Again, Obasanjo seeks dialogue with Boko Haram; says sect has legitimate grievances

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo

Nigeria’s former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, has again advocated dialogue with the insurgent group, Boko Haram, saying the group has legitimate grievances despite its brutal five-year campaign that has killed more than 15,000 people, with hundreds of thousands displaced.

The former president said Nigeria should not rule out talking to the terrorist group which recently pledged allegiance to Islamic State (ISIS) – but he said that should only happen after a sustained military campaign.

Boko Haram’s run of violence against innocent people in schools, places of worship, markets and homes, only slowed relatively in the last few weeks in the face of increased military onslaught from Nigeria and neighbouring Chad, Niger and Cameroun.

The military has retaken 15 of 16 major towns seized by the group, the latest being Bama in Borno State, recaptured on Monday.

In response, Boko Haram has launched more suicide bomb attacks killing scores of civilians.

In an interview with the International Business Times in Dubai, Mr. Obasanjo advised that in dealing with the terror organization, the Nigerian government should not rule out dialogue if the group is willing to talk. He said that should happen only after sustained military operations against the militants.

Mr. Obasanjo, who spoke at the side-lines of the Global Education Forum conference, said with only 19 per cent of the population in Boko Haram’s stronghold of North-East Nigeria receiving education, [compared to 79 per cent in the South-West and 77 per cent in the South-East], there was no question that the area should feel marginalised.

“We don’t need anyone to tell us that that is a problem; a problem of disparity, a problem of marginalization, a problem because education is fundamental to your employability and to your living conditions. If you are not educated you are handicapped,” Mr. Obasanjo said.

Mr. Obasanjo again criticised President Goodluck Jonathan’s response to the group, saying the incumbent failed to act quick enough in taking the fight to Boko Haram.

That failure, he said, had given the group “false confidence” to spread to neighbouring Chad and Cameroon.

“The response of the government initially was definitely not enough. When Boko Haram started showing their fangs about four years ago, the reaction should have been firm and unmistakable. We have lost ground,” he said.

Mr. Obasanjo said as progress is made with the regional response from Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon and Niger, the Nigerian government should not rule out engaging with the militants.

“If Boko Haram is ready to talk, we should talk. But by the time they are ready to talk they will need to be pounded a little bit militarily: at that stage they will be ready to talk,” Mr. Obasanjo said.

Mr. Obasanjo has made similar calls in the past. In 2011, he made a unilateral attempt to open talks with leaders of the deadly sect.

The effort ended on a bloody note with the murder of Babakura Fugu, the man who received Mr. Obasanjo, and attempted to establish a link between insurgents and the former president.

Mr. Fugu, a brother-in-law of Mohammed Yusuf, Boko Haram’s founder, was shot to death shortly after Mr. Obasanjo left his home in Maiduguri, the Borno Stat capital, where he had flown to for a meeting.

The effort was not at the instance of the federal government, officials said at the time.


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  • amazing2012

    Baba, PDP/Jonathan will not negotiate because they are part of Boko haram. Negotiating with Boko boys will expose those who has hand in the insurgency. For instance late Gen. Azazi pointed at PDP/Jonadaft he was then sacked from NSA and killed in a plan helicopter crash.
    Also, a seating governor of Adamawa pointed at PDP/Jonadaft on Boko boys. He was then removed and has to escape for his life.
    So Baba leave them, time is history and soon all of them will be expose !

    • Shehu Monguno

      Why did OBJ not come down heavily on Boko Haram when the group was formed in 2002?

      • amazing2012

        For whatever reason, is left for him. And failure by successive system is not a reason to fail now. The problem of this administration is putting history and stories to justify wrong. Obasanjo or not this is Jonathan time and will be judge on what happen now not before.
        Please why using name that is not yours ?

        • Shehu Monguno

          Amazing Grace, name that is not mine? okay. I remember, I forged the name in 2010 when I started commenting. Thanks

          • amazing2012

            You dodge my comment and went to “name” issue. Shehu Monguno, if it’s not your name let’s pray May you be Shehu Monguno in your life, say amen !

          • Shehu Monguno

            Amazing Grace, Yes because the name issue is personal insinuating that I am claiming to be who I am not. I ask again, did I fake my name in 2010 when I started commenting?

        • amazing2012

          You dodge my comment again !

