INEC.
            You cant also claim to have won elections when the umpire- INEC colluded with APC to electronically manipulate the main imput data base for the election. We know that”
            Jega is a complete Fraud and history would not be kind to him.
            He played the tribalist all through this election and showed that he was totally against the PDP and by extension minorities.

            However it is important to state that Buhari still has more hurdles to jump before being sworn in as president of Nigeria
            He used a forged certificate to contest the election and this Issue is now in the courts
            Yes Buhari has been declared the winner of this frudulent election to ensure that the Baboon and the dogs blood are no longer spilled all over the country
            But we are not fooled
            Buhari is Boko Haram
            he would now have to face his own Boko haram from the creeks- the Niger Delta militants would respond in Kind.
            We are truly in for rough times

          • Intrepid

            Don’t inflate your ego for staying 247 on the web to insult people you don’t know. I have got inexhaustive ammunition to hit back. I am threading like a lion.

        • swagger

          Is Umana Igbo? Or is South East same as South South? @Tundemesh I’m shocked and disappointed!

          • tundemash

            In the georaphy class I attended, there is nothing called South South. It is South and to which South East is a subset of it!

          • tundemash

            I am shocked and disappointed you don’t know your geography. Show me where South South is in geography, maybe that would help your ability to deduce.

      • Ogom

        Blah, blah.. Endless bragging and boasting. We are tired!

        • Intrepid

          Tired of what ?

          • Ogom

            Of your endless boasting.. “We’re the greatest!”
            On and on.. Give it a friggin rest!

          • Intrepid

            When a person says he should not be cried for, thats not boasting. Is like a sulking babe telling her mother, I don’t want to be breast fed anymore. Whats wrong with that?

          • Ogom

            Isn’t it obvious? THE BABY WILL STARVE!

          • Intrepid

            Not at all. are you still being breast fed ? She is just saying I have come of age. Its natural. I am trying to be philosophical here.

          • Intrepid

            People must not cling to one post or position for their survival and progress, the human spirit is full of inane dynamic qualities to excel without posts. It is the crave for positions that makes our polity to be a do or die affair. Creating so much heat and acrimony amongst various groups in Nigeria.

          • Ogom

            All I’m trying to say is Igbo people need Nigeria and Nigeria needs Igbo people.

            Enough of the “sulking”.. We are family.

          • Intrepid

            Indeed. In a family let everyone be taken into consideration. Let there be no relegation of any group. JUSTICE to put it straight. I leave you for now. Thanks for being civil with me. Lets wish the new government well.

          • taewo

            The rest of Nigerians and the international community saw everything wrong with the Jonathan administration and how Nigeria was going down the drain. Yet the Igbos insisted that Jonathan was their Jesus. Something is wrong that they should address within themselves.

          • Amani

            This has always been my problem with u these yoruba people……..Can’t u guys do without tribalism and sentiment in expressing ur thoughts?

          • Wale

            You no worry now; when baby gets hungry, natural instinct will guide him towards his mom’s milk storage.

      • Frank Bassey

        Brilliant talk!

      • taewo

        Minister of Finance, CEO sovereign wealth, DG Budget, DG stock exchange, CBN Governor, DG Pension Commission, Chairman Investment tribunal, DG AMCON, DG SEC until recently etc. If a finance/economy-related job is vacant and Ms Okonjo-Iweala does not find an Igbo person, the position will rather be left vacant than for a candidate from any other ethnic group to be appointed. But I don’t think she was doing that because she loved the Igbos, it was to protect all the corrupt practices under her close watch. I’m sure she has a lot of questions to answer as the Minister of Finance and Coordinator of the Economy, I mean what the outgoing government did with over $40 billion of foreign reserve.

        • Segun

          There is something wrong in posting falsehoods that is intended to tanish a well earned reputation. Since GMB was declared the winner in a stage managed election that saw the deliberate disenfranchisement of over 15 million Nigerians in specific geopolitical regions , social media has witnessed an increase in the attacks from certain quarters-these people who have been the traditional benficieries of institutional affermative action – quota system have taken it upon themselves to spread falsehoods in the hope of getting back at perceived enemies.
          These individuals would like to see Nigeria returned to a position where certain ethnic nationalities are not subjected to established processes of merit and are appointed to positions of responsibility based solely on ethnicity.
          The group often attributes every archivement by the ibo to be the result of nepotism but nothing can be further from the truth. The ibo as the great Chinua Achebe said – is an animal like no other- an animal built for competition who is not hindered by an established aristocracy or by religion. The result is that this animal if provided the right enviroment would as a result of his republican nature and competitive spirit outperform other groups. Please see Professor Chinua Achebes book – there was a country
          Yet another respected voice and writer/journalist Akin Osuntokun in a recent article in the back page of thisday newspapers described the ibos as the Germans of Nigeria- the engine that propels growth and development in Nigeria. A group that would have made a spectacular success of nation hood should they have been allowed to secede from the Nigerian Federation. These comments are from a respected journalist who is not ibo but Yoruba
          So why do people deliberately spread lies. The answer is simple to hid their known deficiencies and inadequaies. Period
          The truth we must acknowledge is that when subjected to a competitive process ibos rise to the top. They are the most intelligent ethnic group in Nigeria- in terms of IQ- this has been subjected to scientific evaluation by a known professor of human genealogy Professor Tapman of the center for the study of cognitive intelligence in the United States- his studies conducted on indigenous groups in Africa showed that ibos have IQ levels comparable to those of western Europens unlike other African groups.
          The average IQ level according to professor Tapmans study showed that in Nigeria the average ibo IQ level was at least 15 bases points Above other groups in his sample- so while the Fulani had average IQLevels of between 70-80 and the yoruba had IQ levels between 80- 90, the average Ibo IQ was between 90- 110.
          It follows from his research why the ibo when subjected to a competitive process just like the Jews of Europe and the United States often out perform others- this is proven research.
          That is why today in the Ivy League institutions in the United States 70 percent of all African children admited Into those institutions are of ibo descent. Please see the New England Education report on Ivy League admissions for immigrant children- 1990- 1999
          These are facts. The ibo are intellectually more endowed than other groups in Nigeria
          It is also important to say that the false impression taewo has tried to create about NOI would fall like a deck of cards if subjected to simple intellectual scrutiny
          For example it was not NOI who employed Mustapha Chike obi to Amcon but his old class mate in Kings college Sanusi Lamido Sanusi who openly told the world that when he was appointed CBN governor he want to beg Chike Obi to come and head Amcon because in his words – Chike obi was the brightess student in Kings College in his time and left a lasting impression on Sanusi who was less intellectually gifted.
          it is also on record that the former DG Securities and exchange commission was also appointed by yet another Fulani Mansur Muktar who was then the minister of Finance- Aruma Otti is no push over at all having obtained a First Class Honors from UNN in Mathmatics and Computer Science and an MBA from Harvard Business School. She was before her appointment as the DG sec a Vice President at ADB.
          The secretary to the Federal Government is appointed by Mr President and not The CME.
          On the DG Sovereign Wealth Fund – the appointment was done through a competitive process conducted by KPMG headed by a Yoruba- kunle elebute. After a rigorous process of evaluation which involved Some British evaluators- Uche Oji an Ibo with an Engineering background and extensive training on Wall Street emerged as the DG- it is important to state that Uche oji had held some of the highest investment positions in know investment banks in New York. He has a harvard MBA also and a second upper in Enginnering from the Univesity of Port Harcourt.
          It is therfore Disingenuous to blame NOI for all these appointments.
          These people have gotten to these positions based on merit not affermative action.
          If you check all our institutions- in Nigeria , the entry point for the eastern states- cut of points are the highest in the country. Examples are entry into the Federal Government Colleges. This is because ibo children outperform children of other ethnic nationalities.
          It is also complete hog wash to say that NOI met 40 billion in reserves when she came back as a minister.
          NOI met a depleted reserve base of only 21 billion dollars- Yaradua and his then finance minister- Mansur Muktar had run the reserves down to 21 billion from a high of 43 billion USD left by OBASANJO.
          These are the facts. Please stop the false hoods.

