Jonathan visits Mubi, heads to Baga

President Goodluck Jonathan has visited Mubi in Adamawa State, more than three months after Nigerian troops recaptured the town from the insurgent group, Boko Haram.

The president arrived Yola international airport at about 10.45a.m. Thursday, accompanied by the Chief of Defence staff and all the service chiefs and the inspector general of police. He later travelled by helicopter to Mubi.

At Mubi, Mr. Jonathan met with the Emir of Mubi, Isa Ahamadu, and the people of the area.

There were unconfirmed reports that the president visited Vintim village in Mubi, the home town of Nigeria’s Defence Chief, Alex Badeh.

But security sources told PREMIUM TIMES that from Mubi, Mr. Jonathan was to travel to Baga in neighbouring Borno State.

Baga was reclaimed by government troops last week after Boko Haram militants overran the town killing hundreds and displacing thousands.

Mr. Jonathan and his administration have been widely criticised for their handling of the Boko Haram crisis, and the failure of the government to stem attacks against civilians.

Ahead of elections, the government has apparently stepped up effort against the terror group with multiple towns liberated by soldiers.

The government has also announced new measures to raise the morale of its combat forces.

On Wednesday, the Army Chief, Kenneth Minimah, visited Baga where he announced that troops who liberated the town will be automatically promoted to the next rank.

A top security chief in Borno state, who spoke on anonymity said Mr. Jonathan was heading to Baga, but refused to give further details.

“Of course the president will be going to Baga today but the trip is not being handled by us here. I believe it is not something big but just a confidence building visit for the troops,” the source said.

Mr. Minimah, a Lieutenant General, had said during his visit Wednesday that given the successes achieved by the troops in Baga, the president might likely visit the troops.


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  • Ibe

    Mr President is all too late, you played politics with the lives of Nigerians.

    • taiwo

      he played politics with your mommas cunt desperate e rat,APC boko sympathisers



  • Amir

    Last minute airlines are always cheap with relatively poor service and inadequate luggage allowance. Nigeria’s president is a last minute president who only last year started repairing roads and now has woken up to visit Boko Haram areas all in a desperation to win elections. Nigeria needs visionary proactive leaders not a dumb reactionary mediocres.

    • taiwo

      Definitely not the desperate and dumb reactionary mediocre i watched today speaking in chatam house with a cancerous growth on the left side of his mouth mumbling inchoherently

      • Amir

        You watch what you love or jealous of. I do not waste my time watching your paymaster cos I have more important things to do. If you spent all your time watching Buhari’s speech, please go spread the message whenever you recover from your frustrations. You remember your best teachers after school not while they are teaching you. You too must be rescued from Peoples Darkness Party.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Beautiful response, Amir.

          Wonderfully out of @taiwo’s level.

  • Mike

    Good bye President Jonathan. Do us good to return our stolen funds.

  • Giganto

    @Amir, @Ibe, He is actually on a farewell visit. He is a goner, come 28th March 2015. WE THE PEOPLE have decided to vote for #CHANGE 2015.

  • dude

    So in the face of defeat at the presidential election, GEJ has suddenly realised that that region is also part of Nigeria and he is their president too. Why did he have to wait almost 6 years to act? Why did he have to wait this long to visit the area? Why did he have to wait this long to give the military the orders to engage the terrorists? GEJ’s inactions certainly led to the needless death of thousands of innocent Nigerians including women and children. No one can accept that GEJ cares about the people in those affected areas. If there were no elections, the sufferings of these people would most certainly have continued without the government coming to their aid. No country should ever have someone like GEJ as president and Nigeria, certainly, shouldn’t continue to have GEJ as president.

    • yemi

      goodbye the clueless one. you are so gone adieu

  • taiwo

    our great and gallant president is working.Keep it up Mr President



  • Rommel

    Wicked man,after sharing more than 15,000 innocent blood in Bornu and environs

    • taiwo

      am sure you are talking about boko hari


        He is talking about your hero, Pres. Jona

        • malik shaibu

          Jona is my hero too,he is the best thing to happen to Nigeria

    • yemi

      yes wicked thats more appropriate.

  • korona melvin


  • Victor Gee

    The war is over. We can now March into goodluck by 28. Weldone Mr president.

  • Eze1

    Just for Election sake, GEJ is making desperate visit. Deris God o


    It has taken the President a looming election loss, over 15,000 body counts and $32b to become presidential!

    But Nigerians are not deceived.

    This election-desperation-triggered visits will not change the fact that the President has failed to uphold his oath to uphold the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which makes the security of lives and property the raison d’etre of any government

  • Etang Chris

    While Buhari is in London fighting insurgence inside Chatham house, Jonathan is at the battle field leading the onslaught. That’s the commander in chief. Thanks Mr president. We will continue to support u.

    • Chris1408

      Let him lead the onslaught to Gworza today, to show his gallantry

      • onyekaokorie

        It seems u are a boko haram member? Na Gwoza una still dey?