        • amazing2012

          Let me make it easy for you ” why is Other leaders failure is always an excuse to Jonathan failure”?

    • Musak

      and buhari even said that an attack on BH is an attack to the whole north..who is fooling who

      • amazing2012

        When did he say that ?

        • Musak

          ask vanguard

          • amazing2012

            Since you are the one that read the news. please which date and number of publication.

          • Joe

            Keep amazing.

      • amazing2012

        I am waiting for proof, when did he say that !?

  • trippi

    This old Ape should go and rest.. Its only in Nigeria that terrorism is perpetuated bcos of lack of education.. What did you do when you were there ?

  • Ozed

    Obviously some people are unhappy that FG is winning the war against BH, so the topic must be changed from war to dialogue. Meanwhile who should be asking for dialogue, the winning side or the losing side?

    Obasanjo should look for some other way of attracting attention.

    • SBA

      I don’t think you know what you are saying. Do you have the experience and knowledge of Obasanjo. I am sure when he was a general you were still wearing pampers. Don’t let your hatred for affect your sense of reasoning. He has been their twice and he doesn’t talk out of frivolities. Didn’t you see the way he handled sharia when it was introduced provocatively in the north? He was calm and dismissed it as political. I am sure people like you would have want him to come down heavily on the governors and create mayhem in the country. Today is anyone talking about sharia again. Yaradua caused this problem by the extra judicial killing of their leader. Sheriff Musa compounded it by using them as political thugs and banning okada a major means of livelihood in the area.

      • Joe

        God has turned OBJ’s knowledge and experience into foolishness. A man that ruled for 12 years is telling the world that the problem is educational marginalization.

  • BlackieUmukoro

    What does OBJ want. Must he emit nonsense to be on headline news. Arrant nonsense

  • Fairgame

    Obasanjo who is spiritually Saul is not happy that Jonathan is winning the war on Boko Haram. So the Federal Government that is winning is the one being asked to negotiate? This turns sense on its head. Obasanjo should just remain in his Otta farm and let Nigeria be. Nigeria is 75% out of his evil grip. All of them ex generals and dictators who have conspired to bring Nigeria to its knees will all perish. Nigeria will continue to match forward. Backward Never!

  • favourtalk

    He saw it al from the beginning and told the president the way to go about it but GEJ refused and called obasanjo the sponsor, now he has seen his ignorance but it is too late, nigerians knows better who they will vote for, it is change this time

    • I_Speak_Straight

      How did you manage to make this about politics and who to vote for? People are indeed blinded by their fanatism.

    • Etomi

      @Favourtalk….You are a F00L!

      • Emetulu

        You’re the biggest f00l there is. Now buzz off.

        • Etomi

          Buzz off to where bagger!!
          Wait for the invasion smelly he-goat!

  • Benin2Lagos

    OBJ is a disgrace to the Yoruba race,the respected elders and people of Yoruba should strive to tame this ape from Ota farm and Zoological gardens before he destroys himself

  • Musak

    Obasanjo is the bigest fool,a man who couldnt build a federal university throughtout his 8 years in office rather he builts his private university…..Baba shut up and enjoy your stolen money..fool forever

  • Man_Enough

    I agree with obj. the fact that the military is killing members of the sect in droves does not (in my view) translate to victory; or at least lasting victory. No matter the level of victory attained, casualties occur on both sides. The victory that lasts is one that converts the enemy into a friend or change the mindset of the enemy positively. Enemies beaten re-strategize and regroup. Negotiation or dialogue does not necessarily mean accepting the view point of the opponent but most of the time it is a process of persuading the opponent to see from a different point of view and getting a better insight into the opponent’s mentality. I would choose peace rather than war; for in peace time, sons bury their fathers while in war fathers bury their sons.

    • John West

      my friend get lost with your killer idea, the fact remains that obasanjo is a sympathizer of boko haram, and it has confirmed him the sponsor. GOD will continue to expose them one by one

    • Musanga

      Bros I wonder if you are a Nigerian. Boko severally rejected this your dialogue and we all know their demands: to islamise Nigeria and nothing else. Nawa for this you comment.

  • Alapanla

    It is a shame that OBJ has descended this low to now become an advocate of dialogue with Boko Haram in the face otheir imminent defeat by gallant Nigerian troops. It is becoming obvious by the day who the silent supporters of Boko Haram are. The primaryobjective remains the destabilization of GEJs administration. The “born to rule” or “born to choose Nigeria’s President” mentality will be confined to the dustbin of history on 28 March

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Baboon Obasanjo is a complete nuisance. He should drop dead.

