Jonathan fires SURE-P boss, Martin Luther Agwai, for attending Obasanjo’s birthday event

President Goodluck Jonathan has fired Martin-Luther Agwai as the head of his government’s intervention unit, SURE-P.

Mr. Agwai is a respected former Defence Chief, who led United Nation missions in Sudan, amidst other career runs.

Mr. Agwai was appointed by Mr. Jonathan to head SURE-P, a department created by the government to deploy saved fuel subsidy money for the provision of critical infrastructure and jobs.

In a statement Tuesday, presidential spokesperson, Reuben Abati, named Ishaya Dare Akau as the new head of SURE-P, Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme.

The new SURE-P Chairman hails from Jema’a Local Government Area of Kaduna State and holds Bachelors’ Degrees in the Arts and Law.

Mr. Akau comes to the job with years of experience as a high-level administrator in the nation’s public service. His record of service includes tenures as Chairman of the Kaduna State Universal Education Board and Chairman of the National Assembly Service Commission.

The presidency did not give any reason for Mr. Agwai’s removal, beyond saying it was “in furtherance of his efforts to continuously re-energize and reposition agencies of the Federal Government for optimal service delivery”.

But PREMIUM TIMES understands reliably that Mr. Agwai was fired for flouting a presidential instruction that no government official or member of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, should attend the birthday event of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, last week.

Mr. Jonathan and the former president have been locked in a longstanding row which has seen Mr. Obasanjo repeatedly criticise the president publicly.

The spat climaxed three weeks ago when Mr. Obasanjo quit the party and publicly tore his membership card.

Sources within the presidency told PREMIUM TIMES that all government functionaries were instructed by President Jonathan to boycott Mr. Obasanjo’s birthday event.

Our sources said when informed of the president’s warning, Mr. Agwai, who climbed to the pinnacle of his career under the Obasanjo administration, said he will go ahead and attend the function, more so, in view of the president’s directive.

Our sources said for daring the president, it was clear Mr. Agwai would be fired.

One source said it appears Mr. Agwai was informed ahead of the announcement of his removal Tuesday, as the former defence chief arrived early at the SURE-P office to pack his belongings.

Mr. Agwai himself replaced Christopher Kolade, who left office after criticising the president.


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  • amazing2012

    Jonadaft is sick, he is adding more oppositions !

    • Ama2012

      Brilliant call by the President

      • Sword of Damocles

        Brilliant? Please expound. We are all EARS!!!

        • justice

          Simple. If you are no longer comfortable with the government you are serving with RESIGN.

          • Wähala

            Resign for what? Going to give an important lecture? You are as sick as Dumbo…

          • justice

            I think you have been overwhelmed by emotions probably as a result of some perceived injustice or the crumbs you get and or something from your upbringing. This has unfortunately reduced your ability for decent articulated and analytical discussion with others without resorting to your gutter language. I suppose that’s what pass ‘intelligence’ in your world. Ndo.

  • ice queen

    Goodluck is a potential and vibrant reader,a reader that brought change to the country.GEJ all d way!

    • unknown

      @ice queen.. Im sure you meant to say leader.. YOU CAN’T EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH NO WONDER you think he is a good leader .. excuse me ‘reader’ in your own words

      • Rumournaire

        “Leader” is pronounced “Reader” in Otuoke dialect. Listen carefully next time you hear an Otuoke man speak.

      • ice queen

        You sound like a sadistic trouble maker, if you are as smart as you think you are your brain should have told you that it was a typing error,,, but I won’t stoop to your level, #English teacher# lol

  • Salako

    God save this country nigeria !

  • GideonOrkarII

    Jona you should have bared your fangs long before now. Agwai made comments that were not exactly complimentary to a Govt he was serving. Good call

  • Heck

    Christopher Kolade was not sacked but resigned! PT pls be professional and thorough in your journalism!

    • udemeobong

      Resigned or sacked, what difference does it make in a country that don´t follow due process. If things were ok, why would he resigned. How many have done that, if not those who still believe they have integrity and values?
      Professionalism in Nigeria does not exist that is why you and i are suffering.

  • Ade

    More to be fired. Ones a solder is always a solder. They don’t joke with their constituency o.

  • Prof. Wole Soyinka

    JEGA’s sack should have preceded that of Agwai !!!

  • Oladoja wahab

    Nigerian would fired Jonathan on Mar-Buhari 28

    • Ola

      Nice decision by the President.

      • Oladoja wahab

        …and the best decision will be taken on Mar-Buhari 28

  • Mr. Abdin

    A government of confusion headed by confusionists. God save Nigeria.

    • Abin

      Good call by the President.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Now, that’s how to be a President and C-in-C. Follow this commendable step up by firing Jega and asking EFCC to watch that documentary of how Tinubu stole, and continues to steal, Lagos blind and sack Lamorde. Thereafter, appoint someone else who will be willing to arraign Tinubu as quickly as possible. A gentleman cannot rule Nigeria. Jonathan, please stop treating all APC criminals with kid gloves. Enough of their insufferable impunity.

