#NigeriaDecides: Without providing evidence, Fani-Kayode claims PDP winning in 23 states

Femi Fani-Kayode

The spokesperson of President Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign organisation has claimed that based on the current tally of results by the party, the incumbent and his Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, are leading the presidential elections.

“As we speak now, we are winning in 23 states and we have 64 per cent while the APC is winning in14 states and has 36 per cent,” Femi Fani-Kayode said in a press statement sent to media houses on Sunday evening.

He did not provide figures or any documentary evidence to back claims. Neither did he list the states in which his party is leading.

The spokesperson also accused the media of spreading false results about a loss for the president in the ongoing elections.

INEC is yet to officially announce the final results although collated results from various state INEC officials show the major candidates winning in different parts of the country.

Read Mr. Fani-Kayode’s full statement below:


We are deeply concerned by the level of disinformation and falsehood that is being peddled around by the friends of the opposition in the media and particularly their paid agents and associates on the social media about the results of Saturdays elections. Since yesterday afternoon, they have been releasing fake results and they have been attempting to mislead the Nigerian people and our friends in the international community. The public have been inundated with lie after lie about the APC’s so-called victories in virtually every single polling booth, ward, local government area and state in the country. This is not only nonsensical but it is also far-fetched, absurd and childish.

Two opposition media houses and their associates in the social media went as far as to shamelessly claim that President Goodluck Jonathan lost in my polling unit and in my ward in Ile-Ife, when in actual fact the President not only won in my polling booth and ward but he also won in virtually every other ward in the four local government areas of Ile-IIfe in Osun state where I come from.

The dirty lies that these two media houses have told is just one example of the gross and irresponsible mendacities and falsehood that the agents and associates of the APC habitually enjoy peddling. As we have always said, they are a party of liars that are led and inspired by a small cabalistic cult of shameful deceivers, liars and cheap propaganda merchants. In them there is no truth and lying is their second nature and natural habitat.

The APC, through their agents in the media, also indulged in many other fanciful and vain mendacities about many other PDP leaders. For example they claimed that Musiliu Obanikoro who is presently the Honorable Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Iyiola Omisore, the leader of our party in Osun State, Olusegun Mimiko, the Governor of Ondo state, David Mark, the Senate President, and so many other of our highly esteemed and respected leaders also lost their polling units and wards to General Muhammadu Buhari and the APC candidates for the various elections.

Needless to say these claims by the APC are not only false but they are also absurd and nauseating. Such mendacities are indicative of the fact that they have lost touch with reality as we have always suspected. As a matter of fact we are surprised that they didn’t claim that the President himself also lost in his polling unit and ward and that he in fact voted for Buhari rather than for himself. Such is their level of depravity and deceit that they will manufacture any lie and assert any falsehood just to gain an edge and feed their vain delusions.

The lies they have told about the so-called victory of Buhari in Ile-Ife, Osun state is particularly distasteful because not only has Jonathan appeared to have won in Ile-Ife but our PDP candidate for the Federal House of Representatives in that constituency, Mr. Albert Adeogun, appears to have won the election hands down and defeated Mr. Rotimi Makinde of the APC, who is the sitting member of the Federal House of Representatives. Our candidate for the House of Representatives in Ilesa in the same senatorial district, Mr. Wole Oke, appears to have won his election as well which is another major blow for the APC in Osun state.

Instead of acknowledging these monumental and devastating losses of some of their leading members, the APC, in their habitual manner simply continue to bury their small heads in the ground like the proverbial ostrich, live in denial and peddle lies and falsehood. It is time that they were called to order. The lies of the APC must be ignored and treated with the contempt and disdain that they deserve.

The reports that we are getting from the field is that our candidate is doing very well in the south and north central and that we are making very strong inroads into various states in the core north. The motive for the lies and disinformation of the APC is to create high expectations for their supporters so that when the real results come out and they are announced by INEC, and when those real results do not tally with the fake results that the APC have told their agents and friends to release, they will begin to run riot, create havoc and kill people.

This is irresponsible and dangerous and we hereby warn the APC and their agents in the media to stop spreading falsehood and telling dangerous lies. We also call on the security agencies to be vigilant because when the truth of their defeat finally dawns on them the APC and Buhari will not take it very lightly. We should all patiently wait for INEC to release the official results of all the elections and until then we call on our supporters and party members to hold their heads up high, to remain confident and strong and to hold their peace.

