We’ll catch Shekau before elections — Jonathan

Former president Goodluck Jonathan campaigning. Pic used to illustrate the story.

President Goodluck Jonathan has said that he believes the leader of the insurgent group, Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, responsible for thousands of deaths, will be apprehended by government forces before Nigeria’s elections starting March 28.

Mr. Jonathan disclosed this in an interview with Thisday newspaper on Friday.

​”God willing we will catch Shekau before the elections,” Mr. Jonathan said in response to a question on what his government is doing about Mr. Shekau’s threat to disrupt the elections.

Mr. Shekau, whose group has killed over 15,000 Nigerians, has remained elusive since the sect launched its series of deadly attacks in 2009.

In September 2014, claims by the Nigerian military that Mr. Shekau had been killed during a shoot-out turned out to be a hoax.

Efforts by the Nigerian government to improve the capacity of the army through arms procurement have been repeatedly frustrated by foreign authorities as claims of human rights abuses loom over the military.

But government forces have made significant gains in the war against Boko Haram in the last two weeks, reclaiming some areas seized by the militants.

Mr. Jonathan admitted that the strength of Nigeria’s military was not commensurate with its position as Africa’s largest economy, adding that his government is determined to look inwards for arms procurement.

“Concerning the military strength being not at par to that of Nigeria’s economic development, there are some countries that don’t have powerful military,” Mr. Jonathan said.

“I don’t think Switzerland has a very powerful military. There are some countries that were even doing away with their military until this issue of terror, and now some of them are reconsidering.

“What happened in Nigeria is that after the civil war we had no reasons to buy sophisticated weapons. Since after the civil war, all what we have been doing is peace keeping, apart from stabilising Liberia and Sierra Leone, where our soldiers really fought war to stabilise those countries.

“Back home, we were at peace with our neighbours. It is now that we are witnessing Boko Haram that we see that fighting them is not what we do with AK 47, and now we have to look for money. I totally agree with you, if Brazil can manufacture commercial helicopter, what stops us from going into manufacturing.”

The president further said that if re-elected, his administration would focus on local technologies for arms production.

“Recently, we wanted to buy tear-gas from a country and they were bragging and saying that Nigeria has human rights abuse issues. I kept wondering what is tear-gas? I vowed that God willing if I return, Nigeria must produce tear-gas,” he said.

“What is the technology of producing tear-gas for God’s sake? What is the technology of producing APCs and armoured tanks? I agree with you that in terms of manufacturing, we must and we have no choice than to get into it as a nation. That is why we are emphasising about local content in production; that you can witness in the automobile industry which has come back.”

Mr. Jonathan also said that more companies would be issued licenses to produce arms, to complement the Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria, DICON.

“Just last week a company that bought over the machine tools in Osogbo came to show the bullet proof vest that they produced and I asked them, can’t you produce weapons and they claimed that they can manufacture weapons if they could be patronised and there is a guarantor,” said the president.

“Yes we have our own DICON, but DICON alone cannot produce all our weaponry. We must have more than two, three companies in a big country like Nigeria.

“I told the company that immediately after the elections, if I’ll be here for the next four years, before they start going for weapons, all the tear-gas that we’ll use in Nigeria, will have to be produced in Nigeria.”


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  • Wetin Naija

    This joke of a President is now waking up or what? Stop making noise Mr. Jonathan because Chad, Niger, Cameroon and South Africa are fighting the battle against Boko Haram

  • Strong System

    Corruption /stealing will stop us from achieving anything

    • Emeka

      This is why we need a break up asap!

      • sawston

        A break up will not stop corruption. The Hausa man, the Yoruba man and the Igbo man are always united when they want to do corruption and share loot.

  • st


  • progress

    I thought you and your security thief’s claimed that shekau is dead twice? Which shekau is this again?

    • Bigzy

      Are you new to the Shekau saga? Do you not know that as soon as one is killed a replacement is quickly installed to keep the Jihadist army motivated?

      • Dan Arewa

        So is that how jonathan kept doing it? I was wondering why Jonathan was fighting the people he said were ghosts. Now I understand. Thank you for the info.

        • Bigzy

          What a tw@at! You know fully well that the Jihadists have turned Shekau to a title. If you think that the President is a fundamentalist Jihadist, you need your medication fast.

  • blueeyedkitten

    if you like catch shekau father, we’ll be happy; but you’d still be booted out. wawa kawai. na now you wan fight boko haram.

    • oyi

      So, you know that he is not the one to fight boko haram himself, why then do you blame him for everything?

      • blueeyedkitten

        i didn’t blame him for everything. what then are talking about?

  • Bigzy

    This sort of promise might push people like Buhari and his cohorts to hide the mad Mullah, just to make the President look bad. As long as the threat that these killers pose is neutralized, we don’t mind when the security services catch up with Shekau.

  • Gbofia Lunar

    President Verbal Diarrhea (PhD), here we go again… Ever considered medication to treat or reduce the symptoms of your Verbal Diarrhea ailment as it seem to have become acute lately.

    • Bigzy

      May be when you have passed your WAEC, you would be better placed to apreciate the pinnacle of academia. Until then, your own true medication is learning.

      • Gbofia Lunar

        Bravo, Chairperson academia …! Quite pleased you responded, it only confirms my comment must have rang true…

        • Bigzy

          I have neither claimed superior intellect nor disparaged those who have achieved magnifiscently. My response was a reaction to your unwarranted insult. It is not about me.

  • Ernesto Che Guevara

    GEJ catch Shekau any time you like! Just get out!!! We are sick of you and your diarrhea mouth.

  • Ha

    Mr President, God willing you will share the same prison room with Shekau. It is only when they said they would disrupt the election you want to rig that you deem it fit to deal with them. It is only as Nigerians turned their back on you and you foresaw your imminent loss in the elections that you finally decide to temporarily stop them and later withdraw soldiers after you win as you illusionally think. Catch him or not catch him you are going and will give account on the over 13,000 lives on your neck.

