EXCLUSIVE: Nigerians Beware! Jonathan procures N11 billion equipment to tap your phones

Nigeria’s active 120 million GSM subscribers need to know this: The Nigeria Police, the State Security Service [SSS] and the Nigerian Communications Satellite Limited [NIGCOMSAT] are, on behalf of the Nigerian government, possibly hacking your phones and listening in to your conversations.

The three state agencies are able to do this with the aid of an over N11 billion sophisticated equipment procured and installed for them by President Goodluck Jonathan.

Knowing what Nigerians are discussing over the telephone was too important a necessity for Mr. Jonathan that he awarded two different contracts for the same purpose in less than two months interval.

On August 31, 2010, less than six months after he became acting president, Mr. Jonathan awarded an approximately N6billion contract to an Israeli-owned but Abuja-based security firm, V & V Nigeria Limited, for the “Procurement of strategic GSM Tracking System for the Nigeria Police Force and expansion/upgrade of the existing system with the DSS”.

The project, awarded to the contractor by the Ministry of Police Affairs, was jointly hosted by the Nigeria Police and Nigeria Communication Satellite Limited (NIGCOMSAT), under the Nigeria Police Reform Programme.

Less than two months after – October 21, 2010 – another N2.61 billion contract was awarded by the same Ministry of Police Affairs “for the procurement of Strategic GSM Tracking and Interception Systems for the Department of State Services, under the Nigeria Police Reform”.

This other contract, which appears a duplicate of the first, was awarded to a British security firm, Gamma TSE Limited, which, according to the information on its website, “manufactures highly specialized surveillance vehicles and integrated surveillance systems, helping government agencies collect data and communicate it to key decision-makers for timely decisions to be made”.

The two clearly similar projects were however neither budgeted for nor listed among contracts approved by the Federal Executive Council (FEC) in 2010. They were also not captured in the government’s budget implementation reports for that year.

There is also no indication that the contracts complied with Nigeria’s public procurement law, which requires competitive bidding for government contracts of that magnitude.

Yet there was a separate project in the 2010 budget by the Nigeria Police Force (not the Ministry of Police Affairs) for “the procurement of GSM interception and tracking equipment installed in 10 configured vehicles (security/criminal intelligence)” for which N2.5billion was budgeted.

It is not clear whether this other project was executed at the time, but it was also not captured in the budget implementation report as well as FEC approvals for the year.

Insiders at the State Security Service, the Nigerian Police and the NIGCOMSAT said while Gamma TSE delivered on the contract awarded to it, they were not sure that V & V, linked to a top politician from the South-South, performed satisfactorily.

Gamma TSE could not be reached for comments. Repeated telephone calls to its London office were neither answered nor returned.

V & V also declined to comment when contacted by PREMIUM TIMES. The official, who answered the call made to the company’s Abuja office, directed all enquiries on the project to the Ministry of Police Affairs.

But the spokesperson for the Ministry of Police Affairs, James Odaudu, also declined comments, just like his counterpart at NIGCOMSAT, Sonny Aragba-Akpore. Both officials said they should not be expected to divulge details about security-related installations.

Details about these new surveillance contracts emerged about 22 months after PREMIUM TIMES exposed a similar $40 million surveillance contract the administration secretly, also in open violation of lawful contracting procedures, awarded to an Israeli firm, Elbit Systems, with headquarters in Haifa.

At the time, Nigerian rights activists considered the project one of the most far-reaching policies ever designed in the country’s history to invade the privacy of citizens.

The clandestine programme allows the government spy on citizens’ computers and Internet communications and emails under the guise of intelligence gathering and national security.

Embarrassed by the widespread national outrage that arose after this newspaper exclusively exposed the secret contract, the presidency had summoned the management of Elbit Systems for a meeting to explain why the contract should not be revoked after it allegedly breached a confidential clause in the contract.

In May 2013, the House of Representatives asked the federal government to suspend the contract, saying it was awarded in breach of the Fiscal Responsibility Act and that the deployment of such spy equipment would violate citizens’ constitutional rights.

The House then ordered the immediate suspension of the project to allow its Committees on Information and Computer Technology, Human Rights, and National Security, to conduct an inquiry.

The House is however yet to make the outcome of its enquiry public, and the project has since gone ahead. Intelligence sources say the Internet Spy device has since come alive.

The spying on telephone and Internet communications of citizens is continuing despite the country not having any law in place to regulate such undertakings by the nation’s security agencies.

