#NigeriaDecides: Nigeria 2015 Presidential, National Assembly Elections – LIVE UPDATES (Voting)

Less than 20 percent of the announced votes were accredited

This Live Updates, our second for the day, is dedicated to the coverage of voting in the ongoing presidential and National Assembly elections. The earlier was dedicated to accreditation.

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We believe election results announced at polling units are authentic and documenting them could help put officials and politicians in check. So, let us all contribute to documenting proceedings at our polling units.

Here are steps to take to ensure elections at polling units are not manipulated:

1. Go to your polling unit and get accredited

2. Vote and wait, peacefully, for the result

3. Snap the result once it is pasted and send to us via:

– WhatsApp: 08178301000

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  • Otile

    The process is in shambles, marred by Jega’s incompetence. Cows and goat assembled to vote for Buhari. This is shameful.

    • Festuso

      You seem to have completely lost your senses. Do you think this is a place for cracking silly jokes?

      • Otile

        Did I make up those donkeys and cows? They are part of the population of the North. Go and harm one doki and see whether your throat will not be slashed.

        • chess

          i like that….. he needs to borrow a lil of your active brains. his is severely damaged

    • Naira

      I thought you are dead, so you are still alive. Anyway, how is your mental sickness? Hope your health is getting better.

    • Checkmate

      ………..And JonaTAN can never be a President without Buhari’s brothers and sisters’ votes in the North.

    • Maria

      So, how will goats and cows you show here vote, if you are not an ediot?

      • David Adeniran

        That is to show you how the Jonathan’s Doctrine has destroyed the BRAIN of today’s generation of youth in that part of the country.

    • ogechi

      Ur Father is a Dog

  • Majek tunde

    Your father is a goat

  • maureen

    card reader trick is evident that INEC has been compromised as it took the President more than 30 minutes to get accredited in Otuoke, even at that he and his wife had to be accredited using the incident form.

    The APC trick with card readers is now confirmed. Card readers working well in APC strongholds (Buhari was accredited in less than 40 seconds). Card readers in PDP strongholds seem to be having issues (it took Mr President over 30 minutes to be accredited). Nigerians remain calm. God’s will shall prevail! Amen

    Mr President was later accredited using the incident book not the card reader o……

    Card readers were apparently failing often at a polling booth near an Accenture staff’s home. And the guy couldn’t understand why…cos the readers were all new. So he approached the INEC woman. Inspected the reader. Only to find the protective film on the lense of the reader had not been removed. After a protracted argument he convinced the woman to remove it. The reader not only read the prior rejected cards, it was reading with even faster response time. Please share. It could help a lot.

    INEC website hacked!

    At this rate, only GOD knows how all this will pan out & end, but these combined card reader and INEC hacking issues, show that things are already being manipulated, electronically! So sad!

    May GOD help Nigeria! Amen!

    • Uzoma John

      Because you guys have sworn not to make the card reader work. Your President has just one vote like any other Nigerian. It’s a shame that he and his party are the ones working against the card reader which would given the whole electoral process some level of transparency. They don’t want the card reader to work so that they can write pr-arranged result. Who is deceiving who. Billions of tax payers money was used in procuring these card readers, and the government of the day is sabotaging it. Stop calling God because God does not recognize cheats and fraudulent people.

    • watching

      @maureen, ‘The APC trick with card readers is now confirmed’… poor disgruntled soul, so APC has suddenly become your INEC? Hahaha. Flashback: who called for the February elections to be postponed other than PDP’s Jonathan? Irony here is that the very machines his PDP government provided have failed to recognise the PDP candidate – while the machines quickly recognised Buhari’s.

      As for the protective film on lense reader, abeg cook another PDP story. Ask yourself just one question: how did the machine work on some and then rejected others just because of a protective film? If anything at all, it would have declined ALL cards because of that same issue. All these tales-by-moonlight stories you guys tell just to make the same PDP noise all over the place, dia-riz-God oo! hehehe.

    • ogechi

      Gej used a cloned PVC

      • chess

        cloned???????? do you have an idea of what you just insinuated?

  • Total

    Just listened to the President saying it’s a mere coincidence that card readers are malfunctioning more in PDP controlled states. Is it a mere coincidence that even IDP have easily been accredited and are already voting? Many questions for INEC.

    • ogechi


  • Maria

    OBJ will vote for……GMB!

    • Taster

      I and my entire family members voted for president Goodluck Jonathan.

    • Yusuf

      I and the entire members of my polling unit voted GMB

    • David Adeniran

      But I won’t be suprised if Atiku voted for PDP!

    • burning spear


  • Dr. Hassan

    The Smart card reader is the only way to go… We all should have dissipated all our energy in supporting the good use of the card reader instead of fighting against its usage… It works in Ghana, Kenya, and other climes… Even Joint Admission and Matriculation Board used a similar model in the just concluded UTME and it works… Then why did INEC Card reader is not working? Is it the case of sabotage… God bless Nigeria…

    • burning spear

      MUMU————Adamawa state Acting governor, Mr James Ngalari’s Permanent Voters Card was rejected by the card reader.

