PDP denies row between Jonathan, Mu’azu

Former PDP Chairman, Adamu Mu'azu

The ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has stated that its national chairman, Adamu Muazu, has an excellent working relationship with President Goodluck Jonathan ahead the March 28 presidential election.

The party gave the assurance Monday in a statement after a report by Punch newspaper said that Mr. Mu’azu was under watch by the presidency because his loyalty to Mr. Jonathan’s re-election is in doubt.

“The PDP wishes to state clearly that our leaders and members nationwide are impressed with his style of leadership which has in the last one year enhanced our support base and public rating ahead of the 2015 general elections,” PDP said.

It also said as one of the founding fathers of the party, the national chairman has continued to add immense value with his mature and decent approach to issues in keeping with the tradition and vision of the party, a disposition, it said, that has continued to attract massive support across board for Mr. Jonathan.

“It is incontrovertible that the National Chairman has been at the forefront of our presidential campaign train and enjoys an excellent working relationship with President Jonathan as exhibited in their bond at rallies, visits and meetings with stakeholders across the country,” the party said.

“Whereas we recognize the zeal and enthusiasm of some of our supporters who are repaying the opposition in their own stock, our National Chairman, as the face of the PDP, has remained restrained despite numerous unwarranted provocations, a stance which does not in any way detract from his commitment to the campaigns but reinforces our values and dedication to unity, peace and stability of our dear nation.

“This exemplary style of politics played significant role in reducing the tension in the polity ahead of the elections and has also endeared our party to a majority of Nigerian citizens and key stakeholders in the electoral process.

“It is to the credit of the National Chairman that his leadership stabilized our party at its critical moment and successfully achieved unity among our leaders and members while strengthening the confidence of Nigerians in the PDP as the only vehicle to deliver democracy dividends to them.

“Also indisputable is his deft application of wealth of experience and far-reaching connections to galvanize the entire party structure in adopting President Goodluck Jonathan as our sole presidential candidate, a project to which he has remained unflinchingly committed.

“Since the commencement of the campaigns, our National Chairman has evolved and maintained a dynamic structure that involves members of the National Working Committee engaging in personal and group campaigns as well as strategic meetings with critical stakeholders in their respective states and zones to ensure the success of President Jonathan and other candidates of our party in the elections. This is in addition to effective coordination of party structures in all the zones, states, local governments and wards across the country.

“Indeed, we are aware that the aim of those behind the mischievous report is to sow seed of discord and cause confusion within our ranks, distract the leadership and undermine our presidential campaign, which is now coasting swiftly to victory to the chagrin of the opposition.

“Finally, we wish to state categorically that the PDP remains resolute as one united family and no amount of media fabrications and malicious insinuations will distract us from our focus ahead of the elections,” PDP said.


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  • Chinedu


    Don’t separate them O!. Let Jonathan and Muazau do boxing and judo.
    If they can kill each other PDP will have no candidate for the 2015 election.
    That means Nigeria will just become an Islamic State, just like that, simple.
    All churches in Yorubaland will be demolished; Pastors beheaded, and then,
    the Redeemed Church sef will become Central Mosque of the Mujahedeens.

    • Goggy

      Chinedu: You get sense at all? You are reporting Mujahedeen to Premium Times?
      Was it not last week somebody wrote one letter here to tell usthat the Editors always like to wear
      their HIJAB before they write any news at all. So, how can you now report Mujahedeens to themselves?

      • uche obi

        All Jonathanism are Evils People ! May God punish all Criminal Lovers of GEJ May Calamity be fall on them Amen.

    • HajjAbdulrazzak

      It is dawn already, Chinedu wake up from your slumber

  • inuwa kate

    APC only sponsored that publication on punch to create within PDP ranks, but they have failed and continue to fail.

  • inuwa kate

    What I understand is that APC has lost steam in this election, they are already on the losing end, their propaganda to incite PDP leaders won’t work. They should just surrender, it is over for them.

