INTERVIEW: How we will win presidential election, governorship in 29 states – PDP

Olisa Metuh, PDP National Publicity secretary

The National Publicity Secretary of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, Olisa Metuh, has stated that the party is set to win the forth-coming elections in Nigeria owing largely to what he called the excellent performance of President Goodluck Jonathan.

In an exclusive interview with PREMIUM TIMES, Mr. Metuh said shifting the poll only delayed the party’s victory and there was no way it would have instigated a shift.

Mr. Metuh claimed the worst candidate of the PDP is always better than the best that the opposition APC will produce.

PT: What is the PDP doing with the period granted by the postponement of the elections?

Metuh: The truth of the matter is that we have concluded our campaigns before the extension, we were set for the elections, we were set to win the presidential election and get the majority number of seats at the National Assembly.

However, upon the postponement of the elections what we are doing is consolidating our support and putting finishing touches to the movement with our core supporters, the Nigerian people.

We are staying on the message on the fact that we are Nigeria’s prominent party and that we guarantee the sustenance of democracy in Nigeria. The PDP remains the best vehicle to maintain and foster the unity of our great country. That is what we have been doing.

PT: But in specific terms, how do you think the PDP will win the election, by how many states, in fact, how will Jonathan emerge as the elected president on March 28?

Metuh: To be honest, I concede that we don’t have any problem in South East, we don’t have any problem in South-South. I know that we will have the majority in South West, and we have the majority in North Central. In the North West, we have seen a resurgence of support for the president. We have seen what is happening in Sokoto, we have noted in Kano where people of Kano are having a rethink on their initial journey and the fact that other areas of the North West are coming to terms that for the benefit and progress of the north, that it is in the best interest of the north that Jonathan is re-elected.

People of the north east and north west have noted that the Jonathan project is a northern project. It is actually in the interest of the north that he is re-elected. The north will have their own fresh candidate that will rule for 8 years.

PT: That is in terms of the presidency, what of state governors? How many state governors, do you think the PDP will win after the elections?

Metuh: There is absolutely no way we can win all the states,  so we are thinking that if we are able to achieve our objectives of having 28-29 states, we have done well. Our target is to win 29 states.

PT: The president said he was not consulted by INEC when the commission decided to postpone the elections, but, you must admit that many Nigerians believe the PDP had a hand in that postponement?

Metuh: The truth is that what happened was that the NSA made a statement in London and people felt that it was the government position. However, it has since came to light that the NSA actually saved Nigerian democracy because the INEC were truly not ready for the election.

It was very clear that a number of Nigerians would have been disenfranchised if the elections held on their initial dates.

The reschedule of the election has affected the PDP in the same manner it has affected anyone else, there is no gain for the PDP as a result of the shift, an election that we were set to win.

PT: The APC is the major challenge PDP is facing since 1999, and many analysts believe your party “allowed” the APC take firm root, thinking it will implode after its primary election, yet the party emerged stronger?

Metuh: That is not true, we are facing the challenge because in every democracy, when you have been in power for a long time, some people tend to get attracted to the other side. We will not deny that the attraction has been on the minds of some people in Nigeria, the attraction to see what is on the other side.

However, when they saw what the component of the alternative is, that is the APC and their modus operandi, Nigerians were disappointed and that halted that idea of romancing with the idea of having another look at the other side.

In Nigeria today, people have seen that it is good to stay with what you have seen because the truth is that the worst of PDP, is better than the best of APC.

We have seen that people have quarrelled with certain policies and programmes of the PDP-led government. This is democracy, they have a right to, but in doing that, they have noted that the APC is actually not an option for the sustenance of democracy and for us to progress as a nation, they cannot. How will they handle the economy of Nigeria? How will they handle the unity of this country? How will they preserve our secularity? How will they handle the political class? The public service? Students? Youth and women folk? The thought of it is actually frightening to Nigerians and that is what is leading to the collapse of the initial sympathy that the APC had.  The fact that they have seen through them, and they have seen their deceit.

PT: What do you mean by the “Janjaweed” ideology of the APC?

Metuh: Quiet frankly, the Janjaweed ideology had nothing to do with religion. It could be the Janjaweed, it could be the Balaka, it could be any other thing. What it represents is the attraction for anarchy, for chaos, for violence, that is the Janjaweed ideology.

We believe that with the utterances of APC, where they said they will not accept election result, that they would have alternative government, some people say they will call people to the street and riot, these are unknown to democracy. So, all their utterances and statements and when they were being formed are planned that they were set up for chaos and anarchy. We pre-empted it by insisting on this Janjaweed ideology. That has made them to kind of amend that ideology. It is still there, it is inherent in their nature, they can’t change it, but they are afraid of coming out fully with the plans that they had before.

For the PDP, we have shown that we are a peace loving party, we are a party that promotes human life, association and freedom of movement. APC have shown in the states that they have, that they curtail freedom of movement and infringe on the fundamental human rights of people.

PT: Can you give examples?

Metuh: Yes I have example; the fact that you will even build a road and start taxing people for tollgate for the road is an abomination. APC is the only party that has introduced it in Nigeria. No other party has done that in any state.

The multiple taxation that goes on in Lagos is another form of infringement on the independence and capitalist nature of Nigeria. It is a different form of capitalism where only one man controls it, like a fiefdom, where their lord and their lion control all the income and only leaves about 20 per cent for the people. That is exactly what it means.

