PDP governors vow to win Lagos, all southern states

Godswill Akpabio

The PDP Governors Forum on Monday said that the party will win elections in all the states in the south of the country including Lagos.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the Chairman of the Forum and Governor of Akwa Ibom, Godswill Akpabio said this at a meeting of the forum in Lagos.

Speaking to newsmen before the commencement of the meeting, Mr. Akpabio said the PDP will win on first ballot because it was a national party.

“Forget the propaganda you see. We are on ground and we believe PDP will win.

“PDP is the party to beat. We are not panicking because we have presence across 120, 000 polling units across the nation.

“We are in Lagos because Lagos is a strategic place. We have to re-strategize to ensure free, fair and credible elections.

“We came to brainstorm on how to win the election,” he said.

He re-assured Nigerians that the party will ensure that the elections were credible.

“We intend to discuss everything concerning the election. We have a responsibility to ensure the stability of Nigeria and Nigerians because we are the party in power.

“PDP is not callous to create problems in Nigeria,” Mr. Akpabio said.

Also Speaking, Gov Jonah Jang of Plateau called on INEC to be sure of the effectiveness of the card reader before using it.

“INEC said they could not use the card reader in the Osun election because it was sensitive but between the national election and Osun election, which is more sensitive,” he queried.

NAN reports that also at the meeting were Govs Liyel Imoke of Cross River, Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa, Ibrahim Shema of Katsina and Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo.

Others are, Govs Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti, Ibrahim Dankwabo of Gombe, Mukhtar Yero of Kaduna and PDP governorship candidate for Lagos State, Mr Jimi Agbaje.

The spokesperson for the PDP, Olisa Metuh, had told PREMIUM TIMES that the party expects to win in at least 29 states out of total 36.



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  • Bayonle


  • Spoken word

    these PDP clowns must be daft. with the damage PDP has done to this country they must really be out of their minds if they think Nigerians will vote for them at the next election. They will get the shock of the life on March 28th.

  • UO


  • Maitama Tambari

    Big clowns. Let them fight in retaining their States. Ndigbos have already sacrificed themselves by putting their eggs in Jonathan basket when the wind of change is blowing across Nigeria with a gale force of CHANGE. WE BELIEVE CHANGE! YES WE CAN IN NIGERIA.

    • israel amulum

      Watch and see


      Somebody should have gone to shot all those Peoples Demonic Party governors including Akpabio. PDP cannot win any free and fair election in Nigeria. These idiots postponed the election for fear of defeat and now that they can brag having set their rigging machinery in motion. But its rig and roast!!!

  • Anene Mercy

    I believe PDP will win Lagos. GEJ re election is also certain.

  • Victor Gee

    From what Gov Jang said, I am beginning to be suspicious of Jega. Does it mean Osun election is more sensitive than the general election?

  • Victor Gee

    Jega is really on a path to oblivion. Let him rig APC in let’s see.

  • Etang Chris

    PDP govs should fight apc head on.

  • SAM .A

    Akpabio the dreamer, dream on,you think the coming election on 28/3 will be like the primary you had for Emmanuel whereby u locked up the delegates in Government House for 3days at the expense of other PDP candidates.
    Lagos is not Akwa ibom. Eko o gba gbere.(Lagos does’t tolerate nonsense). Eko oni baje.

  • Rommel

    The advantages of a Jonathan defeat will be immeasurable on Nigeria,it would prevent Nigeria from becoming a one party state which Nigeria is too advanced for,it will enable Nigerians to see a change of policy direction,it will make the hunters to become the hunted,it will shake the foundation of official corruption in every facet of national life,there will be considerable professionalism on public offices since those that have been used to impunity as a result of political patronage will suddenly see themselves unprotected and only those who have been neutral will fear nothing.Nigeria is ripe for this kind of revolution and luckily it is happening democratically.These things more often than not only happen through public insurrection like the one witnessed recently in Burkina Faso or the Arab springs.Must we have a spring in Nigeria before changes can occur? is it not natural that we look at the two sides of a coin before spending,our democracy is developing and it was necessary that some members of the ruling party split to form credible opposition as happened in USA during their formative stages meaning that the formation of APC is perfectly normal.I love Nigeria and wish her to succeed,it is time at least for natural reasons that the PDP is voted out of power at the center so that Nigerians can see if lives can improve different from what people are used to under the PDP. A dynamic country like Nigeria deserves this change,it is important that it happens,all these people like this governor Akpa boi boi have constituted themselves into clogs that prevent change from occurring in Nigeria,they are only seeking to protect whatever they have acquired illegally,they have refused to acknowledge the multiplier effects of corruption on Nigerians.Nigerians should see them as enemies of progress and disregard them.