    • Oladoja wahab

      May God tranformed your life as Jonathan transformed the life of ordinary Nigerian from 6 years. …omooba,say Amen
      we are waiting for you

    • ayodele

      I love the way you talk but advice him to be a man by controlling the recklessness of his begins at home.A man that can not control the activities and events in his home is not a man.This is somebody that the wife talks and acts anyhow in a disgraceful manner.or is that how your own mum behaves at home?
      am sure you know how to get to him,just advice him to spare this country the shameful habits of his wife till they are out of office.

    • SamPsalm

      Wonderful. He should in fact ban the Constitution. Only gentlemen condone such nonsense. Why go for election when he can simply appoint AIG Mbu the IG of Police and make his wife the Chief of Defence Staff and release both of them to take care of every ‘insufferable impunity’ from every APC criminals who may dare to protest. Of course, he should appoint you the next Presidential Spokesman – that’s, if you are not one of them already, hiding behind an e-alias

  • udemeobong

    Confused and jittery. Satanism in power. Bitting the finger that fed him.



    • Wähala

      Ugly piece of shit. Can’t wait to stop this animal’s picture representing any Nigerian in any capacity. Chimp!



    • Bigzy

      So the aPC Photoshop is still in business.



        • Bigzy

          You are deluded.

    • absam777

      This looks more like Dumbo.

      • Agwai

        This man handsome no be small. His skin colour is one in town.

  • bosco

    Firing and hiring Jonathan never replace any with an Igbo-man,Yet Ndi-Igbo re dying for him.wonderful.

  • Spoken word

    Jonathan is such a failure it is embarrassing.

  • Quicky

    Insubordination is a dismissible offence in both private and public service employment.
    Case closed on General Agwai who really should know better but for his silly audacity.

  • segun


  • deji

    Nigeria economy was in a recession by 1983 with the economy shrinking by -5.05 %. in 1984 Buhari worked hard to stop the decline with the economy shrinking by -2.022 % and by 1985 when all the measures put in place by Buhari started yielding result, Nigeria economy grew by 8.323 %. The fact is that Shagari Government could not pay workers salary for many months and the economy was in shambles.

    Now, compare Buharis performance with Barack Obama of US. .
    In 2008 when Obama became the US President, the US economy was in a recession with the economy shrinking by -0.34 %, and unemployment at 5.8% in 2009, the first year of Obama in office the US economy further shrink by -3.1 %. and unemployment rose to 9.3%, and in 2011 the economy started to grow by 1.81 %., unemployment dip to 8,9%, and by 2012, the US economy grew by 2.2% and unemployment reduced further to 8.1%.

    Buhari reduced inflation from 23% to 4% by 1985. Buhari is a “miracle” worker unlike some people who inherited a prosperous economy between 2007 – 2009, but today, they have dragged the Nigeria economy into another recession. As I write, the FG can no longer meets her obligation to the states, government workers are being owed many months salaries, soldiers are buying thier own uniform and so on and so forth.

    Like Daddy Showkey would put it in one of his songs : Somebody tun ile se, somebody ba ile je

    • Ikwerrendiohi

      And now the biggest challenge. Did Buhari use two years bufget to arrest the recession? Otherwise mention one single project attributable to him.

      • absam777

        One single project? Built Refinery. I could have given more, but one is what you asked for and this is what dumbo can not do for 6years,

        • justice

          Please give me more.

          • Ikwerrendiohi

            There are no more, my brother. The only one given belonged to OBJ.

        • Ikwerrendiohi

          My bros Buhari did not build refinery. Obj, I respect him a lot, built the refineries. Babangida built another. Buhari’s presidency has none. So give me another false achievment.

      • deji

        Whenever there is a recession, it first has to bottom out before recovery. In the US, more jobs were lost in Obama’s first year in office than the previous year before his Presidency. To forestall further decline of the economy certain measures has to be put in place before recovery can happen and that is what happened in 1984. By 1985, some of this measures have started to yield results.

        (1) Workers started to receive their salaries as at when due

        (2) Buhari started repaying Nigeria’s debt and was not racking more debts

        (3) Refused to devalue the Naira.

        (4) Food was becoming reasonably available for two reasons: (a) The emphasis paid to agriculture had resulted in abundant food harvests, (b) The border closure made it impossible for unscrupulous business men to continue smuggling food items into neighboring countries where they sold for twice their value in Nigeria.

        Had Buharinomics continued for at least five years, Nigeria would have joined the Asian tigers in economic growth and self reliance

        As a minister of petroleum, Buhari signed the contract for Warri Refinery, for Kaduna Refinery, for more than 20 depots all over the country, for laying of pipelines, more than 3200 kilometers and Nigeria did not borrow a kobo for those projects. And then, by the time he became head of state, Nigeria was exporting 100,000 barrels per day of refined products.

        • Ikwerrendiohi

          Shut up your lying mouth. I’m thirty seven this year, and have read about essential commodity when I read war literature. This year I heard about essential commodity in a non-war era. And guess what, it was during Buhari’s era. Under Jonah we are not talking about foods becoming reasonably available. They are ever present. I have never gone to any market and fail to buy anything because they are said to be unavailable. Hahaha. Workers were rather retrenched and not paid. The downward spiral of the naira started under your man. Check the records. And your records about the refinery, pathetic. If you attribute the building of the refinery to Buhari what then would u attribute to Obasanjo whose minister Buhari was. I love you brother but I love truth more.