PT: You mentioned the threat to form parallel government, I was planning to take you on that; the APC has made its position known …

Metuh: But having talked about the issue of what they represent and how they have been handling the economy in the states that they control; I must alert Nigerians on the danger of making reckless promises to the people. The APC have been engaged in making very reckless campaign promises. It is another height of deceit, in fact it is a crime against democracy for you to be making promises that you know you can never ever sustain.

APC has stated that they will be paying N5, 000 to unemployed people until they get jobs. If you check the number of unemployed Nigerians, you will need over N2.5 trillion per month to be doing that; it is unsustainable. (Fact Check: This computation is incorrect. Spending N2.5 trillion at N5, 000 per head, would mean there are 500 million unemployed Nigerians, a figure beyond Nigeria’s total population. Assuming there are 50 million unemployed Nigerians, the correct figure would be N250 billion.)

APC claims that they will offer free medical care, free education, they will provide free feeding in schools and free uniforms; in a situation where we have financial downturn globally; where the price of fuel continues to fall; where will you get the resources to do that? You don’t deceive people who are not informed. We believe that when they talk about change, they actually mean deceit.

PT: Still on the issue of forming a parallel government, the APC has stated its position, what would be the position of the PDP if the APC loses and forms a parallel government?

Metuh: It can never happen; they don’t have the capacity. We will not allow it to happen; if they lose the election, they lose the election; the government has a responsibility to maintain law and order and ensure peace in this country, and they will leave up to that responsibility. Nigerians will decide the election. We believe that we will win the election and we hope that when the election comes and goes, and the will of Nigerians has been announced, every responsible Nigerian will abide by the decision of INEC.

PT: So if the PDP loses, will it accept the outcome of the election?

Metuh: We don’t contemplate losing. We do not think we will lose the election, we have worked hard and our candidate has performed and we are working on the solid base of our support within the country; we don’t think we would lose the election.

PT: Chief Edwin Clark has stated recently that some PDP leaders are not really working for the victory of President Jonathan. Do you think he was right?

Metuh: It’s a personal statement by him; he should be able to explain it; I am not in a position to discuss that…

PT: But do you belief all PDP leaders are working 100% for the president?

Metuh: Completely! Our party leaders have shown it and supporters everywhere we have gone for campaign, people came out on their own to support the president

PT: Chairman of the PDP, Adamu Muazu, has also said injustice in the past is partly responsible for the present challenges for your party. So, what is the party doing now to ensure that people don’t feel disgruntled enough to leave the party?

Metuh: I take it that the chairman was speaking of the future, not in the past. I was there.  The chairman was just giving a guarantee to our supporters that he will not allow injustice to be done to them, and that he believes that as long as they work hard the party decision will always be favourable to them. He was simply telling those that lost elections that the party will not abandon them, that they will be rewarded accordingly, and those supporting the party, their support will not be in vain. It is his own way of motivating members nationwide.

PT: Ahead of the election, before it was shifted, there was a non-violence pact signed by your candidate, President Jonathan and the candidate of the APC, General Buhari; do you think it is working? If it is not, why do you think it is not working?

Metuh: Our party believes that because we have kept the peace and there has been relative peace, I admit there have been problems here and there. Nigerians thought that the campaigns will be very violent, and the process will end up in turmoil, but there was nothing like that. There were a few cases where for instance the APC were engaged in stoning our candidate thinking that they want to embarrass him, they were just playing true to their Janjaweed ideology.

The pact however helped in promoting peace, at least in the minds of all concerned. Everybody felt the need for peace. The peace pact really brought down the tension.

Nigerians saw the picture of the President hugging General Buhari; if the two major candidates were hugging each other; why would their supporters engage in unnecessary violence? That was a big lesson that they passed on to their supporters.

PT: But violent tendencies are not restricted to the other parties alone, for instance, in Rivers, the APC appeared to be the victim?

Metuh: Is it not curious that in the whole of Rivers state, it is only in the Local Government of our beloved first lady, the mother of the nation that they decided to create this idea of unrest. Our position is that it was orchestrated by the APC themselves just to embarrass the first lady.

PDP people will not engage in any way on something that is capable of embarrassing the first lady, especially when it comes to her home local government.

PT: Former President Olusegun Obasanjo recently supervised the tearing of his PDP membership card in public; but the party expressed some kind of reservation over the matter. Presumably, a room for reconciliation is still open. Has there been any moves since then to woo him back?

Metuh: It is a subjective thing for a former president to have gone ahead to tear our party card in public and the way the party reacted to the incident, expressing sadness to the fact that he is leaving is a lesson and is creating a moral burden on him to search his actions and mind.

He needs to check and see whether the manner he has adopted is the best? A party that offered him the platform to rule this country for eight years; a party that he chaired its board of trustees.

The former president came from prison to rule this country; it is only the PDP that could have given him that opportunity and guarantee of winning the election because of our support base.

We have done a lot for President Obasanjo, but we are mindful of the fact that he did a lot for Nigeria. He did well as a president and we remain proud of his achievements, because they are the achievements of the PDP as well. He did well for the economy; he helped stabilize Nigeria’s democracy.

