In Adamawa, Jonathan begs PDP, traditional rulers for support

FILE PHOTO: President Goodluck Jonathan in a handshake with the PDP Governorship candidate Mallam Nuhu RIbadu at the PDP Stakeholders meeting

President Goodluck Jonathan on Saturday met religious and traditional leaders, and key members of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Adamawa State, asking for support ahead of presidential elections in two weeks.

On his second visit to the state in about two weeks, the president arrived Yola, the state capital, at about 12p.m. before meeting with the Lamido of Adamawa.

A source at the palace said “the president had a closed-door meeting with some traditional rulers in the Lamido’s palace for about hour before leaving for Adamawa State government house”.

At the government house, the president met with political and religious leaders in the state.

Mr. Jonathan later met with members of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, including Governor Bala Ngilari, and his deputy.

Also present at that meeting were the state PDP chairman, Joel Madaki, the PDP governorship candidate, Nuhu Ribadu, past and present National Assembly members.

Mr. Jonathan’s first visit in a long while to Adamawa State was on February 26, when he travelled to Mubi, a town reclaimed recently from the insurgent group, Boko Haram.

Ahead of the trip, Mr. Jonathan had been criticised for not visiting Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States, the three states most ravaged by the Boko Haram insurgency.

Unlike his first visit when he met with troops fighting Boko Haram, and victims displaced from their communities, the president used Saturday’s visit to canvass support for the March 28 election.

At a meeting with the PDP leadership in the state, Mr. Jonathan addressed some thorny issues that emanated after the party’s primaries in the state, which produced Nuhu Ribadu as the governorship candidate.

Mr. Jonathan, who chaired the meeting at the Government House, Yola, appealed to all aggrieved party members to work for the success of the party.

Governor Ngilari, who spoke before the meeting went into a closed-door session, assured Mr. Jonathan of victory in the state, as according to him, the Adamawa chapter of the PDP has been one indivisible party.

Mr. Ngilari said the members had to meet with the president to brainstorm on the present situation the party has found itself.

“We must deliver PDP on 28th of this month, no two ways about it,” the governor said. “We all agreed that we must deliver. This is a safe place for you all the PDP candidates, as a party faithful we must deliver you and other members.”

Mr. Ngilari said the emergence of Nuhu Ribadu as the party’s candidate was a blessing.

“We need a governor who has international connection and to use the connection to build our state by bringing dividend of democracy,” he said.

The state chairman of the party, Mr. Madaki, while giving a report of the effort made at reconciling aggrieved members, said members agreed to put behind them all grievances and work together for the victory of the PDP.

“In every organisation, there must be disagreement which does not translate to hatred. There is intra-house struggle in the Adamawa State chapter of the PDP. Before the PDP primary there were only two major parties in the state, which were PDP and APC. But after the PDP primaries we have four party now and many of our people have left to other platforms, nobody from APC moved to our fold,” he said.

Mr. Madaki noted that an earlier intervention by President Jonathan and other party leaders saved the situation.

‘’The intervention of the party leaders have made things to happen in Adamawa PDP. We have been mobilising people for your victory Mr. President, we are making progress,” he assured Mr. Jonathan.

‘’The gubernatorial candidate, Nuhu Ribadu, is a humble person. He has visited all aggrieved people individually seeking their supports.

‘’We’ve gone out to the 226 wards in the state to reconcile with our people. We want you Mr. President to assist all the candidates of the party.”


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    GEJ is PDP so why should he beg his won party for support? Beg, how did you people come about that?

  • Dankasa

    This man forget that we Northerners must vote for him or else ur “blood go run the street like baboons” that’s according to his bro, Dokubo and does he want votes from those people from that part of the country who were born and trowe on streets to join Boko Haram and kill people as it was assessed by his wife, Patience? Jonah, let me tell you the truth; Lamido and his other paramount Emirs will be the last people to campaign for votes or to vote for you, so stop wasting your time, we are not fools. Afterall they cant force people to either vote for you or accept any rigging this time around. please, remenber, Once beaten twice shy. We can’t vote for you Jonnah, no more mugumugu oooO!

    • evi

      In your confused state, you have turned truth on its head ,it is buhari that said in hausa BBC that should he lose again in 2015, both the dogs and baboons will be soaked in blood, not asari. And you can vote for your terrorist brother again like you voted for him in 2011, he will still lose because he is a serial loser who will lose the fourth time, it is not possible that Buhari was rigged out three different times, majority of nigerians rejected him those three times and they will reject him this fourth time .Deal with it

      • Onike24

        keep lying, when it gets to the point that Nigerians don’t even bother arguing with you; you know that you are in trouble, a million trolls such as yourself cannot change our date with destiny, Nigeria is like an alcoholic that has reached rock bottom, the only way to go is up, sans JONATHAN.

