INTERVIEW: How Jonathan is campaigning for Buhari — Saraki

Sen. Bukola Saraki

A former Governor of Kwara State, Bukola Saraki, is a stalwart of All Progressives Congress, APC, and member of the Nigerian Senate, representing Kwara Central Senatorial District.

In this interview with PREMIUM TIMES’ Musikilu Mojeed, Festus Owete and Adebayo Hassan, he says President Goodluck Jonathan stands no chance of winning the forthcoming election. Mr. Saraki says the president’s inability to deal with insecurity, bad economy, and corruption, has improved the popularity of Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress, APC.


PT: There is still the issue that Tony Blair did not meet Muhammadu Buhari in London. How do you convince Nigerians that your candidate is not in hospital in the United Kingdom?

Saraki: That’s not true at all. He had the meeting on Saturday. He has the speech he (gave) at Chatham House on Thursday and I think he is also meeting APC in diaspora and a few other schedule. He will return to start campaign again on Monday.

PT: Still, why is Mr. Buhari away at this time?

Saraki: Because of the postponement. Even before February 14, he was meant to travel out to the United States. You know, there was a time he was supposed to address CSIS. So, since the election was postponed, we told the campaign council to redesign a new time table. So, there is a break. You can see it all over (Nigeria). It’s not just APC that’s using this period to take a break and do other things.

PT: Meanwhile, President Jonathan has been going around Nigeria, campaigning.

Saraki: I’ll go back to Jonathan. Let me finish with ours. So General Buhari just used the opportunity to travel out of the country because before now, the international community had been saying, “We have not met your candidate; we haven’t engaged him” et cetera.  And we said, why don’t we do a visit to the UK for few days to engage the international community and come back to continue campaign.

Yes, I am aware that the president has been moving around. He was in the South-West for a whole week meeting with royal fathers and other persons. And it coincided with the time we were hearing PDP wanted to be buying PVCs. They want to bring money into the game. I think PDP are missing the point. They really don’t understand that Nigeria is not the country that it was a few years back. Now, Nigerians are just determined they want a new country and want to go a new direction. We saw it in our primaries. If it was money, Buhari would not have won. With that experience, we have seen Nigerians are now totally different. They will bring the money, spend all the money but that perception that everybody can be bought is wrong. And by March 28, PDP will see, sadly for them but good for the country, Nigerians have opted for change. So when you say they are moving around, it’s more or less like money is moving around.

PT: Ayo Fayose, Governor of Ekiti State, has continued to say your candidate is sick.

Saraki: (Laughter) You see, Fayose does not deserve a response from me. Please, I don’t want to…

PT: Do you think anything is wrong with him?

Saraki: (Laughs) I say I don’t want to comment on him and you are still asking if I think something is wrong with him. Even his party has dissociated themselves from him a couple of times. We should not be wasting too much time on somebody…

PT: The Director General of the APC presidential campaign, Rotimi Amaechi, has dismissed Mr. Fayose, saying he has no credibility.

Saraki: I am not talking about Ayo’s (Fayose) credibility. My point and worry is he is talking about a meeting I attended. He is saying the meeting with Tony Blair never held. I know that at 10 o’clock in the morning I left my house for the General’s rented apartment, and with Ibikunle Amosun, we went to Tony Blair’s place for a meeting that lasted for an hour. And after that, the General said he wanted to surprise Awujale, and then we left for his house. So this is not hearsay, it’s what I was part of. So, if somebody keeps saying otherwise, why will I continue to respond to him?

PT: In the last interview PREMIUM TIMES had with you, you gave details of how APC would win the forthcoming elections and said the PDP had no solution. Do you still stand by that?

Saraki: Yes. See I said it long ago that PDP was no more what it used to be and in position to win election. But now I believe more people will agree with what I had said and I stand clearly by that. Had elections held on February 14, we would have won the elections; they know that, Nigerians know that and they too know that. All they have done is just postponing the D-Day. There is no magic that they will do to win the election because the fundamental issue there is that Jonathan Government and PDP understand that Nigerians are tired of this Government. Whatever they do they will still lose election. And you could see that when we were going for campaign, the acceptability of our candidate and party is massive and not restricted to just one part of the country but with national spread.

PT: Your candidate seems not to be accepted in the South-South and South-East.

Saraki: No, that’s not true. When you say may not be as popular… but there is still that acceptability. What I am saying is that unlike in 2011 where you could say he was a sectional candidate, now he has gained acceptability in all parts of the country. And the part is strong nationally with his presence everywhere.