  • Ken

    Obj is a nuisance. How can he say the BH has genuine grievance? Even if it is because of their leader, is that why they continue to kill thousands? Can they just leave the stage after their so much destruction? The truth is that the Yusuf Mohammed BH is totally different from the current one. The North’s over ambition to rule at all cost is at the root of the BH.

  • Total

    That is madness. Only a lunatic will pity boko haram and say they have genuine grievances. HE IS A DISTRACTION IGNORE HIM. HE ACUSED PROF ALUKO OF BEING SENILE. Obasanjo is now a nuisance so silence is the answer. This is the delayed tactics used to encourage the carnage initially. He is not happy the terrorists are being killed. He is their spokesman and negotiator. # NEVER AGAIN# lets go gallant soldiers.

  • basil edoma

    Obasanjo has been known to exhibit traces of lunacy so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he made this statement. In the past he has been known to have made a plenty of them. The thing is that his cup is nearly overflowing with the tears of the masses who he subjected to untold hardships all in the name of being a president. ‘a thousand may fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand,but it shall not come near you Only with your eyes shall you look, and see the reward of the wicked’…



  • Total

    How did Obj address the imbalance in education of northeast or the entire north in his 8 years as the president. What did Obasanjo do in concrete term to prevent, marginalization and unemployment. It’s easy to pass the buck and blame others.

  • ekewa 1

    I do not like the fact that you have been involved in Nigerias politics actively since almost five decades. I do not have facts about your thoughts and intents all thise while, but I do know that whether honest or self laden immaterial, the fact that you’ve not mentored enough people to take over from you,even one person that you’d trust enough to heir your legacy to this nation out of almost 170 million people who we speculate carry a citizenship of this country, speaks volumes about what you are.

    In short Mr. Obasanjo, you and people like you scare me. Your Godlike disposition to a life you must know by now is temporal, leaves a dreadful shadow on all your state manly talk and words.

    One would have thought you’d have taken a strong lessons. Of your brief spell under abacha’s mighty hammer, one would have expected you to leave such an episode in your life more experienced. Let’s imagine abacha had his way and successfully removed you, how do you expect the nation would have survived, seeing that till now you still accrue to yourself the sole position of mediator Nd solution to every Nigeria problem.

    I hope one day soon, you will actually do the needful, and retire, to manage that which we all know how you got,but never really get round to telling you we do.

    Inshort sir, pls leave us alone.

  • Total

    Boko haram means western education is evil. Jihad and Sharia are the only acceptable ways to live in a secular Nigeria. These are the main ideologies of boko haram. How can the above stated ideology or grievances be legitimate or reasonable and fair to people who believe otherwise. Someone is suffering from something. May be senility.

  • Joe

    So OBJ went to Dubai to see his Boko Haram spokes man Ahmad Salkida. This is a man that ruled Nigeria for 12 years and did nothing, but he is busy castigating the government of GEJ.

  • Hembe Hembe

    OBJ should save us, Nigerians his sermon. Who cares about what his advice anymore. Let him continue to campaign for his present benefactor and puppet. His advice is valueless this time.

  • Umar Dendi

    This Idea of “Grievances” is what politicians use to allow some nasty rascals to raise arms against the center!
    Well, its they (Obj) that fought the civil war and its their work that ‘ll be overturned!
    Any group that raises arms against the federation is in rebellion. Mend, Massob, BH, OPC….. whatever! take ’em out before they Take you out.

  • dd

    The very week Sani asked Federal Government to negotiate and reported the soldiers to human right groups around the world, that was the week soldier decided to stop killing and announced cease fire. That very week, Boko Haram ran over many towns and villages and took over a lot of barracks. Since then, our soldiers started dropping their guns and running aways until recently that the tide is turning against them. I am not surprise that one of the sponsor of Boko Haram is here again telling the Federal Government to negotiate. He want the soldiers to stop so that Boko Haram can regroup and get the upper hand. He just want a repeat of what happened before. Now you went to Dubai, say rubbish just to make sure the muslim world send fund to finance this group as you went to tell them that they have legitimate grievance. A group US and UN label a terrorist organisation is the same group OBJ is saying we should negotiate with. OBJ is a disgrace, afterall he is a disgrace to his family. Is it the federal government that should bring negotiation talk now or the loosing side. It is Boko Haram that should ask for negotiation not federal government. Since you are the person now taking the position Boko Haram should take now, it means you are one of them.

