American delegates, Nigerian intelligence chiefs clash in Washington over election shift

A mild tussle ensued on Wednesday at a special briefing in Washington DC when members of an American pre-election mission disputed claims by two Nigerian security chiefs that their delegation endorsed postponement of the elections.

Giving updates on preparations for the re-scheduled elections, Ambassador Ayodele Oke, Director-General of the National Intelligence Agency, and Rear-Admiral Gabriel E. Okoi, Director of Defence Intelligence, said the Nigerian government has overcome most of the security and logistic problems that led to the postponement of the election.

Mr. Oke said the election delay was occasioned by incidences of criminal violence, widespread tension and Boko Haram insurgency, which were occurring in tandem with considerable shortfall in the electoral calendar.

“INEC was having challenges with regards to the distribution of permanent voter cards (PVCs)”, he said, “while another important tool, the card reader machine were not fully yet tested and deployed” across the country.

Speaking on the insurgency, Mr. Okoi confirmed that Boko Haram effectively controlled 14 local government areas in the run-up to February 14, the day elections were scheduled to commence.

The terrorists’ threat virtually preempted any form of electoral activity in the occupied areas, the intelligence chiefs said.

“Consequently INEC, after robust consultation with key stakeholders, deferred the elections by six weeks in accordance with constitutional provisions”

Re-emphasizing the gravity of the conditions that led to the decision to postpone the elections, Mr. Oke said that “that when the election was postponed, the NDI and IRI who are both on the ground issued a joint statement which corroborated and gave fuller explanation as to the reason why INEC took the decision it took,” adding that the statement is on their website.

But speaking after the security chiefs’ presentations, representatives of the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the International Republican Institute (IRI), who were present at the event, took an exception to Nigerian officials’ representation of their statement.

Former US assistant secretary of state for African Affairs, Ambassador George Moose, said “nothing in the statement justified postponement”.

Mr. Moose led the eight-person joint pre-election assessment mission that visited Nigeria January 15-20, this year.

He said while the delegation’s statement recounted the prevailing conditions of the electoral process and specific challenges to the polls, it did not recommend any change to the electoral calendar.

On the contrary, the delegation expressed “concern that postponement would increase post-election risks”. Other members of the NDI, IRI delegation spoke in the same vein.

Read the NDI pre-election delegation assessment here



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  • Nino

    Why is it that everybody associated with Jonathan government lies with impunity?

    • Gaskiya

      Because is the biggest liar in Nigeria.

    • Wähala

      Because lying is preached at their weekly FEC meetings… Didn’t hear Gov. Babangida Aliyu say, “you have to lie to be a politician”? They’re all liars indeed… thieves!

      • Guguru

        Wahala or Rotimi Lawanson,

        Ngozi Okonjo Iweala works for a criminal presidency. Is Ngozi not criminal too? She has lied a couple of time to the Nigerian people too.

        • Wähala

          Why would I trade my iconic name for @Rotimi Lawanson’s? Do I come across as someone who’s afraid to trade knuckles with anyone on points to ponder? Note very urgently that I take umbrage with spurious accusations but bcos I regard you as one of “ours”, I will let this slide this time… but, don’t make it a habit! What do you understand “criminal” to mean? Do Dr. Adesina and Dr. Aganga not work for Dumbo… would you also lump them in your criminals basket? @Guguru, a criminal is someone who has been convicted of illegalities that fall under misdemeanor or felonious crimes. To the best of my knowledge, none of the trio has a record of police arrest much less charged/convicted of any crimes. Have you not lied to a Nigerian in your life… does that make you a criminal?

          • Guguru


            Really? You think i was born yesterday? LOL. I know what triggers a response. Why Rotimi writes like you, insults people like you do, when the very thing that triggers your behavior is stated, is nothing short of surprising. Keep it up, Rotimi.

          • Wähala

            Obviously, you think like you were born yesterday so believe what pleases you. I’ve also been called @tundemash because quite frankly, I learnt to put online miscreants away with hash language from #tundemash and it works. Yeah, right! I’m sensitive about undue criticism of Dr. NOI but that does not mean I have not criticized some of her policies objectively, maybe not as often as e-thugs would like. Pal, once “epa” is processed into “guguru” they become two different food items, the head of a family may be a criminal but some of his children may end up as priests… Igbo proverb! Dumbo is corrupt does not mean everyone in his Administration is corrupt, that would be crass assertion…
            So, you keep it up!

    • Because President Jonathan himself is Impunity Personified.

    • eddy

      My brother, I tire for all these people…

    • Fulani Nomad

      Because they said show me your friends I will tell you who you are!!

    • Tanko Maihula

      It’s quiet unfortunate for us as a nation to have these characters as our leader.

  • Mama Kay

    Because he is a liar and liars have no shame. These people are not capable of telling the truth.


    Fu##k the US. What are we doing explaining anything? Kick them out. They are racist and evil.

    • Gaskiya

      How about you? You are what they are.


        If you see my name you will know who I am.

    • kelvin

      USA is the land of true justice my friend. they’re not perfect, but God knows they’re trying.


        Like the death of a black every 28 hours? True justice…lol. Go there, they will kill you and become rich for it.

        • kelvin

          they are not there yet, but they’ve come along way. by the way i leaved in boston for 7 years, i know wat I’m saying.

          • IAMAFRICAN

            The last place I will ever live in my life is the US. They will never get there. Check history and happenings even today. America is a land built by evil and on evil so conceive no hope for them I wish the black people strength to fight it through because they are for the very first time in their existence somewhat ready to fight back.

          • hummm

            Yes you will never go there because your visa was rejected due to falsyfying info on your application. Liar

          • IAMAFRICAN

            You are a child.