    • olu

      Well said, Rommel. May God bless you. We really deserve CHANGE and it will definitely come. I am sure by May 30 most of these PDP Clowns will on the run but they shall be rounded up to account for the looting of the commonwealth of the people of Nigeria.

  • TH

    Stupidious clowns

  • Nostory

    The blind person who shuts his eyes and says he is asleep, when he was not asleep,whom did he see? ( Afoju to diju, to ni oun sun,igbati ko sun, ta lo ri? ). The PDP Governors are just deceiving themselves,they can never win election in any state in Yorubaland.

    • Lagos I am

      By God Grace Yoroba land are not blind animals like lgbos

  • Ab

    It’s good to day dream especially when you know you’ve done well but not when you are comparable only to the most indolent, visionless, clueless and lack the proper clarity of purpose. I wish them well if they truly wish Nigeria well, if not I wish them to feast on the most humble pie the most ignoble of persons are bound to eat.

  • Ogbologbo

    APC lost Southern Nigeria by stealing the treasury

    APC party lost the confidence of the people by engaging in wholesale THEFTS of the treasury.
    Once Raji Fashola said Lagosians are not entitled to FREEDOM OF INFORMATION, he lost it.
    I will not be surprised if PDP wins all the 17 states in Southern Nigeria, including Lagos state.

    • Ogbologbo

      APC then lost the rest of Nigeria by…….



    • Ogbologbo

      APC then lost the rest of Nigeria by…….


      • O.Majekodunmi

        How APC looted Lagos state treasury

        The almost criminal results of Raji Fashola’s regime have caused Ambode huge credibility problems.
        Ambode cannot be believed that he will run an accountable government which Fashola renounces.
        With official thefts stinking all around Raji Fashola the stench now spreads around Mr. Ambode as well.

        Between May 1999 and now, Lagos state government has earned $40 billion dollars as revenues
        but the money – less salary and running expenses – was partly shared between Bola Tinubu, and,
        Raji Fashola under corporate guise in the worst scam ever in modern Yoruba history.

        In year 2012, Lagos state floated a bond of ₦87.5 billion loan in November to borrow
        at 14.5% interest rate and got public investors to subscribe for repayment with interest
        but once the bond was fully subscribed, Raji Fashola took 40% of that money –
        about 35 billion Naira or so – and handed it over in cash to Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu,
        via bogus corporate fronts, namely: (a) Lekki Concession Company, (b) ARM company,
        and, (c) Hitech company
        ; in a bogus “buy-back deal” of a supposed concession right
        on the 15-kilometre Lekki Expressway.

        • O.Majekodunmi

          ………(2) How APC looted Lagos state treasury

          This patently corrupt deal was ostensibly to buy back Lagos state ‘concession rights’
          on the Lekki tolled Expressway, according to Raji Fashola. But what the corrupt and
          clever by half Raji Fashola did not say is that the land at issue belongs to Lagos state
          and was never sold to Bola Tinubu’s company in the first place. Or did Bola Tinubu’s
          private companies invest 35 billion Naira developing the road.

          In other words, by sheer fraud, Raji Fashola paid Bola Tinubu 25 years profit upfront;
          without further work, A lien was then imposed on Lagos state allocation of federal revenue
          for the next 3 years to pay for this 87.5 billion Naira bond debt by all Lagos residents.
          In effect Alhaji Raji Fashola destroyed the future of Lagos state with debt burdens.

          Indeed, on May 21st, 2014, the Lagos State Commissioner for Finance, Ayodeji Gbeleyi,
          confirmed that Lagos state debts as at May 2014 stood at ₦435 billion– including ₦275 billion in bonds, equivalent to 2.7 billion United States dollars at the time. Discounting monthly interest rates on the commercial portion of this debt, the gross Lagos’ government debt
          is now equal to all of the expected federal revenue allocation to Lagos in the next 3½ years;
          presently standing at $3.7 billion without equivalent benefits on the ground to show for it –
          dollar for dollar.