    • Dan Arewa

      Rightly said. Thank you.

  • Wissy

    I see all this as strategy of winning the next election, imagine! after many lies, now you want catch him live. where have you kept him?

  • Guguru

    First, Shekau was a ghost to Jonathan,

    Second, Jonathan and the military decided that Shekau had been killed two or three times

    Third, Jonathan and the military decided to ceasefire with a ghost.

    Fourth, Jonathan now wants a ghost to be captured.

    Now, if this does not sound like an episode of madness on the part of the criminal Jonathan administration, then i wonder what is. How anyone can capture a ghost and a person who has been killed two or three times over, is unbelievable.

    So, who is Jonathan and the military capturing alive—the ghost Shekau or the dead Shekau? And, they are chosing to engage in this act of deception after over 12,000 Nigerians have been killed by the ghostly and ethereal Shekau? Jonathan and his minions are nothing but jokers.

    • Dan Arewa

      The Ph.D. (Port Harcourt Diploma) holder does not think people have been following as things unfold. I can’t imagine how drunkards make their thinking though.

      • Guguru

        They do not believe we have brains in our heads. They think we have mash-mellows in our skulls.

  • Dan Arewa

    Catch him or not, we will not vote for you. Catching him will not undo all the atrocities he committed most of which you appeared to he happy about, otherwise, you would not have dance to mock the victims of Boko Haram bombings across the north, in a very northern state.

    Jonah the cut was too deep that we will never forgive or forget. Northerners will never forget how you watch and deactivate Nigerian army while shekau was slaughtering our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, siblings and destroying our villages. We all know that you share the highest responsibility of all these because you never wanted to prevent or stop the killings.

    Sherif, the Boko Haram creator and sponsor is sleeping under your bed currently. He is enjoying protection that even a sitting governor does not have. You give him a protection that the whole Borno State was not given by you Mr. President.

    We all know how Ihejirika helped Boko Haram carry out their massacres and you are the one who put him in that place. Ever since he was pinpointed, you never do or say anything to him. That is because he did a very good job for you Mr. President. How do you expect even a 10yr old northerner to believe you. Only if we (northerners) think in a drunk way as you and your Asari’s do, we will take you seriously. If I could remember, it was during Ihejirika when BH have all the time and space they need to unleash terror on our towns and villages. I wonder (then) how can BH, in a convoy of more than 30 vehicles travel across 40-50 kilometers, spend three to four hours killing people, drove back to Sambisa Forest, undetected, un-intercepted and un-traced. All all these were happening states where there were state of emergency. One keep wondering how could this happen.

    Mr. President, is it now that you realise northerners really understand that you are the biggest Shekau that you start to take action? Is it now you understand that the threats from your hunting dog (Dakubo Asari) of terror and war will not work on the northerners? That will not do. It will NEVER do. The damage has already been done and we already know who the REAL Boko Haram is. IT IS YOU MR. PRESIDENT and we will get rid of you comes March 28.

    • Ifyboy

      you are only entitled to a VOTE.

      • Dan Arewa

        And a freedom to say my opinion.

  • gotel

    The story below reached us this morning (23/02/2015). It came from one of our reliable sources in Nigeria. It is one of the most disturbing stories that we have yet received. Read it and make your own judgement!
    “I have it on a strong ground that there is a plan to capture a Shekau before the week to elections. And the captured Shekau who is currently undergoing training on what to say and do will mention Buhari as one of their core sponsors. The target according to the source is to discourage Southern voters and the Northern Christians (from liking Buhari). The confession is alleged to be so perfectly planned that Buhari may even be arrested and even those who love him may think twice (about his sincerity). The sum of 4.5 billion Naira is purportedly budgeted. The purpose of this budget I am told is for bribing some Northern clerics so when the time comes, they will pacify their followers (to reject Buhari as he is BoKo Haram sponsor). There will purportedly be audio of phone calls (between Buhari and the Boko Haram leaders). Buhari will not be able to sue the government since it will be an arranged confession of a captured terrorist. Now, I am not saying this (leak) is true. But knowing how desperate these PDP people are, they can do just anything to get Buhari out of the way. Honestly, I am deeply, deeply, deeply, worried. In fact, I am troubled. Kindly share this and let the world know about this evil machination of the PDP before it is too late. Kindly do it. The person who gave me this information is an Intelligence officer with the Army. He looks worried too.”
    May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.

    • Dan Arewa

      It will never be late. God is the One who is sinking PDP ship because He saw what they have been doing to his people. Nothing will stop the CHANGE, insha’ Allah.

  • _Proudly Niger Delta

    “Recently, we wanted to buy tear-gas from a country and they were bragging …What is the technology of producing tear-gas for God’s sake? What is the technology of producing APCs and armoured tanks? I agree with you that in terms of manufacturing, we must and we have no choice than to get into it as a nation..” — Great Jona

    One thing is sure, Bros Jona reads the comment section of some useless online media houses. I know so because I have been lambasting Nigeria for its dependence on foreign countries for simple weapons like guns and bullets. Now that Jona is in the spirit, we must encourage him and keep the fire of industrialization on…..This will create jobs for many and open up a research center where innovative minds & scholars can brain storm to produce arms that will match anyone produced elsewhere on earth. Yes we can. Biafran Engineers did it. Yes we can. The Niger Delta Engineers have pioneered what we call ELECTRIC refinery, …a first of its kind in the world, it is astonishingly cheap and it is environmentally friendly too. So the days of the environmental terrorists – Shell & Chevron, are numbered.

    Great Jona should without delay, set up some fund for research & manufacturing to encourage the indigenous Niger Deltan petroleum Engineers whose research into, and production of refineries have reached advanced stage. The FG must now instruct the overzealous zombiesh JTF to stop destroying local refineries which are a product of painstaking research and investment.
    This is good news. Why should Nigeria with 221m people, begin to import ordinary smoke? Bcos they call it tear gas? Nonsense!

    God bless our sharp thinking President . God bless the Niger Delta.