          • kelvin

            this clearly shows that you don’t know history. the blacks have been fighting the system since the 16th century. with the help of white abolitionist they became free in the northern states of the 13 colonies and faces heavy racism. in the mid 19th century they fought in the civil war which after slavery was abolished altogether. then came the massive injustice against them mostly from the south. they were killed anyhow and faces injustice everywhere. then the jim crow laws and others. my friend i can go on and on. Today a black man is their president. if this is not progress i don’t know what is.

          • IAMAFRICAN

            What is injustice? I guess that is where we should start from. The abolition of slavery was a new beginning of injustice against the blacks of America. Between the 19th and 20th century the black population was locked up in total degradation hence the adversities they dwell in till date.
            As for the whites playing a role in liberating the black race, yes some had no choice at the time because slavery was becoming history the world over. Remember the same people once owned slaves.
            As for Obama, he is not a representative of the black race, he is a man being used by the powerful to actualize their political and financial objectives as the 21st century dictates.
            I can explain more, you should ask yourself what injustice and healing really means.

          • kelvin

            i did implied that after slavery, hardship follows and i did say that they are not yet there. you said some of the whites had no choice which is also true. the case of obama constitutes many reasons which includes the failure of Bush i will also give you that one. but my paragraph is a summary, they main theme is that they are moving forward. yes blacks are still facing discrimination and other hardship. but for a race that cannot be invited to lunch in the whitehouse to become the one ruling it, this must be progress. and it did not come easy my friend. and it shall continue, the truth shall triumph over evil.

          • eddy

            Reality check!!! They don’t need u there.

          • IAMAFRICAN

            And I don’t need them here.

          • eddy

            They didn’t ask to come here… remember they went to their land to give explanations and try to lie to them in their faces… forgetting that they r not like Jonathan who is an embodiment of corruption.

  • Northerner

    Telling the truth in this GEJ regime is like committing suicide! U can’t be honest in GEJ administration! Truth is forbidden by GEJ. According to GEJ nigeria would never erase corruption until the day a Goat eat YAM! Or the day stealing become corruption!

  • Akanji92

    Truth is a victim under GEJ government


  • warry

    America was against GEJ and Nigeria, during Ebola,but God was for GEJ and Nigeria. They frustrated again in the fight to defeat Boko Haram, but God has once again fought for GEJ. They will be put to shame. He who God blesses, no man should curse.

    • Fairgame

      The Ebola biological weapon they sent to help justify their invasion of Nogetia failed. So now using evil APC and Buhari they want to come in but they have failed again. Nigeria will never fall to the dogs.

    • kcee

      America gave GEJ names of Boko Haram sponsors. He sat on it. He doesn’t have the guts to confront any, even went to Chad with one. America again promised and sent spy planes to find out location and to rescue Chibok Girls. They even entered into a negotiations of plans with GEJ on how to carry on the rescue, next day Boko Haram were alerted. If na you, will you trust such a Government with anything they say? That is the more reason America refused arms sales to Nigeria.

      In fact if there is violence in this election. GEJ would have to answer questions at the ICC just like his Kenyan counterpart. The western world are watching him


    • bib

      News should not be reported just because it does not suit your principal’s chicanery to win election with six weeks actions to cover up his six years inaction. This news obtained only on wednesday, just two days ago, in far away Washington!

    • Tayelolu

      President Jonathan-which dead horse? Your lying horse is till living. You lied through both sides of your mouth. After lying you pat yourself in the back and ask us to just continue. Continue what? You are a bloody and disgraceful liar President Jonathan. Your lying horse lives and we Nigerian people will continue to remind you.

    • staaaaaaaaaaa

      stop writting in block letters, it makes you look silly and hardly can anyone read you easily. the truth is simply that no amount of cover up can erase Jonathan’s name in the history of democracy in Nigeria. What he did when he needlessly (or selfishly) changed the election dates amount to ‘rape of democracy’, and again nigerians will not forget his dark place in history. Nevertheless we look forward to the winds that will blow him away from government, either the wind of the voters or of circumstances beyond his control and those that support him in this tyranny.

      • Sword of Damocles

        the 2 last words of your comment…… that is all anyone needs to know about Nigeria’s conundrum. Strength & Honor

    • Progress

      You are the beast of no gender!

    • musa aliyu

      So the CIA is dumbo like you and your jona? Good news! You are most fit for the grave!

  • Mosaku147

    May God save me from all the constitent embarrassment this administration is causing ordinary me. One day,one lie.

  • segun


  • djay

    Gej led pdp govt is built on Lies and Deception. Both internal and external govt policies are carved out of Lies.

  • favourtalk

    When will GEJ stop all this lies? We can’t continue like this, we need a better nigeria. We need change

  • UYI111

    Nigeria dont need the apreval of the IRI to do the needful they should stay out of her affairs and mind theirs.

  • Fairgame

    The Americans are still upset that they thought they had sealed their AKPD deal with evil APC after their Secretary of State visited to pile pressure that the elections must hold. Well it did not. So all these gragra by America just tells me that it is a blessing we have a president that puts Nigeria’s interest first. I just wonder how many oil wells that evil APC promised AKPD and thus the desperation of America in a purely Nigerian affair. Abegi. God be praised.

    Foul political language
    Unruly wife and aides

    • Olusola

      and crass irresponsibility.

  • musa aliyu

    Here they go lying again! Must they be rulers at all cost? Which kind of people are these? We say we are tired of mediocrity they insist they are going to win. Well they intend using soldiers and police to force themselves into power. ICC should take note because Nigerians will resist that, because Nigeria is not all about PDP and APC but for all of us, and WE SHALL REMAIN TO SALVAGE IT TOGETHER!

