#NigeriaDecides: Nigeria 2015 Presidential Election – LIVE UPDATES (INEC Declarations)

This live blog is dedicated to results of Saturday’s presidential election as announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission at its collation centre in Abuja.

It is a collation results from Nigeria’s 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory.

Live Updates


Nigeria map showing states the 2 leading parties have won so far according the results announced by INEC.

Visit for charts and other visualizations.


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  • omo yoruba

    Gejites said people are posting fake results but what we are getting from INEC is not different from what we have.

    • Colonel Mariama(rtd)

      Omo ori oda!!!!
      You stinking traitorous bastard. Green snake in green grass is what you are.
      You will certainly rot in hell as one day soon , God will punish you with death.

      • PK

        Your curse is overdone. I don’t think his comment necessitate it.

        • Colonel Mariama(rtd)

          Then tell me who the hell he was goading? I gave him what he had coming to him. I could do more if I wanted. I think you are way nice to a fault and that is bad.

          • oko

            You guys
            are so primitive and narrow minded, I see why this country can never move

            It’s such
            a shame how you put religion before the future of a people

            Religion has never moved any county forward ……………..

            All religion preaches peace but here you are insulting each
            other, how sad.

            There is no point going further

          • itubaba

            let apply wisdom in anything we are saying we don’t need to say all this trash to any religion.moreover they are foreign religious to our land

          • Colonel Mariama(rtd)

            Show me where I mentioned religion in my writing. You must be reading a totally different script.I am not the person who introduced Sharia and religious farvour into politics. I am not a member of Boko Haram- the armed wing of a certain region’s political party. I feel rather sad that you fail to lay blame where it belongs. The fact that you are in denial is the cause of the problem.What a shame indeed.

      • He-who-laughs-last

        George Etomi, spare us the wrath – biko? GEJ losing the election is not the end of the world.

        • Colonel Mariama(rtd)

          Mutum banza.
          Menini magana wana?
          Let us wait for the final result to be announced before commenting .

    • Ben Boye

      Na so we see am oo

    • OmoYoruba, The Nigeria constitutive authority said INEC is the only institute to announce result. So even it is you that collated the result and all the documents are in your hands and INEC did not pronounce the result your documents and collations are fake result….

      • Colonel Mariama(rtd)

        Giamu gaskiya magana duallah. Tell am so.
        Actually I personally have no dog in this fight. Who wins will never bother me. Nigeria will continue to be a third world country to the day I die(and I have been around since the time the Brits cobbled this country together).bELIEVE Me when I say that all these promises of better days ahead are just that. Just look who is behind the presidential candidates and you’ll understand that their hands are tied behind their back.

      • emeka

        How about the declaration of PDP campaign director Fani-Kayode

  • true ijaw pikin

    punch posted that buhari wins Abuja now the result is different

  • Elijah Moses

    Yoruba Christians’ treachery neutralized – JONATHAN LEADS!!!!

    HeheheheheWhere are the treacherous Yoruba Christians yearning for Ialamic State?
    Wey dem? Yeye people!! You see how you have lost two ways now? Treachery does not pay!
    You see yourself? You’ve dis-appointed Mujaheedeen Muhammadu Buhari who had expected
    your bulk votes in Yorubaland as
    Christian servants of Jihadist Islam. He will give you nothing.
    Your Pastors took money from Jonathan but stabbed him in the back. Now, they’ve lost both ways.
    They will get no favours for their perfidy and stealing by tricks. Your Pastors will burn in hell-fire.

    Today, after INEC announced 90% of ALL Yorubaland votes (except Lagos) the result is Jonathan LEADS
    with 33,000+ votes. So, what have Yoruba Christians gained from treachery by voting for Islamist APC;
    and for Sharia Law as the precursor to Islamic State of Nigeria? You will all suffer for your treachery,
    and you will go to hell-fire for rejecting the laws of Jehovah in favour of Sharia Law. Your useless Pastors
    in Yorubaland will burn in hell-fire with all of you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord whose laws you reject.

    • citizenka

      Dear Elijah Moses I can see from your post that you a peace loving democratic objective christlike person.
      May your children meet people who talk and act the way you do here in times of needs

    • citizenka

      And also may the fortunes and future of your family be managed the way a great faithful, fair christian leader like Jonathan managed Nigeria to date.

      • walexsho


    • EDOSON


    • Dele

      You are a terrorist with this your post. We in Yoruba land do not hate each other on religious ground. We live in peace. When last do you here us fighting due to religious differences. We believe your religion is personal to you just as an average white man will see it. But, people like you who hate other faiths are not fit to live among men, but in the caves or forests. Where will this type of thrash you are vomiting can take Nigeria to?

  • This is where really INEC job lies. To verify all votes truly cast in the SS and SE states, by using the card reader accreditation figures and marrying them with the numbers of votes cast. This should reveal the rigged in figures.

  • Engr. Adu Olawale

    Please we need the overall result of the presidential votes and others



    • Larry

      No it not political STOUT its political Guinness

      • D1


  • walexsho

    Lagos state result will wipe out the deficit we currently have While Kano and Katsina will Neutralize other results from SS and SE then Jonothon will finally be elected as the president of Bastard republic of Biafra with Otuoke the Capital

    • Colonel Mariama(rtd)

      Watch your language here. Please do not start something that will consume you and your already long suffering, penurious family.

      • Enemona

        Shameless colonel!

        • tundemash

          who told you that amnesty miscreant is a colonel? That means you believe Tompolo is a general !

      • tundemash

        na so so mouth since yesterday yet you haven’t bursted a balloon! Cl0wn !

        • D1

          lol! Elenu Tomato Jos na him he be!

        • Colonel Mariama(rtd)

          Why don’t you reveal your location. I promise you that your last days will become reality staring you in the face. COWARD.

          • tundemash

            F00l …. I live at 33 Kofo Abayomi, Victoria Island. If i don’t see u by tomorrow morning, you are a b@stard !
            Do u think u are at the creek? Who dash monkey title … colonel my foot! I guess Tompolo is your general. Bunch of lunatics .

      • DIVIDE THE DAM!!!!! ZOO


    • Godfrey Etokebe

      So there is deficit from the predominantly SW votes? Dia ris GOd oooooooooo!!!