          • deji

            You are insane. Food scarcity and rationing was rampant during Shagari regime.
            Unscrupulous business people with lopsided import license were hoarding the
            goods before Buhari came in. If you are only 37 yrs old, that shows that you
            were still a toddler during Buhari regime. Go and dust your history books and
            read. Typical of a PDPig, you appear bitter as Nigerians unite to remove the
            feeding bottle from your corrupt orifice, so you are excused.

          • Jones

            Fellow man, next time you feel like responding to any topic, consider asking a sensible person near you to help you out. Intelligence is not painful to the brain, and is not a crime if you are not endowed. After all the president of a country has less of it. Amnesty is not a degree.

  • Wähala

    Gen. Agwai was fired for delivering the keynote speech at Obasanjo’s 78th birthday bash recently, he lost his job for daring to call for change which he said is inevitable in Nigeria. Hear him… “In life, you find out that everything needs change, if that is what the community wants, what the people want, you must give it to them and as such, it becomes inevitable. You can have everything nice, but if you don’t have the right leadership to propel it, it cannot go anywhere. Integrity matters, doing what is good for the larger society, and not just what you want to do for a narrow society to please yourself,” “Imperatives of a national security framework for the development and progress of Nigeria.” Dr. Dumbo is I mean and vindictive Ijaw tout who cannot tolerate objective criticism, is paranoid about anyone who he sees as a threat to his hold on power, and will do anything to silence opposition to his silly ambition to continue stealing Nigeria dry. Gen. Agwai had better watch his back before they murder him like Gen. Azazi for what he knows or may spill. A desperado is a dangerous animal. Nonsense.

    • Ikwerrendiohi

      You are a block head. Military rule has so destroyed our psyche that we now think like what I dont know. GEJ is Agwai’s superior. If he went to Obj’s birthday bash against his principal’s advise it is pure insurbordination. And to give such speech as you cited, if it is true, then he is an insensitive fellow. How can one disobey his superior and come out in public to insult him and you praise such fellow for offering objective criticism. Mr Man, this is local politics. People are calculating and making their moves now, Agwai made his own hoping his Buhari will win by March 28. What a decent man should have done if he thought he was no longer standing on the same platform with GEJ was to resign.

      • Wähala

        Do you even know the meaning of, “Ikwerrendiohi” that you’re carrying about as name? You are a senseless gorilla with zero human instincts. So if Dumbo is not in good terms with OBJ everybody else in his Govt. should quarrel with the old man at the expense of national security and development? Go to prove you Aborigines are nothing but cross-bred animals that belong to the zoo. The General has nothing to lost because Dumbo himself will soon be fired by the Nigerian electorate who pay for his ogogoro gulping on the job instead of doing what he was sent there to do. e-Touts like you had better start saving for rainy days if you have eyes to see the growing & gathering clouds. Drunkard!

      • Oyindamola

        You are the real block head here.. A big one at that!

  • SAM .A

    General Martin Agwai as a retired general , is still collecting his equivalent of salary. He is not a beggar . He will get another better job in June. This is minus at least 4-6 votes for Jonathan.

  • The same old African MENTALITY———-or better tagged Nigerian Mentality————-a man is fired for whatever reason and the APC thugs- on the web begin to read meanings into it————-ooh its because he visited–Obj–are we being told here that he the president did not know he was close to Obj b4 he offered him the Job———–? Kolade was never sacked because he criticised Gej—–Never——— Jonathan as I know him is the last person on earth who will fire any over visit to the home of Obj——————-I remember one of the business moguls in the country telling the president that–his vehicles were burnt in the Fulani North–because he had the pictures of Jonathan displayed on them———-That is Nigeria for u—————-we all attempt to lie our to a certain trading post—either in the North or South of the country————what a shame—————–

    • Indeed, nothing exemplifies the bankruptcy of the APC presidential campaign more than the decision of Buhari to deliver a vapid speech in London, rather than engage Jonathan in a presidential debate in Nigeria. I am still looking for someone to explain to me the relevance of Buhari’s London junket to a Nigerian presidential election. Britons don’t vote in Nigerian elections. Even Nigerians living abroad don’t vote. So what was the point of that charade?

      Instead of giving a speech at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs in Lagos, Buhari chose the Royal Institute of International Affairs, in far-away London. Nevertheless, nobody would mistake Buhari for a scholar. The APC presidential candidate has never written a book. He does not even have an article in a journal or newspaper to his name. We have yet to sort out the nagging issue of his missing school-leaving certificate. Indeed, his trip might have made more sense if it had involved a dash to Cambridge to secure a bona fide copy of his fictitious 1961 WASC results.

      Buhari’s Chartham House speech was intellectually empty. It was full of bells and whistles signifying absolutely nothing. There was nothing newsworthy in it. It only made the news abroad because there was protest against him in the streets. From beginning to end, his speech was a flimsy rationalization of his dubious transition from dictator to democrat; and from coup-plotter against democracy, to presidential candidate in a democratic election.

      • Maitama Tambari

        Burning spear or mirage spear. Your brain wave is similar to Femi Fani Kayode and Ade Fayose. Discussion is on General Agwai dismissal, you jumped to Buhari’s speech in London and then to this PDP paid writer Aribisala in the Vanguard. WE BELIEVE CHANGE! YES WE CAN IN NIGERIA. ALI MUST GO. YES JONATHAN MUST GO.

