Finally, Nigerian troops recapture Gwoza town

The Nigerian military has finally recaptured Gwoza, a popular town in North Eastern Borno State.

The Defence Headquarters, in a tweet, said the town was recaptured on Friday morning by troops.

“FLASH: Troops this morning captured Gwoza destroying the Headquarters of the Terrorists self styled Caliphate,” the DHQ said Friday morning.

Gwoza, one of the largest towns in Borno, fell under the control of Boko Haram terrorists on August 6, 2014.

The terrorists, after sacking the town, killed many people and displaced others, including the Emir, Muhammed Timta.

The group also erected its flag, declaring the area as an Islamic caliphate.

Just recently – on Wednesday – President Goodluck Jonathan, while receiving some International Election Monitoring Groups said the military command had assured him that Gwoza would be liberated on Friday.

He said the liberation of the areas under terrorists attack would pave way for the successful conduct of general elections in all states of the federation.

He also that after the twon had be recaptured, a little time will be needed for clean up.

There were reports that Boko Haram was hiding the abducted Chibok girls in Gwoza, but the military hasn’t said if they were found there.


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  • Presidency


    • jane edosomwan

      U make a great comment here. God Bless u.

    • Sword of Damocles

      Hell NO to the last TWO. Tufiakwa!!!

  • Maitama Tambari


    • Presidency

      The last time APC chanted CHANGE, Jega changed the date of the elections. Una want another postponements from Jega?

      • eddy

        Too late for that sir! A new dawn awaits…

      • tundemash

        Cl0wn … was it Jega that chnaged date abi your fat military goons ?

  • Chris1408

    Where’s Shekau and the Chibok girls?

    • Naira

      That is exactly what is in my mind. I will only agree with this news if they show us Shekau and Chibok girls, becaus efrom all their claims they have captured all the towns in Borno, then where is Shekau? Where the Chibok girls? Where are the remaining captves? Where are the images of the captured towns of Bama and Gwoza?

      • Ish Adam

        So Shekau will remain in the town for the troops to capture him?THINK!

      • jane edosomwan

        Wait now. More news are coming in the next hours.

    • tundemash

      Dumbo will bring them out of hiding in time for them to vote tomorrow.

  • Advocate

    show us the dead bodies of boko haram fighters. pdp = boko haram

  • Wähala

    Tomorrow, Nigerians will recapture Aso Rock Villa from corruption & incompetence terrorists operating in our FCT territory. Unlike this belated propaganda victory, Nigerians will arrest $Dumbo and free 180million hostages his terrorist & kidnapping gang of PDP oppressors have been holding in captivity for 16yrs as paupers, unemployed, blind, dead & dying under insecurity and other diseases. Tomorrow! Nigerians will capture Abu Dumbo and deliveer him to ICC and Den Haag to face criminal charges of crimes against humanity offences. Vote wisely, protect your votes with peaceful presence and, don’t be intimidated by goons… The world is watching!

    • eddy

      Hahahahahahahahaha…WAHALA!!! U too much.

    • ogechi

      U hit the mess out of them Nyashhhhhh

    • Chris1408

      For 6 years, PDP Haram terrorized Nigeria and filled the streets of Northeast will blood. GEJ didn’t even know where’s Gworza. Suddenly they found the magic bullet for Boko Haram, terror department of PDP

    • tundemash

      God bless you !

    • Reality

      Elections are not won on the pages oh newspapers…

    • Guguru

      Wahala aka Rotimi Lawanson aka Segun Abiodun,

      I am ready for your insults today. So, do you realize that Ngozi Iweala is part of the Jonathan corruption network or do you want to extricate her from the evil administration again? Again, I ask you, why do you make excuses for Ngozi? Is she no longer part of Dumbo’s administration any longer?

    • the truth

      Stop taking excuses from your cleaning job to post bs. You and i know elections are not won on premium times. You don’t have your PVC so shut up f$$l. We have decided to meet in the polls and when election results are released early sunday i hope u don’t cry foul.

      • Wähala

        See Coward! Me-ma, I will be here unlike you sycophants who faded away that day una frivolous certificate lawsuits failed. Why were you a No-Show? Chump. I full ground, delivering pin-point analysis for migrant Aborginie souls in your mold. Wetbacks!

        • the truth

          f**l u are far away cleaning another man’s toilet while noble citizens are voting. What is your premise of instigating people on the tenets of the democratic process when you yourself neither have a PVC, nor reside in Nigeria to effect change. Do you now see your f**lishness. I have continued to tell u, when you save enough money to buy a plane ticket to nigeria then u can see things for yourself. Your brain has been morgaged by the bourdillon of lagos and his media empire. Help is on the way for u

          • Wähala

            It’s easy to know if I’m here or there… ask Marilyn Ogar to catch me if they can. Drools. How are you sure of my location and what does it matter in Dumbo’s concluded faith? Go-Sitdon! Höly Prophet is within stricking distance, just don’t blink!

          • the truth

            mark my words.u would eat all you have said. Come Sunday morning you and i would welcome transformation as the continuing president. Unpatriotic elements like u are better off staying abroad and getting brainwashed by APC and Tinubus media agency. enough said

          • Screw-em

            Dumbo GEJ can read the rosary upside down and backwards, fast and repent
            all he wants for the next 24 hours non stop.. All l know, and believe,
            is come hell or high water, Humpty Dumpty GEJ don’t stand a freaking
            chancein hell of winning any election come March 28, 2015. Your
            entire household unfortunately will vote against you. What a
            dumbfounding condemnation of your phantom “transformation agenda”……..Sai BUHARI!!

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Cleaning shaite is better than eating shaite as you do, bruv.

        • the truth

          only f!!ls like you would support a failed man like gmb. Only f!!ls like u would put your hopes on a 73 year old fringe old man. Only f!!ls like you would be so brainwashed into believing that former pdp members which u have blamed for nigeria’s woescurrently jump ship to sapc and now they are suddenly fighting for your cause

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Only the rear end products of “f!!ls” write like you!

            Like father, like son, I suppose!!

  • djay

    A deliberate and wicked act by Gej to allow bokoharam reign terror killing over 15,000 Nigerians, now that election is close he has decided to use bokoharam defeat for political gain. What he didn’t fight for 6yrs now doing less tha 6 wks. Gej is long a goner.

    • jane edosomwan

      Ask Buhari why and the northern leader.

    • burning spear

      does what u have posted make sense to u–dont u know if he had liberated them earlier–the people from that zone would have voted for in the Jega–tinubu compromised elections—–Jonathan all the way———————its not over until its over—————we cannot be changing the pampers of buhari—–at 74————-hire a nurse to take care his his toilet habits–changing pampers daily is not the duty of the nation state of nigeria


        Nigeria does not deserve a retard!! Go and cure his Ogbanje and badluck first!!


