Buhari issues Boko Haram vow, says sect will “soon know our strength”

Muhammadu Buhari talking
President Muhammadu Buhari

The President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, has issued an audacious vow to crush the jihadi group, Boko Haram, which has tormented Nigerians for years, with an estimated 20,000 people killed.

In an address Wednesday after receiving his Certificate of Return as the president-elect, Mr. Buhari warned that the sect will soon know the “strength of our collective will”.

“No doubt, this nation has suffered greatly in the recent past, and its staying power has been tested to its limits by crises, chief among which is insurgency of the Boko Haram,” Mr. Buhari, a retired general, said in Abuja.

“There is no doubt that in tackling the insurgency we have a tough and urgent job to do. But I assure you that Boko Haram will soon know the strength of our collective will and commitment to rid this nation of terror, and bring back peace and normalcy to all the affected areas. We shall spare no effort until we defeat terrorism,” he said.

Mr. Buhari’s ascension to the presidency followed an electioneering campaign centred largely on his pledge to combat the sect and stamp out corruption.

Until lately, the present Goodluck Jonathan government struggled to contain Boko Haram, as the militants went on rampage killing incident people and seizing swathes of areas in the north east.

The government has however reversed the momentum in the last two months, and has dislodged Boko Haram insurgents from captured areas.

Mr. Buhari, who won the 2015 election after losing three previous elections, noted that Nigeria had been through devastating and unprecedented violence in recent years.

He said the country and her citizens have suffered greatly, and that stopping terrorism had become a seemingly intractable challenge.

He assured that all efforts would be directed at ending terrorism and restoring peace in all parts of the country.


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  • Guguru

    Sai Buhari !!!

    • bigdream

      Why don’t you people shut up and give the give the man a chance to lead the country first before you start crucifying him. GEJ no matter how you people look at it has been a monumental failure. He has been unable to control the people under him including his wife. His regime is marked by the worst corruption this country has ever seen. GEJ was able to win the whole of the south south and south east because of the massive rigging that went on in the place. The same thing happened in parts of the North. The master rigger was rigged out this time around. Where in the North did PDP get less than 5%? You people should open your eyes. You will see what we happen on the 11th.

      • Guguru

        Buhari is the best thing to have happened to Nigeria in almost a decade.

  • abuasmau

    Looks like Boko Haram has already taken cue. No issue today at all. The Nigerian Police caught some “election malpractice” practitioners in Delta. Hmm, Buhari.

  • Intrepid

    Is that an empty threat or what? How can there be boko haram, when their sheik is very much in town?. The chibok girls will make a triumphant appearance from the closet of one of the imams, by June. Let the tongues come flying against these facts. It has been made already.

    • burning spear

      They will release boko haram–aka chibok gals—-from the governor’s lodge in Borno very soon then take credit for it–

  • Chris1408

    Nigeria lost glory will be restored. Let no nation or group trample over over sovereignty ever again

    • burning spear

      mohammadu or Mohamed-buhari

  • Lanre

    General Muhammadu Buhari. It is with a lot of pain but from deep reflection that I pen this comment. I have no intention of congratulating you because I believe that every Nigerian leader after the annulment of Bashorun M.K.O Abiola’s victory of June 12, 1993 is a usurper. However, I have some questions for you, hoping that you have matured and are willing to change Nigeria for the better. Many who today are happy at your victory are either bigots (happy to see a Northern Hausa/Fulani Muslim at the helm of affairs) or little kids (who were born after 1983) and did not know the deceit that you, Idiagbon, Babangida, Abacha, Aikhomu and the others introduced into governance.
    My simple questions for you are as follows:

    1). Will you send a bill to the National Assembly seeking the restructuring of the political units in Nigeria into at least six regions? Each region will contribute a maximum of 10% of earned revenue to the center. Only Foreign Affairs and Defense against external aggression will be on the exclusive list.
    2). Will you constitute a panel of enquiry to investigate and recommend judicial punishment for Ibrahim Babangida and other members of the Military Council that annulled the election of June 12, 1993? That criminal act remaining unpunished, Jonathan will most likely have a better record than you.
    This is all I want from you. I am not interested in your presidency and do not look forward to it. Do not bother or waste your time trying to address corruption which would be another guise to slam as many Southerners into jail as you can. At the end of the day, I am sure you will legislate for Sharia to be practised in Abuja where you will be superintending. That is fine. As long as we Yorubas can have our independent region where we spend what we earn and govern ourselves independent of interference from Abuja, all will be well.