      • walexsho

        Can’t you comprehend simple statemements. Recap: with the election result released presently Enugu, Sw excluding lagos, Nasarawa.. PDP is leading with aprox 33,000 votes but Lagos vote yet to be added will wipe it out geometrically then Kano and katsina alone will wipe out other cooked results from South East and SS then Jolantern find himself elected as Biafra President

        • kiza

          People with LITTLE milligram of intelligence should always try to be silent in issues bigger than them…I cant understand why you are bent on insulting a sitting Nigerian president – your president (like it or not!) why use the asinine remark “biafra” ; why do you want to disdain him and his people. Lets respect one another, its in it that we can have a good country we can call our own

          • walexsho

            Apology to a loyalist. Jonathan Insulted his political opponent more than this through PDP AIT, Fayose of ekiti, FFK …



          • walexsho

            I’m so sorry, O ti binu?

    • frank

      Just scanning through this trash i was force to be convinced that you’ve not get to the level of contributing to national issues. so little advice for you ….. be very careful of what you say…!



    • citizenka

      They will resume at 8pm

    • Tunsj

      I hope they are not trying to fix the results.

  • ademola

    please inec give us latest update of the result

  • Koko


    • dayo

      without jagaban, Buhari could never have won in the south west at all.

    • Layo

      With the billions Jonadaft spent in the SW, I expected him to win 100%. Shame on that criminal.

    • Ajayi Ifayemi

      There is nothing wrong with trying to make yourself happy. So far the results in the Southwest have gone the way of Buhari. All you have done with what you wrote here is some serious spinning. What however gladdens my heart most is that the region of Nigeria, maybe along with the North Central are playing the best politics and are allowing Democracy to fester among them. These are the only places where we do not have the kind of one sided results we are seeing everywhere else. I salute Nigerians for allowing democratic ideals to begin to take root. Kudos! We still need to work on some folks who think everything must be by force but we will get there by God’s grace.

    • Akanji92

      Self adulation. GEJ won the Southwest in 2011. Buhari defeated him in five out of six Southwest states. So Tinubu and Buhari won, while PDP, GEJ and their supporters lost in the Southwest

  • gatu

    There is rumor of 8years old kids voting in the North which means that even new born babies can vote

    • Concerned

      Na lie how will they get PVC’s and how are their thumbs going to fit in the card reader properly

      • Godfrey Etokebe

        Not a Lie. Their village heads that collected the PVCs in bulk Distributed to them (underage)!!!

        • Concerned

          Yes because you were there – just like you were there when the earth was created

      • Ekene Okafor

        come let me teach aboki how they will get PVCs

        • Concerned

          Nigeria is no longer interested in your cheating ways – change has come to stay. !

  • akpan

    u dey crez dey dontf

  • Edward Cole

    laugh at all APC members comments…pls understand that i dont belong to any of
    the party buh i can tell you that if chuachua is not added…APC will emerge as
    the winner. But as it stands, the plan of PDP is simple, they are reserving the
    south-south and south east count for the last…and capitalise on the result of
    North east, north west, north central to widen their margin…why haven’t you
    reason the name given to result released so far in the south east
    “TRICKLED” whats dat! why is the margin that crazily much? understand
    that its a game of number not the number of state that wins…at the end of the
    day, APC will win 20 STATES while PDP wins 16…but who wins PDP, because of
    the so called landslide victory in south east and south south with heavy
    manipulation…by 8pm you will see figures from north slightly competitive but
    south unimaginable…we can only hope that when things are done right then we
    wont have to argue and lay insults on ourself…I leave you with these…WHY IS
    TRICKLE…is that the number we saw during PDP and APC election campaign in the
    state…infact we can conclude that APC never had supporters in the
    State…Really its a shame on our country

    • dayo

      I agree with u bro

    • alex

      It is not a shame.


      Ha!ha!ha!ha! Nice analysis, I must say, however, it is called Politics Nigeria style ask OBJ he is the Master, and he created this monster called GEJ and he has beaten him at his own game, FINALLY: NEVER UNDER-ESTIMATE THE POWER OF INCUMBENCY.

      • madakinmuri

        The power of God is more speriour than the power of incumbency and beyond human comprehension…..

    • Ajayi Ifayemi

      It will not work this time. The numbers are beyond that. They will manipulate figures but it will not be enough.

    • GOLDAN

      The state left for PDP to manufacture figure is Delta. Even if they claim 100% votes of all PVC holders in the state, Jonathan is a goner.

      • Akanji92

        Yes, they can only rig within the confine of PVC. So the game is up

    • Akanji92

      The results for South South and South East are already known through announcements in the states. The major one remaining for GEJ is the 1.4 million in Rivers. But millions in Kaduna, Kano, Katshina reduced the rigging in SS and SE to nothing. GMB is already on the way to victory

      • Jouyous

        Both parties are riggers but PDP will win

    • jackson2j4

      Really a shame on the demoCRAZY,I wonder if we can ever get it right,very long way to go.

  • alex

    Y are u people stopping my post

    • alex

      Y y

  • easy

    please ooooo no mago-

  • anthony24g

    Thieves will always fall out with each other as they fight for the larger share of the spoils. Nigeria state has continuously regressed in nation building and may have to take longer than every other African country to stabilise as a democratic and safe nation. Many, both leaders and the led of the political parties are looking for scape goats to cover their own corrupt practices or acceptance of corrupt practices. In this case Jega is the main scape goat for both political parties and for many workers of his electoral commission that are brazenly corrupt. God help Nigeria so that Nigerians learn to accept diverse political associations without recourse to perversion of the other person democratic rights.

    • Godfrey Etokebe

      What are you really saying now?

  • Halima

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  • Colonel Mariama(rtd)

    While you guys busy yourselves with fake election results, I am bust listening to a live feed directly from INEC.

    • Concerned

      If so you would see that the results tally with the results detailed by PT

      • Colonel Mariama(rtd)

        Not really. I see a tie right now. Mind you these are official results being released by INEC. Want join me in watching this event as it unfolds? I can show you where.Just ask. PT and SR are reporting unreliable results which I believed initially until I saw this live feed. This thing is still up for grabs. Just sit tight until tomorrow when we will know for sure who really won the election. There may even be a run off.What I am watching now is very interesting.

        • tundemash

          Madman ! I just gave u my address where u asked for it and if you don’t show up tomorrow morning u are nothing but a noisy creek monkey !

          • Colonel Mariama(rtd)

            Keep up this saber rattling. It won’t be long before something happens—to you that is.

          • tundemash

            Coward … so that is all you got to say after i gave u my address ???? I am so disappointed, i took you for a real man, never knew you were just a wimp who just happened to have lost control of his senses and mouth!
            U are indeed a bast@rd who struggles to burst a balloon. Cross-bred chimp noise maker. Irritatingly loud !