    • Guest

      Tribalist listen up, I can write for myself and declare I don’t hate Jonathan, but the man is clueless as a President and dumb as a rock. Former Governor Duke would have perform better as a Nigeria President not a Niger Deltan President.

      • Host

        Exploit the option to break away & get your own president.

    • emmanuel

      On point.


    Jonathan is SATANIC. Every time opens his mouth, worms of lies come out.

    • Guguru


  • Bidemi Lukman

    So, you now agree your Army funbled twice claiming they killed Shekau

  • Guguru

    This man is simply a joke. So, it took a country rebuffing your needs before you realize that Nigeria has to produce certain items in order to ensure its independence and sovereignty? And is it with 4000 MW of electricity that you will produce the tear gas you speak of?

    Even more annoying with his lies is that not once has he made any public effort to go after those sponsoring Boko Haram with serious cash in Nigeria. All he keeps saying and pointing to is how he can buy weapons to fight the ghost called Shekau .What about attacking the source of funding of Boko Haram?

    And did Jonathan not make the following statement about Shekau? “But to us in this country and to me in particular, the Boko Haram members are Nigerians and I don’t want to lose the life of one Nigerian.”

    So, is Jonathan really interested in capturing the real life Shekau or is he asking us to trust him to capture the Shekau he has killed two or three times over or the Shekau that is a ghost?

  • Olutola

    I have stopped listening to this man long time ago. Evil minded playing tricks at every turn.

    • sawston

      It is always “we will” do this or do that. Everything is always a promise in the future. Why wait till 20,000 Nigerians have been killed by Boko Harm and election is close that “we will” now catch Shekau. Has he been a spirit before now?

    • DazzlingSmile

      He doesn’t think before he speak, very soon the ediot okupe will come out to deny he never said that

  • Rommel

    Is it now that his job is hanging on the balance that he has remembered all these things,when they were busy with oil subsidy scams,he did not know that,when they were financing Boko haram for tenure extension,he did not know that,now that Nigerians are to decide if he should continue,he suddenly remembers that Nigeria can manufacture APCs when re elected,who is he talking to?

  • Philomena

    In the past 53 yrs, not even one leader could be this scientific in addressing Nigeria’s issues. As a confirmed former student of research, the President is now displaying his disposition to scientific approach to governance. This is what Nigeria needs now more than anything else and not a Duncee whose perception of solution to terrorism begins and ends with frivolous accusations and criticism of the Govt of the day. Ride on Jonathan. Nigerians are with you.

    • Guguru

      Wow, you don’t know the difference between science and magic, right? The President said Shekau is a ghost and his military said Shekau was dead. So, what is scientific about claiming he will capture a ghost or a dead man alive? Do you mind narrating your scientific position on this, to us?

  • Eagle

    I can see that you are just waking up from your sleeping slumber

  • Zainab Ibrahim

    I am very confident of this. The end of Skekau and his group has come. GEJ has proved to Nigerians that he is Capable in Handling the Nations Security. Vote wisely. #GEJ4Naija

    • Guguru

      Which Shekau are you talking about—-ghost Shekau or dead Shekau? You sound as crazy as your pay master.

      • Gbofia Lunar

        Maybe Shekau the living dead…

        • Guguru

          So, Jonathan intends to show us a zombie? LOL.

          • Gbofia Lunar

            Yes oh,, courtesy his Nollywood pals working closely with corruption fighting new technology. I don’t put anything pass this guy sha bcos just when you think you’ve seen the best of Jona he goes and beat his own feat…

          • Guguru


    • abc

      Shegiya karuwa.

      • Zainab Ibrahim

        I dont exchange words with Illiterates like you. So go and sit.

        • tundemash

          Creek rats using muslims name and pic of recent . As fraudulent as Dumbo Jo !

        • abc

          How will you exchange words with me, when am a potential customer that may need your service some time, isnt it. I know how desperate you will be to sell out your product at this time when the economy is in shambles. Kasuwan karuwanci yakare, sai anemi ko wanke wanke

          • PROF

            You are an uncivilized monkey

    • Maitama Tambari.

      Zainab Ibrahim, if it is your name, don’t be deceived by failed Politicians. When Boko Haram emerged in Maiduguri, Borno State after the failure of the Police to bring order, late President Yar Adua directed the Military to flush and secure Maiduguri. He then flew to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment. It took the Nigerian Army a day or two to bring order and captured the Leadership, Yusuf, took him to Government House and then handed him to the Police who executed him. President Jonathan became Acting President. Boko Haram now named itself Boko Haram and started attacking Secondary schools in Maiduguri Areas and spread to Yobe State. GEJ won the election in 2011 as President, Boko Haram started attacking Military formation. With confidence started attacking Local Government Areas and snatching them in Borno and Yobe States, 2013 to 2014, Boko Haram expanded into Adamawa State when Governor Nyako join the PDP Governors against Jonathan’s intention to participate in this election. Boko Haram moved from captured Gwoza Area to Chibok Madagali Mubi Minchika in Adamawa State. You think any rational minded Nigeria will think the capturing of second or third Shekau will determine an achievement for President Jonathan? Through out his six years reign, Boko Haram grew by the day, hour and minutes, it is now because of election, fighting Boko Haram is paramount to his Administration. General Muhammed Buhari fought a similar insurgency in 1984 in the same Maiduguri after they were flush out of Fagge by the Administration of President Shehu Shagari in Kano, they gathered in Maiduguri. GMB was the Head of State and within three days they were no more because before their attack on Wednesday, I passed their area on my way to Minna by road. By the time we arrived at Postikum, news came of their attack. While in Minna, now Niger State, news came in that Mobile Police and Army had moved in and flushed them out of the town. By Sunday we passed the same road at night returning from Minna. In fact the fuel of our vehicle, Audi 100 finished right at the heart of their Area by the railway crossing line. It took GMB few days to flush them out of Maiduguri but for GEJ whose work had been done for him by President Yar Adua, it is taking him years to start making effort to flush them after the horrific destruction of lives and properties. Zainab, where are the Chibok Girls? Is this person you want to support? CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

      • Gaskiya

        Propaganda theories!!! Boko Haram is a creation of the North to destabilize the Govt. After succeeding in many battles, the war is coming to an end in favour of the Govt. Naturally, bh sympathizers are spewing all kinds of propaganda and calling the President names.
        Sorry ooohh!!! It your propaganda and name calling will amount to anything at all, it will be the curse you are invoking upon yourselves for raising false charges against God’s constituted authority.
        The arm forces are now better trained and equipped to tame your foot soldiers (bh). Propaganda and name calling will not change anything.
        God bless Nigeria, God bless Mr President and God bless our gallant soldiers!!!