We, however, think that since that relationship has been mutually beneficial; if there are some challenges or disagreements, it could be better handled other than the way he handled it, but like I said, that is his moral burden. It is for him to search his soul and know the best way to go about it.

PT: But the party has not initiated any reconciliatory move?

Metuh: As a party we have a campaign at hand and we are engaged in promoting our candidates nationwide, and we still believe that the former president will still get involved in supporting our presidential candidate before the election.

PT: Both the president and your party are being accused of keeping quiet when persons who support the PDP seem to make comments or suggestions inimical to national interest. For instance, the ex-militants recently threatened war if Jonathan loses the election and no condemnation from both the PDP and Jonathan?

Metuh: It’s not true, the party condemned it; the party condemned and cautioned them; I issued a statement saying that in a democracy. You don’t speak like that.

The core support of the president winning the election is not from the South-South, the north will give us more votes than the Niger Delta; so, it should not be personalized to a region; I remember telling them that the president is not president of Niger Delta, or Ijaw or Bayelsa, but the whole of Nigeria.

PT: Closely related to that is the incident of the Ekiti rigging tape; I am also not aware that the PDP as a party has come out to state its position regarding the controversy in spite of the serious allegations against it?

Metuh: I have not even listened to that tape, but then, in this era of campaign, where you have a lot of propaganda, anybody with any concrete evidence can go to either the law enforcement agencies or the law courts to seek redress. For us, we are more involved in the campaign than propaganda; our first thought actually is that it is simply just propaganda, it is only the court that can decide if on the matter of Ekiti election, just like the tribunal and court of appeal have decided. If they think there is fresh evidence, they can go to court.

Any tape whether real or imaginary can be concocted in this digital world; we don’t know what is real and what is not; I also believe that the actors in their personal capacity will be able to talk about what really happened. As a political party, we have never engaged in planning or getting involved in any conspiracy to rig elections or alter the will of the people. We have shown that in the past two years, we had elections in five states, PDP won in only one state; how come it is just that one that we won that a tape is suddenly surfacing to say we planned rigging.

Why did we not plan rigging in Edo, Ondo, Anambra and Osun? How come the only one that we won is the one they want to tarnish? It is a calculated attempt to sway the minds of Nigerians that the PDP is not capable of winning in a free and fair election; our people are even raising the fact that we were rigged out in Osun; but we are not engaged in propaganda, we are not engaged in manufacturing tapes. We won election in Ekiti state because of the love of our party, and the massive support that our gubernatorial candidate, Ayo Fayose enjoys in the entire state.

PT: Do you think General Buhari has a WASC certificate?

Metuh: The party has never spoken about it, we are running against Buhari based on the track record of the achievements of our candidate and the content of his character; what he represents; his visions and programmes for this country; we will not be distracted by issues beyond our control.

The issue of whether Buhari has a certificate or not is left for INEC and other agencies to decide. PDP as a party has never made any comment on it.

Let me emphasize that this is a party that is built on the track record, history and vision of the founding fathers and with respect for the dignity of Nigerians especially our statesmen and former leaders.

We have always shown respect and dignity to all our former leaders across the board. The way we responded to President Obasanjo is the way we have been responding to General Buhari on issues. We have never been engaged in insulting some of the governors that left us for other parties, we have never insulted them personally. We disagree with them on the way they have left our party and the fact that they are hobnobbing with strange bed fellows, and the fact that we have given them an opportunity of being elected and they have moved to another party; but we have never engaged in denigrating their person or office.

Nigerians should applaud the fact that the PDP has been very civil and decent.

PT: What is the view of the PDP regarding the deployment of military for election?

Metuh: This is an issue that has to do with the government and law enforcement agencies. As a party, we belief that the military has no role in the conduct of elections; but we know that the military has a big role in providing security for the processes in ensuring the smooth conduct of that election.

Their involvement is limited to security. What happens, if people with Janjaweed ideology decide to unleash terror and violence on the people?

Are they really quarrelling with the issue of the military so that they will have an easy path to bring on their Janjaweed ideology? They should explain whether they want chaos and anarchy in the electoral system. For us the military is needed to safeguard our democracy, not be involved in it; they have never really played any role.

I take you back to the statement of one of the prominent APC leaders, governor of Edo state, who personally congratulated the president for allowing the military to come and safeguard the election in his state. He said without the military, there would have been a breakdown of law and order in Edo state. He also noted that the military never got involved in tampering with the process of the election.


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  • amazing2012

    confirmation of rigging !

  • What he actually mean is that, pdp will loose in 29 states.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      “…the government has a responsibility to maintain law and order and ensure peace in this country, and they will leave up to that responsibility.” Olisa Metuh.

      This is very rich.

      Please tell that to the families of the Chibok Girls, the Boys of Bunu Yadi, the Ombatse Police Widows and circa 20k victims of boko haram.

  • Nkebueziokwu

    Hahaha this guy is a moron. He must be the biggest clown on planet earth presently. If he doesn’t even know that it will be impossible for his rouge party to rig this time around, then he is perpetually lost. The real fact is that PDP is gone and cannot win up to ten states in the coming election whatever tricks it applies. Olisa Mumu.