  • Etang Chris

    The war is over. Bye bye Buhari and boko haram.

  • Chris1408

    GEJ is taking his last tours of Nigeria. Come March 28, 2015, Nigerians will vote out this administration. So tour GEJ tour the land you wasted and bathed in red

  • endingNaija

    Outgoing Commander in Chief Goodluck Jonathan-so what were you doing for SIX YEARS that you REFUSED to engage Boko Haram? So by your action , Mr. Goodluck Jonathan you are saying that you will fight Boko Haram ONLY if you can use it for your re-election!!! Hm hm That is NOT the kind of President Nigerians want. That is NOT the kind of Commander in Chief Nigerians want. Nigerians want a Commander in Chief who will not play politics with our lives and security. This is what you and your clique did for SIX YEARS, Goodluck Jonathan. It is called lack of patriotism, it is called lack of nationalism. It is called DISHONESTY. The blood of 15,000 Nigerians who had died on this Boko Haram is on your head President Goodluck Jonathan. You caused those deaths because YOU FAILED TO ACT AND YOU PLAYED POLITICS WITH THE LIVES OF NIGERIANS. This is why we will send you back to Otuoke on March 28. We no longer want a President who plays politics with our lives. Nigerians have seen through this your HYPOCRITICAL and POLITICAL last minute fire brigade action, your DUBIOUS and DISHONEST photo-op for your re-election. Bye Jonathan, bye Jonathan Clique. See you in otuoke from March 28, 2015. Goodluck Jonathan you did not get it, because you deliberately refused to get it. So we will send you away peacefully and democratically with our votes in March 28.

  • chi boss

    President Jonathan is a very courageous man for visiting Mubi and Baga, the military will be encouraged by this act… #GEJ4NAIJA

    • Chris1408

      Add Chibok and Gworza to the itinerary

    • Truthometer

      Courageous man? You are making me to laugh loud in outoke dialect. Nonsense!

  • yemi

    If he like let him visit sambisa forest i dont care.

  • malik shaibu

    thank you Mr president you are indeed a nationalist and history will be most kind to you

  • onyekaokorie

    The heat is on. Buhari ran to London and hid in the Chatham house, Shekau ran to sambisa. No more nonsense, the military has been equipped, the moral boasted, the stake is high.

    Enemies on the run.

  • onyekaokorie

    It is over for Buhari and Shekau. They can run but they must be arrested.

  • Okoro

    Excerpts from Buhari’s Speech. “The answers to these questions in Nigeria show that the current administration has created two economies in one country, a sorry tale of two nations: one economy for a few who have so much in their tiny island of prosperity; and the other economy for the many who have so little in their vast ocean of misery”. Does this not show a Man who is erudite.

    • malik shaibu

      you mean Tinubu’s candidate?,well you can have him as your village head because our nation is too big for him to handle.Even when he was young it was not easy for him not to talk of now

    • dude

      I suspect you are being sarcastic but if not it would be difficult to explain the statement to you

  • malik shaibu

    the whole country is happy that Nigeria is making advances and killing these terrorists except the APC and their followers here,enemies of progress are so easy to see

    • dude

      I am sure the APC is happy too. What they are saying is that the president should have done this a few years ago.

      • oluwaseyi mayowa

        Except you are a foreigner every one in nigeria witnessed all the efforts made by Jona to fight this boko people but was being frustrated by the US,if he didnt go all the way to russia and belarus to procure the arms,helicopters and other equipments by now the boko would have seized more territories while the APC will be hailing their conquests and celebrating it as GEJ’s ineptitude thereby playing politics while people are dying. APC IS A WICKED AND SOUL LESS PARTY

        • dude

          The politicians have put you exactly where they want you. Are you saying that if Nigeria had been attacked by another country in the last 6 years, we wouldn’t have been able to defend ourselves without waiting to buy arms? Are you saying that BH bought very sophisticated weapons from a foreign government or is it that they are using the arms from Libya after the fall of Gaddafi? Isn’t Nigeria supposed to be the strongest military in Africa? I want change but I don’t see a perfect party in APC and I have/will not hesitate to criticise it. Argue your point and its also ok to accept the faults of GEJ or PDP

          • Osebe

            abeg make we hear word. GEJ has done well.

          • dude

            …and I absolutely agree that he has done well with this visit. What I don’t hear you guys say is that he waited too long. For many of you, its not close to home so when he acts does not matter.

          • Osebe

            You have to be true to yourself.Are u saying the presidency didn’t do anything(act like u said) before now?Y tell lies just to make a comment or win an argument?

          • dude

            The events, GEJ’s actions and inactions of the past few years are well publicised….

  • Ndubuisi

    Shekau has no place to hide. It is only a question of time. When not if.

  • oluwaseyi mayowa

    it is a good motivation for our troops,nice one Mr President at least now the residents can be assured to return home safely

  • onyekaokorie

    Where are they? The boko haram which is the militant arm of the APC is on the run, Buhari and co are also on the run. They were sighted earlier today at Chatham house London.