  • ogechi

    I thought u said u v killed Shekau?…is it the ghost u r striving to catch or u r just acting the Drunken Master!!

    Everybody v heard ur allusion to have performed wonderfully in all sectors of the economy but,just conduct election&let us vote for ur perfomance

    • Guguru


    • burning spear

      that statement came from your—-uncle whom the fulanis said——————–supplied army to boko haram ihejirika

  • Guguru

    Nigerians should have only one goal in mind in March: Drive out the blight called from Jonathan from office. This man has stained our minds, our nation and our love for Nigeria with every conceivable deceitful action you can imagine. He pampers and sponsors Shekau. If not, how can any one ever make such a preposterous claim of catching Shekau before the elections when they could not catch Shekau for the last 4 years?

    Anyone taking Jonathan’s current comments seriously should have their heads checked for completeness and correctness.

    • dd

      My only one goal is to make sure Buhari never enter Aso Rock

      • Guguru

        Any corrupt person is either shaking in their pants or seeking medical help whenever Buhari’s name is mentioned. This is also why my following comments refers to you: “Anyone taking Jonathan’s current comments seriously should have their heads checked for completeness and correctness.”

        • dd

          I don’t want your brothers’ and sisters’ lips to be cut off or their have chop off when Sharia is finally implemented. There is no vacancy in Aso Rock. Someone is still there till 2019

          • Guguru

            Be quiet.

        • burning spear

          who did buhari send to prison–in the fulani north–name the people he jailed 300 yrs–for us to see————point to the fulani governors————————-that were sent to kirikiri–like your uncle alex ekweme

    • burning spear

      whee is buhari————————–in Imo state state abi

      • Tunsj

        Burning spear, you only have ONE VOTE.

  • DazzlingSmile

    Confused mor0n, why do you have to wait till the last minute before crushing boko haram, a president by mistake

    • Bigzy

      Dazzling smile on a half cooked pupkin like this? Please … make you go rest jare.

    • burning spear

      why did buhari wait until INEC introduced measures to curb fraud——–in 2015——b4 he————-presented——-his oluwole cert to us————via tinubu—————-?—————every day for the thief one day for the owner

      • DazzlingSmile

        Go to court

        • Musa

          No court. Instant Sharia justice pls

      • Guest


      • larry


    • larry

      We will find the animal called shekau and use him for SUYA

  • Guguru

    Watch and see, when Jonathan is close to capturing Shekau the ghost with handcuffs, they will tell you that Shekau turned into a tortoise or sheep and ran into the bush. Jonah will then go to church to seek divine guidance on how the ghost he caught turned into an animal and escaped into the bush. Jonathan loves telling Nigerians “Tales By Moonlight”. LOL.

    • Fatima Hadejia

      No, Bros what I seriously think about is that all along PDPigs know the whereabouts of Shekau as they might have after all been working in cohorts and now they wanna ditch their partner in crime to score cheap political points ahead of the polls in March. Shekau may well have been in their hands but they choose to wait till the appropriate time to announce that they have captured him ala Obama re-election and Osama killing! Otherwise the way the topic of Shekau’s capture alive is coming in trickles from GEJ and the military appears pre-planned. Bros, just take it from me, in a few weeks or days to the poll the FG will display someone they have all along been using for satanic objectives! MARK MY WORDS FOR THERE IS NO SMOKE….AND, JUST PUT TWO AND TWO TOGETHER AND SEE WHAT THE RESULT WILL BE!

      • Guguru

        I believe you completely. Thank you.

        • bib

          I hope no other gimmicks to score cheap political gains are not in their magical pockets? After ‘capturing’ him they could make him say things to discredit their opponents.

    • burning spear

      blame the unpatriotic Nigerians who think they own the country more than Jonathan–rogues like danjuma———–Issa-Kaita——————Junaid—————tinubu——————————who started sealing my oil wells since 1960 till date–and have refused to allow us restructure the country—————–cause of the awooooooooof—————-crude——————–Chisco sadi 18 of his buses were burnt—————————-because he had the picture of jonathan on it–that is an Ibo man for u———————————

  • Guguru

    Jonathan, we love your brand of voodoo. Only voodoo can allow you catch a man who is a ghost and who has already been killed over two times. Please, tell us where you learned your brand of voodoo. I envy your voodoo skills.

    • warry

      We pray that whoever is posing as Shekau is caught .

      • Guguru

        You pray that Jonathan catch something, even if it is a cricket posed as Shekau, right?

    • Jonathan learnt all the voodoo from his egbesu cult membership under Tompolo, Asari, Boy Loaf, Clark.

      • Guguru

        Jonathan is a local man of mystery.

  • burning spear

    Most of the comments made by the president—with regards to the ongoing war–in the fulani north–often comes from the unstable Fulani NSA–LIKE DASUKI—————–jONATHAN DOES NOT GO TO THE WAR–FRONT TO SEARCH FOR THE ENEMY—————The Yankees are still in Iraq–searching for the head of the man who has been beheading Americans as if they are goats——————The USA has been in Iraq FOR ALMOST 10 YEARS—————spent trillions-to bring peace to that country and Afghanistan—-France just had a taste——of the jihadist—————–who slaughtered over 17 of her best brains——————theirs is not called voodoo————army———-our is——-Buhari is with Tony Blair—-animal—

    • tundemash

      You just confirming what OBJ said … Dumbo isn’t in charge !