And when you talk to people, there are three issues, namely: insecurity, youth unemployment and corruption. Whether Muslim, Christian, Southerner or Northerner, ask who do you think can secure Nigeria, the answer is clear – Buhari! And corruption, people have understood it means stealing money that should be available for health, human development, infrastructures etc. In that respect, put Buhari and Jonathan side by side, the answer is Buhari again. This government cannot solve the problem of unemployment since it can’t guarantee stability and flow of money to development owing to corruption. So nothing has changed. So I am even more confident now.

PT: Let’s be realistic, Mr. Jonathan has commissioned a few power plants and the military has been doing well recently. Don’t you think that may change the game?

Saraki: And I think that again, with all sincerity, a president that decides when it is convenient to provide security for his people honestly is not the type we need in this country. You have got to ask yourselves why what we are seeing now was not done years back. I commend the military for the good job they are doing now. Are you telling me all those lives that were lost could not have been saved? What kind of leader will allow that? Is it because there is an election around the corner? That’s a big question he has to answer.

You talked about power plants. But it is deception. There is no gas. It is not working. It won’t improve the electricity because there is no gas. What we should hear tomorrow is that power generation has gone up if the commissioning is not deception. However, nothing will happen. I challenge them. It is all deception. No power is being generated. 

PT: Why are you so confident APC will win the presidential election?

Saraki: We have gone round the country. Nigerians are tired of PDP and Jonathan. We are confident because of the massive support for Buhari and the party. It’s now like a movement. Although we don’t have the resources to contend with the PDP, yet people are telling us they don’t even need our money. You look at the people’s keenest desire and passion to vote, it has never happened before. People are determined to ensure Jonathan does not come back. People will come out on Election Day to vote out Jonathan and I have seen the trend.

If you look at the three key issues – insecurity, economy and corruption – the best person campaigning for Buhari is Jonathan because while he has failed badly in these issues, the alternative on the other side of the spectrum is Buhari. If it is corruption, who can fight corruption? If it is insecurity, who can tackle it? Nigerians are saying Buhari!

PT: In the light of the Ekiti rigging audio, do you believe the elections cannot be manipulated?

Saraki: Well, when I say we are confident, it is in free and fair election. Jonathan has said he is committed to free and fair election. So, I want to believe him. For instance, in my personal view, they were not ready to conduct elections, if you look at the trend leading to February 14. But now, with the pressure locally and internationally, they have to conduct election. But look at their opposition to PVCs and Card readers; these are signs of people who are not confident and don’t want credible election. So, my confidence is based on the condition of free and fair election.

We have seen the record from Ekiti. We have seen what the military can do if they are not allowed to be independent. We are opposing the use of the military for elections as a court of law has already ruled it illegal. Nigerians should not be intimidated. Let them freely exercise their rights. Let’s follow what the constitution says. By and large, we have been having peaceful elections, so why do we have to use the military election.

PT: What is your view of the Ekiti rigging scandal and what do you think should be done?

Saraki: There should be a serious investigation. And the institution involved, the military, should not just dismiss it. It has to investigate because of institutional credibility. President Jonathan should not have dismissed it as fabrication. There should be investigation because of the public institutions involved.

PT: What will you say about the country’s economy?

Saraki: We have to tighten our belt. Hard times are ahead. There is no point pretending there is no problem. This government of President Jonathan lost a golden opportunity to prevent this problem before oil price slide in the international market. It did not prepare. There is economic downturn now owing to oil price slump but if you look at other countries that prepared, the story is not the same.

PT: Is Nigeria broke?

Saraki: The country is broke. If you are having problem and are unable to meet your fiscal commitment and obligations as and when due, you are broke. Even the FAAC meeting has failed to hold twice because the Government could not see sufficient money in the account. So it’s just waiting for when the revenue would go up a bit.

We are in this situation because we did not do the right thing when oil price had not declined. Other countries in Asia also face this problem but they are not feeling the effects like we do because they prepared. They were not wasteful. But unfortunately we didn’t prepare.

Mismanagement, corruption, wastage and leakages that characterise oil subsidy management brought us here. Oil subsidy amounting to $8 billion annually accounts for about 80 per cent draw down from the ECA. But with proper management and without corruption we could have been spending 20 per cent of that. This is money that could have been saved to cushion the effects of the oil price slump now. If you had done that, you could still have maintained your currency whose value is now depleted and everybody is feeling it. You recall I warned against the leakages in 2011. I said with the way we were going, there would be problem.