    They can run but they can’t hide.

  • onyekaokorie

    Why is APC panicking since this onslaught to flush out boko haram? They will lose the way boko haram lost.

  • adonis76

    Its not fair O because we dey here dey talk, have we ever imagine that the destruction was done at your state and it took this President 6 yrs to act who is he coming to govern its time to go home boy under your watch you took so much soul before you went to visit E no good oh there is God oh.

    • oluwaseyi mayowa

      no one is deceived by your usual lies so shut up,we all know that it took this long because of the opposition of the APC to the fight against terror or do i refresh your mind about Boko hari’a statement that GEJ is killing northerners by fighting boko haram. Till date have you heard that the APc has congratulated the military and the president for their victories,ofcourse we wont because it is not good news to them

    • Isa Aliyu

      Shut up my friend , we in the north are the one to tell u more about what is happening in our region. Who reported Nigerian army to amnesty international thereby stalling the efforts of our gallant soldiers and giving the bokoharam more room to recruit? GEJ is the best we can ever have in terms of leadership!!!!!

      • Murtala Aliyu

        Speak for yourself, iam from the north and i agree with the man.

      • Gaskiya

        May you and your entire family suffer the same fate as the 13000 lost souls in the north. Amin 17000000 times. Shege Dan iskan banza.


    Does this Man do a little bit of reasoning at all. Does He know Nigerians are scoring Him based on his actions. So Mr President you waited for these lives to be lost and all these people to be misplaced before visiting these areas just to score a political point. You are heartless, for playing politics with the lives of Nigerians. OH SHAME ON US NIGERIA

    • Ken

      You are just blabbing!

    • Isa Aliyu

      Shame on you Mr ambassador because u r the one that is not reasoning at all. Have u contributed anything in anyway in the fight against this heinous set of terrorist? The answer is no. So please go and hide urself somewhere.

    • Murtala Aliyu

      It is a tactic, you know what they say, you fan the flame then control the burn. All along this administration has the capacity to eliminate boko haram but they allow it to fester so they will look like heroes when they decide to bring it to an end. HEARTLESS !

  • Mr. Abdin

    What was the the government since and they allow the crisis to fester abeg let them relax all this thing will not change the minds of Nigerians who are clamouring for change. #Youcan’tdeceiveus.

  • Bishop

    Everywhere in the world a president can visit any part of his country. Why are we then insultin ourselves here. It’s actually comin late but better late than never. Anythin that wil keep Nigeria intact is what am after. I can say weldone to Mr President here. May this move lead to the end of Shekau and Ali Modu especially

  • inuwa kate

    I am happy for this visit. Thank u Mr president.

  • sammyctu ode

    jonathan, all these visits are mere gimmicks, a good leader visits his troops at the heat of the war not when a place has been captured. You have failed woefully and all what you are doing now will not translate to any electoral victory for you and your corrupt party. You waited for six years before sending soldiers to make some few gains after thousands of innocent citizens have been killed and their families especially their children have no future. You are a wicked and callous president with Nigerian blood all over your body. SHAME ON YOU, GMB AND CHANGE ALL THE WAY COME MARCH 28TH, 2015.


      Instead He has lost his reputation. Good bye GEJ. WELCOME CHANGE

  • Isa Aliyu


    • hummm

      Yup, continue to do more of nothing.

  • humm

    Oh, he thinks this will win him votes.ODE

  • onenigerian2014

    If not you Mr President, who else can do the wonders you are doing?



    • sawston

      After more than 10,000 people have died. This is an election driven visit. His handlers have asked him to use the 6 weeks to be more visible and be seen to be doing some work. It’s too little too late. Once election is over the man will revert back to type, clueless and indecisive.

    • obianuju #GMB15

      The Last Minute President Good Riddance to bad rubbish Every action he takes at the last minute only flaunts his inept and incompetence to pilot the affairs of this great Nation. Security of lives and property he handled with kids gloves. Economy he neglected allowed it to diminish what a president