  • burning spear

    Prakken d’Oliveira, a human rights law firm based in Amsterdam, said it has filed a criminal complaint against the All Progressives Congress, APC presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari, at the International Criminal Court, ICC, on account of the 2011 electoral violence in Nigeria.

    humanThe complaint is dated February 5, 2015.

    According to an online publication, Per Second News, the subject of the complaint is, “Article 15 Communication to the ICC Office of the Prosecutor Regarding 2011 Post-Election Violence in Nigeria”.

    Prakken d’ Oliveira, led by Prof. Sluiter, Lawyer and Partner, is acting on behalf of the Nigerian Northern Coalition for Democracy and Justice and two individual victims.

    He is supported by a team of renowned Human Rights Lawyers: Maro Wungaarded, Michael Pestman, Flip Schuller, Prof Liesbeth Zegveld, Marieke Van Eik, Prof Britta Bohler, Corrien Ullersma, Wil Eikelboom, Dr Channa Samkalden, Tamara Buruma, Edward Van Kempen, Brechtje Vossenberg, Tomasz Kodrzycki, and Dr. Hana Van OOijen while the advisors include: Prof. Hans Ulrich Jessurun D’ Oliveira and Prof Ties Prakken.

  • burning spear

    Buhari is Still admitted in Hospital in London…. Admitted at Cavendish Street, Cavendish Square, W2 London West End, London and Moved to an unknown Hospital yesterday.

    It is wicked of these Politicians to drag a sick man to political Interactive Meetings. Although he failed to appear in the last two official engagements, they should allow him to recuperate.

    • Tunsj

      Doctor Burning Spear, keep on deceiving yourself.


  • Jaspa Matanga

    Please let Jonathan stop boasting and giving datelines. His detractors will hold him to it and thereby disparage him. Just do the work and let all see.

  • felix


    • clemusa

      Mr president want to catch bird..Clueless president.

    • Tunji Olarewaju

      The man has a Phd o.Diaris Godu ooooo!

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    We need tear gas for Buhari and his violent supporters after he loses the presidential poll on March 28.

  • tundemash

    ​”God willing we will catch Shekau before the elections,” Mr. Jonathan said in response to a question on what his government is doing about Mr. Shekau’s threat to disrupt the elections.

    So you stoodby for 6 years and watch Shekau killed 15,ooo Nigerians and now you are boasting to kill him 6 weeks, just to get election votes, what you could have done 6 years ago, Mr. Jonathan, you are indeed a psycopath and shoudl be arraigned before the International Criminal Court post-may 29th

    • APC is Doomed

      When Albert Einstein was asked what will he do to save the world in one minute he said he will use 55 minutes to plan what to do and use 5 minutes to execute it. Education doesn’t end once you graduate. Read more and add to your knowledge and I bet you won’t come here to spew this piffle

      • tundemash

        Does Einsten understand the language of yam and goats of your Jona dimwit ?

        • APC is Doomed

          I am surprised that you called Mr President a silly person? The answer is no. The issue is that since Buhari is a secondary school dropout those he leads will as well reason like secondary school dropouts.

          • tundemash

            Yeah right !
            John Kerry, American Secretary of State was in Nigeria to meet that secondary school dropout.
            Ecowas secretary was in Nigeria to me the secondary school dropout 3 days ago.
            Former British Prime Minister Tiny Blair has a meeting with that secondary school dropout 2 days ago.

            Mumu you can wallow in your stup1dity for all i care but who knows your father outside that creek village ?

          • APC is Doomed

            Hahahahaha. Look at your reasoning. John Kerry came to Nigeria because of Buhari? What sort of sense do you have. This principal recommendation letter is actually affecting so many people. I can see that the city you are living in are full of blind men.

          • tundemash

            No John Kerry came to see that your ogogoro-drinking father at the creek. You still haven’t told us who knows your father outside the creek .

          • APC is Doomed

            Nawaooo. 10 senior advocates to defend ordinary WAEC and now accussing FG of producing fake Shekau. Abeg where the original certificate and Shekau dey.
            Am happy my father is known within the Creek unfortunate your mother doesn’t know who your father is since you have decided to be personal other than discuss the issue.

          • tundemash

            I thought some charge-&-bail lawyer has gone to court so why preempt the court mor0n ?

            Guess what …… those 10 SANs are offering their services free of charge to that secondary school drop-out the whole world knows as against your nonentity father at the creek.

            And back to my origianl query that brought about your mental instability :

            Does Einsten understand the language of yam and goats of your Jona dimwit ?

          • APC is Doomed

            Clap for yourself

          • tundemash

            Go lick your wounds. Another of your looting masters just made a confession and u will partake too.

          • tundemash

            He’s worse than silly; he’s extremely stup1d.
            Or what kind of person tells you America would know if money is missing in Nigeria just because it is American dollar ?
            What kind of person would wonder why the world bank rates Nigeria as poor when there are many of his co-rogues buying private jets ?
            What kind of person tells you stealing isn’t corruption ?
            What kind of person tells u he’s going to stop corruption with some technology America/UK isn’t even using.
            My guess; you drink same ogogoro brand as that Otuoke Cl0wn !

          • APC is Doomed

            That’s is why I said you are complete dunce. With technology like epay you can stop millions of ghost workers, ghost pensioners, etc. A dunce and dimwit like you will not understand that. If you like call Mr President any he is still your president until May 29 2015. If he won again he continue if he fails a new winner will take overy. If you think am a pro Jonathan you are absolutely wrong.
            Those that came to the country and used the opportunity to see the opposition candidate did that because they ought to advise the candidates to eschew violence and knowing that Buhari is volatile they met him to lmplore him to accept the election outcome knowing fully well that he is a serial loser. We don’t want our youths to die in cold blood again because of one old grandpa.

    • Guest

      Hahaha, Clowns 🙂

    • obianuju #GMB15

      Good riddance to bad rubbish at the 11th hour what were doing all this while. Everything about my dear country has been politicized

  • Tunsj

    Tell that to the birds.