          • Na so!


          • Na so!


      • Lagos I am

        Blind Man never understand things . animal thinking he can eat Poisson’s.

  • Rakota

    Biggest dreamers and Clowns

    • adaramola


    • adaramola


      • Jones P.

        “A corrupt tree cannot bring forth good fruit. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts,
        murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, and, blasphemies. The love of money
        is the root of all evil; which, while some coveted after, they erred from faith and pierced
        themselves with sorrows.

        For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?
        The getting of treasures by a lying tongue is a vanity tossed to and fro of those that
        seek death. There are thorns and snares on the path of the crooked.

        Anyone who guards himself prudently will stay far from the crooked.
        Brethren, you shall not steal. Theft entails deceit; and in a heart where
        the spirit of deceit is, there, the spirit of God cannot be.”


    well said, the best governor ever since the begining of this democrazy is talking.


    They have ears but can’t listen,they have eyes but can’t see,they have brain but can’t thinks positively, these are animals. In fact, they have erred and gone astray and animals are far better off than them.These executive pen robbers are still day dreaming of reelection into public offices under any circumstance. PDP is a sad history in Nigeria for thousand years to come,we will never forgive you for mis-governance,corruption,impunity,bloodshed,looting,bribery,scandals,recruitment tragedies,monumental frauds,fuel hikes,unemployment,ethnic bigotry/chauvinism,lies/deceit/propaganda.You have emptied the foreign reserves for the sake of re-election yet we are keenly waiting for you comes March 28 2015 to reap what you have sown.

  • oluwaseyi mayowa

    A party that supports terrorism,always excited when Boko Haram kill innocent Nigerians but go so quiet if the war against Boko Haram is being won as it is at the moment..

    The only party that its supporters have lost all level of morality,telling the whole world that they would still vote for a corrupt Tinubu if ever he contests or a thieving Buhari even if he is ever caught stealing money in the Bank….

    A party that its supporters are so violent that they burnt down more than 18 buses belonging to Chisco Transport just because a Bill Board of the President was close by….

    A party that its supporters severally stoned a sitting President,setting fire on party offices ,cars belonging to others…..

    The same people just today ignited the fire that raised down part of AIT office just because the Owner is not campaigning for its Presidential candidate….

    A people that have been brain washed to the extent that they see no wrong with the corruption spearheaded by Tinubu even as he has mortgaged Lagos state as his personal property……

    President Goodluck Jonathan displays peace all the time and he remains the best among the 14 Presidential aspirants…Our vote must count in 3 weeks time…


  • bib

    They are on ground with billions of dollars,tax payers money, for pastors, clerics, babalawos, ohaneze leaders, market women leaders, etc. The common men on the streets know that good governance is safety their lives and property, improvement in the quality of their lives,accountability of leadership, etc. But GEJ govt gave them cluelessness and impunity instead. So they demand CHANGE! APC AND GMB ALL THE WAY!!!

  • malik shaibu

    Sai Jonathan all the way. PDP the only truly national party in Nigeria


      No to Poverty Development Party!! No to Ogbanje GEJ!! First cure him of that marine spirit

  • Interrogator


  • fab

    Even though you governors spend the next one month in Lagos, you connot deliver PDP

  • Rumournaire

    I wonder why boastful statements by any political party should be made headline news by any publication. Any party can boast anything. PDP can boast that it will win 99% of votes in Katsina State. APC can boast that it will win 99.9% of votes in Bayelsa State. Those are just boasts, but such statements do not deserve to be made headline news.

  • adaramola


    • Okeybakassi 2


      • Koku


        But how about his Commander-in-Chief, in the picture below?


          Bobo Chicago Asiwaju looking very relaxed in the dock (familiar territory for all crooks)


        The face of political puppetry,this confused face has facilitated the economic enslavement of the children of Oduduwa. This subservient Alhaji has played out the script of his master Bobo Chicago Asiwaju in a very meticulous manner. Bobo Chicago has put the economy of all Yoruba states in his pocket and intends to maintain that grip through his latest company the ASIWAJU PRIVATE COMPANY (APC) !!

  • Preco01

    CLOWNS. Let’s borrow from the great MKO ” you don’t have to tell the deaf that market is over” movement of people in one direction (change) is enough. What language of change is so difficult for these looters in PDP to understand?