The Cybercrime Bill 2014, which allows a measure of communication interception, is yet to be passed into law by the National Assembly.

Part 3 Section 22 of the Bill, which deals with Interception of electronic communications, says: “Where there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the content of any electronic communication is reasonably required for the purposes of a criminal investigation or proceedings, a Judge may on the basis of information on oath: (a) order a service provider, through the application of technical means to collect, record, permit or assist competent authorities with the collection or recording of content data associated with specified communications transmitted by means of a computer system; or (b) authorize a law enforcement officer to collect or record such data through application or technical means.”

However, the bill, initiated by the presidency, was passed in December by the Senate but it only scaled second reading in the House of Representatives on Tuesday and was referred to the House committees on justice and information for further scrutiny.

When eventually passed by both chambers, it would be harmonised and then sent to the President for assent.


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  • Benny born

    So, what are we bewaring for? propaganda news paper house.

    • cadian

      Nigeria belongs to us all.
      We seriously need to beware. If it’s not wisely used it will be a form of entering people’s privacy.

      • Adebenson

        But I believe it is a lauable idea… everything is subject to abuse

        • Sam

          What we are saying is not all the money used to procure those equipment. The president stole half of the money some other Nigerian officials took another slice again and finally only 20 percent of the money used to buy substandard equipment. That is why they cannot get Boko haram communication networks

          • Adebenson

            Oh please… cmn… make sense na!!!

          • FortB

            Investigator general. I clap for you. Telling lies shamelessly

  • Omo Owu

    That is a wellcomed move. Such is available in the western world, the judge only has to give permission before anybody`s phone is bugged.
    I hope the nigerian government uses it wisely.

  • sam

    But they cant use these to track down Boko Haram. Even with these BH flouricsed for 6 years under this government. Fraudulent government

  • Eze1

    It can be subjected to abuse in Nigeria. Pass the Bill first.

  • Adebenson

    they have this in the US and they use it to check cybercrime and terrorist activites.. It is a PLUS.. stop being unreasonable please

    • August January

      There is limit to its use in the US. People’s privacy is important in its use. That was why it caused so much uproar in the US when it was discovered last year or so that those in charge had gone beyond tracking of terrorists to intruding on people’s privacy. So, Obama had to order the reform of the process immediately, so that only people linked to or suspected of any link to terrorism are tracked. Going beyond that is considered illegal and a breach of intelligence gathering law in the US

      • Adebenson

        At least it is implemented… Ask for th e limit to the usse… not for its “not-use”

      • FortB

        Obama response is to quell public sentiments. I can assure that you that in overall interest of national security, nothing really changed in the operations of those eavesdropping operations

  • progress

    Thanks for letting us know now so that when Buhari takes over on 29th of may pdp and fayose will not blame Buhari for anti privacy acts.

  • ODOFIN, Lagos

    I am not bothered. it is over gej and pdp

    • john

      ure not nigerian thats y ure not bothered.

      • ODOFIN, Lagos

        I am a Nigerian. But my point is I have no control over what gej and his cohorts are planning or doing with respect to tapping or bugging my calls. what ever they want to do with my calls let them do it but one thing is sure they cannot intimidate me to succumb to their blackmail. Hence, I am not bother. it is over for gej and pdp.

  • amazing2012

    Under what legislation ? This is simply cyber-haram, breaching Nigeria privacy same way other dictators and born to rule acted when leading us. Jonathan is the worst president in record. The money that suppose to be use to improve quality of people which in turn will make people willingly submit themselves to him are waged in making them more enemy to him.

    • Nguru 63

      Read your terrorism prevention law

      • amazing2012

        Do you mean “opposition prevention law “?

  • Dr. Kay

    Yes it is a laudable effort to keep track of terrorists plots and prevent any attack on the country . The problem however is that firstly it has no legal backing ,so it is therefore open to abuse and misuse. It hasn’t been proven to be UN effective , as Shekau and company can open Twitter account which they twit on with unrestrained relish blindsiding the useless equipment procured at astronomical amount , not to talk of their youtube postings that the useless equipment can’t zero in on and locate their hideout.
    To pinpoint the location , hideout or whereabouts of APC internet warriors however , will be easy for these useless intelligence unintelligent agents.

    • Spoken word

      Look at the fools we have in government. They just want to continue looting our funds. They should talk to the international intelligence community and see how unsuccessful phone tapping is in the modern technological age. People don’t talk on phones anymore, they use data.In the era of SMS messages,BBM,facebook, Twitter,Skype and FaceTime.Phone tapping is just a waste of time and resources.

      • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

        You need enlightenment

  • Abraham

    I don’t see what’s wrong. America, Britain and other developed countries cannot openly come out and kick against this idea because they do it too. China cannot because the country is into listening as well. With the insecurity in Nigeria, anyone who is not in support of this idea should be brought for questioning..

  • Abraham

    By the way if this was not part of the budget, then stop accusing him that he stole money..

  • Anene Mercy

    Why is premium times becoming too childish? Look at how u are undermining national security in the name of supporting Buhari. To bad

    • Ndubuisi

      I agree. Premium times has become so obsessed with bashing Jonathan, that it has no scruples undermining security.

      • comrade

        Anene nd Ndubuisi i strongly agree with u both on this matter

        • Guest

          Don’t waste your comment on myopic people, time wasters. To them attack the source, ignore the content of the message, these intolerant people option is muzzle freedom of speech.

  • Yusuf

    Abacha could not live for ever; one day it will only be ‘once upon a time…’

  • Anene Mercy

    With the level of security and effort of Mr Jonathan to tackle it, we must applaud this move to keep our country safe. Playing politics with national security is evil.

    • Joe

      Are we serious here? Since 2010, no trace of the Boko Haram sponors? No intelligence from the security to prevent all those terror activities? Kidnapping going on, I think people have really been playing politics with our security.

  • Joe

    Every technological invention is laudable. its use must be within the provision of the laws governing the land. However, the report here is sensitive. It nis questionable. I want to suppose that is and has remain a white elephant project. But if it is real, then the government must know more about Boko haram and kidnappings than we imagine. Politics and tribal sentiments apart, we must demand answers and explanations from government. We must understand that governance is not a favor to the citizens rather it is a duty they owe the people to be accountable. We have been have many embarrassing issues from this government which have never been addressed.

  • Ha

    With all this technology in place the Police, Dss and Presidency allowed terrorists to grow and gather momentum by the day. Jonathan is criminal. Do these terrorists have anything to rely on more than phone and internet communications? No wonder security agents were aware of several of the attacks before they occurred but refused to take any action and deliberately allowing it to happen. God will surely judge you, criminal, blood drinker. The only use the technology will be to you is just to listen to conversations from opposition party members, and nothing more. This is internet terrorism. You can never escape prosecution. It’s just a matter of weeks.

    • Joe

      You are right my bros

      • ALABAMA

        Abraham & joe, You both are senseless.

        • Joe

          At lease you should have shown some sense. Since 2010, no trace of the Boko Haram sponors? No intelligence from the
          security to prevent all those terror activities? Kidnapping going on, I
          think people have really been playing politics with our security.

    • Abraham

      Shut up Ha.. whatever JOnathan is doing, it is ongoing. He said with technology, he can reduce corruption, i am sure one of you called him bluff and talking trash here again..

  • Sane voice

    I’m not sure how this is a bad thing. Any smart government should have an effective surveillance system. Failing to prepare. is preparing to fail… or something along those lines.

  • Watchdog

    I hate sensational journalism. First of all “Jonathan didn’t procure N11 Billion just so he could tap your phones” like the headline wrongly suggests. The National Police did. What’s next? Beware. Jonathan spends N15 billion to buy army equipment just to bomb Premium times. Puhleeze!!!! Be a little more credible.

    • Joe


      • Watchdog.

        Yes. if we’re being practical, we’ll realize that since the supposed procurement designed to spy on people’s phones, the police have become really effective at cracking down on kidnappers. But by all means. Lets all go crazy and say the procured 11 billion was done just so Jonathan could spy on our messages. Tabloid journalism at its best.

        • Dan Arewa

          After all you are a DOG.

  • Joe

    There is nothing bad in that my friend. USA do the same thing!, Israel, Saudi, UAE etc do same. No big deal. The inventors of technology did not bring technologies to destroy the world, but some criminals like isis, boko haram & their sponsors, hate preaches are using technologies to destroy and kill.

    • kkk

      I get disturbed when you guys attempt to compare Nigeria with all these developed in terms of security information management.The way we are in this country,I doubt if our ethno religious sentiments would allow the handlers of these sophisticated equipment guarantee the security of collected secret.The recent expose by a military officer concerning an audio recording of election rigging discussion is a good reference point.Even the almighty US is yet to recover from the embarrasment Snowden wikileaks scandal caused it.We have to tread carefully.In today’s modern world, nothing is absolutely secret!

