#NigeriaDecides: Nigeria 2015 Presidential, National Assembly Elections – LIVE UPDATES

Today, Nigerians vote in their fifth presidential and national assembly elections since the country’s return to democracy in 1999.

Voters would choose from 14 presidential candidates and hundreds of National Assembly candidates.

In the build up to the elections, Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress and Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party have popped up clearly as top contenders for the office of the president.

While the APC candidate came tops in most of the polls conducted in the run-up to the elections, analysts say the race is tight and a winner is difficult to tell before the votes are counted.

As the elections are underway across the country, PREMIUM TIMES reporters would bring you live updates from the field. Follow our live updates on the elections HERE.

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We believe election results announced at polling units are authentic and documenting them could help put officials and politicians in check. So, let us all contribute to documenting proceedings at our polling units.

Here are steps to take to ensure elections at polling units are not manipulated:

1. Go to your polling unit and get accredited

2. Vote and wait, peacefully, for the result

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  • Northerner

    OMG! PDP thugs are here holding their cutlasses!
    Good save us!

  • Okey

    For me, in today’s election, I will not be guided not by propaganda from or by supporters and sympathizers of any of the contestants, but by facts favourable to both candidates – Jonathan and Buhari.

    First, Jonathan has committed himself to implement the report of the National Conference if re-elected. The report principally includes the creation of:

    1. Apa from the present Benue State

    2. Kainji from Kebbi

    3. Katagum from Bauchi

    4. Savannah from Borno

    5. Amana from Adamawa

    6. Gurara from Kaduna

    7. Ghari from Kano

    9. Aba from Abia

    10. Adada from Enugu

    11. Njaba-Anim from Anambra and

    12. Anioma from Delta

    13. Orashi from Rivers State

    14. Ogoja from Cross River

    15. IJebu from Ogun

    16. New Oyo (i.e. Ibadan) State from the present Oyo State.

    17. The Name and Capital of the 17th State is being awaited by South West zone

    18. The Name and Capital of the 18th State is being awaited from the South South Zone

    Apart from the creation of those states, the Report also said, no zone in the country or state will cease power for ever – that power shall be rotated among the three (3) Senatorial zones of each state; ad, at the federal leve it shall rotate North and South.

    As an Igbo, I hold that the first step towards recognizing my humanity is to brig me at par with regards to states creation and power rotation in Nigeria.

    On the other hand, should Gen. Buhari win, I will equally be a happy man in Nigeria, as my running costs will be reduced instantaneously. For the following reasons and more, a Buhari win will benefit us as follows:

    1. Gen. Buhari and APC said the Jonathan government is cheating us with exorbitant petrol prices.; that a litre of pms in Nigeria ought to be sold N45 since the price of world oil market has fallen to $45 a barrel. So if sworn in I am quite certain that petrol will sell for N45 a litre in Nigeria, immediately.

    2. Gen. Buhari has said that if he wins, the Naira will automatically equalize with the Dollar. This translates to instant fall in the prices of imported goods and service and to a large extent, rapid improvement in quality of life in Nigeria.

    3. That he will fight corruption to a standstill. Which simply means, that if he wins Buhari will start from his right and left hand sides in cleaning up Nigeria. In other words, he will start by personal example. This is most welcome by me.

    For the above reasons, I am well settled with who ever emerges a winner in this brotherly contest by two personalities that rank most highly among those who truly love Nigeria.

    • kwazulu

      So who are you supporting?

      • Okey

        those are my guide

    • Uzoma John

      These are mere promises for election purposes. No wonder Nigeria is the way it is, where promises and policies without results are seen as achievements. What a shame? What a way to reason? Why has he not implemented the Conference Report almost after one year? Nigerians cannot be deceived by mere promises that will be jettisoned after the elections. It’s all over. We want real actions not promises. Nigerians are not interested in creating more States which will create more problems and insecurity. All we need is security of lives and property which does not require any Conference or Committee; all we need is stable and steady electricity to power our industries and homes-this does not require any Conference or Committee, all we need is Refineries to work in order to create jobs and make petroleum products more affordable- this does not require Conference or Committee; all we need is a corrupt free society where every Nigerian will be valued and recognized both home and abroad and our funds will be used to work for the common good- this does not require Conference or Committee; all we need is an unbiased security agencies (police and military) whose allegiance are to the people of Nigerian, not to the criminal cabals or ruling class- we don’t need a Conference or Committee to achieve this; all we need is a society where the health care system, education system work rather than the rich hobnobbing the globe for quality healthcare and education for themselves and their children; all we need is a society where hard working citizens are recognized and encouraged, not one where criminals and militants are rewarded with billions of naira of contracts doing nothing. Today, Nigeria will make history by voting out corruption, cluelessness and non-performance.

      • Ha

        God bless you and your generations from the first to the last.

    • Bo Biz

      @Okey,Only Lagos,Rivers,Kano,and about 2 other states can sustain itself for 3 months without federal allocations,meaning that more than 80% of the current 36 states are NOT VIABLE.Creating additional 18 states is a good example of our misplaced priorities.Most of those gloried town unions mushrooming as states are just not necessary to develop the nation.Do you know the population of China and India,and their respective subentities (states),compared to the population of Nigerian and the number of states (subentities) we already have.