          • taewo

            With such a high uncommon IQ, how come you are Segun, a Yoruba name?

          • Segun

            You see how myopic you are.
            Your belief is that the only way to get ahead is to spread falsehoods about other ethnic nationalities .
            Professor Charles Owolabi a known voice in the social media once used the words of a great African and noble peace prize winner – the distinguished Bishop Desmond Tutu to counter your type of tribalist thinking that to pull others down is the only way to get ahead.
            It is only a sick little mind that thinks that way.
            Desmond tutu said- you do not have to deny me who I am to be who you are. You can be who you are and allow me to be who I am.
            Hope this clears up the worms in your little tribalist mind.
            To be yoruba is not synonymous with being tribalist.
            To the contrary
            We are the most accommodating and affable ethnic group in Nigeria.
            we as yoruba stand for fairness and justice. Period
            We do not relish in falsehood
            And hate hypocrites
            It may interest you to know that NOIs mother is a Yoruba woman from Ijebu Ode- do you know that?
            I bet you did not.
            Be careful when you open your foul mouth it may attract flies. Lol

          • taewo

            Humnnnnn……Segun of Enugu! I didn’t know that we have yet to fully rout the remnants of Jonathan’s Internet rats.

          • Segun

            Taewo of sokoto- lol
            Why don’t you engage on an intellectual level ?
            Your little analog mind can only think in one dimension. – tribal mode- lol
            It is certainly not able to grapple with complex social phnomenom
            For you if any thing is not reduced to the level of tribe you can not understand it.
            You are one of my those who is scared of competition- abi
            You are also one of those passive recipients of dispensed benefits .
            Taewo show me that you have some gray matter up there .
            Are you so intellectually inferior?
            I thought I was dealing with an intellectual power house only to discover that I am dealing with an individual with a bird brain.
            I would not waste my time any longer engaging your prehistoric brain. Lol
            All I ask is that you admit that your intellectual capabilities are limited- kpele
            Do come up with something original or shut your foul mouth up.
            To borrow the words of professor owolabi- you suffer from constipation of the mind , poverty of thought and diarrhea of the mouth.

    • Wale

      No, no, Noooooo, tunde; we don pass that now, no more politics of turns, majority rules period.
      If any body happen to support or found themselves in the minority or in the opposition party, that’s their funeral.
      See what we went through in few years on this forum, because we were doing what we believed in, we were called all kinds of names.
      Politics of Igbo turn or Yoruba’s turn will take us right back to where we started, and ain’t going back.

    • abeem

      The next Senate president is Saraki, mark my words.

    • Tunsj

      They did it to themselves. No pity.

    • Segun

      The casualty is Nigeria that has elevated falsehood to the position of truth,
      Be not deceived the international community knows that the entire election was a scam- a stage managed process whose outcome was made to look real when in point of fact the entire process had been doctored – electronically.
      Jega accredited over 1 million underaged votes in the North and made sure they voted.
      Using a variety of methods- it was only in the North that PVCs were distributed by proxy
      And that voting took place in special centers.
      He further ensured that certain regions that traditionally would have voted PDP was staved from receiving their PVCS
      What a fraudulent system
      In Lagos any one who had a non yoruba name was subjected to futher scrutiny before they received a PVCS
      You can pretend that it does not matter but be informed that that section of the country has again formed a unified front – that is the old eastern region and like it or not there would be a push for greater autonomy and resource control.
      Ultimately Nigeria would split up.
      The unfair parasitic arrangement that we call Nigeria would some day end. Beleive it
      You can not deprive an entire region of its God given resources and expect that every thing would be business as usual
      It is only in Nigeria that 83 percent of all the oil assets is owned by a single ethnic group- Fulani
      While the true owners of the oil are called oil theives- fairness Nigerian style.
      Only a f##l thinks that way
      As for the ibos they would survive.
      Without political power all these years they still own 70 percent of all the land and property in Abuja.
      It is the same in Lagos
      Do you know why?
      The ibos have created an economy outside the formal nigerian economy. The quantum of flows in this economy is actually larger than that of the organized private sector economy.
      Today Anambra state – an ibo state has the highest per capita income in the federation.
      The Ibos truly don’t need the government to survive.
      they are the most industrious group in Nigeria – the Germans of Nigeria according to Akin Osuntokun
      – this day article. So like the Jews who do not have political power in America, their voice would be heard loud and clear in the corridors of power. the ibos would dig in further and dominate the economy silently.
      While using their brothers in the Niger delta as their insurance policy against the Federal Govements excesses.
      Always remember that Ibos are the most innovative and creative group in Nigeria.
      They have already received greatly empowered by GEJ
      The joke is on the north . Lol

      • tundemash

        And yet u needed to use a fake name to deliver this hogwash?
        … omo alai ni oriki !
        Go lick your wounds quietly and show up again with the ethnic glasses in 2019 for the electioneering campaign. For now; the market is over: we got the the right man is out and we got the right man in!