    General Muhammadu Buhari in UK: I Will Maintain a Modest Lifestyle as President – Buhari…Will Resuscitate Nigerian Airways…All Presidential Aircrafts Will Be Brought Under Nigerian Airways “One of the major killer of our economy apart from corruption is Waste. Our scarce resources are being plundered away very carelessly and unnecessarily wasted. “Let me give an instance, presently, there are more than 6 aircraft in the presidential fleet. What do you call that? “Billions of naira is budgeted every year for the maintenance of these aircraft not to talk of operational cost and other expenses. “You may want to ask what a Nigerian President is doing with so much aircraft when a Prime Minister of Britain fly around using the same public aircraft like an ordinary Briton. “Go and check and compare with that of any developed country in the world, the office of the Nigerian President is a very expensive one inspite our high level of poverty and joblessness. “Despite all these, you still find a Nigerian Minister spending about N10billion to charter an aircraft for just one year.”Now, for me, when we come into office, all these waste will be blocked and properly channelled into our economy.”We intend for instance, to bring back our National carrier, the Nigerian Airways.”We shall do this by bringing all the aircraft in the presidential fleet into the Nigerian airway and within a year increase the fleet into about 20.”What is the difference between me and those who elected us to represent them, absolutely nothing. Why should Nigerian President not fly with other Nigerian public?”Why do I need to embark on a foreign trip as a president with a huge crowd with public funds?”Why do I need to go for foreign medical trip if we cannot make our hospital functional?”Why do we need to send our children to school abroad if we cannot develop our university to compete with the foreign ones?”Why, and why must our people be servants to the foreigners in the midst of plenty? I can go on and on.”I came here in the UK and I chose to trek just to make sure I send a message back home to some people who wish us dead.”This is not my struggle, it is our collective efforts to save Nigeria from those who have failed us for 16 years.”- General Muhammadu Buhari speaking in London. Written by Taiwo Adediran, Royal Times Onlines.

    • Okey

      “Will Resuscitate Nigerian Airways” to be run by the state in this year of Lord, 2015 ? It means we are living in the present, not the past. Greatest idea !

  • danjuma

    I am now happy and confident that this war is over. Thank u Mr president.

    • Tpolo

      Chai Friday you be mumu.

  • danjuma

    Buhari is fighting insurgence in London, Jonathan is fighying it here. Who will u vote.

  • Ologun David

    God is great, oga Jonathan is the best. He is God sent. Nigeria must be liberated from old hands.

  • Ologun David

    Buhari has no campaign promise again other than I will fight insurgence. Now that the war is over. What else will he promise?

    • Tpolo

      Mumu ologun, is there any intelligent person in PDP? What about unemployment, infrastructure,education, electricity beside who told you the insurgency is over? This is just the beginning before rhythm stop again Buhari will be the president.

  • Osebe

    APC and its supporters having an over bloated estimation of themselves.They will lose woefully come March. Mr president,we hail thee!

    • Tpolo

      Yours is what is called delusional optimism. Keep on dreaming by the time you wake up you find yourself in Otouke.

  • Ologun David

    One thing I like about Jonathan is that he is calm. He talks less. But he gets result. It is not by noise making, na brain.

    • Tpolo

      How pathetic, Jonathan is considered a brainiac ! Nigeria na wa


    Mr President sorry Time up. Your Administration is full of wastage and corruption couple the innocent lost of lives. WE CANT CONTINUE LIKE THIS. IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE.

  • tpolo

    Too little too late, after 25 000 northerners killed and property worth billions of naira destroyed plus all the insults from Asari dukibo and Edwin Clark, President Jonathan is touring the southwest awarding contracts, meeting obas and now visiting Mubi and Baga six weeks to elections.Looking for political gains at the expense of people’s life and property, in a normal functioning democracy he should be impeached or resign for failure to performed his duties. There is nothing you can do to save you, March 28 you will be voted out and May 29 our president will be General Muhammadu Buhari.

  • nsikak

    State of Emergency was declared in may 2013. from may 2013 to feb 2015, how many months? y didn’t he stop or defeat boko haram in 6 weeks. that means he purposely allows nigerians to suffer unjustly. he knows how to tackle our problem. if am lying y the sudden change now? no body shd thank him for anythg. do u kw how many pple have died as aresult of this. the question u pple singing GEJ shd ask y has he not visited North East before now? am not a northerner or muslim but lets say the truth.


    Mr President sorry Time up. Your Administration is full of wastage and corruption, You have allowed wicked Nigerians to enriched themselves through stolen funds, which you claim that Stealing is not corruption, couple with the innocent lost of lives, properties, and misplaced people in the North. WE CANT CONTINUE LIKE THIS. IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE.

  • frankabby

    I can say well done to Mr President here. May this move lead to the end of Shekau #GEJ4NAIJA

  • danjuma

    The game just changed. Northeast is now for Jonathan. We will continue to support him.

    • Preco01

      May the sorrow of the over 13,000 souls lost and other victims visit the household of all those who take lightly the criminal negligence of Jonathan to their 4th generations. Amen

      • the truth

        And may the sorrow of 13,000 lost souls lost and other victims visit the household of all those who come online and show sympathy for boko and who use this insecurity to support a particular candidate

        • Gaskiya

          My friend do not be silly. Who sympathise with Boko Haram? How can people sympathise with people that will kill you and your entire family. Boko Haram are not respecters of any Muslims or Christians. As far as their ideology if concerned anyone who does not accept their way of thinking, he is against them and must be eliminated.
          Most of the arguments is that, innocent Nigerians both Muslims and Christians in the North have been systematically being killed by Boko Haram and Jonathan as the president who swore to defends every Nigerian watched these atrocities going on for many years leading to the death of over 20,000 innocent lives. THEN WHY IS HE SUDDENLY FIGHTING BOKO HARAM BECAUSE HE NEEDS VOTES FROM THESE DEFENCELESS PEOPLE IN THE NORTHEAST. WHY NOW??? WHY DID HE NOT STOP THEIR KILLINGS???