    • Wähala

      Go and sit down, read the full gist at Punch and understand why your moron fired him. Why do you always lie about everything? Is what Gen Agwai said false or wrong? Dumbo will pay severly for all this impunity and evil acts to others. Go read how he exploited the Boko Haram war on another mega-scam involving Arthur Eze on SR, what’s wrong with the Egbesu worshipper?

    • Oladoja wahab

      No wonder why Obj discarded pdp

  • richkid

    His tenure finished and he got replaced not sack. Stop reporting falls tension. Who told you that former sure p president kolade fall out with me president, . Jona didn’t ask anybody not to visit Obasanjo party. Fake news. GEJ all the way

    • abc

      How long is the tenure in SureP. Olukolade resign not upto a year ago.

  • Andrew Amuko

    who is advising dis presido, so unforgiving, no wounder d rivers crisis snowball into a major blow to pdp,…

    • Arabakpura

      I told you guys that Jonathan would have been a more terrible dictator had he passed through the military.
      God save Nigerians if this man per adventure returns to the saddle. Nigerians will redefine gentility should that be the case!
      My grouse is that his aggressions are not usually properly channeled – a la I don’t give a damn!

  • evi

    Good.No more Mr nice guy. Jonathan’s humility and peaceful nature has been taken for granted for too long.Agwai should go and join apc, let us know where he is coming from when he disrespects and tries to undermine Jonathan’s govt again.Agwai not only attended useless obj’s party knowing that he is enemies with his boss,he had the audacity to preach change, the same mantra apc has been chanting. May God open our eyes to enable us differentiate between our true friends and back stabbers .

    • Maitama Tambari

      You should have added the l to complete your name as “evil”. General Marthins Agwai is one of the finest human beings that walked across this planet and this country Nigeria. You have seen the respect he has for his former boss and Commander in Chief. Unlike some and others who were castigating their former Commander in Chief, espro de corps is being killed this time around. General Agwai, it is better for you to keep your dignity and self respect. A situation where because of hate campaign you are expected to sacrifice your good nature to join the campaign, is not worth it. WE BELIEVE CHANGE! YES WE CAN IN NIGERIA. ALI MUST GO. YES JONATHAN MUST GO.

      • evi

        I know evil pervades your entire existence that is why you see it all around you, with the innocent blood you and your terrorist brothers shed everyday, it is no wonder and the evil you and your terrorist leader, buhari ,commit everyday will eventually consume you. Agwai is one of the finest humans and he suddenly hobnobs with a hypocrite like obj that slept with his son’s wife and whom his daughter disowned calling him a hypocrite and selfish.obj that has no political value and did everything to get a third term. Maybe you didn’t read the part where Agwai indirectly endorsed buhari and castigated Jonathan. Blood sucking terrorist.

    • Teem

      “Jonathan’s humility and peaceful nature has been taken for granted for too long”.
      It pisses me off when people imply that we draw breath, or live in peace at the pleasure of Jonathan, when even God doesn’t jam it down our throats. You can ask him to deployed armoured tanks, the ones he refused to deploy against his sibblings Boko Haram, against the citizens for speaking their minds.

      • evi

        Boko haram is from the offspring of buhari because it is on record how he has always supported them and their sharia cause .it is also on record how buhari’s decrees 2 and 4 clamped down on freedom of expression and press freedom. it is because you have no sense of history and completely uneducated and probably a terrorist like your result forger quota system general, that is why you don’t appreciate that jonathan peaceful disposition has been a stabilising factor in our country, if not this country would be burning by now because of people like your terrorist buhari,junaid, lawal kaita, el rufai and the rest who vowed to make Nigeria ungovernable for jonathan and promised blood on the streets.



    • Bigzy

      You seem to be happy about this. You are a devil in the mold of a Jihadist.

      • justice

        No my friend I believe he is saying that PT and all other apc e-rats .should focus on the sad effect of Islamic terrorism bedeviling our country and not this sad attempt to soil Jonah’s name.



        • Bigzy

          Buhari, your principal is the DEVI and you are the devil’s apprentice.



          • Bigzy

            You people at Premium Times are hypocrites. You have no difficulty in publishing this mans foolishness. But you are offended by my reply. You are the very antithesis of equinanimity.



          • Bigzy

            The “B” word is spelt with one “R”. Since your cohorts at PT have refused to publish my reply, I shall not be replying to you on this platform any further.



  • Dunamis

    Wat eva GEJ’s reason is fr firing him, m fully behind him. GEJ doesn’t mke senseless accusations, he’s reason is sure valid. GEJ till 2019

    • Wähala

      Get some education or get someone to express your views… tout!

    • Jones

      Next time you feel like responding to any topic, consider asking a sensible person near you to help you out. Intelligence is not painful to the brain, and is not a crime if you are not endowed. After all the president of a country has less of it. Amnesty is not a degree.