  • Ofor

    “A president that decides when it is convenient to provide security for his people honestly is not the type we need in this country”

    “The answers to these questions in Nigeria show that the current administration has created two economies in one country, a sorry tale of two nations: one economy for a few who have so much in their tiny island of prosperity; and the other economy for the many who have so little in their vast ocean of misery”

    How would a President say “Corruption is not the problem of African Countries” and “Stealing is not Corruption” when I know that stolen funds are used in sponsoring terrorism. Corruption leads to projects being stalled.

    The money spent by one of the Ministers to maintain her private jet is enough to build a refinery

    Why do we keep exporting crude only to bring in fuel at the expense of Nigerian but at the benefit of few rich Nigerians

    What happened to our excess crude account?

    The money derived from oil and gas activities in a year is triple times our budget in a year, where is our savings, where is our money?

    Where is the money from the sales of Public properties by BPE?

    Where are the industries to carter for the growing population of Nigerians? Where are the refineries for a country that ranks 1 in oil and gas in Africa?

  • musa aliyu

    Metuh the liar we shall see how your party will get votes in your imagination. Hope not through rigging. We shall give you value for your money. Nigeria doesn’t belong to only gang of thieves.

  • Contact Point

    I have stopped reading interviews of press releases by Metuh, as well as Mr. Mbu, the one day-one-trouble AIG. I can’t be wasting time reading them because they are empty upstairs, nothing meaningful is coming out from them.

  • NazirJos

    These PDP guys are shameless liars. Look, this dude never mentioned their position if lose election. For the sake of argument, he should have stated their worst case scenario.



  • bashdo

    Metuh the liar

  • adnoy

    Agree with u on SE and SS but forget about winning SW, NC, NE and NW

  • Rommel

    Listening to Metuh, I think the PDP has grand plans of rigging the elections

    • Mosaku 147

      They can’t rig nothing.He just wants to make his master happy. PDP is finished.1000metuh can’t help jonothing. He twisted every question he was asked.

    • musa aliyu

      let them. We shall give them fire for fire this time around. Anybody, from any party who will truncate the will of the people will never see the light of day again. The child who says his mother will not sleep will also lose sleep!

      • Obingwa

        Where is your fire, you are not tired of fire when you have kill and kill fire and fire in 2011 now the fire you call will be back to you and you will fill the taste of fire. For whatever a man showered he shall reap.

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  • vuvuzela

    The day olisah metuh said professor Osibanjo was a mere former commissioner he lost the support of many people. when he mentoned that he forgot that in jonathan’s government local governemnt chairmen and below were catapulted to the positions of ministers. Abba Moro, Laraba Mallam are examples. Abba Moro has turned the interior ministry to Idoma ministry. The standard set by Halima Aloa in Enviroment cannt be matched by L:araba. Metuh claimed GEJ has perfomed excellently. How? He is just an empty vessel. He is cluelss. If there is no rigging in this elections PDP will be saying goodbye to power. and once it is out of power it will take a long time for it to come back again. The few states PDP may will will not be up to 5 states. the 29 states he meant are where APC will win and not states were PDP will win.

  • Yusuf

    keep dreaming, useless people; May God punish u for mentioning my state (Kano) among your hopefuls. We are not looking for presidency to rule as a turn but to govern and restore sanity and hope; Buhari is the change that the time requires, if it were a Yoruba man the support wont have been any different like in the case of Abiola, we have good precedence, it may be an Ameachi, Oshiomole or an Okorocha tomorrow; ‘it is my turn’ and ‘ruler-ship’ resides in the constitution of PDP

    • Maria

      Bros, he is not dreaming he is only telling the world the states they have perfected plans to rig…29 states will be rigged, that is what this lunatic is saying.

  • Sam

    May he was trying to say “How we will RIG presidential election and governorship in 29 states.

  • Maitama Tambari

    Olisa Metuh is dreaming and talking in his sleep. WE BELIEVE CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

    • Abufata Gumi

      Jonathan has since ushered in the change we need. are you still sleeping?

  • Abufata Gumi

    Olisa Metuh is a great mind always. The candour, forthrightness and the sincerity are exceptional. He is always a dignified personality who knows how to pass his message without insulting anybody. I wish people like Lai Mohammed, Amaechi Shehu Garba and co in the will learn from him so that our political discourse will be enriched with issues and not insults and lies. Thank you Olisa Metuh

    • SAM .A

      Creek monkey, use another name & stop copying Northerner, shed your inferiority.

  • Abufata Gumi

    Listen to a decent Man;
    We have always shown respect and dignity to all our former leaders across the board. The way we responded to President Obasanjo is the way we have been responding to General Buhari on issues. We have never been engaged in insulting some of the governors that left us for other parties, we have never insulted them personally. We disagree with them on the way they have left our party and the fact that they are hobnobbing with strange bed fellows, and the fact that we have given them an opportunity of being elected and they have moved to another party; but we have never engaged in denigrating their person or office.Nigerians should applaud the fact that the PDP has been very civil and decent.

    • SAM .A

      Civil and decent as found in FFK , Okupe, Abati, Gulak & Fayose.


      And this from you, Metuh? Are you not the same man who beat up your son’s teacher right in the school premises? What adjectives have you not used to qualify Buhari? Is he not old enough to be your father? Has your party not savaged OBJ? Is he not the founding PDP BOT Chair? It is indeed true that with the PDP and Metuh, words have lost their meaning!

      • Godfrey Etokebe

        ”And this from you, Metuh? ”
        What is Your LEVEL of EDUCATION?