Though it is undoubtedly a close race, we at the PDPCO are cautiously confident and we are very optimistic of total victory despite the desperation, lies and disinformation of the APC. At the end of the day we have no doubt that President Goodluck Jonathan and the PDP shall prevail.

We are constrained to conclude this short briefing by commenting on two issues that are also a matter of grave concern to us. First of all it has been brought to our attention that hundreds of thousands of underage voters were allowed to vote by INEC officials in many parts of the north during Saturdays elections.

The pictures of these underage voters, who are APC supporters and many of whom are not even Nigerians but were drafted across our northern borders just to vote, are all over the internet. These pictures show the children actually giving their thumb prints and voting in the elections on Saturday. This is unacceptable to us and it needs to be explained by INEC. We await further clarification from them about it and failing that we shall revisit the issue in a very forceful and precise manner at a later stage.

The other area that needs clarification and an explanation from INEC and which gives us deep concern is the situation that we have found ourselves in when it comes to the issue of card readers. We warned about this right from the outset and we expressed our reservations about their usage but we were ignored and even criticised by many at the time for doing so. With the shameful and abysmal performance of the card readers during Saturday’s polls we believe that we have been vindicated and that our earlier concerns have proved to be legitimate and valid. Sadly the damage that the failure of the card readers has caused to the fortunes of our supporters and party is immense.

Many of our supporters were disenfranchised and were unable to get accreditation or to vote as a consequence of the card reader situation and it is curious that most of the problems associated with card readers only took place in areas and states that are the traditional strongholds of President Jonathan and the PDP. Was this a mere coincidence or was it contrived? That is the million dollar question. We shall speak more about this and other matters after the final results have been announced by INEC. Until then we shall hold our peace.

We use this medium to call on our friends in the social media, the party faithful and all President Goodluck Jonathan Support Groups not to remain silent in the face of these shenanigans. They should speak out on what they know about the propaganda and falsehood of the opposition APC. They should not be intimidated at all by the opposition’s desperate and reprehensible antics. They should set the record straight and not allow themselves to be robbed of a well-earned victory.

As we speak now, we are winning in 23 states and we have 64 percent while the APC is winning in14 states and has 36 percent. These results are subject to confirmation by the Independent National Electoral Commission. However, we are certain of what we are saying because we have information from our agents in every polling unit nationwide. No one must test our will by attempting to change these results and the APC should desist from pushing this nation to the brink of fire, chaos and destruction with their dirty lies and propaganda.

Thank you.


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  • robimaaz

    FFK..can you pls list the 23 states that you are winning…

    • tundemash

      you dey mind the drug addict .. was his own figure 23 from INEC ?

      • aisha ani

        That is the figure they want INEC to release but thanks to the much maligned Baba Iyabo, our smart phones does everything, including recording any rigging that you FFK may attempt.

    • bman

      Don’t mind this mad man. They are leading with 64 percent and he said is a close contest…….

  • Lanre

    Walahi this guy dey mad………….

  • tundemash

    Drug addict ….. in same statement where he blamed certain unnamed media of releasing result without INEC clearance, he also claimed his roguish party is winning in 23 states. So was your figure from INEC Mr. Drug Addict ?

    And the below was from a PDP newspaper Vanguard, you stylishly didn’t mention that in your press release .

  • Gidi

    Hahaha…PDP is winning in 23 states? Which of the states are you winning? At least. we know of Ekiti in SW, but which other one are u winning? Lagos, Osun, Oyo, Ondo* (close to call) you’re not winning.

    Assuming we add 11 states from SS-SE and Ekiti to PDP column, that alone summed up to be 12 states. So, which of the states in the North is Uncle Jonah wining? Inquiry minds want to know…

    • Okey

      Wherefore APC won in Plateau, Taraba, Adamawa, Benue, Abuja, Nasarawa, Kogi and made 25% in the SS and SE states.

  • Concerned

    Jega in his press statement had this put to him as a question – he clearly stated that results had not been collated in 23 states so the question should be directed back to the person making the statement who had no authority to make it.

