Nigeria corruption rating political, overblown – Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan has said that the perception that Nigeria’s corruption has worsened under his leadership is an overblown assessment with political undertones.

The President, who spoke Monday night in an interview with Aljazera, said despite the country’s position in the global corruption perception index, the perception that corruption has worsened under his administration is inaccurate.

In 2014, Transparency International ranked Nigeria was ranked 136th out of 175 countries and territories, with a score of 27.

According to TI, a country or territory’s score indicate the perceived level of public sector corruption on a scale of 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean).

The latest ranking, though better than its ranking of 144thout of 177 countries and territories, with a score of 25, recorded the previous year, still categorised Nigeria among some of the world’s most corrupt countries, including Cameroun, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon and Russia.

South Africa, ranked the second largest economy in Africa, fared far better, with a ranking of 67 and a score of 44.

Also, the Thabo Mbeki High Level Panel report on Illicit Financial Flows from Africa noted during the recent summit of the African Union Heads of State and Government in Addis Ababa that Nigeria accounted for about 68.1 per cent of the cumulative revenue Africa lost between 2001 and 2010 through corruption and illegal transfers.

But the President insisted that even with Nigeria’s dismal anti-corruption record, both globally and in Africa, its perception both within and outside the country was blown out of proportion for political gains.
“Yes, people talk about corruption now, because it has become a political issue,” Mr. Jonathan said. “And when you promote something to the level of politics, normally it is blown out of proportion.

“Yes, we have corruption cases, no doubt about that. Yes, we have cases of people stealing, no doubt about that. I always said call a thief a thief. I am not saying that in Nigeria we do not have these elements of corruption, or stealing.

He cited the controversy triggered by claims by the former Central Bank of Nigeria governor, Lamido Sanusi, now the Emir of Kano, that $49.8 billion oil money was unremitted by state-owned national oil company, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, between 2011 and 2012.

After various reconciliations by both the National Assembly, the Federal Ministry of Finance and the NNPC, the amount that remained unaccounted for was reduced to $20billion, but a forensic audit by PriceWater HouseCoopers ordered by government turned in a report in 2014 that government has refused to make public.
The President said he was yet to come to terms with what the real figures involved in the allegation were, apparently because of politics.

“If you start from my former CBN governor, who said initially that $49.8billion was missing. $49.8billion is a lot of money. What is the budget of this country for God’s sake? Our federal budget has been three point something trillion, that’s roughly on the average $18 to $20 billion a year.

“And you are saying we lost $49.8 billion. If we lose $49.8 billion, the federal and state governments will not pay salaries. I don’t know how he came by that figure.

“The next moment, he changed from $49.8billion to $12billion. The next day it was $20 billion. Up to this time, I don’t know which is the correct accusation,” he claimed.

According to the President, the Senate employed the services of financial consultants to probe the allegation, and it turned out that only about $2 billion was found not to have been properly balanced.

“There was no evidence to show that it was stolen, but just that it was not properly balanced,” he declared.
The President had in one of his media chats insisted that stealing is not corruption.

In another outing, he tried to explain further what he meant by “stealing is not corruption”.

He says most of what are perceived to be corruption in Nigeria are mere cases of petty stealing by officials.


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  • John

    Commander of thieves and grand defender of corruption. He has been in Lagos for over a week sharing dollars yet he wants us to believe that corruption is not pervasive in Nigeria. Thank God March 28 is around the corner.

    • Peter Perceival

      Actually, it is GEJ and his party men and women that are responsible for the catastrophic devaluation of the Naira. BDC operators said it – the politicians have been buying dollars from everywhere. They are buying the dollars, not only to distribute in Nigeria but also in preparation for their self-exile when a responsible anti-corruption government takes over and the thieves may be brought to book. Check out bookings on those middle-eastern airlines and South Africa Airways. The closer we are to election, the more difficult it gets to book a seat because our looters are booking their exit, with their families!

      • Akanji92

        O ga o, may God who deliver Moses and his people from Pharaoh deliver from theses reckless looters.

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    The president will never be able to explain away how Nigeria under his watch is one of the worst places on earth to live, do business, retire or enjoy the providential blessings God has bestowed upon the land. His pretensions matter a little to the long-suffering masses who are waiting to end his disastrous outing on March 28.

    • warry

      The last time I checked people had always said so since Independence, only to go back and hail former leaders. Could it be due to the attraction of removing the man there so as to have your own bite of the mythical cherry?

      • zacchaeus Akinleye

        Wait till the remainder of your future is devalued by your blumbering and blundering Underperformer-in-Chief?

      • NoMoreKindergartenPresident!

        A semi literate grandfather Buhari is preferable to this irresponsible father and Ph.d holder GEJ

  • Shahokaya

    If anyone has doubted whispers in opposition and diplomatic circles, and even in some government circles that in Goodluck Jonathan Nigerians have been saddled with an incompetent, incoherent, dissembling, confused and therefore dangerous president, his vehement denial that corruption is not significant in the country provides the most definitive proof to date of the veracity of those whispers.

    • akindee

      Jonathan should remove himself from this useless debate. Corruption; including stealing,
      is not classified top secret which only he can know. Neighbours see Councillors who were
      selling recharge cards by the roadside, now building villas in the neighbourhood.

  • Chris1408

    “only about $2 billion was found not to have been properly balanced.” Only Nigerian president will say such and get away with it. It’s time we hold our commander of thieves accountable. VOTE OUT GEJ

    • SayNo2Tribalism

      Imagine how many pipe borne water systems 2 billion dollars could build. How many kilometers of roads or hospitals? How many megawatts of electricity?! Living in denial will not save these people.