      Details coming shortly

      • Man_Enough

        it is not impossible that he was carrying a cloned card.

  • tundemash

    Bayelsa President Jonathan being briefed about the card reader……

    ha!ha!!ha!!! Bayelsa President indeed!!

    • Jack


    • David Adeniran

      Even in Bayelsa, some sane people will resist his local Presidency because of his overwhelming INCOMPETENCE.

      • burning spear


        • David Adeniran

          Can you see the way you are turning history upside down? So it was not Nzeogwu coupists that killed Akintola again? I don’t blame you since what you sell is FAKE PRODUCTS.

          • bring it on

            honestly, i do wonder at how some people reason. how can you in your right senses choice a man that you know have no good plans for your country but bloodshed and war for president?

          • David Adeniran

            Those are the LIES from the pit of hell they have fed you with. I don’t judge people based on speculations and propaganda but FACTS.

    • burning spear


    • Emmanuel Clifford Peters

      you are a lunatic

      • tundemash

        Go and lick your wounds creek rat !

        • Emmanuel Clifford Peters

          just pray that everything works well and in the right direction otherwise you know what i mean GEJ till 2019 anything short than this we the creek gorrillas will give suckers like you the hell of there life nigger you cann,t stand it,it,s goin come from everywhere you wldn,t think of grow up we are watching.

          • tundemash

            I am certain you can’t even burst a balloon creek rat ! You made similar noise hell will be let loose if Ibori was jailed and if Okar was jailed , what happened thereafter ?
            My advice: Make as much amnesty “awoof’ as u can make before May 29th

      • tundemash

        na now u just waka come from amnesty camp ?

        Clown …. latest news is …..

  • Paul

    NIGERIANS Think. Rethink. Then Vote!

    Leadership, according to John Maxwell, is influence. Meanwhile I believe so strongly that positions are for service. Therefore, when one is afforded a leadership position, he is expected to lead through serving. Democracy is a government established by the choice of the people, but because politics has veered totally off from what it ought to be, democracy has now become a game, more like a joke, in many nations, one of which is Nigeria!

    First thing I’d like to touch on is the dirty game called politics. Politics is not meant to be a dirty game. However, people have turned it into games where the casualties are not virtual but factual. The vie for presidency shouldn’t spring up desperation, because desperation leads to various vices. Desperate people are liable to hurt others in order to achieve their goals, most of these goals are not noble. Moreover, I can’t see any reason why desperation should fuel a noble adventure. Unfortunately, most of our politicians hold this “divide to conquer” philosophy so tightly. If the pursuit of presidency is a noble task for the presidential aspirants, then the eagerness to win the race should not be laced with radical desperation that cares nothing for human lives. Candidates should not be utilizing every dirty vice possible to get into power. After all, this position is to serve the nation and lead it forward. It’s not a position of leisure, but one of very difficult responsibilities.

    I concur with the school of thought which states that “Whenever two elephants fight, it’s the grasses beneath their paws that suffer.” The casualties, that is those who receive the greatest hits, resulting from the insurrections fueled by these candidates are mainly the masses and not them who are contending for power. Those struggling for power are quite safe, while their die-hard supporters are bathing one another with blood! At times, I wonder what is the sense of reasoning of these people who fight and kill themselves over these supposed politicians. Must we always spill blood in order to elect a leader to ascend the platform of a so-called democratic republic in order to lead and govern? Is tension, resulting in the deaths of hundreds and thousands of subjects, really necessary every time the wind of gubernatorial and presidential elections blow? I’m afraid that Nigeria is never going to stand a chance with other democratic and independent nations if we continue to live like uncivilized people. Can we wake up to a new world and a new system of electoral policies? Can we awaken to a renewed vigor and pursuit of dignifying and reputable electoral policies where blood shed is not a necessity?

    Second, deception is second nature to our self-professed leaders! I know and I’ve heard so much of the many promises politicians would make to get votes. After they’ve won the race, they would abandon their promises and do whatever benefits them. They would put their own concerns before the concerns of the people who voted them into the office. Outright deception and lack of value for their words! Yet, these people who have failed to keep their promises, come up when their term is over, to swindle the masses of their votes again. If swindling doesn’t work, then they’d coerce and use as much force as necessary just to get back into the office.

    Positions are not primarily for the assertion of authority. Positions, as stated earlier, are for service! It’s just unfortunate that those who are placed in positions forget the individuals who voted them in. Instead of serving, they extort their subjects. Why should someone continue to play a game of deception just to sit in an office to rule over and rip those whose votes he had gained through deceit? Who then are the better liars, lawyers or politicians?

    To wrap things up, I would like to point out that I’m not picking and choosing which candidate to vote for or not vote for. President Jonathan has really done some outstanding things in his own time, yet there are many other things he seems to have no clue how to solve. Maybe? Mr Buhari, on the other hand, has led the nation before and we have seen his performances and the outrageous style he utilized. But can we bank on him at this particular point to once again use his range of experiences and audacious propensity to prepare the grounds for the next generation of leaders that would be emerging in the nearest future? Because I’m convinced that the subsequent races, beginning from 2019, would see new and young vibrant leaders emerging to lead the nation. It’s not a probable statement, it’s an inevitable event that will happen.