      Do you believe any world from a serial liar like GEJ? It’s all propaganda. How possible is it for GEJ to do in 6weeks what he couldon’t do in 6yrs? The only thing he did in this last 6weeks is sharing money to traditional rulers and giving ethnic militias pipeline contracts. OPC will be worse off than Esau if GEJ wins through rigging

  • ade

    What a shame! GEJ your strategy fail woefully.
    You deliberately allow Boko Haram to unleash terror on Nigerians that voted for you.

    Am sorry, you just lost my vote and my family votes to Buhari

    • jane edosomwan

      We your family tell u who they voted for.

    • burning spear

      monkey did yr stepfather and uncle obj–purchase arms for the Nigerian army-Was he not busy sleeping with his sons wife–?—no wonder buhari ati obj are speaking in the same voice-as comrades in arms———————–the globe does not need generals again to rule them—from 1957 to 66 yes——————not in this modern globalized world–would a country like Nigeria vote for——a 73 yrs old certificate less quota system general from Niger republic

      • tundemash

        So can u tell us when Dumbo would now release the poor girls he had kept for a year now ???
        You allow terrorists to kill and maim for 6 years and then decided to take them on 6 weeks to election.. what a President !

        • David Adeniran

          Some people are so dense, so senseless and so childish not to see the evil and wickedness of the man called Jonathan! He deliberately allowed this terrorism to destroy the North simply because it was not happening in his backyard and suddenly realised he had to act simply because of his imminent election loss! He wouldn’t have even woken up to act decisively with this terrorism if the odds were going in his favour before the February date of the election! Rather it was because the odds were seriously against him in that election, that was why he postponed the election to face reality! This man is simply EVIL and I am too intelligent to buy into his dummy!

          • tundemash

            Nothing will gladden my heart than to see him chained like a common criminal he is and made to answer from the crime of murder of thousands of poor people he allowed terrorists to kill !

      • Man_Enough

        so it takes 6 years to purchase arms, even if you didn’t meet any on the ground.


        OBJ left Aso Rock 8yrs ago with lots of money in the treasury and external reserve. What did your drunken sailor other than supervising the looting of Nigerian Treasury? The globe is already at serious risk for having a retard as president of Nigeria who is an aborigine from Equatorial Guinea

  • burning spear

    –ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN VOICE———-congrats Mr presido———————-SLOW AND STEADY WINs THE RACE————–they should not forget-when casting their votes -that——————————–Buhari at age 47, in 1989 was having sex with Aisha Buhari at the tender age of 9, an underage according to the constitution of Nigeria.
    So Mrs. Buhari is a victim of sustained childhood rape and her outbursts–which led her to describe Edo women abroad as prostitutes is understandable because of what she suffered in the hand of Buhari-who raped and raped and raped her until she gave birth at the age of 13–”, she said…”

    Is this the Buhari we should vote for on a Saturday? Haba Nigeria—————————-deflowered a 9 yrs old gal–who had a baby for him at 13? Added to the fact–that buhari may be disqualified on d 22–of-April——–and have tinubu take over–?——d devil u know is better than the angel u know little or nothing about————what a shame-what a country–vote Gej for continuity————not ailing buhari with pampers under him——-

    • Festuso

      I wonder what you would have to say if your father was one of those slaughtered like a ram when the town was taken by Boko Haram or if your wife and daughters were among those raped while the Commander-In-Chief was dancing at a political rally. This is nothing but medicine after death and it is totally inexcusable. The President was caught napping and the souls of those prematurely sent to the beyond will cry for vengeance sooner or later. So, be careful you are not found culpable by association and needless praise!

      • Segun

        And what dud the Northern leaders do all the years they had power? – stealing and appropriate oil blocks for themselves. They left the Almajari’s with no education and in poverty and that is the fundermental reason for the rise of Boko Haram.
        GEJ has build over 150 Almajari schools in the North , opened up 9 new universities in the North and made fertilizer available to the farmers in the North.
        These are strategic long term steps to addressing the imbalance in the region.
        GEJ has done well for the North.
        All these lies about should be directed to the Governor of Borno state who organized the kidnapping of those girls.
        He deliberately disobeyed the FG by keeping the school open when he had been instructed to close the school because of insurgency
        Please blame those who want the blood of the baboon and dog spilled.

      • burning spear

        that is why buhari should never be voted for———————–where was your hate filled heart–ati tribal soul———when Kudirat Abiola was gunned down in broad daylight—-lagos—while she was on way to the US embassy—–Why did the fulanis not allow her travel out of the country quietly———She was killed————-under the watchful eyes of buhari—whose PTF provided the money for the murderers–to carry out their satanic assignment–where is abiola-today’?- Who was Akintola supporting b4 he was killed by Buharis tribes men—?—where was buhari when abiola was arrested————————in London abi—————monkey–imagine for a second that kudirat was your mother who was killed while buhari was serving abacha—in PTF————will u vote for him-u pig————-

    • jugunu kadii

      So fake

  • Haykay

    Gwoza captured! Late though.
    Thank God.
    Our PVC is our weapon, we know what to do with it.

  • smart Enough To Know Better

    Lets today start to gather signatures to send a petition to the International Criminal Court (ICC)

    Jonathan. My father in heaven watches you.

    Like a script from a Movie you have captured the HQ of Boko Haram a few hours before the general elections.

    By Gods Grace you will leave Aso Rock in disgrace and your name shall be on same level with Abacha.

    • Chris1408

      His name will be mentioned with worthless rulers like Idi Amin, Gbagbo and Charles Taylor. May GEJ and any politicians taking Nigeria end up where they ended.

  • Jumoke

    Nigeria has a very deceitful leadership. How can a town occupied by Boko Haram for more than a year be liberated within 2 hours without any resistance? This incompetent government has not told Nigerians the truth about Boko Haram.

    • Shehu Monguno

      Jumoke, Punch and several other newspapers had it as early as Wednesday this week that fighter jets and helicopter gunships were already in action in Gwoza and Nigerian soldiers were advancing on Gwoza from Bama and my home town Monguno. I do not know where you got your 2 hour battle from

      • Jumoke

        You are a shameless liar. It was yesterday that the press reported that fighter jets and helicopters are headed towards Gworza after the president spoke about it on Wednesday. Even at that how can any sensible person explain this liberation within a few hours of no fighting? I have never seen a more deceitful leader than Jonathan in my entire life.

        • Shehu Monguno

          Jumoke since you know, when did daily post, PrNews and even leadership newspapers carry the story? have your claim that it was carried yesterday not put a dent on your claim of 2 hours fighting which you have changed now to a few hours. Please how long do battles take, a whole year?

          • jugunu kadii

            Jona and mama peace agents……I beg use your real name make we know you wella…….lol

          • Shehu Monguno

            Jugunu, this is not a cowboy movie. About using my real name, I have been commenting with this name when I am chanced since 2010. I am sure that you expect since I come from the North East I must be hostile to GEJ. No. I will criticize GEJ when he performs badly and commend him when he does well.