        • evi

          Yet you bothered to argue with me..It is on record that Buhari is the one that said if he loses again in 2015, both the blood of dogs and baboon will flow but somebody lied that it is asari dokubo and I corrected the person and I am the liar? The only date you have with destiny is to either drink otapiapia or hang yourself when jonathan is declared winner.the future is for the youth and our destiny lies there not in the hands of a 73 years old result forger quota system general whose godfather is tinubu, is the corrupt human being in Nigeria .if you are not brainless like your terrorist general, you will see the handwriting on the wall,even the northern elite have abandoned buhari, the only person pushing him to his destruction is tinubu and both of them will eventually be consumed by their evil .take it or leave it.i don’t really care.

    • Jack

      You have spoken well, SW will not vote for Jona as well, so lets see if the total votes of SE/SS will make him President again!

  • evi

    PT,is it only beg Jonathan begged? He did not cry like buhari cried when he lost in 2011? I hope tinubu is not owing you like Aregbesola is owing osun workers their five months salaries because it won’t be fair to you with the way you are helping apc spread their propaganda

  • Aminulahi Aminu

    Stop begging we wouldn’t vote u.

  • Saydo Shan

    Chop My Money, Chop My Money, Dey Share My Money, I Bloody Care, I Bloody Care.

    I did not know dat I hav a singing talent. Pls all sing with me.

  • Shuby Shaker

    The North now knows that APC is a criminal organization

    “On the issue of past corrupt leaders facing trials in various courts
    across the country, i would allow the courts to decide on those cases,
    but whoever is indicted of corruption between 1999 to the time of my
    swearing-in would be pardoned. I am going to draw a line that anybody
    who involves himself in corruption after i assume office, will face the music.”

    ……….General Muhammadu Buhari

    (APC rally in Kaduna, March 11th, 2015)

    • Kaykay

      ……….So is the South aware that APC is a criminal organization

      Shashshshhh, no noise please, APC Lagos Leaders are in caucus session;
      featuring Alhaji Bola Tinubu, Alhaji Raji Fashola, and, Apprentice Ambode:

  • Guguru

    Adamawa, please reject Jonathan and his team of masochists. Don’t forget that Jonathan chased away your governor, Governor Nyako. He then threw your national assembly into confusion, then he set Boko Haram on your state to slaughter your people like cows.

  • Dankasa

    We sleep in darkness; you try to transfer your own money abroad even nearby Cotonou (despite Dollar issue and pressure on Naira) it can’t be possible because the economy is crashing and banks can no longer complete the transaction and will not tell you; you talk of failing electricity generation someone will tell you is because of Gas supply issues as if our electricity is being generated by Gas not Hydro, I don’t know what can i say Jack? We are in deep shit. The decay this guy causes to the economy is mountainous and will take a serious leader years before he set the country. Imagine, America argued that there is no link between Boko Haram and ISIS just yesterday because they American know what the aim of forming ISIS is all about but this govt is busy confirming the link because they failed to capture the Shikau alive as promised ( of cause the man with many lives and death) and want him escape to Syria, Iraq etc (if at all there is Shikau or is just a gimmick). well, the truth about these gimmicks will come out very soon, and will be shared in our handsets, Jack, very soon I assured you!

  • Maria

    Ribadu has disappeared into oblivion. This man deceived many of us for too long… But I had always felt uncomfortable with him…I did not know why then… Now I know!

    • Philip Musa

      Where did he (Ribadu) disappear to? He’ll be promoted to being the governor of his state pretty soon, and his fame will even grow in leaps and bounds. And you? you’ll continue to fight poverty for the rest of your life!

      • Guguru


        Ribadu sold his soul to the devil for a few dollars and some change. The question for you and Mr Ribadu is, will you be able to get Ribadu’s soul back from Jonathan? Does Jonathan keep souls long enough on the shelf?

  • I go die O!

    Hahahaha! See how Buhari wants to fight corruption

    “On the issue of past corrupt leaders facing trials in various courts
    across the country, i would allow the courts to decide on those cases,
    but whoever is indicted of corruption between 1999 to the time of my
    swearing-in would be pardoned. I am going to draw a line that anybody
    who involves himself in corruption after i assume office, will face the music.”