      • Nnewi Man

        True talk

  • The same old African MENTALITY———-or better tagged Nigerian Mentality——by d crusaders brigade–of APC—-A man is fired for whatever reason and the APC thugs- on the web begins to read meanings into it——-like native doctors or soothsayers—-Now the story by the janjaweeds is that he visited–Obj–Are we being told here that he the president did not know he was close to Obj b4 he offered him the Job—-all the while that he has been there—chopping awooof oil money—-? Kolade was never sacked because he criticised Gej—–Never——— Jonathan as I know him is the least person on earth who will fire any over visit to the home of monsters like Obj——–Jonathan still does not see Obj as his number one enemy–in spite of all that obj has done and still doing to unseat him———-I remember one of the business moguls in the country telling the president that–his vehicles were burnt in the Fulani North–because he had the pictures of Jonathan displayed on them———-That is Nigeria for u—————-we all attempt to lie our to a certain trading post—either in the North or South of the country——depending of course on who is in power- from the 2 axis of evil in 9ja——what a shame————–Obj like Buhari are all in our past—–never our present—-

  • Olu

    Patriotism is not colliding with the president to inflict the citizens with poor governance. It is being loyal to the constitution of the land, ensuring things are done to fulfill aspirations of the citizens. It is very uncivilized for people to make the interest of president to be above the interest of the country. And end is coming to this type of barbaric actions come March 28. Bye bye uncle Jona.

    • endybolt

      Watch your tenses

      • Olu

        We have seen the best you PHD holder president could offer the country. Grammarian.

  • (Tinubu raised a loan of N4.7billion on Eko Akete project for which nothing was achieved before he turned around to sell the property to his Chagouri friends of Chagouri & Chagouri and Hitech Construction Ltd at a ridiculously low price at the expense of the taxpayers of Lagos. Tinubu applied to personally purchase the federal secretariat building while in office. When he couldn’t get to buy it, he directed Fashola to stop the eventual owner of the complex from developing it. The complex is presently wasting away, courtesy of the Lagos State Government.

    “It took several months of horse trading and underhand payments before Fashola could allow the new owners of 1004 flats to redevelop the complex (Wole Babalakin). Several other buyers of federal government properties and developers of properties in Ikoyi, Victoria Island and Government Reservation Area, Ikeja were forced to succumb to the outrageous demands of Tinubu, Fashola, Commissioner Abosede and other officials.

    The Critical Care Unit of Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) in Ikeja, built and equipped with state funds, is now owned personally by Tinubu. He has put Dr. Sikiru Tinubu, (a supposed cousin of his) to run the outfit. It is run as a private unit and proceeds are pocketed by the duo…)


      This is a story about President Jonathan firing Gen. Agwai, one of the most respected Nigerian military generals, dead or alive, serving or retired, and all the PDP supporters could do is to go after Asiwaju. What has he got to do with this story? Why are they so mortally afraid of this man, without whom Nigeria would have been transformed into a one-party state? Do they not realize that the more they attack Asiwaju, the more they lionize him? Shame on PDP!

    • Olu

      What has Jonathan done for Nigeria that make him worth being voted for?

      • justice

        How are things in Mars? Welcome home ojare. But a visit to their website will update you with verifiable evidence. Welcome.

    • amazing2012

      Please connect your submission with sure-P issue !

    • yeko

      Alaroye (Mr Talk Talk), is this sure P related? You will soon finish that your 10k salary.

  • sammyctu ode

    Dr. Christopher Kolade a respected statesman resigned from SURE-P because he wanted his integrity to be intact and came out criticizing the clueless jonathan administration because of lots of evil things he saw, General Agwai was fired because he no longer believes in jonathan and his useless administration. These are two gentlemen who climbed to the highest ladders of their profession. What both are telling Nigerians is that this jonathan administration has lost all the moral authority to rule and lead Nigeria to the promised land and that personally, jonathan has been a total failure for six years. The two of them individually have superb intelligence more than the vindictive, clueless, corrupt evil jonathan whom they both consider as a small boy in life.

    • Oyindamola

      You will be great..

    • Uzoma

      “The two of them have superb intelligence more than the vindictive, clueless, corrupt evil jonathan”as you say. All they need to do is go and run for president and run the country according to the first-class intelligence. Is that too much to ask from them?

  • Olu

    Jonathan already said “Stealing is not corruption”. We are tired of this “Tone at the head”.

  • Wähala

    After all their nose about the success of SURE-P the mumu and vindictive criminal deems it necessary to fire the man responsible for that fake success, ba? Dumbo flexes his muscles at the wrong people and at the wrong time. Firing a key member of his feeble Govt. barely weeks to general elections is akin to the advise he took about going to party in Kano from visiting bombing victims in a hospital, leaves much to be desired from the pfools who advise the most pfoolish of them all. A sensible president would not make enemies when he needs all hands on deck for his re-election, goes to prove the mental capacity of this clown with a fake degree from University of Pitakwa. Dumbo mumu pass muguhood… wallahi

    • justice

      Any one who is no longer happy with the direction the government he/she serves do the decent thing and resign. They cannot be in that government and mouth off with the opposition. This, your hero seems not to understand.

      • Wähala

        The problem with your moron is he regrets his decision only after it’s too late. He will also regret this one but as usual it will be too late. Didn’t he go begging OBJ weeks after calling him a motor park tout? Goes to prove he acts under the influence of alcohol, when he sobers up he returns to eat his vomitus. He will return… Go sitdon!

        • Guguru


          LOL. True.