          • tundemash

            Creek coward …. you are stil missing from my address ….. loose cannon. Na only mouth he get !

        • TC

          You are suffering from river blindness and insanity….seek help.

          • tundemash

            He’s a just a loose lunatic all over the place displaying stup1dity !

        • Concerned

          I too am watching live – GEJ started with a 100 k lead but GMB is now ahead – but the SS:SE results will tip the balance in his favour if they are as inflated as we expect

          But the spread of states will counterbalance in GMB’s favour

          • Akanji92

            Which balance? The outstanding states cannot give GEJ the edge.

          • Concerned

            Ordinarily but we are seeing some extraordinary figures being conjured up so vigilance is necessary

            There is no room for complacency

            It was interesting to watch Jega deal with the REC from Akwa Ibom whose figures were inaccurate

            I like that kind of vigilance

          • Ttt

            How many SS:SE remaining? It is only Ebonyi, Cross River, Rivers, Delta, Edo and Bayelsa. But do not forget that on Buhari’s side are Zamfara, Yobe, Gombe, Taraba, Kebbi, and probably Niger as well as Bauchi. This looks like Buhari’s calling unless the power of money plays its role as usual in Nigeria’s way.

          • Concerned

            True but the margins in GMB’s states are less inflated than in GEJ’s there lies the problem

            If not GMB would win hands down

        • bib

          Of the results18 states released by INEC so far GMB is leading by 2.1million. Besides, the SE andSS states remains only six states. While there are still eleven Northern states and lagos. So rest assured that GMB has won this election in numbers and spread

  • Barney

    Results so far,
    APC 7,899,632
    PDP 4,426,124
    DIFF 3,473,508

    • Concerned

      The inflated votes from SS:SE are going to remove the differential
      All we can hope is that the genuine geographic spread in favour of GMB will be enough to clinch victory

      In all fairness he deserves it given the odds stacked against him .

      • bib

        Don’t worry GMB is winning in both numbers and spread.

        • Concerned


    • sonofthesoil

      That was my calculation … Very accurate.

    • Onyeka Michael

      Absolutely correct!

  • Emmanuel

    This election is inconclusive.
    Take it or leave it. PDP has been able to perfect the rigging process with votes from SS & SE cancelling any lead by APC. Both parties cheated….gbam.
    Lets see beyond our noses.

    • undilluted

      i swear both parties rigged for sure!

  • barney

    Everything will be decided by the accredited voters in the remaining ss and se states. it is inordinate to assume that this is over, but it will be an ardous task to overhaul this lead. we still have quite a number of states in the north to account for. Do the maths…

  • political_impasse

    APC will surely carry the day from what i watched on the tv from Jega.



    1. In 2011, Governor Shekarau of Kano State contested for the Presidency on the platform of ANPP against President Jonathan of PDP. So did Nuhu Ribadu of ACN. Today, Gov. Shekarau is a Minister in President Jonathan’s cabinet & a member of the President’s party & Mallam Nuhu Ribadu is the PDP’s candidate for governorship of Adamawa State. How many were killed because of them in 2011?

    2. President Obasanjo and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu were thought to be sworn enemies. When President Obasanjo took over SW Nigeria in 2003, Gov. Tinubu became “last man standing” against him in ACN/Lagos. Today, Obasanjo is Tinubu’s “Navigator” & Tinubu is treasured guest at Obasanjo’s birthday. How many died believing they were enemies?

    3. Fmr Govs, Engr. Segun Oni and Dr. Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti used to be political foes and now they belong to the same party. Both are alive as friends & some folks had died fighting for them.

    4. Fmr. Governor, Olagunsoye Oyinlola never saw eye to eye with Governor Aregbesola. Now, they belong to the same party, some people died for both, but were they not always friends?

    5. President Obasanjo was prepared to throw VP Atiku Abubakar out of Aso Rock. Who would have thought that Atiku would visit Obasanjo in Otta farm after all the brouhaha; politicians belong to one big family. They have their interest at stake, do not die for them especially when you have nothing at stake.

    Vote, that is your obligation. You do not owe anyone a duty to die. Value your life, if you are still alive you can be better than them.
    Say no to violence, say no to blood letting.

    Make a choice with your PVC & let Nigeria be the winner! Spread the word….
    Token Advice to my Beloved Brothers and sister back home @Nigeria. I the YORUBA FUTURE, love you all keep you life for a good reason we are the saviour of tomorrow….NOTICE BE WARN!!!!!

    For anyone that betray the Yoruba’s, or utter any curse to our ppl, we lost the Good things of this Nation Example are Mr President GOODLUCK JONNA, SANI ABASHA, ETC.

    • ANA

      BAD END

  • Barney

    19 states decided, 18 to go, PDP leading by 10 to 9, but APC leading in absolute numbers. Of the remaining 18, PDP are favored in 5 while APC are favored in 10, 3 (Lagos, Edo and Benue) are swing votes. how will this pan out? should we be saying Adieu or is there still a twist???

  • Concerned

    APC around 2million votes ahead with 10 states PDP have 9 states as declared by INEC

    But we still have 6 over inflated PDP states yet to declare

    Rivers alone will take out 1.4 million of the advantage

  • Peedee!

    I am sure a doctor must be closer to Mr B.

  • Barney

    PDP has 10, APC has 9, it will be close but will 5 states have enough votes to swing it in favor of the incumbent giving that three states will be close calls.

  • Niger

    APC expect the most shocking result shortly

  • Advocate of Ngba ngba

    I am happy with the result. I want to see massive poverty in Nigeria. #happymood Ijaw ntoi.

    • Cinnamon

      You want to see massive poverty in Nigeria? Dont worry, You will witness it in your house. Enemies of Nigeria, God will deal with you all.


      There is something wrong with you

  • dinehin bunmi

    let being pray for this national instead of argument over political parties and whoever win the election let accord him to remember we Nigerian.

    • Nwanka

      please let join hand and support another party if they can do something better for Nigerians

  • Advocate


    REGISTERED = 1,963,427

    ACCREDITED = 1,963,427 !!!!!!

    impossible. everyone that registered, got accredited and voted. these people have no shame…

    • David Adeniran

      When they want to rig, they rig so GREEDILY AND SENSELESSLY! That is the same way they argue online, they will see black and insist it is white and virtually all of them will follow the same direction! Can any sane person beat that? It is extraordinarily ridiculous. I want INEC to device a means whereby every fraudulent vote will be detected and cancelled.