    ……….General Muhammadu Buhari

    (APC rally in Kaduna, March 11th, 2015)

    • Onike24

      let him get there and you will know what drawing a line means! so you think these present crop of looters will” go and sin no more”? if you are one of them be very afraid.

      • Duro


        I don’t think you get the issue here. Buhari says he will give state pardon to all thieves
        indicted from May 29, 1999 to May 29, 2015. I have never heard this sort of sheer nonsense!

        • Onike24

          we will see.

    • tundemash

      you don’t probe the death of your father until you hold the sword of justice …… let Buhari get to Aso Rock first ….. your rogue masters aren’t jittery for nothing ..

    • Omababa

      In the least, great GMB will not procreat more Alamesiegha, Lucky Igbinedion, James Ibori, Stella Oduah, Diezani Allison etc.

    • ICC Hague


  • Onike24

    I really struggle to understand Jonathan, these are the very people he left to the ” tender mercies” of a rampaging blood cult, he refused to arm the army; maintaining that the budding opposition was behind BH, but in six weeks he is managing to achieve albeit with help what he could not achieve in six years! does he truly expect to win the votes of these people? really? what more can Jonathan do to convince some people that he is throughly wicked?

    • Philip Musa

      …these are the very people that know that APC/buhari/BH are controlling the “rampaging blood cult” — that explains why they’ll vote for GEJ!

      • Guguru

        Phillip Musa,

        How much are you paid to spread your guts on behalf of Jonathan and his gang of liars?

  • Acosta

    One thing is very certain..
    GEJ will win the election and GMB will lose woefully.
    Deal with it

    • DazzlingSmile

      Sweet mouth, go and be selling drugs inside the public tranport, you will be very rich man

  • Spoken word

    GEJ don become beggar.

  • the truth

    this is normal. just before election stake holders are met. Both parties got to show the 40% neutrals like myself who make up the electorates why they need our vote. We are watching

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    If Jonathan has to visit one of PDP’s so-called strongholds twice in two weeks, it only shows you what all Nigerians know is now sinking into their subconscious: game over for the inept Jonathan govt.

  • Acosta

    The way APC poke noses in PDP affairs signifies desperation of the highest order, attributes chiefly seen in losers. APC is and will forever remain an opposition. Even if GEJ visits the north once or 3000 times, his victory is a sealed deal.

  • tpolo

    We have kick out Boko Haram now vote for me, funny president.

  • Malik Isah

    beg? done deal, Nuhu Ribadu will surely deliver with his magic wand, no sweating!

    • Desmond

      They we vote for him in governorship but in presidency no way mark my word pdp we lose

  • Aku

    Why Muhammadu Buhari will lose the 2015 election

    The Buhari campaign is about now stuttering and failing and fading out.
    Buhari, at 72, just does not have the strength to campaign vigorously.
    He’s spoken for about 62 minutes in total in the 35 states he’s visited.
    The APC campaign which started without focus, is ending without any.

    For Buhari now has severe credibility problem as a potential criminal.
    He can not show or prove he COMPLETED secondary school in 1961.
    He risks 14 years imprisonment for his (false?) affidavit’; claiming WASC.
    In effect, Buhari faces compulsory dis-qualification from the 2015 race.

    • Interrogator


    • No Comment

      “On the issue of past corrupt leaders facing trials in various courts
      across the country, i wIll allow the courts to decide on those cases,
      but whoever is indicted of corruption; between 1999 to the time of my
      swearing-in, would be PARDONED. I am going to draw a line that anybody
      who involves himself in corruption AFTER i assume office, will face the music.”

      ……….General Muhammadu Buhari

      (APC rally in Kaduna, March 11th, 2015)

      • tundemash

        you don’t probe the death of your father until you hold the sword of justice …… let Buhari get to Aso Rock first ….. your rogue masters aren’t jittery for nothing .

  • ICC Hague

    Adamawa is for Buhari, nobody is voting failure, GEJ you allowed BH to fester in Adamawa and killed thousands and many displaced, and now coming to look for votes, do you think people are fools? can you restore the lives lost? people can never forget you failed to defend them, they have to organized self defence using hunters.even when hunters liberate Mubi, you are not happy and now you want their vote. we dont want a last minute president only value people during election. If Buhari will teach you and make you serious in only 3 weeks, what you cannot do in six years then we dont need you we have to choose the serious one Buhari, that is the beauty of democracy.

    • Sani

      I am absolutely in concurrence with your point of view. You have made my day. Thanks in a million.