We are spending about $4 billion on kerosene subsidy when Nigerians are buying the product cheaply. You are just throwing the money to some persons.

The Minister of Finance says pressure by States to share ECA depleted it. No. Subsidy payment accounts for 80 per cent of the draw down from the ECA. It was not because states were demanding their share every time. If it is true that it is the states that caused the depletion, and not Federal Government and its waste, they (FG) should not have spent their share.

By now, that problem arises, they could have shown example by telling Nigerians to see their own part saved in an account; that it’s only states that needed the money, hence the pressure to share the money every time as said by the Minister of Finance. So please let’s change that impression.

PT: You were campaigning against…

Saraki: Oh clean cook stove. The issue about it is clean energy. It is not just about clean stove that you ensure clean energy. In an economy where to get a project of N60 million into the budget is difficult, all of a sudden, from nowhere you just awarded a contract of about N6 billion, without bidding or any due process. And the money is taken from Ecological Fund that is meant for such disasters as flood, erosion et cetera. So for me, it’s not a best a way of managing our resources. Yes clean energy is good idea but not the way it’s being done.

The Senate Committee on Ecology has expressed objection to it and told them to come and explain how they want to go about it. And we will definitely keep our eyes on it. If I see anything good, definitely I will support it. But there are better ways of managing 6 billion on clean energy; capacity building, training women, ensuring due process . . .

PT: You have severally accused Mr. Jonathan of poor performance. In 2011, you were one of the key players that brought Mr. Jonathan to government, did you not envision the situation you are now lamenting or it was about personal interest?

Saraki: Well, you know then, I also offered myself to serve as the president of the country. We went through a process and eventually I and others opted for him among those that were finally in the race.
Well, we did not envision this situation. Even the fact that he is from a minority group was enough reason to support him then. We felt it would be fair and strengthen our unity, you know, supporting him. But we never thought he would not perform. See how he even mismanaged the party. There’s no leadership at all.
PT: So do you owe Nigerians apology?

Saraki: (Laughs) Seeing visions is not one of my skills. I couldn’t have seen the future.


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      Nice pictorial representation of your intellect.

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    Olusola Saraki is 100 times more competent and better than the Port Harcourt Disaster. Saraki’s doctorate is not fake unlike the ‘goat eat yam’ doctor whose academic thesis is missing. Saraki responds to questions in a mature and thoughtful way than insulting Nigerians with ‘stealing is not corruption’ fantasy.

    • Okey

      “Competence” that ran Societe Generale Bank aground. May God fight for those who died of hypertension because their deposits in the Societe General Bank was stolen by people who are now mocking us by pretending that they want to “Change” Nigeria !

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        Broken record. Mad as a box of frogs.

      • Maria

        Jonathan has run Nigeria aground. The clown of Otukoke can barely differentiate between his right and left hands.

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        What will you say about those retired Nigerian civil servants who died under GEJ’s incompetent pension administration and outright fraud?

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  • Total

    In an ideal situation or in a sane society Bukola Saraki is not suppose to be heard or seen granting this kind of interviews. Saraki has cases in court brought by EFCC against him as a former governor of Kwara state. Quashing of this case was his bone of contention with ruling party and it remains his number one condition for surporting the administration or not. That this man and his family ran down Societe generale bank is an open secret. Many families lost their hard earned investments and savings. This is the same man PT is honouring with prime time interview. The case against the likes of Obanikoro who had already been found guilty on the pages of newspapers and disqualified from holding public office is not different from Saraki’s if fairness is fair. This is a situation where corruption charges are less offense to an alleged rigging plot that has not been charged to court. For any APC member a corruption case in court is government’s persecution but for others its people’s right to demand accountability. No matter how much he is being whitewashed, no matter how many platforms he is able to buy for more image-laundry interviews SARAKI REMAINS UNCLEAN, UNCLEARED, ALLEDGEDLY CORRUPT AND TAINTED. Bukola Saraki’s doctoral degree and smooth speeches count for nothing as long as he remains uncleared for political corruption and economic corruption.