  • FortB

    Just like he negotiated with Yerima when he introduced Sharia contrary to our secular Constitution

  • Lanre

    Obasanjo is a national disgrace. If ISIS was in Nigeria Obasanjo would clearly support them.. You have a group of people
    beheading innocent citizens,killing everywhere and you say they have a reason for their action. It is high time Jonathan put Obasanjo under an elevated security watch and DSS calls him in for interrogation. Waste of space!

  • Favnat John

    God thank you. I keep saying that soon the people under the plot of boko haram shall be expose.
    Take a look; anytime our military gain victory you will see some persons coming out to talk of negotiation. no going back my Beautiful Nigeria Army. Finish this operation once and for all

  • MC

    OBJ please stop dragging us back to the past! We’ve crushed Boko Haram. Why would Nigeria dialogue with a sect that wants an Islamic state, except we are ready to give them that? APC’s most popular slogan used to be “we’ll defeat Boko Haram”. I hope they won’t now start chanting “we’ll crush ISIS” just as Buhari promised to “stabilize crude oil price”. Hahahahahahaha!!!!


    Obasanjo is a useless relic struggling for relevance at all cost even at the expense of common sense. Boko-haram just declared loyalty to ISIS and has serially rejected any form of “negotiation” except the capitulation of the Nigerian state,in fact the last feeble attempt made by Obasanjo cost the lives of those who falsely claimed they were speaking on behalf of Boko-haram.

    Nigeria MUST realise that violent Islamic extremism has only one antidote and that is defeat on the battle field. If the Boko-haram wishes to negotiate,let them indicate through their videos. The government has to do any negotiation from a position of dominance and honestly that is wishful thinking at the moment.

    • Omooodua

      Gods bless Gani Adams and Frederick Fasheun

      May all the gods of Yorubaland bless the hearts and the posterity
      of those two great liberators of Yorubaland. This is a liberation war.
      Oodua Peoples Congress will win this war to save Lagos state
      and Yorubaland from the twin evil of BOLA TINUBU and RAJI FASHOLA –
      the twin treasury robbers who’ve nearly destroyed Yoruba culture by
      declaring STEALING as the culture of Yoruba people.

      This street revolution which started yesterday must be continued everyday until
      Bola Tinubu and Raji Fasola are caught and brought to revolutionary justice.
      All their Commissioners, Advisers, Assistants and other appointees, must be
      stripped of all assets they stole. THERE SHALL BE NO HIDING PLACE for this
      APC locust of thieves in Lagos state.

      • Omoodua

        ……(2) Gods bless Gani Adams and Frederick Fasheun

        Viva the Lagos revolution, Viva!! Any treasury thief killed in this REVOLUTION
        by accident is fair compensation to the robbed, the cheated and duped Lagosians.
        Both Bola Tinubu and Raji Fashola must be arrested at the earliest opportunity,
        as this REVOLUTION progresses on a daily basis. They’ll get revolutionary justice
        on the streets. And so, all youths of conscience in Lagos state must rise and join
        this REVOLUTION led by O’odua Peoples Congress to bring ACN/APC thieves
        in Lagos state to swift and painful revolutionary justice on the streets.

        • Interrogator

          Perjury and perjury of APC leaders. Tomorrow is D-Day. The 13 court cases against

          Muhammadu Buhari will start at the Federal High Court to hear the hard evidence and
          dis-qualify Muhammadu Buhari from the 2015 presidential race unless he does as follows:

      • Verily

        How can one man own an entire state? God forbid!

  • Fact Check

    What Olusegun Obasanjo can still know at 78

    Olusegun Obasanjo needs all the help he can get to avoid becoming a nuisance.
    He is treatable. Lots of vegetables and a diet of humble pie should cure him of it all;
    i mean that insidious long-standing condition of not knowing that he does not know.
    In a world of thinkers, Obasanjo is a misfit. What he said here makes no sense,
    it’s more like the reflex blurt of a humourless comedian.

    Obasanjo said Boko Haram has legitimate grievances – meaning clear grievances recognized
    by law – but he could not cite any such legitimate grievance, but said it is that the north-east
    was denied schooling (under his own mis-rule of Nigeria) but even that damning confession
    still does not make sense because Boko Haram is fighting against western education itself.

