Nigerian troops gun down 73 Boko Haram terrorists in fresh attack on Konduga

Nigerians soldiers in Borno state on Monday killed at least 73 members of the Boko Haram sect when the terrorists made yet another futile attempt to capture Konduga, a town 35km away from Maiduguri, the state capital.

The troops, who engaged the terrorists for over five hours, however lost a soldier in the battle.

According to one of the soldiers stationed in Konduga, the terrorists tried to attack the military base using herds of cows and a car filled with improvised explosive devices.

“They intended to take us by surprise but even before they came we had pre-information about them and we laid ambush after securing our territory,” the soldier told journalists in Maiduguri by telephone.

“Initially they flocked a herd of cows into Konduga in order to create some kind of detour and confuse us to enable the suicide bomber attack from another side; but we were able to gun the vehicle from afar before it got near and the car exploded. After that, the terrorists came in large numbers and we engaged in several hours of shooting with them.”

“We counted about 73 of them that were killed and many others who got injured escaped. But we lost a soldier during the shootout,” the soldier said.

Residents of Maiduguri were alarmed by the sight of two military jets hovering over Maiduguri and moving to and fro the direction of Konduga for hours.

“We continued to engage them from 7 a.m. to about 1p.m. when an air force jet came to give us backup,” the soldier added.

Boko Haram has attacked Konduga about 15 times in the last 10 months.

The sect appears desperate to capture the town but it has failed in every attempt it made.

The Director of Defence Information, Chris Olukolade, could not be reached to comment for this story.


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  • Colonel Mariama(rtd)


    • Peter Perceival

      If Muhammadu Buhari is YOUR problem, then you have a problem. Can’t you talk real issues? You folks do not realise that the more you attack the man, the more popular he becomes. Can’t you understand? You are all giving him free publicity because you have shown that when you dream, you dream Buhari. If your pot of soup gets burnt in the kitchen, it is Buhari. This Buhari must be quite a man!

      • CM

        All I want to know is the reason for his extended stay in a London hospital when he should be putting final touches to his campaign.

        Is that asking too much? Is there something that APC is not telling us here. I see the vengeful hand of the Yoruba in this whole attempt to impose an ailing man on us. Is it the cheap and easy way to extract their ounce of flesh for the injustice of June 12, 1993. Are you too blind to figure this one out. Obasanjo did it with Yar’Adua and is at it again with Buhari. Obasanjo is Nigeria’s Rasputin whose kiss of death and destruction should all but be well known to Nigerians by now. I AM THE ONE AND ONLY COLONEL MARIAMA (RTD) WHOSE POSTS ARE NOW CONSTANTLY BLOCKED BY THE FOOLS WHO RUN THIS SITE. JUST TRY STIFLING MY OPINION AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR SITE. HACKSVILLE, BABY. HACKSVILLE!!!!

        • Peter Perceival

          You, like all other Nigerians, have a right to vote for whom you will. If Buhari’s stay in London is your problem, you don’t have to vote for him. Instead of talking about the challenges facing Nigeria and discussing each candidate’s plan to address those challenges, your small mind is bogged down with tribalism and what Buhari is doing in London and whether he is about to die – as if you are God. Did anyone force anyone to vote for Yar’adua? Was he the only presidential candidate when he was voted in? If majority of Nigerians had felt he was too sick to rule, they would not have voted for him. I personally did not vote for him. And by the way, enough of this tribal rubbish talk. If you are one of those that see everything through tribal lenses, I have no time for you. I don’t speak Buhari’s language and have never met Tinubu in my life. Tinubu did not appoint Buhari as presidential candidate for APC – Buhari emerged out of a full democratic and transparent process. Tinubu cannot say he anointed Buhari. I don’t care a hoot about Tinubu, but Buhari will have my vote!

    • kanuri man

      A colonel from which Army? you sound like a bus conductor from ajagunle, thank God you’re retired, you provably couldn’t cheat the next exams and they figured you out before you took the brigadiers exams and retire you from which ever army you’re from, hopefully not the Nigerian Army.