      • Okey

        If states are created only on the basis of sustainability, only Lagos State will be in existence, as it is the only State that can exist without monthly allocation from the Federation Account. Otherwise, every state depends on that oil and without it there will be no one Nigeria and nobody will be strugging to be President today. In the circumstance, state is created on the basis of equity and even-development. Do not, because the status quo favours you, then the Report of the National Conference is bad. If states creation is bad, show your honesty by advocating the merging of your own state with another.

    • Jones

      A man that cannot create discipline in his house by controlling his greedy and arrogant wife has no business promising to creating states which is outside his constitutional mandate.

  • Uzoma John

    This is not any campaign but to inform the good people of Nigeria that PDP is at it again. Since last night, the PDP and her evil agents have been using the name of APC and Alhaji Ahmed Bola Tinubu, sending out messages to people to vote for Jonathan. This is the height of irresponsibility and also flouting the Electoral Law that prohibits campaign of any kind after midnight Thursday, March 26, 2015. The desperation of Jonathan and PDP cannot be overemphasised. If they have done well, as they claim, why resort to bribery, impersonation and other criminal means to undermine the democratic process. Nigerian should disregard PDP and Jonathan’s evil machination. It’s over for them. God Bless Nigeria

    • Rakota

      God bless you

  • Rommel

    It appears the PVC card is failing to read president Jonathan as they are stuck on him. PDP abracadabra has started

  • Africaisgood

    lies, president jonathan are still standing and yet to be acredited

  • DanielOsazuwa

    The gods are angry with the Jonathans. They cannot be accredited. Card reader failing to recognise him and his ugbeke wife finger print.

    JONATHAN went to polling center late (9.20am) Thank God the machine is working against him. The way he has work against Nigeria interest.

  • Arabakpura

    Breaking News: Card Reader rejects Jonathan at Otuoke, accepts Buhari in Daura!

    • Ahmad

      Shege card reader! Taking its pound of flesh from GEJ at the appropriate time. Remain FFK and Kayode.

      • Arabakpura

        The president’s mother’s hands were clean and the card reader was able to read her card. However, the hands of the President and his wife are not clean and the card reader rejected them!

        • Ahmad

          In other words the CR is sensitive to thievery fingers as well. I de laffffu oh.

    • Olu

      When someone has itching palm, the card reader will not accept his biometric. GEJ must have rubbed his palm on rough surface so that the machine would not work just to discredit the card reader. C-in-C of Militants!

    • Godfrey Etokebe

      That is CORRUPTION!!

      • Babatunde Asenuga

        lolz. anything bad is now tagged “corruption” in Nigeria.

  • Rommel

    Nigeria needs a total overhaul which is why General Buhari is the answer,the INEC officials that are attending to the very polling booth where the president is to vote are supposed to be relieved of their positions with immediate effect,they have failed the nation,they are supposed to have test run the equipment before the arrival of the president but somehow they failed to do it claiming they were waiting for the president to be the first person to be accredited, Whatever is their reason,they failed Nigeria.

    • onenigerian2014

      What a shame…looks like the ugly fairy APC, kissed you on both cheeks. Don’t worry your ugliness is not contagious.

      • Rommel

        The president was using fake card

        • Arabakpura

          I think it’s all about clean hands!

  • Layo

    Got to the polling center at 8am in Lagos, the Inec Official are not here. We have waited for 2 hours. How come we never get anything right in this country?

  • onenigerian2014

    It’s normal for an abnormal party to do abnormalities…Why do we expect perfect from APC? We hope karma slaps them in the face before we do. Their mouth is bigger than their brain. Life is full of disappointments, one of them is APC! LOSER!!!

  • Wazobia

    Jega no fall our hands o…Why GEJ card no go work…abi na fake card him carry to test their dubiously produced cards with INEC card readers?…

    Anyway, Jega should ensure GEJ is properly accredited and votes. So, him no go get excuses after his loss is announced.

    Aso Rock needs CHANGE…Vote APC.

    • ogechi

      It was a cloned card
      he is a cloned president himself

    • kiza

      verbal indiscipline!…I dont know why people can not be civil , even with their mandibles. Card reader did not work; and you still want to portray the president in bad light. Pity to all of you that walls the parochial rope of SENTIMENTS…

      • Rigan

        Would you ever think why card readers don’t work in Nigeria during election ? If you have corruption in every places nothing will work. The situation, environment, lifestyle nothing has been changed. Its just advertisement shows Nigeria is like heaven. But striving people knows the truth.

    • Joe

      All that you guys are saying does not make Buhari winner. Buhari cannot win this election and the only thing you guys may do is repeat the 2011 violence that killed over 800 innocent men and women. Buhari can never win the election.

  • Rommel

    Unadulterated information reaching me indicates that the president and his wife are using fake PVC’s cloned by the PDP hence the rejection,the president’s mother who has a card issued by INEC had her accreditation done in less than 1 minute in presence of president Jonathan likewise all other people in that ward except the two of them.