  • the truth

    Mr president I am not into taking sides in Nigerian politics,but majority of nigerians are in support of u.most of the people that criticize you are outside nigeria and have been brainwashed by propaganda

    • Comfortkay


  • Comfortkay

    Nigeria must have lost over 2 million people through acts of terror. Boko Haram insurgency has portrayed Nigeria to the world to be an unsafe destination for tourist, business people and investors . Now our President wants to catch Shekau alive because foreign Soldiers are fighting along side of our Army. Am sure that PDP and the Presidency will blame and have a reason and cook us a story why they cannot catch him alive. All this are election Propaganda.

  • jonathan

    Talk is cheap!

    • Ajao Abdul Hakeem

      Yes talk is cheap and sense is very rare. That’s why Jona has been talking carelessly and never for once makes sense.

  • Ogom

    and the girls?

  • deji

    Listen to the kindergarten President. This man is a dunce, playing politics with the lives of human beings.

  • dave

    Which of the Shekau,the original or the fake.We were told by this same government sometime ago that Shekau was killed.Jonathan stop all this deception,Nigerians are wiser

  • Ibrahim

    4.5 billion is voted to train a Shekau who will be arrested to implicate Buhari. truly JonaHaram is working hard to flush this country down the drain – we require devoted prayers to save the nation from the evil of JonaHaram badluck and his bandits of ThievesAmongNigerians

  • Abiodun Jejelola

    Aiye Yi Pelu Ekun Iyanu Re, Olorun Agbara Re Lo Dawon

  • Yusuf

    “God willing if I return, Nigeria must produce tear-gas,”, u need to buy enough before the election, and by-the-way with Mbu u do not need tear-gas, he has enough bullets to kill civilians

  • Titi

    Wipe out BH before election, arrest Shekau b4 election, Why is everything centered around election instead of the main aim of protecting people, I smell something fishy

    • Joe

      Does this Jonathan guy know what the rest of us don’t?

    • Toke St Franklin

      keep on rambling it shows your ignorance

      • Ajao Abdul Hakeem

        Don’t you have sense. Why should what he must do be on conditional ( if he is re elected). Why?

  • Abiodun Jejelola

    Righteousness preserves, upholds, beautifies, promotes, develops and secures a nation

  • hyperbole123


    • chidon


      • hyperbole123

        i have never heard or seen where a president will rail about tear gas manufacturing! does he want to start exporting tear gas? there is nothing wrong in buying tear gas and even weapons from others. if our military, who are suddenly now so efficient – to the extent they have promised to capture shekau like a baby – were not savages, the world will sell to them. jonathan is not talking of how we would eradicate poverty in the land, and make our people less dependent on superstition, he is talking of how we would become a weapons manufacturing country. if he is normal, the best thing he will do is get DICON to whorl. let the military do their business. this is totally unacceptable and scary, from a leader of a third world country. he is worse than Hitler

    • Toke St Franklin


    • FortB

      You don’t get it. He mentioned it to express annoyance and the absurdity that we were still importing things like teargas. He then assured that expanding the Nigerian defence industry will be an area of focus if re-elected. How is that a crime? Necessity is the mother of invention. All our past leaders including the incumbent did not pay attention to this sector. Now with the Boko Haram threat and some some of our partners making yanga for us, it is time we focus on local manufacture of most of our defense needs. Better late than never. I don’t see anything wrong in such policy thrust at this time.

      • hyperbole123

        let him express annoyance at our inability to feed ourselves. we need the same annoyance, first, by this man, and he hasn’t ever shown it, at our inability to clothe ourselves, educate our children, build houses in our villages that can withstand the vicissitudes of the weather. this man is a maniac. i understand his psychology. this is unacceptable

  • Dr. Mallam Mahdi

    You can produce teargas to disperse youth that will stone you. Can teargas fight BH?

    • taiwo

      you will stone your father terrorist

      • Ajao Abdul Hakeem

        How does his father come into this?

        • Tunji Olarewaju

          Taiwo is a bastard,you know?Why must he respect anybody’s paternity?

        • taiwo

          Who is his father compared to Mr president?

          • Ajao Abdul Hakeem

            OK, you can sacrifice your father for GEJ. No wonder. I rest my case.

          • taiwo

            as a bastard with no known father why wont you rest your case

  • wode

    It’s now obvious that GEJ and PDP are the one behind Boko Haram. GEJ needs to be tried for causing and aiding the death of thousands of innocent Nigerians only for selfish political reason. It’s most unfortunate that a man who supposed to be our leader and protect us, ended up causing more damage to nation.

  • Tahir

    May be during one of his regular consultative visits.

  • Wale

    Is he talking about the same Shekau his government claimed to have killed on several occasions;
    This dude is a fraud.

  • Dazmillion

    Jonathan stop promising what you cannot deliver, the generals are lying to you.. This is how you always get yourself in a tight fix.

  • Gaskiya

    Jonathan may the wrath of God meet you in your bedroom and may God and whole 170,000000 Nigerians curse you for conniving with Boko Haram to kill our people. You have killed Shekau 7 times and yet because you and PDP are criminals you are still telling Nigerians that you will catch Shekau again. Whatever you and PDP are planning against innocent Nigeria, may that even turn back and destroy you and PDP. Rascal president.

    • FortB

      Fortunate God is not your messenger and so will not answer your evil prayer. Unlike you He is a God of love. Better repent quickly before it is too late. False accusation is a SIN. I hope you are aware of that?

  • aa


  • Bukar Isa

    Prakken d’Oliveira, a human rights law firm based in Amsterdam, said it has filed a criminal complaint against the All Progressives Congress, APC presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari, at the International Criminal Court, ICC, on account of the 2011 electoral violence in Nigeria.#NO2BUHARI

    • Doyin Ebeleke

      Then who will be responsible for Boko Haram 2011 to date? Nothing will stop GEJ to appear before ICC wait and see.

