Jonathan has nothing to fear – Buhari

Nigeria’s president-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, on Wednesday said he was extending a hand of conciliation to President Goodluck Jonathan after a rancorous presidential election, with an assurance that Mr. Jonathan has “nothing to fear” after losing power.

Mr. Buhari spoke after receiving the Certificate of Return as the president-elect, from the Independent National Electoral Commission.

President Jonathan earned international praise Tuesday after conceding defeat and telephoning Mr. Buhari to congratulate him even before the official announcement of election results by INEC.

In his speech early Wednesday, President Jonathan said he kept his promise of credible and peaceful elections, and reaffirmed his commitment not to plunge the nation into bloodshed over his political ambition.

In what appeared a direct response to the president’s gesture, Mr. Buhari said the nation should put behind the turbulence of electioneering and accept the “change” his party, the All Progressives Congress, APC, promises.

He said he holds no grudge against anyone, including members of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and the president’s team.

“But despite the rancour of the elections, I extend a hand of friendship and conciliation to President Jonathan and his team. I hereby wish to state that I harbour no ill will against anyone,” Mr. Buhari said.”

“Let me state clearly that President Jonathan has nothing to fear from me. Although we may not agree on the methods of governing the nation, he is a great Nigerian and still our president,” he said.

The president-elect said Mr. Jonathan deserves the support and “permanent respect” of all Nigerians by virtue of the office he has held.

“This is how an honourable nation treats its servants and conducts its affairs; and this is how Nigeria should be,” he said, adding that he will meet with the president for both sides to work out a smooth transition.

Mr. Buhari said Nigerians should put the past, especially the recent, behind, but must not forget to learn from “old battles and past grievances—and learn to forge ahead”.

Mr. Buhari said he has also put behind the controversy over his academic eligibility for the election.

“Some unfortunate issues about my eligibility have been raised during the campaign. I wish to state that through devotion to this nation, everything I have learned and done has been to enable me to make the best possible contribution to public life. If I had judged myself incapable of governing I would never have sought to impose myself on it. I have served in various capacities and have always put in my best,” he said.

He said his government will be a listening one and will treat all Nigerians equally.

“I pledge myself and our in-coming administration to just and principled governance. There shall be no bias against or favouritism for any Nigerian based on ethnicity, religion, region, gender or social status. I pledge myself and the government to the rule of law, in which none shall be so above the law that they are not subject to its dictates, and none shall be so below it that they are not availed of its protection.

“You shall be able to go to bed knowing that you are safe and that your constitutional rights remain in safe hands. You shall be able to voice your opinion without fear of reprisal or victimisation. My love and concern for this nation and what I desire for it extends to all, even to those who do not like us or our politics.

“You are all my people and I shall treat every one of you as my own. I shall work for those who voted for me as well as those who voted against me and even for those who did not vote at all. We all live under one name as one nation: we are all Nigerians.”


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  • Scalywag

    The great march has begun for Nigeria our country. May God protect and guide PMB and all of us. Amen

  • mdsurgeon

    Excellent, just excellent! From the president-elect!!
    This is all we’ve been hoping and praying for, a spirit of reconciliation, acceptance, rule of law and fairness to all.
    This is the beginning of a new Nigeria.
    Congrats to all.

  • racino

    The change is here i’m feeling it already! Buhari can do it

  • adekenny

    May GOD cover up our shortcomings!direct nigeria on the right path! And bless us!!!! Change has come

  • Debekeme

    I never thought this country could change in my life time. The nation has been released from the clutches of the destroyers.

    This 72 year old Muslim man will be the savior of millions of Christians.

    That is how God works, he allowed Jonathan to become president so that he could make way for Buhari to take over from him. We have to fear God and understand that His ways are beyond our understanding.

    I’m convinced that the change millions have cried and died for is here. I swear to God that i will in my own way add value to Nigeria and never join the destroyers. I will work for Nigeria to be better than Dubai before i die. It is possible.

    God help and strengthen General Buhari. My president. Amen..

    • Jamal

      Debekeme, you made my day with that comment. If ONLY many other Nigerians had your kind of heart. What you said is 100% true, but only the wise will understand. I share your vision and passion. We can do this, but only as a united people!