  • richkid

    America just want gay marriage here, them and there buhari will loose it again. GEJ all the way

  • Tufiakwa

    Time has long past when America can justifiably preach democracy to Nigeria or any other nation: United States, a holier than thou nation where racism is endemic (you can say legal), where they seek to exclude and ban millions of African Americans from voting because of the colour of their skin, where a handful of financiers of mob groups, gang lords (also called corporate leaders) and gambling financiers run a corrupt political system, and where corrupt politicians are puppets under the control of similarly corrupt corporations and white supremacists.

    • akyn

      i have to agree with most of what you wrote but my question is what does that have to do with our PhD president dishing out money, refusing card reader. Who is he or the PDP trying to disfranchise?

      • President Jonathan and PDP are trying to purchase voters and to disenfranchise the uncommitted and corrupt voters.

  • New Nation

    I just pray and hope those who said Jona made one promise or the other(CONFAB reports implementation etc) are reading and following recent reports of various lies of Jona and his gangs. You believe Jona you ‘ll believe just anything. He’s an unrepentant liar. Too bad for a country president.

  • JJ

    Now that the world has known our president as a liar and that he cannot be trusted, how do we get out of the embarrassment and shame? This Jonathan na calamity o!

  • Okey

    With all that has come out and become open knowledge of Jega’s INEC, it is only a rogue person and a rogue nation that will insist that Jega was ready for a peaceful, free, fair and credible election as at February 14, 2015.

    On several occasions, I have called on the Nigerian Government to reconsider its relations with the United States of America, because America does not hide its preference for the immediate dismemberment Nigeria. And I still stand by that call. Once America had made aerial survey and updated its knowledge of our Northern border in the guise of helping us rescue the Chibok Girls – but actually a mission for America’s readiness with aerial attack against Nigeria at its chosen time – America is now rather in an indecent haste to precipitate unmitigated crisis in Nigeria to enable it wade in and dismember this great into several but utterly insignificant nation-states that will be useful only in the practice of Sodomy which America calls same-sex “marriage.” Enough of this nonsense from the United States of America !

    • The question to be asked is: Are the majority of voting Nigerians, with the exception of PDP riggers, ready for elections? The answer is definitely Yes.

      • Okey

        Ask Governor Amosun of Ogun State, who has been shouting to the rooftops over Jega’s abracadabra. He is an APC man.

    • Nigeria, a pariah nation has no relevance to the USA, except for US’s sympathy for the 300 girl-children abducted and thousands innocent civilians murdered by Boko Haram, the US can just ignore Nigeria’s existence. So, don’t feel so indispensable, my fellow citizen.

      • Okey

        Nationalize Texaco and Chevron now and see whether the United States government will not drop their bombs on Nigeria’s territory.

        • Nationalize Texaco and Chevron, pay market price, the US will just up its fracking oil resources. The age when Nigeria’s oil is gold is going bye bye.

          • Okey

            Fracking is a huge hoax to force down world oil prices, they are still buying from Saudi Arabia to cushion the huge cost of fracking. But that is not to say they are buying or will buy our oil, no. My point is on the unemployment burden the two oil companies takes away from America and the huge investment returns to America.

          • America will always buy cheapened oil to save for the rainy day. Such wisdom escapes Naija.
            Sai Buhari, Fe Buhari, Love Buhari, March 28, Vote Buhari, DESTROYER of Maitatsine and Boko Haram and of all Corruption in government, as President of Nigeria.

          • Okey

            A move from the sick bed to the mortuary is Change, a fundamental one at that !

  • Dr. Williams

    Dear Editor Premium Times,

    These two American Institutes are not thinking because everybody in the world knows
    the Nigerian Electoral Commission was not ready for the 14th February election;
    with a little over 50% voter cards distributed at the time; and so, that election had
    to be postponed willy-nilly without need for support by any American.

    This Americans’ post-mortem of it is now a no-brainer.

    Ordinarily this re-scheduled 28th March election should be a walkover except that
    Yorubaland presents symptoms of psychiatric illnesses with YORUBA CHRISTIANS
    YEARNING FOR AN ISLAMIC STATE, having been forewarned by General Buhari –
    who may have perjured himself as having completed secondary school education –
    that when elected he shall extend Sharia Law to all the 36 states in Nigeria,
    including Cross-Rivers and Akwa-Ibom states inthe south-south,
    where there’s hardly a Muslim.

    Yet, these supposedly educated but befuddled Yoruba Christians in
    Yorubaland – hitherto assumed to be fairly educated – are all for Sharia Law
    and Islamic State. By now, Christianity in Yorubaland is exposed for what it is
    – a meaningless gyration. Americans really ought to resolve in the event that conflict
    erupts in Nigeria, America will NOT need to bother about Yorubaland, even if
    the Yoruba Christians are being beheaded. Volenti non fit injuria means that
    nobody can claim redress for having been injured by an activity he hailed and
    supported by waving brooms.

    • Asking Question


      • GEJisaDISASTER

        The Americans are not fools like you Ijaws. They have verified Buhari’s results and certificates as authentic. Keep smoking your FKK supplied crack cocaine. Remember, crack is whack!

    • dee man

      the rescheduled election should be a walkover….you are obviously high on something. i basically blame one of our Yoruba Christian brothers for helping a minority drunk become president but guess what, we are tired of your tribes clueless person and are taking our support back. So please run down and go drink ogogoro as that’s the only thing you guys are good at.

  • Guguru

    Ngozi Okonjo Iweala works for this criminal administration as well.

    • She is calling the shots too, as head criminal.