  • Ademola Aderiye

    Food For ikayode =FFK so you have also declared the results for 23 states. I recall you once claimed you had a British education. You have not shown that. Why do you contradict yourself so poorly. You accused your opponent of X and you commit that same X-offense. Femi, does it mean you did not take your drug today before you talked?

  • Moe

    Comical Fanni is correct. PDP is indeed winning in 23 states.
    23 states of mental decay!

    • tundemash

      He’s trying to fly a kite . They want to doctor the results.

      • Sure! They are planning something.

  • rhad

    fani kayode and pdpigs just try rubbish with results. You go hear am. You will realised that Nigerians are keen on change.

  • Bibi

    Femi Fanikayode can you please ask your candidate Mr. Gooduck Jonathan to release the Ondo state results please? You released Ekiti. But is the manipulation of Ondo state result the PDP/Jonathan joker? We -who collated results have the Ondo state results and we keep our fingers crossed. Let me put this on record. Any attempt by Mimiko/Goodluck Jonathan to manipulate Ondo result will be resisted-period.

    • Layo

      The people that voted in Ondo State said APC won majority of the local government. Those who have the PU results should release them, the figures are being doctored, same as SS and SE.

    • aisha ani

      Ondo is not Ekiti, we don’t play.

  • Khadijah D.

    Abeg Fani, name the States nah!!!!! LMAO!

  • Layo

    Fani werepe just exposed their rigging plan. You can’t even win 15 states. Retard.

  • Moe

    Comical Fanni: “As we have always said, they are a party of liars that are led and
    inspired by a small cabalistic cult of shameful deceivers, liars and
    cheap propaganda merchants. In them there is no truth and lying is their
    second nature and natural habitat.”

    It is PDP that postponed the election and lied about the reason.
    It is the PDP presidency that lied about talking to the King of Morocco when no such conversations took place,
    it is PDP that…………you know what? Comical Fanni just described PDP in the statement above.
    PDP has lost the presidency……..go pack your things and get out of the peoples house.

    Every time comical Fanni sees a microphone, he just starts lying….it is as if he can’t help himself.

    Reporter with mic: Excuse me, Mr. Kayode……
    Comical Fanni: Heeeeyy! It wasn’t me; I didn’t touch it, if i touched it, it was by mistake; I didn’t see it; i didn’t hear it; I wasn’t there, if I was there, I was asleep………

  • Babatola Michael

    FFK needs to be examined. He must be sick. His comments defy all reasons

    • tundemash

      He’s trying to test the waters and see reaction to the possibility of their rigging the votes.

  • This is it. Deceiving Jonathan

    • Sincerely Yours

      Having they always been. Na today.

  • ogechi

    He is a thief,a big joke

  • ogechi


  • Abia_Man

    Any person wanting to be governed by APC is seriously sick. What a bunch of liars.

    • Ondo Man

      Are you okay?

    • tundemash

      And yet your brethren keep flooding to Lagos ? How come your accuse your brethren of being sick ?

      • Ondo Man

        Therefore Abia_Man is sick in the body, head, soul and mind.

        • tundemash

          Problem is they hardly think before they post so one is not sure if they are d@ft or actually sick .

    • Okey .u.

      Abia people have invalid brain and that is why they can never develop. They will keep voting for PDP rascals for more poverty.

    • Abdulazeez Oyibo

      Abia kwala! See how people display their crass ignorance?

  • Ondo Man

    Can someone ask that the result in my state Ondo state be released please?

  • August January

    Fani-Kayode is both a thief and liar. He continues to cook up figures. Jega has stated that much in his briefing. Omo ale!

    • Moe

      comical Fanni may very well be a liar, but I doubt he is a thief.
      The simple fact is that he is not all there mentally. So, he may get away with pleading not guilty by reasons of insanity

      • August January

        Don’t forget he is still standing trial for money laundering. So, he is not only a liar but also a thief

  • Enemona

    What I make of Fanifool’s statement? He’s trying to manage expectation of Nigerians in preparation for the outcome of their rigging plan. He’s forgotten that their rigging plan is now public information and people have countered them. Wait to see how he’d bolt to UK this week when GMB is declared winner.

    • Moe

      Even UK will kick him out.

  • igbiki

    Is the Faggot now working for INEC?

    He wants to smooth the ground in preparation for the annoucement of fake and cooked-up results.