  • jokesh

    GEJ has promised Nigerian to deliver within the shortest time and already its happening as we can all celebrate the victory of Nigeria Army and His Excellency who had the Nation in mind at all time#GEJ4naija

    • real

      So where was he all this while? He just woke up now bcos defeat is staring at him.


        Absolutely, he is trying to trick us into voting for him after all the years, after over 13,000 Nigerians are dead.

        • Philip Musa

          GEJ can do without your vote! Even your village cannot forestall GEJ’s coronation for another 4 years. GEJ ’till 2019!!


            Another 4 years of death, Phillip GEJ had the chance to transform Nigeria, instead he threw us into the hands of Boko Haram, have you been to the North recently, they are dying, innocent children are dying because Jonathan couldn’t handle Boko Haram, our people are dying and you sit and say that they deserve to die, listen to me and listen good, our brother and sisters have been massacred for nothing, we have been disgraced among the communities of African nations, I say to you the lord God is giving Nigeria another chance, he is giving us another chance to prove ourselves, he is giving us another chance to choose the right person, Buhari is a retired general, he knows the Nigerian army well, he knows how to lead and strategize like a good leader, you can insult me and say my vote does not count, but today know that blood is on your hands, you have turned against your own people for money you have their blood on your hands, thank you.

          • Philip Musa

            You can blab all you want, GEJ must rule you another 4 years! Like it or not!!

      • Otile

        Sabotage, aboki sabotage.


    Keep up the good work soldiers, may God grant the Nigerian military more success against Boko Haram

  • Philip Musa

    There is no question, when you hold the position of undisputed leadership, your greatest competition is with yourself! And there’s nothing more extraordinary than when you succeed once again!! We hail thee GEJ!!! Keep up the good work, we are solidly behind you!!!!

  • Yusuf

    we give glory to God while praying for your nation and our soldiers


    Another 73 dead. Where do they come from? Where are their famlies, community leaders? Their numbers seems endless. Anyway #NeverAgain

  • Otile

    This is bad news to Imam and Sultan. Too bad

  • chi boss

    The Nigerian Army are in high spirits and determined to bring down the Boko Haram group, may God give them wisdom and strength to finish this battle. We will win. #GEJ4NAIJA

  • korona melvin


  • kANURI Man

    Mr president we gave you our mandate but you failed to protect us, you abandoned us in the times of our needs for protect. As our president you’re responsible for the safety of our lives and properties, you’re the commander in chief of the armed forces and all the securities apparatus in this country reports to you, yet under your watch my home state of Borno was reduced to pieces by an insurgency carried out by illiterates that can hardly read and write, 225 of my sisters were kidnapped and another 200 were slaughtered like rams in Buni yadi, you refused even the acknowledged and when you acknowledged it, you claimed your enemies were behind it, that they want to take power away from you. Mr president, you belonged to a minority tribe in Nigeria, if these people whom you claimed want to take way power from you, they don’t need to go to that extreme, they will simply vote some else without any violence just like they voted for you in the first place, remembered you got 65% votes in Adamawa in 2011, Adamawa is far away from Bayelsa where you came from. We waited 6 years before you send the army to “flush” the terrorist out after 15 000 dead and properties billions of naira where destroyed. In addition to that, your tribesmen such as Edwin Clark and your good friend Asari Dokibo were busy insulting our leaders and religion on daily basis, Mr Asari went as far as calling the Emir of Kano a dog and Sultan of Sokoto names imprint able, now six weeks to an elections you finally send in the army and they are claiming victories day after day so, all these time the army has these capabilities refused to apply it until now just so you can win an election.

    Mr President, Allah ya isa, may Allah take my revenge for me, as for my votes I will cast it to the OLD ILLITERATE MAN, WHO DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO USE COMPUTER, NEITHER DOES HE HAVE A PhD OR SCHOOL CERTIFICATE.


      Go ahead and cast your ONE VOTE but the vast Majority of Nigerians will reject the old tyrant who opposed action against boko-haram


      • kanuri man

        You provably didn’t see the crowd in Maiduguri when the peoples General Came to Borno, oh yeah there was no electricity I almost forgot it is still PDP govt led by Jona the dumbo. Aboki Tawanda keep on your good work campaigning for Buhari, you think you can win an election by spreading lies and rumors, just ask Carl Rove and find out how he helped elect Barack Obama.