    • SamPsalm

      PDP has been in government for the past 16 years. Jonathan for the past 5 years. Why couldn’t they successfully prosecute the man. A government that cannot prosecute crime and enforce the law is an inept government. He is a Nigerian and vote-getter, at least, in Kwara State. That makes him an asset. It does not stop EFCC from doing its work or the Courts from pronouncing on evidence brought before it. Nigeria currently has one of the worst Attorney Generals that have ever sat in the office of the Minister of Justice – yet he remains a member of Jonathan’s kitchen cabinet. It is a reason to remove this government, not to praise it. If tomorrow, the EFCC under Buhari is unable to prosecute him in court, then we can all stand up and put the blame on Buhari because the bucks will then be stopping at his table

      • Okey

        May God fight for those who died of hypertension because their deposits in the Societe General Bank was stolen by people who are now mocking us by pretending that they want to “Change” Nigeria !

        • Layo

          Failed banks happen all over the world, now we are talking about a failed country, Jonathan has failed in all ramifications. He can’t even run his home. Thanks to Soludo, most banks would have gone under. Jonathan will end up in ICC or back to Otuoke peacefully.

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        Fashola is coming as the next Attorney General and Minister of Justice and change will happen.

  • Total

    Slave master of Kwara state. Like father like son.

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      It’s the message, not the messenger.

  • Faruk Al-amin

    well said my brother, its just that the pdp e-rats and jonathan are blind to d truth

  • warry

    May be the likes of Saraki thinks that all Nigerians are dummies. If indeed the PDP failed before, APC,would not fare any better because those responsible for that lapses in PDP have transferred their ignorance to APC. Amaechi, OBJ,Saraki,Atiku,Kwankwaso,etc have no moral justification to criticize GEJ,for he represents a dramatic change in the affairs of PDP and the country. Nobody can provide 24hr power supply overnight. There will be problems along the line gas supply and inadequate infrastructure which will be addressed as they come until we get to where we should be. Just like GSM,it can’t be overnight. Apart from criticism, what is the alternative plan of APC? Talk is cheap. If Saraki a member of the National Assembly that supervises the FG says the economy is down, that is a self indictment because he has been appropriating for GEJ.

    • Obingwa

      APC remove Shagari from office of president ,God gave them grace to rule for two years, they succeeded in jailing people for so many years, and God remove them. Do you think God will still give them chance again?

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    In saner climes, this criminal would have been cooling his heel in prison with hard labour, someone that brought down Société generale bank,rendered thousands of its staff jobless while many of their customers could not get out their money .Someone that stole kwara blind and him and his family turned the state to their dynasty is here talking rubbish .

    • Aparicion

      Isn’t it GEJs fault that we’re not in “saner climes”?

      • dan

        Our judiciary is weak my friend, neither GEJ nor Buhari can do anything about it. That is why we need to restructure Nigeria, that is why the last national conference report must be implemented, that is why GEJ must be brought back to implement it since APC said they will throw it into the trash can.

        • Aparicion

          What stopped him from implementing six years ago? He thinks just because election is close by he can deceive us with his usual dose of BS? Too little, too late! My friend 🙂

      • kenny

        Could your Buhari have been able to do anything about it? If he becomes the president is he going to single-handedly change the law to make the judiciary function? Moreover, Saraki’s case happened long before Jonathan came to power, must you blame Jonathan for everything because you want change?

        • Aparicion

          If it happened before his reign is it too late for justice? The problem is a thief can not catch a thief. We don’t blame him because we want change, we want change because we blame him for everything.

          • kenny

            Is the case not in court? If a thief can not catch a thief, how will Buhari catch the thieves he associates with? Or better stated, a thief.

          • Aparicion

            He’s not a thief so… I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
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  • Okey

    May God fight for those who died of hypertension because their deposits in the Societe General Bank was stolen by people who are now mocking us by pretending that they want to “Change” Nigeria !

  • So dis joboroni can still run his mouth na wa 4 nigeria.

  • Moe

    If it is fact that Jonathan has been going around paying people in hopes they will vote for him (bribery). It is not only illegal,
    it is proof that what he said about stealing not being a crime is so endemic to his administration, he thinks it is normal!

    Whether or not he declared his assets, we know exactly what his salary was as Deputy/Governor, was as VP, and is as President. Same goes for Patience.
    Let him loot all he wants now. He and his wife will carry their stolen funds on their heads like orange sellers and deposit them back at Central Bank (we don’t care how many trips it takes them). The fun part is that it will be televised!