      • Joe

        Do not get disturbed kkk. In every society or community, there is always a judas-a betrayal. Snow den Edward betrayed USA big time and he is living in a country considered to be America’s no.1 adversary today. If Nigerian security

  • d don

    If u put chicken to rule Nigeria, chicken will govern Nigeria much more better that Gej, no way we continue like dis, u can go to hail stomach infrastructure ppl around him, all we yarn na changee!

    • senator

      hahahaha. i guess ure a chicken dats y ure actin like one.

  • Dan Arewa

    I doubt if the equipments are of any use to him. He would have known that Nigerians are crying because of his maladministration and make corrections. I doubt if these equipments are working at all.

    • comrade

      have u tried any ov the equipment?

      • FortB

        How will he. His mind is already corrupted with hate and bias

    • Uncle Charlie

      blind biased unpatriotic citizen. thats of course if you are Nigerian

  • Law Offices Europa

    Sue Goodluck Jonathan to court today!

    Nigerians need to begin to show minimum intelligence as human beings.
    President Goodluck Jonathan should be sued to court for this right now.
    I am told privacy law is not much settled in Nigeria but that is no excuse.
    It’s quite possible to fight Boko Haram’s terrorism without being intrusive.
    A president doing this also claims a right of access to peoples’ bedrooms.

    • adeade

      Hmmmm, this statement shows your level of intelligence oooo

  • the truth

    Another fake news aimed at tarnishing the image of nigeria.premium times is owned by sunrise group which has hazeem mohammed(son of lai mohammed) as chairman.I dont expect anything less from an apc paper. Just like the nation you guys are doing your apc work

  • FortB

    Nigerians!!! You will not fail to amuse one. In every nation on earth that is facing terrorists threat, electronic surveillance including mobile phones is a VERY important strategy if you must check the plans of these evil people while it is still being planned, rather than allow it happen and lament afterwards. Premium Times is making a very poor job of raising alarm where none is necessary. This is a national security issue for crying out loud. All sensible nations today monitor not just their own citizens but also eavesdrop on foriegn government. Refer to Sniden Wikileaks.

  • Seriously PT?

    Congratulations Premium times on a completely unimportant and unnecessary scoop. Next thing, you’ll reveal a new Exclusive “That Jonathan is named after a character from the Bible. “

  • dd

    I am in Europe, this is normal in all country. Nigeria is late on this. This is a plus to our security system. PM should stop display their ignorance.

    • Funso Ogunsanya

      Ho shut tha heck!!! Stop lying from your hiding in Europe. Phone hacking is a criminal offense anywhere in the World.

      • adeade

        Criminal offence? You must be snoring ….

      • Wake up dear friend. It’s the modern age. Get acquainted with the things that surround you

  • campol

    It is a welcome development. Why are you APC` afraid to be monitored?

    Are you BokoHaram?

    • kkk

      So the spying equipment is only target at the opposition.What then happen after the incumbency changes hands?Of coourse, the hunter will then become the hunted.Sometimes we get carried away by desperation to do regrettable things.

      • campol

        So to protect the lives of Nigerians is regretable to you?

        Rest in Peace dead man.. We dont deserve to have a stinky dead man like you in our midst.

        You rotten EVIL

        • kkk

          You and your entire family members are rotten evil.You are a misfit on this forum.Bastard!

          • campol

            You are dead.. Rest in Peace.. Smelly CORPSE!

          • kkk

            You, your mama and papa are rotten smelly corpses.Scoundrel!

          • campol

            You have NO REDEMPTION. Your Soul is DAMNED for ever..

            I bind you DEMON of the ancient world in Jesus Name. Amen.

          • kkk

            Your soul and those of your entire a family re eternally roasting in hell fire.Agent of Satan!

          • campol

            I bind you DEMON of the ancient world in Jesus Name Amen.

            Cher obokata ra ma hassaaa! Probokatara sa ra ma t yo!

            In JESUS name I pray AMEN..

          • kkk

            Satanic Pastor! You are cursed forever.

          • campol

            Lucifer.. Withdarw to hell where you belong..!
            I banish youn In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth..

            Your evill will go back to you in equal measure..

            Rakataso br ka t aya ra!

          • kkk

            Mad pastor! You and your household will forever roast in hell fire which has become your resting place. Satan!

          • campol

            Thou art the Luciferous Cancer released upon the World to torment humans.

            But you have come to the end of your journey you ASMODEUS..