  • Fatai Fehintola

    I am extremely worried, could Mr President have been mischievously quoted out of context: “ … . $49.8billion is a lot of money. What is the
    budget of this country for God’s sake? Our federal budget has been three
    point something trillion, that’s roughly on the average $18 to $20
    billion a year.” Could he be suggesting that once an amount has not been budgeted, then it does not exist! Similar explanation was proffered in respect of the 30trn naira poser by Mr Charles Soludo. This is serious and Nigerians MUST respond to it appropriately!

    • Ken

      How can you access money beyond your budget? Do you know what that means? The Budget is not a tea party

    • Ken

      Soludo doesn’t know what he is saying. The devt you see in the states are the results of the more money shared to them. During Obj, did you see devt both at fed and States?

      • SAM .A

        He knows what he is talking about. It is money that is stolen before getting to account, stolen from the source . The left over is the budget Madam Ngozi now show u.That is the reason she can’t argue with him.

    • blueeyedkitten

      you just nailed it! if an amount is not budgeted for, it doesn’t exist; that’s the message jonathan is sending to us. what a wretch! we are in deep trouble with this man in the helm. may God save our soul if this man returns. i shudder at the thought of that.

  • yemi

    This man is a joke.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Jonathan, if you watch AIT’s documentary on Tinubu’s primitive accumulation, you will change your mind and posit that corruption is actually understated, not overblown.

    • eddy

      U seriously need help.

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        Normally, I ignore comments from senseless animals like you. I have decided to break that rule because if deranged individuals like you are not challenged, you will continue wallowing in ignorance and imbecility. Tell me, how do I need help for expressing my opinion? Does it mean anyone who doesn’t support senile, illiterate certificate forger and perjurer Buhari or drug addict/drug courier, treasury looter and unschooled Bola Tinubu “needs help”? You, Funso, Kola Adekola and all those other animals who think like you, are incurable lunatics.

        • BIBI ABBA


        • eddy

          I repeat, u need help urgently!!!

        • Funso

          Ọmọ àlè Ifẹ̀.

    • zacchaeus Akinleye

      And Dokpesi’s AIT is now the EFCC? Why is Tinubu not in custody if they have so daunting an evidence? Cowards and clowns!

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        You are stupidity on steroids. Must you reply to my post? Can’t I express an opinion without mental cases like you trying to circumscribe my freedom of expression?

        • SAM .A

          Your grammar socks ‘You are stupidity on steroids’

          • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

            The joke’s on you. You can’t even distinguish between “sucks” and “socks”!

    • Akanji92

      Report Jagaban to EFCC, ICPC, Civil Defence, DSS or any known government agency if you have any case against him. A njuwon o tan lejo, ija ilara o tan boro. Like some elders in Afenifere, why Tinubu, why not them?. How did he survive hurricance PDP in 2003? Additional insult, he liberated other Southwest states, etc. E ma binu ori, ayanmo no kadara.

    • SAM .A

      Omo ale ni Femi Adekunle Iyafikunya .

    • Funso

      Ọmọ àlè ni ẹ.

  • Bodun George

    The man is an absolute JOKE

    • NoMoreKindergartenPresident!

      This is what you get when somebody get his education in Ijaw Languauge

  • Bodun George

    I worry for my dear country.

  • tundemash

    “Yes, we have corruption cases, no doubt about that. Yes, we have cases of people stealing, no doubt about that. I always said call a thief a thief. I am not saying that in Nigeria we do not have these elements of corruption, or stealing.

    And yet this dumb ass couldn’t name one corrupt case that he has prosecuted successfully. To Dumbo, the whole world is wrong that Nigerian Govt. breed and oozes corruption. What a liability as a President !

  • warry

    Now I know that media houses are as wicked as propaganda politicians. No wonder we are building a country of Liars, blackmailers,propagandists,deceivers,manipulators,robbers,kidnappers, etc.Why should a media outfit deliberately write lies? Nigeria has been bruised and ruined by Nigerians struggling for a piece of the proverbial National cake. I cry for Nigeria.

  • DT

    When will Mr President learn to look inwards as leaders do. Ohhh I forgot he is a ruler.

  • Omooodua


    “If the Yorubas vote for Buhari because their son is the national
    leader of the APC South-west, then it will prove that Bola Tinubu
    is the undisputed leader of the Yorubas. This is because his people
    shall have spoken and therefore hearkened to Bola Tinubu’s directives.

    But if not, then it will be laid to rest that Bola Tinubu is NOT the leader of the Yoruba.
    As you can see, some recognised leaders of the South-west have decided and urged
    their followers in the zone to vote for President Jonathan as the preferred presidential
    candidate. “This is why Jonathan will beat Buhari hands down in Yorubaland and,
    in-directly settle the leadership among the Yorubas”.

    ……….Governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa State

    (March 3rd, 2015)

    • Otunba Akindele


      Don’t worry, my friend. You’ll see the real Yoruba character on 28th of March.
      Ondo and Ekiti are already liberated. Lagos, Oyo and Ogun states shall follow.
      Yorubaland will NEVER be led by a plea-bargained drugs-running criminal, never!


      “Everybody in Yorubaland is looking for a way to liberate themselves once again from APC party –
      the pretenders who claim to be progressives but are the opposite of anything progressive.
      They say they are ‘progressives’ but they admit all the corrupt people from the PDP
      and bring them together to form the All Progressives Congress [APC].