  • tundemash

    e ya ! O ma se O ! Make we pity the weakling abi ?
    We heard you President Buhari.

    On this satement you made in Uyo we stand:

    He had assured at a campaign rally in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State in January that all corrupt politicians will end up in jail if he was elected into power.
    “When we come to power, anyone who steals Nigeria’s money will end up in KiriKiri Maximum Prisons. We are going to make sure that Nigeria’s wealth belongs only to Nigerians,” he said.

    • mdsurgeon

      This is photo-shopping, and quite unnecessary in this prevailing feeling of victory and reconciliation.
      I wish you would take it off!

    • the truth

      U are disgust personified. Nobody is going to prison u hear me. In the spirit of no victor no vanquished we have to move forward and forget about the past.

      • tundemash

        Oloribuku Mr. Career Liar,
        Rogues and Psychopaths will go to prison.
        Those who stole our $20bn will go to prison!
        Those who stole & crippled the military by stealing defence fund and allowed Boko Haram kill 15000 nigerians will go to prison.
        Those who subvert the will of the people in Ekiti by turning our soldier into professional election riggers will go to prison.
        The few who stole amnesty programme money at the expense of others will go to prison.
        Those who are stealing. aiding and abetting the stealing of oil subsidy will go to prison.

        There is no moving forward without justice and fairness ! Under the Nigerian constitution stealing and corruption are same and must be punished, contrary to Dumbo’s law.
        Oloriburuku, you have been moving forward and forgetting the past since independence and then another set of rogues will come along and steal us blind.
        Ole ….. if you have stolen…. then be fearful because the long arm of the law will catch you certainly !

    • bib

      Anyone who steals is in the future. That is those who steal during his regime.
      But the all encompassing statement is

      . “I pledge myself and the government to the rule of law, in which none shall be so above the law that they are not subject to its dictates, and none shall be so below it that they are not availed of its protection.”

      those who steal during his regime.
      But the all encompassing statement is

    • burning spear

      @tundemess I urge Buhari to as a matter of urgency—start arresting every member of PDP in THE SOUTH SOUTH including Jonathan——–and put them on trial—if he does not do that then he is not a man–let him stick to his promise–cause it was the same Buhari who swore to abrogate the 13 percent derivation—-for oil producing states—-we are waiting for him and wait we will—-Is Jonathan better or bigger than Ken Saro wiwa whom the fulanis hanged-?–Since the only method the Fulanis can rely on to rule the oil wells———is by putting them in prison let him start doing that now–animals

      • tundemash

        Mr D@ft …. if you were such a good adviser, Dumbo wouldn’t be going hiome now. You are not in any position to advise Buhari; you are a failure !!!
        Did Jona not reward the fulani man that u claimed hanged Saro Wiwa with a national honour?
        Was it not fellow Ijaws that witnessed against Saro Wiwa in the court case ? How many Ijaw lawyers volunteered to defend Saro Wiwa?

        Animal …. you ought to be observing your mourning period…. go home… no more free amnesty money…. when you were here urging Dumbo to be an Ijaw President instead of a Nigerian President, did we not advise u agaunst that, were u not all threatening us? The game is over for you now and u now turn story teller.
        Keep unto your sob story story till 2019 and come back with those sob stories then. For now Nigerians are tired of you people playing the victim/ethnic/religious card; it doesn’t work again; Dumbo now has many shoes so let him go home and do all the good things he has planned fr Nigeria, let him do it for Bayelsa so we can all be jealous! Olodo !

    • Emac Peace Advocacy

      Nigerians will look for GEJ and they will call him back watch out for the future

      • tundemash

        Good on you. And while you are waiting for Nigerian to cal him back, why not allow him develop bayelsa state so Nigerians can all be jealous ?

  • Moe

    Great! You and Jonathan can sit by a fire, holding hands and sing kumbaya for eternity. That is your prerogative.
    President Jonathan has nothing to fear from you (Gen. Buhari) and that is fact…given that President Jonathan did nothing to you personally.
    The country you will be leading soon has been wronged by President Jonathan and his cronies. Return our wealth! Support the constitution and bring criminals to justice. That is the duty of your Administration, it is the bone in the oath you will soon take for office.