  • Jayjay


    Nigerian Jihadist Muslims are altogether the clear and present danger facing Nigeria today.
    To disguise their toxic Islam for the slew of educated dunderheads in Christian South to swallow,
    the Muslim Jihadists describe Islamic Jihad less insidiously as CHANGE; and, southern folks then
    jump on the bandwagon, without enquiring or investigating the ploys comprising the CHANGE.
    If Yoruba Christians habitually think, they’d know that Islamic Jihad is not the meaning of CHANGE.

    • Al Jihad

      “Sharia should be introduced in full across Nigeria. I will continue to show openly
      and inside me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping
      all over Nigeria. God willing, we will NOT stop the agitation for total implementation
      of Sharia in the country. It is a legal responsibility which God has given us, within the
      context of one Nigeria, to continue to uphold the practice of Sharia wholeheartedly.
      What remains for Muslims in Nigeria is for them to re-double their efforts and educate
      Muslims on the need to promote the full implementation of Sharia law.”

      …….General Muhammadu Buhari

      (August, 2001)

      • Omotolaaraujo

        That argument is dead.

        • TRUTH MASTER

          Long dead and buried!

  • Moe

    “the worst candidate of the PDP is always better than the best that the opposition APC will produce.”
    You ridiculous little man, explain your logic!
    You do understand that the above statement is below the standard of any civil servant right? You know it does not make sense in any way, manner or fashion, but you still went ahead and allowed the release such the bombastic rubbish by the press.

    Cut long story short, you said “There is absolutely no way we can win all the states”…….I will advice you to include the presidency in that statement.

    All you people are doing now is propaganda. You throw so much smoke around and yell at every event and venue that you are winning the election. All your noise is for the futile effort to camouflaging your anticipated vote rigging exercise come election. In your warped minds, you feel Nigerians will look at your rigging and say “well, they did say they were going to win. So maybe not enough of us voted.”.

    Sorry to have to tell you that it is not going to happen.

    You and your boss know that there is ABSOLUTELY no way Jonathan is going to win the elections. If he manages to avoid prison, celebrate and tell him he did well. I will personally send him a bouquet of yam tubers.

    To give you an insight on how idiotic your (PDP’s) messaging is, . If the only viable choices for the office of the president is Jonathan and….lets say…… a billy Goat, (or Nanny goat if you prefer), The goat will win the election!!!!

    YES! a vast majority of Nigerians would vote for a goat, rather than Jonathan!

    You throw money that belongs to the country around in order to buy votes.
    I will take your (as some Nigerians have), then I will vote my heart.

    You ridiculous people do not know that. By bribing me, you have proved beyond reasonable doubt that you (all of you) are a criminal and should not be allowed within 10 kilometers of any Government office, let alone allow you and your people to defile Aso Rock Villa your vileness!

    Nigerians know what is at state for you people after you are kicked out of office, so we understand your desperation.

    You can’t win the election. All you can do now is to begin mitigating your complicity in the looting of the nation’s treasury.


    • Abufata Gumi

      Moe you have been blinded by political bigotry and bitterness of the APC. The venom in your response shows you are not civilised. well that is APC culture. we are not surprised

  • Olusola

    Olosa Metuh, you cannot win anything. Shame will catch all of you come March 28 and if you tinker with that date Nigerians will deal with you. Have you not noticed no one ever ruled Nigeria longer than 9yrs at a stretch? If the good cannot do more than 9yrs, what chance does the irresponsible has? Tell Mr Jonathan to pack and go! I am 100% sure he will never remain the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria after May 29th 2015, even if he does not like it. he asked us for a single term, he got it on a plater of gold just as compensation of the ill-treatment he received as VP. Then he messed up big time so he must go period. Gbagbo or what, does he think this is Cote D’Ivoire? In case he forgot, Ogbeni Olosa, please remind him this is Federal Republic of Nigeria where you can force our horse to the water banks but you cannot force our horse to drink the water.

  • Scalywag

    The grand delusion. How can pdp win the elections? The fact remains that even before 14th February the elections have been won and lost. All the billions of naira they are sharing will not change anything

  • TFK

    This Metuh guy is full of bullsh1t. Stopped taking him so seriously long time ago after selling his soul to the devil. Jonathan is a hard sell to the electrotrate. His bruised and battered image will prove a herculean task for even the best image image maker to repackage at this point in time. Nice try though…

  • Omotolaaraujo

    Metuh and the PDP have listened to that tape so many times, I’m sure they know it verbatim. It’s hard to believe how pathetic they sound when they deny even hearing the recording, and then claiming it’s propaganda. The President was linked to the crime in the tape. The tape’s been authenticated. The witness is willing to testify. The 15 year old brother of the witness was tortured. The participants have acknowledged their presence at the taping. Fayose has gone crazy in the papers. They’ll all end up in court. When you vote for gangsters, you get a gangster government.

  • D1

    PDP, lie lie party! This Metuh is full of BS, makings statements and contradicting himself immediately! An example, ‘Military has no role in the conduct of elections’, then he went on, rambling justifying their roles in the same election.