  • taiwo

    This prompt response from the PDP is timely because the shenanigans of the desperate APC needs to be checkmated at all times

  • HajjAbdulrazzak

    I dont join issue with lunatics > all i know is there is no smoke without fire

    • Anene Mercy

      If lunatic exists then u are one.

  • Anene Mercy

    Muazu brought sanity into PDP. He is not having any problem with Mr president. PDP is cruising to victory and not even that malicious publication by punch will deter them.

    Up GEJ.

  • malik shaibu

    The Muazu that i know has always been a dogged fighter from behind the scenes that makes no noise but one whose works speaks for him,the reformation and cohesion currently ongoing in the party is a testament to his hand work and no amount of distractions can deter him or bring about cracks in the family.The PDP is now more united than ever having dished all the fifth columnists and bad legs into the trash bin called the APC

  • Anene Mercy

    When I read that malicious publication from punch this morning I laughed. APC can stop at nothing to malign PDP. The same muazu that has done so much that he was nicknamed the game changer.

    However, by March 28 when APC will be defeated, they will that Muazu has silently mobilized the north for Mr president.

    • Remi

      Edwin Clark said the same thing and the presidency did not come out to deny it. A house built on deceit will surely fall like a pack of cards.

  • Words on Marble

    Words on Marble

    You are reporting Mujahedeens to Premium Times?
    Was it not last week somebody wrote one letter here
    to tell us that Premium Times Editors always like to wear
    their HIJAB before they write any news at all. So, how can
    you now be reporting Mujahedeens to themselves?


    (March 9th, 2015)

  • oluwaseyi mayowa

    The PDP shouldn’t have bothered to reply to that irresponsible journalism from the punch,i am sure that the majority of the people that read the article dismissed it with a wave of the hand.We all know that the game changer and his well selected team in the NWC(barrister Metuh,Prof and,Secodus )are doing a great job

  • Victor Gee

    Muazu has been going to all campaigns with Mr president. He has even brought calm and reconciled most of the aggrieved members in PDP. I am Aware he has mobilized most of the northern elites and opinion leaders to support Mr president. There is no iota Of truth in that punch news. It should be discarded.

  • Victor Gee

    While the game changer is busy wooing the northern voters for Mr president, the APC is somewhere creating artificial crisis between Muazu and Mr president.

    March 28, here we come to march APC out.

  • Tope Alabi R

    The PDP can boast of the best hands in the persons of Alhaji Muazu and Chief Barrister Metuh the spokesperson,these individuals are a perfect study on how to be the spokesperson and national chairman of a truly national party.This is a team that works and that is why the APC is now targetting them with their sponsored hatchet publications

  • tunji braimoh

    APC and their unending talent for trouble,now their target is the PDP chairman.Today, they say the President is weak, tomorrow, they say he is a dictator. Next tomorrow, they say economy is not working even when Nigeria is rated the 3rd fastest growing economy in the world and largest in Africa. Can a failed economy achieve such feats? They say they want to develop the infrastructure in the country, they claim everything has failed, yet they shamelessly entered the train that was resurrected in this administration. The light rails they collected over N600, 000,000 to do in Lagos even when they said it was a joint venture can only boost of its pictures on billboards.
    They say the government is corrupt, that they want to fight corruption even when their leader is the most corrupt Nigerian that ever lived. The other one says he is poor and a man of integrity. And I asked, if you are poor, does it mean you cannot invest all the money you have been using to run elections for years in any business to make you rich as your other colleagues? What business do you have that is generating the money you have been investing in elections? You say you are poor, but your family is living large. Your wife could even donate money to other poor people. If poor people could contest an election, then we should all be in the race. Who are these people? Do they take everybody for fools?
    In desperation to prove that the power sector is not working, so people can vote them in, they have resorted to sponsoring thugs to vandalize gas pipes that are supposed to provide gas to Gas Power Stations. Is being mischievous they best way to development in a country you proclaim to be so concerned about? What do these people take Nigerians for?
    They say they are angry that Mr President is flying a private jet. I don’t know if other Presidents were flying commercial planes. They promise that when they are in government, they will be flying commercial planes. Yet even in their campaign, they are flying private jets they cannot tell us how they bought it. What kind of shameless talkers are this?