        • Segun

          Tundemah I would borrow the words of professor Owolabi
          You suffer from constipation of the mind poverty of thought and diarrhea of the mouth. Lol
          What market are you refering to?
          One for oluwole certificates ? Abi or the market for 9 year old girls as wives to pedifiles?
          All we thank God for is that at last the chief priest of Boko haram would now call his army to order so that the blood of the baboon and dog would no longer be spilled
          Thank God we would no long experience sucidial killings from an army of young children.
          How long did it take this janjaweed to get there and at what cost in terms of life and property?
          What a shame
          How many defeats did the beast face?
          4 or 5 defeats? Abi
          What is great in getting a job at 80 years?( his real age) lol
          When you suffer from dementia?
          What contributions can you really make.
          We are just waiting for him to say Nigeria is in Central Africa on CNN then your eyes would clear that we have a prehistoric creature at the helm of affairs.
          You say go lick your wounds I say how many times did you do so?
          GEJ a minority ruled you for 6 years – go eat your self.
          He beat the general fair and square the first time .
          Over 800 young Nigerians died as a direct result of this win on orders of this animal
          It took the shedding of innocent blood by you blood thirsty animals to force GEJ out through a frudulent process.
          That is nothing to be ashamed of.
          I wonder what ethnic glasses you are talking about? The pot calling the kettle black. Lol
          Is it the one that uses Over 1 million underaged Almajari to vote?
          Or the one that kept adjusting the figures at Jegas secret command center? Lol
          Tell me
          you say it would take 4 years I doubt that – don’t forget your general still has a cepeticate issue to deal with . Olori buruku
          He would not do 2 years Mark my words
          As a slave to Tinubu he would be pushed out once tensions are down.
          He must do all that his master tells him or face punishment.lol
          GMB as a confirmed slave is riding a tiger and would be swallowed in due time.
          So kept your basket mouth shut
          You e-rat and enjoy the money thief Tinubu gave you. Lol

          • tundemash

            You ought to mourn quietly instead of displaying amazing stup1dity online. Even if Buhari is 100yrs old, the fact remains that Nigerians have emphatically said they prefer him to a thieving Dumbo Jo …. end of story!

          • Segun

            Tundemash you sound like a rat being eaten alive by a cat – head first Lol
            It is amazing to hear rats like you who have been mourning for over 16 years tell others to mourn quietly. Maybe I should come and take mourning lessons from you.
            Since you have 16 years experience in this area .Lol

            Nigerians emphatically said they prefer him?
            A certified certificate forger and confirmed pedifile
            A blood thirsty savage who drove over 800 young Nigerians to their death because he lost an election to GEJ.
            What changed over the 16 years of constant losses at the polls that made Nigerians change their minds about this demented fellow?
            Did he improve himself by passing his WASC?
            Or did he acquire a university degree like General Yakubu Gowan did after he was overthrown?
            Let me guess- the oluwole university where thief Tinubu is the Pro- chancellor issued him his BSC cephficate- lol
            Rats like you who suffer from occasional flashes of intelligence should synchronize their posting to the time when an occasional flash occurs so that you make sense.
            Look at your hero has he explained what happened to the 25 billion Naira that developed wings at PTF?
            What about the 2.8 billion Dollars that disappeared under his watch?
            Craze man be that – animal in craze man skin- Fela.
            A demon pretending to be an angel
            Let It be known that this certificate forger and hate monger can never escape justice?
            No matter how long it takes he would face justice like Pinochet . period.

          • tundemash

            Mr Rabble Rouser,

            You guys had all the these “tales by moonlight” all over the place prior to the election and yet Nigerians still said to hell with you and your tales. Give it up, it is over for cluelessness, ethnic and religious bigotry, corruption and impunity.

            Mr. advise: When your mourning period is over, go read Ambassador Ignatius C. Olisemeka, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs – www(dot)vanguardngr(dot)com/2015/04/what-ambassador-olisemeka-said-about-buhari-before-his-election-victory/

            and get some education.

          • Segun

            shut up your stinking mouth and allow your janjaweed brain to do some thinking.
            There is no quota system required here. Lol
            Your intellectual inferiority is glaring.
            Yes I accept that not everyone was born to think some like you who are apes with a human appearance must allow we humans to think for you rather than pretend.
            I would break it down for your orangutan brain.
            Listen carefully to what I have to say – no Ape like sounds- it is not time for your bananas yet – Lol
            This election was not about Buhari winning .
            There were powerful external forces at play who wanted to internalize perceived economic externalities – I know as an ape you may find it difficult to understand what I have written but don’t worry I would break it down so that your orangutan brain can assimilate.

            The Slave masters wanted a change at the top because they felt that their economic interests was under threat with the PIB bill and the dumber the man on top the better.
            That was the reason period
            They were willing to shove aside issues of past human rights violations by this janjaweed on horse back so long as their interests are protected Ape.
            Any intelligent fellow who listened to certificateless Buharis speech after being selected would know all the forces at play and their agents
            I refer you to what he said and the individuals he thanked in his speech-
            Go and think about this statement- we would engage.
            Also examine the carerer path of those he thanked and the countries sighted in his speech and attempt to discover commonalities then let us discuss further
            Please look for a human to do the thinking for you don’t rush and post rubbish.
            Apes have limitations – lol
            We require an individual with a certain level of intelligence in this discussion .
            I suggest you discuss with your handlers first.
            If you know what I mean- lol.
            Further stop all your mouthing of buzz words like cluless, ethnic and religious bigotry-
            It exposes you as a complete retard since all of Nigeria is awear that these buzz words came from the American PR Firm hired by APC.
            Where is your originality Ape?

          • tundemash

            Only an insane person laughs to his own dry words.
            Once again, Nigerians have poohpoohed your ethnic and religious divisiveness and failed to achieve the objective aim and perpetuating the the Otuoke Cl0wn in power.
            Mr. Ethnic bigot …. get over it , you lost ! You can cry from now to eternity, President Buhari wil take over the mantle of leadership May 29th.

          • Segun

            Shut up!!!
            You sound like an Ape that has just been molested .
            i told you before that this forum is for humans not Apes.
            We humans are having a discussion
            We are yet to develop a common language with your kind.
            The only way I can help you is to ensure that you are picked up By the Zoo keeper in time for your bananas – adopted from Guguru.
            Don’t worry arrangements are being made to ensure a quick transport to your cage.
            I have informed the Zoo keepers that there is a stray orangutan lol
            You are allowed to make all the ape sounds when you are back in your cage

          • tundemash

            You are still suffering from the hangover of the election defeat hence your incoherent outbursts.
            Dumbo has acknowledged defeat and even admitted being caged for the last 16 years and happy to go home now and here you are, a professional hanger-on, crying more that the bereaved. You can hallucinate and conjure up things as much as you want in your warped mind. The fact remains, Nigerians rejected you and Dumbo with all your propaganda and just as Dumbo is going back to Otuoke, do us a favour by crawling back into the hole u came from !