      What is progressive about ex-Governor Nyako, for example? Now that the Yoruba people have
      known that the APC is worse than PDP – in corruption, impunity, and, lack of internal democracy,
      we have to vote against APC”

      ………….Senator Femi Okunrounmu

      (Yoruba Leader and Co-orodinator of the last National Conference)

      [July 26th, 2014]

      • Dr. Bamidele Anifowoshe

        Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu is NOT acceptable because he does not merit mention.
        Inside Yoruba decent circles, character, knowledge and reputation count the most.
        Bola Tinubu does not pass muster on any of those; for he lacks mental magnitude.
        Yoruba people have never been led by an un-schooled inferior with dark pedigree.

        • Funso

          ỌMỌ ÀLÈ.

      • Remi

        Maybe you will tell us what is progressive about Jonathan that said stealing is not corruption or our minister that spent N10 billion traveling all over the place or a government that spent N2.7 trillion as subsidy in a year or a minister that spent N235million buying 2 cars. How many years did Nyako spent in APC? If he was a good material in PDP then what exactly is good in PDP? Must it all be about money alone? Can’t we think of integrity too? Money will finish or loose it’s value. Who are these Yorubas you are talking about? Is it the ones that will vote out PDP everywhere as all PDP can do is rig. Wait and see what will happen in Ekiti and Ondo states. Yorubas cannot be bought with money. We are too sensible for that. If some so called Yoruba leaders without shame and integrity collect money that is their problem as we shall nail their relevance and political coffin on the 28th of march. Please stay tuned.

      • Funso

        ọmọ àlè.

    • Fodey

      A country that thumb-prints to elect Muhammadu Buhari authorizes him to spread Sharia Law
      to all the 36 states of Nigeria. Such country would forfeit international help against the ensuing
      Islamic State of Nigeria because under international law, the United Nations is not permitted to
      overturn the free votes cast voluntarily by Christians yearning for an Islamic State of Nigeria.

    • zacchaeus Akinleye

      Yorubas don’t need a guy who got chased back into PDP by the EFCC for political education, and he should not be sleeping with his two eye closed because no sinner shall go unpunished.

    • Akanji92

      Hope GEJ has dropped the corruption charges against Sule Lamido’s family. Jonathan’s comrade in corruption made a statement and this is being reechoed, o ma se o.

  • JoeTheBlaster

    Precisely this is the reason for Jonathan to leave Aso Rock. He may have a better view from the outside and have enough time to regret and apologize.

  • absam777

    Only the C-in-C (Commander in Corruption) himself can say corruption has been blown out of proportion.

    • warry

      When people come hear to condemn corruption, I begin to wonder who are the ones indulging in it in all offices all over the country, or Jonathan duplicates himself 170 million times to perpetrate the so called corruption all over. Every master of corruption will come to the public to shout corruption, corruption, corruption. What a shame. I challenge all of you to assist the relevant authorities with information to prosecute offenders if you have nothing to hide.

  • Layo

    Now I strongly believe our president is a drunkard. Is he in his right senses? He is absolutely corrupt. Always trying so hard to defend corruption. What da hell!

  • warry

    For all I care this Govt can point to more tangible achievements on the ground than any previous administrations that some propagandists will make us believe are less corrupt because they are no longer in contention for the National cake. The question is why has this administration achieved more? For the unemployed alone,you have Sure P,You Win,Graduate internship, Agroprenuer, Conditional Funds Transfer, etc. Why are we so wicked? Must all of us be in Govt.? I am a private business man and I know what I’m saying. Is it sand that is being used to fight the Boko Haram war? Anybody that gets to position of authority, the rest people will shout corruption so as to get there and others will shout corruption again. People should produce evidence of corruption for prosecution, because the way we.are going no one is safe.

    • zacchaeus Akinleye

      You are confused and apparently un-informed. Keep on enjoying Jonathan’s booty until March 28.

      • warry

        You are a fool.check me out. I’m not a lazy pal like you waiting for Govt handouts. For that reason you lie and blackmail.I’ll oblige you my e mail address, where you can contact

        • Akanji92

          Bayelsa ma, thank you. I travelled through the east-west road in December, 2014, ah Jonathan tried. He has been in Lagos twice in two weeks. He was in the Southwest for over seven days bribing loafers, riffraffs, and political jobbers. His e-rat proclaim his acceptance in the Southwest, yet he is bribing people to get their viote, what a contradiction. Omisore and PDP spent fortune in Osun, yet they were trashed. We know what happened in Ekiti, so we have the antidote to curtail GEJ and his goons.

        • SAM .A

          Creek e-rat.

  • wonderboi

    This man has consistently said there isn’t anything like corruptions, in-fact he went as far making several references like comparing stealing to looting so why are people astounded by his explanation, i bet you if a person or persons steal the whole Nigeria, president Jonathan will still deny and trivialize it, so if Nigerians think is perspective is quite contrary to what they think or what they expected then the ball is in there court to decide who should lead them by the way, decision time is around

  • hummm

    Dont worry JONA stealing is not corruption. I hear you, Nigeria corruption rating is overblown. lol

  • Words on Marble

    “A country that thumb-prints to elect Muhammadu Buhari authorizes him to spread Sharia Law
    to all the 36 states of Nigeria. Such country would forfeit international help against the ensuing
    Islamic State of Nigeria because under international law, the United Nations is not permitted to
    overturn the free votes cast voluntarily by Christians yearning for an Islamic State of Nigeria.”