    Something Obasanjo can learn at age 78 is to accept he lacks cognate education for public
    affairs. Until that dawns on him he’ll continue to be shamed as a witless comedian in Nigeria
    and overseas. He may be put in the Old People’s Home as preventive step in the meantime.

  • Garden-City Boy

    They are all coming; there is fire on the mountain, and the frenzied stampede to head off an impending doom is on. The masks are getting peeled off as the Boko Haram captives are already singing like birds, spilling the beans on their sponsors and naming names. The treacherous sponsors of islamic extremism are about to be officially exposed -something this President should have done ahead of this time. He must now reel out the names of these barbaric bastards and have the law take its course.
    The same turn-coat, Obasanjo, who prescribed his genocidal ODI FORMULA of total annihilation is now champions “negotiation” with terrorists with an aim to broker an “UNCONDITIONAL AMNESTY” for his fellow murderers. Was Aremu deaf and dumd when this President make several offers for peace negotiations that were rebuffed by the terrorists because they had the powerful backing of these APC-JANJAWEED chieftains?
    Rumors making the rounds about a startling compilation that is underway has brought out the evil in Obasanjo once again. His APC-JANJAWEED friends make the tops on the list of sponsors and OBJ, whose genocidal ODI FORMULA was flatly rejected by President Jonathan, is now battling to head off its publication, using his irritating intrusion into the affairs of sitting
    government that has tolerated this perfidious indiscretion for too long. When he tried it with ABACHA, he was only lucky to walk out of prison. Those who saw him said he looked like an exhumed corpse. He may not be twice as lucky, nor after That is the more reason SHEKAU must be captured alive.
    It will be a case of Shekau’s words against theirs. We need to hear it from the horse’s mouth and for the Boko Haram leader tell the story of how he was emboldened in his campaign of carnage, and how the Buharis and the Obasanjos sustained his criminality.
    Obasanjo might just have walked himself into a snare in a mad stampede to scuttle the course of justice and shield his fellow butchers from the long arms of the law. The regret here is that Gen. Abache failed to finish the good job of ridding this nation of this evil, OGBONI cultist called Obasanjo. Aremu may not be twice as lucky; this may be his Waterloo.

    • Intrepid

      Do not worry comrade, he survived the Biafran bullet stucked inside his dirty buttocks, survived the Abacha rampage, he came out looking like a walking cadaver. He will not be third time lucky. The ancient of days is a patient God. Obusunju’s self acclaimed godlike status for the jungle call Nigerria, will be visited just like the Biblical Herod Agrippa.

  • Gbosagbosa


    Something Obasanjo can learn at age 78 is to accept he lacks cognate education for public
    affairs. Until that dawns on him he’ll continue to be shamed as a witless comedian in Nigeria
    and overseas. He may be put in the Old People’s Home as preventive step in the meantime.

    In a world of thinkers, Obasanjo is a misfit. What he said here makes no sense,
    it’s more like the reflex blurt of a humourless comedian.Obasanjo said Boko Haram
    has legitimate grievances – meaning clear grievances recognized by law – but he could
    not cite any such legitimate grievance, but said it is that the north-east was denied schooling
    (under his own mis-rule of Nigeria) but even that damning confession still does not make sense,
    because Boko Haram is fighting against western education itself.

  • What we Nigerians have in our hand is a man with a very serious mental trouble—————and is therefore in urgent need of our prayers—Obj is no longer with his senses————-he really requires prayers from every Nigerian——————For even if u insult Obj from head to toe–he will still come back the next day——with somehting out of the blues————-he now operates like a man who went back to drugs–soon after his release from a drug rehab-