    We did nor vote you into office so that you can carry out any kind of personal vendetta, No!. You were voted into office to right the things that are wrong. If you turn away from ardently seeking out Nigeria’s treasure siphoned away into foreign banks, you wil be as guilty as the criminals themselves.

    No one is asking you to go and arrest anyone. We voted you into office to enforce our laws. If anyone is guilty of breaking the laws, ensure our justice system handles the issue. Do not sweep things under the carpet….
    There is such a thing as a vote of no confidence.

    • burning spear

      list the wrongs Jonathan did—one by one so that we shall begin to know them————-aware its only people from the south-south–that go to prison in Nigeria–The others are Holy thieves——–among whom is tinubu———–let the witch hunt–start–it’s even an insult for Buhari to tell Jonathan that he has nothing to fear—-let him arrest him and as it is usual with him sentence him to 300 yrs in prison————Because God created Nigeria for only the Fulanis–and Yorubas—alone–U use Wayo to win elections and instead of keeping quiet u want to threaten people—rubbish-

  • Omoagunmate

    Yeah, except prison. 🙂

  • Sunny

    And our $20b dollars. He should refund all the stollen money

  • excel

    Moving Nigeria forward is paramount, GMB will lay a foundation of NEW NIGERIA where corruption and impunity will not be a norm. Sai Buhari, New Nigeria

  • burning spear

    I challenge Buhari to as a matter of urgency–embark on investigation of the so-called missing 20bn—-so that this matter can be put to rest once and for all —If Jonathan is found guilty send him to prison–as the law demands of him—–we have had enough of these silly political threats–Who is afraid of who in d Fulani north–?-while we also relaunch an investigation into the missing 2.8bn–that Buhari also stole———–How can a man who could not provide us with his WASC–be asked to witch hunt—Jonathan–Let him try-it—-if he is a man born of woman—-Is it because he is the God of boko haram—or what—nonsense

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    The rule of law should be established!

    That is your first mandate. Yar’Adua said that, but NEVER actually carried through with it. You may not prosecute GEJ, but the institutions that have been corroded and corrupted over the last few years, due to his unique governance style, should be cleansed, restructured and strengthened so that an average Nigerian would have the same opportunity as the new and old Billionaires that SPROUTED out of the misuse and abuse of power by a few who thought the sun will never go down on them.

    Take note that those who hail you today will boo you tomorrow if you fail to see and appreciate the mandate that brought you to power. Nigerians HAVE BEEN SUNKEN WITH CORRUPTION (stealing), they want equity, justice, decency of livelihood, respect for their being. Never forget that the ‘powers that be’ will fight you ALL the way. It is only your mission, belief in yourself and your doggedness and unwavering focus of doing what is right in the eyes of the people, that will pull you through to this point.

    I and MANY millions alive today, will be back in the trenches again, if you fail to listen to the people. I take a moment to thank the families of those who died and sacrificed their ALL, along this path to a new dawn for Nigeria. May God guide you and give you his wisdom.

    Long live a virile, strong and safe Nigeria.

  • Willie

    Dear General Buhari:

    I fear you may not be getting good advice from the APC supporters surrounding you.
    Here’s some good advice. There are three conditions to become President of Nigeria.
    Those three conditions MUST be met before anyone can be cleared to be sworn in.
    Just winning a poll by highest number of votes does NOT make anyone a President.

    [1] You must be a Nigerian citizen aged over 18 years.
    [2] You must win the highest number of votes + 25% of votes in 24 states
    [3] You must NOT have committed a dis-qualifying offence.

    Today, you have met the first and second conditions but NOT met the 3rd condition.
    The third condition is specifically stated in the 1999 Constitution as follows:

    • A person shall not be qualified for election to the office of President if he has
    presented a forged certificate to the Independent National Electoral Commission.


    • Interrogator


      • i dey hear


      • Omooba A

        There is time for everything; time to grow up, time to die and time to give up lies that you believe to be truth. You and your cohorts waged this certificate war before the election and got nowhere. The election is over and he won with or without certificate. If you insist that he show you his WASC certificate please join your brothers and demand it through the court system, if not, grow up and join hand to rebuild the country or go on voluntary exile till 2019 election period.