          • Jumoke

            You are so daft. So aircrafts started fighting at take off? When will they reach their destination? When will land troops mobilise to storm and overun Gworza? When did defense spokesman announce the liberation? Do your maths and tell me how many hours was the fight to liberate a city occupied for more than a year. You ae simply daft. Must everything be politics to this incompetent and deceitful leader?

          • Shehu Monguno

            Jumoke, a fighter jet travels faster than the speed of sound and it takes a jet fighter 15 minutes to get to Maiduguri in the North East from Makurdi in the North central. It takes the same fighter jet less than 10 minutes to get to and drop bombs anywhere in Borno state. Well I am not sure that you know where Borno state is on the map so you can be forgiven for your ignorance

      • jugunu kadii

        Shehu are you really from Monguno? You comments seem to me that you are very happy and comfortable with the handling of BH in your area this few days.
        Tell me did you lost and relative in the battle within the last six years they occupy this region? mtsheeeewwwww

  • Ha


  • When are we expected to see the fake Shekau and the camped Chibok girls as alleged by the APC. The deceit is real from the SCAM PRESIDENT.How on earth could one predict the end of a war if it had not been pre-arranged. A Shekau look alike was seen walkingvinto Aso Rock.

    • burning spear

      u will never see the chibok gals cause the whole thing is fake——————-based on the imagination of————APC and tinubu

      • Layo

        Will you shut your anus called mouth. Olosi. This is the true confirmation that jonadaft is Boko Haram.

  • smart Enough To Know Better

    From Sahara Reporters Comment:

    With all sense of responsibility and seriousness; We need to report this Boko Haram drama to the International Court and UN for a full fledged international inquiry.

    Gwoza has been held for over a year, Now, a day before elections its liberated with hardly any serious incident or confrontation?

    I’m loyal to Nigerian Constitution not to its Government. My duty is not blind loyalty to the Government. The truth 1st.

    If this Government is in anyway/even remotely aware about Boko Haram more than its making public then the President and the Security Chiefs must face an International Panel of Inquiry.

    There is no sentiments here. men, women and children have died. Nigeria has been portrayed on CNN and other international media like a banana republic.

    If this Boko Haram problem could have been solved long ago and it was not; then someone must account for this. Someone must account for the dead and spilled blood!

    • burning spear

      God punish the bastard who wrote this rubbish—–the lucifers who want to confuse our thoughts——-for APC——————It took the national assembly led by tambuwal a fulani 6 solid months to approve money to purchase arms for the troops—-arms are not like bitter leaf which u can buy at any market in Nigeria—–think of the sabotage by our troops———————-rather than praise the president and the soldiers–look at the nonsense–sharia reporters is publishing

      • Guguru

        burning spear,

        You squirm when the truth is told, correct? We are working on Jonathan paying for his sins at the ICC.

      • Dr. Kay

        You and yours are the one who will be punished , may the ghosts of all the people senselessly killed by Bokoharam whilst Dumbo fiddles haunt you and all members of your family , may you never know any good or peace in your remaining lifetime , all these curses shall be your portion in Jesus name until you come to the realization that Dumbo goofed by not acting decisively over one year ago, now that GMB is giving him a run for his dollars ,he remembers his primary constitutional duty of safe guarding Nigerian life and defending our people from threats to their lives within and without. Then ask God for forgiveness then this curse will be lifted ,if not , continue enjoying your Dollars, it’s less than 24hours before Dumbo becomes history with you and all your accomplices, useless 1diot!

      • Abdul

        You be were and ode combined. Jonathan is a devil just swallow it. The death of over 15,000 will ever hang on his neck. You son of a lucifer.

      • TKBaba

        Stay away from DRUG…burning spear

      • USD Cant Buy Everything!

        I know people like you. This is how your brain works:

        Northerner: Bad
        APC: Bad
        Trying Change: Bad
        Blame the leader in charge : Bad
        Incompetence: Good
        Culpable In murder of your citizens; Good
        Corruption: Good
        PDP: Good
        1USD=N250: Good
        Increase in poverty in Nigeria: Good
        Fake data on Agric sector: Good
        Depletion of Foreign reserves: Good
        Disunity and Mutual Suspicion of ethnic groups: Good
        Increasing Nigeria Debt profile after OBJ Govt paid it all: Good
        Squandering Money saved by Yar Adua: Good
        Using religion for political gain: Good
        Building trains, and Airports with money BORROWED FROM CHINA: Good
        Igbo traders abandoning goods at port due to high exchange rate: Good
        16 years of no progress: Good
        Increase in unemployment: Good
        Lack of trust of poeple in their Govt: Good
        Nigeria continuing as it is now: Good
        Did zero in 6 years & promises he will do EVERYTHING on next 4: good

        Your mind is full of hate, prejudice and you are incapable of complex thought. There will always be poeple like you in the history of every country. You are the maggots that will eat the decaying flesh of those who are killing Nigeria

        Your hate for a new Nigeria will consume you.

  • Mr. Abdin

    What a drammer.

  • FortB

    No be una fault. All those talking trash here about the liberation of Gwoza. If it were your brothers who died fighting for the past week to liberate it you wont be mouthing rubbish on the internet. To some unpatriotic Nigerians, everything is politics. The military got the equipment and arms they have been waiting for. Our neighbors also decided to cooperate, and the military made its assessment and planning, and correctly determined it needed 6 weeks to try to drive out the blood suckers., If the military plan is working well, I expect us to thank God for the successes and commend our military men and women that are dying by the day trying to liberate every piece of territory occupied by the evil ones. Lest we forget, Sambisa is still there. The last bastion of Boko Haram evil cult. Whoever wins the election will still need to keep fighting till we get rid the insurgency completely from our soil. Urban warfare in terms of isolated bombing of soft targets is likely to be the next phase after Sambisa is liberated. Lets push politics aside. Vote whoever you wish tomorrow without having to use politics to diminish the importance of us all coming together in a united front to tackling issues of national security. Lets learn from Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Its not funny

    • tundemash

      Fake soldier, when gov. Shettima first raised the alarm that Nigerian soldiers aren’t well equippned to fight Boko haram, 3 years ago, it was Dumbo on National TV who claimed it was a lie !
      Also some soldiers who refused to fight bare handed have been sentenced to death afer which Dumbo now bought equipment .

      • Hassan Lawal

        My dear,i like your sense of placing historical events,you damn intelligent,much thanks to people like you.We shall thank ourselves the more,when the war is over and the battle won.By God’s grace,we shall be free from these morons in no time! Just help us ask him and his boys to” bring out our girls” ooo!!!