    (March 3rd, 2015)

    • Otunba Akindele

      No, no, Yoruba Christians are not yearning for an Islamic State of Nigeria.
      You’ll see what they call the the real Yoruba character on 28th of March.
      Ondo and Ekiti are already liberated. Lagos, Oyo and Ogun states shall follow.
      Yorubaland will NEVER be led by a plea-bargained drugs-running criminal, never!

      • Jack

        Otunba Akindele or whatever your name is, the last time i heard someone bear that name, he was from Okitipupa, Ondo State, but to the point, Yorubas will never ever vote Gej, go and note that down today and that will be evident come March 28. Ondo and Ekiti are in slavery now under Mimiko the Igbira man and The thug Fayose, you will see the result when the day comes, we respect our elders in yoruba land and a true son of yoruba will never insult their elders, PDP insulted Obj that made Jona what he is today through the grace of God,but to put picture here like Fayose shows you are not even yoruba but an igboman or ND man impersonating a yoruba. Forget my man, Buhari will win landslide in SW. I am an Ekitiman, Fayose has calmed down,he knows he can not win Ekiti for Gej, thats why he has been saying people have free choice to vote the candidate of their choice,God forbid bad stuff. Gej is toxic and Mimiko will also be shocked in Ondo, the 2billion he got fromJona will be distributed and some will use the money to get unto taxi to go vote Buhari,Get real and stop being childish,face the truth

        • Gbemiga

          Maybe this other Chief Akindele is from OKITIDUDU.

      • Benny born


      • Funso

        Ọmọ ale.

    • Maitama Tambari

      Words of clay wants to bring back religion into the conversation after all effort to abuse the minds of Nigerians. “There is no CONPULSION in Islam” Religion and faith is personal to an individual. Let us discuss issues as raised in the forensic au ding and other issues President Jonathan discussed. WE BELIEVE CHANGE! YES WE CAN IN NIGERIA.

    • Jeremy

      You should all go think of something else to do. This isn’t gonna work

  • Oweja

    Presidooooo! In other words, the auditors found that the money was there intact, except that it “was not properly balanced”??? I don’t understand. See, I’m an accountant … and seriously, if a shortfall of up to $2 billion(!!!) is thrown up on one side of the account, it could well be an indicator that some hidden huge amount of imbalance is present on the other side of the account. Your statement wrongly portrayed the auditors as miserable charlatans, who being unable to unravel the mystery behind the account simply opted to end their assignment inconclusively by leaving it as an account that “was not properly balanced.” You are a disgusting liar and an artful Commander-In-Thief!!! We don’t need you again!

    • Murtala Aliyu


  • Dr P. I. Orafu

    I am now more confused as to interpreting d real intent of my president’s statements.

  • Akiika

    There you go! “call a thief a thief”…a thief is not corrupt. O God! deliver us from this asinine man!

  • emeka M

    when they said nigeria’s economy is one of the fastest rising , you didn’t think it was over blown ….. only the ratings from transparency int’l that is over blown… this man is not careful at all.
    if you say stealing is not corruption… ok what did you do to the people that stole the money and what did you do to the corrupt officials in your government… Nothing

  • Repeater Station


    “If the Yorubas vote for Buhari because their son is the national
    leader of the APC South-west, then it will prove that Bola Tinubu
    is the un-disputed leader of the Yorubas. This is because his people
    shall have spoken and therefore hearkened to Bola Tinubu’s directives.

    But if not, then it will be laid to rest that Bola Tinubu is NOT the leader of the Yoruba.
    As you can see, some recognised leaders of the South-west have decided and urged
    their followers in the zone to vote for President Jonathan as the preferred presidential
    candidate. “This is why Jonathan will beat Buhari hands down in Yorubaland and,
    in-directly settle the leadership among the Yorubas”.

    ……….Governor Sule Lamido

    (Jigawa State, March 3rd, 2015)

    • jozzy

      Then wait and see who we will vote for.

    • Jack

      This is where the jonathanians are getting this wrong! This election is NOT ABOUT ASIWAJU TINUBU, NOT AT ALL!, this election is about ending corruption,its about ending impunity, its about youth unemployment, its about stealing the country’s wealth by Jona and his cabal, its about Govt taking the piss out of the populates, its about thugs ruling Nigeria, its about PDP dividing Nigeria along ethnic and religious lines, its about Gej having no clue how to run a country, its about stopping nonentities like Koro,FFK, Fayose Uba and other tainted characters ruling the innocent people. Nigerians are fed up! Why is Abba Moro still a Minister? Why did Jona want Koro to be Minister again? Lamido can say whatever, hes a backstabber and will never be relevant again in Nigeria’s polity. Stop making this election a Tinubu affair, Yoruba are going to vote Buhari, with or without Tinubu and to confirm, Tinubu is presently the leader of the yorubas, Osinbajo is married to Awo’s granddaughter, we still love Awo in death, not like the Igbos who threw Zik to the wolves. Yorubas will vote Buhari certainly. Those old Afenifere are on their own, some of them cant persuade their kids to vote Gej and I know one of these so called afenifere elder whose grandson is a prominent APC man, they are all going for the money and Jona will be taught a political lesson he did not know existed when everyone voted him in 2011, but he will surely learn from these comings. He wants to rig? Well we are waiting!

      • Hah!