  • Jude

    Metu’s wish for PDP to win 29 states are stuff of dreams! Not remotely achievable even through rigging. The sad reality is that Jonathan was never a presidential mateterial and the last 6 six years of cluesslessnes has confirmed that assertion. Do Nigerians want to continue to leave their destiny in the hands of an imbecile who can barely see beyond his flat nose? Of course not. Jonathan’s curse on Nigerians must be exorcised come March 28.

  • Charlotte

    No wonder Agbaje is not campaigning and spewing rubbish about Nigeria going up in flames. He’s riding on the back of this monstrosity called PDP. He cannot govern this state by the grace of God. We shall reject the PDP curse over this country and State come March 28th and 11th April.

  • Godwin

    Can somebody help me tell Mr. Akpabio that this is not Akwa Ibom State and that former President Obasanjo tried by all means to snatch Lagos but failed to do so. Ete Akpabio should note that South West people are wiser oh and if they are dreaming of taken South West then it is a BIG dream that cannot materialize at all. Already GEJ said Lagos is in bondage then why are they coming to Lagos? They tell Nigerians what have they done for Nigerian at central that could warrant them another four years. well we are all waiting but they should note that E KO O BANI JE OH, but ENITI YIO BAJE KONI WOLE LAGBARA OLUWA.

  • Elis Davia

    Looking beyond the propaganda, you can obviously see that PDP will win the entire South

    • Jack Sparrow

      you need to stop smoking the cheap thrash

  • Elis Davia

    All the followers of President GEJ believe in fairness of the forthcoming election having the stability of Nigeria and Nigerians at heart.

    • Chikezie

      Why are you people shitting in your pants that card readers that promises to identify those with fraudulent cards or stollen cards are going to be used in this election? You all know that Jona and are gone for good in this country even if you borrow dollars from the World Bank to buy support

  • Godfrey Etokebe


    VOTE GEJ and PDP for sustainable TRANSFORMATION of NIGERIA!!!

    • abiodun

      so you also have been paid dollar to say rubbish here abi GEJ knew he’s already finished maybe you going to follow him to Otueke

      • Godfrey Etokebe

        The GATE is closed for APC entry!!! The NIGERIAN PEOPLE have spoken!!

  • goddy

    These treasurer looters think we lagosians are fools like them, PDP cannot win Lagos because they have not giving us any good reasons or examples in there various states to vote for PDP .

    • Chikezie

      These clowns can never cease to amuse. Hope they won’t panic to postpone elections again? Useless dumb looters. Nothing has changed from the security report that set Jonathan and his PDP on such panic mode as to practically force INEC to postpone the election by six weeks. The report was clear and lucid that the Jonathan will not win up to 30 per cent of votes in the presidential election and that the PDP will not win up to nine states in the election. It will be worse on March 28 with card readers deployed for the election.

    • charles

      well spoken my guy…they are in a deep trance…someone should please wake them up

    • Joe

      You are not sincere. Tinubu that strangulated life out of lagos called for one million man march and some people came to support him?. Nigeria is finished.

      • Olu

        The issue is about Jonathan. Using your words, Jonathan “strangulated life out of Nigeria”. It is about the president of Nigeria, hence Jonathan has lost it already.

      • Babso

        Only people like you can be deceive by PDP propaganda. We remain unshaken, APC all the way.

      • abiodun

        @joe am sorry for you why not go and face your region than saying rubbish here APC all the way

  • blueeyedkitten

    “We came to brainstorm on how to RIG the election,” he said.

  • Layo

    Pdpigs will loose all the states in SW. They are just using Ogboju, they have lost already. Their own way of stealing is demonic. Haba.

  • Baba Jada

    How? by sending Mbu there?

  • stella

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  • SO

    There is nothing wrong with PDP winning in Lagos and all the South West states if well deserved on the back of great developmental projects that they can showcase in the states that they control or at the centre. But despite their failed attempt at the federal government, we know that PDP can still win in Lagos if they use the same strategy that brings in Fayose in Ekiti (which is now public knowledge) of if they use the Jonah Jang theory of 19 being greater than 16. It really pains to see people playing with the lives of Nigerians like this. But hopefully, the people will speak and through their votes, they will dump all these pretenders into the dustbin of history whatever party they may belong whether it is APC or PDP.

  • samson john

    Let’s come together and bring GEJ back to office come next election

    • Olu

      No room for “repeat”. GEJ failed and he is being rusticated.