    • Layo

      This is a failed economy. All the paper entry is bullshit. How does it impact positively on the masses? The exchange rate keeps going up everyday and your president is busy running helter skelter spending dollars like pure water. GEJ is the most corrupt president in the history of Nigeria. How many people have you arrested for vandalizing the gas pipes? None. Leave story for paparazzi Jor. # GEJ must go. He can go to hell for all I care.

      • taiwo

        you will rot in that hell yourself,we have the 3rd fastest growing economy in the world so go and hang enemy of progress

        • Layo

          Ki la gbe kini were ju? Your generation will rot in hell. Fastest growing economy indeed. Stop fooling yourself, your economy is not growing nada. Jonathan has stolen everything with Deziani. Ogboju ole, odaran. I run my office on generator from morning till night and you mofo keep screaming fastest growing economy. O ba furo e lai. Jonathan is a goner. Let us go to the polls. His khaki is ready in kirikiri.

          • taiwo

            you have no office stop living in fantasy island

    • Concerned

      A dictator can be weak or strong – a weak one like GEJ is the most dangerous type because he makes poor decisions that are further subverted by his lieutenants
      Nigeria is not the 3rd fastest growing economy and it’s role as the largest economy in Africa will be seriously undermined if oil prices do not recover!

      GEJ relied on your so called most corrupt Nigerian to win the SW in 2011 and was rumoured to have been offered the VP slot in GEJ’s aborted interim government plot!

      Their is no crime in being poor 90% of Nigerians are poor and will remain so under this corrupt and incompetent government

      Poor people are often more giving than the selfish rich!

      How many presidents have 11 private jets?

      • taiwo

        Lies and deceit will lead you no where and fools no one so you better stop wasting your time,unrepentant e rat

        • Concerned

          I need not lie – the truth speaks for me!

      • tunji braimoh

        the rodent is here please ignore him as usual

        • Concerned

          You read my mind 🙂

  • Gbofia Lunar

    Whenever PDP is so swift to put out the fire, only shows how hot and close the flames are…

    • tunji braimoh

      and here comes their rodents

    • danjuma

      That means u do not follow Metu. He is always at his best responding and making clarifications on issues that need such attention. He is up and doing.

  • Etang Chris

    I always say it, that Metu is the best publicity secretary so far. Very matured in responding to malicious publications. Lie lie Muhammed would have started raining abuses on the media outfit that published it and PDP if it were the other way round.

  • shamsudeen sadiq

    Alhaji Adamu Muazu is and has always been a sound and result driven politician,i am not surprised at this latest attempt from the opposition to plant distraction.His silent works especially in the north will be hitting them now especially where it pains the most

  • danjuma

    Muaza is the best, Mr president is proud of him. He has mobilized the emirs, opinion leaders and stakeholders in the north for Mr president.

    It is not about noise making but silently doing his job to making sure that Mr president won. U can notice that north and south west are already moving towards PDP.

  • Layo

    Must you blame the opposition for everything? If u have STD ( sexually transmitted disease) it is APC. Edwin Clark said some PDP goons are working against gridlock Jonathan, there is no smoke without fire. Oya erats bring it on. Sai Buhari.

  • Peacenik












      • Sholoko


        • Son of Man

          But We know this truth as self-evident that the All Progressives Congress [APC]
          is a criminal organization – full of Alhajis – signifying nothing but stealing.





      • robbie

        Shashshshhh, no noise please, APC Lagos Leaders are still in caucus;
        featuring Alhaji Bola Tinubu, Alhaji Raji Fashola, and, Apprentice Ambode:

        • I go die O!