    • Godfrey Etokebe

      This advocate is exactly like Buhari. He has no WASC. It is written above that 1.9M were registered while 0.7M were accredited in Anambra State. This is the problem of becoming a GENERAL or ADVOCATE without WASC!!!

  • Nostory

    GMB …… On your mandate we stand

  • Yasin

    Are we are having another ‘June 12′ stoppage in results announcement? Pls, where is Jega?. It is now 10.51 and he was supposed to have started making announcements at 10.00am. Unusually long Nigerian-time’ factor.
    Not an alarmist, but where is Jega?

    • tundemash

      O ya mi lenu O ! This colation and annoucement MUST conclude today!

    • mdsurgeon

      Go to BBC news and you will see one of the things holding up the process. Orubebe, a PDP agent is throwing a tantrum and physically preventing Jega from continuing. And there are supposed to be security agents there but apparently they are doing nothing about it.

      • Yasin

        Thank you, I am also watching live via channels tv on sahara reporters. PDP nuisance was eventually removed. Jega’s calmness in face of provocation and matured response saved the day.

        • mdsurgeon

          The man is a true patriot!

  • chux

    Advocate,pls get your figures right!
    REG VOTERS: 1,936, 427
    ACCR VOTERS: 774,430

  • anthony24g

    it only the Igbos living in Nigeria who seems blind to the poor performance
    especially in relation to the security of ordinary Nigerian and the support of
    corrupt practices by Jonathan government that is leading Nigeria to a state
    similar to Yemen and Pakistan.

    Igbos in Nigeria needs to work and press for safety of Igbos living and working
    in the Northern part of Nigeria and you cannot do that by running to religious
    and ethnic sentiments. They need to work with other Nigerians to help stamp out
    the evils of murder in the name of religion.

    Islam is undergoing their search of Christ message of love your neighbour as
    yourself as the basis of common human existence. Christianity underwent similar
    process in the middle ages. Thank God that UN and world major powers are
    supporting educating the mislead and pursuing and punishing those raking havoc
    to human lives in the name of Islam. The present weak and corrupt Nigerian
    Government cannot deal with this and have been making Nigeria look like a
    failed state instead of being the expected Black African leading government.
    Obama, the West, Islamic Governments, and most Nigerians (including Igbos,
    other SS) outside Nigeria are looking for a change and a stop to this bad image
    of Nigeria.

    • Northerner

      God bless u! U are a very good example.

    • kiza

      I dont see the need for you to single out the Igbos for this bashing…very, very, irresponsible of you to be GROSSLY PAROCHIAL in expressing your ideas…Igbos as a people are very brilliant and industrious people …make sure you dont insult this great race the way again; hold your ideas and allow them to hold theirs too

      • anthony24g

        Kiza this is not an insult. The Igbos are great Nigerians just like other ethnic groups in Nigeria. At the grassroots they are very resourceful, proud, and demonstrates what a good Nigerian should be. However in the political decisions making current Igbo leaders have a lot to answer to the direction they are asking their grassroots to take. In the Igbo culture the grassroots show respect to their leaders and elders which may have affected the current disposition about the election. Igbos with good understanding of political strategies made possible due to the convergence and availability on the Internet and World Media of diverse political opinions and decisions must speak out. There is need to adopt more strategic positions in politics that safeguards the Igbo lives in Northern Nigeria. It is extremely saddening to hear very often stories of attack and murder of peace loving Igbos and yet no political strategy or actions are provided by Igbo leaders to completely stop them.

        • kiza

          noted. You are blessed

    • Colonel Mariama(rtd)

      I wonder how much decent education you have consumed so far in your miserable life. I am struggling to decipher the intent of your psychobabble which I honestly find quite discombobulating and dizzying. Here are a few snapshots of your own gibberish:
      it only the Igbos living in Nigeria who seems(THE IGBOs WHO SEEMs? Really? Shame on you indeed) blind to the poor performance
      especially in relation to the security of ordinary Nigerian and the support of
      corrupt practices by Jonathan government that is leading Nigeria to a state
      similar to Yemen and Pakistan.
      >>> It it rather disappointing that someone in your position will write such a long and trite sentence totally devoid of necessary
      Then you continued with this shameless act:

      Igbos in Nigeria needs(IGBOs IN NIGERIA NEEDs??? ARE YOU REALLY SERIOUS HERE? DO YOU SEE THE PROBLEM WITH SCHOOL OF BASIC EDUCATION AND WATERED DOWN CURRICULUM?) to work and press for safety of Igbos living and working
      in the Northern part of Nigeria and you cannot do that by running to religious
      and ethnic sentiments.
      Islam is undergoing their search of Christ message of love your neighbour as
      yourself as the basis of common human existence.( WHATEVER THIS MEANS IS TOTALLY LOST ON ME.)

      Thank God that UN and world major powers are
      supporting educating the mislead and pursuing( WHAT DOES THIS MEANS ANYWAY?) and punishing those raking havoc( HOW EXACTLY DOES ONE GO ABOUT “RAKING ” HAVOC? MINDING EXPLAINING THE PROCESS OF RAKING HERE?
      to human lives in the name of Islam.
      >> Look here, if you really ain’t got anything to say just keep your mouth shut. It is alright to shut up at times like this. You only succeeded in making an ass of yourself with this rambling irrelevancy.

  • Obinna

    Please assist me to find one guy called TAKWANDA. It seems he has been disengaged by reno.

    • tundemash

      lol !!!
      He’s been rushed to the hospital for high blood pressure related sudden illness. he might not survive it.

  • Obinna

    We are only waiting for Kebbi, Zamfara, Borno and Yobe to declare GMB winner irrespective of anything coming from Delta and Edo. Welcome to Otueke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Northerner

      Where do u leave Sokoto, Bauchi and Adamawa?


        They too are going to Buhari

  • walexsho

    Indeed Patience Jonathan is from rivers State,you cant read what is written by you

  • walexsho

    It is obvious, the result was doctored for prof. to read

  • Action_Nigeria


    • tundemash

      Keep quiet ! Na PDP dollars dey worry the man ! HipoPatience wrote that result and the mugu Prof. was struggling to understand Hipo’s handwriting . shikena !

  • Cinnamon

    SAI BUHARI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope GEJ and PDP dogs can stop barking now.