  • Debo

    Why would the interviewer from PT jump to a conclusion that Metuh’s calculation was wrong, he should have left the judgement to the readers unless he is biased already. Besides, does it not occur to him that Metuh was trying to quote an annual figure rather than monthly? Even by the reporter’s calculation, 250 billion per month makes 3 trillion per anum. Where are they going to get that kind of money to pay the unemployed youths; and that’s what Metuh was talking about.

    • D1

      Metuh’s spokesman! Always trying to reframe their goofing. PT is not biased in anyway, this what is called objective journalism. We are tired of lies being thrown down our throat.
      More so, he is just confirming the lies about JonaDumb’s transformations (JOBS creation). His statements is full of contradictions, that is the hallmark of a LIAR! Like Dumbo, like his sycophants!

  • abc

    In any well thought and unbiased analysis, PDP have chances of winning in only 14 states, of; Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu, Akwa Ibom, Delta, Cross Rivers, Bayelsa, Plateau, Benue, Kogi,Taraba, Ondo and Ekiti states. with wider margin of upto 99 percent (of votes casted) in Anambra, Enugu and Cross rivers.and,with narrow margins in Benue, Kogi and Taraba. And I believe the votes in the 14 states combined together is no match to the Almighty NW which APC will sweep completely with atleast 89% of votes casted, also with a good reserve for APC in NE, SW and major parts of NC. I have not seen any magic that PDP will do to win this election, with or without card readers.

    • Abate Dokpu

      You are generous, very generous. I don’t see how PDP will win Ekiti state. The people have realized the monumental error they committed in voting for Thug Fayose. In any case, the Ekiti rigging tape has clearly shown that they did not even win fair and square. PDP will also not win in Kogi state. If you ask me, the result will be more like 60% for APC and 40% PDP. Taraba state is a real battle ground state but I think APC will win. Remember the insults Jonathan’s hatchet men, E. K. Clark, Asari Dokubo, Tompolo, etc, heaped on respected Taraba leader, Gen. Theophilus Danjuma? That was the day Jonathan lost Taraba. Jonathan can carry all our stolen billions all over Nigeria but that will not save him. The election is over. March 28 will be a sad day for Jona and his gang a sad day indeed.

      • It was not only insults that Jonathan’s hatchet men heaped on General Danjuma, but also personal and financial threats. I will be surprised if Jonathan and PDP win Taraba State.
        Sai Buhari, Fe Buhari, Love Buhari, March 28, Vote Buhari, DESTROYER of Maitatsine and Boko Haram and of all Corruption in government, as President of Nigeria.

    • I doubt if PDP can win, if at all with any sizeable margin, in Kogi, Taraba and Ekiti states.Your analysis for NW, NC, NE and SW stands. Jonathan and PDP are goners and they know it, they are just hoping that they can by some unknown way rig the elections. God forbid bad thing.
      Sai Buhari, Fe Buhari, Love Buhari, March 28, Vote Buhari, DESTROYER of Maitatsine and Boko Haram and of all Corruption in government, as President of Nigeria.

  • Ali

    Northern youths smell rat in Buhari’s candidacy….

    “We strongly believe Buhari’s candidacy is a scheme by the Tinubu/Obasanjo alliance
    – which does not like the North – to deny the North the presidency. It smacks of the same
    scheme employed by Obasanjo in 2006 when he presented a sickly Umaru Yar’Adua as the
    North’s candidate amidst many healthy and vibrant aspirants, knowing full well that the latter’s
    health condition will not allow him live through his tenure.

    We call on all well-meaning northerners to queue behind Goodluck Jonathan
    in the forthcoming 2015 polls as the best option for the north so that power will
    return to it after four (4) years rather than allow the haters of the North
    to tactically cause power to evade the North for another eight years.
    We strongly refuse this APC tactic in 2015.

    ……………..Arewa Youth Integrity Forum

    Statement issued by its President – Mallam Ibrahim Abubakar

    [March 1st, 2015)

  • Danle

    What Metu is saying is pure reallity. Believe or not, this will be tue end result.

  • Godfrey Etokebe

    ”How we will win presidential election, governorship in 29 states – PDP”

    Dear Metuh,

    Why are you being CONSERVATIVE With the number of states that PDP shall win in addition to the PRESIDENCY?

    For Your INFORMATION, WE THE NIGERIAN PEOPLE does not have ANY WARD for victory by APC. PDP shall win the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, 36 state GOVERNORSHIP elections, all the SENATE, HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVE and the state HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY SEATS throughout Nigeria.

    We the NIGERIAN PEOPLE do not want LIARS and ANARCHIST as represented by APC to be a part of our government at ANY LEVEL. WE HAVE TOTALLY REJECTED APC.

    VOTE GEJ and PDP for sustainable TRANSFORMATION of Nigeria!!!!


      ”We the Nigerian people does not have any ward for…..”

      Did this man go to school at all? Why not just write in your indigenous language instead of ‘firing gun’ here.

      • Godfrey Etokebe

        Will you understand my native Language? I will gladly and proudly communicate With you in my native Language.

  • Victor Gee

    Premium times thanks for publishing the full interbiew. I am happy that succumbed to our critism here on ur misleading headline yesterday where u claimed that chief Metu disassociated PDP from Fayose, Omisore and others.

    This full interview has vindicated chief Metu and put paid to ur lies.