  • Victor Olowogorioye

    At long last, FFK has gone beyond redemption. One breath, he was accusing his Opponents of using the social media to run the results of the election and unauthorized release of results while at the same breath, he was relying on the same socia media to make claim of the use of under aged Voters and making claims of winning in 23 States and scoring 64% of the votes cast. What a Comedian we have making comedy out of serious issues?

  • Tyo, Lagos

    Officially from Osun Presidential:
    Boluwaduro – APC- 5288, PDP-4413
    Egbedore- APC- 9577 PDP- 6507
    Ila- APC- 11576, PDP- 7647
    Boripe, APC-12152, PDP- 7457
    Ife north, APC-8369, PDP-‎7921
    Ife south, APC-9793, PDP-9283
    Ife‎ east, APC-12513, PDP-15532
    Olorunda, APC- 23,342, PDP-7958
    Atakumosa west, APC- 6639, PDP-4734
    Odo Otin APC-13351, PDP:10230
    Isokan APC-10187, PDP-6974
    Atakunmosa East APC 6639, PDP-4734
    Ifelodun APC 17040, PDP 9847
    Irepodun APC-12485, PDP-7750
    Ayedaade APC- 13560 PDP- 9466
    Olaoluwa APC 8125 PDP 5910

    • Chinecherem

      So where is this junkie criminal running frantically from conviction for his stealing acts win the four Ife local councils? About his claim of 23 states for dying PDP, that doesn’t merit any attention but these are the type of characters that are leading Nigerians down the grave under this imbecilic moron called Jonathan before Change came to the rescue!

      • Tyo, Lagos

        Don’t mind him. He wants to punch the triumphant APC.

    • burning spear

      We are talking about overall result–u are bringing that of Osun state—–alone

      • Tyo, Lagos

        Oga I am not INEC na! I only brought this for you to disprove FFK’s claim of victory in Ife, Osun

        • akin

          I beg don’t even mention that Omo ale here. FFK should not be given any attention at all.

      • Moe

        britney spear, I feel your pain. Don’t worry, there is always going to be another election. Take heart, and rejoice in the fact that the election was generally peaceful.

        Word of advice, you may want to keep a low profile in other to minimize your pain. Take up Table tennis or something to occupy your mind. It will prevent you from thinking too much about how you made an asshole out of yourself.

  • Abdul


  • Rommel

    This press briefing by the animal should be used as evidence against him when the time for reckoning comes,no one should try to deny that it never happened.

    • tintin


  • MC

    APC’s big bang of a crash began early. They too knew this and never needed a nostradamus to predict. Were they not daft, they should have known too that no amount of media peddling of falsehood could change this very ill fate. So my advice to APC and co is to either be a good sport, eat their humble pie or locate the nearest transformer and embrace it very tightly. Alternatively, creatively, they could dissect the transformer, extract from it the very lethal polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs), queue up and consume a shot one by one. Morons!

    • Moe


      Who name-drops PCB’s when talking about lethality? especially when its LD50 is up to 10 grammes per KG body weight? especially when there is KCN?
      Allow yourself ….as they say, nah you get your mouth!

      • MC

        Moe and other political rookies of APC, your asses are ours anyday. By the way, are you guys also envious of our versatility?

