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  • Chikezie

    People Duping People
    People Deceiving People
    Papa Dupinp Pikin
    Pikin Duping Papa
    Papa Deceiving Pikin
    Pikin Deciving Papa
    Poverty Development Party
    People’s Demonic Party
    People Demonising People
    People Demolishing People
    Papa Demonising Pikin
    Pikin Demonising Papa
    Papa Demolishing Pikin
    Pikin Demolishing Papa
    People Destroying People
    Papa Destroying Pikin
    Pikin Destroying Papa
    People’s Deadly Party
    Party of Deadly People
    Party of Demonic People

    Complete the list…….

    • blueeyedkitten


      • Jones

        Public Disaster Party
        Presidential Dumbo Party
        Plagiarised Doctorate Party

  • Maitama Tambari

    You forgot the latest promises in CHIBOK, another political GIMICK promises. Building School. Under the Constitutions, both Secondary and Primary Scools are concurrent, that is why you have Kings College, Queens College in Lagos and Unity Secondary Schools across the country under the Federal Government The Secondary School in Chibok belongs to Borno State Government not Federal Government. What took Minister of Finance to Chibok to lay foundation for the rebuilding of the burnt Secondary School which belong to Borno State by Boko Haram? Did Borno State said it could not rebuild the School or did Federal Government offered the State, financial grants to rebuild the School and the Government refused as an APC State Government? No. Why now? Election. Yes Election. That is the reason why the Minister of Education did not perform the responsibility, but Finance. KUDI. This is another promises that is not going to be fulfilled because Jonathan Administration has taken the North East as fools. WE BELIEVE CHANGE! YES WE CAN IN NIGERIA. ALI MUST GO. YES JONATHAN MUST GO.

    • emeka M

      we haven’t even seen the university pictures…. where are the photos of the schools…? na only ear we use hear the thing..

  • taiwo

    Even in the attempt at doing a hatchet job any body that takes his time to go through the write up can still deduce that majority of the claims by the fed govt could not be refuted.The truth is constant and will always shine out no matter the attempt at cover up or at hoodwinking people.We are committed to marching forward with Jonathan on the 28th and we say no to a dictator that should be facing trial in the ICC in saner societies

  • oluwaseyi mayowa

    1. Sahara Reporters insults the President
    everyday,no problem.
    2. Premium Times enjoy giving false information
    about the President,no problem
    3. The nation newspaper indict the president on
    daily basis,no problem
    4. Other APC media writes nonsense about the
    president daily but no problem.
    1. NTA transmitted documentary on Buhari, NTA
    Jos catches fire
    2. AIT transmitted documentary on Buhari and
    Tinubu, AIT Lagos catches fire.
    I’m still wondering. Now, you know who are the
    saboteurs of Nigeria’s democracy. Vote wisely.

    • udemeobong

      Are you with your senses? It´s like you are been paid for abi?
      Sometimes, I just pray that you should encounter what Saul encountered. Some have eyes but refused to see. What do you gain. Sahara or Premium times or whatever, the facts are everywhere to see and yet you are still dispraying your ignorance. Anyway, there must be people like you, who plays tribal and ignorance politics. With EkitiGate you have closed your mouth since it is obvious. You are just likt DOUBTING THOMAS-YOU WANT TO TOUCH AND FEEL IT FIRST BEFORE BELIEVING. Wait let them dry the nation´s covers and come for you with other hard measures hen will wake up.

    • udemeobong

      Even the picture that shows Lagos does not ashame you after how many years Lagos came to become a Mega City. Do know how many years it took China to transform Changhai? Read and educate yourself for the sake of your children. Don´t just be follow follow.

    • Tunsj

      Then why are you on PT website? Your hero, Jonathan, is a psychopath and you know it.

    • Guguru


      People’s homes catch fire everyday from the fake Chinese generators they use to power their homes in Nigeria. So, are you saying that AIT does not exist in Nigeria or that it does not use any substandard electric products which can technically catch fire at any time in such a warm tropical environment?

      • Garden-City Boy

        …….awusa man will never quit reasoning from his anus. You are saying that Tinubu is the Chinese electric generator on the loose……the arsonist. You know too well how serious a crime arson is, or don’t you?

        • Guguru

          Garden Dust Bin Girl,

          I can hardly make out what you are trying to say. Do you have a speech impediment?

  • stella

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  • Buhari’s Best Economy Achievements in Nigeria 1983-1985 – 1).Buhari saw the change of color of the nation’s currency notes (except the fifty kobo note) in April 1984, allegedly to stop currency hoarding.

    The exercise rendered almost half of the estimated N6 billion of had earned money of ordinary Nigerians, especially southerners, worthless at the expiration of the change.

    2).Buhari made Nigerians to go through the agony of having to scavenge and scamper for what was described as “essential commodities” such as milk, sugar and other diary products, thus creating emergency wealth for those who were very connected with his government.

    3).He cancelled the METROLINE PROJECT that Governor Lateef Jakande embarked upon as a vendetta against the Yoruba people.
    He chose rather to pay a fine of $60 million rather than guarantee $100million needed for the completion of the project. Just for a difference of $40million, the project that would have provided employment to thousands of the jobless, increase the earnings of Lagos State, reduce or eliminate traffic menace in Lagos and make life comfortable to workers, was blindly truncated.