        .. 100% correct brother!

      • Benny born

        mumu master. u think say na democracy go end corruption for Africa? Rethink.

    • O’oodua


      • Funso

        Omo ale.

  • Ronke Idowu

    I am constraining myself not to curse him and his household, but i do not believe he will go unpunished. How can he not see the reality on the ground and the way Nigerian masses are suffering due to his inefficient and clueless leadership, the accumulation and wasting of resources by the few to the detriment of even generations yet unborn.

  • Titi

    kindergarten president, everything about u is political; u are calling unaccounted $2B ‘only’ and u open your mouth to say everyone hate u and is lying to make u look bad; Opposition, UN, Amnesty Intl, UK, US, AU, ECOWAS, CNN, BBC, Aljazeera, OBJ, Soludo, Nigerian people, and even Labaran Maku this days, everyone is lying against u. It is only Doyin Bastered that is saying the truth about U

  • Akanji92

    Yes our president, we are not corrupt, we only steal. For the information of other countries, according to the University of Otuoke, stealing government’s money is not corruption. We are going to separate the yam and goat on the 28th March, 2015. QED

  • Looting of $20billion could be petty stealing to some but a missing $10,000 will attract Kirikiri prison from the incorruptible Buhari.

  • mao

    Very pedestrian in his utterances. Even his wife exhibits more assertiveness than him. Everyday, you hope to hear something inspiring from our president but he lets us down over and over again. Everything is political. They even have the audacity to blame the opposition for blackouts and fuel scarcity. For 6 years, they blamed opposition for the insurgency up north. After more than 13000 deaths, they just realised that they under estimated BH. We have no love for one another. In other climes, a president that presided over the destruction of his people due to his cluelessness will not stand a chance of getting reelected. Here, due to our hatred for the part of the country where this insurgency happened, we have allowed such an incompetent man even contemplate relection. Sorry for us.

  • Kitunde

    This our president is irredeemable-honestly, i suppose he believes if he continues to harp on that ‘petty stealing’ of public funds is not corruption we will give up and agree…He is too funny,i don’t mean haha but peculiar!

    • Uwem Etim

      “Petty stealing” are your own words. The man said what we have going on, in most cases, are cases of stealing. Worse than “corruption.” You can write whatever pleases you.

  • djay

    He didn’t disappoint as usual. This liar of a president is unbelievable . Not until Gej leaves power before we know the monumental corruption under is watch.


    Dear President Jonathan, I am a victim of corruption under your Administration, so it pains me to my spirit each time I consider your administration. From all indications you are not ready to fight corruption. I still remember a particular statement credited to you ” Corruption is not the problem of African countries”. Corruption is responsible for the situation Nigeria finds itself today. No African country is as rich as Nigeria but when you travel to other African countries you feel shame of where you come from. Corruption is partly responsible for the problem of insurgency, because stolen funds are also channeled to support those fighters. So Mr, President Nigeria needs someone who can fight corruption not the one who doesn’t care or is in support of corruption. Thank you,

  • PeterPaul1

    This is an attestation of the well known fact that President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is incurably and shamelessly corrupt.

    • sam

      This man called Jonathan must me tested for a possible brain problem

  • Ekwekwe

    According to Propaganda Times, the Appeal Court ruling today that President Jonathan is eligible to run for the 2015 presidential election is not news. Propaganda is NOT journalism.

  • Comfortkay

    When l was growing up, l used to hear about the Nigerian dream. l used to feel it, smell it, and dream it. In just 16 years of democracy that dream had been turned into Nightmare by PDP.
    From being the last best hope for black race, Nigeria had become the poster boy of bad behaviour and in this country PDP has turned this nation to Corruption Unlimited.

  • Walter

    Well, obviously you haven’t paid doctor’s salaries

  • SAM .A

    When you say corruption is not stealing , how do you draw a landmark to measure corruption. It automatically means most of the corruption are stealing are below the landmark , exaggerated or overblown,like acquiring a 90.04 hectare within 7 months of getting to office, using fake address . The guy who allocated it also gave himself 40hectares .
    This is the overblown we are talking about. However Change is coming where corruption & stealing will be labelled the cankerworms destroying the fabric of the nation both will be exterminated or reduced with maximum punishment.

  • MIKE

    What business does a country ranked number one in Oil and Gas production in Africa be doing with fuel importation if not for corruption, why should a country with over 180 million people be struggling to generate 5000 MW of electricity, meanwhile South Africa with a population of over 50 million generates over 40,000 MW of electricity, if not for corruption, Why are the institutions that were set up to check corruption not working, if not for corruption. Why is there no accountability in the oil sector, if not for corruption. If I as an ordinary citizen should know all these things then Mr President you should know or be informed better as the number citizen of this country, or have you not considered all these before? IT IS A SHAME

  • Spoken word

    What a clown.he always downplays corruption but continues to enrich himself

  • Truthometer

    Dumbo can hardly differentiate between stealing and corruption. Typical of Dumbo and his wrecking crew.

    • burning spear

      stealing is not corruption——————————-the president is one million times correct———————————The word corruption is used–mainly to describe rogues in government and politicians-

  • Newsbreak

    Breaking News:

    The presidential ambition of President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday got a major boost
    as the Appeal Court in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, on Tuesday confirmed that the president
    is eligible to seek a second term in office in the 2015 presidential election. Delivering judgement
    on a suit challenging President Jonathan’s eligibility, the Appeal Court held that the first tenure
    of President Jonathan started in 2011, after he was elected President in the April 11 election.