      • campol


    • Gaskiya

      Ok. Just vote for Jonathan and next grade Boko Haram he will sponsor will kill you, your entire family and community. You must be a bastard who has no future to protect!!

    • Sams

      Unfortunately most of the common ppl in the northeast actually believe GEJ is behind BH, or in the least that he didn’t give a damn about BH before campaigns start. There is absolutely no way GEJ will win the northeast.

    • hummm

      So, one visit is now a game changer? Read you comment out loud and see how moronic you sound.

  • danjuma

    Buhari said he will fight insurgence but there is no more insurgence. Jonathan has won the war. So u can now retire because there is nothing else to fight.



    • Gaskiya

      We are not talking about Buhari here.
      Just vote for Jonathan and next grade Boko Haram he will sponsor will kill you, your entire family and community. You must be a bastard who has no future to protect!!

  • charles peters

    Jonathan is our man and the best. He has done so well. His biggest is this victory over boko haram. APC ntorrrr

    • Preco01

      All those who disregard the 13,000 souls lost because a blood sucking leader does not give a damn, may the sorrow of the victims visit their household to the 4th generation. Amen

      • Joe

        This is the prayer of the wicked and God do not hear this kind of prayer; afterall God looks at the heart. Can you read the story of David?, upon all the errors he made, God testified of David as man after His heart. God is looking at Jonathan’s heart and not what he did or failed to do. Yes, souls were lost, its very unfortunate, but again, when David made error of conducting censors, God sent death angel and killed 70,000 people. Leave Jonathan alone, do not judge him by what seems an error to you; maybe God is not seeing it the way you are seeing.

        • Gaskiya

          So your God will accept what Jonathan did as a president? He watched the killing of thousands of innocent lives when he could have prevented it. You have pig brain.

  • Olu

    It is a good news to hear that Nigeria Army has started doing their constitutional responsibility as regards the terrorists invasion of a part of the country. I pray that God will give the government and Nigeria Army victory over these satanic invaders. However, we have been dealt with so badly in Nigeria that we don’t even know the statutory responsibility of our government. It is so funny to hear people saying things like ” government tried to fight Boko Haram but some people were jeopardizing government efforts” What a nonsense, why do we have government for God sake? Good governance is not the lack of attacks, oppositions, thief, enemies, etc but ability to deal with this challenges, minimize, if not to eliminate their effects on the well-being of the citizens. May God deliver us from general insecurity in Nigeria as a result of bad leadership and bad followers.

  • blueeyedkitten

    we knew the insurgency was your ideas. boko haram was just a smokescreen. so, clean up your mess from the house, as you’ve soaked the carpet with blood. we shall lay a new and fresh one……then come back and get you.

    • Gaskiya

      God bless you.

  • Preco01

    Useless man and his blood sucking Ayamatangas, after 13,000 souls? God will punish you to your 4th generation

    • campol

      Mr Terrorist on Rampage.. We know your IP address.. You coordinate and your motive… Your days are numbered

      • Gaskiya

        Mumu man. So you have feeling???? Tell your Mumu Jonathan the feelings of those who lost their love ones because of his connivance.

      • Sword of Damocles

        So you think because your worthless leader spent our precious resources on eavesdropping tech that the days of a concerned citizen are numbered? I would caution you not to count your chickens before they hatch. We shall see post-march 28th. whether “khaki no be leather”. Na generator wey u go use catch am?

    • Tunsj

      Still waiting to see his PhD thesis in “Zoology”. He is nothing but a Psychopath.

  • Sword of Damocles

    The Only reason the Presidency chose today to go on this trip is to blunt the effects of Mai Gaskiya’s powerful speech to day in London. Our President unfortunately is a simpleton who is devoid of shame. All GEJ had to do was have RESPECT for Nigeria & its people, but that was asking too much for him and is marauding BANDITS who have WRECKED Nigeria’s economy from looting, mismanagement and leakages. All it takes to start that journey of greatness is an upright, honorable leader, and apparently the whole nation realises we have that leader in that man from Daura. I cant wait to have a man of honor and character in Aso Rock. God save our Republic.

  • Mama Carol

    Great Jona is a blessing to Nigeria. While he visits troubled Nigerians to lift their spirits nd boost the morale of the military, his opponent is busy addressing n insignificant Charlatan house in far away London. This is particularly strange when one considers the fact that it is the ancestors of the attendees who forced different countries into one Nigeria in 1914, leading us into this whole intractable chaos….and it is still this same Duncee who refused to address Nigerians by attending a debate.

    But Great Jona has absorbed the punches and like a world class boxer, responds to critics in a most calculated manner that always silences them forever on the topic. May God continue to be with him.