    • Oweja

      This man spends billions to woo impossible friends and worthless characters all over Nigeria while busy sacking valuable allies at the drop of a hat! The man go win this election so taaaay afraid go grip am!!!

  • tittop dede

    Good for him,he should be sacked for floating his boss instruction because it is tantamount to an act of gross misconduct and insubordination,why is he working with an opposition like obasanjo,let him go home and rest or join APC and contest for presidency.

    • Bola Bello

      A retired General attending the party of another General is a sin?

      • justice

        No but only when he is doing it for political expediency and disobeying his ogas direct order.

      • Churchill Roosevelt

        I honestly see this as suicidal and a ricochet. Whoever advised Mr President to do this made a terrible mistake and disservice to the remaining goodwill from Northern Christians whose Pastors have been slaughtered and Churches wiped out in the North East.One of the most important industry for the Northern Christian is the Military.They surely would see this as a disgrace to them.Imagine what will be going on in Gen.Danjuma’s mind,Domkat Bali,Zamani Letwot,Shagaya……

        The bitterness amongst the Northern Christian is suppressed but i have met some of their Pastors and indigenes that were my classmates and the disappointment they have is understandable.They expected a southern Leader to have protected them and their churches.The Church called EYN[Ekklesiyar Yan’Uwar Kristi A Nigeriya] has been completely wiped out in Borno State.The works of 100 Years missionary works gone down the drain.Check the picture of the HQTs of Boko haram captured by Chadian Army in Dikwa.Its an existing EYN Church.

        Remember Pastor Dikwa that blew out the alleged N7Billion dashed out to CAN? He relocated to Kaduna.
        Softly,Sofly advisers.This is shooting yourselves

        • Guguru

          I agree.

      • trippi

        You cannot serve two masters at the same time…

      • tittop dede

        Not another general like OBJ that u know is sure sabotaging ur boss authority,nobody can do that during OBJ so Agwai should learn

    • sawston

      So your boss where you work can stop you from attending your friend’s birthday party outside official hours?

      • justice

        Not if the activities of that your friend is negating on the interest and fortune of your boss’s company.

        • Olu

          You are not to be blame. You’ve never experience a government that appreciate rules of law and human rights for long time. What is the different between this type of president action and dictatorship actions. President is not Nigeria. Partisan is individual interest of president. A patriotic president is the president of Nigerians (including oppositions) not the one that creates divisions among his subjects. His enemies might not necessarily be the country enemies. We are tired of this power drunkenness. Bye, bye, uncle Jona.

          • Regie

            You people talk like drunks, would you stomach anyone who laughs with you and goes behind to plans for your execution? What are you arguing that the President doesn’t have a right to relieve anyone of his post when such person’s behavior negates the interest of his administration? The same OBJ who is at the center of the problem took down Bola Ige for standing on his way and so many atrocities he committed which you talking now know much more better, so let’s put sentiments apart no matter how much you hate GEJ, he only relieved him of the job unlike OBJ who will go the extra mile.

      • tittop dede

        If u never see one,learn ur lesson now before u are sacked

  • Strong System

    The former Chief of Army Staff had, while delivering a lecture in commemoration of former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s 78th birthday on Thursday, said change in leadership was inevitable, declaring that the country’s leaders must accept it and move with it.

    “In life, you find out that everything needs change, if that is what the community wants, what the people want, you must give it to them and as such, it becomes inevitable.

    “You can have everything nice, but if you don’t have the right leadership to propel it, it cannot go anywhere. Integrity matters, doing what is good for the larger society, and not just what you want to do for a narrow society to please yourself,” Agwai had said in his lecture titled “Imperatives of a national security framework for the development and progress of Nigeria.”

    • cute

      Change? Its so embarrassing that learned Nigerians do not know the meaning of change. Both candidates have been there and done that. If GMB was that good why did he not serve for a longer period and if GEJ is that good why are people clamoring for his head. In my opinion none can bring a change that was not previously seen and appreciated. On that day let’s all move there and choose one person and stop deceiving our selves that things will turn for the better cos as far as I know, we don’t have a presidential candidate.

  • Remi

    There is even no more SURE-P money. Oil price slump has ensured that. Also it is lesson for men of integrity to stay clear of this government as it a government of sycophants and people of low or no integrity. That’s why we are in this sorry state. If this government has been peopled with people of high moral standard we will not be in this quagmire. A government of anything goes, 7 is greater than 16, 16 is greater than 19, judges beaten up in court, army generals becoming “boy boy” to common criminals, national assembly teargassed, unelected first lady abusing openly in public an elected governor, governor being denied right to free movement or will be killed by soldiers, emir prevented from entering palace, job applicants killed after collecting money from them in a scam no offense committed, minister spending N10 billion gallivanting about and when asked to come and clear herself ran to court for cover, another buying 2 cars for N235 million and went free. And we are being asked to vote for the continuity of these absurdities.

    • GodwinEdwards

      Define integrity? who has integrity in that dysfunctional system called Nigeria….Even the so-called Obasanjo do not have any integrity, show me one man in Nigeria who has been in Govt in Nigeria that has integrity? Look there is no thief that has integrity except of course only in Nigeria….it is Pathetic

      • bright


    • Ado Nalado

      Please Remi tell them, maybe they will hear. We can’t continue like that, just vote for change through your pvc.