    Metuh, if wishes are horses…


    Please where is GULAK? We need him now to complement the ‘decent’ Metuh, Fani-Kayode, Okupe, Abati and Omokri….Sorry, seems Omokri is out of favour already, Hahahaha. I dey laugh o

  • Northern Star

    Editor Premium Times,

    Yoruba people aiming to get the presidency back through back-door?

    Is there a sly plan by Yoruba people to get the presidency back through a back door?
    The Hausa-Fulani elites now think so. That’s the latest buzz in northern Nigeria today.
    And that’s why the high enthusiasm for Buhari presidency has now waned in the north.

    Northern elites say they know that Muhammadu Buhari is somewhat sickly of natural illness.
    The elites believe the Yoruba APC members also know this little secret but only cover it up.
    The inference is that Yoruba Muslims in APC want to ride on Buhari to Aso Rock; and then,
    succeed him under the 1999 Constitution (as amended) for fresh 8-year tenure for Yoruba.

    • Abate Dokpu

      Insane delusions. In any case, is Osinbajo a Muslim?

      • No Comment

        “We are not surprised by the denials of the APC in this matter. They are and will always be a party that is built on lies and headed by liars. This is graphically reflected by the first name of their party spokesman who is known as LIE Mohammed.

        APC is a party that is used to sordid, bizarre, byzantine and subterranean back-room deals where people take blood-chilling and cultic oaths and in which people are asked to sign perjurous and illegal letters of resignation even before they are elected into office. If anyone doubts that they should ask Pastor Tunde Bakare who was asked to sign a letter of resignation by both Tinubu and Buhari in 2011 even when he had not been elected to the exalted position of Vice President.

        We stand by our claim and we warn the APC and their leaders to stop playing Russian roulette with the destiny of the Nigerian people. We also counsel them to stop playing voodoo politics. They can be rest assured that any arrangement or back room deal that is outside the democratic process, and that is outside the will of the Nigerian people, will be resisted.”

        …………..Femi Fani-Kayode

        <i.PDP presidential campaign director in South-West

        (March 1st, 2015)

      • No Comment

        “We are not surprised by the denials of the APC in this matter.
        They are and will always be a party that is built on lies and headed by
        liars. This is graphically reflected by the first name of their party
        spokesman who is known as LIE Mohammed.

        APC is a party that
        is used to sordid, bizarre, byzantine and subterranean back-room deals
        where people take blood-chilling and cultic oaths and in which people
        are asked to sign perjurous and illegal letters of resignation even
        before they are elected into office. If anyone doubts that they should
        ask Pastor Tunde Bakare who was asked to sign a letter of resignation by
        both Tinubu and Buhari in 2011 even when he had not been elected to the
        exalted position of Vice President.

        We stand by our claim
        and we warn the APC and their leaders to stop playing Russian roulette
        with the destiny of the Nigerian people. We also counsel them to stop
        playing voodoo politics. They can be rest assured that any arrangement
        or back room deal that is outside the democratic process, and that is
        outside the will of the Nigerian people, will be resisted.”

        …………..Femi Fani-Kayode

        PDP presidential campaign director, South-West

        (March 1st, 2015)

        • Interrogator



        • Dawodu (Ilorin)

          @ Northern Star,

          Don’t worry yourself, you hear? Northerners have seen through Bola Tinubu’s coup plot.
          That is why educated northerners are now campaigning openly that Jonathan be re-elected.
          Not because of any other thing but just to guarantee a northern president in the year 2019.

    • segun

      Ijaw President Goodluck Jonathan, you can no longer deceive anyone. It is too late. Start packing your things from Abuja ready for Otuoke. You can go round Obas, Obis and Kings from today till tomorrow, Nigerian voters will hand you your exit card on March 28. Ijaw President Jonathan, the time you were able to deceive people is GONE!

  • Anene Mercy

    Yes I believe in Metu political calculation of PDP winning about 29 states. It is factual. APC can keep making noise but the facts remain that PDP has a formidable structure to win the 29 states.

    • Abate Dokpu

      Dream on. Your dream will soon turn to a nightmare, come March 28.

    • burning spear

      (It was incontrovertible established that it was the Osun APC governor, who in a letter dated July 4, 2014 and addressed to the Director General of the DSS that requested for the deployment. The letter read, “for the purpose of security and general protection ahead of the forthcoming governorship election in Osun State to help secure peace and make the election hitch free, as security is beefed up for the election.” Nigerians have not also forgotten how the APC lied over the age of its National Youth leader, of the Ibrahim Dasuki Jalo. After Jalo was elected as youth leader, some youths protested on the grounds that he was too old to be youth leader. The APC ran to his rescue and told Nigerians that he was only 43 years and not 52 as claimed by the protesting youths. Again, the National Publicity Secretary of PDP, Olisa Metuh, in a statement punctured the claims of the APC and alleged that APC lied. According to Metuh, “It is public knowledge that Ibrahim Dasuki Jalo contested the Gombe/Kwame/Funakaye Federal Constituency seat in the House of Representatives in 2011 during which he declared his age to be 49 years.)

      • burning spear

        (The records are there and they speak for themselves. Metuh added that “If Ibrahim Dasuki Jalo was 49 years in 2011, it naturally follows that he is 52 at present for which he should be grateful to God. It is therefore clear that the statement by the APC declaring him to be 43 years is false.” “APC has since proven to be a party with little regard for integrity. This is a party that threw all sense of honor to the winds and condescended so low to lie over an issue as ordinary as the age of its 52-year-old Youth Leader,” Metuh said. Last year, the PDP raised the alarm that the APC was working to undermine the sanctity of the electoral process and had procured technologies to hacking into INEC’s database and cloning Permanent Voters Cards, PVC.)