      • FortB

        May God save you from yourself because you know not what you do accusing people that may be innocent without any shred of evidence

        • tundemash

          Fake soldier …. is that all you got to say ?
          May God not save you and your generations unborn from the calamity that will befall your household as a result of the deliberate action by you and your paymasters to allow terrorists murder 15,000 Nigerians. If Boko Haram could be defeated in 6 weeks, why wait for 6 years ?

          • FortB

            The question you asked is best directed to your fathers, Northern Elders Council that went to US Congress to lobby against designating the Boko Haram terrorist sect as an international terrorist organization. A designation that would have placed international embargo and sanctions on the sect early. You should also ask Buhari, Lai Mohammend, Ango Abdullahi etc who all claimed that the FGN was using the army to carry out genocide in the north, and requested that the army be withdrawn. You should ask the northern leaders who threatened to take General Ihejirika before ICC for war crimes when the man was doing his best to bring the war to a speedy end. You should ask all previous leaders faster Shagari’s why they neglected to equipped the military. Ask Obj why he allowed MPRI to convince him to weaken the military because of fear of coup. Those are the people you should be blaming for the prolonged nature of the war. But because you cannot see beyond your nose, you insult people with integrity. Go and educate yourself.

          • tundemash

            Clownish Fake Soldier,
            It is better u keep your mouth shut down and pretend to be sane than to open it and remove all doubts
            Same army, after Shagari ,went to Liberia and Sierra Leone and performed. I guess it was cutlass and hoes they used there.
            It is 16 years since your looting masters were in power, so tell us how long it takes to equip the army. You still dodged the issue that Gov. Shettima of Borno raised the alarm 3 years ago that the army are ill-equipped but Dumbo went on air to dispute that so who is right now between te two ?. Also why are some army boys court-marshalled after refusing to fight without weapons when you now claim army is ill-equipped; you are so d@ft, you contradict yourself.
            Keep repeating your PDP’s propaganda that some sectional leaders are the ones dictating the pace to the weakling Dumbo.
            Mr. Ethnic bigot, it is in your warped mind OBJ and Dumbo are different; They belong to same murderous group who have held down and raped this nation since 1999. The Federal Inland Revenue just told the nation they generated N4.9tr for the FG in 2014, FG’s budget is N4.6tr so there is still some loose N300m change and this is outside oil revenue and other revenues and yet nothing on ground to show for it. Dumbo is busy promoting ethnic militias from OPC to MASSOB all over the place. Having rendered the Navy/Army/Police/Civil Defence useless, ethnic militias are now the ones to guard the oil pipelines and a clearly insane political thug like you claim you are in the army … doing what Oloriburuku ? This was the way Modu Sheriff used Boko Haram to as political thugs to won election and thereafter became the monster they are today….. ten years down the line OPC/MASSOB grow wings too just because one desperate psychopath wants to do everything and anything to cling to power.
            The same Northern elders you claimed went to the US congress are still alive so why has Dumbo suddenly developed the mojo to go after Boko Haram …… why was this not done 6 years ago ….. why 6 weeks before election? Do we need election every 2 months to get the Dumbo to do his job ????????????


        GEJ is also stoking war in the SW by pitting the Yourbas against each using OPC and in the SS using ex-militants cum Wike thugs. He will soon die a miserable death

    • Jumoke

      It was this same idiotic FortB that keeps ranting nonsense about military operations from his hideaway location at Aso “nollywood” rock. What a pity for us to have these group of impostors at the corridor and bedroom of power. A fake soldier who is always online. Get a life. Feeding on Amnesty allowance and crumbs expire tomorrow.

      • FortB

        The problem with people of your kind, Tundemash inclusive, is that they are blinded by politics and so cannot reason rationally. Where did you see anything political in my posts that gives you the sense that I am a politician or reside in Aso Rock? Dreamers. I hope all of you with negative minds will commit suicide tomorrow when Nigerians vote enmass for the incumbent?

        • Jumoke

          You stink!

        • jugunu kadii

          omo ale

    • Abdulazeez Oyibo

      Drop dead!

      • FortB

        Sorry, you do not have power over my life unfortunately for you. I will likely outlive you and your miserable life. Scumbag

  • burning spear

    Muhammadu BUHARI Has ZERO Project to His Name in 39 years of public Life.

    The question in the last 5 Months is for Buhari and his supporters to list 10 Projects–no just one project associated with Pa Buhari from 1976 as N/East gov, Oil Minister, Head of state and PTF chairman to date.
    We reduced to 5 Projects…last Month, even when they lied about his building Refineries.
    Today, We Need, Just One Project, associated to Buhari.

    A man that achieved NOTHING deserves NOTHING.
    Reject the Zero achiever, Buhari. He is a BACKWARD man. A man of the past and Darkness magnified!!!
    Do you pray that your life will be like Pa Buhari’s Public life over 39 years?
    Name On Nursery School associated with Pa Buhari in 39 years in Govt.
    Nigeria Deserves Better. Vote 4 Jonathan

    • Maitama Tambari


    • john

      Abeg go sit down make we hear word. Better ppl dey talk, you too want talk?

    • TKBaba

      Likes of “burning spear” will be crying after the election results are announced.

      The election is between Nigerian voters and the clueless “sit-down-look” President Jonathan.

  • tundemash

    And now the Chibok girls can now be brought from hiding by Dumbo in time for them to vote …. abi ?

  • Reality

    Vote GEJ vote PDP

    • tundemash

      I wish one of those killed in the last 6 years by Boko Haram was your sister/mother/brother

      • Otile

        Where were you when Ogagun and Yerima were playig boju boju with toxic sharia? That time you celebrated your victory of enshrining toxic sharia with fanfare. Why are you crying now? You are not out of the woods yet, sharia is bound to claim the lives of more of your members. Islam, a religion of peace my foot.

    • HAHA


  • Layo

    Was it a deliberate attempt to to liberate this regions all the while? # GEJ must go. Vote out jonadaft with a passion.

    • TKBaba

      The Presidency and PDP have been playing politics with Boko Haram challenges.

      When it became obvious that Jonathan will not win re-election, the Presidency is making efforts to re-write Jonathan’s history before Nigerian voters boot him out of Aso Rock.

      • Layo

        Yes, it is so obvious. If election was not around the corner, trillions of naira would be budgeted to continue fighting BH. After trillions of naira spent on security vote year in, year out. Jona is a criminal. Is anyone buying this bullshit? Not me.

  • the truth

    This is one reason why transformation must continue. Most people in Nigeria were not deceived by paid online posts from newspapers like premium times and other APC strongholds. Most Nigerians know the truth and the truth is voting for continuation and transformation of the country. 99.9 percent of commenters on this forum don’t have pvc and most don’t stay in nigeria. I have my pvc and as a neutral observer i know who to cast my vote for. Do you believe? Yes i believe in transformation

    • hummm

      You are crazy and congrats for posting the dumbest comment . You should be proud of yourself.