    • Olu

      When someone has itching palm, the card reader will not accept his biometric. GEJ must have rubbed his palm on rough surface so that the machine would not work just to discredit the card reader. C-in-C of Militants! Corruption personified!

      • Arabakpura

        Where else he rob am apart from madam body?

    • Total

      Your stupidity knows no bounds and you can’t be serious in your life.

      • Rommel


  • chizal


  • Ha

    The equation has started to balance. In our proverb we say the signs of a good Friday starts from Wednesday. CARD READERS HAVE REJECTED JONATHAN because they too are tired with the atrocities going on in the country.

  • Olu

    We gonna chase those crazy, chase those thieves away from our land!

  • Victor Gee

    Breaking news:

    How credible will this election be?
    APC forcing INEC to accredit minors, children in the north.

    This is unacceptable. This is why Jega told us that North had collected 98% of PVCs.

    • Arabakpura

      They may not be minors; it may be a result of malnutrition!

      • Ace

        Okay, please this is not a fight but if you see a kid like this one the street, will you say he is malnourished.. Cause i dont understand how this kid is up to 18

    • Jones

      I’ve just been accredited in Kaduna. Very fast and smooth. Your bigotry ends today, online insurgent. Go home with your breaking stupidity, Otuoke misfit.

    • Jones

      They are malnourished because of an uncaring president. They would have looked like you if they are benefitting from lawless Militants amnesty allowance. Thank God their misery ends today, so you can stop calling them minors from your creek hideout. You and your paymaster should stop insulting your fellow citizens.

      • Godfrey Etokebe

        Face the issue. Instead of throwing tantrum, just try to explain the Picture. IS IT RIGHT FOR MINORS TO BE ACCREDITTED for VOTING against the Law?

    • Total

      This is why north always have more voters. All almajiri minors are registered as voters but because this is in APC’s stronghold nobody will talk including hypocritical journalists.

      • tundemash

        cl0wn … is Taraba state an APC state ? Or it is fear of defeat that has crippled you ?

        • Godfrey Etokebe

          How do you know that it is not ZAMFARA State?

          • tundemash

            Jeezzz ……So your paymasters didn’t give you that information ? Next time ask them intelligent questions before you rush out to copy&paste info given you else you look stup1d.


    • tundemash

      Clown …. how do you know this was done by APC ….. this took place in Taraba state….a PDP controlled state !

    • saintc

      and the innec staff was accreditation him knowing fully well he is underage this is soooooo sad
      free and fair my foot

    • Thenjiwe Obong

      just because this person looks young does not mean he is underage. please know this.

  • Godfrey Etokebe

    When someone claims to be PERFECT, This is usually the result. JEGA, you see, YOU ARE NOT PERFECT and INEC under you is not Perfect.

  • Total

    INEC just confirmed that it’s website had been hacked into. The same INEC told nigeria that this is impossible when APC was accused of working to hack into the website. The credibility of Atahiru Jega’s INEC has been called to question. The outcome of the this election may not be error proof. The man who produced the PVC was linked to APC’s main financier and he recommended him to INEC. May God help us.

  • Aisha Mahmoud

    No body is perfect except God hw can u believe that?

  • Aisha Mahmoud

    Where in the north? Provide evidence?

  • the truth

    breaking news inec website just got hacked.this is how they would announce the fake result.and premium rimes after your paymasters lose woefully today u would run out of business because nobody would patronize u again.

  • Jad

    Too bad for Nigeria president Jonathan because card reader machines fail to work this morning too bad.

  • kiza

    In introducing a new technology; you have to run a new system in parallel operation with existing system. Then when a very high performance index is obtained from the new deployed tech, then there will be 100% switch over…but here, card readers procured and deployed to live server, almost immediately; it raises a lot of suspicion. INEC shouldnt have gone this way, they ought to have used this election as a testing ground for the new tech, I pray that pple wont become impatient as the polling booths are being filled pple who want to vote…delays at polling booths may not be what we expect at a critical period as this…

  • Layo

    I just did my accreditation. The card reader worked in 3 minutes. Not bad at all. The Inec officials came around 11am.

  • Godfrey Etokebe

    Why is this PVC problem occuring only in PDP states?
    Has JEGA Colluded With APC to rigg this election in favor of Buhari and APC?

    • Advocate of Ngba ngba

      Go vote….GEJ will win…trust me

      • Godfrey Etokebe

        Thanks for the re-assurance!!!

      • Olu

        PDP are manipulators. They are bringing fake card to discredit the process. They are boasting of willing even when the masses are rejecting them. What is their confidence? Rigging and not people’s vote.

      • Festuso

        Are you the one to cast the vote for the 68 million registered voters? So, why should he trust you Mr Rigger?
        Remember, it is Rig & Roast. If you rig, you will roast….if you don’t roast here you will roast in the hereafter…..in the hottest part of HELL!

    • Wrong Observation.

  • Tom Thompson

    Are we sure that the president was at te unit with a genuine PVC?

  • Ronke Soyombo

    A very brilliant event, well done Jega and all the INEC members.

  • Tan

    Elections are going so smoothly. I’m impressed with our INEC chairman and government.