    4).What about Ajaokuta Steel Complex? “It is on record that the Alhaji Shehu Shagari’s government started the Ajaokuta Steel Rolling Mill and was almost completing it before Buhari led others to overthrow the government.
    The dream of Ajaokuta was killed by that
    military coup led by Buhari. Then it took 28 years for the retired General Buhari to suddenly wake and accepted in his 2011 presidential
    campaign that Ajaokuta Steel Company is one of the biggest gates to Nigeria’s economic emancipation.
    Somebody should tell the APC Presidential aspirant that the Ajaokuta Steel Company has been quietly and devotedly rejuvenated to continue running again by the “clueless” President Jonathan.

    5) Buhari stopped the processing of Petroleum products in Nigeria by signing a pact with Brazil. Nigeria supplies Brazil with crude and Brazil will export finished petroleum products to Nigeria. This was the beginning of importation of Petrol, diesel, Kerosene and related products by Nigerian government. A problem that we are still battling till today.

    6) Over 90% of Manufacturing and service companies were forced out of business by Buhari’s government within 10 months in office. There was an extreme scarcity of goods and services, especially food and drugs. Buhari formed the Essential Commodity Company (ESSENCO), where his relatives, friends and cronies are given the sole import licence to bring in essential products.
    Nigerians stayed on queue for hours to receive items like, Sugar, Milk, Salt, Rice, Baby Food.

    This is the reason the older Nigerians have been rejecting Buhari in 2003, 2007, 2011 election and will be rejected again on Marc 8, 2015.

    • Guguru

      Burnt Spear,

      Why do you choose to live in the past? What good does it do for you? And what is sad is that you are actually creating an imaginary past for much of your assertions. For example, how did you arrive at the fact that Buhari had a vendetta against Lateef Jakande? Were you lodged in Buhari’s heart all that time while monitoring his emotional state as it fluctuated? How did you achieve this end? Do you see how silly and sorry you sound with some of your comments?

  • kekereeukun

    Editors of Premium Times,

    Sorry O, have Bola Tunubu and Raji Fashola fulfilled the AC/APC 2003 election promise,
    to serve a meal to each pupil in every public school in Lagos state? This is 2015, please.
    Dem never do am since 2003? And that is since 12 years ago? Una mumu do do for Lagos!!



      • Real Fact Check

        On the Road to Islamic State of Nigeria

        “Sharia should be introduced in full across Nigeria. I will continue to show openly
        and inside me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping
        all over Nigeria. God willing, we will NOT stop the agitation for total implementation
        of Sharia in the country. It is a legal responsibility which God has given us,
        within the context of one Nigeria, to continue to uphold the practice of Sharia
        wholeheartedly. What remains for Muslims in Nigeria is for them to re-double their efforts
        and educate Muslims on the need to promote the full implementation of Sharia law.”

        …….General Muhammadu Buhari

        (August 2001)


      My brother, true, true, dem mumu for Lagos don do! Small boy give them broom
      to dey waive like mad people in the afternoon while the small boy dey carry money
      for treasury go inside Fashola family house. Yeye dey smell for that Lagos!

      • Dele Bright


        Islam is the major problem with Nigeria. All else is secondary.
        Muslims repudiate the constitution holding Nigeria together.
        Nigerian Muslims then break up national unity in consequence.
        They then split up the Nigerian Army into armed religious camps.

        Furthermore, Nigerian Muslims declare themselves SUPERIOR.
        They are importing arms to wage war against the national army.
        Along the way they rape, they loot and burn all Christian churches.
        To complete the goriness they behead the Christians and the soldiers.

        • AGA

          You have to be careful in making certain unguided and provocative statements towards some other people religion. No true Muslim involved in any thing that you have mention. Why are you using terrorist action as an Islamic teaching? Islam is a religion of peace and if you are a true christian you are not suppose to judge the behaviors of certain insurgents using the name of Islam to distract people and yet call them a Muslims. Even the Muslim faithful are the majority casualties of the insurgents,,,Many of the people killed were Muslims. Many of the houses burnt and destroyed belongs to Muslims. In short Islam comes to exist and nothing can deter the growth of Islam and nothing absolutely nothing you can do about the rapid and fastest growth of the religion of ISLAM in the world.

  • evi

    It is truly laughable that punch and premium times that are in tinubu’s payroll and has been helping apc spread propaganda is fact checking Jonathan’s govt! I will file this fact check where I file irrelevant and comedic analysis.

    • richkid

      So your seeing this there rubish.

  • GideonOrkarII

    kai Premium Terrorists. You had to take picture of molues in Lagos an APC state to discredit Jona. Egunje and bad belle will kill of you

    • Tunsj

      Nonsense. The only terrorist that I can see is GideonOrkarII.

  • segun


  • richkid

    GeJ all the way. Stop this your fake news creating tension in pdp camp. Apc have lost everywhere. South south pdp, south east pdp, south west majority will eventually be pdp, come to the north, north central pdp etc. Apc is dead and gone. GEJ all the way!!