    So for one final time, I enjoin my fellow brothers and sisters to think and rethink before voting, so we can elect the right candidate who would possibly deal with as many pressing issues as possible, with respect, love and compassion, in order to create an avenue for the succeeding leaders of our generation to rise up and move the nation forward with much ease and less resistance. Believe me, success in this will not be achieved over night. But let’s take note that one of these prominent contenders promises quick fix with outrageous measures, while the other promises slow but steady changes laced with compassionate measures. Please let’s think, rethink and then vote!

    • burning spear


      • Paul

        I’m right there with you! That’s a dirty and nonsensical statement coming from a so-called leader. How does that delight the subjects he intends to govern?

  • burning spear

    Booth 17 Amaegbu in Ubommiri, Mbaitoli LGA Imo state.
    The INEC officials packed up and left because the card reader did not work. No single person was accredited or even voted

  • burning spear

    Amaechi Orders Suspension Of Accreditation In Ikwerre Over Non-availability Of Result Sheets.
    INEC said that they are making arrangements to supply them to polling units—–WHEN WE SAID JEGA MUST—————GO U SAID NAY————-IF ITS WAR LET BOKO HARAM BRING IT ON————-ENOUGH IS ENOUGH————WE SAID SOLDIERS MUST BE DEPLOYED APC WENT TO COURT————————-TO STOP–IT——————

    • Adesuyi A Leslie Ajayi

      President Jonathan is a good student of history. If Tafawa Balewa had deployed soldiers in 1 the 965 Federal elections , irregularities will be minimized. The reJection of the results by UPGA AND THE “OPERATION WETIE ” in the Western Region , which led to the January 1966 coup and the July counter coup, would have been avoided together with the civil war. Military deployment is making people behave well.

  • burning spear

    Adamawa state Acting governor, Mr James Ngalari’s Permanent Voters Card was rejected by the card reader. wE DID WARN THEM NOT TO USE THE CARD READERS–THEM SAY Jonathan HAS PLANS TO RIG THE ELECTIONS–OYA———————–LET THE CONFUSION CONTINUE

    • Yusuf

      it is not a problem that card reader rejects someones thump print since the person can be verifies manually, and it is only foolishness to take unnecessary time verifying a number one citizen of a state or country

  • Citizen

    we are enjoying the live updates but I think the most current update should come first instead of last, this will provide a more friendly update pls

  • Otile

    APC minions, abusing me hereunder, are you all brain dead? Pictures do not lie. Some corrupt APC minions will still count goats and cows for Imam Buhari. They said that Imam must win by all means.

  • burning spear

    Underaged BOYS AND GALS voters are undergoing accreditation in Taraba state.
    The Polling Unit is the Fulani market unit Abbare A Ward, Lau Lau LGA Taraba.
    Details Coming shortly!!! –

  • SAM .A

    The people are using their PVC to bury PDP the party of Darkness today, the Chief Mourner Ebele Azikwe Jonathan is in Otuoke performing the ritual & singing the dirge.

  • Godfrey Etokebe

    VP sambo has DELIVERED his polling booth to PDP!!!
    Carry GO GEJ and SAMBO!!!

    • Yusuf

      i de laugh, jokers! he got only 13 votes. I began to wonder how many people are their in his family, those sleeping under his roof

    • agbobu


  • Elias

    PDP the “Hackers”. God will frustrate their efforts to change the will of people.


    GEJ is not coming back again from that his village OTUOKE… thats where he belong….how can he loose in ASO ROCK..its shameful

    • Adesuyi A Leslie Ajayi

      Aso rockprobably has more Hausa/Fulani staff. This election has ethnic and religious components to voting . It is the entire country that is the constituency of the President , NOT Aso rock . Lets wait for the national INEC results OK

    • burning spear

      APC Situation Room Goes Cold As GEJ Lead Widens.

      The situation room of the APC in Lagos has gone cold as the news of President Goodluck Jonathan reaches their leaders and desk Managers.

      President who early lead few hours ago, have opened a wide gap against his challenger the certificate forger and rapist, Muhammadu Buhari, who is trailing second. Ride on– ride on Gej–God endorsed Jonathan———Gej–what a country———-what a victory

  • Adesuyi A Leslie Ajayi

    Nigeria defeated terrorism by getting out to vote. I salute the courage of Nigerians especially those who defied Boko haram threats in Borno and Adamawa states . Technology of mobile phones, card readers , and well armed and rapidly mobile soldiers helped to make voting succesful and orderly. I hope underage voting will not be a major problem and that the results will be accepted by the candidates who lose. That is is the true test of the election 2015.

  • burning spear

    APC Situation Room Goes Cold As GEJ Lead Widens.

    The situation room of the APC in Lagos has gone cold as the news of President Goodluck Jonathan reaches their leaders and desk Managers.

    President who early lead few hours ago, have opened a wide gap against his challenger the certificate forger and rapist, Muhammadu Buhari, who is trailing second. Ride on– ride on Gej–God endorsed Jonathan———Gej–what a country———-what a victory