  • the truth

    A true patriot, a true leader. This is show of leadership and no matter what saboteours do nigeria will succeed. Some people are so blinded that anything done by the fg is cried upon. Some people are pained that nigeria is finally winning this war and all their plans to use this war as an electionering campaign has failed. Now there new line is why did it take u this long. Let me give you reasons why 1. apc voted against the military purchase bill in the house of reps, they ran to press to say gej is clueless on fighting boko but stopped the bill in the house 2. we know how they stopped our military purchases, and now russia has come to our aid. we will succeed no matter their plans

  • Abufata Gumi

    While true leaders are at the front confronting the insecurity in our country others are in London trying to impress those who has no rights to vote. cheap popularity

    • oluwaseyi mayowa

      hahahaha you dey see dat kind swagger abi?tomorow na dem go still shout say they no go gree after their loss

    • the truth

      They are there for miss popularity contest.

    • Gaskiya

      If your brother or father or mother was killed by rat tag insurgents called Boko Haram, you will not come here and open your stinky mouth and say your statements. I pray you will lose your most loved daughter to Boko Haram and then we will hear your praise to Jonathan. You are kidding.
      As we write the parents of over 200 Chibok girls are still having the nightmares of living without their loved daughters while Jonathan continue to bribe Nigerians for re-elections!!!!

  • mao

    Elections should happen every year so that our leaders can start behaving like human beings. Even when over 50 school children were massacred in buni yadi about a year ago, our dear president didnt see the need to even place phone calls to the affected families not to talk of visiting them. Today, we have a formidable opposition and a chance of them winning elections. My dear president now sees the need to visit these places. For those of you clowns ready to throw up the its not safe rubbish, I ask: what about kano where over 100 people were killed in a bomb blast about three months ago. Has he visited the place to console those who lost loved ones? Yet he went there to campaign for re-election. This man is a joke but the biggest clowns are the people that applaud his mediocrity.

    • oluwaseyi mayowa

      and APC can continue to lie and deceive people all the time

  • grace folarin


    • James

      How come he became courageous only now! He is only doing what Buhari said that he will lead personally the war against BH. Buhari also said he will be in the front line to give moral support to the army. GEJ he is just a copy cat with no brain. All this because of election! Chei!

  • Gaskiya


    Jonathan is the fake leader who allowed over 20,000 innocent Northerners to be killed under his watch and now he foolishly wants people’s votes so decided to allow the military to put up some fight. He is an international criminal who must be tried at the Huge. Surely Jonathan much be tried for crimes against humanity.
    As for the Northerners who lost many of their loved ones, don’t think they are fools. We will never ever forget or forgive Jonathan. Forget about our votes.

  • Gaskiya

    If your brother or father or mother was killed by rat tag insurgents called Boko Haram, you will not come here and open your stinky mouth and say your statements. I pray you will lose your most loved daughter to Boko Haram and then we will hear your praise to Jonathan. You are kidding!!
    As we write the parents of over 200 Chibok girls are still having the nightmares of living without their loved daughters while Jonathan continue to bribe Nigerians for re-elections.

  • Gaskiya

    If your brother or father or mother was killed by rat tag insurgents called Boko Haram, you will not come here and open your stinky mouth and say your statements. I pray you will lose your most loved daughter to Boko Haram and then we will hear your praise to Jonathan. You are kidding!!
    As we write the parents of over 200 Chibok girls are still having the nightmares of living without their loved daughters while Jonathan continue to bribe Nigerians for re-elections!!!!!!

  • Gaskiya

    If your brother or father or mother was killed by rat tag insurgents called Boko Haram, you will not come here and open your stinky mouth and say your statements. I pray you will lose your most loved daughter to Boko Haram and then we will hear your praise to Jonathan. You are kidding!!
    As we write the parents of over 200 Chibok girls are still having the nightmares of living without their loved daughters while Jonathan continue to bribe Nigerians for re-elections!!!!

  • campol

    Some of them are ON Rampage on internet because WE are winning the war.. Soon we will mop up their e-rats..

  • LindaO

    A true leader goes to the front, not to London. GEJ is winning the war against BH, depsite all the spiteful lies told about his action. By going there he is showing the Baga people who really care about them. All the APC has been doing is using their pain to harvest votes.



    • Hassan Lawal

      God wont allow that to work,they shall all be punished very soon,i mean,very soon!

  • Dayo

    So much for the critics of GEJ’s handling of the BH crisis.

    • Sams

      You are absolutely right. No one can criticize him again because only 15,000 ppl lost their lives.

      • Gaskiya

        May you suffer the same fate in the hands of Jonathan as the 15000 who perished because their president is a blood sucker.

        • Sams

          Relax Bro, I was being sarcastic..

  • Too much too late for Jonathan. All their political calculations to use the lives of the people of the north east to play murderous politics has fallen flat. The blood of the innocent will deny Jonathan Victory at the polls.

    • Samuel

      GEJ is doing what Buhari said that he will be at the front line to fight boko haram, he is just a copy cat!