          • Segun

            I have promoted you from an orangutan to a chimpanzee- I am impressed with your progress report- I almost forgot that Apes can learn after repetitive action- lol
            Now Mr Chimpanzee – these are instructions-they are far too advanced for you to analyse-
            So do not attempt to do so it may cause permanent damage to your developing ape brain. Lol
            Get a human to analyze the fundermental thesis/ argument put forward- for GEJs electoral loss-
            Research the following
            1 the Doctrine of the circulation of elites

            2 processes of electoral cohesion in a multicultural and multiethnic society- the Indonesian example
            3 public choice- an economic and social model for advanced democratic change.
            These can be researched on the net.
            Do not attempt to do the reseach your self- as I told you apes have limitations .
            Do not think that because you got promoted from an orangutan to a chimpanzee that there is something special about you- lol
            Your analysis in all your postings lack depth and is limited to a few lines . It is full of plagiarized buzz words from an American PR firm.
            It lacks originality and therefore exposes your intellectual inferiority. It places you on the level of a chimpanzee- ( in terms of your IQ) and that is being generous.
            If you had borthered to read through my analysis after the usual 10 hours it takes your retard brain to respond, you would find that we have gone beyond a simple electoral victory to identifying the fundamental reasons behind the selection of Buhari as our CC despite obvious deviations that civilized society holds dear
            But I may be expecting to much from a chimpanzee.
            My advice-
            Get a human to do the analysis so that we I can engage
            Well do chimpanzee- now here are your bananas- lol

          • tundemash

            The more you struggle , the more you expose your insanity .
            How the loss of election by PDP and Jonathan becomes your own personal tragedy should be a classical case for spiritual examination.

            A cl0wn thinks writing several lines of illogical mumbo jumbo is what impresses anyone? It failed to do the trick before the election hence the big NO to your looting masters at the election.

            You can hallucinate for as long as you want here, one thing will not change; We have taken our country back from your looting masters

          • Segun

            Chimpanzee did you follow my instructions?

            Did you get a human to analyze the material?
            when you have followed instructions then you can have your bananas- lol

          • tundemash

            foll0w instructions of a mad man laughing at his own dry jokes ?

            Jona lost election and is already packing out of Aso Rock while you are here crying more than the bereaved.

            Keep crying me a river, it changes nothing; We have taken our country back from your looting masters; that is my joy and your source of eternal sadness!

  • Willie

    Dear General Buhari:

    I fear you may not be getting good advice from the APC supporters surrounding you.
    Here’s some good advice. There are three conditions to become President of Nigeria.
    Those three conditions MUST be met before anyone can be cleared to be sworn in.
    Just winning a poll by highest number of votes does NOT make anyone a President.

    [1] You must be a Nigerian citizen aged over 18 years.
    [2] You must win the highest number of votes + 25% of votes in 24 states
    [3] You must NOT have committed a dis-qualifying offence.

    Today, you have met the first and second conditions but NOT met the 3rd condition.
    The third condition is specifically stated in the 1999 Constitution as follows:

    • A person shall not be qualified for election to the office of President if he has
    presented a forged certificate to the Independent National Electoral Commission.


    • Interrogator


      • i dey hear


        • Ogom

          Na you get your mouth

          • point of order


            The Constitution says “..SHALL NOT BE QUALIFIED”…. When the Constitution uses the word ‘shall‘, no Judge, nobody – not even President Jonathan – has the power to say, no!
            or to qualify Buhari all by himself. Section 1 [1] 1999 Constitution is supreme over any Judge.

          • Papashango77

            U come late, the train don move 48hours ago.

        • bj

          Pls stop all this rubbish comments bhai is more than anything to be a president in nigeria.

        • Tunsj

          What is your own qualification? Waiting to hear back from you. Clown.

    • Habeeb Adewale Mustapha

      Are you still sulking your loss? Eeyah!

    • taewo

      You better go and see your GP urgently because you may suddenly die of hypertension

  • Habeeb Adewale Mustapha

    I am excited and cannot wait to see the Brand New EFCC with independent powers and funding. Una go hear win!

    • Citizen

      Mr. Adewale, my personal appeal
      Please let us pay attention to Lagos. Beware of the booby trap of Bode George and his team of deceits.
      It very important we take Lagos State to the main stream now. We should not be in the opposition. say NO to Bode George and his Team who are seeking personal interest. They want to sell the heritage of the Yorubas to the trading settlers through subtle deceit of ‘Lagos for all’. Remember there is no non-indegines holding political positions in other states. Only Lagos and Kano has political positions for non-indigenes. That is ok, not to the extent of selling our heritage. Lagos is first a Yoruba land before being a Commercial capital. Lagos Yorubas beware of what Bode George, Jimmy and Ogunlewe is trying to do. It will backfire in the future. Vote wisely. The effect of their action may bring ethnic cleansing in hundred of years to come. Please I am not being tribalistic, but talking the reality of their dubious selfish action. Peaceful living is better. Please pass the message to those who love the Yoruba heritage. Have u ever heard of ‘Baba Nnewi or Baba Owerri’. I know they guard their heritage jealously, why are we trying to vote our own heritage and God given land away? Beware of PDP tricks in Lagos.
      Is it also reasonable to go opposition in Lagos now, when for sixteen years we’ve struggled thru without concrete Federal help? Please help and tell people the truth….

      • lastp

        This is how you start your tribalism. If other people are doing, you people will be the first to shout. God sabi you. If APc has been to Lagosians there will no need for this your sentiment. Anyway, it is up to Lagosians

  • ’70

    David Mark is gone then…

  • Arcane

    General Obasanjo’s damaging impulsiveness

    Baba: Please, please don’t ruin our party’s chances
    by antagonizing President Jonathan with snide comments at this stage.
    The last thing Buhari needs is the snide ‘congratulatory letter’ you dispatched
    to him within two hours after Professor Jega of INEC declared final election results.
    In it you said, “With so much harm already done to many national institutions,
    including the military, which proudly nurtured you and me…..

    For God’s sake what does that kind of cynical remark mean in a congratulatory
    letter? It is rather rash and impulsive. Next time, please learn to borrow a leaf from
    ex-President Babangida and Lt. General both of whom show far more mature judgment
    at a time like this.

    General Buhari only won a general election. He has not met the last constitutional condition
    to be inaugurated as President of Nigeria on 29th of May. Almost 13 court cases have been
    pending against Buhari since January 6th this year on the constitutional condition for eligibility.

    • Arcane

      ….(2) General Obasanjo’s damaging impulsiveness

      Buhari has not been able to produce the evidence required in those 13 court cases;
      which is his claimed WASC (certificate) that he swore on oath to have obtained in 1961.
      According to Doyin Okupe, the current presidential spokesman, WAEC has disproved Buhari
      and said Muhammadu Buhari’s name is NOT on WAEC’s data base in any combination.

      Buhari himself does not offer any WASC document. The effect of presenting a false certificate
      to INEC by affidavit is automatic nullification of all votes Buhari scored at this presidential election
      plus a compulsory judicial order dis-qualification of Muhammadu Buhari himself. Given these omens,
      how will your expressly antagonizing President Goodluck Jonathan at this time help Buhari or APC?