        • Ola Alani

          Thanks bro

  • Haldu Ali Gagman

    Ayyah Baba. May God guide, protect and give you the wisdom so that you will be able to implement these mention packages. Also hope and pray that members of crew will sincerely share this same feelings so that they can give you the necessary support and advice needed for the implementation of your rolling plans in odder to re-structure the country to maintain its potential as the giant of Africa.

  • Bola

    Please GMB don’t take any drink or eat when u go to meet with the outgoing president. It might be tempted, may God protect you till May 29th and beyond.

  • Emac Peace Advocacy

    My prayer is let Boko Haram stop

  • Truth009

    Over the past 12 hours or so, I have watched the international community, and indeed Nigerians, shower praises on President Jonathan. He is now synonymous with names like: ”a true democrat”, ”an agent of change”, ”selfless”, ”African hero” to mention but a few. All these names are born out of the fact that, to our minds (scratch that, ”their minds” is more apt), he provided an enabling environment for a free and fair election and after losing, rather than act like most African leaders of years past, he conceded defeat, called and congratulated the President elect.

    Free and fair election? It is funny that once an incumbent loses, people automatically delude themselves that the election was free and fair. Before my eyes, I watched PDP rig. APC also rigged. Indeed, it was a contest in which the best rigger won.

    Are we going to shut our eyes to all the pictures and videos of underage children voting in the North? Are we going to pretend we don’t know that the waiver granted the North by INEC to carry out manual accreditation gave Buhari an undue advantage? Do we earnestly believe that in spite of the insurgency and uprising in the North, Northerners still came out en masse to cast their votes without fear of an uprising or terrorist attack? I trust we are not that deluded.

    There was no fair playing ground as the 28th March, 2015 elections were concerned, neither was it free. But it is okay to praise Jonathan for not using all the machineries at his disposal to rig the election. He could have done so if he wanted power so desperately. But he didn’t – for that we applaud him. Enough said on that.

    To the issue of Jonathan’s new ”African hero” status. Make no mistake, with that singular gentleman’s act of calling Buhari, he has saved the country from violence. He has saved us from bloodshed. But is that enough to elevate him to an African hero? I think not. Jonathan is no Mandela. Indeed, he is not even an Awolowo or an Azikiwe, talk less of a Fela. Why Fela? He died speaking against the ills of our nation and Africa at large. Fela will definitely be turning in his grave seeing Buhari being the face of ”change”. Same Buhari he condemned along with other military leaders in his songs. This is more of a damming indictment on Jonathan than anything.

    Jonathan’s defeat had been a long time coming. Those who have eyes could see it at least two years ago. I’ll keep reiterating that Jonathan lost the elections, not by the extra votes Buhari got from the North, but by the large number of votes he lost from the South. Because of the total neglect of the south over the past six years, Southerners did not see the need to come out and vote for a ”brother” who had failed them. Hence, Jonathan lost over 3.5 million votes from what he got from the region in 2011. If that was gotten in addition to what he scored in the March 28th elections, he would have been President elect.

    Again, how did our ”democrat” emerge as the sole presidential aspirant for PDP? The process through which Jonathan emerged to be the flag bearer of the PDP was most undemocratic. He stifled all other aspirants and ensured there was no contest. Hence, he emerged unopposed. We are not saying he would have lost in a proper primaries, we are merely contending that other party members would have been more willing to work for him if he had emerged from a proper democratic process. This is an advantage Buhari had over him.

    Permit me to bore you a bit by reiterating that Jonathan didn’t lose because the election was free and fair. No, he lost because he spent the last six years doing the wrong things.
    There has been so much hullabaloo Jonathan’s call to Buhari. While it is commendable, I see nothing special in the act. He did the rational thing. He did what I would have done. There was nothing special when John McCain called to congratulate President Obama in 2008, why should this be celebrated? Africans must stop celebrating mediocrity. Let’s celebrate something exceptional, something special, something unheard of. Jonathan had to save himself from further embarrassment. He knew attempting to contest the results will expose his obvious inefficiency. So he did the honourable thing, he saved his face.

