Jonathan replies Soludo over “missing N30 trillion” claim

President Goodluck Jonathan seized the opportunity of an interview with a Nigerian newspaper last week to hit back at a former Central Bank governor, Charles Soludo, who accused his government of failing to account for at least N30 trillion, and allowing corruption to flourish.

Mr. Jonathan dismissed Mr. Soludo’s claim as politically-motivated, and ridiculed his academic standing, saying it was illogical for that sum to be “stolen” as his government had not generated that much in all its years in power.

In an elaborate article on the state of the Nigerian economy mid-January, Mr. Soludo had tackled Nigeria’s finance minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, over her management style and inability to steer the nation aright amid an oil crisis.

Mr. Soludo, a first-class economist and professor, said whatever fiscal reserve Nigeria would have fallen back on during the crisis, had been badly depleted by corruption and poor management by the Okonjo-Iweala-led economic team of the Jonathan administration.

“Our public finance is haemorrhaging to the point that estimated over N30tn is missing, or stolen, or unaccounted for, or simply mismanaged,” the former CBN governor said.

Mr. Soludo said the sharp decline of the naira against the dollar was an indication of trouble for the nation.

He said his article was written for Nigerians to be informed ahead of the 2015 elections.

“Part of my frustration is that five years after, everything I warned about has come to happen and we are conducting our campaigns as if we are not in a crisis. As a concerned Nigerian, I have a duty to speak out again,” he said.

At the time, Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala dismissed Mr. Soludo’s concerns as those coming from a sore political loser who wished the country ill. In a vicious tit-for-tat article, the finance minister labelled Mr. Soludo Nigeria’s worst CBN governor ever.

In his interview with Thisday newspaper last week, President Jonathan repeated some of those claims, and questioned Mr. Soludo’s scholarship.

The president made the remarks as he sought to explain widespread impression of his government as being terribly corrupt, saying such allegations are often fed by spurious claims made by notable figures like Mr. Soludo.

“So you’ll see that there is a lot of politicking about some of the serious issues. Not too long ago I read in one of the papers, I think Vanguard, that former chief economic adviser to President Obasanjo who also went to become a CBN governor… Soludo is a professor and first class material. Yes, making a first class in economics, he is a brilliant person. His secondary school records are fantastic. So by all standards he is a brilliant person. So the Vanguard wrote that he accused Ngozi; that N30 trillion was stolen under the watch of Ngozi in four years,” the president said.

“Ngozi became a finance minister, let’s say from 2011 till date. From that time till now, our annual budget is between N4.3 trillion and N4.9 trillion. So even if you put all together, it is about 18 plus trillion naira, and not 30 trillion. The budget for these four years is less than N20 trillion, but Soludo said that under Ngozi’s watch they stole N30 trillion. This is in the papers, social media, stored in the clouds and will continue to be there. And when you type it in it will come out that during President Jonathan’s time they stole N30 trillion.”

But while the president hinged his explanation on realized budget figures for Nigeria annually, Mr. Soludo, in his article, based his N30 trillion claim on funds available to the government, amounts not reconciled and what the country should have earned earn if there had been quality economic policies.

“Under you as the Minister of Finance and coordinator of the economy, the basket of our national treasury is leaking profusely from all sides. Just a few illustrations,” he wrote to the finance minister in January.

“First, you admit that ‘oil theft’ has reduced oil output from the average 2.3 – 2.4 million barrels per day to 1.95 mpd (meaning that at least 350,000 to 450,000 barrels per day are being ‘stolen’). On the average of 400,000 per day and the oil prices over the past four years, it comes to about $60bn ‘stolen’ in just four years.

“In today’s exchange rate, that is about N12.6tn. This is at a time of cessation of crisis in the Niger Delta and the amnesty programme. Can you tell Nigerians how much the amnesty programme costs, and also the annual cost for ‘protecting’ the pipelines and security of oil wells? And the ‘thieves’ are spirits?