    • Tunsj

      Speak for yourself.

  • richkid

    Ofcus pdp is the party to win. At Lagos agbaje is working. And it’s time to vote out apc and there criminals from our Lagos

    • tittop dede

      Ambode of APC is just making mouth and can’t rule Lagos state,he is surrounded by so many godfathers and those are the click of people that won’t allow the guy to work and that’s y my candid advice to all of us in Lagos is too vote for a man of vision and strong personality in person of Jimi Agbaje and Goodluck Jonathan

      • Babso

        Is Jimi not surrounded by expired and corrupt godfathers like Bode George and Ogunlewe. Who will vote for those who signify nothing than corruption and backwardness. Ambode all the way.

        • bola sagoya

          TInubu is the most corrupt person ever to be in Government. George, ogunlewe plus the whole south west PDP leaders are not upto 5% of Tinubu in poor morality, corruption, stealing and greed.

          • Babso

            Very funny. You are among the gullible ones that have been swayed by all the lies of PDP. If Tinubu is so corrupt as you have mentioned, why is he not on trial or in prison? Please sing another song.

          • bola sagoya

            What PDP lies? Iv lived in lagos for over 40yrs and this is fact that iv known for over 9yrs. Let Agbaje win Lagos and the books get opened. Then he wd end up in jail for atleast 20yrs

          • Babso

            I hear you bros. Agbaje does not need to win before Tinubu or whoever have stolen money can be prosecuted. If they have evidence, let them go to EFCC and let the guilty ones face the full wrath of the law. Jimi cannot perform as a governor of Lagos because of his lack of experience and those clueless godfathers supporting him.

        • tittop dede

          No,Ambode down the way


    Since February 10, 2015 when I read the advertorial published in THISDAY titled: Brazen Looting of Lagos Treasury, 1999-2015 – which chronicled Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s massive wealth, I have been too shell-shocked to function effectively. I have been hard-pressed to understand, if true, how one man can acquire so much in one lifetime.
    I have struggled to match Tinubu and Babatunde Fashola’s public postures with the gravity of the allegations levelled against them. Can it really be true that Bola Ahmed Tinubu owns all the property listed in the advertorial? Is it true that Fashola also owns vast wealth and has been conniving with his godfather to defraud the state?

    I have been heartbroken, shattered, devastated and depressed about the sheer scale of abuses, mismanagement and careless disregard for the public interest that Tinubu and Fashola are accused of. Even though some of these allegations are not new, the scale of the malfeasance and the cheekiness revealed is truly remarkable and frightening.
    The alleged unrestrained greed exhibited in the quest and method of acquisition is quite troubling. To me, these change agents need thorough examination especially at a time like this when the change mantra has rented the airwaves, and many are being led to believe the magic wand to solve all of Nigeria’s problems is change.

    • Olu

      Is GEJ capable of delivering Nigerians from corruption? No. He already said “Stealing is not corruption”. What has GEJ done to put him among the richest in the word? Hypocrite! Nigeria need a CHANGE on top to effect changes downward. March 28 is good avenue for us to effect this change that will tackle corruption in the apex office of the country. Bye bye uncle Jona.

      • Africa

        True talk my brother. I wish it was possible to carve out a country from Nigeria for Jona , waka com, his goons and E-rats… We want a country that works, it is obvious the clown is not the solution to our many problems.

      • bola sagoya

        Bro, did Gej really say that?

    • Africa

      For God sake let us focus on the burning issue at hand which is the vote out this corrupt government from office. Tinubu is not running for any election, moreover, Lagos remains the best run state in the country.

      • bola sagoya

        Akwa ibom is the best run state in Nigeria while Lagos is the most raped state in Nigeria.

    • Emeka

      lol. you are heartbroken over what you term “I have been hard-pressed to understand, if true, how one man can acquire so much in one lifetime”. maybe you should do yuour own research and stop believing paid adverts

    • This is a diversion from Jonathan’s incompetent, callous, and very corrupt Government. Tinibu is not contesting any election in Nigeria today. More over Nigerians will want to watch and know what Jonathan and his gang of cabals owned so that we can judge. People are tired of bad governance. People are calling for change not because of fun of it. Buhari represent justice. Buhari represent the rallying point for the frustrated and teaming masses of Nigeria. Buhari represent the oppressed, poor, and defenseless people of Nigeria. You may delay a funeral, but you can not bring the dead to life.