  • burning spear

    Imagine a thief–like SARAKI who is supposed to be in jail talking about ending coruption—in Nigeria————the same way they are trying to hide the crtificate scandal of Buhari—–Imagine a born liar like Saraki alleging that the International community wanted to meet with Buhari—————then why did he not go to number 10 Dowing street to meet with the British Primie Minister—————————-? Does the activities of the International community begin and end in London–alone?—Sadly he is even talking about Buharis rented apartment——-in London–Again who hired the said apartment for him and at what cost to the governors in APC?————-How can a man who claims to want change–9JA–by ending coruption travel to London to rent an apartment—–for weeks————–that is the same Buhari who is alleged to have borrowed 27m to buy nomination form from APC————NOW RENTING A HOUSE IN LONDON —-LET APC BE clean ENOUGH TO REVEAL HOW MUH IT COST BUHARI TO TRAVEL TO LONDON—-AND IF THE NIGERIAN ELECTORATES whom saraki claims are ready tto vote for him———– ARE RESIDENT IN-LONDON———ALSO?

    • Bestman

      You should be asking the type of Apartment because it’s even easy sometimes to rent than staying in costly Hotels. So if me, an ordinary Nigerian can rent apartment here why can’t a retired Army general and a formal Head of State who’s is still paid by the Nigeria Government afford one.

      • burning spear


        • Bestman

          How much money do you need to rent an Apartment in UK?

  • burning spear

    Its only in Nigeria that we would have people who do not even know the states they often allege to hail from–talk as if they own the country—-a man whose actions led to the death of so many Nigerians——-is now talking as if he is related to the present pope—————————Saraki killed Societe General Bank–because they alleged to the king-makers that they are Fulanis———-unknown to many——–their root lies in Osun state like–tinubu who is today claiming to come from Lagos–state———–instead of Osun—————And since—–Buhari is in London let him ask–University of Cambridge for his certificate————and stop lying about it———cause that is also part of the corruption–that we have been talking about–and trying to get rid of——————————that is certificate forgery

    • Tunsj

      When will you stop your trash comments? You always sound ridiculous and everything you say does not make any sense at all. I know that you are slightly twisted and it is imbeciles like you that are destroying Nigeria. Why not go and kiss yourself.

      • Ignore him please. How many poor Nigerians have access to Internet to read all these rubbish? Election is not won on social media. Pdp will be surprised what Nigerians will do to it on March 28. You may delay a funeral, but you can not bring the dead to life.

  • PEACE = Presece of EQUITY

    No of yrs in Presidency from 1960 – 2015 by Regional Distribution
    North = 39 yrs (9 presidents = Balewa,Gowon, Muritala,Shagari,Buhari,Babangida,Abacha,Abdulsalam,YarAdua,)
    West = 11 yrs (2 Presidents = Obasanjo, Shonekan)
    East = 0 yrs (Nil)
    South = 4 yrs (1 President = Jonathan)

    “Why we struck – the need to stop intrigues, domination and
    internal colonization of the Nigerian state by the so-called chosen few.
    This, in our view, has been and is still responsible for 90 percent of
    the problems of Nigerians….” —– Gideon Orkar (April 22, 1990
    Revolutionary Speech)

  • Fidelia Uduak Ibanga

    PTT: Come for debate and address Nigerians
    Duncee: Noway! These people never porget the bad things I did. I can’t face a normal uncensored audience and/or journalists
    PTT: Ok come to Charlatan house in Lome
    Duncee: Ok. That’s better…at least they wil not ask questions to probe my past.

  • CY

    The struggle for Presidency is simply the struggle to control the oil & natural gas resources of the Niger Delta & Eastern Nigeria by the resources barren North & West. Pure & Simple.

    The so called mumuist CHANGE mantra is nothing but that which is analogous to the cry of an Oliver Twist. Suddenly disillusioned by the fact that they now contribute nothing in terms of liquid capital to the Nigerian federation, they band themselves in an unholy alliance comparable to that headed by Brutus against the Capitol. PDP members of Northern extraction have all moved to APC. Some Ex-PDP from the West have moved too. So, the election is not based on manifesto or principles but ETHNICITY & REGIONALISM. Pure & Simple!
    But will the Niger Delta fold its arms and allow this to happen? Your guess is as good as mine.

    We have asked for RESTRUCTURING ….& ….RESOURCE CONTROL…..I want to be able to sell my oil by myself & pay tax to the centre. This is the ideal. Even if the price is 50cents or N100 per barrel but those who own the resources should have ABSOLUTE control. Anything to the contrary is treasonable.

    • Strong System

      Off shore oil!!

  • deji

    People like Saraki and Obasanjo should apologize to Nigerians for bringing this hurricane – Jonathan disaster, on Nigerians.. When you realize that you are wrong, then you should apologize. Africans don’t like to say sorry. Why?????