      • the truth

        only sensible people understand what i posted. i don’t think you are sensible enough to understand my post

        • tundemash

          Like who Mr. career Liar ?

    • Guguru

      the truth,

      Transform what again? Transform Nigeria into a terror zone and economic failure? What truth are you talking about? Is it the truth that Jonathan has engaged in corruption, lies, dishonesty, money laundering, etc? He is even despised by fellow world leaders because he lacks integrity.

    • staaaaaaaaaaa

      truth according to Jona your CinC: commander in Corruption. Small time now Jona will say lying is not corruption.

  • Layo

    When will Jonathan release the Chibok girl?

  • Okey

    I am aggrieved. There is no fairness in this at all. Why don’t Jonathan compensate them the way the nation did to the Nigeria Delta militants and pay them money ? After all, they are seeking for one of the simplest things any nation can grant its citizens – the practice of Sharia, which is a religious right. As far as I am concerned, attack on those boys is an attack against the North.

  • JBendel

    Victory is sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nigeria has got the VICTORY over Boko Haram and their hopeless supporters wherever they are. #NeverAgain will these beasts and messengers of Satan ever occupy our TERRITORY; Nigeria and Nigerians have won. I am for Goodluck Jonathan re-election.

  • JJ


  • hummm

    Oh he thinks he will win the election with this half ass info. This is the more reason you will loose the election. Too little too late, Commander in thief.

  • Guguru


    Release these girls I beg you. These girls are in Gwoza where the military said they are located.

  • Guguru

    Only a miracle can explain the liberation of a town in 6 weeks which could not be liberated in the last 6 months +

  • the truth

    Nigerian’s have decided. We have our PVC and we would vote for transformation. Any candidate that offers transformation have our votes. Elections are not won on Premium times. We would meet on the polls, enough of this noise making. Just like Ekiti and Anambra when Premium times gave it to APC but the election showed they were crushed.

    • tundemash

      Mr. Career Liar…. i guess all pretensions are now off on the eve of the election. You finally have the courage to declare for your paymasters.
      Meanwhile this news is about how same Nigerian military who were helpless for 6 years under Dumbo suddenly got the mojo to fight Boko Haram 6 weeks to an election.
      What happens to the 15,000 preventable deaths ?
      Could have turned a blind eye to deliberate act of murder if one your sister/mother/father were on of the 15,000 killed in the north east?
      We hope Dumbo would release the Chibok girls tonight, though, .so they would also vote tomorrow … abi ?

  • solozo

    I just love this country. A few days to elections and the Nigerian Armed Forces suddenly find their courage to fight. Does this mean that all these years, it was possible but they just did not want to clear the North of Boko Haram? Did the weapon sellers just return from their journeys? We should have elections every month so that more of our national problems can be solved so fast. God bless Nigeria. Please let us all go out to vote for those who will govern us even when elections are not looming.

  • Hassan Lawal

    This man is playing JAMES BOND 007 with Nigerians o! So he can actually recapture these places in just six weeks,so where was he all this while.I smell a rat,this bastard of a president just wasted the lives of our people in thousand,now,he WANTS OUR VOTES. You can beg from now till 2moro,you’re done with! Just done play the same game at the POLL,the consequences will be fatal.

  • Denis_NG

    If this tanker shown here is an example of what our military call hardware, I can now understand when someone commented that, Chadian or Nigerien military can overrun Nigeria and colonize the country should they desire to do so. Our military indeed has fallen to corruption, and that’s very sad indeed!

    • okwu

      I can assure you, it is not. Nigerian military can overrun those countries you mentioned in one week in one week.

  • TKBaba

    Why did President Jonathan as the C-I-C allowed 15,000 plus innocent Nigerians killed by Boko Haram in the last 6 years in office?

    And all of a sudden within 6 weeks the same Boko haram have been dealt with.

    All the while President Jonathan and PDP have been playing politics with Boko Haram issue until few weeks to election time.

    • Isi Agwo

      Bokohari: “Any attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the North.”

      • TKBaba

        Stay away from DRUG…Isi Agwo

  • Akiika

    Isn’t it amazing that our outgoing president put a schedule to it and he is on point? a lot will be revealed after the election. This will pass for a Nollywood movie!

  • shola

    Typical Jonathan. A selfish president. All for your re-election purpose. Playing on the lives of human beings.
    Less than 24hours before the federal election you have something to sell to your voters. And, it is still questionable if your badly equipped soldiers and your hired mercenaries did this alone. Unthinkable without the assistance of the Chadian, Niger and Cameroon forces.
    I hope and pray they don’t buy this from you. You had so much time to destroy Boko Haram, you refused.
    Every reasonable Nigerians must by now know what you are up to. To secure your comfortable sit for the next 4 years.
    Now that you have allegedly freed Gwoza, can you free the residents from their sorrows, from all they have gone through, from the loss of their belongings and their love ones?. Would you take compensation into consideration? I wonder how you can sleep well – Mr. president. You and your administration must face the court of justice in Den Haag. Enough is enough. 28 March 2015 NIGERIA DECIDES OVER THEIR FATE.

    • warry

      No wonder Nigeria has always been ruled by liars as many of you prefer lies. Does a commander in chief act unilaterally? Opinion leaders from Boko Haram infested areas,all said the president should not do anything against the Terrorists. Right now many of you are unhappy that Boko Haram is being defeated. Do you have any shame. Did you and Buhari bring any useful suggestions. God will judge all of you for deceiving the president that he must negotiate with the terrorists,and sabotaging him.

      • So who has given him the permission to act now? Many of you go about with empty heads!

        • warry

          Did you not see the obstacles he had to pass through. When he was building regional and global support people like you said he was going to Chad to sponsor Boko Haram. When he fought them, you said he was committing genocide, to the extent that even friendly countries refused to sell weapons to him because of your lies How he got over it,nobody knows,all because of Power must come to the North now. What I’ll say to you all is may you all be treated the way you have treated Jonathan

    • burning spear

      I pity yr regional thoughts—————-perhaps it was Jonathan who arranged to have Kadirat abiola ati MKO murdered————to enable him win elections–and went on to cancel the June 12 elections——–the same thing the Yorubas said about Awo–is what u are repeating here—even against the wife of Awo –Yorubas called her a thief————so I ma not shocked at yr rantings

    • Reminisce6

      BOKO HARAM HQ IN NIGERIA ‘RETAKEN’ was the caption on the BBC crawl.Note the ‘RETAKEN’,a caption that reflect lack of confidence in the information provided by the DHQ and also take note that the CinC said “.. that after the town had be recaptured, a little time will be needed for clean up”.Images of the ‘captured’ cannot be relayed and so is the ‘clean up’.Who is fooling who?Images of captured cities from war zones in other part of the world are relayed,even from the dreaded ISIS enclave in Iraq journalist are embedded with the troops and the local militias fighting alongside the troop.Churning out lies and propaganda via tweeter is unbecoming of a military institution and the level of absurdity with which this military has degenerated with GEJ`s desperation is astounding.Two of Al-Jazeera journalists are currently in the custody of this military,held on the flimsy suspicion of being too close to the front line without permission.Perhaps,the duo were arrested to preempt their reportage of this Gwoza capture propaganda.If journalist are prevented from covering the war zone at least the DHQ could have come up with its own images of the ‘captured Gwazo’.