          “Lagos state government’s LAGBUS scheme is managed by a registered
          private company known as LAGBUS Asset Management Ltd – whose Board
          of Directors are in the Lagos State Government and connected to the government.
          For instance, Mr. Disun Holloway, Lagos State Commissioner for Tourism is a board
          member of LAGBUS Asset Management Ltd.

          Though, the board members and other key beneficiaries are likely to be fleecing
          the scheme through profit sharing and other means, the Lagbus scheme is no longer
          profitable. The Managing Director of LAGBUS, Mr. Tunde Disu at a radio program
          in 2012 claimed that the buses being managed by the company were 803; whereas,
          the total number of buses on the roads on a daily basis is about 190, while buses
          operating 2 years ago were 300 – which means the buses operating are reducing
          due to mismanagement.

          This is so because most of the buses are broken down and abandoned at different
          depots due to expensive and unsustainable contract maintenance policy.
          Though most of the buses are less than 3 years old, they have been allowed
          to rot away. Hence, about 600 buses have deteriorated and are now wasting.”

          ……..Campaign For Democratic Workers’ Rights, Lagos State

          (March 5th, 2013)

    • Paul Akor

      So because of Buhari’s WASC that he can’t show or explain, Jonathan and Mu’azu want to fight.
      Why fight over that kind matter? The law is there to force Buhari to tell the truth on this WASC.
      Jonathan and Mu’azu must not fight again on this issue. Let the law take its course, you hear?





  • taiwo

    Prompt and swift response dat has derailed another propaganda from the win at all cost opposition…. #MarchrightforGEJ

  • onyekaokorie

    It seems APC has given up, the table has turned. It is now over for them. Their propaganda to incite PDP leadership against presidency won’t work.

  • onenigerian2014

    PDP have reached a point in Nigeria where he feel it is no longer necessary to try & impress APC. If they like him the way he is, good & if they don’t, it’s their loss. APC is bad attitude which is like a flat tire, you won’t get no where til you change it. That why the only word from their mouth is change. It’s sad how some people are so jealous and intimidated by PDP that they only have negative things to say when they know absolutely nothing about PDP. Jealousy is the cousin of greed. We seem to focus on what we want and lose sight of what we really need. APC, I would have insulted your intelligence, but that would mean you had some to begin with.


    Aware the story was planted by APC————-Muazu should also wake up on his ideas-concerning the victory of the President at the polls-he should move into the Fulani North and campaign for the president—all his office does is to deny report–made by Fayose———-In the year 1984 when Muhammadu Buhari was Head of State of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan was 26 years old. 31 years gone by, if you are a youth and still shouting ‘Sai Buhari’, like Tinubu on the streets of Lagos, One will honestly conclude that there must be something wrong with you.You deserve better, not the Past

    • AMINU

      If Edwin clark insisted on row existing between Clown Prince of Otuoke Goodbye Jonothing who are you to deny the contrary. Muazu has read the political atmosphere very well and came to the conclusion to stay in the middle of the game.Had the court squashed all his EFFC related charges he could have been in the forefront.Any way the clown Prince has took OBJ advice and is now busy negotiating his exit even before the election,it is Namadi Sambo that will handover to the PEOPLES GENERAL comes MAY 29 2015.Please do me a favour i want buy your MAGIC STOVE distributed at your amnesty camp just name your price


    Almajiri Writes Letter To First Lady Patience Jonathan

    Dear Madam First Lady,

    I Lack The Patience To Wait For Good Luck!

    I am almajiri because I am from the North and one of the products of the Polygamous family, if you “hate” me, you don’t have to wait to a moment that your husband needs my vote before you come with your pretense.

    I knew long ago that the killings in my region were allowed to be because, you don’t like my face. So, hold it, you don’t have to tell anyone to “stone” me because of my political party affiliation, you can use the soldiers to continue to kill me when they come to polling units, on the basis that “Nigeria’s economy is in your pocket”.

    You are intoxicated not from the amount of beer your husband drinks, but for the power that you are enjoying.