    • Verily

      The man is mad,

  • georgy

    HONESTLY IT IS NOT OBJ’S fault. we are a nation of educated people ruled by people who were forced into the military. the opinion of the educated and genuinely successful don’t count. their certificates no longer count. Infact OBJ has already warned he does not want to see or hear ‘think tanks’ he wants to see only ‘do’ tanks. Just do it! if it does not work, just do another one. But what ever you do, don’t just think! Researchers? we are saying thinking is not allowed and you are talking about researchers wey dey waest time. Let’s keep doing. Obasanjo ‘do’ for 11 years, IBB ‘do’ for 8 years, Abacha ‘do’ for 5 years Gowon ‘do’ 9 years. guess what, since GMB ‘do’ only small he has to come back.
    After GMB, Abdulsalami would be too old, ah..ha I know the president after GMB. His name is Agwai! he is already been prepared. we must be ruled by those who can ‘do’
    all na change naa. Jonathan is weak, he is not a soldier. he had four years and could not educate all the people in the north. even the ones educated by OBJ and other ‘can do’ presidents he has killed all of them!
    their grievance is legitimate? before nko! they are used to people wey no go school as president, una carry one PhD person dey block road. they were managing yar’adua una go bring Dr. Joe. now wey una dey use bukuru people wetin be their hope say if them join army them go rule again? so they must fight.
    OBJ na you shaa… Talk jare. anything you say will be published by the media and analyzed by those wey go school. since those wey go school no see chance talk, OBJ talk jare!

  • The boko haram crisis——started—————-in 2002—ati the—–Sharia law was introduced during the rule of Obj–he described it as Political Sharia–and that it will soon go away—–Well it has not–the crisis is still with us—–and has killed over 15 thousand 9jas————so obj must be told to stop playing his usual childish games with us for APC————Jonathan HAS BUILT SCORES OF ALMAJIRI SCHOOLS INCLUDING OVER 12 UNIVERSITIES—LET OBJ SHOW US THE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS HE WITH ATIKU BUILT—————–THE TWO UNIVERSITIES THAT OBJ AND ATIKU BUILT WAS FOR THEMSELVES——————–BUT JONATHAN ERECTED EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS FOR NIGERIA——AND NOT SELF———————–

  • Newsbreak


    Buhari faces court trial for WASC perjury tomorrow

    Perjury and perjury of APC leaders. Tomorrow is D-Day. The 13 court cases against
    Muhammadu Buhari will start at the Federal High Court to hear the hard evidence and
    dis-qualify Muhammadu Buhari from the 2015 presidential race, unless he does as follows:

    • Al Jihadi

      “Sharia should be introduced in full across Nigeria. I will continue to show openly
      and inside me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping
      all over Nigeria. God willing, we will NOT stop the agitation for total implementation
      of Sharia in the country. It is a legal responsibility which God has given us,
      within the context of one Nigeria, to continue to uphold the practice of Sharia
      wholeheartedly. What remains for Muslims in Nigeria is for them to re-double
      their efforts and educate Muslims on the need to promote the full implementation
      of Sharia law.”

      …….General Muhammadu Buhari

      [August, 2001]

      • Al Jihadi

        Nigeria must be Christianized in Jonathan’s second term. This is achievable. We shall all live to see this happen including Jihad, by the grace of God.

      • James Breen

        Why should sharia law be implemented in full across Nigeria. Does Nigeria belong to muslims alone ? If muslims in Nigeria wish to educate other muslims they can do so, but why should they impose sharia laws on Christian areas of the country. This is total nonsense. Why must muslims insist on implementing their laws in areas where they have no jurisdiction. In London, capital of the UK, at this very moment, there are muslim groups trying to implement sharia law in various local government areas. Can Christians or any other religious groups go to Saudi Arabia and set up christian programmes/policies/laws ? The answer is no !!

    • Verily


  • Olatunde Okedara

    what is the legitimate grievance of BH. What is legitimate about a quest to Islamize the whole of the country. How can any government to meet the so called legitimate demands of BH a sect that recently pledged allegiance to ISIS. Sometimes OBJ makes statements that make me sick. Those legitimate grievances what channels did BH use to bring them to the attention of the authorities. With statements like this a Buhari presidency would be given the excuse to deal with these beasts with kid gloves, hiding under the hood that they have ‘legitimate grievances”, a la OBJ.

    • jossy reg

      i wonder oo

  • UYI111

    I begin to thinks that baba knows what the rest of the country dont know!!

  • GideonOrkarII

    Why did Abacha not finish this animal called OBJ?


      Abacha should have executed Ojukwu for treason. Obasanjo dey kempe.

      • Intrepid


  • Guguru

    Who wants to islamize Nigeria—- PDP or Boko Haram?

    IBB, Babangida, signed up Nigeria into the OIC. Jonathan is the first and only Nigerian President to represent Nigeria in an OIC conference. IBB and Jonathan are PDP members. PDP wants to islamize Nigeria.