      • Tunde

        Buhari is not the change we need.He is never a Saint, and does not represent justice. He is more of a religious fundamentalist and bigot. He is a trbalist, and sentimental in judgement. He is more likely to do more harm than good.

        • Buhari is the only viable option and avenue for Nigerians to vent their frustrations and anger against inept and clueless federal government led by your Gej. you are the vultures that divide Nigerians along ethnic and religious lines. You the ethnic bigot and religious fundermentalist. Jonathan will disappoint you by handing over to buhari peacefully without throwing this country into crises.

  • Olu

    A party that brought back a treasure looter, who was impeached for looting peoples money as governor of Ekiti state is not capable of delivering Nigeria from corruption. PDP is a failure. Bye, bye, uncle Jona.

  • yeko

    Fine, at least they will collect the remaining mop up dollars and pounds from GEJ then to your tent oh Israel. Deceitful people, after all flies that doesn’t listen to advice follows dead body inside grave.

    Even with the handwriting on the wall that its all over, masses have decided and no turning back.

  • tittop dede

    Lagosian do not go for party,they go for personality and the only able person that has got all the qualities among the contestants is Jimi Agbaje and that’s y he is the next governor of Lagos state,PDP in Lagos all the way.

    • Babso

      I hope you have your PVC. Jimi cannot win election in Lagos under PDP. Please sing another song.

      • Charlotte


  • Remi

    All these governors that we have started to prepare their wing in Kuje and Kirikiri prisons are still dreaming of capturing Lagos. Anyway we will allow them to dream but EFFC will be waiting for them come May 29th. If they like let them run we shall “iborialise” them.

  • deji

    Financial Times

    Muhammadu Buhari vows no witch-hunt if he wins Nigeria presidency

    William Wallis in London


    Muhammadu Buhari is under no illusion about the circumstances he will inherit should he this month become the first opposition candidate in Nigeria’s history to win presidential elections.

    But the ascetic former military ruler, attempting for the fourth time to return to power via the ballot box since the restoration of civilian rule in 1999, says he has no plans to launch a witch-hunt against those responsible for the mess in which Africa’s biggest economy finds itself.

    If he returns to power, ongoing inquiries into the mismanagement of oil revenues, pension funds and defence procurement will run their course, he says. But there will be no repeat of the mid-1980s when, after seizing power in 1983, Gen Buhari presided for 20 months over a military junta that jailed hundreds of businessmen and politicians suspected of abusing state resources during the free-for-all that preceded the coup.

    Whoever wins at the polls — scheduled for March 28 after a six-week delay on security grounds — will find themselves at the helm of a nation sharply divided along religious and ethnic lines, beset by the Boko Haram insurgency raging in the north and with its principal hard currency earner haemorrhaging revenues to oil thieves.

    The rapidly depreciating currency has hit rich and poor alike, and with the treasury stretched by the failure of President Goodluck Jonathan’s government to put away sufficient savings before the collapse in the oil price, there will be little cash to paper over the cracks.

    “So much damage has been done — if you said you would pursue everybody around, you will end up achieving nothing,” he told the Financial Times in an interview in London. “From the day the government is put in place, we [will] move forward. That is the best way we can make progress.”

    Gen Buhari was speaking at a central London flat at the end of a curious, two-week hiatus in his campaign, during which some allies fretted that his bid for the presidency was losing momentum. Unfazed, he says he managed to “get some rest”.

    He returns home convinced that Nigerians have had enough both of Mr Jonathan and the ruling People’s Democratic party, in power since the transition from military rule in 1999.

    The 72-year-old visited 35 of 36 states in a gruelling tour of Africa’s most populous nation earlier this year, attracting hundreds of thousands of supporters at his most successful rallies.

    “Wherever we went, they want change. One can see in people’s faces they really mean what they say: from Bayelsa to Maiduguri, from Calabar to Sokoto, from Katsina to Port Harcourt,” he said.

    Delivering that change will be no easy task. Gen Buhari gives few policy details. His priorities would be stimulating agriculture and non-oil mining to create jobs and tackling the energy crisis besetting one of the world’s leading oil exporters.

    He says the PDP government has addressed electricity shortages the wrong way, licensing and selling off power plants before putting in place the infrastructure to deliver gas to fuel them. His priority would be building the gas infrastructure.