    Painfully, for all your utterances recently, you have killed your husband politically.

    Almajiri (‪#‎myvotemyright‬)

    • Eniola Adeola

      Blaspuis a very big sin and you will account for it



  • hummmm

    Clark said 2 weeks ago that Muazu, ministers, governors etc are working against the presidents victory. He said Anineh, Dasuki and Sambo are the only 3 members working for GEJs sucess. Go ahead with the self -destruct behavior pdp , we are watching the drama unfold.

  • Ejiofor@aol.com

    I think Jonathan and Mu’azu should NOT quarrel again. APC will lose all the 17 states in Southern Nigeria.
    PDP needs good hands on deck to begin reconstruction of southern Nigeria destroyed by Mujahedeens.

    • I go die O!

      Alhaji Raji Fashola cannot organise a school system, or, even organise a Lagos city bus transport system.
      School and transportation are two main tasks of a state. Failure to pass those two tasks is = to FAIL OVERALL.
      Raji Fashola is plainly an incompetent and clueless, corrupt misfit in government – a toxic bane on Lagos.

      • I go die O!

        Alhaji Raji Fasola, ole jija yi poju ni ijoba Eko, ah, O poju!!

      • I go die O!

        “In Nigeria, the pauperized many have sent a memo to the criminally-rich few:
        ‘We will not allow you to enjoy your ill-gotten gains in peace. We will hound you
        and pursue you everywhere you go. When you buy your Hummers, we will snatch them.

        When you send your children to expensive schools, we will kidnap them.
        When you retreat to your billion-naira homes, you will have to sleep with
        one eye open. With every knock, you will panic and tremble,
        fearing it could be nemesis at the door”.

        ………Femi Aribisala

        [August 28, 2013]

        (Vanguard Newspaper)

      • emmanuel

        Please ride in a BRT bus and you will wish you never undertook such adventure.

        I did it twice and had to call their complaint lines.

        Those buses are filt on wheel. I also understand that less than a quarter of their fleet are functional.

        Lagos is working

    • adaramola

      Alhaji Raji Fashola,




    • onyekaokorie

      Oga forget the news, Muazu and Jonathan have no issues.

  • Eniola Adeola

    All progress alliance of criminals know fully well that all their antics to sway the public from doing what is right has become a flupp,all propaganda raised to make the masses believe PDP is in disarray have failed,please GEJ keep up with the work,we are solidily behind you.Transformation for life.#GEJ#.

  • Mu’azu know very well that Jonathan is a failure. I think his conscience is holding him back.

    • taiwo

      APC rodent can you tell me the yard stick you used in tagging the best president Nigerian has ever been blessed with a failure?.You guys busy selling your conscience for pot of smelly porridge from the APC will all live to regret your actions later in life.Continue taking pittance and talking trash online while your mates are busy taking advantage of the various programmes of the federal government for the youths.GEJ is working and we are all marching forward,better join the bandwagon and leave the coven of the evil men and wizards with broom

      • snuffing around the criminals.

    • Eniola Adeola

      Rabbit,if you as a person grouped GEJ as a failure,it therefore means you are so dumb,an illiterate,corrupt,blind and have decided never to see good thing in your life.

      • Mind your language because we shouldn’t have waited for a practically non – existing government to give us the go ahead before mounting a humanitarian effort to rescue those girls.

  • taiwo

    Talks of row between the chairman and the president exists only in the imagination and wishful thoughts of the APC and the hired irresponsible journalist that fabricated the story

    • Arabakpura

      But the chairman embarrassed Jonathan at the inaugural of the campaign council. Y’all should wait! The veil will soon be removed. The wind is coming and the rump of the fowl will soon be exposed!

  • onyekaokorie

    It seems the mobilization effort of muazu in the north is yielding expected result and the only thing APC could do is to sow a seed of discord and disaffection between Jonathan and Muazu but it won’t work.