      • Guguru

        LOL. True.


    The most important thing here is that the postponement of the elections is justified,even the cynics and sceptics acknowledge that fact . As a sovereign country we took a decision which was well within our constitution,we should owe no country an explanation for doing the right thing .

    No election in Nigeria would be free or fair if more than 30 million registered voters are disenfranchised !!

    • international games

      Tawanda Incommunicado, I agree with you. Unlike you, I am a Buhari supporter, but I don’t understand why he will be running to London to report to his masters, while Johnathan is running to America to beg his masters. Don’t these men have any pride? Why did Buhari and Johnathan not go to South Africa or Ghana to monitor our elections? Why the same oyibos that would not help us fight boko haram? Somebody wake me up from this Buhari/Johnathan never ending nightmare.


        In that respect both Buhari and Jonathan are acting like brainless slaves.Jonathan should not be appeasing any country but Nigerians and Buhari should not be begging favours from any country but Nigerians. The situation is shameful to say the least but one must remember that the APC where the ones who took the campaign to the streets of western imperialist countries before the PDP started responding !!

        • The world is a global village, no country is an island by itself, so we have to behave as member of a global team.


            Fair enough but with respect for each other !!

          • Guguru


            I see you are slowly getting over your cognitive dissonance. Sooner rather than latter you will come to appreciate the social, political, and economic harm you have suffered under the Jonathan administration. I am here to support you while you go through the phased transition of being able to see the light.

          • international games

            Yomi Falade. The world is a global village where American ambassador will summon gubernotorial candidates of Lagos state to his office to sign peace agreement. Don’t you people have any shame? Even if we will call outsiders, are there no African countries like South Africa or Ghana to act as middle men? These guys are just 3rd rate. None of them is qualified to lead this great country.

          • The world is a global village with a pecking order, Nigeria can mount up the ladder by having a strong military and strong economy, but under President Jonathan she is a boy-boy of a nation. Reason why change must come March 28, 2015.
            Sai Buhari, Fe Buhari, Love Buhari, March 28, Vote Buhari, DESTROYER of Maitatsine and Boko Haram and of all Corruption in government, as President of Nigeria.

    Lying and repeated lying
    Ethnic and religious division
    Unruly wife, ministers and aides.

    • hope

      I really think u are a demon

      • Are already infected by the syndrome? It’s a highly dangerous disease. You have to be careful!

      • Peter

        Sure he is a real demon and he is dramatizing it necked. This type of APC fanatic will hang after Jonathan has been sworn in on 29th May 2015. Say that I said this and mark my words.

        • Funso

          Peter ni ọmọ àlè.

        • Guguru


          Are you writing from jail? Your comments seem so angry and despotic.

      • Guguru


        Have you seen or met a demon before in your life?

  • MC

    America leave us alone! We understand that nothing we would do in Nigeria could elicit your endorsement. If INEC had gone ahead to use un-experimented card readers or if Boko Haram, those blood thirsty sect that you refused to help us conquer, had gone on their usual killing spree during that election you would have still complained. Learn to leave a people alone! We wonder why you have failed to understand that Africa holds some practices, such as gay-ism, as sacrilege. Even in America, Harvey Milk, the first open gay promoter was assassinated; as recent as 1970s, the American Psychiatry Association deemed it a psychological problem for one to be gay. Africa is ‘behind’ as far as gayism is concerned. It is not welcome here! Stop stigmatizing and browbeating Nigeria with your well-known weapon of Media propaganda etc. Stop heating up our polity. I wonder if your great motto ”In God We Trust” is still relevant. I wonder if France’s great gift to you The Statue of Liberty has been standing there in mockery and shadow of its epitome. I wonder if those enlightened, universally-legendary men and women, like Rev. Martin Luther King Jr, Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Mandela etc with whose lives and times the essence and necessity of Freedom were etched into the sand of time for eternity have been in futility. Africa (whose gigantic son is Nigeria), the cradle of humanity and civilisation, the sleeping giant, is waking up now. Let Her wake please!

    • blackdove

      You know, there were actually people like you that were criticizing American sanctions against the Babangida and Abacha regimes for scuttling the June 12th 1993 elections. Sit back and learn about the power of the United States of America.

      • MC

        If your likes continue to eulogise America for all her deeds, good and bad, it means that your god-given sense of discretion has been orphaned on the alter of America’s ultimate supremacy. So an American could even snatch your wife and you would sing his praises!? They’ve not really been too nice to my country, Nigeria, lately. Please remember this always, the might is not often right bro.

        • blackdove

          Perhaps if Nigerian leaders govern their citizens by allowing them their fundamental human rights, while treating them with decency, dignity and respect; countries like America would not need to interfere. All through American interventions, the citizens of those countries where always oppressed, their aspirations suppressed while their fundamental human rights denied.

          • MC

            blackdove, please point out instances where Nigerians’ fundamental human rights were denied under GEJ. For your information, I’m not a mercenary writer. I’m just a fellow who supports the current government because I have seen that the President is very liberal, considerate and diplomatic. By these, alone, has earned my support. He means well and I can assure you that I would swap sides if i deem it that his actions portends doom for Nigeria. APC guys, apart Buhari, are all gunning to come back to send us two decades backwards, and then steal us blind. Imagine Tinubu, Atiku at the helm of affairs in Nigeria!

  • Uchechukwu

    Please why does Premium Times hate President Jonathan so much,
    apart from the fact that the Editors of Premium Times are suspected
    Hijab-wearing Jihadists?

    • hope

      This organization will die.

      • Examiner


      • Tanko Maihula

        Let see who will go first, PT or your paymaster.