  • burning spear

    1. ABIA. PDP 97% APC 3%

    2. ADAMAWA. PDP 68%. APC 32%.

    3. AKWA IBOM. PDP 98% APC 2%.

    4. ANAMBRA PDP 99%. APC 1%.

    5. BAUCHI PDP 77% APC 23%.

    6. BAYELSA PDP 99% APC 1%.

    7. BENUE PDP 82%. APC 18%.

    8. BORNO PDP 19% APC 81%.

    9. CROSS RIVERS. PDP 98%. APC 2%.

    10. DELTA PDP 99%. APC 1%.

    11. EBONYI. PDP 97%. APC 3%.

    12. EDO. PDP 74%. APC 26%.

    13. EKITI. PDP 92%. APC 8%.

    14. ENUGU. PDP 98%. APC 2%.

    15. FCT. PDP 68%. APC 32%.

    16. GOMBE. PDP 41%. APC 59%.

    17. IMO. PDP 92%. APC 8%.

    18. JIGAWA. PDP 39%. APC 61%.

    19. KADUNA. PDP 46%. APC 54%.

    20. KANO. PDP 41% APC 59%.

    21. KATSINA. PDP 26%. APC 74%.

    22. KEBBI. PDP 29%. APC 71%.

    23. KOGI PDP 73%. APC 27%.

    24. KWARA. PDP 34%. APC 66%.

    25. LAGOS. PDP 57%. APC 43%.

    26. NASARAWA. PDP 31%. APC 69%.

    27. NIGER. PDP 33%. APC 66%.

    28. OGUN. PDP 52% APC 48%.

    29. ONDO. PDP 93%. APC 7%.

    30. OSUN. PDP 51%. APC 49%.

    31. OYO. PDP. 45%. APC. 55%.

    32. PLATEAU. PDP 87%. APC 13%.

    33. RIVERS. PDP 83%. APC 17%.

    34. SOKOTO. PDP 42%. APC 28%.

    35. TARABA. PDP 88%. APC. 12%.

    36. YOBE. PDP 17%. APC 83%.

    37. ZAMFARA. PDP 47%. APC 53%.

    • Mama Pikin

      Your results no drink PDP gari so? E be like say u 4get say Ekiti gate story just dey start. This one wey una wan write na D.O.A. “Dead on Arrival” as God don already catch una

      • Pause

        Unfortunately for APC people & supporters they have live with the results. Buhari is hereby retired for life!!! APC should learn from their losses to get a more acceptable candidate in 2019.

        • godwin111

          So you have not been following results? How do people managed to be this dull!

          • Pause

            Which results are you referring to? The fake results at Sharia Reporters? Or the one the UI Vice Chancellor is trying to perpetuate in Lagos with APC? Wake up!!!

          • tintin

            i dont understand o….shallow minded people

        • tintin

          lets see…..y’all will cry and find tears no more….after spending the nations resources to buy votes #shior

  • Ade

    Gentlemen, from Fani kayode face from the picture above, fani kayode looks like a man recently discharged from a psychiatric hospital

    • burning spear

      what about the face of the drug addict in APC tinub with his toad-like eyes———

      • MC

        They, Yoruba’s, call it Okpolor eyes. The eyes will shoot of their sockets when they hear INEC’s final result soon.

    • Moe

      Aro did not discharge him. He is probably on a “1 day pass”!

      • Sincerely Yours

        My friend, no kill me with laff.

      • godwin111


    • akin

      I have often said that man is abnormal. Oloriburuku eda. He will run out of Nigeria should MUHAMMAD BUHARI be sworn in.

  • burning spear

    Fake Mbaka Loses————-Ezeagu LGA Presidential Election in Enugu State Result.

    The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has won the Ezeagu Local Government presidential election in Enugu state, Eastern Nigeria, political wards of a Controversial Priest, Mbaka, by landslide.

    The party defeated the All Progressives Congress (APC) by a wide margin in the result announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC.

    Of the 22,005 votes cast, PDP won by 21,005 votes while APC garnered a paltry 280. CPP came a distance 11, AD had three votes while KOWA party got two votes.

    • Chimezie

      You must be on something to insult Fr. Mbaka. Have you ever cared to listen to what Mbaka said? You are simply bringing a protracted course unto yourself and your generation. For your information, Jonathan as Mbaka for-casted has already lost. Even if the entire South East and South South decide to rig for Jonathan (of course that is what they have done), he (Jonathan) cannot win. The game is already over for him.

    • akin

      See were. Can a local government make that clueless president win the election? Akindanidani. Jonathan will spend this period in sorrow and shame. He has lost and lost forever.

    • chooka

      Mbaka is not from Ezeagu LGA

    • godwin111

      You need to remove that worm from you head. It eating up your senses


    There are indications that President Goodluck Jonathan may have applied Super-glue to his thumb to evade being properly captured by the card reader so that he will be able to discredit INEC card reader Machine should he lose the election, our correspondent has gathered. A source in the Presidency had disclosed this to an online reporter.

    A whole four card readers were unable to work to accredit the president who had to finally be manually accredited via filling an incident form.

    Quite suspiciously the President’s wife Patience too was not recognized, Plateau stat governor Jonah Jang and other PDP big wigs ‘coincidentally’ had identical accreditation issues.