    • hyperbole123

      the new strategy. using northern-sounding names to create Facebook accounts and other platforms like disqus, so as to sound like some northerners don’t like buhari and support dumbo joe. na lie it wont work. 99% routing for y’all mofos everywhere in the north

  • Bukar Isa

    Most of the comments made by the president—with regards to the ongoing war–in the fulani north–often comes from the unstable Fulani NSA–LIKE DASUKI—————–jONATHAN DOES NOT GO TO THE WAR–FRONT TO SEARCH FOR THE ENEMY—————The Yankees are still in Iraq–searching for the head of the man who has been beheading Americans as if they are goats——————The USA has been in Iraq FOR ALMOST 10 YEARS—————spent trillions-to bring peace to that country and Afghanistan—-France just had a taste——of the jihadist—————–who slaughtered over 17 of her best brains——————theirs is not called voodoo————army———-our is——-Buhari is with Tony Blair—-animal–#NO2BUHARI

  • The True Nigerian

    GEJ his is not the first we are hearing you talk from both side of your mouth…….however please make sure it is the real Sekau they bring before the world press.Don’t come and blame anyone this time like you always do o…..

  • favourtalk

    Why should we be surprised about any promises made by GEJ? He had made millions over the last 5years which he didn’t fulfill none. Our vote will do justice to this failed GEJ. Change is coming

  • Fatima Musa

    You remain the best choice in the land. The best we have to present to the world. You are our president and will be our president elect by next month to run another 4years. 4years of true manifestation of your good works, another 4years of proactive thinking, innovations and achievements #GEJ4Naija

    • Mark Nsikan

      proactive thinking?……am sure u dnt even no what that word means,if what jonathn is duin is a true manifestation of good works,den u need tu go bak tu one of d universities built by d clown!!!…goodluck tu u

      • Plumbline

        First Bornu Elders asked the President to remove the JTF when insurgency had picked momentum. They said then that they knew the boys and how to handle them. Lawan Kaita said the North is prepared to make the country ungovernable for President Jonathan because any other President in 2011 other than a Northerner was tantamount to stealing their Presidency. Much later when FG wanted to proscribe BH, APC said it was unconstitutional. Northern elders like Buhari actually said an attack on BH is an attack on the North. A good number of Northern Elders had called the action of our military a genocide of the Hausa/Fulani.

        If you don’t know that there was, and still is, a conspiracy in this BH thing, even of international dimensions, sorry to say Mark Nsikan, then you really do not know much about the happenings in Nigeria. All the nearly 50 years of corruption and bad governance dumped on Jonathan and we all want him to perform magic. Just look closely, you are fighting the wars of those who taught and entrenched corruption but because they are not the beneficiaries today, they are all fangs out and daggers drawn at Jonathan. GEJ is the man to vote right now. Ask your elders at the Confab who witnessed the progressive decay and were opportuned by God to right their wrongs in their lifetime. Shine your eyes sir. God bless our beloved Nigeria.

        • Mark Nsikan

          1.funny,i didnt no that we voted for d borno elders,since jonathan swore tu protect nigerians!! 2. lawan kaita said”we will make d country ungovernable”..good,y is he not prosecuted?,and what party is he in currently?,remindme plz 3. APC said proscribing bokoharam is unconstitutionla?,really? evidence? and a GOOD number of them said its genocide?..on what grounds did dey say that?..4. theres a conspiracy in this bokoharam thing?,really?,whos job is it tu open up d conspiracy?,d man on d street working for tmrws food? 5. all 50yrs of corruption is dumpd on jonathan?,really?,d same jonathn that cant distinguish btw stealing and corruption?,and busy hobnobing with known goats(sic)jonathan?..hello!!…6. u are busy excusing jonathan for non performance? 7 gej is d man tu vote?…wake up 8. our elders at d confab?..elders like alamssighia?,corrpt so calld elders?…..9.opportuned by which God?,the one that eschews corruption and sin? 10..now i know u are d one tu shine ya eyes,cos u are so blinded by d 5k in ya account………u are busy makin excuses for failure,y didnt jonathn propose excuses when he was campagning in 2011?…..plzzz

  • korona melvin


  • chi boss

    Amen!!!!!!!!! It will come to pass soon.. President GEJ can make this happen.#GEJ4NAIJA

  • frankabby

    May God give u victory over Nigerians enemy #GEJ4naija

    • PrincessPatmuko

      Amen.This chaos is all about n power.no.e of them fights d 🙂 oly war with a reward in heaven

    • Mark Nsikan

      amen ooo……..jonathan is nigerias number 1 enemy……amen oo..faya!!!

  • grace folarin

    Amen……… Nigeria experiencing peace under the GEJ administration. vote GEJ 2015 #GEJ4NAIJA

    • Daniel Gibson

      May God give you the kind of peace we experienced under GEJ administration amen.

      • Mark Nsikan

        amen ooooo…for hjim/her

  • Abate Dokpu

    There are reports that Jonathan wants to manufacture a fake shekau that will be coached to “implicate” Buhari as the sponsor of Boko Haram. The plan is that Buhari will then be arrested and there will be chaos and crisis that will make the conduct of the elections impossible leading to an extension of tenure or the formation of an interim government. Sounds far fetched? Well, do not put anything beyond a desperate drowning President. With people like Anenih as Jonathan’s strategists, ALL IS FAIR IN WAR is their mantra. Otherwise, how can Jonathan be so definitive about capturing a man that they claimed to have killed several times over? Or is Jonathan telling us that he knows for sure that Shekau is still alive? In that case, has his military be deceiving us? While the reports may just not be true, I think we need to watch this man closely. Nigerians, shine your eyes.

  • dap

    They can bring Shekau out of where they hid him for so long. Who in Nigeria in his right senses does not know that Boko Haram is a tool of the Jonathan administration? You claimed you killed him now you want to catch his ghost alive. We don’t know this kind of leadership that does not deserve to be trusted. Enough of this political higi haga!!!!