      • i dey hear


        • akwabo ime


          Yeh! So this law is there inside 1999 Constitution since? Buhari did not read it?
          What kind of thing is this? How can he become President now? It is impossible.
          This APC people get only small sense O! Why rush to do JAMB when you don’t
          have school certificate? And the APC people will say they are “strategists”, not so?

          What is the strategy in running for election without the qualification to be eligible?
          That is animal sense. These fools of APC just wasted their money. No sense at all.

          The only thing now is for Buhari to say he does not want to be president again.
          If he says that one, the court can look at him with pity and beg the complainants to
          withdraw the 13 cases against Buhari. Otherwise, if Buhari should do strong-head,
          the lawyers say it is 14 years inside prison for him (for perjury) not inside Aso rock.

          Kai, this thing is very bad of Buhari. He should have withdrawn since December 10th
          for APC to put Governor Kwankwaso of Kano there. Kwankwaso was 2nd in APC primary.
          Because of Buhari’s strong-head now APC will lose all the 15m votes and dis-qualified too.

          • sho


            APC is a criminal organization – full of Alhajis – signifying nothing.
            Rather than do the honourable thing and quit the presidential race,
            Buhari and his APC plotted to spin tales by moonlight, strating with
            nonsense talk that Buhari’s military training is equivalent to WASC.

            Sheer nonsense! Totally irrelevant bunkum. The issue instead is this:
            is the affidavit claim sworn on oath and delivered to INEC true or false;
            that he sat for Waec/Cambridge exam in 1961 and obtained WASC?

            APC criminals have not been able to answer yes or no since December.
            And they want to be president through this crooked path of lies-telling?
            The day APC will take the presidency of Nigeria will be the end of Nigeria.
            This 2015 attempt to lie their way through is dead and buried until 2019.

          • Freethinker


          • Tunsj

            You are not making any sense at all. Deal with it because the election is over. There is really something wrong with you because you are behaving like a clown. I don’t believe any one of your lies you just told and you talk a lot without saying anything of significance.

          • goodygoody


          • Arabakpura

            Send this script to Nollywood actors, they can make a better use of it!

        • NTT

          U r getting it wrong, the case in the court didn’t say Gmb did not have certificate but did not submit it. Mumu olodo, akuya.

      • Ogoh


      • Law Offices (New York, U.S.A)

        Dear Editor:

        Re: Muhammadu Buhari’s eligibility to contest

        Nigerians need to understand the meaning of ‘corruption’ and use the word correctly.
        Corruption means dis-honest intention expressed outwards by finessing a crooked outcome.
        Within that precise definition of corruption, Buhari is, in our view, a most corrupt Nigerian.

        Anyone aspiring to rule a country must not lie, conceal or hide his qualifications to rule.

        Since December 10th, 2014, Buhari lied against the Army on his supposed WAEC certificate.
        Till today, he’s hung onto delay tactics and long adjournments in court to avoid a confession.
        He plots to wangle the presidency of Nigeria without confessing the truth of his qualifications

        That’s equivalent to forging an instrument to defraud a whole country and take over the treasury.
        Under the common law, an attempt to commit larceny of that sort is punishable as a crime itself.

        • Tosin Otitoju

          Exactly. Corruption exists because the system is so. For example, with no campaign finance ‘system’ guess which party had to loot massively for the 2015 elections? The answer is ANY PARTY that wanted to have a chance at winning. So now, will Buhari’s brrom start from his own self? I fear his unintelligence. But I pray and hope for the best.

  • Jide

    Premiumtimes please note it is no longer RULING party it is now to be called GOVERNING party – Buhari

    • Ogoh


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  • Truth009

    Over the past 12 hours or so, I have watched the international community, and indeed Nigerians, shower praises on President Jonathan. He is now synonymous with names like: ”a true democrat”, ”an agent of change”, ”selfless”, ”African hero” to mention but a few. All these names are born out of the fact that, to our minds (scratch that, ”their minds” is more apt), he provided an enabling environment for a free and fair election and after losing, rather than act like most African leaders of years past, he conceded defeat, called and congratulated the President elect.

    Free and fair election? It is funny that once an incumbent loses, people automatically delude themselves that the election was free and fair. Before my eyes, I watched PDP rig. APC also rigged. Indeed, it was a contest in which the best rigger won.

    Are we going to shut our eyes to all the pictures and videos of underage children voting in the North? Are we going to pretend we don’t know that the waiver granted the North by INEC to carry out manual accreditation gave Buhari an undue advantage? Do we earnestly believe that in spite of the insurgency and uprising in the North, Northerners still came out en masse to cast their votes without fear of an uprising or terrorist attack? I trust we are not that deluded.

    There was no fair playing ground as the 28th March, 2015 elections were concerned, neither was it free. But it is okay to praise Jonathan for not using all the machineries at his disposal to rig the election. He could have done so if he wanted power so desperately. But he didn’t – for that we applaud him. Enough said on that.

    To the issue of Jonathan’s new ”African hero” status. Make no mistake, with that singular gentleman’s act of calling Buhari, he has saved the country from violence. He has saved us from bloodshed. But is that enough to elevate him to an African hero? I think not. Jonathan is no Mandela. Indeed, he is not even an Awolowo or an Azikiwe, talk less of a Fela. Why Fela? He died speaking against the ills of our nation and Africa at large. Fela will definitely be turning in his grave seeing Buhari being the face of ”change”. Same Buhari he condemned along with other military leaders in his songs. This is more of a damming indictment on Jonathan than anything.

    Jonathan’s defeat had been a long time coming. Those who have eyes could see it at least two years ago. I’ll keep reiterating that Jonathan lost the elections, not by the extra votes Buhari got from the North, but by the large number of votes he lost from the South. Because of the total neglect of the south over the past six years, Southerners did not see the need to come out and vote for a ”brother” who had failed them. Hence, Jonathan lost over 3.5 million votes from what he got from the region in 2011. If that was gotten in addition to what he scored in the March 28th elections, he would have been President elect.

    Again, how did our ”democrat” emerge as the sole presidential aspirant for PDP? The process through which Jonathan emerged to be the flag bearer of the PDP was most undemocratic. He stifled all other aspirants and ensured there was no contest. Hence, he emerged unopposed. We are not saying he would have lost in a proper primaries, we are merely contending that other party members would have been more willing to work for him if he had emerged from a proper democratic process. This is an advantage Buhari had over him.