    The court struck out the suit against Jonathan and held that the President took his first oath of office
    on May 29, 2011 and that May 2015 would NOT be the end of a second tenure as claimed by appellants.
    It also ruled that “Jonathan becoming president on May 6, 2010 is by “operation of a constitutional
    provision following the demise of the substantive president”

    • Investigator


      • Godfrey Etokebe


    • burning spear

      TINUBU WILL STILL GO TO COURT—PT do not carry stories–that are favourable to Zonatan

  • Uzoma John

    I can’t figure out how we arrived at Jonathan to become our President. Nigerians are reaping the fruit of voting a dummy. Sentiment has never been factor for any successful outcome. GEJ is a product of sentiment and here we are today. A President who can’t differentiate right from wrong. Everything for him is political. What a shame. We will surely get out of this mess come March 28.

    • burning spear

      imagine the question an ibo man is asking jonathan—–i am busy laughing my head off—yeye de smell

      • Uzoma John

        Half Buhari is more articulate, wise and corrupt-free than your 100 GEJ.

  • burning spear

    When you talk of corruption for instance, is it only at the federal level that one can point at corruption? What about some of the state governors that are accusing the federal government are they not corrupt? Even up to the local government level that collect monthly allocations and do not make proper use of it. In those days you see local government administration embarking on projects like building of schools but it is not so today. I know a local government chairman in Lagos who came to office with nothing; today he has houses in US, Dubai and South Africa yet APC pride itself as a party of change, what kind of change is that?———————Chief Gani Adams—-what SHAME

    • Hassan Lawal

      ….then,talk of when the head is rotten!!!

  • Olusola

    A clown of a president!

    • Tunsj

      My words exactly. A big clown with a PhD in “Zoology” without any thesis.

      • Simeon

        A pig and a snake

    • Simeon

      A clown and a pig

    • NoMoreKindergartenPresident!

      A president whose brain has never function beyond 25%



  • musa aliyu

    Mumu who cannot coherently defend the loot they have looted our country. Buhari or no Buhari you must go to jail; you must leave Aso Rock. The monkey on top Minna mountain wey dey deceive you will soon be sent to his hell-bound grave.

    • concernednigerian

      Is the ‘monkey on top Minna mountain’ also going to jail or just Jonathan?

  • Concerned

    Why is GEJ being so defence about corruption ?

    His efforts to play it down and justify it only serves to reflect a guilty conscience !

  • warry

    When people come to the public and condemn corruption, you wonder who are the ones indulging in it in their various offices or Jonathan duplicates himself 170 million times? Truth is if only GEJ is corrupt and we all are not,there will be no corruption. However if most of us are corrupt and GEJ is not,there will be corruption everywhere. I hate deceit ,many people like Amaechi, Tinibu,Atiku,Obj,calling GEJ corrupt can actually buy him 100 times. If you truly hate corruption assist the relevant agencies with information to secure prosecution of offenders than to come to the public and put up a holier than thou attitude. Blackmail will do no one any good. Get your facts for prosecution and not propaganda and blackmail. The president never said, no corruption, but that it is blown out of proportion for political reasons . People have always used corruption allegations against Gov since Independence, so who are the corrupt persons?

    • Wale Reze

      We all are by default as Nigerians….. Sad but true!!!

      • True Nigerian

        No, I am not corrupt. If you are corrupt, thank you for admitting that you are. Go ahead and deal with it.

        If most Nigerians are corrupt, whose job is it to stem the tide? And how on earth is that job going to be possible if the person who should stem the tide is also corrupt and believe that the corruption is hyperbole?

        • Wale Reze

          Please take your ignorance elsewhere if you cannot connect my post with the article itself. Nigerians with our holier-than-thou attitude….
          If you are a christian what are you by default upon birth into this world?? A sinner??

    • True Nigerian

      Your logic is warped! The truth is that most Nigerians are victims of corruption. If most Nigerians are corrupt, whose job is it to stem the tide? And how
      on earth is that job going to be possible if the person who should stem
      the tide is also corrupt and believe that the corruption is hyperbole? Corruption is an epidemic because the leadership is feckless in the face of the scourge – and that’s because they are the ones festering the disease.

      So keep lying to yourself! You think that your desperation to defend Jonathan means that your logic is all great and convincing.

      buys a farmland of $500m whilst in office and you are here blabbing
      rubbish. His wife is a serial money launderer. Yet you are here making
      deceitful arguments to convince us that Nigerians are so corrupt that a
      government that wants to fight corruption will be incapable of doing
      exactly that.

      Femi Fani-Kayode is defendant in a criminal
      proceeding on grounds of mindless corruption. Your president then
      appoints him as the mouthpiece of his re-election campaign. He then
      attends court with a battalion of armed police and soldiers, with an
      approval of the president who thinks that corruption is an exaggeration.

      As you can see, your logic is utter rubbish!

      • warry

        Common in civilized societies people don’t come to online media and blab about corruption for political gains. Approach a court of law as soon as possible with your facts if any. You have an opposition House of Reps at least and the PDP dominated Senate with another 170million Nigerians with the mandate to incriminate this president. If after 4 or 5 years all you can do is to issue mere press statements of stupendous sums of missing money,you should check your brain. Obj,Atiku,Buhari,etc were there, they didn’t do what GEJ has in terms of tangible projects and programs, yet they were not corrupt. The one who has uncountable projects and programs successfully executed is the corrupt one.check your brain.