  • Tunsj

    Political theater at it’s worst! A President with no credibility and backbone.

    • burning spear


      • Tunsj

        I can easily conclude that you are like your hero. Jonathan. Also, you’re about as clueless as your guy from Otueke.

    • Hassan Lawal

      All these while,for the past six years,why now? for that alone,he done fail!

      • Tunsj


  • burning spear

    For 2 days now, I have thought about everything I held Buhari at high esteemed thinking that he was being victimized by the lucifers in PDP, but I was wrong. I have come to a solid conclusion that he has been lying to us, his ardent supporters. I am ashamed to say this, but I must say it. I must describe Buhari in 6 words:
    1. FRAUD – he entered the army without any certificate but rose to the rank of Maj-General taking salaries and pensions which he didn’t merit.
    2. COUPIST – he was the arrowhead in ousting Gowon in 1976 as well as Shagari in 1983.
    3. LOOTER – I now believe the $2 billion in midland bank Fela sang about.
    4. BIGOT – He jailed politicians that are not from his ethnic group or how could one explain why Shagari wasn’t jailed but Ekwueme was. He feels so proud that he executed 76% of PTF projects in the north, neglecting even our Muslim brothers and sisters in the Southwest.
    5. LIAR – He maintains that Abacha didn’t steal just because he followed Abacha and looted Nigeria dry. He claims to have N1m in his bank account, yet his children are in the UK schooling where millions of naira are paid as Tuition fees.
    6. FORGER – this one is causing me depression. I can’t believe that Buhari has no single certificate, instead of him to open up, he went and forged one.
    We have no option than to stick with Jonathan till 2019.
    Buhari has messed us up wallahi!–UMAR

  • burning spear


  • Gaskiya

    I Would Disown My Son If He Votes Jonathan
    A couple of days ago, I announced that I was going to unfriend – on Facebook – any friend who’s a supporter of President Jonathan. Some friends found fault with my action. They implied that what I purposed was extreme – it’s only politics, they said. But they’re mistaken.
    The forthcoming presidential election is not politics. The gubernatorial contest in Lagos State between Agbaje and Ambode is politics, since it’s a choice between two credible candidates. Obama v Romney was politics. The gubernatorial contest in Jigawa is politics, since people have a choice to elect a candidate from a party (PDP) which has done well for them at state level or a candidate from a party (APC) that promises to revolutionize their lives positively.

    Dr. Ibraheem Dooba
    I stand united with Sonala Olumhense, who said that the presidential election this year is a struggle for the soul of Nigeria. “Make no mistake: this struggle is for the soul of Nigeria, and you are either in the race for that soul, or assisting someone who is. Anyone who is neither running nor contributing productively works against Nigeria.”

    So, it’s not politics! And it shouldn’t be construed as such. In this struggle, you can’t be on the fence, because there is no fence.

    To give you one premise out of many, I read last week in Leadership newspaper that 13 of the Chibok girls’ parents have died. Among many deaths that GEJ caused with his actions and inactions, I attribute these deaths to him. The parents, the newspaper wrote, died due to stress related illnesses on account of the kidnapping of their children. If that was the case, the deaths were quite avoidable. Some measures could have been taken by the president to reduce the feeling of hopelessness for parents in such a traumatic situation; such as showing concern, empathy, giving them hope, visiting the community and showering them with kind words.

    Now imagine you were a Chibok parent, and listened to these presidential statements:

    I’ve not gone to Chibok because it’s not a small place, it’s a whole local gov’t – President Jonathan.

    Going to Chibok will not bring back the girls – President Jonathan

    When I looked at the list, 90% of the girls are Christians – President Jonathan

    We don’t know where the Chibok girls are – President Jonathan

    On the Chibok girls, I don’t want to be quoted – President Jonathan

    We’ve rescued the girls [a lie] – Defense HQ

    Nobody is missing – Patience Jonathan, the first lady

    These are words from the leaders who are supposed to provide comfort. Indeed, it took the intervention of a teenage girl, Malala, from a foreign country, Pakistan, before our president agreed to see the parents of the girls. And as if to rub it in, it was reported that someone in the president’s circle (where stealing is not corruption) attempted to steal the little money the parents were given.

    And now you tell me that voting someone who enacted this nonsense is politics? This is just one case from many cases of the deaths that GEJ’s government has caused. As recent as last year, 2014, GEJ and his people believed that the criminally insane idiots in Boko Haram camp are fighting political war on behalf of “northerners” to make Nigeria ungovernable for him!

    To prove that, Dr. (first name, Bastard) Okupe, the presidential spokesperson, suggested, on a Channels TV interview which I watched, that local government elections in Yobe State were conducted hitch free. Proving his case that BH don’t attack their northern political leaders. Like ex-president Obasanjo said, if Jonathan and his aides had not wasted time believing that BH is a creation of his enemies armed to campaign against his government, these insufferable idiots would have long been defeated.