    Permit me to bore you a bit by reiterating that Jonathan didn’t lose because the election was free and fair. No, he lost because he spent the last six years doing the wrong things.
    There has been so much hullabaloo Jonathan’s call to Buhari. While it is commendable, I see nothing special in the act. He did the rational thing. He did what I would have done. There was nothing special when John McCain called to congratulate President Obama in 2008, why should this be celebrated? Africans must stop celebrating mediocrity. Let’s celebrate something exceptional, something special, something unheard of. Jonathan had to save himself from further embarrassment. He knew attempting to contest the results will expose his obvious inefficiency. So he did the honourable thing, he saved his face.

    In spite of all the stick we have unleashed on him, make no mistake, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is not a bad man. He is just surrounded by the wrong people, by sycophants. He had good intentions for Nigeria, but this was stifled by his weakness and inability to take firm decisions. However, it is not all negatives, not all gloom. There are some positive lessons learnt.

    We thank Jonathan for unconsciously opening the eyes and minds of Nigerians. Yes, because of his ineffectiveness, today, Nigerians have a new mindset.  Today, every leader will sit up because we now realise that power indeed resides in the ”people”.
    Today, Nigerians have (either by hook or crook) voted out an under performing President. We have done it today, we can do it again tomorrow if the president elect under-performs.

    From the little we know about General Buhari, he is a dictator, a tyrant, a sectarian and a religious extremist. Let us hope for the sake of Nigeria that he has repented. Otherwise, we will gather again as a people and vote him out in 2019.

    There is a common saying that; ”you either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain”. By the singular act of calling Buhari, he has endeared himself to the hearts of many. He has chosen to die a mini-hero, rather than attempting to contest the results and probably living long enough to become the villain.

    But is that enough to make us close our eyes to his cowardice and ineffectiveness over the past six years?
    Is it enough to make up for the past six years of neglect and lack of proper infrastructural development in the South?

    Is it enough to compensate us for all the foreign investors we have lost due to the insecurity in the North??

    Does the phone call automatically make up for all the lives lost due to his inability to effectively combat boko haram?

    I’ll leave it at that for now. You make the call… Jonathan; hero or coward???

    Enome Amatey Esq.
    Email: enomeamatey@yahoo.com
    Twitter: @iimperfecttme

    • Tosin Otitoju

      You have tried. You wrote a LONNNG comment and I read it all 🙂 God bless Nigeria.

      • Citizen

        Please let us pay attention to Lagos. Beware of the booby trap of Bode George and his team of deceits.
        It very important we take Lagos State to the main stream now. We should not be in the opposition. say NO to Bode George and his Team who are seeking personal interest. They want to sell the heritage of the Yorubas to the trading settlers through subtle deceit of ‘lagos for all’. Remember there is no non indigenes holding political positions in other state. Only Lagos and Kano has political positions for non indigenes. That is ok, not to extent of selling our heritage. lagos is first a Yoruba land before being a Commercial capital. Lagos Yorubas beware of what Bode George, Jimmy and Ogunlewe is trying to do. It will backfire in the future. Vote wisely. The effect of their action may bring ethnic cleansing in hundred of years to come. Please I am not being tribalistic, but talking the reality of their dubious selfish action. Peaceful living is better. Please pass the message to those who love the Yoruba heritage. Have u ever heard of ‘baba Nnewi or Baba Owerri’. I know they guard their heritage jealously, why are we trying to vote ours away? Beware of PDP tricks in Lagos.

        • Total

          You are wrong. Change is good for Nigeria. After 16 years of rule of AD-APC we need a change. It is good for Lagos and our democratic experience. As for me THERE MUST BE CHANGE IN LAGOS. FULL STOP . This is not about bode George or Ogunlewe et al as voting Buhari was not about TINUBU. It is about doing the needful for the good of all. JIMI ALL THE WAY.

          • Sincerely Yours

            You do not change a winning team. “Amboooo, Ambo. Amboooo, Ambo. Eko se se bere ni o, Amboooo. Gba be”. APC! CHANGE.

    • the man who plays alone

      When you people decide to wake up it will be better for us all. Go back to 2011 and see the figures jonathan and buhari had in the north, then you will understand that you are making an issue out of no issue. for your information in 2011, in kano buhari had 1,624,543 and jonathan had 440,666, in kaduna buhari had 1,334,244 jonathan had 1,190,179. in katsina buhari had 1,163,919 jonathan had 428,392. go to the east and see the result, it also followed the same pattern. yes i agree with you both of them rigged, so why say this was not fair and 2011 was fair.Obasanjo, Babangida, Danjuma were all retired generals in 2011 and in 2015. They supported Jonathan in 2011, they were good guys, but now that some/all of them did not support him, then they are suddenly bad people. The votes from South West in 2011 was good, but because they were not for jonathan in 2015, they were bad? Wake up to the new reality, you only rigged where you have majority, what the election shows is that APC had majority in most states.
      if it is a democracy, people can decide who they want to vote for, so because they did not vote your way they are bad ? what kind of logic is that especially when they voted for you before and you praised them then.

      Now, those that trooped to the street in Akwa Ibom and port harcourt too are south westerners of northern people?
      it is better and more profitable to look at what went wrong in order to fix it rather than blaming people for voting against you



  • Thepeople

    Thank God. David Mark who never had the balls to tell truth to power has gone. He leaves only the stench of corruption and poor leadership behind.

  • i dey hear


    • Friedey

      @ I dey hear:

      You put it well, my brother. Muhammadu Buhari went to bring five S.A.N
      (lawyers) to court. None of the five lawyers has till today shown the court any
      WASC certificate till today. They were playing tricks. They slowed proceedings
      since March to allow Buhari take part in the presidential. But that is not
      lawyerly. It is mosquito sense. As you put it, it is just like somebody going
      to do JAMB exam for admission to university without having any WASC.

      Buhari now wants to show his JAMB score (of 15 million votes he got
      at Saturday’s election
      ) and tell the High Court to break the law and the
      Constitution that any candidate to be admitted to a university – in this case,
      Aso Villa, must attach and show a copy of his claimed WAEC certificate.

      Since December last year Buhari cannot show any WASC he swore he got.
      All that Buhari wants to do now – by remaining in court on this WASC case –
      is to virtually break the law and violate the 1999 Constitution. It will never
      happen. Buhari will not be allowed to violate the Constitution and benefit from his
      own wrong-doing of presumably lying on oath. Democracy means rule of law.
      The 1999 Constitution of Nigeria is not negotiable.

    • Factual


  • Maria

    The day APC was formed… in this forum the chorus was… “APC is dead on arrival”… Let me laugh like an Otuoke clown…Hehehehahahahahahuhuhu….Who is dead now? Your guess is as good as mine! Most of those PDP senators will defect to APC very soon.