          Those were Buhari’s exact words as he relentlessly defended the boko-haram terrorists who kill every living thing they come across !!

          • Kanuri Man

            Just like “you said” Buhari will jail politicians for 300 years, that Buhari will Islamized Nigeria, Buhari has no school certificate, Buhari stole from PTF. Say what you like, you’re only deceiving yourself and insulting your own sensibilities, you, Johnathan and alike have nothing to offer to Nigeria beside stealing, blaming others for your incompetency and insulting the people of this great Country. Lies and rumors don’t win elections, you will find out the hard on March 28, and May 29 Buhari will be sworn before your own eyes.

          • Philip Musa

            buhari is now an also-ran; a waste of breath!


            You are suffering from fits of extreme delusion !! a serial loser sponsored and fraudulently packaged by a man charged for laundering drug money in the USA ,who in fact suffered his last arrest in Seattle Washinghton during his stint as Governor of Lagos state and who got away with a plea-bargain whilst forfeiting the proceeds of his crime to uncle sam ?

          • Kanuri man

            Mumu from the creeks, pack your stuff you’re leaving Aso rock

    • Toke St Franklin

      keep on killing your brothers and your neighbors and hip the blame on GEJ

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    • kanuri man

      Mr Bassey, you no have shame or moral values, this is a forum where we discuss issues affecting our country but here you are pimping and trying to sell some whores. Is this one of Fani-Kayode’s tactics of wining the next elections? Please have some decency, keep your whores on the streets of Rome and Berlin and stay away from this forum.

  • Guguru

    Seems like the money Boko Haram was receiving from the Nigerian government is slowly being cut off. Thus, their recent losses. Suddenly, the same Nigerian Military that refused to act on the intelligence with Boko Haram is now acting on it. Why did they not act on this a few years ago so that over 13,000 lives could have been saved?

    • Philip Musa

      because they (PDP) don’t need your vote for anything. They (PDP) want you to ensure you vote for APC so that your foolery shall continue to be exposed!

      • Guguru


        Tell me, when does Bokonathan want to tell us about his relationship to Boko Haram? Ali Modu Sheriff, a PDP stalwart and known sponsor of Boko Haram, hangs out in Aso Rock with Bokonathan.

      • bib

        You always don’t like the true snapshot GEJ.


    1. CNN has said our Economy is growing…The best Economists are at the World Bank Now you have all these Nigerian Economists talking nonsense. Do they know better than CNN or World Bank..?

    2. Nigeria is not poor. Come and see the amount of private jets Nigerians parked at Kenya Airport when we went to Nairobi for Conference. Kenyans were just looking at us with envy How can you say Nigerians are poor..

    3. Nigerians need jobs. Vote for me and i will create Unemployment.

    4′. We are giving special Scholarships to our First Class Graduates in ten years time they are going to take us to the Moon.

    5. How can you jus say $20 billion is missing If that kind of money is missing, the Americans will know. They know everything.

    6.Corruption is not stealing. If you put yam where a goat is the goat will eat the yam

    7. If you go to Lagos and shout “ole ole” they will stone you well well..But if you shout “corruption” people will just be looking at you…

    8. Why should I declare my assets? I don’t give a damn..!

    9. People are just raising false alarm…How can 200 shildren go missing just like that? It is our enemies trying to cause confusion. But we are investigating the matter…

    10. We are going to rebuild the Chibook school and we are going to build high fences round the school to protect them next time. Yes Yes

    11. People keep saying why don’t we go to Chibook..why don’t we go to Chibook.. Aaah we can’t go to Chibook just like thatThe Boko Haram people will fire at us…

    12.This Abuja bombing is not by MEND. We know it is by Boko Haram. They are everywhere. Boko Haram is even in my Government.

    13.Boko Haram are our siblings. You can’t set the Army to go and wipe out your family.