    • bashdo

      Pls dis forum is not for fools,failures and bigots. Face change cos is real or jump into ocean

    • checkmate


    • dx

      I am so surprised shallow minds like you still exist. Exposed your full ignorance of the real issues bedevilling this country, lack of knowledge how the country functions and your kid-like selfishness. Your bigotry is legendarily childish. You don’t care about his presidency yet you dare make requests and ask questions….such arrogance and disrespect (in the name of freedom of speech). Dude, grow up……Nigeria has gone way past this low life thinking, its a new dawn. Nigeria’s journey to greatness has just begun without people like you.

    • Olusola


      • caremate

        Lanre, good contribution! But, dont you think that Nigeria need to move forward? Can’t you see that the political Gladiators who worked to make June 12 a reality for MKO are already the bones and flesh of Buhari? MKO was a Democrat. GMB/YO are democrats as against PDP conservatives. Indirectly, June 12 has already being de-annulled and reactivated on March 28th through the Democrats in GMB/YO elections. May MKO soul rests well in peace.

    • burning spear

      Buhari will never– never work to restructure the country-u do such if you are a citizens of the country—not when u see her as your adopted Nation–as buhari does

  • burning spear

    Buhari should stop his empty threats—-and wait until he assumes the mantle of leadership———-Until then the best he can do is to keep his mouth shut—-In spite of the fact that he is one of d commander of Boko haram–who has over the years refused to stop the ongoing killings-by them—But has used them to scare people in the north into using underage–kids to vote for him———-as a member of the sect–After all did they not pick u———-as their representative ———-? Unaware that the powers of ISIS EXTENDS TO THE HOME OF BOKO HARAM–in Nigeria——-added to the fact that——-they are all Fulanis————-from the same tribe with you—-so u can reach out to them———Don’t also forget to abrogate the 13 percent derivation————-for the oil producing states in the south south——-as u promised to do in Benin—–we are waiting for him to embark on the exercise to disfranchise the SS———–whom u intend to use as your slaves–

    • denx

      schizophrenic….get a life.

  • Jonathan Vs Terrorists

    THE SILENCE OF THE WORLD THAT IT MAY REGRET – No one has a patent for making governance impossible.

    Buhari is just too dumb to lead a complex society like Nigeria. Let’s see how he will perform fighting an insurgency for resource control in the next four years.

    What he has not told the world is that he has long received a phone call of congratulations from abubarkar Shekau right from Sambissa.
    The new method of getting to power by making governance impossible is been well defined. No matter how the Yoruba press attempts to play it down or obscure its significance, they should know that people are watching and that the Niger Delta has a responsibility – a responsibility to react. Will they?

    • dx

      Grow up and stop all these deluded talks….Nigeria just began its journey to greatness.

  • Taster

    Jonathan is my hero – I expect Mr Buhari to show remorse and apologize for the 2011 carnage where precious lives were lost n boko haram birthed all because of his acts n misdeeds after he lost same election that he is today celebrating, then we can truely say – sai buhari!

    • Olusola

      we dont need anything from you. The riots of 2011 was due to rigging. Do they not try rigging him out in 2015? where are the 1.4million people that voted in Rivers state? You are a twisted mind.

      • caremate

        Circumstances and political climate of 2011 were quite different from 2015 political atmosphere. You should also remember that in 2011, GEJ was being directed and teleguided- he was a mere boy to some people in power, but our GEJ of 2015 is politically matured and sensitively wise to do what he did yesterday. Do you know that GEJ’s name is already egged in GOLD? No one in the history of Africa has ever done what he did at that level. He emulated another Doctorate Degree holder ex-Governor of Ekiti State (Dr Fayemi). Nigeria is coming of age.

      • Taster

        You are insane as not give respect to the victims of the 2011 carnage caused by buhari`s refusal to accept defeat just as Mr Jonathan did.
        Every life is precious n non deserved to be cut short.

  • Presidency by Terrorism

    Now the cowardly ethnic group that helped Buhari come to power will lick their wounds forever.

    You don’t come to power with an instrument of terrorism and expect to have peace. It’s just impossible and undemocratic.