    • Parasites in Power

      Take a pig, dress him up in a 3 piece suit, he is always going to look for the dirtiest part of the mud to swim. Once a dunce always a dunce. From his incoherent conversations, it is clear why the parasite failed his English and Mathematics. Branless, dumb, daft & dumb . Too much tragedy for Nigeria. But the APC is a parasitic Yoruba/Hausa regional party with no economic power. They can be strangulated in 24hrs without firing a bullet. They sure know it, but hope the United SS&SE never acts. Big hope!

      • Thebeloved

        Dear Brother, I wish I am not dignifying your hate and unethical speech but get small education. While I hate tribalism and all the division that comes
        with it, I want you to know that no tribe can really bring the nation,
        Nigeria to its kneel. I agree there could be crisis which must be faced
        and iron out. If you think oil in that region is enough, then look at
        where we are as a nation. We have more than oil, we have been bedeviled
        for a long time because of laziness and lack of vision by our leaders.
        There are other immediate things we can get along with, agriculture,
        steel etc,. Even oil is now found in commercial quantity in Lagos, Ondo,
        Ogun and somewhere in the North. Lagos as a matter of fact will join
        the oil producing states this year. I hope you know that? Let’s us
        jettison this threat that’s taking us nowhere. Is South South and South
        East better for it? The whole nation is troubled with poverty in the
        midst of plenty

      • Taiwo

        I wonder why you do not live in your land that is flowing with milk and honey. You guys should be careful. You have started looking for trouble again just as you did in ’67. Remember Sudan !

    • Onike24

      Congratulations! You were a vocal proponent for the truth.

  • NTT


    • Mr Igbo Sanity

      Anufia. don;t insult a nation of 50 million people worldwide. Igbos like Okorocha, Onu, Ngige, and millions of Igbos who were on the APC movement before the formation of APC do not owe anyone any obligation especially ethnic BIGOTS like you. Note that over 50% of Yoruba and Ekiti in the SW voted for Jonathan, the most corrupt soul on the face of this planet. Not only has Igbos ruled this country before in the name of Aguiyi Ironsi, and Azikiwe (partnership) with Tafawa Balewa, Igbos will continue to run Nigeria again and again going forward.

      The MOST PROGRESSIVE group in Nigeria is the Igbos as you will find them in all nooks and corners of this country and this planet, unafraid, industrous, and lawfully pursuing their businesses worldwide

  • NTT

    INITIALLY, THE S.E (IGBO) THOUGHT THAT WITHOUT THEM GMB CANNOT MAKE IT TO THE PRESIDENT FORGETTING THAT THE S.W AND NORTH CAN MAKE IT POSSIBLE . I hope the will not complain of marginalization after the inauguration of this government.

    • Ignorance

      No. They hold the economic power…and the United SS&SE can bring any government to its knees in 24hrs with minimal or no huuman casualty. Wake up Musa and ask him of his experience. This is what brought Dr Jonathan….and it can and will happen again

      • djay

        I beg to disagree with you.

      • Thebeloved

        Dear Brother, While I hate tribalism and all the division that comes with it, I want you to know that no tribe can really bring the nation, Nigeria to its kneel. I agree there could be crisis which must be faced and iron out. If you think oil in that region is enough, then look at where we are as a nation. We have more than oil, we have been bedeviled for a long time because of laziness and lack of vision by our leaders. There are other immediate things we can get along with, agriculture, steel etc,. Even oil is now found in commercial quantity in Lagos, Ondo, Ogun and somewhere in the North. Lagos as a matter of fact will join the oil producing states this year. I hope you know that? Let’s us jettison this threat that’s taking us nowhere. Is South South and South East better for it? The whole nation is troubled with poverty in the midst of plenty

      • BCC Gboko

        I beg to agree with you. I think the SS&SE should reorganise themselves and link with the middle belt and either break away or frustrate apc and make Nigeria ungovernable. One bad turn deserves another.

      • Ade

        You are really ignorant

  • Dumb President Elect

    …the consequences of having a daft, clueless and dunce as president are just too grave. His terrible inaudible and highly incoherent conversations are clearly incomprehensible. He can barely completely pronounce any English word properly or even completely. What kind of disgrace is this? The world has started laughing at Nigeria and Nigerians – that despite our intelligence in the South, we voted a dumb Northerner, but they always fail to realize that it is some cowardly region of the South that voted for the terrorist loving clueless duncee like sheep going for the slaughter.

    Nigeria is back to backwardness. Except that for the mean time, the parents of te North will have to begin to prepare their daughters for suicide bombings in 4 yrs time when there will be another election.

    • Helena

      Back to backwardness indeed. I wonder how a people see fire and jump inside with eyes open

      • checkmate

        HAHAHA!!! Mumu, Never underrate the ALMAJIRIS again. By the way, Where is MAMA PISS?

    • MilitaryPolice01

      All these insults for a human being,take it easy my brother.Please be careful,take a lesson from people that called him brain dead and wearing pampers three weeks ago..they are now congratulating him and calling him Nigerias Abraham Lincoln.Dont insult what you dont know,that you are on the internet will not prevent the cosmic consequences

    • You deserve the award as Worst Alarmist and Slanderer in Nigerian history. How much of your native language can Westerner Europeans pronounce well, hypocrite?

    • Mallam’sdaughter

      What criteria have you used in judging the president-elect as daft, clueless and a dunce? is it his being from the north or his pronunciation of english words? I would have you know that these two criteria are in no way a measure of a person’s intelligence or lack of it. There is absolutely no scientific basis for such an assumption. Accepting such would be akin to accepting the belief by some caucasians that the white man is inherently intellectually superior to the black man. Would you agree to that assertion? I doubt.

      I went to school with people who hailed from every corner of Nigeria to the extent that I can tell you where a person is from just from their name even if I have never heard that particular name before. While we were in school, your geographic extraction never ever determined intellectual prowess, creativity, problem solving abilities, communication skills or lack of them. An Uloma could readily be beaten to top position in several fields of endeavour by a Halima who could be beaten by a Ronke who could be beaten by a Sokari who could be beaten by an Emem who could be beaten by a Duoeye who could be beaten by a Rotkang who could be beaten by a Fanna who could be beaten by a Tareh. I could go on and on but I think my point is clear. What mattered most was dedication to cause and application of self not what I consider to be an accident of geography.

      If the world is laughing at Nigeria, is it because we have failed as a nation politically, socially, economically and even morally or is it because of the way we pronounce english words? Is the world really laughing because “intelligent southerners” have voted “a dumb northerner”? Who and who exactly comprise this “world” you refer to?

      Before we make sweeping statements like “Nigeria is back to backwardness”, let Nigerians see what the new government has to offer and then decide for themselves whether or not we as a nation are back to backwardness. Let us shun the use of emotions and base our statements on facts and reality.

      Finally, I am from the North and I assume you are from the South (from your post above). To put to rest your baseless assumption about intelligence or lack of it based on geographic extraction, I challenge you to an IQ test by Mensa International which measures intelligence over various spectra including academic intelligence. It is a neutral test and cannot be rigged in favour of any ethnic group….North, South, East or West.