    13. Mend tried to kill me. They came to bomb me in Abuja. That is why we jailed Henry Okah in South Africa.

    14. I did not plan the Election postponement even my Service Chiefs did not consult me.

    15. If i knew Election was going to be postponed why will i waste my time and Federal Government money to go and campaign in Bayelsa.

    16.I am the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. You don’t expect me to go and be fighting in Sambisa forest. People jus talk anyhow…

    17. We are going to buy Guns and give good Pensions to our Brave Soldiers so that when they are killed their families will not suffer.

    18. Some people just call themselves Statesman for nothing. They jump about and talk like motor park touts.

    19. After God and my Parents the third person i thank most for my life is President Olusegun Obasanjo.

    20. I want to apologise to the people of Rivers State for not bringing any Projects here…It is because i don’t want people to say i am doing favouritism. Vote for me and in the next 4 years you will see my hand…

    21. I am the sitting President…If there is any
    trouble it is me that the United Nations secretary General calls…Everything is on my head…

    22. May 29 Swearing in Day is sacrosanct. Definitely a new President will be sworn in on that day.

    • Guguru


      LOL. Thanks for reminding us of the disaster that lives in Aso Rock.

  • Guguru

    Are Nigerians waiting for the day that Jonathan actually shoots and kills any Nigerian he wishes on video and camera before we all realize that over 13,000 lives were sacrificed in the NE for his political ambition? Jonathan has broken the African record of requiring over 13,000 human lives for his grand human sacrifice in order to keep power.

    • PROF

      You dont sound happy 🙂

  • Guguru

    After 6 years of power and over 13,000 lives lost, Jonathan and his hatchet men suddenly realized that 6 weeks will do the trick of defeating Boko Haram? If he suceeds then it is a miracle, and we recall Okupe referring to Jonathan as Jesus Christ. Jesus performed miracles and Jonathan is about to do the same miracles in 6 weeks. We also recall Jonathan referring to Boko Haram as ghosts. And we also recall Jonathan trying to negotiate ceasefire with ghosts. We also recall his army killing Shekau more than twice. And we recall Jonathan saying he will catch Shekau, who apparently is a ghost by this time. With these, is there any doubt that Jonathan is the Christ we have been waiting for in Nigeria? A man who can perform miracles to eliminate Boko Haram, communicate with ghosts, and capture dead people, etc.? So, when does Jonathan go to heaven to meet his father since he is the Jesus Christ who has come to save Nigeria from Boko Haram at the last minute? When is Jonathan ascending to heaven? If Jonathan stays in Aso Rock, he might miss the last bus to heaven. heaven also needs its Jesus Christ as well. LOL.


    Dear Patience Faka Jonathan,

    How is everything going for you and the rest of the people in Aso Rock?

    I write this letter in response to your statement, “We are not conductors so we don’t ask for change”. I just want to tell you that in the real sense of it, bus conductors do not ask for CHANGE. It is usually the passengers who ask for CHANGE.

    Your husband, Goodluck Jonathan was chosen as the driver to convey Nigerians to their destination; PDP was appointed the conductor; and the Nigerian masses were and are still the passengers. As passengers, we had paid our bus fares in 2011 using the vote currency and now, we are asking, demanding for CHANGE as we approach our destination, 2015.

    Oftentimes, bus conductors do not agree to give the passengers their CHANGE easily (at least not without a fight or exchange of words ). Like the bus conductors we know, PDP does not intend to give us the CHANGE that is due us even when they know this is the right thing to do.

    But we the Nigerian Masses (who live without basic amenities; who are unemployed; who do not feel secure at home and in public places; who have been designated as targets for shooting practice etc.) have decided to get our CHANGE from the conductor (PDP and Cabals).

    You see the wind of change has so catch with you. This is why even you ought to vote for CHANGE.

    Thanks for gathering your things as you prepare to quit Aso Rock back to Otuoke or Okrika, the choice is yours

    Yours sincerely,
    Lookman Alawaye Esq.

    • Ewuare_d_Great




        • Ewuare_d_Great




          • Ewuare_d_Great



            SLAVE IGBO EBOES.