            May the power of GOD chain you back to Egypt in the name of Jesus. Amen..

            Haka sa ly m atra bo kopor o sa k y a ta!

          • kkk

            Your soul is lost in hellfire forever as you have no redemption any more. Your suffering is for eternity.

          • campol


          • kkk

            Your lost soul is lost forever.Agent of darkness.May all your evil wishes perish with your condemned soul till eternity.

          • campol

            I bind you in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
            Go back to the abiss where you belong.

            In mighty name of Jesus I pray. Amen…

            Cheroo bo ch ar am ka t ar a. ya

  • Vladimir O’Tega

    What is wrong with tapping of phones? Barrack even tapped Angela’s phones on February 14, and nothing happened. So, what is wrong if any other person’s phone is tapped? …as Hussein was looking for terrorist contacts in Angela’s phone and the database of Siemens, so also will Ebele be licensed to look hope to catch Shekau on a line discussing with Duncee in a Sambissa to Daura connection. No be small thing oh!

    One wud have expected Premium Times to be championing a quantum cut in the pay of our legislathieves at this last days of our federation going by the falling oil prices. But alas! Premium Times is more interested in campaigning for the opposition and digging deep to look for stories that wud demonise President Jonathan while trying so hard to beatify the vampire & threat mongering certificateless ex-Major general immigrant from Niger but claiming Daura..

    • Durinba barjonah

      Interesting I’m sure you are enjoying the adverts on AIT and NTA about GMB WHAT WILL YOU SAY about that?

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Only APC criminals who happen to be sponsors of Boko Haram and the likes of semi-literate, dirty-looking (IN)Justice Ayo Salami will have anything to fear. Even America and Britain now eavesdrop on their citizens for security reasons.

    • adeade

      I wonder ooooo… When we should be happy that ICT is going to help us in the country, these people are already politicizing this again. There is virtually nothing that cant be politicised in Nigeria.

  • Kadiku Lateef

    dis jona is getting worse by the day, na waoh oh!!!!

  • Gugurus Ekpa

    Premium Times, thanks for exposing another link in the long line of unconstitutional things accomplished by Jonathan.

  • Tahir

    Those agencies have no capacity to run the equipment just like the CCTV cameras, another contract for the boys.

  • Omotolaaraujo

    There’s a picture of Jonathan next to the word corruption in the dictionary.


    Premium Times deserves an award for this Wikileak Revelation. Come on guys, please join me in smashing your phones to protest this assault on our privacy by GEJ, no more using of phones for me, I’m back to letter writing, didn’t we used to have NIPOST?

  • banadi

    So you think you have revealed something spectacular? He has permission to tap my phone. Only criminals need fear. What am i discussing that will make this bit of information valuable to me? All Government the world over have this capacity oe did you not hear that the Americans were taping into the phone of the German leader? Na to day? Abi you no dey watch film?

  • Tunde philips

    They should carry on with it , if its another way of check mating the security of our country, what are you hiding by the way

    • Rico

      Obama did it and apologised for its indiscriminate use, how are we going to stop our government using it indiscriminately for their selfish gains?

  • foreign countries have been doing this, and because you hear about ours now, eye brows are raised.

  • If it will help tackle most things, then they should continue the tapping, if you are innocent you wont be afraid, after all its normal conversations we have isn’t it, those aren’t new under the sun.

  • chinwe davis

    so what if phones are tapped, outside countries are doing it, what do we have technology for if we cant use it effectively. keep it Goodluck

  • Nelson David

    Only those who have plan to destroy this country will be afraid of this.

  • Ndubuisi Chinedu

    Let’s see how those Boko Haram will communicate in Nigeria again, this will make it easier to trace those insurgency and catch them.

  • Divine West

    This is a welcome development in Nigeria, fighting crime with technology. I have nothing to fear because my plan for Nigeria is good.

  • Nwaobilor

    And what has this got to do with Jonathan and him winning the election?. Mtchwww!

  • Enumah

    Intelligence can help secure our country and our freedoms. America can testify to this.

  • nwaeke

    In the Civil War, Union balloon reconnaissance tracked the size of Confederate armies by counting the number of campfires. In World War II, code-breakers gave U.S insights into Japanese war plans, and when Patton marched across Europe, intercepted communications helped save the lives of his troops. So we are on the right path.

  • Kufere

    There is no country that is immune to surveillance.