  • abiodun

    Shekau 3.0

  • TrueNja

    Mr. president, is it not you and your military officials who claimed last September 2014 that you’ve killed Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau. Your inept military officers even had a world press conference where they showed the whole world photos of Shekau’s tattered corpse that went viral on internet. Mr. president pls stop ridiculing yourself within and outside Nigeria. Are you intelligent at all?

    • onenigerian2014

      We are a Nation at war twerp!! Many tactic are deployed in war Mr. you can only understand this is if you are not caged by a retarded ghost called APC. Shekau can have an identical twin brother in a region where people litters like dogs.

      • wole

        Does it not amaze you that this same Government that cannot guarantee the return of the Chibok girls is now confident that Shekua would be captured ‘alive’ before election? I smell a rat here. Going by the desperation of GEJ, I’m inclined to believe the news making around that there is an orchestrated plan to bring out ‘a Shekua’ to discredit GMB. God has shown over & over that HE is not man. This military is a disgrace having regard to their role in Ekiti as revealed in the Ekitigate audio now trending. I have never seen a situation where a President would say with all assurance that a terrorist like Shekua would be captured alive before March 28. Not even Obama could give such an assurance when Osama Bill Laden was to be captured despite the sophistication of America. Do not forget that this President had openly said in one of his media chats that he is unaware whether Shekua had been killed. Let GEJ & his blind supporters stop insulting the sensibilities of Nigerians.

        • Fatai Fehintola

          Kudos for your in-depth analysis; I hope most Nigerians could call this government to order so it would stop insulting our intelligence!

  • Nelson Deolu

    Nigeria arise for change. PDP bigots, you guys are so incandescent and crazy confusing yourselves. After postponement of the election, there’s still no hope for you and you wanna change the course and direction. Nigerians are now aware of all you are doing, we are tired of Jonaharam. We want change and you can’t stop the change with your lies and T.V advertisement or so. Go to Hell with Shekau, you guys are birds of feather. Promise and failed. I see your fresh air and the transformation. Enough is enough. Vote change, vote one Nigeria, vote APC Buhari/Osinbajo 2015

  • onenigerian2014

    Go on ahead Mr. President says Nigerians, Tinubu, Atiku, Red cap thief in kano, and others said they will do the needful for you if they can be spared in this whole hullabaloo. They say their point man Baba mangoro send his LOVE from Sabisa forest as he is dressing like a woman now running for dear life and that he begs for forgiveness. They say you can have the Presidency now and please allow them have Sambisa forest. APC members says also Hi there Mr. PEE, We are human being that makes mistakes! What are you? A kind hearted man. You did insults us right now… But you were raised NOT to make fun of the mentally challenged which we in APC are. It looks like our face just caught fire by this your numerous bombardments and someone trying to put it out with a fork.

  • Ibrahim Sani

    pls. sir, mr. president which of the shekau are you talking about, we are confused.

    • onenigerian2014

      The fish trap exists because of the fish. Once you’ve gotten the fish you can forget the trap. The rabbit snare exists because of the rabbit. Once you’ve gotten the rabbit, you can forget the snare. Words exist because of meaning. Once you’ve gotten the meaning, you can forget the words. APC shekau is still at large but he can’t run far, where can I find a man who has forgotten words so I can talk with him?


    All what he saying are lies. first they claimed to Kill shekau try for about two to three times . now they are assuring us to give Us shekau alive. Jonathan Is not fit to be reelected . Dort lets he decieved … change is Inevitable. Apc is all we want . Nigerians can’t Continue like this

  • Okere

    Well, If you cannot catch him then he will definitely catch you. Nigerians please shine your eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Judgement Day

    Yes we have heard of the plot and we even learnt that the new Shekau you are about to clone will tell us that it is Buhari that is sponsoring them. All to thwart March election

  • Festuso

    Someone had called this man a Kindergarten President and he is behaving as such. Shekau had been going around slaughtering human beings for some YEARS now …. but our Commander-In-Chief has just woken up to say he will be caught BEFORE THE ELECTIONS! No doubt they have found a stooge they will use as ‘Shekau’ to blackmail the opposition before the elections….Who doesn’t know the trick of putting a piece of meat in your mouth and making it disappear?

    • Hah!

      Wonders shall never end in Nigeria. I concur with your comment Mr.

  • Mark Nsikan

    i tot ya service chiefs insisted that the real shekau was dead!!……wich one is jona talking about again…..d dead shekau,i don confuse ooo

  • Omotolaaraujo

    The last dead Shekau was a pitiful replica. That’s a bold statement from a man that ignored fighting Boko Haram all this time.

  • APC is Doomed

    Nawaooo. 10 senior advocates to defend ordinary WAEC and now accussing FG of producing fake Shekau. Abeg where the original certificate and Shekau dey?

  • Plumbline

    Part of the propagandists’ agenda is to tarnish the image of our Armed Forces and their Commander-in-Chief. I believe that the original Shekau was killed when the military said they did. I believe the second who is much an impostor as this 3rd was also killed. Check the time lag between when the second one was killed and the third came out to make propaganda videos. It was almost two weeks in between. Plus he was never shown with the kidnapped girls, meaning, the propagandists had to generate Shekau images and simulate environments to make people believe.

    The Army has been forced to show proofs against their style. What is all this mistrust about? Should we not be encouraging of the men and women who hazard their lives daily to keep the enemy at a far distance so the rest of us can sleep peacefully? Please, let us be thankful and not be pawns for dirty politicians to use and score cheap points.

    Obviously, the enemies of our democracy have polished up their art. First US will not sell us weapons, then they blocked sales to embarrass us and entrench BH like they did ISIS. Only for Nigeria to get the weapons from elsewhere and see the much grounds our gallant military men have gained. Shame on all friends who are actually enemies in disguise. But all the enemies of our state will not go far!

  • GusO

    I always agree with what Tope has got say regarding our Economic debacle. Why don’t we have knowledgeable people like you in charge of our Economy or Central Bank? Thanks for your enlightening contributions always.