  • kykkyk

    Bribes are always given for two reasons either to influence someone to act in one’s favour or to keep mum when one is committing a crime. When bribes are given to the masses, it is meant to influence them to act, even against their conscience. When bribes are given to the elites, as it is in this case, it is meant to silence them from condemning any crime to be perpetrated. . So the plan is that they would rig the elections and those who matters would keep shut.

  • mc-done

    I see nothing wrong in one asking the other to help him achieve his goal, whereas that which he’s asking him to help him achieve will be a favourable one for all of us, GEJ carry de go

  • mc-done

    The annex of the Lagos State Guest House in Asokoro, Abuja was bought by the State Government in 2006 for N450 million, purportedly to protect the main house from security breach. Shortly after Tinubu left office, the property was transferred to him under the pension plan he signed into law before leaving office. The 250-hectare land valued at about N35billion and strategically located at the Ajah junction on Lekki Road was initially meant for a General Hospital for the people of Eti-Osa Local Government but was stolen by Tinubu and handed over to Trojan Estate Ltd – a company owned by Deji and Wale Tinubu – to develop as Royal Garden Housing Estate at the expense of the taxpayers of Lagos

  • ibrahim

    GMB will lose this 2015 election as far as am concerned

  • samuel

    Even the holy bible warns us to respect our leader just the way we respect our religious leaders. False accusation against jonathan is just a malicious attempt to discredit him of his achievements. A working president like jonathan can never pay, beg or bribe people to canvass votes for him. His records speaks for him. Buhari and his cohorts just tore this country into an ethno religious entity thereby making it hard for some people to see the good in the works of our dear president. Come march 28, the able, good spirited and eligible electorates will head to the polls and renew his mandate. Long live the man who once had no shoes, long live GEJ. Vote transformation for a transparent and accountable govt.

  • maureen

    Eleven days for buhari and APC with their violence supporters to shut up.

  • lilian ugo

    That is good. Very soon everybody in Adamawa state will be a PDP member since majority of them are supporting GEJ to go on. I thank God

  • Sani

    There is doubt that GEJ is truly a clown. He refused to visit these places, even in the face of serious agitations from stakeholders, both within and outside the country. The fact that GEJ decides to visit these places a few days to elections demonstrates the way his mind works. I thought the North is resident to millions of people who he presumed to be his enemies. I thought the Chibok girls and the bulk of the 15000 Nigerians that died in the hands of Boko Haram are all from the North. I thought he does not need ours votes. I thought GEJ can make a dash at the presidency without the votes of our people from Adamawa. As for me, I do not think GEJ deserve a single vote from the people of Adamawa. When we voted for him in 2011, we are rewarded with death. Let him make a dash at the presidency with the votes from his Ijaw people. Given the damage created by BH under GEJ’s watch, it will take the North us years to bounce back. I do not see that if GEJ is back at the helm. The people of the North must use their PVC wisely and constructively. GEJ must be sent packing come March 28. There is no other option. It is the only option.

  • Zoro


  • todayisfuturenigeria

    A balanced, workable and honest opinion. If Nigeria is sincere about development and progress as one nation, each state/region should have complete control/ownership of the resources within its state/region. A one-pill cure for all her ailments; the positive ripple-effect will be unprecedented.

  • FuzzyLogic

    Very incisive and balanced article from someone who does not have a dog in the fight. I recommend it anyone looking for an unbiased opinion.

  • Ibraheem Aruna

    “……clueless decision to incarcerate Nnamdi Kanu” What is the definition of treason? I beg to disagree Mr Tope. Don’t you share the view that in a democratic setting where there are institutions of governance, with representatives and where the rule of law prevails that there must be a better way of asking for a state within a state.? In the Spain for instance the Catalonians are seeking independence from Spain, In the United Kingdom, Scotland is asking for a second referendum to become an independent country from West minister, have they brought any part of these countries to a standstill? No
    You say, in this piece you have not taken sides I dare say, you have. People have rights as long as they do not use those rights to coerces or suffocate other people. Mr Isaac Adaka Boroh did not go this far. Ask General Yakubu Gowon he is still alive. There are three ethnic groups that are not marginalized in Nigeria. We all know them. Ibos are not please . If you do a random survey of Nigerians where you reside at the moment you will know those who are marginalized because of their state of origin, they are the ones not in the CBN and NNPC.
    Those of us who condemn the activities of IPOB , AYCF and MASSOB are not doing so because of what we will loose in stomach infrastructure but because we feel that the Nigerian project is bigger than any one ethnic group, it is the face of the black race.