    We all have choices. Every Nigerian should be able to aspire to become president without using the instrument of violence by his ethnic militia and terrorists. Jonathan started the fight even before he became president. Only a big fuuuuul will assume that the people of the South & East will not react too.

    Those who do not want to be in Nigeria anymore should have their way. No one is interested in blood shed or war. But secession is a right. Buhari can remain North& West Nigeria President but never of South & East. I istened to his interview and he sounded so incoherent and sluggishly unintelligent. This is not the type I will accept as a 21st century president…a sharp contrast to educated Dr Jonathan.

    But out of cowardice as never seen before, some ethnic region voted for mediocrity. They will live to regret.

    • caremate

      Do we really need all these at this stage? What are your suggestions to move Nigeria forward? Please write something worthy of being referred to in the nearest future. If you are privy to some information or you have skills to reshape Nigeria, come forth and join forces with democratic powers to rekindle the dying lights of Nigeria. Please!

      • Presidency by Terrorism

        Did your Buhari, his antagonistic North & the mischievous Yoruba West SINCERELY come forth assist Jonathan defeat the terrorists? Come on! Don’t be st%%peeed!

        Who is fuuuuuling who?

        • caremate

          GEJ is already greater in political stature and maturity beyond any dead or living President that Nigeria has ever had. He is President Emeritus, a potential Nobel Peace Price Winner. Now, forget what has happened, let us move forward. Nnugo?

          • Presidency by Terrorism

            He displayed civility – That’s the beauty of education, which is unlike the Dumb Buhari who got to power by using AK47 in 1983 and has again got to power in 215 by using Rockets from his terrorist Fulani Brothers. Will he get peace on earth and in hell? No way my brother. His method is violence. I need not remind you of his statements in 2011. So, he will get nothing but more than enough violence. This is my sincere wish for him.

    • Chidi

      U don’t know what u are talking about. Boko haram has been in Nigeria before late Musa Yaradua became president. And Yaradua was the person that ordered their clamp down as a president were many INNOCENT & DEFENSELESS PEOPLE WERE BROUGHT OUT AND KILLED IN DAY LIGHT. After then, the sect became violent by attacking govt. institutions and later it turned to become a religion stuff because our govt. failed to act on time. My problem with Buhari then was he condemned it late but looking at what was happening then with anybody that condemned it then in the North paid with his life. Buhari was almost killed when he did condemned. So don’t blame him for BOKO HARAM LIKE PDP DID WHILE APC WAS BUSY CAMPAIGNING.

    • checkmate

      It is the same “cowardly ethnic group” that brought the Dumbo Jonathan to power in 2011 thinking that he will perform. Now that he has proved to be dumb, they decided to kick him out. So what’s the fuss about?

  • Niger Delta_Reacts

    THE SILENCE OF THE WORLD THAT IT MAY REGRET – No one has a patent for making governance impossible.

    Buhari is just too dumb to lead a complex society like Nigeria. Let’s see how he will perform fighting an insurgency for resource control in the next four years.

    What he has not told the world is that he has long received a phone call of congratulations from abubarkar Shekau right from Sambissa. He will now tell his terrorist army to cease fire.

    The new methodology of getting to power by making governance impossible has been defined and documented. It has set a dangerous precedent. No matter how the innately cowardly & mischievous Yoruba press attempts to play it down or obscure its significance, they should know that people are watching and that the Niger Delta and any other country in Nigeria that feels slighted has a responsibility – a responsibility to react. Will they?

    So, Dumbo Buhari should shut up his mouth and wait to see if what goes around, comes around. The battle has just begun.

    God bless Dr. Goodluck Jonathan
    God Bless the Niger Delta Republic

    • Zarto Ali

      Another Dumbo ?

    • Ade

      Why campaign of calumny? Stop inciting people with this kind of comments, Nigerians are not daft. If you have proof, tender it and see how Nigerians will deal with who ever it is behind this lawlessness. Another four years will soon be here if he fails to perform, Nigerians now know what to do. Talk on real issues with facts and stop insinuations

  • Uturu Mgbagbu

    Does Beelzebub, the king of demons, fight demons?

    • Intrepid

      Thats spiritually lovely. Fools whose eyes are not open will not understand this treasure. The man Buhari is an islamist to the core. Lets wait and see.