          • Ewuare_d_Great




          • Ewuare_d_Great



            BFP, BFO AND BFS

          • Ewuare_d_Great

            I KNOW SAY U BE MUMU



          • Ewuare_d_Great


  • Fairgame

    APC, Buhari abi Bokohari, ElRufai and the other sponsors of Boko Haram are in pain right now with this news. Up up up our gallant Soldiers. Thank you Nigeria Military! Thank you Our security forces! Thank you President Jonathan. God will continue to give Nigeria victory over all her enemies within and without! To God be the glory!

  • Man_Enough

    war is good business; invest your sons! another strategy of reducing the potential number of votes buhari will get.

  • Abdulsalam Asanbe

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  • bib

    Kai! How far is this Konduga from Sambisa forest?

  • JibrilMusagroup

    Kudos to our military under the able leadership of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. All our military needed is the right armories and encouragement from all Nigerians and with God on their side, the Military are delivering and will keep delivering. President Goodluck administration has made tireless effort. VOTE President Goodluck Jonathan for second term. #goodluck4president

  • campol

    My heart is with the family of the fallen soldier.. May he Rest in Peace

  • staaaaaaaaaaa

    all the time nigeria army gun down 300 BH, one time 200, some other time 175, now it is 75, haba!!!!!! Please show us the photos of all these dead bodies lying down or piled up. After all the brutalization suffered by nigerians in d hand of BH, we need to see such photos instead of just empty news captions. But the only ones we have seen are either one or two dead terrorists nothing more! So why is the army fooling Nigerians like this?????? Today BH sent video of 2 beheaded bodies. why cant the army show their own spoil of war. Liers in Uniform. I beg newsmen cant you asked them to show you before you start writting headlines for them????? This your standard of journalism is just too low. Overseas they will show it on CNN or BBC. Arrant nonsense!!!

  • korona melvin


  • chi boss

    Great job our able and gallant Nigeria military,keep the fighting spirit on until terrorism ends.. Our prayers are with you. #GEJ4NAIJA

  • Nicolas

    This writer may ignorantly think he has penned down words but he has foolishly also exposed his stupidity and the very problem the Sanusi seeks to address. Confirming the society has an order, where some people are destined to be at the lowest end of the latter yet seek to do what people at the top of the lather do. Poor people take 4 and above wives and this contributes to poverty yet the writer sees nothing wrong.

  • Oluwapelumi

    The writer here is clearly myopic in his views. The Emir speaks truth to power and the writer would rather have those who have kept the North in perpetual bondage to keep up their “good” work.

    I find it hard to believe that in this modern age and time, the writer would prefer those who treat national issues with the age-long mentality that silence is golden and rather call those with the will to fight the charade disguised as governance rubble rousers.

    May God save us from us.

  • Washingtonpost

    Sanusi remain a shining light amongst his contemporaries, no amount of blackmail and media onslaught will deter him from speaking truth to power. Not even these paid writers will make him change his mind.

  • Adekunle

    Its unfortunate that the writer of this garbage on Emir Sanusi is out of tune with contemporary developments in the global environment. Where are the global youths or generation of the north?Can the almajiris of the north compete with the global generation of the south and not to think of the global generation of China, Europe, Japan and so on. Let the writer of this rubbish be told that the north is no longer under the exploitative grip of the feudal lords that ruled the north in the past. It takes a bold northern emir to confront these (dealers) and not the so called leaders of the north. I really don’t blame this writer, he will realise his myopism when federal allocation becomes a problem or when the country becomes a confederation. If a southerner confronts the overrated northern leaders/elites on their destructive leadership, writers of this garbage will introduce tribalism and religion as weapons of defence. Now that Emir Sanusi is telling them the truth those who eat from the gutter in the north want to shoot him down. Please remove Emir Sanusi so that the north can continue to be backward. But ask yourself, ‘what is the gap between the northern youth and his/her southern counterpart. At the rate this uninformed writer is proposing for the north, will the north be able to close the gap between the north and the south? God help Kano state and the north in general if Nigeria practices TRUE federalism.