    Yet, you want me to tolerate people who support this gang? Someone suggested some of my followers are my students and I should seek to convince them instead of killing our friendship. My response to that is, I’m not proud of a student with such a flawed logic as to support a government which has brought nothing to us in Nigeria save destruction. And I think the time to convince people is long gone, if you’ve not made up your mind that this is the worst government we’ve ever had in Nigeria, whatever your age, you’re beyond redemption. You’re unteachable.

    Maybe I didn’t write plainly enough, earlier. I’ll do so now:

    If I had a child old enough to vote and he told me that he’s going to vote Jonathan, I would disown him. Friends, if l lost, I would make new ones, but there’s no guarantee I can spawn a new child. This is how seriously I take this.

    For the same reason, if an employee comes to me and says he’s voting for GEJ, I would thank him for his candour and fire him on the spot. I can’t risk contaminating my organization by such wicked thinking.

    If I had a tenant who promises me to vote GEJ, I would hand him a quit notice without hesitation. I hope you get the point? Not yet? OK, here’s the final one: if I were having an open heart surgery, and the lead surgeon informs me that he’s voting for GEJ, I’ll ask him to drop his scalpel and let me die!

    I’m sure you now get my point. Anybody but Jonathan. And like I wrote earlier, this resolve is open to no question. That is, you’re not free to challenge me with (what you think are) valid points – no matter how reasonable they are.

    If you do, I’ll unfriend you too, because by your action, you’ve demonstrated that I don’t need your friendship, neither do I have the energy to tolerate you. By the way, I genuinely like my friends. So if our relationship has reached a point where I’ve to tolerate you, I can’t not, in good conscience, continue with it….

    • joshua

      Write less, make your points faster I stopped reading after the second paragraph. Its not by force.

  • Aminu

    Where is Tawanda incumminicado,after engaging on shameful protest in London yesterday he decided to start the process of seeking asylum in the UK but the guy lacks skills how can he survive in London.Anyway i believed with his physique he can manage Undertaker or Mortuary attendant job.Wish you GOODLUCK in your new endevour but pls i want buy your MAGIC STOVE given to you TAN

  • Atinuke

    Buhari and his cohorts made the fight against Boko Haram very difficult, Boko Haram actually chose Buhari as their spokes person for crying out loud. Now that Nigeria is recording victories, they are criticizing him. U APC folks are so shameless #NO2APC

  • truthisbitter

    PDP and Jonathan are expired and must be voted out. They are so naive that, they do not understand the how social media is hindering their lies, manipulations and crimes on Nigerians. Social media has rendered political lies and manipulations of masses so useless that at the click of a mouse all Jonathan and PDP lies and crimes are distributed to all nooks and crannies of Nigeria including people in villages who are all carrying phones with social media capabilities.

    PDP and Jonathan have had great chance to make Nigeria one of the greatest countries on earth but due to their greed, evil minds, and a terrible ignorance, they used this golden opportunity to legalised corruption and siphoned all Nigeria’s wealth to their foreign accounts. Now it is evident that, the more they lie, deceive or commits crimes to Nigerians the more people hate them and run away from them. Their predicament has reached an unprecedented level now that they have to bribe even our Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and our traditional rulers to get votes for Jonathan. At the same time, they have paid e rats a very large sum of money to come to online media and make posts for them.

    Because of their cluelessness, they have continued to commits more blunders to a level that holding election has become a nightmare for them. In fact, they are not scared of losing election per se. What they are scared of, is the aftermath of the election because there is no hiding place on the surface of this world for them. They know, no matter how long and what it takes, they will be brought to book.

    As for Nigerians, I urge people to be very objective when it comes to discussing National issues. This is because your single deliberate action that you know is not right, may ruin the lives of many Nigerians including your own self and your children and even great-grandchildren. Call a spade a spade because we all of us need a vibrant Nigeria where we can demonstrate our creativities to the fullest. PDP and Jonathan will never ever support the development of that vibrant Nigeria we are yearning for, because they have spent 16 years in office yet we are only witnessing death and destructions of innocent Nigerians for many years. So why waste your precious intelligent brain in supporting a terribly corrupt government and party that has no you, your children or your great-grandchildren in their minds? Even if they have paid you some money to write posts for them, that money is not worth your own rights to a better Nigeria.

    The citizens of other countries such as USA, Argentina, Brazil, Europe, Japan and so on, that are treated with dignity are not better than us and it is high time we understand that politics of sentiments will never empower us and we should abandon it immediately, because if we continue supporting a terribly failed president or a failed party because he belongs to the same faith, tribe, region, or state with us, we will reach the age of 70 years without anywhere to rest or retire into. You will reach your 70-year retirement age without any tangible pension, health care or any social welfare to cater for you. This is exactly where Nigerians are heading to. Fortunately all it takes is your objective judgement of our political office holders and call a spade a spade; simply say enough is enough for any politicians who have failed you and Nigerians even if he is your own father or mother. It is as simple as this. SO VOTE WISELY!