  • richkid

    You don’t poor state governance on national. Gej is working. I know the picture above is Lagos pics and that’s state road. Apc have been in power they for years just eating public fund with tinubu as God father. Stop god fatherism and packing our money to tinibu and tout. We need transformation they. GEJ all the way agbaje your welcome. GEJ win

  • sammyctu ode

    jonahan administration is the worst government in Nigeria’s history which has elevated corruption to a level that is higher than the highest mountain in the world.

    • warry

      The last time I checked same was said of Buhari’s and all other administrations by those trying to take over from them

  • Guguru

    This data is really nice to Jonathan because much of the results appear somewhat inconclusive. When you get to see the real data on Nigeria’s economic situation, you will weep. Other than the remainder of the foreign currency reserves which is put at $30 billion, Nigeria is essentially broke. Mrs Ngozi Okonjo Iweala recently used a promissory note called a Special Debt Note, to pay the bill she owes to Petroleum Product Marketers in order to end the fuel shortage. Nations with cash do not pay with promissory notes if they have a steady and reliable source of income or revenue. Things are worse than they appear in Nigeria. If Jonathan wins the elections again, he will load Nigeria up on debt, which your children and children’s children will never be able to pay back. And, the World Bank and Paris Club will not forgive the debt this time around, as they did in 2006. The people supporting Jonathan today better be ready and prepared to watch their grand children suffer needlessly because of a decision they made to keep Jonathan in power for another 4 years, that is if they have not already provided visas for their own children to start a new life in other nations. Crude oil prices will never rise to the levels we have seen in the past because new technologies will make this impossible. Nigeria must prepare for tough and hard times ahead if Jonathan is allowed back in power.

    • warry

      My friend if you are in a business and for some reasons beyond your control, you are not making as much money as you used to,definitely things cannot be as it used to be with you. Every attempt to save for rainy days was blocked by those shouting change. If you don’t like GEJ, do you also block his policies that are good? I know that in this case they did it out of ignorance. They don’t know anything, but chose to disregard professional advice. We are in a democracy. No previous administration has performed more than GEJ’s. With more support, he will definitely do more On employment, several Initiatives were introduced to help the unemployed like You Win, Sure P, Agroprenuer, Conditional Funds Transfer by MDG office,etc. All these were new initiatives. Certainly, there will still be unemployed as the resources of Govt are not unlimited. No Govt can solve all problems in the Society 100%.

      • Guguru


        You are going to have to show convincingly that the situation was beyond the control of the Nigerian government under Jonathan. Oil prices were as high as $115 per barrel. What did they do with all that money? Nigeria’s foreign currency reserve was falling as oil prices were rising, how do you explain this? When oil prices were about $35 per barrel under the Obasanjo regime, Nigeria’s foreign currency reserve was about $51 billion. Do you mind explaining to us how such a low oil price can lead to such a high foreign currency reserve under Obasanjo, while a high oil price is now leading to such a low foreign currency reserve under the Jonathan era? What about Nigeria’s ranking on the global competitiveness Index, why has it fallen steadily throughout the Jonathan era? And, why has Nigeria’s debt stock been rising since 2010 from about $32 billion to over $60 billion today?

  • Uzoma John

    A president who has performed has no business sharing dollars and bribing everyone- from the clergy to the traditional institution- to win their support. Good work and leadership speak for themselves. GEJ keeps confirming to all and sundry that he lacks leadership qualities. He does not even understand what leadership is all about. He is a common rogue. We shall definitely come out of this mess come March 28.

  • warry

    Whether liars deny it or not there is improvement in all sectors. On security our armed forces are better equipped to meet future challenges of terrorism. On the economy, if not for sabotage from saboteurs in PDP and APC members in the National Assembly and Governors Forum, there would have been enough savings to shield the economy from fluctuations on global oil price. Even the sovereign wealth Fund Initiative would have had more funds. The fools shouting change are the very ones that did the damage to the economy and suffering Nigerians. Roads,Trains Agriculture,Electoral system, Education, Aviation, service delivery in governance all received positive change or Transformation. Enemies of Nigeria wants to change Positive change to mere change.

    • Guguru

      Our soldiers ran to Cameron for safety from BH. Chad and Niger forces have bailed out several towns inside Nigeria.

  • lastp

    Fair enough

  • Bigzy

    8 of those 16 years were OBJ’s tenor in office. Like over 70% of your membership, he is now in the aPC.

    • Garden-City Boy

      ……and that is the hallowed NAVIGATOR they hail to the high heavens. PDP’s trash is always APC’s treasure; the JANJAWEED found this fattest chunk and name it “NAVIGATOR. At every turn, these APC-JANWEED voodooists keep adding more weights round their neck to ensure that they sink to the very bottom of the ocean of defeat.

    • John, The Truth liberates

      Stop peddling lies. OBJ is not a.member of any party, not to talk of APC

      • Bigzy

        So whom did Tinubu call their NAVIGATOR?

  • Ken

    GEJ under 5 years has recorded monumental progress and should be supported.