  • burning spear

    Today, Uganda said it was improving security on threats by Somalia’s Shebab militants, after the US embassy in Kampala cautioned its citizens of a possible upcoming terror attack–if this had taken place in Nigeria some animals in APC would have said Jonathan did it because of the elections–by arranging with the janjaweed–to end the war on the eve of the election—APC will look for excuses no matter what—–the President does——since they own the media——-would it not have been better for the president—————to recapture Gwazo months ago–dont the baboons who are looking for excuses all over the place for ailing buhari know that its takes months to purchase arms–aware the House of Reps wasted more than 6 months b4 they approved the budget for the purchase of arms——————? When is this madness by certain Nigerians going to end–when Buharimfiorges his certificate it seen as being Ok–but when it concerns them in the SS–it then becomes a sin—————–


      Uganda has a capable leader unlike Nigeria with an infantile leader

  • Who will still doubts that Jonathan knows much about Boko haram? He said he would reclaim Gwoza by Friday and, sure enough, it happened just as he said. Jonathan wasted 14,000 plus lives of innocent Nigerians as tradeoff for his reelection. How pleasant will it be if Jonathan is roundly defeated tomorrow.

  • sammyctu ode

    A woman who escaped from the clutches of boko haram just told the whole world that our Chibok girls are in Qwoza, SO WHERE ARE THE GIRLS? jonathan, pdp and our pepper soup military have been playing politics with Nigerians and the lives of people in the NE. This is wrong for jonathan to allow thousands of people to die and six weeks to election, they started capturing our territories back. In the first place, no Nigerian territory should have been lost to rag tag terrorists. I am disappointed at clueless jonathan who because of holding on to power started capturing our territories back. The Nigerian president is wicked, insensitive and evil for wasting lives, wasting Nigerian budget for six years that should have been channeled to other worthy infrastructural causes. I AND MAJORITY OF NIGERIANS WILL NOT VOTE FOR YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE AN EVIL MAN.

  • The innocent blood that Jonathan intentionally caused to be wasted so that he could win elections will not give him rest night and day until he departs the earth. Jonathan is a murder of innocent souls.

  • Otile

    This is a terrible news to the ears of APC minions. They must be cursing Jona now asking why Jona failed to stop sharia when Obasanjo and Yerima were playing their cat and mouse games.

    • Irratational thoughts. PDP has destroyed your mind. What you have left of your rational reasoning is less than that of a bush rat. Poor you.

      • Otile

        Sorry for your miserable self. I am no PDP nor can I be APC. You can kill yourself in useless politics, who cares?

        • Niakita Kresbin

          If your oga GEJ is not Boko Haram how did he know when they will leave Gwoza in order for the town to be “liberated”?

        • I just told you that Jonathan and PDP have destroyed your soul. You have just proved it. I’m really sorry for your poor soul. Accept my sympathy.

        • blueeyedkitten

          You bastards!

          • Otile

            Omọ àlè which means bastard in Yoruba must be a very important factor in Yoruba life. There is no day some Yorubas don’t repeat the phrase over and over again. In a heated issue or in responding to people they hate the phrase ọmọ àlè is liberally littered over the comments. One can easily count 370 instances of ọmọ àlè Yoruba haters pour on those they hate in a very heated article.

            When they are bereft of what to say they still throw in ọmọ àlè. In most cases that is their only response to a comment.

  • Jonathan’s selfishness is responbile for his poor attitude towards boko haram. Some empty heads are arguing here that some APC people are behind Boko haram? The heads of these ones, if they have heads at all, are just empty of rational thinking. The question is what has Jonathan done to the APC members that has given the upper hand in the war against rag-tag boko haram? How many of APC members has he arrested or has concrete proof of their involvement with Boko haram? Jonathan is so empty that he knows no other way to win elections other than the blood of Nigerians. To help him succeed he has raised thousand men in the south south and mostly the south east to say nonsense online. Empty heads like Otile, Burning spear, Field-marshal are so on are the morons pouring out irrational thoughts on this forum.

  • Jonathan deliberately allowed 14,000 Nigerians to be killed so that he can blame the opposition for his gross ineptitude. Jonathan is indeed the murderer of our time. God will surely judge him for this great evil.

  • On 14 April 2014, a bomb blast in Nyanya Abuja killed about 40 plus innocent Nigerian. On the night of the same day more 300 innocent girls were abducted in Chibok in a region under state of emergency. The girls have not been till today. You cannot transport 100 dead chickens from Onitsha to Asaba without the police detecting the chickens. But 300 plus girls disappeared without police and army detection in a region under state of emergency. Less that 48 hours after these tragic incidents, Jonathan was on stage dancing in Kano to receive a member defecting back to PDP. Election is all Jonathan cares for. How else can one describe a wicked and incomplete leader?

    • Guguru

      Very nice summary

    • burning spear

      Very unthinking—Nigerian. A big shame for u to call yourselves a Nigerian–Is this how the people of Kenya have been counting their blessings—–did we not see similar bombings and killings in kenya–Iraq and Syria—ati russia———-mumu——–I beg carry yr yeye civil war hangover away from here————monkey

  • Guguru

    The same military that is incapable of holding Damasak which they recently took from Boko Haram is suddenly so interested in making sure that Gwoza is recovered. Chad, Niger, and Cameroon forces are complaining that the Nigerian Military has left Damasak for them to guard.

    Secondly, Jonathan paid Chad, Niger, and Cameroon forces about N140 million to help with the fight against Boko Haram. Then, Jonathan paid the South African mercenaries about $140 a day for their fighting. The Nigerian Military is being used by Jonathan to scuttle or rig the elections while South Africans, Chadian, Nigeriens, and Cameroonians are the ones guarding Nigeria’s borders and providing security for Nigerians.

    Mr Jonathan is a shameful leader who has turned Nigeria into a sovereign and inept clown of Africa run by criminals, liars, cultists, renegades, terror sponsors, and every conceivable human trash he can find.

    • burning spear

      go and die with your negative thoughts against yr adopted nation——go and re–read the rubbish u just posted aga and again–and see if u are not due for a check up in the very hospital where yr rapist friend Buhari was discharged————-which sane Nigerian will vote for buhari—-show them to to me–these thugs based on the web who change their names like women wrappers—————-‘

      • Screw-em

        Humpty Dumpty Dumbo Jona’s ties with 9ja will be severed come Sunday morning 3/29/15. It is a fait -a -compli.