    • famaks

      So you are one? Yet you can not list what each ste. Just lazy generalisation as usual with apologists of clueless regime.

    • Aggrieved Nigerian

      Corruption fight should start from the top. If GEJ is not corrupt, his followers and people under him will control themselves. As GEJ is corrupt, his followers are encouraged to follow the master and he could not fight corruption in various forms e.g. blatant stealing of cash from Nigeria, uncompleted public projects being passed as completed, money laundering, fake government employment schemes, etc. GEJ should come out clean and say sorry to Nigerians for his low performance and suffering of the common people.

  • Lemmuel Odjay

    Painter man…

  • burning spear

    He told me when Yar’ Adua became president in 2007 that the man was his friend and they normally go to Ummrah together. Obasanjo would have rubbished Tinubu during the time he was the president of this country if not for the cooperation of Atiku his friend because any attempt to attack Tinubu from the presidency Atiku would quickly alert him to be prepared. Tinubu told us in Bourdilion that Obasanjo is an enemy of Yoruba race urging us not to take him serious. But today they are friends because they want to push Jonathan out. A statesman like Obasanjo should not take himself a comrade as he is doing now. He turned his back against Jonathan because the president did not allowed him to nominate the governor of Jigawa State, Sule Lamido as a replacement to the vice-president, Namadi Sambo as Jonathan’s running in the 2015 presidential elections. He is a perfect negotiator; he knows how to negotiate very well. Apart from that he went to Jonathan requesting that the PDP structure in the South west should be handed over to him so that he can deal with Kashamu Buruji, but Jonathan told him that he (Obasanjo) was the one that introduce Buruji to him as his son who he want to use against the former governor of Ogun State, Gbenga Daniel. This is the beginning of their problem; it was because the party structure in the south west was taken from him.-Gani Adams

    • concernednigerian

      Thanks for the information.

  • Johnson Omale

    How many times do we need to educate this clueless president. Soludo said that money being stolen are the money not in the budget. He was talking about Nigeria budget not upto 49bn dollars. Na your head you go take carry am.

    • logmein2nite

      It’s deliberate, for the uninformed. And they’re in the millions.

    • kelvin

      and the non remitted amount from sanusi allegation is within two yrs.

  • Sams

    “..and it turned out that only about $2 billion was found not to have been properly balanced.” – $2 billion is like N400 billion Mr. President. Only in a country with endemic corruption is missing $2 billion referred to as ‘only’.

    • Kola Adekola

      Compared to 49 billion, 2 billion is “only.”

      • logmein2nite

        For an honest servant it can never be “only”. Say that in US, Europe or Asia and see if don’t get impeached.

  • Guguru

    To all those who thirst and search for corruption, your search is over. Drink from the deep wells of corruption which Jonathan has built for us. Come with your buckets of vanity and draw from this nourishing well of corruption. The builder of the well of corruption should be worshiped and praised for his mercies on our corruption-filled lives. Show us the way to the depth of corruption, oh merciless Jonathan. We beseech you to destroy our lives with the beauty of corruption. You are forever loved for your faithless acts of corruption in our lives.

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    GEJ, I totally agree, since stealing is not corruption, in that case, many thanks, NIGERIA IS DOING WELL INDEED. The only point is are we really fighting the little corruption that we have?

  • Obi

    As long as every complaint about corruption in this present govt is politically motivated, we should not expect any change. Mr. president also believes that Transparency international is politically motivated in their rating of Nigeria’s TI index. That is absolutely pathetic!

  • Peter

    The problem of majority of Nigerians is that because of their accursed nature, they have remained blind and deaf to reasoning to the extent that they have no respect for their leadership. To them, whoever is up there should be dragged down and trampled on. To them Whatever the president is saying is nonsense. Instead they are busy listening to the archaic and damaging views of government detractors said to be in opposition.

    • Guguru


      You are pebble and not a stone. Is what the President is saying not nonsense? You are reading the comments of a President who acts as if he is on powerful hallucinogens.

    • HARD

      what you are saying is because, you are a leader stealing is not coruption, bros that language is only found in ijaw nationality dictionary.

    • Ayodeji

      Peter you are accursed because you a Nigerian

  • favourtalk

    Someone need to talk sense into this GEJ, he drinks more of otapiapia and ogogoro for him to be saying all this irrelevant and silly things, nigerians knows the truth and so he should forget all the lies around. Corruption in nigeria is the first thing that will come out in Google, we need change joor

  • John, The Truth liberates

    Only Jona doesn’t see there is corruption everywere. It is a well know fact that his government is corrupt. What else can you say if he could say stealing is not corruption. What a shame!

    • warry

      Your ignorance makes you hear yourself because the president never said that. We all listened to him twice on the subject matter of stealing and corruption. If you are ignorant, you blame GEJ for that?

  • Bassey Eniang

    In the Aljazera interview, President Jonathan admitted that there are cases of corruption and stealing in Nigeria.
    That is consistent with TI corruption indices/ranking included in 2014 and 2015, that is 136th out of 175 (score 27/100)
    144 out of 175 (score 25/100). The President’s admission is also consistent with President Thabo Mbeki’s “High Level
    Panel Report on Illicit Financial Outflows from Africa” given to African Union Heads of State and Governments, in which
    report Nigeria was “reported to account for 68.1% of cumulative revenue Africa lost between 2001 and 2010 through
    corruption and illegal transfers. It is possible that the “corruption and stealing cases” the President admitted to are
    included directly or indirectly in the TI and AU reports. The Federal Government has the constitutional assignment/
    responsibility to transparently audit/investigate the assertions and the President’s admissions and take urgent, robust
    action to remedy the situation as these issues negatively impact on and impede the Government’s ability to execute another
    constitutional provision, that is, ensuring the well being of the citizens! This goes beyond “politics”!