    • Tanko Maihula

      It’s not a matter of hate, but the truth. Your guy is a disappointment to this nation.

    • Adebisi

      APC must have remitted some money to their account

      • Funso

        Ọmọ ale.

    • tpolo

      Hang Johnathan for crime against Humanity

      • Simeon


        • Peter

          Buhari should be hanged first for the atrocities he committed when he was the military head of state.

          • Funso

            omo ale

          • Guguru


            Your anger has reached new heights. Do you know that anger can blind a man into misery? Are you miserable? Are you sad? Are you angry? I can help you get over all these problems you have.

  • Adebisi

    American can’t dictate for us how to run our democracy. Election was postponed for a genuine reason which every Nigeria can testify to. Like Jega said that the postponement has given them the opportunity to do the necessary, the military has also recorded success on their own part.
    Nigeria should learn not to depend on American for any assistant. Share you intelligent report on boko haram if there’s any,train our soldier, supply military equipment they refuted all.
    American should know that GEJ can never sign their gay.
    Buhari (aboki) has finished shining their shoes and promised them that he will sign gay law.

    • Funso

      Ọmọ àlè.

      • Peter

        You are the real omo ale, since you have failed to recognise the import of his comment.

        • Funso

          OMO ALE

        • Guguru


          Do comments have import? Where did you learn this atrocious form of the English language?

    • Tunsj

      I agree with you partially but you must understand that the US will always protect their interests in Nigeria and around the world.

  • Tpolo

    Johnathan should tried and hang for crime against humanity

    Lying and repeated lying
    Ethnic and religious division
    Unruly wife, ministers and aides.
    Politicians and supporters should please know that Jonathan syndrome is more wicked than Ebola. Take care to immune yourself against this dangerous disease.

    • Preco01

      Lying and more lies to cover initial lies and so much more lies, what a disgrace this man Jonathan and his band of 40 thieves

    • Kadiku Lateef

      perfectly written!!!

  • Sword of Damocles

    What the ruling elites have been doing since Feb 7th is called “moving the goalpost in the middle of a game”, recognized the world over. Essentially the Military decided with the coercion of the C in C to postpone a Constitutionally mandated event with the 2 other arms of Government NOT UTTERING A WORD. I do not know how many remember the song by Bob Marley “Zimbabwe”. He composed that tune in the zeitgeist of the blackman breaking the shackles of slavery in colonial Rhodesia. The song reminds me of Nigeria circa 2015, the long suffering Nigerian masses are engaged in a death-match with the Neo-colonialist elements that replaced the dying colonial British Empire in 1960: The Hegemony of the ruling elites. These neo-colonialists are exemplified/personified by the PDP. This epic struggle will be written about in Nigerian History books. As most reasonable have people have discerned, it will determine the future direction of our country. Essentially it is to determine whether or not, the forgotten masses will remove the BOOT of the ruling elites from our collective necks, thereby taking back our country or whether WE fail to “seize the moment” and extricate ourselves from the chains & shackles of a distinct minority of our own brothers and sisters. Indeed, this is a seminal moment in the young history of perhaps the blackman’s greatest hope on planet earth. God save the FRN. Sai Mai Gaskiya

  • Let’s face it: General Buhari has become an embarrassment to the APC. He should not be allowed to become a Nigerian embarrassment. An absent-minded old man is not the kind of person we need as president. Electing Buhari amounts to jumping from the frying-pan into the fire.

    Buhari’s campaign elevates make-believe over reality. It asserts the primacy of propaganda over commonsense. It proclaims the superiority of fiction over facts. Buhari and the APC need to be told some home-truths. You don’t build roads by attacking Goodluck Jonathan. You don’t create jobs by attacking the PDP. You don’t destroy the Boko Haram by undermining the authority of the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. You don’t proclaim a mantra of anti-corruption slogans, while being surrounded and funded by corrupt politicians.

    Shouting change changes nothing. Change is championed by the young, and not by a 72 year-old retired soldier receiving cheers from a coterie of dyed-in-the-wool political dinosaurs. How can Buhari represent change from the PDP, when a large chunk of his change-sloganising APC members are poached PDP turncoats? How does Buhari’s endorsement by Obasanjo, a former PDP president, commend him as an agent of change from the PDP?

    Counterfeit change

    • Preco01

      You are a disgrace just as your pay master is an embarrassment to himself and his band of 40 thieves

    • James Breen

      What makes me shudder with embarrassment is Buhari coming to London to deliver a speech. Who is he delivering it to ? The UK audience. Nobody in the UK can vote in the Nigeria election. Furthermore all this talk about meeting British officials. If he is campaigning to be president he should campaign in Nigeria NOT the UK

  • Frank Bassey

    America is becoming a nuisance in Nigeria’s internal affairs. They must not tell us how to conduct our elections.

    • Tunsj

      Who forced them to come to Washington, D.C? They know exactly what is going on.

  • Allayes

    Do not blame the Nigerian officials. Comprehension is the bane of many Nigerians today. Peruse any of the online fora for just a few minutes and you would be left shaking your head in disbelief.

    • Guguru

      I agree.

  • Peter

    Premium Times and sensationalism! The election is a Nigerian peoples’ exercise and America and their poke nosing agents were only here to observe and report to their masters. The issues leading to elections postponement are already clear and acceptable to Nigerians, and everyone is looking forward to the new dates with hope. Whether the opposition APC and their propaganda house Premium Times like it, there will be elections on 28th March and 11th April, 2015 with or without their mickey-mouse agents from America. Opposition media houses like Premium Times would definitely go into hiding after the elections when President Goodluck Jonathan is re-elected. Remember the days of the heinous Abacha regime and the birth of many underground western newspapers fighting on the side of NADECO. What happened when they succeeded in forcing Abacha to relinquish powers to OBJ? The whole western press fizzled out. Their regrouping this time against the Nigerian government led by a southerner is selfish and therefore evil. Their collaboration with evil forces within and outside Nigeria to cause trouble during and after the elections using their propaganda machinery to incite violence is already noted and they will be rooted out.