    • Charlotte

      Infact you nailed it. I have been wondering why it was with these people that the card reader did not work because I’m sure that’s why they did not do any accreditation before Jonathan. because then and only then would we have known that there was fowl play. I’m sure it worked after they left. Shame on them.

  • Pastor Johnson Odewale

    Fani or whatever the name is, can you check with INEC on Osun results. Thank you

    • emezana

      Does every Nigerian live in Osun State? The results from APC Osun State was won by the APC, but the PDP won handsomely in Ile Ife Central, and FKK is right on the money here, and what are you talking about here, exactly?

  • Bestman

    It’s now very cleared to everybody that this man called Femi Fani-Kayode is getting frustrated by the day

  • mams

    Rubbish talk you’re just using your words against your dirty face…..looooser…..so you’re saying that if you loose which has already happened your party PDP is at will of pushing “this nation to the brink of fire, chaos and destruction with your dirty lies and propaganda”. You have to accept your failure.

    • mams

      In fact you don’t even know the number of states in the nation by you saying : “As we speak now, we are winning in 23 states and we have 64 percent while the APC is winning in14 states and has 36 percent. ” ??????? I don’t know the nation you’re talking about because Nigeria currently have 36 states. And your in your fake analysis you’re talking about 37 states so please can someone explain

      • Debo


      • emezana

        36 States plus the FCT makes 37 States, and FKK is right on the money here. Please wait for the final results from the INEC before you loose yourself. There has to be a winner or loser. Also, go and study the nation’s electoral map and how many percentage(s) it will take each candidate to win in each State of the Federation. For example, GEJ only needs 25% in States like Lagos, Kano or Oyo. But don’t be surprised for INEC’s total tallies.

        • Moe

          FCT is not a state.

  • akin

    FEMI FANI KAYODE is an oloriburuku. He will bury his head in shame in less than 24 hours when GMB is declared the winner. He has lost his mind patapata. Omo ale.

    • Uzoma

      Abuse him all you want, he is giving Liar Mohammed a run for his money. And that’s precisely why master strategist GEJ hired him.

      • Babawale Akinola

        So Food For Kayode-FFK was hired by President Jonathan to just LIE? Ah na wao!

        • emezana

          He was hired to counter the APC media propaganda?

          • Moe

            There are lies one can tell and get away with it.
            There are other lies that may be excused because they are mistaken for sarcasm
            Then there are the lies comical Fanni speaks…..stupid lies that are countered even before he finishes telling them, He is a idiot….and if Jonathan hired him for his capacity to lie….Jonathan deserves what he paid for.

          • dareolu1

            with extravagant stupidity….you can see the results already…..shame!

    • godwin111

      The guy is in soup.. No where to hide.. We shall smoke him out to answer all corruption charges against him. If guilty . jail straight!

    • emezana

      Please wait for the INEC released final result(s) before you count your chicks.

      • Moe

        wait for what? ….to count my chicks or chickens?
        I am not only refusing to wait, I have already deep fried all my chickens in celebration of the loss of ignominy!

        I congratulated APC 3 Days ago! Come over bro, there are still some wings left.

    • Moe

      Comical Fanni has no shme. He lacks the capacity to be shameful

  • Ernesto Che Guevara

    GEJ, Mama Piss, FFK, Diezani, Muazu, Kashamu, Anenih, David Mark etc are all getting set for jail time as we speak…

    • MOU

      Thank you very much!!!

    • emezana

      But have you imagined if FKK was not hired by the PDP what the APC could have done to the PDP, in terms of the media warfare or propaganda?

      • Moe

        Are you suggesting Comical Fanni actually helped PDP??

        I seriously doubt it. In fact, Comical Fanni and Patience Jonathan are huge reasons people left PDP.
        Of course Fayose is there too

    • burning spear

      it was buhari the rpaist who took off to london———–

  • godwin111

    Kayode will run to LONDON by may ending. Mark my word.

  • OmoLasgidi

    A “BASTARD”…..just like his Father and the AG …. This boy’s political sojourn will surely end in ignominy. Most likely his father’s family has disowned him and his mother could not have been a proper Yoruba woman – so his in-laws cannot even relate to him!

    • burning spear

      Is atiku still with the party he started with what about buhari

      • OmoLasgidi

        To every man his own. They may not be different. However the principle of basic reasoning is to focus on the issue or subject under discourse. Who said anything about crisscrossing parties? That’s off point and another topic for another day!