      • Guguru

        Burning spear,

        You know today is the last day Jonah pays you for being an e-rat, right?

    • Mike udi

      If ur brains works u know Chad nd Niger re playing international politics with their statement

      • Guguru


        Be quiet

    • Screw-em

      Humpty Dumpty Dumbo Jona’s ties with 9ja will be severed come Sunday morning 3/29/15. It is a fait -a -compli.

      Dumbo GEJ can read the rosary upside down and backwards, fast and repent all he wants for the next 24 hours non stop.. All l know, and believe, is come hell or high water, Humpty Dumpty GEJ don’t stand a freaking chance in hell of winning any election come March 28, 2015. Your entire household unfortunately will vote against you. What a dumbfounding condemnation of your phantom “transformation agenda”……..Sai BUHARI!!

      • Guguru


      • modu abagana

        Said book haram abi

    • Yahaya

      Your real name is ogogoro. You will be proved tomorow to be suffering from ogogoro intoxication. Pls congratulate GMB for putting up a good fight. There is no vacancy at Aso Rock.

      • Guguru

        Shut up

      • Tonnero

        Igbo man wey dey bear Yahaya! Part of the receipt that is PDP under GEJ.

    • modu abagana

      The fight is not meant for only Nigeria army. So if we are paying them is it going to be for nothing?

      • Guguru


        Why not pay the Nigerian Military while ensuring an outstanding welfare for the troops who have complained bitterly about poor welfare, morale, and pay?

  • Akanji92

    What a callous leader. GEJ allowed 15000 to die before taking appropriate actions. What could not be done in six years was achieved in six weeks. GEJ was affirmative that Gwosa would fall pn Friday and it did. Conclusion, GEJ is the Chief Sppnsor of Boko Haram, Egbesu, MASDOB, OPC and other terrorist goups. GEJ order your boys to release the Chibok girls and bring your fake Shekau.

    • warry

      How long did it take you to even approve state of emergency or even the loan to buy arms?. Were you not the ones that said he should negotiate and give Amnesty and not fight? May you all be treated the same way you have treated Jonathan

      • modu abagana

        Asked the bigot

    • modu abagana

      You guys killed so much to discredit him. We in Borneo know everything

  • Jones

    Please vote wisely. Do not let corruption kill Nigeria. Vote “All Peoples Choice” on Saturday. Do away with division, insincerity in government, corruption of the security forces, bad international reputation, austerity, oil theft, bribery, unemployment, and ethnic division. Use your PVC and follow the democracy of mission and vision for yourself, children and generations. Our hard earned democracy was not made through bribing traditional rulers or ethnic militias. Declare your freedom and independence.
    Time has come for Nigeria to reward the Public Disaster Party by voting them out of federal power. They have neglected the unemployed, the poor, the non militants, and the sick for 16 years. We have 1 day to neglect them on Saturday with our votes. Stop the Propaganda Distribution Party by rejecting saTAN and all his empty promises. The devils mission is to Pamper, Destroy and Pull down your future. They Promise, Deny, and Pollute the country with incompetence and mediocrity in leadership. Vote wisely. God bless you.

  • burning spear

    Buhari Buhari where are u–the voters are waiting for–u
    I am in the toilet—
    Doing what–

    changing my pampers–

    I changed the ones we bought in London–

    Why did u change them–this man sef-

    Because they easily get wet—-and soak my sokoto—

    Aisha is not very happy with me–

    because voters don hear say I dey abina with her when she was 9 yrs old–
    -and she born when she was 13

    That was why I had to change them to red–pampers–

    So that the pampers can soak in the blood in my Urine-

    I thought it was a lie when I heard u got married to Hajia at 9-
    Yes so what—Is that what Tinubu is saying again—-to the press

    Tell him to mind his business–else I will change my VP—–

    Including Tinubu himself because of this drug thing in America—

    U know he was the one who asked me to change my statement—concerning my sevencate—–

    Haba at 74-change yr certificate u mean

    Look here–My first primary school seven cate is from Niger Republic—–

    It was Tinubu who asked me to change my statement—I have no other sevencate—apart from that one—why should i change it—–after i swear apidipit 4 court—–Now I have case for 22 of avril ——–them fit comot me—for election–sef—————na tinubu go be president then abi no be so——-

    My frand I must change tinubu this very night and Osinabanjo and that Ibo state man–rocham abina can become my VP—-

    -This Yaribawas cannot be trusted-all my former VP from abina Ibo state-wait I dey come make I change my pampers-
    i go tell u about amaechi that boy na thief oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh–but i also take him money plenty fa–so i no go change that one——-

    • I Love NIgeria

      People like me post comments out of conviction not money. The money
      you earn from TeamGEJ etc is blood money. Investments you make with
      blood money never yield good fruits. Ask others.

      What will you do after tomorrow? You know the contract given to you to troll the internet and cause division and controversy will be over by tomorrow.

      • burning spear

        I am not paid by Jonathan——-PDP—or supported by any of his appointees—pls get that into your fat yellow and green boko haramic head—I have been doing this for over 5 yrs without a dime from my able President————who does not even know where I reside——————-I do it for the love of my people—-The IJAW Nation ati Nigeria——————-WHICH HAS STOLEN SO MUCH FROM MY ZONE IN THE SS since oil was discovered in 1957———–That it will will ne a National disaster for them not to vote for—Zonatan——-Again who is Buhari to stand b4 JONATHAN—————————in Niger Republic where he hails from yes—-Not in my Nigeria–ride on Gej na God give u———–

      • modu abagana

        Your money is from religious intolerance

    • checkmate

      You sound CHILDISH!!!

    • modu abagana

      Guy u wan break my waist o!

    • Bestvoice123

      This is hilarious. Hahaha

  • Sword of Damocles

    President Jonathan should go to the New York times online site, and read what Idriss Deby had to say about Nigeria & the Nigerian Army today in an interview. I would paste the site, but PT would nt post my comment if i did. He wants the Nigerian Army to take over”Damasak, Dikwa and Gamboru” (his army currently holds)ys he doesnt want to be an occupying army. Meanwhile our soldiers(military high command) in what doesnt concern them(elections). This Jonathan fellow cannot go scott free . The disgrace this man & his govt. has heaped on Nigeria, will live in infamy to borrow from President Roosevelt address to the American people on Dec 7th 1941(day the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor). Please all Nigerians that have online access, go to nytimes & read this article (I bet you , you will cry)

    • warry

      My brother,even if you are in the president’s shoe, you wouldn’t have done better. Do you know how large the North East is Can you have soldiers in large nos in all communities. Let the Army degrade the capacity of the terrorists to attack by liberating all communities and capture their weapons

      • Sword of Damocles

        Brother Warry I do believe I would have done better, for one small reason: my conscience rules my psychi. I would have done right by my NE brother & sisters. it is never good to answer a question with another question, but in the instance of the following question you asked:”Can you have soldiers in large nos in all communities”, I am compelled to pose this question: why the “bloodklot” are they(soldiers) been FLOODED into an activity(elections), that the Judiciary has said they had no business at all? P.S. had your Jonathan shown only a modicum of respect for the Nigerian masses, iI would have gone to bat for him. But unfortunately this man does not respect himself, so how on God’s earth is anyone going to accord him any? Tomorrow we speak for our ancestors to let this thievin clique know how our ancestors feel about what they have done to the fatherland.