  • newsbreak


    Buhari’s lead in the poll collapses to mere ½ a million

    Muhammadu Buhari who was leading in the polls yesterday with 2,000,056 votes
    fell dramatically today as Goodluck Jonathan got a commanding 1.487,000 million votes
    in Rivers State where Buhari scored a mere 60,538; equivalent to 4%, and also lost
    his deposit in Rivers state where his Director of Campaign (Rotimi Amaechi) is governor.

    • IEginic

      Yobe result just come. The Alimahjeri don pick up again. god go save us

    • Julius

      LOL…you must be doing your own calculations in your backyard. dumb fck

    • zacchaeus Akinleye

      You’re skipping your medications. Buhari is president-elect!

  • Ikemba Uche

    As a neutral, I must admit that Pres. Goodluck is finally running out of luck. However, as a progressive Nigerian, I would have loved for him to continue based on the fact that he would have done a lot better in his second tenure than Buhari in his first. The next four years will be the most excruciating economically for Nigeria. I see PDP coming back to power after 4 years. APC will spend the next four years blaming Jonathan and PDP for ruining the country whilst at the same time achieving ZILCH… Like the saying goes…”BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR…!”

    • tundemash

      Thanks for your analysis but i beg to disagree. If Dumbo achieve nothing for 6 years when oil was at a high price, expect just excuses , as sual, when oil is going down.

      As per you seeing “PDP coming back to power after 4 years”, i would have believed your power of divinity if only you had predicted Dumbo’s fall, before hand, in this election.

      Please you all should alow Presidnet Buhari some breathing space to work and for your info, we are starting with what scares HipoPatience most: building of prisons !!

      • Ikemba Uche

        Hi Tunde.. As a Nigerian who has been abroad for years, I am not happy with what has been going on for the past years. Please understand that we ordinary Nigerian citizens home and abroad wish whomever occupies Aso Rock well. But the truth about politics, regardless of whom is there is that… there is a reason why its broken down into 2 tenures of 4 years each… You spend the first tenure licking the ass of your sponsors… and the next four putting your name in the history books… Jonathan never got the second chance and to me, that represents a missed opportunity for the nation.

        • MilitaryPolice01

          You have a good point Ikemba but I disagree with you about the tenure licking a** story..,there is no where in the constitution it states the first tenure will be for licking a** and the second tenure for history books;hence anyone elected by the people who does such will have his or herself to blame,a President especially in Nigeria is so powerful that if you stamp your authority and do away with the godfathers when you come in nothing will happen.I trust Buhari and I am sure he will go to work straightaway.He will read the riot act to thieves like Tinubu,Saraki etc once he holds power,I trust Prof Osinbanjo to read the body language of the his President and fall in line.My prayer now is that the good Lord who disappoints false prophets of doom will grant President-elect Buhari long life,good health and if he does well re-election in 2019

          • Ikemba Uche

            Oga Mopo.. I salute you and I say Amen to your prayers. But, I am glad you mentioned Tinubu.. etal, Watch my word for it… Buhari’s first tenure will be filled with charlatans, His sponsors will all get slots to fill the Ministerial posts with their stooges. That’s the reason why they put out Billions of Niara for the election. They expect to get their money back + profits. But, except Nigerians give Buhari a second chance by which time he has become his own man, then we have in our hands a vicious cycle.

          • MilitaryPolice01

            Ikemba,just to clarify I wasnt referring to you in my comment when I mentioned false prophets of doom,I was referring to ‘pastors’ who climb pulpit and said they got direct message from God that Jonathan will remain,Our God does not operate that way,,,…..yet again you have a true point about compensating with Ministerial positions which has been the tradition since the first republic but the man has promised to appoint technocrats.If I were him and they truly pressured him to recoup the investments back,I will remind them that none of them especially Tinubu and Amaechi used their money to sponsor him,they used govt money hehehe

          • Ikemba Uche

            No disrespect to elderly people and Buhari, but there is much any human could do as they get older. My father was a very strong man, but I saw the look in his eyes as he got older and watch his physical strength dissipate. I hope like you said Buhari gets well meaning Nigerian technocrats to help him run the affairs of the nation, if not, we are in for a long ride downhills… !

          • Julius

            Appointments to your supporters is whats done after winning an election in a democracy. Its even more so here in the God’s own country. USA. however,they have to be qualified for the position.

          • share Idea

            For country that keep records. Can anybody dare to contest presidential election in America with affidavit in this 21st century but here in Nigeria people are being criticised for raising it for discussion. Please don’t try compare Nigeria with advance Country. Corruption stinks in Nigeria and they are so many things contribute to it. I don’t expect any changes from Buhari. My wish is that we do not go backward from current position pending when and progressive like GEJ takes over in 2019.

            I shed tears for Nigeria for this grave mistake they made in voting out GEJ at this stage. There are so many innovations this guy is putting in place for the masses which could have been implemented to GSM stage had he been given second chance

        • tundemash

          I have and still currently live abroad too and your analysis is not correct. There no where in Europe/America a woeful perfomance is rewarded with a second term election.

          Moreover, Dumbo was there as President for 2 years before the 2011 election so he’s spent 6 years and where are we ? Fuel cost more than it used to, Corruption is on the rise and he does not beleive it is endemic nira keep slipping down, insecurity is now a norm, cost of living and services keep sky-rocketting, voodoo economy is the order of the day. The scary thing is that this guy, most times, does not even have a clue about what is going on or what he says. Which Western contry President would claim the economy is doing well because a few rogues have bought more private jets ????? It is as bad as anything but Dumbo! It says a lot that same Nigerians that rejected Buhari in 2011 are now rooting for him like a cult figure.
          As far as I am concerned, it is a relieve that he will be history from May 29th.

          More imortantly this election would send a signal to the politicians that POWER RESIDES WITH THE PEOPLE. Gone are the days when an uncouth illiterate wife of a President tells us their party would rule for 60yrs as if our votes don’t count. Nieria is in intensive care and 4 years is what Nigerians desire to see signs of improvement in their lives and infrastructure. It should not take more than 4 years to repair refineries and stop importation of fuel; it should not take 4 years to complete mere resurfacing of Lagos-Ibanda road (60miles) or East-West road.
          APC has ony gotten 4 years to perform else they are out. If the politicians start realising Nigerisn acan push them out in 4 yars, then they will sit up !!

          • Ikemba Uche

            Hey Tunde.. I share your pains too, but there is more to what was going on deep within the Jonathan regime than we could share online. Having said that, I am glad that finally almost every Nigerian have become interested on the way their affairs are dealt with by those in power. This awareness is all we need to keep the politicians on their toes, so I concur with you there and all I can say is … LONG MAY IT CONTINUE..!