    On the chronic mismanagement of the state oil company, Gen Buhari says he needs to see how bad the damage is before deciding what to do.

    He is unimpressed by a government-backed audit into billions of dollars in oil revenues that have allegedly gone unaccounted for.

    “I don’t think they tried to account for it. They just told a story,” he says. Simply by curbing the waste there would be enough money to meet government commitments even if oil prices remain depressed, he adds.

    “There may have to be some structural reforms,” he says. “But all the rules and regulations are there on the ground. We have to look for those people who can deliver.”

    An old friend sitting in on the interview interjects: “If the top man is not fiddling, everything else will correct itself.”

    In previous attempts to return to power via the ballot box, Gen Buhari struggled to shake off his image as a former dictator who is partisan to his home turf in the predominately Muslim north. Backed now by a broad coalition including influential power brokers from the predominately Christian south, his campaign has gathered a groundswell of support.

    January 2015: Almost a year ago Nigeria overtook South Africa as the continent’s largest economy. Now it faces a financial crisis and the threat of Boko Haram

    His appeal has much to do with the times and with his reputation for personal integrity. Nigeria can ill-afford another round of profligacy.

    Unlike many of his peers, Gen Buhari left previous stints in office — as petroleum minister, military ruler and chairman of an infrastructure fund — unadorned by riches. “I resisted temptation consciously and that has paid off,” he says

    But it is Gen Buhari’s air of austerity that frightens those politicians dependent on state resources for lavish lifestyles. They are not afraid he will lock them up, he says, laughing, so much as that he will “halt the gravy train”.

    Opposition and civil society activists remain concerned that the electoral process could be disrupted again as politicians with the most to lose seek to stop the former general winning.

    “They have the resources and coercive forces at their disposal, and they think they can play God,” he says.

    Thanking the British and Americans for maintaining pressure on the government to ensure the elections go ahead, he adds: “I don’t think they can dare Nigeria and the whole world.”

    • Godfrey Etokebe

      A long song is not A WELL SONG!!!

    • Benny born


  • These guys are just deceiving GEJ so that more of the missing $20billion can show..It is a shame that GEJ got elected in 2011 without spending any cash while accumulating so much Goodwill.All these Goodwill have been sacrificed on the altar of LOOTING AND CORRUPTION afterall Stealing is not corruption.

  • emmanuel

    These are the PDP Gover.ors the mumu Rochas said were in Lagos to discuss how to join the APC.

    Na wa o, so no single APC person have some semblance of sanity?

    They twist everything to relate to them. Wether it concerns them or not.

  • Charlotte

    This agbaje people are clamouring for cannot do the job. He can’t run his chemist for crying out loud. He ran it aground and you want to give him the most sensitive state in the country. Heaven forbid. He is an insincere, political prostitute and he is in bed with strange fellows. This Jimi agbaje of 2015 is a fraud. No to the shop keeper. Ambode lo ma wole lagbara Olorun. Ambode 2015

    • Tunde

      Agbaje is far better than your Ambode, sentiments apart. Vote wisely.

      • Charlotte

        Ambode is my choice and he’s the wisest choice there is. Vote yours.

      • dave jacob

        Ambode all the way!!!

  • Truthurtsomuch

    Jo ti tan, you have already gotten 60% failure, you don’t deserve another 40% to prove to us that you are clueless! For Jimi Agbaje, you are simply in the wrong party to make any impact in Lagos. Jimi bros, just fo ori ji Jo-ti-tan and Bode George for leading you astray like a dog!

    • Tunde

      Our best president so far deserves nothing less than 90% success. Goodluck till 2019.

    • Ken

      What are you saying? Are you dreaming? Say something good and sensible

  • MushinSpeaks

    It is laughable when they say they will win Lagos…their dream of extending their cluelessness to Lagos wont work…they can keep dreaming like their GEJ

  • dave jacob

    PDP is just self-psyching, knowing it will lose. When sb says repeatedly that he/she is not panicking, then know that fear and dread fill his/her heart. One member will say they will win 20 states, another will say 29. They are just trying to give a fake picture to voters so as to make them vote GEJ. If they are sincere about their TAN signature figures, why are they campaigning and criminally spending people’s money to bribe groups, especially in the SW. Thievish party!!!