    • FortB

      Ideas Derby is a rebel leader turn President that is looking for the limelight. Let him continue to mouth off. He will soon be placed where he belongs. His lies will also be revealed before the whole world soon. In all the LGAs our troops have freed, did you see any picture of Chadian troops? His troops were told to man the fringes of the border. They took Damsak right on the border, left after a few days, Boko haram returned there and the Chadians had to return. IS that how a professional army operates? And now they have been making noise ever since.

      • Abrok

        You are worse than Boko Haram.

  • burning spear

    1] Goodluck Jonathan (PDP) – – – 57.1%.
    2] Muhammadu Buhari. (APC) – – 40.6%.
    3] Others/Undecided. – Voters – – 2.3%.

    Poll Notes And factors.
    a) There have been a massive shift in support for Jonathan in S/West, as result of better understanding of his plans for the region since the election date was moved. 63% to 37% for GEJ.

    b) The Victories by Nigerian Troops, Buhari’s Chatham House lies Saga and exposure of how Tinubu and his groups squandered Lagos wealth and other APC states was damaging to Buhari who campaigns on Security and anti-corruption.

    c) The North central Minorities and Christians see the election of Jonathan as a Vote for their freedom of worship and security against domination from core-North.

    d) North West stands strong for Buhari as . 66% : 34% to Buhari.

    e) Buhari’s only strenght in S/South, Rivers state, has zeroed to what it was in 2011. 95% : 5% to GEJ. Yes—–Gej again

    f) N/East result will not change significantly from 2011. Buhari has edge in the region. 60% :40% to Buhari.

    g) Imo state is the only stronghold of APC in Imo, but the Governor encounter with the catholic church has eroded that. APC members are voting for GEJ and Okorocha as their Governor. This will not change the 2011 result that much. 93% : 7% to GEJ.

    This result is the Aggregate Polls of the Presidential Election, conducted between March 16 -26, 2015. It is +4 and -4 Margin of error. –

    • deltavoice


    • Comfortkay

      This na craziness.

  • Nigerian

    Thanks to BUHARI and the strong opposition this time around. Nigeria has never had a strong opposition like the APP. Buhari’s candidature has really brought about the change every sane and responsible Nigerian is yearning for.

    • deri

      Nigerians na waya for una—-a disgrace to the world—-so if a group of armed robbers–certificate forgers such as Buhari or drug addicts like tinubu create—a party in Nigeria—u will refer to that party as a credible party abi-to your Iyibo friends abroad-?—Then lie to them that the army stole Buharis seven cate————when u people allege that u want to fight corruption–we all know that u are just paying lip services————to your thoughts in APC—fight corruption with tinubu—-as a leader of APC? Instead of allowing such to come from your LUNGS-u deceive your souls by presenting buhari and tinubu as corrutpion free humans–When they personify thievery———–Buhari who took a 9 yr old gal to bed and raped her until she gave birth at 13 is now the man to lead Nigeria abi-? —–u must be crazy man————–what an insult———even a group of baboon handlers wil never elect buhari as a security guard——————-but here we are———struggling to impose a man who failed maths–murdered 11 youth corpers–sent Nigerians to 300 yrs in prison because of their tribal marks in the South west——Hate yorubas-like hell——–That man has no certificate—But————abiola whom they arranged to kill made first class in accountancy————–Yet they told us them dont want him so murdered him—now u say we should vote for a visionless man form Niger republic——————

  • Umar Dendi

    A parting gift from a Commander in Chief.
    I will seriously miss his antics, especially DeresGod and AmericaWillKnow

  • deri

    The embattled Governor of Rivers state and the campaign Director General of Nigerian first Islamist Party, the APC, Chibuike Amaechi has concluded his strategies to run away from Nigeria, as it is now certain to him that President Jonathan will be re-elected and Chief Wike will be next Rivers Governor.

    A close party aide said that shooting incident yesterday which the Police confirmed was pre-arranged by Amaechi himself to help in his processing of his Asylum Application in the coming weeks.

    Amaechi have spent over N86Billion in his efforts to become the APC’s VP and funding the Buhari’s Presidential campaign. Amaechi have collected both local and foreign loans worth over N298Billion in the last 12 months and will surely run away to evade prosecution. what a shame

    • Zarto Ali

      Rotimi Ameachi, the master strategist, GMB campaign DG shall never run away, for he will most certainly win Rivers and GMB the president, at last we can now breath the promised fresh air that never was. And there is nothing, absolutely nothing any body can do about it. You think that today is like the past when you perpetrate high profile corruption, impunity , deliberate dismall performance to address insecurity, pardon high profile looters and get away with it. You are wrong, things have completely changed.

  • deri

    Nigerians na waya for una—-a disgrace to the world—-so if a group of armed robbers–certificate forgers such as Buhari or drug addicts like tinubu create—a party in Nigeria—u will refer to that party as a credible party abi-to your Iyibo friends abroad-?—Then lie to them that the army stole Buharis seven cate————when u people allege that u want to fight corruption–we all know that u are just paying lip services————to your thoughts in APC—fight corruption with tinubu—-as a leader of APC? Instead of allowing such to come from your LUNGS-u deceive your souls by presenting buhari and tinubu as corrutpion free humans–When they personify thievery———–Buhari who took a 9 yr old gal to bed and raped her until she gave birth at 13 is now the man to lead Nigeria abi-? —–u must be crazy man————–what an insult———even a group of baboon handlers wil never elect buhari as a security guard——————-but here we are———struggling to impose a man who failed maths–murdered 11 youth corpers–sent Nigerians to 300 yrs in prison because of their tribal marks in the South west——Hate yorubas-like hell——–That man has no certificate—But————abiola whom they arranged to kill made first class in accountancy————–Yet they told us them dont want him so murdered him—now u say we should vote for a visionless man form Niger republic——-abi–and the woman he raped–when she was 9 yrs old—————what a shame—what a country

  • amazing2012

    Is just a handing over between the two,( army and Boko) for election !

  • Comfortkay

    Nigerian Troops has never captured anywhere on their own without the help of other African Countries fighting along with them.