          • share Idea

            If you class GEJ first tenure as disaster wait till Buhari takes over. It is easy to criticise when you’re outside. Buhari that could not submit his certificate, promised us that he will make NNPC and Customs accounts public. With all the sabotage, lies and propaganda against GEJ, he could perform all he did. I seriously pray that Niger delta militant will not return the same fervour to Buhari, then he’ll go to Saudi to borrow those billions he promised 25million poorest of the poor.

            Egyptians said that Mubarak was their only, that once removed, they will be like Europe nation, how are they faring today. Same with Libyans. My gee please can you continue half of scrutiny done to GEJ to Buhari once he takes over.

          • tundemash

            Story for the gods !
            Why do u need to wait till Buhari takes over? How about your court case….??? are u abandoning it ?

            Abacha/IBB/OBJ people also told us Nigeria would not exist without them so nothing new in your fake alarms; they are words of a sore loser.

        • Julius

          So we should give him 4 more years to rescue the kidnapped girls ?

          • Ikemba Uche

            Dear Julius… Open your eyes..! There was no kidnapped girls..! Kidnappers demand for Ransom..! We have seen it even with ISIS and other terror groups…! WAKE UP..!

      • Mujiya

        Don’t scare them please. This is not funny!

    • ceecee

      That is the beauty of democracy. PDP should do a good soul searching and know where they made mistakes so that when next they come they wouldn’t take Nigerians for granted any longer. However am sure that the fear of loosing in 2019 APC will perform. Whichever way Nigeria wins!

      • Julius

        PDP was done when OBJ left them. if you dont believe me, ask Jona..lol

  • MilitaryPolice01

    Let the story of Jonathan be a lesson for us all,never ever be indecisive or weak when you find yourself in a position of leadership or authority.Assert yourself,make a positive impact,stamp your authority and put your feet down for what you know is right and do away with sycophants because they will not be there when its time for judgement.

    • IEginic

      Yes. You are right. He allowed them to deceived him all the way. They all knew he was going to fail.

    • Ikemba Uche

      I feel you man..! That’s a good point.


      The Fani Kayodes and Pius Anyams

    • share Idea

      I expect your messiah Buhari to exhibit all these your character traits soon. As far as I’m concerned God has really used GEJ to accomplish great things for Nigeria. The lies and Propaganda labelled against him will definitely hunt our nation.

  • IEginic

    What about Edo state result?. Anyway make Osho noo hala at all. The show seems to have been done already. But, Jona fall people hand no be small. Na pdp way shall..

  • Ikemba Uche

    Nigeria as a nation is bigger than any individual, and will continue to thrive. This election has so many positives which I am going to enumerate below:

    1) Jonathan has done the job that fate proposed for him. He has changed the political mindsets of the continent of Africa as a whole. I know he will accept defeat in good fate unlike any other ruler, there would have been entropy in the whole country. Therefore, he has set a good trend.

    2) By 2019, Nigerians would have learnt the actual meaning of CHANGE… It does NOT mean to change the person in power, but the system in its entirety.

    3) Power of incumbency is NOT power of the people. Prospective politicians should take note..!

    4) Good Nigerians are watching, and finally they will awoken to take the lead of the nation whilst taking the country to highest heights.

    5) Time has finally come for us all Nigerian Youths to unite irrespective of tribe, religion and class. It has imperatively become a collective task of us well meaning Nigerians to break free from the shackles of tribalism and nepotism, and build a nation our children will be proud of.

    6) I beg all Nigerians to support Buhari irrespective of to whom your vote was cast. Long Live Nigeria…!


      Nice message

  • Nwadike

    Nigerians just need a total change

  • Let us be patient ,He who laughs last, laughs longest

  • the truth

    This is the democracy we have been preaching for ages. At the end of the day Nigerians are the winners of this process. We are all one whether yoruba, hausa, igbo, efik, fulani, ibibio, kanuri, ijaw etc.Let us wait until the final results are announced and GEJ should be commended irrespective of the outcome

    • tundemash

      Mr. Career Liar,

      Some of us are here to counter hyenas like you who would want to slip through the net and pretend as innocent.
      You claim this is the democracy you preach….. would this have been possible without th euse of PVC which you and Dumbo opposed? Would this have been possible without the likes of Lai Mohammed whom you still accused of lying just yesterday ?
      Would this have been ossible if some us had been cheerleader liars like Metuh and FFK ?
      If people like Captain Okoli have been compromised ethnic bigots like you, would we have this chance today of disloging your looting paymasters ?
      Were you not here praing the terrorists Asari whe he was threatening us all to vote Dumbo in else hell will be let loose.
      Did you not call Buhari a certficate forger and liar ……. now you don’t mind that certificate forger to be your President?
      You are nothig but a shameless LIAR too shalned to own up to his past having caught up with him

      Meanwhile i am still waiting for your exposure of my usage of several handles Mr. Career Liar !!!

      • the truth

        I see u have no job, u are always commenting on my posts, go get a life. With my previous neutral stance u should commend people like us who have been stawarts for one nigeria. All this your unproven allegations against me only show your class. I would ignore touts like you and thank all the comrades and patriots who stood for democracy.

        • tundemash

          Mad man ….i should commend rogues in sheep clothing… you must be out of your mind ! Ole Oloriburuku stomach infrastructure exponent.
          May the affairs of your life and that of your on coming generations unborn be run by God exactly like Jonathan ran Nigeria.

          • the truth

            I see u are clouded by rage, anger, lies, violence and hate. People like you need all the loving. Many people know the true defenders of democracy, we stood on one Nigeria and tried to deflate your tribal archaic stance. I repeat neutral commentators like myself who are not blinded by tribalism nor religion should be commended and praised. We stood in thick and thin fighting for Nigeria, we are patriots and true sons of Nigeria.

      • citizenka

        Dear Tundemash
        From SR and elsewhere you remind me of those nazi hunters. Thank you for being there

        • tundemash

          Dear citizenka,
          Thanksyou for being on the lookout for rogues in sheep clothing !

    • Rumournaire

      Commended? I see you’re trying to console yourself because we know what you had been writing in this forum. You may commend Jonathan for being some kind of a ‘gentleman’, but he showed extreme incompetence and questionable integrity by surrounding himself with a bunch of crooks and liars. Nigeria is no longer some small obscure country. When a president puts international swindlers and drug barons in charge of his affairs, it embarrasses the citizenry. Imagine him not knowing that Morocco had recalled its ambassador from Nigeria until 5 days after! You then wonder what all the Okupe’s and the Abati’s were doing! A competent president would have fired all these people long ago.