    • bib

      You think the northerners don’t know that good governance means the safety of their lives and property, improvement of quality of lives of the populace, accountability of the leadership, prudent management of resources, none of which the criminal GEJ has provided.
      Instead of his six years performance convincing people to vote for him, he is busy, using the six weeks he cajoled Nigerians to give, trying to buy votes with billions of dollars of tax payers.
      Even the well informed southerners are not biting his bait.

  • Eniola Adeola

    Journalism used to be a job for unbasied and non corrupt individuals but this days some of our journalists in this country have sold their conscience to money and have deviated for the ethics of their profession,making them speak,write and reason from their anus.

    • onyekaokorie

      Like punch

      • tulampa

        Like vanguard

    • Arabakpura

      Jonathan is paying the highest bribe!

  • malik shaibu

    If they like let them tell all the lies on planet earth,as for me and my family insha Allah it is Jonathan all the way

  • Comfortkay

    If there is a row between the Chairman and President it simply means things are getting better.
    PDP is already a dead party and the burial was scheduled for 14 of February but postponed to 28 of March 2015.
    This Party that wants to rule Nigeria for 60 years will be buried for ever.
    If you truely Love this country Nigeria Say Amen.

    • mustapha Shehu


    • Arabakpura


    • danjuma

      Abeg which candidate will win PDP candidate, is it Buhari that is down with illness. Since he came back from London hospital, have u seen him again in publoc

  • Eniola Adeola

    I am proud of my president and his achievements in this country,he has done so much that any man who have refused to see all his achievements is a devil and a thief.

  • Eniola Adeola

    Mr. President those behind are far more than those against you,keep up with the good and remain blessed as you continue to pilot the affairs of the country come March and we assure you we will march out all those criminals who has refused to grow and want to sabotage this country.

  • onenigerian2014

    PDP have reached a point in Nigeria where he feel it is no longer necessary to try & impress APC. If they like him the way he is, good & if they don’t, it’s their loss. APC is bad attitude which is like a flat tire, you won’t get no where til you change it. That why the only word from their mouth is change. It’s sad how some people are so jealous and intimidated by PDP that they only have negative things to say when they know absolutely nothing about PDP. Jealousy is the cousin of greed. We seem to focus on what we want and lose sight of what we really need. APC, I would have insulted your intelligence, but that would mean you had some to begin with.

  • Guguru

    As one of Jonathan’s powerful rats, Muazu simply wants to jump from the sinking PDP ship before it is too late for him. He probably arrived at this conclusion after reading and re-reading the politically ominous hand writing on the wall for Jonathan. If I were a PDP member, I think I would be saying to myself, “If the PDP Chairman has little faith in the PDP candidate three weeks to the election, then, why should I?”

    Jonathan’s paranoia about winning or losing the elections is now at its technical peak. This paranoia now extends to all northerners in the PDP who are visibly displayed in the warped minds of Jonathan’s minions as possible enemies of Jonathan’s political ambition.

    If I were Muazu, I would take any money Jonathan hands to me, and run. Muazu still has an EFCC case pending. If Jonathan loses the elections, as will be the case, the EFCC case will be there waiting for Muazu to be tried. So, taking the money Jonathan can offer, and running with it, is the best option for Muazu at this time. Muazu may never see this sort of money again for a long time. No reasonable person hangs out with a sinking.

  • By Popular Demand


    Don’t separate them O!. Let Jonathan and Muazau do boxing and judo.
    If they can kill each other PDP will have no candidate for the 2015 election.
    That means Nigeria will just become an Islamic State, just like that, simple.
    All churches in Yorubaland will be demolished; Pastors beheaded, and then,
    the Redeemed Church sef will become Central Mosque of the Mujahedeens.

    • Interrogator


  • Confusion in Babylon.

  • Abufata Gumi

    PDP must watch out for those who want to sow the seed of discord among them. the APC is doing everything possible with propaganda to cause confusion and mutual mistrust in the PDP, Nobody should fall for their lies. Jonathan and Muazu is working together and the only people who will want to destroy that relationship os the APC.