  • Aremu

    General Obasanjo is a comic relief, more like the local comedian – Ali Baba,
    who may be invited to provide side humour at a sober meeting, but unlike
    Obasanjo, does not say that he’s become a statesman by making sober
    world leaders laugh as a side show at a Conference on nuclear science.
    Obasanjo, by contrast, declares himself a statesman simply for having
    been called to entertain real statesmen. That’s the tragedy of Aremu of Otta.


      Obasajon remains the conscience of Nigeria. Without him, you fraudsters would have turn Nigeria upside down.

      • ilesanmi

        clean you mouth. I say clean your mouth.

        • BABUYANMA

          The greatest Nigerians EVER. No Nigerians will match his record of great achievements again.

          • Verily

            Amen. We don’t ever want another Odi massacre of innocent Nigerians or Father-in-law/daughter-in-law sexual abominations in the presidential villa. Amen oh BABUYANMA. Amen.

          • BABUYANMA

            If Odi was not taken care of, thats where Boko Hiram would have start. Odi or Boko Hiram, all enemies of Nigeria should be destroyed TOTALLY

  • Frank Bassey

    Obasanjo is a very dangerous man. President Jonathan must distance himself from this man. He is deadly and does not mean well for the country.


      Telling the truth is deadly?. We will not allow you bastards to run Nigeria to the ground.

      • Verily


  • Jack

    Baba was the CiC, baba has more security intelligence than any of the scumbags here, defeating Biafra soldiers didn’t end the war but the agreement made thereafter, if Nigeria refuses to talk to BH after military exercise, then BH will result to guerilla warfare, which is worse! OBJ knows what he was talking bout, so f00ls stop insulting our baba


      Your useless “Baba” capitulated to Yerima and foisted Sharia on the north,the resultant effect was the hardening of religious extremists which today mutated to Islamic terrorism. Your incestuous Baba should first go and negotiate with ISIS before exhibiting his senility in full public view !!

      • James Breen

        Brilliant post Tawanda. Well done !

  • omo lagos

    I have said it before and I’ll say it again that obasanjo time has come and gone. The way he sees happenings in our country defies any sound logic. He appears to allow partisanship becloud his sense of reasoning. He is bent on leading Jonathan astray. I may be wrong, but I can’t remember the last time if any he commended the heroism of our military. People who puts their lives on harms way so that we can have peace. What is the import of this outburst? Whose interest is him serving? Obviously he is unhappy with the turn out of events and wants to diabolical stop the wheel of progress. Since he know the genuine grievances of the bokoharam he should share them with us or keep quiet. The ongoing onslaught on bokoharam will continue to its logical conclusion. No sane government negotiates with terrorists and Nigeria will not be the first.

  • TrackingOtaBokoSponsors

    Obasanjo nurtured and created Boko Haram during his regime; Obasanjo nurtured and supported the overthrow of Nigeria Constitution in 12 Sharia States; When COAS Ihejirika quarantined Boko Haram in Sambisa Forest, with then existing arms that they have, while waiting for the order to finish Boko Haram, Obasanjo, El-Rufai, Kwankwaso, Ango Abdulahi, Junaid Mohammed, Buhari, ARewa Consultative Forum, Northern Elders Forum and their foreign sponsors like British Broadcasting Corporation, Reuters, Human Rights Watch, AFP all cried worked to stop the decimation of Boko Haram.

    To give cover to his EVIL machination, Obasanjo bought one HUNGRY Australian/British MOLE named “Dr.” Davis to cook up story to confuse Nigerians by spreading falsehood that Nigerian Army under COAS Ihejirika were sponsoring Boko Haram.

    A year later, innocent Nigerians died because of these sponsors of Boko Haram. Now, again, Boko Haram people are being decimated by the Nigerian Army and the OTA MONKEY is fidgeting. Maybe the Boko Haram people would com after OTA MONKEY because he did not deliver what he promised them.

    May it never be well with descendants of Obasanjo, OTA MONKEY, and all those who sponsor and support Boko Haram.

    • Verily


    • jossy reg


  • banadi

    OBJ, we no send you. trying to steal glory from the back door. LET GEJ finish the Job as planned

    • Zarto Ali

      GEJ is too slow. The death that occurred was indeed avoidable. Anyway, better late than never.