      A Chief Executive does not have to know everything about about his business. However a cardinal competence required of him is to know who he needs around him to succeed. Jonathan failed woefully in this key competency.

  • newsbreak

    Buhari Rebounds with 6 states to go

    With six [6] states to go, Buhari rebounds with a lead of 2,43964 million votes.
    Where for God’s sake is Goodluck Jonathan’s strategy in this 2015 election; where?
    A loss of this election will be a historical personal disaster for the entire Ijaw nation.

    • Ole

      I concur. GEJ did not see himself as the one to project the value of his people. If he had not been petty, if he had seen the historical value of his presidency, he would not have made miscreants his political bedfellows. But nature will always prevent a hen from soaring like an eagle!

    • Colonel Mariama(rtd)

      If Jonathan loses I don’t see how that will reflect negatively on the entire Ijaw nation as you opined. You must have some personal grudges against the Ijaw for what ever reason. I think the fact is that with only Northern states left to declare result, Jonathan may well be on his way out. The fatal mistake Jonathan made was to yield to pressure by the Americans to fire Professor Maurice Iwu. Look where he is now-Mr. Nice Guy?. He forgot that this is Nigeria where every ethnic group(especially those without oil) will do whatever it takes to clinch power at the center.I no be gentleman like that now. The only person we need to console here is that loud foul mouth @DERI who stepped on too many toes. Where will he be after today?

      • Mujiya

        But you are overlooking one fact, either deliberately or otherwise, that in 2011this man without oil in his compound declared the oily Jona winner of the election and he’s still enjoying that mandate.

  • newsbreak

    Buhari further rebounds further with 5 states to go

    With six [5] states to go, Buhari rebounds with a lead of 2,853,703 million votes.
    Where for God’s sake is Goodluck Jonathan’s strategy in this 2015 election; where?
    A loss of this election will be a historical personal disaster for the entire Ijaw nation.

  • Patoooooolikisky

    One thing in life that remain constant is change. If the present government didn’t win, this should be taken in good faith. We must be ready to move forward with new strategies in governance

  • nijaombudsman

    Where now is Fani Kayode?

  • Olusola Asiri

    This marks a change in d fortune of d country, cos before now a lot of pple have believed in d “power of incumbency” but this is an exception to that and by implication it’ll put any leader in the country on his toes, knowing fully well that d electorates has d final say not our politicians anymore. Congrats GMB and Kudos GEJ

    • pastor Isaac

      i appreciate your comment. President Jonathan deserve our praise because he provided the environment unlike all former incumbents who always acted and believed they have Nigeria in their pockets

  • Testament

    Muhammadu Buhari wins the 2015 election!!!!!


  • Testament

    Muhammadu Buhari wins the 2015 election!!


  • Testament

    Muhammadu Buhari wins the 2015 election!!



    • Interrogator


      • Archives


        Nigerians need to understand the meaning of ‘corruption’ and use the word correctly.
        Corruption means dis-honest intention expressed by finessing a crooked outcome.
        Within that precise definition of corruption, Buhari is the most corrupt Nigerian.

        Anyone aspiring to rule a country must not lie, conceal or hide his qualifications to rule.

        Since December 10th, 2014, Buhari lied against the Army on his supposed WAEC certificate.
        Till today, he’s hung onto delay tactics and long adjournments in court to avoid a confession.
        He plots to wangle the presidency of Nigeria without confessing the truth of his qualifications

        That’s equivalent to forging an instrument to defraud a whole country and take over the treasury.
        Under the common law, an attempt to commit larceny of that sort is punishable as a crime itself.

    • aljihadi

      “Sharia should be introduced all over Nigeria.
      I will continue to show openly and inside me,
      the total commitment to the Sharia movement
      that is sweeping all over Nigeria. God willing,
      we will NOT stop the agitation for total
      implementation of Sharia in the country.

      It is a legal responsibility which God has given us,
      within the context of one Nigeria, to continue to
      uphold the practice of Sharia wholeheartedly.

      What remains for Muslims in Nigeria is for them
      to re-double their efforts and educate Muslims on
      the need to promote the full implementation of Sharia law.

      …….General Muhammadu Buhari

      [August, 2001]

      • pastor Isaac

        it was a political sharia to make the nation ungovernable for christian president. the same system is used to bring GEJ down. now that they are in charge,you will not hear sharia again. they believed they are born to rule. caliphate means world ruler.but as a christian we believe our kingdom is not of this world. They can carry go

      • Masaro

        Sequel to your comment, Buhari will not implement sharia law on every nigerian.
        One Nigeria but different state with different culture and religious belief.
        I congratulate him on his victory


    With Delta and Borno left, Buhari has 15,243720 and Jonathan has 11,700,090 votes. LETS HAIL OUR NEW PRESIDENT, President Buhari. May the Lord give you wisdom like Solomon to guide Nigeria IJN.

    • Cinnamon

      I dont see Sokoto.


        PDP has 152199 and APC has 671,926 in Sokoto. Hail President Buhari. Otuoke, take your garbage child

        • Cinnamon

          Oh thanks! Didn’t see it before. Hail President Buhari!!!

    • rightklick

      Where did u get that figure? you’d better do your calculation well!


        Believe now?

  • Da Colonel M

    I see you are back to your old tired habit. What on earth did I do to deserve this? JUST CHILL OUT A BIT AS I KNOW FOR SURE THAT YOUR CANDIDATE SEEMS SET TO WIN THIS PARTY.


    ITUNU: Thank God for our dear country Nigeria, even though, GMB won this
    election, the credit goes to our dear gentle and respectable president
    Goodluck Ebele Jonathan who has moved this country forward from what it
    used to be, he has done his part, I advise him to take the spirit of
    sportsmanship and his name will remain indelible in the history of
    Nigeria. Our vote now counts – even those who did not go to school can
    browse and say their minds, after all, there is freedom of speech. Well
    done Mr. President, don’t mind your followers, just go home and rest in
    Otoeke. God bless your intentions.

    • Yasin

      He has an expansive farm in Abuja. There is no need for him to retire to Otueke. As a Nigerian, he is welcome in any part of Nigeria

      • Cinnamon

        Abeg Abeg, To Otueke he goes!