  • Abufata Gumi

    Up PDP one united family. the APC has already failed with their cancerous leaders

  • Ndubuisi Chinedu

    PDP is a PEACEFUL and united family.

  • Divine West

    All is well in PDP

  • False, there was never an issue like that between jonathan and Adamu muazu.

  • Nelson David

    There is no such thing between them it is just a rumour.

  • chinwe davis

    how when? there’s no beef in PDP jare, all these news sef.

  • abegi, all those one na bobo juice , everything gel for jona and him men dem. shaking no dey at all.

  • uzo

    united PDP under 1 umbrella

  • emmanuel

    there will never be any row between them

  • uduak akpan

    this is just another lie

  • kemi

    Muazu is loyal to Jonathan

  • favourtalk

    By the time GEJ loose out, you will know that Muazuaa doesn’t even know where he stands. Change is coming all over the country

  • MushinSpeaks

    Nemesis will catch up on you all…CHANGE is here

  • Enumah

    Please call white what it is and black what it is. PDP are way mature for some little feud to undermine their goal.

  • Emeka215

    The only way we can understand each other is to first misunderstand each other.

  • Mrs benita akpan

    From the antecedence of muazu, one can conclude that the media reports were all fabricated.

  • nwaeke

    Why were we not told how or what instigated this said disloyalty. I don’t give a left shoe about this report, am focused on casting my vote for Jonathan.

  • Nwaobilor


    • Concerned

      That’s why they will fail – they cannot correct their own mistakes

  • Eniola Adeola

    The only rift we have in this country is the incessant nonsense,unethical,loop sided and religious undertoned news written by so many media houses in this country,Journalism used to be a job for unbasied and non corrupt individuals but this days some journalists in this country have sold their conscience to stipends of desperate political individuals who are head bend on destroying this polity,the ethics of journalism has now been thrown overboard and professionalism is now just a word found in the dictionary.God bless this country and our leader Goodluck Ebere Jonathan,we are solidily behind you.No more 150 cattles since 1976 till date.

  • segun


  • taiwo

    A vote for Buhari is a vote for Bola Tinubu’s ambition to make Nigeria his fiefdom, just like he made Lagos State.
    At 41, General Buhari was a laid back Head of State, who allowed his deputy Tunde Idiagbon to run the show. At 73 with health challenges, he will be a sleeping President who will allow others run the country fully.
    The reason why Tinubu refused to support Buhari in 2011 was because Pastor Tunde Bakare refused to sign an undated letter which resigned him as Vice President in case they won. This infuriated Tinubu and he pulled out of the CPC and ACN merger. he plot was to make Tinubu Vice President upon Pastor Bakare’s resignation.
    After the recent APC primaries, Bola Tinubu fought desperately to become running mate to Buhari. He was resisted by Rotimi Amaechi who had his own ambition, a stubborn personality and a very rich vault from Rivers State government coffers.
    Reaching a stalemate, Tinubu settled for his errand boy and core loyalist who is a pastor from the largest church in Nigeria. Ironically it was in the premises of this church that pentecostal pastors gathered and endorsed President Jonathan. This is because the General Overseer of the church was spiritual enough to recognise the Bola Tinubu plot.
    The Bola Tinubu plot is all about hoodwinking northerners into putting him squarely in power.
    A vote for APC is a vote for Bola Tinubu.

    • Concerned

      Then don’t vote then! It’s not by force.

      But all polls taken to date show that those who are for APC are many more than those who are for GEJ!

  • oluwaseyi mayowa

    They are known for violence,hate speeches,wicked propaganda,looting and sharing of Resources anywhere they find themselves……

    The only party in the history of Nigeria that its Presidential aspirant would openly ask his supporters to soak people in blood if he looses the election……

    The only party that its Presidential candidate is consistently angry,never looks calm,always carrying a fearful face…

    The only party that its Presidential candidate spearheaded the killing of so many innocent Nigerians when he was military Head of state..