  • Moe

    23 states of mental decay! Aro has recalled comical Fanni

    • burning spear

      tinubu has been visiting a drug rehab for decades-his mouth odour alone is enough to kill a cow-

  • Makinde Adeoye

    Whenever Femi Fani kayode emerges from his crack chambers, he can say anything because of the influence of “crack” coke. By the time he comes back to reality, he will surely realize that Nigerians have spoken. He was one of the mistakes of PDP campaign; to have engaged an addict to manage a presidential candidate; an irreparable disaster on PDP

    • burning spear

      He is more stable than u–and tinubu——————–at least top party men have said tinubu is on crack cocaine——————–

      • dareolu1

        only you suffering online like this just for a loser, what a pity….

      • Separate Us…

        Are u FFK?


    Let’s read meaning to what this guy has said. He just might be giving us a clue into what the PDP is doing to perfectly rig the election. What is happening in Edo, Benue, SS and SE point to this.

    • burning spear

      PDP was not awarded contract for the production of PVCs——-it was Tunubu

  • shola

    Fani-Kayode has in his madness forgotten the simple arithmetic. We still have as of today 36 states.

    • burning spear

      He passed maths—–it was buhari who failed his maths yet got admitted into NDA

      • kay

        and he is now in a better position than Buhari….again, what a shame

  • band olu

    I am sure FFK had just left a crack house to make this statement….he is d one living in denial & very soon he will go into hiding with other pdp looters..

    • burning spear

      the only person known globally to be a drug convict is tinubu not FFK——even Obama admitted doing drugs———–mumu

      • band olu

        The only Nigerian known globally to b a drug baron/convict is Buruju Kashamu & he is in PDP….Dindinrin..

  • Ologbonlolode

    A leopard doesn’t change it’s spot that easily! Actually, never changes it’s spot. The doctor who treated FFK of ‘verbal diarrhea’ gave him wrong prescriptions and you know relapsing is more dangerous than initial ailment. May God save him from himself!!!

    • burning spear

      has tinubu stopped sniffing coke—kettle calling pot black

  • Rote

    If FFK have children how has he been facing them back home after coming out to reel out lies and evil imaginations. I guess this was why he worked hard to ensure the court got his international passport back to him from the EFCC to pave his way of escape out of the country when the chips are down.

    • burning spear

      Mumu tell us how tinubu faces the crowd after sniffing Coke————at least I will not make my daughter become the head of market women if she was educated————————or cause of politics———–I will only do that if i man drugs or a certidficate forger

  • burning spear

    President Jonathan To Be Declared Winner Before Today.
    The election so far released from the collation centers, president Jonathan will be declared the Presidential election winner by INEC and his opponent as usual have been shot out, by technical ground.

    Buhari currently have not secured 25% of the votes in 13 states in Nigerian and an additional states will end his dream of becoming Nigerian President.

    In a related development, the Presidential Spokesman, Reuben Abati has thanked Nigerians for their efforts in re-electing President Jonathan.
    Abati said, “our numerous supporters (both home and abroad) are reaching out to us and requesting that we should say something. We can assure you that we are on Top of everything.

    INEC has already addressed the issue of viral ‘opposition’ sponsored fake results that they should be ignored. So far, the only announced concluded official result from anywhere is from EKITI state. A resounding victory for President Jonathan! Don’t be fooled or panic. We say thank you!
    President Goodluck Jonathan has extended has his earlier lead and he is projected to be declared the election winner if Muhmmadu Buhari fails to secure 25% in any of the 6 states that President Jonathan is currently leading.
    Buhari failed to secure 25% in 13 states of S/East and S/South and 2 other states and one additional state will shot him out technically. He will not be possible to secure 25% in 24 states including Abuja, even if he received the Majority votes, he will lose the election.

  • MushinSpeaks

    Cant wait to see Fani Kayode facing his count charge in a court of law; CHANGE has come.