    • pastor Isaac

      Yes mr president don’t mind them, they are not fighting for you but for their pocket. Don’t let them ms-advice you go home you are a winner the good people of Nigeria knows what you have done

      • ITUNU

        Yes o, Mr. President is a winner, he has done what others can not do, he has tried, the good thing is that, he has opportunity to try again in the future. We thank God for his life. Well done Mr. President.

  • Citizen

    Thanks to everyone, including the ‘Burning Spear to Jonathan’s heart’, we have started the the SILENT REVOLUTION. Never again will any group of occultist hold the wonderful nation Nigeria to ransom again. Let us defend this Democracy with all our might. God bless Nigeria

  • Debekeme

    Where are those Nollywood stars ?

    All those Nollywood clowns. They stood against Nigerian people.

    Respects to Omotola, Genevieve and P-Squared who stayed away from the Dollar Rain.

    • ceecee

      You forgot some of our useless footballers that were following Jonathan sheepishly.


    However, this election was won by giving more Voters Card to the Northern States, I am surprised that a place like Lagos who has the highest population in Nigeria can not have up to 2 Million voters between everybody, I was expecting at least 2 Million votes for GMB in Lagos. So I am not complaining about the winner.

    • share Idea

      My broda leave inflated population figures every sections of the country try to ascribe to themselves. Can anybody contest that percentage people that came out to vote last weekend is not the largest we have witnessed in the country in recent history, yet every section is struggling to get more than 50% voter turn out.

      I will keep saying it that Nigeria is not more than 100 million people, forget all this bandied figure from 120 to 160 and over 170 millions. INEC started biometric registration in 2010 and initial figure was 73 million after Afis it came down to 70 million, post business rule brought it down to 54 million and four years after, the number is just slightly above 68 million. Wait till we get National ID card you’ll see that our population will be stagnant as people that claimed above 18 while they are 12 will not increase the number even when they actually turn 18. Thus, the current number of registered voters will keep dropping till sometime in 6 to 10 years when so many of the children that are not included in the inflated register will turn 18.

      Main game changer for Nigeria is National Id Card.

  • alex

    U all seem to have forgotten the 25% in 2/3 of states. Do not rejoice just yet.

    • ITUNU

      Forget it, that can not work with somebody leading with 5 million votes.

      • ITUNU

        He has also won at least 19 states

  • zygote


  • Nwa _ Africa

    Breaking News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It has been reported that President Goodluck Jonathan has called his major challenger and the likely-winner of the 2015 presidential election, Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress, APC to congratulate him.

    According to a source, the president spoke with Muhammadu Buhari on the phone and will address the country after rounding off his meeting with his cabinet.

    From source…

    • alex

      So this is where u his ur self. Radio naija2

  • Mikky

    I will enjoin Nigerians to remember that Niger delta and the south east produces 99.5% wealth for the entire nation. The people of Niger delta suffers immediate impact from Oil and gas exploration and production activities. Their environment, farm land and sources of water are damaged whenever an incident relating to oil and gas exploration occurs. This same people are not given the opportunity by Yoruba and Hausa speaking tribes to rule the country. The outcome of this election shows a total separation, hatred and marginalization for the people of Niger delta. I want everyone to note that they shall come a time that God will arise for the sake of the Niger deltans. Igbos are really supporting us and we know that some day, the same story of David and Goliath recorded in the Holy Bible shall come to pass in Nigeria. We are not pleased with the outcome of this election and we know that things will begin to change very soon.

    • The electorate

      Based on sympathy votes in 2011 GEJ was given a chance to rule but he squandered the opportunity by mismanaging the country now we the electorates have taken it away and you are crying. Blame GEJ for messing up a golden opportunity. If he had done very well he would have won the 2015 election the same way he won 2011. He is a good hearted man who lacks leadership qualities.

  • alex

    If GMB wins, no problem. I hope the people of the north are happy with them selves. I pray the poor there will not once again be subjected to stark slavery, ravage by disease e.g polio, due to rejection of immunisation, almajiri problem, illiteracy, poor or nonexistent health care, general neglect by their born to rule leadership. I also pray all the underage girls will not suffer on the bed of underage marriage and VVF. All these phenomena were gradually being phased out in the last 8 years starting from the late Yaradua. Let me ask u all one thing PLEASE ‘what EXACTLY are you all expecting from a government led by the current crop of APC leadership’ please tell. Pray tell.

  • Nenemoosha

    @ Mikky…. You no nothing, that 1 naa story… Lets all come together and Stop Nigerians from suffering. This is not really about the Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa, We want transformation. I Have High hopes in Him, and if he fails, Someone unique will replace him. Everything we need is change. God is in control. Good People, Great Nation, God Bless Nigerians. Congratulations.

  • objective

    I am so glad. This is a major shift in the system we are used to. It is a major change. A change from an incumbent to the opposition and that is the first sign of a matured democracy. I congratulate all of us and I also want to congratulate President Jonathan for three reasons,first for being the first Nigerian president to conduct two truly free and fair elections in 2011 and now in 2015. Secondly for putting in place a system that brought about the process that has led to the joy that we are sharing today;and this has demonstrated to all politicians that it is no longer business as usual. Third and finally, for accepting the result of the election in the spirit of sportsmanship which is very rare in Nigeria politic.

    To the opposition, we supported you, we called the APC a party of change and we believe it is. We hope and pray that come four years from May 29, we will still be in a position to say the same about you.

    Finally, I congratulate all well meaning Nigerians and I hope we will in the same spirit look forward to the governorship and house of assembly elections. God bless you all. SBF (AKA OBJECTIVE)

  • deji

    GEJ: Peshe, with the results annouced by Jega, we have to leave the Villa o.
    PJ: Dem never do ist lady election yet, I no dey comot!

  • Colonel Mariama(rtd)

    I congratulate Buhari on his election victory.
    The road ahead is not paved with gold though as there are many hurdles and potholes to take care of. This certainly is not a winner-take-all situation. Some disgruntled groups may yet MAKE NIGERIA UNGOVERNABLE for Buhari as was done to Jonathan. The signs are there.He just has to be careful to keep the OIL FLOWING OR NIGERIA IS FINISHED FOR REAL. Oil is the only common bond we have and without it , needless to say we will not even be here talking trash.Let us not assume all is well. The illiterate masses in North must now buckle down and ask tough questions of the new president. Later will be to late to blame others for your predicament. POWER HAS NOW RETURNED TO THE NORTH and use it wisely. From what I see on the gorund I may consider going into exile to remain productive.


    “Just how did a supposed nun get diagnosed of STD?”, interesting proverbial, rhetorical question!