    • The actions of these people and the rest of them signified their way of saying sorry to Nigerians. The unrepentant ones are buying time, after the election they will abandon Gej. expect funny drama before and after the election.

    • Actions speak louder than words. They have said sorry by their action to now vote Jonathan out.

  • saraki is a clown, in fact a puppet dangling on a hand full of strings, it will be cut off.

    • Strong System

      Serious issues were discussed all your clueless brain could think of is that “Saraki is a clown “. May be you don’t even know the meaning of a clown

      • and you should watch your mouth, your retarded brain isn’t meant to reply anyone you feel like, take a time out.

  • chinwe davis

    Wow, all these for GEJ? I think someone has forgotten to take his medication. Buhari has nothing to show his atrocities are too much. I say NO to a dictator

  • burning spear

    When certain Nigerians who were groomed by APC talk about elections-I often laugh———–The question I often ask such people is–for them to tell us—what they are really selling to Nigerians———-when elections are based on its now the turn of the Fulani North to rule Nigeria——————-no more no less———-can a man who forged his certificate–enlisted into the defence academy–with a letter of recommendation———–ever be able to look ocrruption in the face and spit on it————Its really sad for a man who crated another human being from London———–like a Monkey be allowed to destroy the foundation upon which Chatham House was established–

  • uduak akpan

    come what may,GEJ will win the election

  • burning spear

    (Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, is an independent policy institute based in London. Our mission is to help build a sustainably secure, prosperous and just world)-unquote via Buhari abi?

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  • emmanuel

    come rain come sun we will vote GEJ

    • Nathaniel Effiom-Ekaha

      And Nigerians will vote for the incorruptible Buhari

  • Saraki, you took after your father the strong man of kwara politics. you are one of the people who mistakenly foisted Jonathan on Nigerians. We have seen and tested the bad product you gave to us. This time around Nigerians have made up their minds to select the type of product they want. Save this long grammar to yourself.

  • uzo

    saraki we don’t care of what you think of GEJ,we will support him and vote for him period

  • ayo

    A man like bukola saraki is not fit to comment on good governance, transparency, anti corruption etc.saraki belongs to the tinubu club of evil godfathers robbing and looting nigerians.while saraki is strangulating Kwara state with mind boggling perfidy,tinubu is pocketing Lagos as if there is no tomorrow.saraki have told lies that he ever supported Jonathan even for a second in 2011,it was saraki and his evil and nefarious cohorts that came up with the bankrupt northern consensus candidate in opposition to Jonathan President in 2011 .it is on record that Jonathan defeated both saraki and his band of angry almajiri consensus. Again saraki even sabotaged Jonathan in Kwara in 2011 and prodded kwara to vote for buhari.let the message be clear to saraki and his bands of evil elders that those Nigerians who are for Jonathan are much more in majority than the criminal looters,ethnic haters and religious bigots who are against him.#GEJtill2019#.

  • Nelson David

    Just wait till March 28 and see what for yourself. Jonathan win GMB hands down.

  • Ndubuisi Chinedu

    Enemy of progress. U rule kwara state,,,oga what do you achieve in your admistration as governor.

    • Maria

      He was not enemy of progress when he stepped down and supported dumbo to win in 2011? You guys are animals.

      • basil edoma

        And you’re a bigger animal for using that useless hand of yours to write this useless reply. Olodo like you, when elders are talking small children like you should sit down and listen…

  • Divine West

    What i know is that GEJ till 2019 let the fools keep fooling they seif’s old idiots.

  • kingsley obi

    Bunch of losers, lairs and anti democrats, the will never see the gates ASO ROCK.

  • Tunde philips

    Everything has already been put in place , it will be shock to these APC fellas. GEJ as always now till 2019

  • Chief Emeka bakogu

    They have started again, the end shalL separate the democrats from the dictators, UP GEJ

  • faith adams

    A man as corrupt as Bukola Saraki should not hold public office, a copy of Governor Bukola Saraki’s Code of Conduct Bureau asset declaration filings which indicated that the former Executive Vice Chairman of the defunct Societe Generale Bank of Nigeria (SGBN) might be one of the state governors with the largest amount of assets within and outside Nigeria, putting him in the same category as James Ibori of Delta State, Lucky Igbinedion of Edo State, Peter Odili of Rivers State and Governor Saminu Turakin of Jigawa State.