  • Emeka215

    It is hard to overstate the transformation Nigeria’s intelligence community had to go through since the activities BH sect. Our agencies suddenly have to do far more than the traditional mission of monitoring hostile powers and gathering information for policymakers. Instead, we can now identify and target plotters in some of the most remote parts of the country, and to anticipate the actions of networks that, by their very nature, cannot be easily penetrated with spies or informants.

  • ahmed

    If this is ever possible then there must be a back end authentication or authorization by the network providers, and that would only be for security purposes…GEJ is the best!

  • uko bassey

    GEJ is bringing revolutionary and high tech surveillance systems to Nigeria. Security remains paramount!

  • geraldine jaja

    If this is GEJ’s decision truthfully then its for the Good of the people!

  • kemi

    there is nothing wrong in this na

  • nafisat

    No cause for alarm, its for the good of Nigerians.

  • ubong ekanem

    this is all for the good of nigerians

  • Critical

    It is unfortunate that the Nigerian government invest such an amount of money on this type of project yet kidnapping, armed robbery and terrorist bombing continue to flourish. So why then are the intelligent agencies unable to listen into conversation track and stop the would be bombers, kidnappers and armed robbers. Or is the project about listening in on the opposition alone to find out who is supporting GEJ and who is not. I am not against such project as it is laudable, but it is ineffective as those vices have been on a steady increase since 2010.

  • uzo

    GEJ you are going the right thing if this is true

  • MushinSpeaks

    Just for 2015? CHANGE we want.

  • ade

    Misplaced priority.

  • Dr.Dan

    If you are not a criminal or a terrorist you shouldn’t bother if the police or SSS is listening to you phone call. How do you think terrorist plots are intercepted in Europe and America? its with this same equipment. PT should stop this kind of lazy journalism always trying to twist information. The job of the Secret service anywhere in the world is spying, hacking and investigation for national security

    • Rico

      Did you know anything about the word ‘privacy ‘ and ‘Abuse of power’? Don’t be an ignorant Dr!

      • real

        Go and learn that after 2001 twin tower attack, American were told to sacrifice privacy for security and that’s what happened everywhere thereafter. it was same technology that traced Bin laden hideout and deleted him.

    • real

      Abi o. It’s only someone of evil pursuit that has something to hide. no one pursues you if you’re doing right.

  • mela bee

    In other more serious countries, your publication would have been shut down dor good. You are taking this freedom of information and speech too far and for granted. Have you not heard of homeland security in other countries. Bulls hit.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    The writer of this article is just clueless. I’m sure the writer has an email account, Facebook account, Twitter account, etc. Does he think all the information he passes via these media are sacrosanct and cannot be monitored by anyone? Hmmm, what a clueless person! Nigeria has come a stage where phone lines must have to be monitored at random for the safety of this nation. For example, the successes recorded by the Boko Haram would not have been possible without telephone information; for as we know some Fifth Columnists inform the Boko Haram about movements and decisions of the Nigerian military.

    Again, my emails, your emails that you and I send round the world are being monitored. If you know you are not a saboteur, a Boko Haram informer, a kidnapper, a 419 person, an armed robber, a ritualist, etc, then you’ve nothing to fear or worry about in the phone tapping matter. Nobody cares what you discuss with your friends and others and surely those conversations are quickly turned off from the monitor. The monitors know their targets who happen to be those in the listing above.

    • Hearts007

      Welcome to the new world, the world where freedom only exist in relative terms. Many of us bask in ignorance thinking that most things we do online are for our eyes and ears only, but unfortunately, some agencies or hackers somewhere are snooping on our online activities.
      The idea of random snooping on emails, phone calls and other related activities on or offline in a volatile and unpredictable society like Nigeria is not a bad one if it is aimed at national security but I have fears that this operation will be abuse on the long run. We don’t have potent privacy laws in Nigeria neither do we have regulatory bodies to manage this operation from being abused.
      I hope this operations isn’t politically motivated? Time will tell.

  • Santana

    Can he tap my mouth from praying to God. If he has done well, there will be no need for this. It’s because he’s clueless and someone is using his foolishness to get fat. I don’t blame his spies they’re only taking their own share of our money.

  • samson john

    APC fabricating lies against Mr president,dy shud go and relax there mind cos dy are a looser,GEJ will win

  • Adebisi

    Premium times should stop taking us back to stone age, why didn’t they report it since? This is computer age, it would have been cool if we have such technology which can help us fight corruption and terrorism.

  • obiz2014


  • obiz2014

    This is too childish. Whether they like it or not Jonathan must win