  • Anyasa Umigbo

    If Obasanjo was still president, he would have had the man killed.

    • Olu

      So, this is the best Jona can do? We are tired of such mentality.

    • Ogom

      Hypothetical. Conjecture.

      Fact – Jonathan fired him for attending a party in his own private time

      • Anyasa Umigbo

        Last time I checked, the friend of my enemy was my enemy, therefore, Mr Agwai’s cup was full and deserves what he gets. Including EFCC.

        • Ogom

          “Last time you checked” what?
          The Constitution.. The Bible.. What?

          Jonathan is vindictive and his own worst enemy.

          • Uwem Udoh

            Surely not as vindictive as Bokohari: who in 1985 as head of state fanatically championed the election of Ide Oumarou, a Muslim, Fulani from Niger Republic as secretary general of Organization of African Unity in place of Nigeria’s Dr Peter Onu, who had distinguished himself as acting sec gen. Or as Bokohari who backdated an anti-drug trafficking law in order to kill three young Nigerians as done in his ideal country – Saudi Arabia.

          • Ogom

            Irrelevant. Bigot.

          • Uwem Udoh

            That’s the word. I agree with you. Bokohari is a vindictive, religious bigot

          • Ogom

            You. Childish bigot. All you have are simplistic ethnic based arguments. Empty barrel

          • Uwem Udoh

            Last time he checked the Koran (Quran)

      • Philip Waziri

        …and what makes “your” assumption a fact? If I may ask??

        • Ogom

          We’re both making the same assumption – that he was fired because he attended the party. You go one step further, speculating about what OBJ would have done, which is unnecessary. Irrelevant even.

          • the first question u should ask yr janjaweed head is whether Jonathan is as mean as tinubu ati obj put together–not to talk of buhari——again——————-why should Jonathan allow a man who is not loyal to his government work with him

          • Ogom

            I shouldn’t ask myself about Tinumbu, OBJ or Buhari, as they were not the ones who did the hiring or firing.

            Jonathan did. I will assume he hired the man for competence, but has now fired a man for attending a birthday party. As I said, he is his own worst enemy.

    • Ado Nalado

      Remember during OBJ regime Gen. Joseph Malu publicly showered his allegiance to Abacha & Gen. Malu is still kicking!!!

      • Obed

        and OBJ later sent his military boys to wipe out Malu tribe then. Have you lost your memories?

  • Ike Uyan

    is this not behaving like if nigeria belongs to gej n dame patience?????????????????

  • Gen Agwai publicly denounced a dying administration while supporting Change, thereby enlisting in the good books of his senior Generals.
    This General tactfully executed his exit plan while doing the clueless GEJ in.A smarter CinC would have allowed this to pass with a view to retaining the votes of his hangers on, before removing him with ruthless ignominy.

    • Obed

      OBJ is endemic to corruption. Atleast GEJ should extend his hands to Jega for taking sides. Nothing will happen unless your whole region will starve to deaths

  • Good Riddance to bad rubbish—————–In Nigeria, to defeat a strong incumbent like Jonathan, the candidate must:

    1. Be as smart as Nnamdi Azikiwe
    2. Be wise as Awolowo
    3. Talk like Tafawa Balewa
    4. Be connected like IBB
    5. Be charismatic like Donald Duke
    6. Calm like Abdulsalam
    7. Gentle and athletic as Goodluck
    8. Loved like MKO

    9. Have a real and verifiable degree/or at least a pass in O’level Mathematic-

    • Arrest warrant

      Chatham house speech by his Excellency GMB is more
      balance in equation,
      respected world,
      and implementable than those jargons you narrated…vote GMB vote change..

      • emmanuel

        Prepared speech read be a sick man without colouration.

        The man struggled to read the speech and do not do justice to the papers. It was like a reading club speech reading

      • Obed

        Buhari never pass any examination. He is a daft and blind. He can never sit on the seat of the president any more. He is just deceiving himself and his dumbo followers

    • Screw-em

      @Deri……..Sai Buhari has all of these attributes and more..

  • Osun State Workers today Protested against their unpaid 5 months Salaries by the Aregbesola’s government.

    Last year, Lagos and Rivers state government helped the Osun state government to pay 3 months salary arrears prior to the governorship election in the state.

  • Umar Dendi

    The house is burning!
    The crew are disregarding the sail!
    —Its time to abandon Ship–They all say!!

    • Nnewi Man

      True my guy.

  • Guguru

    Can everyone see how vindictive and petty Jonathan can become? This is the thug you all want for another 4 years? LOL.

    • Isi Agwo

      Great to see that Jonathan is dealing with enemies very decisively. He turned the other cheek for far too long. Talking about another 4 years, actually, he has no serious opponent as the Boko Haram spokesman, Bokohari, will be swept aside in the next few days: native of Niger Republic (that’s why he has attached no birth certificate), has no qualification, a incurable perjurer, with an incomplete nomination form is certainly not a candidate.

      • Guguru

        Isi agwo,

        You name is scary and you sound like an escapee from ward C-1 from the psychiatric clinic located on the next street. Are you okay today? Why am i even asking you if you are okay today? Are you even capable of recognizing if you are okay or not?