    • Arisekola

      So it is right for Goodluck Jonathan to make foreign mercenaries lead the war against Boko Haram?

    • Funso

      ỌMỌ ÀLÈ

      • emmanuel

        Speak some English and contribute to trending discuss or remain silent in your tribal cocoon!

    • Guguru


      But those men dragged themselves to Washington DC by their own volition. America did not order them to show up in Washington DC. The rest of your story appears to be a nightmare you recently had, is it not?

      • Onike24

        You are a very intelligent person! Are these people moronic or what?

        • emmanuel

          Check exactly what transpired and you would conclude that the APC and PT are inglorious politicians who have taken political propaganda to the level treason!

          You are ever seeing intelligent people, make you deploy your own intelligence, so that we go hear you.

          • Onike24

            I am not interested in any comment you make, anyone that can justify Jonathan’ s wickedness is a waste of space and I say that meaning no disrespect.

        • David Adeniran

          More than moronic.

        • Guguru


          Thank you. Nigerians just love an environmental mixture of ubiquitous paranoia and highly orchestrated confusion.

          • Onike24

            It’s funny you say that…… Highly orchestrated confusion, my nine year old daughter was in the Lagos passport office to get her Nigerian passport, and she said ” mummy, this is organised chaos” and I was surprised! Didn’t even know she could justapose those words and more surprised that she worked it out that young!

  • Guguru

    I am so happy to see members of the USA clearly telling the elite of Nigeria that their capacity for comprehension appears truncated and flawed. In essence, Nigeria breeds educated illiterates and presents them to the world as smart people when in reality, the world sees these people as half-baked clowns.

    • emmanuel

      Including you, your mother, father, sibblings, APC, PT and the unfortunate teachers who tutored you in school.

      • Guguru


        Why are you insulting me? Are you suffering from rabies today?

    • Tunsj

      Well said, Guguru. The key words in your comment are “Breeds educated illiterates and half-backed clowns”.

      • Guguru


        Thank you.

  • Straightalk


    • Newsday

      ….and now, Buhari will fight corruption with state pardon

      “On the issue of past corrupt leaders facing trials in various courts
      across the country,

      I would allow the courts to decide on those cases,
      but whoever is indicted of corruption,

      between 1999 to the time of
      searing-in, would be pardoned. I am going to draw a line,

      anybody who
      involves himself in corruption after i assume office, will face the

      …………….General Muhammadu Buhari

      (APC rally in Kaduna, March 11th, 2015)

    • newsday

      ….and now Buhari will fight corruption with state pardon

      “On the issue of past corrupt leaders facing trials in various courts
      across the country, i would allow the courts to decide on those cases,
      but whoever is indicted of corruption between 1999 to the time of my
      swearing-in would be pardoned. I am going to draw a line that anybody
      who involves himself in corruption after i assume office, will face the music.”

      …………….General Muhammadu Buhari

      (APC rally in Kaduna, March 11th, 2015)

      • Moses Olaniyan

        EDITOR SIR,

        Premium Times supporters of Buhari can continue to delete my comment.
        I will continue to say it. I am a citizen of Nigeria. My constitutional right
        to freedom of expression is always there, intact. I am saying that nobody
        running for public office should allow a debate on his credentials.

        He should just show it. No aspiring president should ever go into hiding
        over a debate on his school credentials It does not augur well that Buhari
        is keeping quiet on whether he obtained school certificate.

        Yoruba people; like Bola Tinubu and Tunji Abayomi, are the main ones talking for him.
        John Oyegun too is talking for him but none of these three people shows us documents.
        This is very bad. Therefore, it is my opinion that Buhari does NOT have any WASC at all.

  • Guguru

    “Boko Haram suicide bombers have struck again in Maiduguri today killing dozens of people. Instead of fighting the war against terror, GEJ is busy locking up gays. Shame on him.”

    “I am not gay and I do not approve of homosexual behaviour. However I think it is wrong to send people to jail based on their sexual preferences and sexuality. It is known as persecution of minority rights and its is reprehensible.”

    Chief Femi Fani Kayode

    DailyPost, January 2014, “Shame on President Jonathan for passing anti-gay law – Femi Fani-Kayode”

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Something must be wrong with these Americans. Would America have gone ahead to conduct elections if 24m eligible voters would have been disenfranchised? What is the business of America if we shift poll dates? I used to respect Americans. I now know that many Americans think like the numerous senseless APC supporters we have in Nigeria.

    • emmanuel

      Do not form your opinion on publications by PT, SR and some other few APC media. They hate Nigeria with a passion and would rather the nation go down for them to take over power – I wonder what will be left of our image if these rascals and crooks ever get close to power in this country.

      Early in the week, they said Nigeria row with Morocco was because Jonathan wanted to curry muslim vote and had to call the Monarch.

      The APC is engaged in crass stupidity and I implore Nigerians to do everything possible for the PDP to remain in Government. I know the PDP is getting better and we would rather have a reformed PDP than have fools rule over us.

      Must the APC and PT misquote every statement just to discredit the President?

    • Umar Dendi

      Ha Ha ha!
      The Truth is Bitter, Eyyy?
      Poor Gejites!