  • Niger Delta_Reacts

    For every action, there should be an equal but opposite reaction. It is a call to duty which those who speak and undestand the language should respond to. To remain silent in the face of oppression is treason, so Ken Saro Wiwa told us.

    Oloibiri has produced oil and bled to sustain Nigeria since 1957. Yet, it has no beachable beach but a coastline laden with dark debris of spilled oil from oil exploration. It has no airport either. But desert Maiduguri has a ‘Federal’ airport built with resources from Oloibiri. Does Oloibiri and its people have a right to protest in any way they deem fit? Do those whose land have been so abused and polluted have a right to confront?

    For every action, there should be an equal but opposite reaction. Peace is neither the absence of war but the presence of JUSTICE & EQUITY. These are fundamental principles of nature.

    God Bless the Niger Delta Republic

    • Zarto Ali

      The son of the soil couldn’t offer an airport? What a people.

    • Dazmillion

      Why did Jonathan not provide the much needed airport in Oloibiri?

      • Emillyzon

        Will it be out of place for Oloibiri to begin to clone its own bombers?

        • tundemash

          No .
          It won’t be out of place for the security forces to deal decisively with any terrorists especially with a firm C-in-C in charge.

          • ConScience

            Very well said Tundemash. You can respect the rights of people to congregate and peacefully protest any form of injustice but this incoming Govt will never condone the use of force to illustrate such protest as it will respond decisively. As the famous expression goes, your rights stop where mine begin.

    • ConScience

      Donkey!!! Ken Saro Wiwa stood for something you hate monger. He rebelled against true oppression in a sick and twisted Abacha who you have more in common with than Buhari could ever. Please head back under the rock you climbed out of. Nigeria is focusing on true development Nation wide including the riverine Niger Delta communities Jonathan failed to develop. Don’t choke on your stupidity. Salut!!!

  • burning spear

    The same people who used boko to scare people in the north into rigging the election 4 them——now say they want to move forward—we have never moved backward sha since 1960

    • tundemash

      Was that why Dumbo waited till 6 weeks to election to do what he could have done 6 years ago ?

      • ConScience

        Why do you waste time with this delusional burning spear guy. I commend your patience but sometimes we have to let go of suicidal tendencies. Let him jump off the cliff solely. Like the depraved Germanwings pilot we do not want him to take us down with him.

    • Abdulazeez Oyibo

      Thunder fire you dia!

    • Checkmate


  • i dey hear


    • Willie

      Dear General Buhari:

      I fear you may not be getting good advice from the APC supporters surrounding you.
      Here’s some good advice. There are three conditions to become President of Nigeria.
      Those three conditions MUST be met before anyone can be cleared to be sworn in.
      Just winning a poll by highest number of votes does NOT make anyone a President.

      [1] You must be a Nigerian citizen aged over 18 years.
      [2] You must win the highest number of votes + 25% of votes in 24 states
      [3] You must NOT have committed a dis-qualifying offence.

      Today, you have met the first and second conditions but NOT met the 3rd condition.
      The third condition is specifically stated in the 1999 Constitution as follows:

      • A person shall not be qualified for election to the office of President if he has
      presented a forged certificate to the Independent National Electoral Commission


    • Umar Yusuf

      keep looking for his certificate till 2023.

  • Garden-City Boy

    The face of rage.

  • Arabakpura

    Here comes a REAL commander in chief!

  • Truth009

    Over the past 12 hours or so, I have watched the international community, and indeed Nigerians, shower praises on President Jonathan. He is now synonymous with names like: ”a true democrat”, ”an agent of change”, ”selfless”, ”African hero” to mention but a few. All these names are born out of the fact that, to our minds (scratch that, ”their minds” is more apt), he provided an enabling environment for a free and fair election and after losing, rather than act like most African leaders of years past, he conceded defeat, called and congratulated the President elect.

    Free and fair election? It is funny that once an incumbent loses, people automatically delude themselves that the election was free and fair. Before my eyes, I watched PDP rig. APC also rigged. Indeed, it was a contest in which the best rigger won.

    Are we going to shut our eyes to all the pictures and videos of underage children voting in the North? Are we going to pretend we don’t know that the waiver granted the North by INEC to carry out manual accreditation gave Buhari an undue advantage? Do we earnestly believe that in spite of the insurgency and uprising in the North, Northerners still came out en masse to cast their votes without fear of an uprising or terrorist attack? I trust we are not that deluded.