  • chi boss

    When God puts a person who is good,humble and kind as a leader,people will ridicule him and call him names. President Jonathan has done well.. Lets remain positive as Nigerians trusting that things will get better. Nigeria is our own, it is our fathers land. President Jonathan deserves a second chance, vote for him again. #GEJ4NAIJA

  • korona melvin


  • Fatima Musa

    Yes, i tell u , no credible leader as stand out for 2015, that will transform Nigeria.. And corruptions is de only reason behind it al… Bt i tell u if buhari wins, Oh! I pity the southerns, more especially the south-s and south-E… Mark my words pals… Yes, Johnathan as not really tried much, but lets give him the second chance to move Nigeria forward #GEJ4Naija

  • grace folarin

    the people that accuse the president, are they clean? they re the ones that practise corruption in the highest order. Before GEJ took the helms of runningthis country, Nigeria had a record of corruptionin the world that was close to the worst country. but look at our statistics now. it shows that the war against corruption under this regime is true action and not mere words. GEJ has done his best to tackle this menace and positive results has been generated. #GEJ4NAIJA

  • excel

    Some Nigerians are just clueless like gej when stealing is not corruption under gej govt yet court has sentenced some poor people that don’t have privilege to gej to jail because of #2500 recharge card under same govt. But billions have been stolen under gej govt yet is not corruption. Nigerians which way? We can’t continue like this, it is time for CHANGE

  • JibrilMusagroup

    APC will use any little opportunity to blackmail PDP and President Goodluck Jonathan, I wonder why this people have no other job apart from saying rubbish. what all these fake story to do with President Goodluck Jonathan and PDP? It is funny if it happens in Lagos it’s President Goodluck Jonathan. It shows that APC as a party have no business being a party, long live President Goodluck Jonathan, long live PDP,long live Nigeria. #goodluck4president

  • Passionate about Nigeria

    Shame on a President who pardons the likes of Alams. Shame on a president who left Stella Oduah in position despite her many controversies. Shame on a president who has refused to address the ridiculous 1/3 of our budget going to NASS. Shame on a president who says “stealing is not corruption”. Shame on a President who sees nothing wrong with Nigeria being in the bottom half of Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index. Shame on a President who is not afraid to bribe pastors, traditional rulers, youth, and anything that has breath. Shame on a President that trivialises a matter that other countries (even our next door neighbour Ghana) are taking very seriously. This is not the kind of President Nigeria needs. Oh God deliver us from this individual….

    • concerned

      Amen and amen

    • Paului

      What’s your problem? .

  • Baba Jada

    The highest this administration did to fight corruption is make comparisons with goats, yams and stealing, yet they still wish to be taken more seriously. SMH

  • concerned

    ‘If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us’.
    I am truly worried by the way President Goodluck thinks corruption is not a problem in this country. If he does not grasp the problem how can he solve it; corruption is not just stealing. its giving admission to people who are mediocre and average while denying it to the brilliant because they are poor and know nobody. its giving jobs to the least qualified who have no skills because they are the children of so called important people. I could go on and on. no nation can survive if we continue like this, enthroning mediocrity and rubbishing excellence. that is why many things are not working. if Jonathan remains, obviously they will get worse as he doesn’t see anything wrong with the situation as it is.

  • Peter

    The problem with Nigeria now is that we have too many educated illiterate people who are reasoning from the anus. Most of them are half baked and rather than articulate opinions that will move the people forward, they busy themselves with delusions. Otherwise how on earth can anyone understand why the clamour for a 72-year old former dictator who ruled by the force of the gun and who in this age still believe in brutal force rather than modern democratic ideologies. What we need today are men with proven integrity not a ailing goon with little or no academic background. That is why it is shameful when you see some of these educated illiterates talking nonsense on this platform.

  • August January

    I am still wondering about the real connection between missing money and our budget total, that Jonathan has been using all this while to argue his position that the amount alleged to be missing far outweighs our annual budget, and therefore, cannot possibly be missing, or whatever he is trying to convey by his argument, which smacks of blind defence. That one makes a personal budget of N1,000, for example, does not preclude that the person may have N10,000 or more under his/her pillow at home, or may still get more from sources he/she didn’t envisage initially, which was exactly what happened with the skyrocketed oil price during much of Jonathan’s administration. So, the truth is that so much has been embezzled or mismanaged under the watch of Jonathan. That’s the bitter truth he is not willing to admit

  • Ameer Nuhu Bamalli

    We all have problems and we must solve them in our own way. Lets be united and patriotic, lets use our brains to make Nigeria a great country.

  • Ameer Nuhu Bamalli

    I totally agree with all of you but the problem here is that the country is deeply divided along regional, religious and ethnic lines and we MUST turn a blind eyes to such things in order to move the country forward.

  • Dayo

    Corruption is endemic to Nigeria. But it is improving as well. Slowly sure, but still. When you listen to some people you get the impression that corruption started with GEJ or with the PDP.

  • AdemolaO

    Don’t miss the point. he acknowledges that the country is corrupt. What he says is that instead of sitting and complaining we should do something about it.