    • Nathaniel Effiom-Ekaha

      Including Jonathan

  • Blessing Ndubisi

    GEJ is the way forward for this nation

  • samiis

    very articulate description of how GMB represents that change we need by bukky saraki.
    GEJists will definately be pained by this. but who cares?

    • nwaeke

      What exactly are you high on?. HEMP?.

    • Ukpono

      I think your father does.

    • Nathaniel Effiom-Ekaha

      Who cares

  • richkid

    Look at what this animal is saying, who accepted you! Do you think Nigerians are blind? He laughed away the question based on Buhari health, why,? he doesn’t want to be held for saying he is fit or not should eventually it got so public that he is very sick. Besides you didn’t meet Blair set of liars.

  • richkid

    Talking about our economy, Nigeria rose to one of the world best economy even with the slide of oil price! JONA sponsored agriculture we now even export rice, cashew, etc. Even USA records unemployment. Bukola criminal we the masses knows what is happening.

    • wemzy70

      You and who be masses? Wh en there is delusion of the brain. The thinking faculty will ultimately refused to go to work effectively. I am seeing that traits in someone in here.

  • Nwaobilor

    I pray oh!

  • richkid

    Come to security, buhari as a formal head of state, did not buy any weapon for the military. He ate the money allocated to them. Jonathan has been buying still buying. Buhari having the support of usa so that he can come and implement gay marriage. So refused to sale weapons to Nigeria so that BH will thrive, also buhari promised him that he will make Nigeria ungovernable for him, and now using BH to do it. Sabotaging his government.

    • wemzy70

      Of all the weapon you have been buying, a riff raff organization according to GEJ took the whole nation to ransom and for 6 years your Jona cannot do anything, you guys should be ashamed of yourselves when it comes to running commentaries in public domain

      • Okey

        Seems you prefer to suddenly forget how we got here. Had your Buhari not agitated for Sharia for his Northern Muslims; had he not asked “is not Muslim limbs and hands that will be cut?;” had he not openly demanded for those murderous fellows to be compensated like the Niger Delta militants; and, had Buhari not complained that killing Boko Haram “is attack on the North,” those boys in the North would NOT have graduated to “Sharia must replace the Constitution and a Muslim Must be President” as the only condition for dropping their murderous ways. (Funny enough, just to grab power by all means, Buhari is now at Chatham House singing a different tune “I won’t give Boko Haram amnesty”).

        You cannot pour petrol on your roof, light a match and then complain “Fire Brigade is incompetent, why should it take them 6 years to put out the inferno ?” That’s not only mischievous but pure insanity.

        • You lie too much. The first politician to introduce Sharia in the North is none other than Muazu, the chairman of PDP.
          Sai Buhari, Fe Buhari, Love Buhari, March 28, Vote Buhari, DESTROYER of Maitatsine and Boko Haram and of all Corruption in government, as President of Nigeria.

  • Kufere

    All Buhari cared about was taking over the seat and remaining there. That’s where his security was centered on.

  • Emeka215

    GEJ we are Marching forward with you.. We have an election to win.

  • Etega

    No shaking na we dey here. Jonathan carry on.

  • richkid

    When they give you statistics you say it’s forgery and deceit bring your own statistics. Truth be told JONA is working. Light has improved very well trust the minister NEBO! Stop feeding people with lies. Feb was for buhari but march for JONA, we have realised!!

    • wemzy70

      Which light improved and where?

    • polo

      oga we are kids where is the light

  • Emeka

    with all sincerity, a president that decides when it is convenient to provide security for his people honestly is not the type we need in this country.

  • Uncle Charlie

    the distance between Buhari and the presidency can be likened to the distance between the heavens and the earth

    • The Nigerian quagmire

      Well it might seem like that too you since your brain is the size of a peanut.

      • National Conscience

        Please why the panic and undue fret?…who is afraid of buhari and why?…or who and who has chosen to speak to demean our president’s campaign with utterances not sanctioned by him???..why not let past genuine performances, character and integrity inform the electorates’ decisions at a free & fair polls?…why & who is afraid to use the PVC & Card Readers if there are no hidden agendas?…infact why the need to deploy and deplete our cash reserves (with millions starving to bed everyday and the economy plummeting to zero level by the day) to lobby to buy peoples conscience and votes if indeed performances on ground can earn a deserved victory at the polls?…it is true and written that those the gods wants to destroy, they first make them mad by hardening their mind and blocking their senses to good reasoning…let he who have ears hear before the judgement falls anytime soon from March 28th…Let our president for once be in control of his goverment and be honourable in all deeds as it relates to the elections…we that voted him in ovelmingly in 2011 without any prompting are watching his acts keenly…our judgement on him shall be informed by our assessments and not the money we are currently receiving…for they say “the voice of the people is the voice of God”

  • stabod

    PDP are APC bird of the se farther

  • stabod

    PDP and APC bird of the se farther

  • Majek tunde

    There is no light anywhere.They are lying. Less than 10 hrs of electricity in a whole week falls short of any standard.I challenge anyone to dispute this.