    There was no fair playing ground as the 28th March, 2015 elections were concerned, neither was it free. But it is okay to praise Jonathan for not using all the machineries at his disposal to rig the election. He could have done so if he wanted power so desperately. But he didn’t – for that we applaud him. Enough said on that.

    To the issue of Jonathan’s new ”African hero” status. Make no mistake, with that singular gentleman’s act of calling Buhari, he has saved the country from violence. He has saved us from bloodshed. But is that enough to elevate him to an African hero? I think not. Jonathan is no Mandela. Indeed, he is not even an Awolowo or an Azikiwe, talk less of a Fela. Why Fela? He died speaking against the ills of our nation and Africa at large. Fela will definitely be turning in his grave seeing Buhari being the face of ”change”. Same Buhari he condemned along with other military leaders in his songs. This is more of a damming indictment on Jonathan than anything.

    Jonathan’s defeat had been a long time coming. Those who have eyes could see it at least two years ago. I’ll keep reiterating that Jonathan lost the elections, not by the extra votes Buhari got from the North, but by the large number of votes he lost from the South. Because of the total neglect of the south over the past six years, Southerners did not see the need to come out and vote for a ”brother” who had failed them. Hence, Jonathan lost over 3.5 million votes from what he got from the region in 2011. If that was gotten in addition to what he scored in the March 28th elections, he would have been President elect.

    Again, how did our ”democrat” emerge as the sole presidential aspirant for PDP? The process through which Jonathan emerged to be the flag bearer of the PDP was most undemocratic. He stifled all other aspirants and ensured there was no contest. Hence, he emerged unopposed. We are not saying he would have lost in a proper primaries, we are merely contending that other party members would have been more willing to work for him if he had emerged from a proper democratic process. This is an advantage Buhari had over him.

    Permit me to bore you a bit by reiterating that Jonathan didn’t lose because the election was free and fair. No, he lost because he spent the last six years doing the wrong things.
    There has been so much hullabaloo Jonathan’s call to Buhari. While it is commendable, I see nothing special in the act. He did the rational thing. He did what I would have done. There was nothing special when John McCain called to congratulate President Obama in 2008, why should this be celebrated? Africans must stop celebrating mediocrity. Let’s celebrate something exceptional, something special, something unheard of. Jonathan had to save himself from further embarrassment. He knew attempting to contest the results will expose his obvious inefficiency. So he did the honourable thing, he saved his face.

    In spite of all the stick we have unleashed on him, make no mistake, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is not a bad man. He is just surrounded by the wrong people, by sycophants. He had good intentions for Nigeria, but this was stifled by his weakness and inability to take firm decisions. However, it is not all negatives, not all gloom. There are some positive lessons learnt.

    We thank Jonathan for unconsciously opening the eyes and minds of Nigerians. Yes, because of his ineffectiveness, today, Nigerians have a new mindset.  Today, every leader will sit up because we now realise that power indeed resides in the ”people”.
    Today, Nigerians have (either by hook or crook) voted out an under performing President. We have done it today, we can do it again tomorrow if the president elect under-performs.

    From the little we know about General Buhari, he is a dictator, a tyrant, a sectarian and a religious extremist. Let us hope for the sake of Nigeria that he has repented. Otherwise, we will gather again as a people and vote him out in 2019.

    There is a common saying that; ”you either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain”. By the singular act of calling Buhari, he has endeared himself to the hearts of many. He has chosen to die a mini-hero, rather than attempting to contest the results and probably living long enough to become the villain.

    But is that enough to make us close our eyes to his cowardice and ineffectiveness over the past six years?
    Is it enough to make up for the past six years of neglect and lack of proper infrastructural development in the South?

    Is it enough to compensate us for all the foreign investors we have lost due to the insecurity in the North?

    Does the phone call automatically make up for all the lives lost due to his inability to effectively combat boko haram?

    I’ll leave it at that for now. You make the call… Jonathan; hero or coward???

    Enome Amatey Esq.
    Email: enomeamatey@yahoo.com
    Twitter: @iimperfecttme

    • Naija girl

      Truth009 you are right. We all saw what happen but silence is the best answer. We will be watching. Hope we see the dividen of there so call change sooner. God bless Nigeria.