    A party that supports terrorism,always excited when Boko Haram kill innocent Nigerians but go so quiet if the war against Boko Haram is being won as it is at the moment..

    • Concerned


  • Rakota

    Confusion in their midst

  • JibrilMusagroup

    One spirit. One people. One Nigeria. Let us
    embrace one another to move Nigeria forward. There is no gain persevering in
    absurdity. President Goodluck Jonathan is ordained by the grace of God. Buhari
    could become part of the team as elder statesman. President Goodluck is a good
    team player. Let us all support President Goodluck. Vote President Goodluck
    Jonathan. #goodluck4president

  • tunji braimoh

    APC blasts CAN/PFN for endorsing GEJ
    APC blasts Afenifere for endorsing GEJ
    APC blasts Yoruba Obas for endorsing GEJ
    APC blasts Ohaneze for endorsing GEJ
    APC blasts O.P.C for endorsing GEJ
    APC blasts …?

    Define APC; Angry People’s Congress!

    • Concerned

      Of course they are angry – which decent person wouldn’t be angry with the mess GEJ has made of our once great nation!

  • taiwo

    Immediately after seizing power through a military coup on 31st December, 1983, Buhari sent soldiers to Awolowo’s residence in Lagos. The elderly man was dragged out of his bedroom, his house was ransacked and he was eventually clamped under house arrest.
    Questions: Why did Buhari humiliate and embarass Awolowo this way? Was Awolowo corrupt? Was Awolowo part of Shagari’s government? What exactly was Awolowo’s offence?

    Buhari knows only one use of POWER: to terrorize people with it. He knows nothing more!.On the 28th we will serve him yet another rejection maybe this time he will get the message and leave us alone or we send him to the ICC for crimes against humanity

    • Concerned

      Yet the Awolowo family welcomed him with open arms on his visit to his widow.

      They know a good thing when they see it.

      If you were not so blind so would you!

  • oluwaseyi mayowa

    IN all my years of studying elections, I have never seen a campaign as bogus as that of Muhammadu Buhari. It is amazing that, for a man who is running for election as president for a marathon fourth time, Buhari is so bereft of ideas as to how he would do anything if he were to become president. Campaigning in 35 states, Buhari has spoken for a total of less than 60 minutes in all. Surely, he wants to be president; but he clearly has no presidential agenda.
    Buhari’s blueprint for the presidency is similar to his Cambridge/WASC certificate; it is yet to be discovered. It is an article of faith of things hoped for by his admirers, the evidence of things neither seen nor articulated. No man becomes president of Nigeria on the basis of vain platitudes. No man becomes president as a result of social media blogs and soundbites. No man becomes president by giving two-minute speeches in craftily-packaged rallies, one minute of which is spent introducing his entourage.

    • ICC Hague

      But your mentor GEJ with full mandate of the people for the past six years has done nothing for Nigeria and has no idea of what to do. He confessed himself that he underestimate the capacity of BH, after BH killed 20,000 people. He is unaware that his service chiefs will postpone general election. How do you entrust nigeria again to this failure?

  • faith adams

    The National Chairman, Adamu Muazu, is a dependable man and should be commended

  • nafisat

    There are no basis to doubt the loyalty of muazu

  • uko bassey

    I dont see why anyone would doubt muazu’s credibility He has done well in his jurisdiction.

  • geraldine jaja

    I commend muazu for his efforts towards GEJ’s re-election, there is no reason to doubt him.

  • kingsley obi

    There has and will always be peaceful coexistence between members of the PDP.

  • ICC Hague

    People Demon party in confusion, nemesis is catching up with them, the blood of innocent Northeast people will continue to hunt them, they will be scattered before the election. Muazu has confessed that there is much injustice in PDP, monkey the work baboon the chop. Chop Chop party. Muazu the best thing is for you to resign, very soon GEJ will fire you like he fire General Agwai.