  • igbiki

    Dream on!

    You will not only win in 29 states but in 99 states.

    Pipe dream.

  • burning spear

    (Nigerians have not forgotten series of false alarms by the APC, the latest being the allegations of government siege and claims of threats to lives of its leaders which turned out to be totally false and only cooked up by its propaganda machinery to heat up the polity. PDP had challenged the APC to circulate pictures of the soldiers that laid siege on the residence of its national leader, Bola Ahmed Tinubu in Lagos but to date the party has failed to do so after all the brouhaha in the media. Also, the APC had in early 2014 raised an alarm that federal lawmakers were being induced with millions of dollars to defect to the PDP only for Nigerians to find out that there was no iota of truth in the allegation. Nigerians also recall the reprehensible attempt by the APC to deceive them when it accused the Federal Government of deploying operatives of the State Security Service, SSS, to terrorise voters in Osun state when in fact, the APC governor of Osun State also officially requested for their deployment ahead of the August 9, 2014 governorship election. In the heat of the Osun election, the APC made a lot of noise over the deployment of security operatives to the state without telling Nigerians that the security was beefed up at the behest of the Osun State governor. After the APC National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, raised alarm over the deployment of security operatives to Osun.)

  • Tunsj

    Excellent performance of Jonathan? Which planet are you living? You are a clown and I’m sure you are out of your mind. Your boss and you should have your heads checked as soon as possible.

  • ODOFIN, Lagos

    Olisah Metuh, pls give me the list of your 28-29 states your party is planning to rig. Otherwise, you are only day-dreaming and I hope you will not wake up bedwetting

  • Spoken word

    Oliseh Metuh mispoke. he meant to say how PDP planned to rig the elections.

  • Comfortkay

    If PDP wants or planing to rig 28 state they will rig Nigeria out of world map

    • Davido

      Wait first, Comforkay,

      Which southern state can APC win in next month’s presidential election
      either in the South-West or in the South-South or in the South-east?
      Please, mention just one state General Buhari can win in the South?
      I don’t see Muhammadu Buhari winning in any of the 17 southern states.
      This is not about posters or rally 0 but about majority voters in the South.

      • Shobajo

        APC is a criminal organization – full of Alhajis – signifying nothing.

        • Interrogator


      • Comfortkay

        The whole world knows that Jonathan will not win the election even his body language speaks for it.

  • Mya

    I wonder where the likes of Metuh will be this time next year. Just thinking out aloud.

  • Gugurus Ekpa

    Can someone ask Metuh to go back and check if he is intelligent? He said, “The truth is that what happened was that the NSA made a statement in London and people felt that it was the government position.” Is the NSA not part of the Nigerian government or what is Mr. Metuh trying to say again?

  • Gran puba

    Fact check my bologna Premium Times: even N250b per month is not sustainable. Plus the extras of free education, free food, free this and that. Hell are we now practicing communism. That idea died yrs ago. Even China has worked off the line.

  • UOU

    Let this be our prayer, collectively, this trying and challenging period, of election , thus;;;

    O Lord of Peace, we come to You in our need, Create in us an awareness of the massive forces of violence and terrorism especially on this coming general elections, as it threatens our democracy, country and society.

    Grant us a sense of urgency to activate the forces of goodness, of justice, of love and of peace in our communities.

    Where there is armed conflict, let us stretch out our arms to our brothers and sisters across the nation.

    Where there is abundance and luxury, let there be simple lifestyle and sharing.

    Where there is poverty and misery, let there be dignified living and constant striving for just structures.

    Where there is selfish ambition, let there be humble service.

    Where there is injustice, let there be humble atonement.

    Where there is despair, let there be hope in the Good news.

    Where there are wounds of division, let there be unity and wholeness.

    Where there are lies and deceit, let your Truth set us all, free.

    Where there are thoughts of vengeance, let there be healing and forgiveness.

    Help us to be committed to the Gospel of Peace, in spite of our differences in faith, tradition and ethnic roots.

    Teach us Your spirit of mercy and compassion, for it is only in loving imitation of you, Lord of Peace, that we can discover the healing springs of Life, that will bring about new birth to our earth, a new era of Peace and a new harmony among all, Forever and ever. Amen.

  • Iyang

    Olisa Metuh should not be taken seriously. He has always been an idiotic thug right from his days in the faculty of law at UNN. A hungry charge-and bail lawyer, who could never win any case in any court and bore hunger until politics returned in 1999 and he became the bag carrier of the notorious illiterate thug called Chris Ubah, whom Obasanjo gave licence to destroy and annex Anambra state for greedy, selfish reasons. The loud-mouth nonentity is now the spokesman of PDP as National Publicity secretary, and what do you expect the moron to speak but gibberish, every time he opens his dirty mouth! Nigeria is in deep trouble if it is been run by these bands of idiots under the hands of the vicious vampires, called PDP.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Metuh comes across as an intelligent, mature young man. Kudos.

  • Martins Oluma Ajiake

    U should be saying how you plan to rig 28 state. Govt Position miss road