  • Larry4gudgovernment


    • burning spear

      he is yet to be convicted of dealing in drugs like tinubu———–happily none of his ancestors ever forged their certificate–like buhari ati tinubu—his grandfather was a holder of a Masters degree——–tell us a little about the granfather of buhari in Niger republic ati the grand father of tinubu in osun—state————

  • excel

    What else do you expect from loser like fani, he we buried his face in shame soon. CHANGE has Come. Sai Baba

  • burning spear

    FFK is yet to be convicted of dealing in drugs like tinubu———–happily none of his ancestors ever forged their certificate–like buhari ati tinubu—his grandfather was a holder of a Masters degree——–tell us a little about the grandfather of buhari in Niger republic ati the grandpa of tinubu in osun—state————

    • kay

      LOL… in this day and age, you still see those as criteria? … what a shame

  • burning spear

    Under aged kids voting for buhari—-what a shame

  • This is Femi Fani-Kayode’s brand of ‘cowboy’ politics that
    Nigerians can do without. He is fast getting renowned for making reckless and
    unsubstantiated comments that are bereft of logic. For the general election
    2015, Nigerians have only one recognised INEC chief in the person of Prof Jega.
    We are convinced he is a more credible and capable person to announce the election
    results. In a more developed and stable democracies, this deluded political
    charlatan called Femi Fani- Kayode could be reined in for making comments
    capable of causing breach of the peace. He should shut his gobs up and wait for
    results which would be announced sooner than later.

  • Onyi Onyekwere

    Rather than make unproven statements, focus on the facts. @burning spear, in which court of law, and when was Tinubu convicted of drug dealing? Where did you get your information on Buhari’s lineage linked to Niger Republic? Let’s be objective and not rant like Fani-Kayode, whom we know is good at speaking without facts or figures

  • agbobu

    Of more than 50 percent of the polling units reported, Mr. Buhari has received more than 64 percent of the votes and had won outright in at least twenty states. In addition, he has secured more than 25 percent of the votes in an additional five states.

    Despite Mr. Buhari’s impressive showing, Femi Fani-Kayode, the spokesman of incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan’s reelection campaign,has just issued a statement today claiming that Mr. Jonathan was leading by up three million votes. Yesterday, Mr. Fani-Kayode had also claimed that President Jonathan had carried 23 of Nigeria’s 36 states, a claim that INEC chairman Attahiru Jega dismissed at a press conference as spurious.

    “We wish to take this opportunity to make it clear to the Nigerian public that according to the figures made available to us, we are ahead in the presidential elections by at least two to three million votes.”

    Mr. Fani-Kayode added: “We have our own Situation Room and we have collated all our figures from the various polling booths, wards, local government areas and states in the Federation.

    “Despite the propaganda of the opposition, we are confident of victory. They and all other stakeholders can be rest assured that we will accept nothing less than the announcement of an election result that is truthful and that reflects the true will of the Nigerian people.”

    Based on collated figures released by various INEC offices across Nigeria, Mr. Fani-Kayode’s statement is seen as reflecting a desperate effort to deny what observers view as the inevitable declaration of Mr. Buhari as winner of the presidential polls.

    Going by the electoral law, the winner of the presidential polls is required to win the most popular votes in the country and at least 25 percent of the votes in at least 24 states.

    Some of the key states already won by Mr. Buhari are Kano, Lagos, Borno, Sokoto, Adamawa and his home state of Katsina. The APC’s presidential candidate had also secured at least 25 percent of the votes in numerous states, including Imo State, in the southeast, and Plateau State.

    A source at the European Union in Abuja said that numerous member countries had appealed to President Jonathan to concede the election should it emerge that he lost it. International observers have expressed concerns about high percentage of votes allotted to President Jonathan in states like Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa and some Southeast states where Mr. Jonathan scored votes in excess of 95% across board.

  • mark smith

    all of you will die like chicken if Buhari wins because he will make you suffer, hausa man go use una do suya take it or leave it. Dead Ass Buhari

    • pete

      how do you know? God told you?

  • Danny Dan

    femi fani kayode ….bye bye in greek is Aide yaaa

  • Danny Dan

    mark smith,,, so you still think like the people in ZUNGLA (jungle) dont you know that patriotism connotes NATIONAL INTEREST,,,,and not primitive, tribal,or religious kolo tumbes , ,,,Aide yaaa PDP bye bye

  • Trueism

    Can someone slap the taste out of the mouth of this clown

  • Ayemi

    Fani-Kayode, where will you go now? Shame on you all

  • kay

    look who has lost a sense of reality

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