    In spite of all the stick we have unleashed on him, make no mistake, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is not a bad man. He is just surrounded by the wrong people, by sycophants. He had good intentions for Nigeria, but this was stifled by his weakness and inability to take firm decisions. However, it is not all negatives, not all gloom. There are some positive lessons learnt.

    We thank Jonathan for unconsciously opening the eyes and minds of Nigerians. Yes, because of his ineffectiveness, today, Nigerians have a new mindset.  Today, every leader will sit up because we now realise that power indeed resides in the ”people”.
    Today, Nigerians have (either by hook or crook) voted out an under performing President. We have done it today, we can do it again tomorrow if the president elect under-performs.

    From the little we know about General Buhari, he is a dictator, a tyrant, a sectarian and a religious extremist. Let us hope for the sake of Nigeria that he has repented. Otherwise, we will gather again as a people and vote him out in 2019.

    There is a common saying that; ”you either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain”. By the singular act of calling Buhari, he has endeared himself to the hearts of many. He has chosen to die a mini-hero, rather than attempting to contest the results and probably living long enough to become the villain.

    But is that enough to make us close our eyes to his cowardice and ineffectiveness over the past six years?
    Is it enough to make up for the past six years of neglect and lack of proper infrastructural development in the South?

    Is it enough to compensate us for all the foreign investors we have lost due to the insecurity in the North?

    Does the phone call automatically make up for all the lives lost due to his inability to effectively combat boko haram?

    I’ll leave it at that for now. You make the call… Jonathan; hero or coward??

    Enome Amatey Esq.
    Twitter: @iimperfecttme

    • Emma

      There is truly nothing wrong with our celebrating what in other climes may be termed as common but in ours “something out of this world”. Yes our democracy will someday reach the point of your present expectation. But for now I think we have good reasons to celebrate the heroes of the 2015 Nigerian Presidential Elections – GMB and GEJ. Whether we would like to accept or not, GMB got a win he deserved while GEJ willingly surrendered to defeat. GEJ could have unpatriotically chosen to offer resistance as is characteristic of our politicians, an action which could have plunged the nation into something worse than Boko Haram. Today, we commend GEJ not so much for accepting defeat which is obvious, but for subduing personal pride and overcoming the evil wishes of some of his party members. It must have been a difficult thing that we can only imagine.

  • brightdestiny

    You promised to allow the judicial process to take its corse plz sir d Gmb I Amplore you not in your absolute discretion decided weather or not to prosecute dose vampires that had sulked our blood for d past sixteen years in office plz I urge you allow d judicial processes to take its corse as you promised plz will need dose pple to be brought to book ranging from Obj-gej let d courts decided thier faith thanks.

  • Emac Peace Advocacy

    congratulations to you

  • g_kazaure

    Jite Ogunye is just a rabble rouser. This is a jankara legal opinion from a warped mind. The Attorney General of the federation as the Chief Law Officer has given a legal advise based on the information available to him and nobody can wish it away or discountenanced it. He has the constitutional power to give such and advise.

    Furthermore, the AGF is senior to Jite being a member of the elite inner bar which Jite is still aspiring to be.

    • b

      I am tempted to call you a moron but I will refrain from doing so.
      If what you are saying is that the AG is infallible, you are wrong. When you added the rant of the AG being a SAN, you completely missed the point. Jiti’s point is concise, and it is that the AG did not act in the public interest. The AG’s action was motivated by reasons other than the public interest.

  • Timothy

    This man is one of those soar losers who cant still get over the fact that Buhari is president…so therefore the hate continues….I noticed his anger at the supporters of the AGF to support the man….I really dont know what they said to upset this Jite guy but am sure the AGF does not know every man working under him by name neither can he memorise every individual who is on the EFCC or Police wanted list….the office of the AGF is huge….in as much I dont buy his explanation…it was an attempt not to sound ignorance of the process but never-the-less he is still in order….its not too late to correct a mistake. Calling for his resignation is like asking you killing a child whenever they make a mistake and we know children sometimes make costly mistakes but you dont kill them or disown them…you may punish them….reprimand them and so on….but not cut them off. We learn from our mistakes

    Jite please go back to your political sponsors and tell them it did not work…he still has supporters and they are strong ones too.

  • Taiwo Olaniyi

    Thanks Mr Jiti. You hit the nail on the head