    • C3kwe

      Most of these unpatriotic apc janjaweed gangsters are working for the CIA. The Pentagon and the State department desperately wants them to win. These crooks lobbied Washington using human rights abuse as a ruse to hamper Nigerian government efforts to procure needed arms to prosecute the war on boko haram which they created in the first place. When Nigeria ran to South Africa to buy arms through a third party, the same apc apologists leaked the deal so that they can continue to make Jonathan’s administration ungovernable.There last strategy is,when Jonathan wins, the same group of mafians will dispute the results, Washington, with some European countries will support them by threatening sanctions against Nigeria unless Nigeria hand over power to the opposition. This is their game plan. These crop of leaders lead by Tinubu are unpatriotic.

      • Funso

        Orafidiya Ọmọ àlè.

    • Funso

      Ọmọ àlè ni Orafidiya.

  • Idodo Widodo

    THE US has NO MORAL BASIS to discuss about CONTINENT NIGERIA!!!…..

    “….Former US assistant secretary of state for African Affairs, Ambassador George Moose, said “nothing in the statement justified postponement”…….”

    If I may ask? Of what economic importance is US to Nigeria? Who cares what they think? …a country like US lacks the moral standing in every and all ways to meddle in the affairs of continent Nigeria. This is US where black lives don’t worth more than those of their dogs…and the white killers are never even prosecuted. We all watched with horror when Rodney King was beaten to coma by a gang of 5 to 6 policemen in LA in the early 80s.. and the Cops were all initially set free by the Jury…that was over 30yrs ago…has anything changed? ….the lies about Iraq to get Saddam…the complicity in Libya to get Ghadafi and abandoning the Libyans to ISIS…

    Show me one country where US got involved and they had peace thereafter…

    Just because Jonathan refused to give them land to establish their trademark hegemonic military base, they then turn around to spite Nigeria and refusing to sell weapons to Nigeria. It is the height of irresponsibility and egotism. Their excuse of ‘human rights’ is senseless and baseless and to say the least mumuist. Na who commit crimes pass US marines who dey piss on top of dead body of Afghan soldiers? ..What of the torture at Guantanamo? …there is even more evidence from confessions by ex and serving US marines regarding torture of suspected terrorists by US military…

    So why should a country so stained be the one to be telling Nigeria what to do? It makes no sense to me. People should wake up and realize that this is 2015 and not 1772. Does America feel Nigeria is another Panama where the US invaded decades ago? My Nigeria is my Nigeria. The Americans should solve their American problems and LEAVE Nigerians to solve their problems….By the way, na wetin those two Nigerian defense chiefs dey find for US? Why US? They should have gone to the Kremlin.

    • mart

      Thank u jare. Us are crazy

      • Wetin Naija

        But you want be in the US

    • Wetin Naija

      But you are dying be in the US

      • Tunsj

        Couldn’t have said it better myself. They talk from both side of their mouths and are dying to be in the US.

    • solo la

      Thank you for your comments, all your ruling class elites have their families living in the united states, so think about that. The elites never talk bad about America.

  • evi

    Nigerian govt should stop giving the Americans any time of day. The Americans should face the measles and leprosy that parts of the country is suffering from and the embarrassment brought upon them and their president by the Republican party that wrote an unprecedented letter to Iran, undercutting the American president and undermining his government. They should concentrate and find a solution on the moral decadence Americans are wallowing in.23 million voters from the south would not have been able to vote had the election been held Feb 14 th and they still have mouth to talk.

    • Thank u for ( tolding) them—them kill Gaddafi the Libya n leader——-what is the result of that action for Israel–Are the Yankees not being beheaded like goats in Iraq——-would it not have been better for them to have left Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein alone————‘ Instead they allowed Israel to deceive them————–And as if they have not learnt their lessons they are in Syria again–destroying that country on behalf of Israel and just like we have APC in Nigeria–there are always some lazy unthinking fools–ready to be hired to do the dirty jobS of the Yankees—PT should never have carried this childish story—-But what do u expect from a country which has half of her elites in APC working for the CIA-

  • @evi–Thank u for ( tolding) them-people in the US-See-them kill Gaddafi the Libya leader—without looking back—-What is the result of that action–which they took for Israel?–Are the Yankees not being beheaded like goats in Iraq–and Libya?—–Would it not have been better for them to have left Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein alone————? Instead they allowed Israel to deceive them————–And as if they have not learnt their lessons they are NOW in Syria again–destroying that country on behalf of Israel –And just like we have APC in Nigeria–there are always some lazy unthinking fools–ready to be hired to do the dirty jobs of the Yankees-in d Arab region and Africa–PT should never have carried this childish story—-But what do u expect from a country which has half of her elites in APC working for the CIA-in the Fulani North

    • evi

      What apc is doing to Jonathan is the exact same thing the Republican party is doing to Obama, sometimes I think the apc PlayBook is borrowed from the republicans . Just like the republicans promised to make Obama a one term president when Obama won the presidency, apc told Jonathan they would make nigeria ungovernable for him and both of dem have been doing just that. Americans have their own problems also and should face them and stop playing God and behaving as if all is well with them, if America that is over 200 years old is still fighting avoidable diseases like leprosy and measles and still battling corruption and voter fraud, they should keep quiet about Nigeria that is just 40 years and just strengthening it’s democracy that would have been strong by now had buhari not truncated the democracy over 30 years ago.

  • samson john

    if we love dis country and love ourselves let come together and support GEJ if we want dis country to move forward and not backward vote GEJ for president

    • yousaidit

      yes, i strongly believe you. Since you think all Nigerians are liars, deceits and clueless people. This country will never have peace not until we face the realities. GEJ, GMB all of them are good people for the post, the problem is the Senators. They are the ones running this country down. And they will continue until we are able to get someone brave enough to face them and bring good things out of them. If I were you, I will just continue to look because the more you look the more lies you will get from the clueless FG headed by GEJ.