    • burning spear

      MUMU———HE SAY THERE IS NO LIGHT ANYWHERE-HAS THERE BEEN LIGHT IN nIGERIA SINCE INDEPENDENCE—————-IN 1960——————IS JONthan not trying t right the wrong doen the nation–with wastage from my crude oil-?

      • emem

        Am so certain you were born in the early 80s or 90s,otherwise you will know that as far back as when phcn or NEPA was known as ECN, electricity in nigeria was very very regular,such that 3 to 4days notice were given to user before any repairs were carried out.

        • Zarto Ali

          Don’t mind the mumu. Instead of asking questions he rather resort to mediocrity and boatlicking. Anyway it will not serve him any useful purpose.

  • burning spear

    “We had elections in five states in the last two years, PDP won in only one state; how comes its just that one that we won, that a tape is suddenly surfacing to say we planned rigging.

    “Why did we not plan rigging in Edo, Ondo, Anambra and Osun? How comes the only one that we won is the one they want to tarnish? It is a calculated attempt to sway the minds of Nigerians that the PDP is not capable of winning in a free and fair election

    • Zarto Ali

      You seem to underestimate the wind of change. Just watch it is not over yet.

  • burning spear

    (Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, is an independent policy institute based in London. Our mission is to help build a sustainably secure, prosperous and just world)-unquote via Buhari abi?–Who locked up Nigerians crated Umaru Dikko from London———refused to allow UPN governors-who were freed by the courts to go home-because of their tribal marks—-put journalist into prison———executed Nigerian drug offenders –as if Nigeria was Saudi Arabia-or Malaysia—-Sadly that person–WHO DID ALL THESE is now being celebrated by the British————AN INDICATION—–that our under—–development has its roots—————in Europe and America—-WHAT A SHAME

    • Zarto Ali

      And we will vote him to do even more. For we bleived what ever he did and will do is certainly and evidently not to serve the interest of his pocket but to uphold the glory of Nig, to end corrupt practice, political deceptions, insecurity, impunity and above all a shameless stage managed DIARISGODoooooo drama. Oh I weep for my country.

      • Odogwu

        YES! Let him jail all those criminals that brought this economic calamity upon us.

        • Nigeria needs to jail Buhari first for his felonious subversion of our democracy and for the carnage he wreaked on the nation.

    • Well said…

  • IKE

    The recent events in this Country has really exposed the fake activities of this administration, all our money gone into private pocket, no salaries, no electricity, people are hungry. This is surely the beginning of the end of this administration. VOTE CHANGE

  • Charles Ugwumba

    Are we going to finance this supposedly Muslim led government with cotton, hides and skin or someone’s else resources? Since when did a speech in the British policy institute amount to a guaranteed win in the presidential elections. Governors Jindal of Louisiana and Scott Walker of Wisconsin were also at Chatham house and it didn’t amount to a heap of beans. Did Buhari see people lined up and relieving themselves on the street leading to Chatamm house like they do at Kofar Mata Kano ? Did he see traders packed into the steel hawking wares and denying free flow of traffic. Nigerians can make a million trips to Chatam house and never bring any universal value home except to line their pockets. The days of Muslim dominance in Nigeria are gone. Buhari will not be Pesident . Just watch.

    • Well said,

    • polo

      oga why are u talking like dis ,we are all Nigerian been a muslim or Christian ,majority of us just continue with the religion we found our self and apart from that what we need now is to be united, since our Christian brother has tried is best,pls let try a muslim brother too for another 4yrs

  • Allowing Saraki to speak for APC is another big mistake for this opposition that lacks credibility. Saraki is the epitome of everything that is bad and ugly in the Nigerian society. This Association of Political Con men is not the change we need. Buhari’s candidacy is dead on arrival.

  • Tag UK

    there we go again about religion! … myopia!…

  • richkid

    Gej all the way

  • favourtalk

    GEJ is out by his grace, we need a better leader in nigeria, we wants change not the propaganda PDP again