    • Almajiri’s Daughter

      Another Orubebe-esque Statement that deserves to be Jega-ed!

      Some sort of exposure is highly important for you before you continue to feed your over-bloated ego with the delusion of grandeur.

    • Umar Mohammed

      You always condemn Northerners, tell me what crime or crimes have they committed? Is it their accommodative nature that Igbos prefer to live and do business in the North? I will rather be an almajiri
      than an armed robber or a kidnapper or engage in cultism.

  • Du Covenant

    Brilliant!, I know of one PDP seat that is being challenged in Plateau State so God willing the APC will have additional seats in the Senate. Jang stole somebody else’s seat because old habits die hard and we shall see…

  • MushinSpeaks

    APC ends 16 years of misrule! Nigerians say no to the age long “bow and go” tradition.

    • Citizen

      Please let us pay attention to Lagos. Beware of the booby trap of Bode George and his team of deceits.
      It very important we take Lagos State to the main stream now. We should not be in the opposition. say NO to Bode George and his Team who are seeking personal interest. They want to sell the heritage of the Yorubas to the trading settlers through subtle deceit of ‘Lagos for all’. Remember there is no non-indegines holding political positions in other states. Only Lagos and Kano has political positions for non-indigenes. That is ok, not to the extent of selling our heritage. Lagos is first a Yoruba land before being a Commercial capital. Lagos Yorubas beware of what Bode George, Jimmy and Ogunlewe is trying to do. It will backfire in the future. Vote wisely. The effect of their action may bring ethnic cleansing in hundred of years to come. Please I am not being tribalistic, but talking the reality of their dubious selfish action. Peaceful living is better. Please pass the message to those who love the Yoruba heritage. Have u ever heard of ‘Baba Nnewi or Baba Owerri’. I know they guard their heritage jealously, why are we trying to vote our own heritage and God given land away? Beware of PDP tricks in Lagos.

      Is it also reasonable to go opposition in Lagos now, when for sixteen years we’ve struggled thru without concrete Federal help? Please help and tell people the truth….

  • Truth heals

    Abia central should be taken from PDP. T. A Orji never won that election. Even in his polling booth he lost.

  • Chris1408

    Bye bye David Mark, I hope you’re reduced to a mere floor member

    • IgboIzugbe

      …of course David Mark is nothing but a “deck hand” now.

  • Halima

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  • Remi

    There is no problem as more seats will come from tribunals and defections.

  • McAlfred Uta

    Must South East produce Senate President and Speaker of House of Reps. after producing 5 Senate Presidents under OBJ and both deputies under GEJ. Give it to George Akume and let Ogbonnaya Onu take over as National Chairman of APC while the Speaker’s position go to South-South.The North East can produce SGF.

    • Papashango77

      My take is that let the best hands take over positions of authority and not been there just as a figure head because it wasn’t given on merit but circumstance. Lets take the case of GEJ as an example. Nigeria must be better!

  • Okey

    These hungry, angry and desperately office-seeking so-called Igbo leaders should be honest to themselves to say that they are desperately seeking to save or protect themselves for April 11. They should face their ambition and mission with the sincerity it deserves. They should be mindful not to make the mistake of interpreting Igbos as fools, otherwise Ndigbo will visit their anger on them come April 11.

    All along, these self-seeking Igbos had always praised the Yoruba for remaining steadfast to the ideal of one-united-entity for not only political relevance but bargaining. The Yoruba built that pedigree and out of it came the beautiful bride that must be reckoned with by anybody or block seeking anything today in Nigeria. But today, desperately office seeking elements among the Igbo are poo-pooing the very strategy that gave their compatriots a stronger bargaining power; a strategy they (Igbo elements) have always envied of and commended the Yoruba for. They will rather have an Igbo nation with disparate, unidentifiable stand and mission that will serve only the interest of the few.

    What is wrong with having the entire Igbo only in APGA ? Or will any PDP candidate in 2019 dismiss the Igbo race with a wave of the hand ? Must we only be concerned (aptly, condemned) to being Speaker or Senate President now, 2019 and forever ? Is there any place in the Nigerian Constitution that says the Office of the Senate President or Speaker of the House of Representatives must come from the party in majority ? Hasn’t there been in this country a Speaker of the House of Representatives who emerged from a minority party ? Or, will revenue allocation to Igbo land cease because they are not APC ? Or, worse case scenario, will their properties all over Nigeria be now declared “Abandoned” on account of their election decision-making “crime” ?

    My surmise is, the joke is on them – Buhari and APC. If Gen. Buhari who says he is coming to better the wrongs of Jonathan will start that by excluding Ndigbo, so be it. As another said elsewhere, the “Senate President” or “Speaker, ” and I add, “Secretary to the Government” means nothing in the hand of a rigid and powerful president. These offices bore relevance in-between 2007, 2011 to 2015 because of the persons of Yar’Adua and Jonathan. Between 1999 and 2007, they meant nothing, practically nothing. So if Buhari seeks a pound of flesh with them, let him have it. The Yoruba has been on that path before, they did not self-condemn or self-reject or self-destruct themselves. A positive aspect of it all is that, exclusion at the centre will engender positive behaviour at home. It will, willy-nilly, force Igbo Governors to be judicious and accountable in their management and husbandry of received allocations to their state, which allocations I know will not be denied them because they are not in APC. For I am one those who believe, strongly, that corruption pervades more at the states level than at the centre; that there is not check-and-balance at the states level because, honestly and seriously speaking, there are no state legislatures in Nigeria; that in the result, the unemployment and hunger which is the bye-product of mindless corruption in the states are deftly pushed to and blame on the Federal Government. If therefore, the Igbo Governors will be just a little honest in the management of resources, Gen. Buhari and APC can take their Senate President and Speaker to wherever will comfort their souls, Ndigbo will not will not die.

    The average Igbo man decided for himself on the day of election bearing in mind that he has never seen the way to and fro Igboland – be it Lagos to Onitsha or Abuja to Enugu – better than under Jonathan, and rightly considered it an act of wickedness to turn their back against such a man. If anyone today does to them similarly as Jonathan did, I bet they will follow such a person. Okorocha and co. are seeking to save themselves on April 11 by precipitating a bandwagon effect. By their town-hall gathering in Owerri the other day and excessive effusions on “Senate President this” and “speaker that,” they are on mission to safeguard their interest and NEVER to demonstrate their love for Ndigbo. They do not love Ndigbo more than Ndigbo love themselves. Enough of this “Senate President this” and “speaker that.”

  • Omotolaaraujo

    Legislation, legislation, legislation! Immunity must stop and enforcement of the law must begin. When the purse strings are cut, Nigeria will progress.