  • Wetin Naija

    What makes America great is honesty and truth. You cannot come to the USA and drum up lies and expect the people, the leadership or the press to keep quiet. In Nigeria lying by the people or government officials is a way of life, but in Europe and America it is a taboo. Nigeria has lost respect in the world because of lying. Lying breeds corruption, stealing, manipulation, irresponsibility and deceit. Nigeria need to restore her integrity back. Sit back and think about how the other African countries are treating Nigeria without respect. Stop blaming others for your problems and look inward

    • James Breen

      Honesty and truth and America do not go in the same sentence. You know nothing at all of world affairs !

  • Maitama Tambari

    Premium Times should unsubscribe me because they wouldn’t allow my comment to be shared with fellow Nigerians on National issues. WE BELIEVE CHANGE! YES WE CAN IN NIGERIA. ALI MUST GO. YES JONATHAN MUST GO.

  • ceweeco projects

    Oh APC and PT, stop given Nigerians bad name. No nation that knows it’s onion will ever interfere in the internal affairs of another country.

    • Truthometer

      Justification for election postponement is to perfect PDP rigging plan. And it’s going to fail!

    • Concerned

      How is correcting lies intervention?

    • Tunsj

      The only people making Nigerians look bad are Jonathan, PhD holder without any thesis, and PDP.

    • Wetin Naija

      Stop lying

  • K. Magregor

    Yankees’ headache for Nigeria

    These Americans need some lessons missed in home-training.
    A foreign official is not authorized to countermand the national
    Constitution of another country. The February 14th election in
    Nigeria was rescheduled in line with Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution;
    and in line with the time-limits specified therein. So why are these
    American pretenders to democracy crying more than the bereaved?
    If they’re just looking for much to do, they should ask as follows:

    • Wetin Naija

      Said who. It is only in Nigeria that you can cover lies, not in America and Europe

    • Wetin Naija

      You that will do anything to get US visa

    • Malik Isah


  • robo

    Does Nigeria need to brief any body?

    • Wetin Naija

      of course, because Nigeria is a member of the world community

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    President Ebele Jonathan should be voted out of office on march 28,2015 in order to prevent further embarrassment and ridicle to our nation,Nigeria in the eyes of the civilzed World.Enough of political mis-sharp and disgrace that Mr Jonathan has been subjecting Nigeria.It is time for change!

    • dickson grange


      • Abdurrahman Umar

        Winston Churchill went to same Military Academy with Buhari.

        • Kuns

          Why do you need to invoke Winston Churchill? Does Buhari have WASC; yes, or, no?

          • Omooodua

            “Professor Jega of INEC is only trying to shift responsibility by saying people
            opposed to Buhari’s qualification for the polls should go to court. I heard the
            APC saying Buhari has been contesting election for the past 12 years,
            and that nobody said anything about it, so, why now? And my answer,
            in form of question is, if someone has been committing robbery and
            getting away with it, the day he is caught, you are now asking,
            why has he not been caught all this while? Buhari is NOT eligible.
            That is the law.”

            …………..Chief Ayo Adebanjo

            (Afenifere Chieftain)

            (January 25th, 2015)

          • Chief Ayo Adebanjo, I once educated you on the fact that all the Constitution requires is education to WASC level, not even the WASC itself, but you will not be educated. How do people who do not want to be educated rule a nation?.God forbid bad thing.
            Sai Buhari, Fe Buhari, Love Buhari, March 28, Vote Buhari, DESTROYER of Maitatsine and Boko Haram and of all Corruption in government, as President of Nigeria.

          • Law Chambers Abuja (LCA)


            Chief Ayo Adebanjo is absolutely right – and you are absolutely wrong.
            The National Assembly amended the electoral law two years ago or so.
            The amended law requires every party candidate to attach his certificate.
            The word ‘attach’ means affixing a paper certificate to the INEC Form.
            At any rate you impliedly admit that Muhammadu Buhari has no WASC.
            The implication is 14 years’ imprisonment for his swearing false affidavit,
            in addition to compulsory dis-qualification from the 2015 presidential race.

          • General Buhari’s WASC had been deposited at the Army Hq since he applied for commissioning in the sixties. The Jona-PDP government went to remove it from there, saying it was missing. Now Buhari had publicised his WASC and replaced the missing one. What problem do you have with that. Still the Constitution does not require more than education to WASC level. Buhari had much more undisputable training than that. PDP cannot rob him of his qualifications like they robbed Nigeria blind. Go deal with the fact that you cannot present his certifications as yours. Or like Prof. Jega of INEC advised you, go to court and hear it yourselves..

          • maforall

            All we need is a good president that will governor this nation, all we are saying we need change, Nigeria need change of government.

          • Funso

            ọmọ àlè

  • Tayo

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  • richkid

    President Ebele has proven he is very calculative. Encourage election shift and achieve your purpose. GEJ all the way. Both the lame, deaf and dump, come out in mass let’s vote JONA for continuity and letter. Thank you!

  • maforall

    I will vote Buhari as my next president

  • Ahmed

    I completely agree with the dilution option although I prefer that it should be done in phases. Govt should use Yola Disco, which it owns 100%, to show how to run a DISCO either directly or through a private partner. My only problem with the author’s suggestion is that it will only result in change in Financial Statements without injecting new funds in to the DISCOs. The author also seems to ignore the bank loans these investors took to finance the 60% acquisition in these DISCOs. Most of these loans are backed by the same shareholding that the author seeks to dilute.