  • Rollingdollar

    If I was the commander in chief and one of my appointees attends an opposition function and criticise the government under which he works, I will see it as gross insurbodination, and I will FIRE him. Period

  • Guguru

    Jonathan, the man who cannot control or stop his heretical wife from committing social and political blasphemy, has all the energy and vitality to fire a man who simply wanted to attend a birthday party. If the wires connecting the brain cells in Jonathan’s head are not rusted and failing, then i wonder what is.

  • hummm

    Mr president, that was very mature of you to punish those that hang out with your adversaries, You really expect to win this second term? I think not!!!

  • Yusuf

    president with zero integrity

  • Titi

    it is only the good ones that leave Jona’s cabinet while thugs like obanikoko will be sneaked in by hook or by crook

    • emmanuel

      Bukola Saraki, Atiku, Amaechi, Akume, Nyako, Obasanjo?

  • wally

    So when Jonathan is not in good terms with someone all PDP members should do the same! Does it means that all PDP members are Zombie? Where is Fela to sing this song? Zombie no go go unless you tell am to go Zombie. Zombie no go think unless you tell am to think Zombie etc. This government is laughable.

  • ola

    Always surprise the way some yoruba people do comment on this forum.somebody that frustrated our heroes by seizing their passport for further treatment in USA while he took his own family there.Jailed them unnecessarily…I trust yoruba people for this,they may support you at the initial stage but when it comes to reality they will definitely change…how can you expect an illiterate to govern this country again,a man of 72 years….another scenario of yar adua….Am a yoruba man to the core,an average yoruba man can never vote buhari,they can only make mouth…

    • tundemash

      I guess you are a Yoruba man like Femi Fani Kayode…..

      • ayo

        What a worthy response to a shortsighted analysis. Bravo, Tundemash

      • Pedro

        You should be locked up in a mental home for daring to compare Chief Awolowo with Buhari. No wonder people are saying the supporters of APC have lost their senses. How true!

        • tundemash

          You are d@ft ! Ask a 10yr old to interprete for you. Awo was 78 when he died, Buhari is 72, that was the basis of comparison Mr. PDP thug !

          Now crawl back into the hole u come from d@ft !

    • Arabakpura

      Complete your name if you know you are yoruba. Among Ijaws, there is also Ola!

    • DrOye

      Is it your support? We have decided to sent Otuoke boy home. so be it!

  • ICC Hague

    Jonadaft the fake PhD. holder how can you fire a man of integrity like general Agwai just for attending birth day of his friend, you said this man has done well for Nigeria, why for your own selfish interest fired him? Nigeria is not your estate, a public servant is not GEJ servant. How many times you committed an impeachable offense, did the national assemly fire you? So no public servant have freedom of association under your leadership.? But militants, your wife and other criminals have the liberty to threaten and insult Nigerians, what a dictatorship? Azazi was fired for saying the truth later killed, so Agwai should be very carefull avoid helicopters and people from GEJ. A last kick of a dying horse, GEJ back to otouke soon. A lesson for honest and people of integrity is to stay away from this Government for daft and looters, you cannot fit into them.

  • emmanuel

    The APC (PT) craft their own reason for what other people do.

    What a bunch of senseless and inglorious humans.

    The other day, PDP Governors met in Lagos and they said, it was a meeting to enable them defect to APC..Nigerians are tired of confusing and conflicting information and lies churned out on daily basis,

    APC leave us to our lives, everything Nigeria is not about PDP and APC(or codine)

  • dd

    He was unfriendly friend within the cabinet. Happy he is gone. OBJ will send his name for nomination for Buhari to reappoint him.

  • amzat kola

    Its obvious that Gen Martin Luther-Agwai is a mole in President Jonathan’s government. Why should any President allows such a top government official with doubtful loyalty around him? The Gen. couldn’t be holding such important post in government and his loyalty is to Ota farm chieftain. Now that the curtain has been drawn on his involvement with the federal government, let Chief Obasanjo gives him a new portfolio in the farm.

    • Patriotique

      You owe your loyalty, primarily to your nation. Other interests should not dismiss this. An order that someone should not attend some birthday party, even though the person is not on duty, looks like malice to me, and should be considered a personal issue. e no suppose to concern us wey be employees to the Oga at the top. Thanks.

  • Olusola

    More like a Lt.gen. Not that scout Minimah who never saw action, became COAS by FIAT. I am not sure Minimah ever saw any action that is why he takes all sorts of illegal orders. Good job Gen. Agwai!

  • FuzzyLogic

    He looks like 80 to me.

  • Funso Famuyiwa

    Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola is one of the most Misrepresented and Vilified Political figures in contemporary Nigerian, and especially Yoruba southwest Politics. For all the reasons Semiu has listed and perhaps other mischievous considerations as well.
    His travails also had a lot to do with the fact that he did not indulge in “Patronage ” or “Stomach Infrastructure” Politics to the chagrin of many of the barracudas out there.
    His ascetic disciplined lifestyle is boldly displayed in his wiry, underweight bony frame unlike the “rosy cheeked” pot bellied scavengers that roam the land.
    Now, he made some mistakes with regard to horrendous burrowing to build infrastructures, but, as a consummate Awoist, he had a vision and a goal and he delivered for the most part. I am convinced that History will judge him well for making a significant positive impact on Osun state during his tenure. I wish him and his family well as he turns 60 !