      • banadi

        Why not join the army and hasten the process then? This comment is an insult to those who have given their lives to protect this country.

    • Omababa

      OBJ is truly interested in ending this insurgency but Gej is using it for politics. He will not end the menace bcos his bosses are also gaining from it. Buhari is the answer.

      • banadi

        Guess you are unhappy the insurgency is being brought to an end. So sad

  • Examiner


  • Is this not the same Obj who insulted the president for being too soft with boko haram-now singing a new song——that Jonathan should borrow a leaf from him—and bomb every village in the Fulani north the same way he obj destroyed Odi———–? Now he yearns for dialogue abi’ This man has always been a hypocrite——————of the highest order————–

    • James Breen

      Burning Spear – I agree with every single word you said. I remember when he destroyed Odi in 1998-99. On what grounds do BH have the tight to be heard when they routinely and gratuitously murder/slaughter ordinary people. Moreover they have recognised ISIS. On what planet is OBJ residing with his suggestion that BH should be invited for talks ?

  • Yahaya

    Take OBJ to TBJ. The Chimpanzee spirit needs to be knocked out of him.

  • egoigwe

    Is he off to visit at Sambisa???

  • warry

    Since these are the men that ruled us for 50 yrs before GEJ,im not surprised that we were not making progress. The same man that said Gov should dialogue and beg the sect is now saying the Govt was not firm initially as the cause of the lingering nature of the crisis. Mat God have mercy on him,Buhari,APC And ACF.

  • McAlfred Uta

    Some of us hate to lampoon elders such as OBJ. A discerning mind should re-read the whole story and leave Baba to his creator. Sample this …”Olusegun Obasanjo, has again advocated dialogue with the insurgent group, Boko Haram, saying the group has legitimate grievances despite its brutal five-year campaign that has killed more than 15,000 people, with hundreds of thousands displaced” ….“If Boko Haram is ready to talk, we should talk. But by the time they are ready to talk they will need to be pounded a little bit militarily: at that stage they will be ready to talk,” OBJ made effort to talk to the sect in 2011, it ended in tragedy ad Mr. Fugu the brother in-law of Boko Haram founder was killed after he left Maiduguri.

    • tonny

      pls dont misquote obasanjo ,is important to dialogue with them but after they lay down their weapon,

  • Oladoja wahab

    Military win the battle,dialog win the Ideaology and the wound of war never heal without dialog and talk

    Baba Obasanjo is right.
    Even with dialog, biafra ideaology is still remain till today. When boko haram leader was kill all Nigerian think that’s the end of boko haram,but what happen after?

  • Verily


  • Oladoja wahab

    There are a lot of un-answered question now………..where are the chibok girls?where is the shekau?where about the hiding weapons?how to uproot the terorist ideaology?and host of other questions can only be answer through talks and dialog……..also the little girls and boys forced to terrorise the innocent people what shall we do with them?

  • maureen


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    Nigeria’s Transformation Agenda
    Diversifying Nigeria’s Energy Future
    Transforming Opportunity for Women and Girls
    15 Quick Facts About Nigeria’s Transformation

  • maureen

    Nigerian manufacturing sector is the fastest growing in the world.

    After a decade of flat growth, new policies to promote manufacturing have lead to an explosive increase in the last three years. 

  • Stanley

    Jonathan Government acted well and in good time against Boko Haram which started as a religion-Muslim against Christian fight at the beginning. It would have been seen as Jonathan using the instrument of government to defend Christians against Muslims if he rose up against them at that time. President Jonathan did excellent job by successfully convincing Christians that Muslim were not the one fighting them. It was only when Nigerians, particularly the Muslim north saw Boko haram as enemies that it become legitimate to use the army on them. Jonathan has to whither the obstacle posed by APC, many supporters of boko haram, saboteurs in the army, and even the Western conspiracy before this victory that we see today.
    OBJ should respect his self imposed silent statesman, otherwise his political children in the words of President Jonathan are bound to say “Daddy has started again”.

  • joshua

    The Child that says its Mother will not sleep, will not sleep either. THEREFORE ON ABURI WE STAND. any other position CANNOT BE SUSTAINED. FOR ABURI IS AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE BASIS OF A GREAT COUNTRY

  • jossy reg

    who released this monkey?????

  • ezeoke

    I can now believe how irrelevant is OBJ, he want to be notice forgetting that he is just marking time. Telling lies here and there.