“Second, my earlier article stated that the minimum forex reserves should have been at least $90bn by now and you did not challenge it. Rather, it is about $30bn, meaning that gross mismanagement has denied the country some $60bn or another N12.6tn. Now, add the ‘missing’ $20bn from the NNPC. You promised a forensic audit report ‘soon’, and more than a year later, the report itself is still ‘missing’. This is over N4tn, and we don’t know how much more has ‘missed’ since Sanusi cried out.

“How many trillions of naira were paid for oil subsidy (unappropriated?)? How many trillions (in actual fact) have been ‘lost’ through customs duty waivers over the last four years? As coordinator of the economy, can you tell Nigerians why the price of Automotive Gas Oil, popularly called diesel, has still not come down despite the crash in global crude oil prices, and how much is being appropriated by friends in the process?

“Be honest: Do you really know (as coordinator and minister of finance) how many trillions of naira self- financing government agencies earn and spend? I have a long list but let me wait for now. I do not want to talk about other ‘black pots’ that impinge on national security.”

Mr. Soludo added, “My estimate, Madam, is that probably more than N30tn has either been stolen, or lost, or unaccounted for, or simply mismanaged under your watchful eyes in the past four years. Since you claimed to be in charge, Nigerians are right to ask you to account. Think about what this amount could mean for the 112 million poor Nigerians, or for our schools, hospitals, roads, etc.

“Soon, you will start asking the citizens to pay this or that tax, while some faceless ‘thieves’ are pocketing over $40m per day from oil alone.”

In his interview with ThisDay, the president said after reading the former CBN governor’s claims, they (cabinet members) simply asked Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala about the impression of her former colleagues at the World Bank, about Mr. Soludo’s charges. He said they were convinced it was political.

“We asked Ngozi how her colleagues in the World Bank saw the accusation and she said they were laughing and couldn’t believe it. There are certain things that you just cannot believe and if that is coming from somebody considered to be cerebral like Professor Soludo, then of course you know what the ordinary person would say. It is all political,” the president said.



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  • dd

    PHD vs PHD. Who will win the battle?

    • Bayonle

      Which “Phd”? Whose “Phd”? Goodluck Jonathan’s “Phd”? Does he have one?

    • Patriotique

      Port Harcourt Diploma PHD. lol

  • its all political

  • Emancipation

    This Jonathan is a Joker, Soludo said the $trillion is missing because of your inability to generate that sum and you Jonathan has proved him right by saying you never generated that sum but let your cronies in collaboration with NIMASA to generate that sum for their personal use. lemme quote Soludo. “In today’s exchange rate, that is about N12.6tn. This is at a time of cessation of crisis in the Niger Delta and the amnesty programme. Can you tell Nigerians how much the amnesty programme costs, and also the annual cost for ‘protecting’ the pipelines and security of oil wells? And the ‘thieves’ are spirits?

  • Advocate

    dr goodluck ebele jonathan is an economic simpleton. he does not have a grasp of anything whether it is security, corruption, health or economic issues. any criticism is met with distraction of abuse. yes maybe soludo is political but he is right in telling nigeria how you’ve wasted all our resources – from bunkering, looting, inflated contracts, waivers to friends while the naira continue to slip down. all gej knows is how to lie and dismiss everything as fabrications

  • Dazmillion

    “We asked Ngozi how her colleagues in the World Bank saw the accusation and she said they were laughing and couldn’t believe it”

    This is the level of idiotic and weak mental articulation of issues by Mr. Jonathan, a PHD holder, of a serious accusation by a former CBN governor and Professor of economics that N30 trillion is missing.

    This follows a similar pattern by Jonathan when he claimed that the Ekitigate tape was a fabrication based on the lies Koro whispered into his ears, when some of the participants were already confessing that the voices on the tape belonged to them

    Jonathan read Soludos article but did not understand what was written inside.

    • ####

      He cannot comprehend anything. Have some pity on him, 4 more weeks of pity….

    • Giganto

      We are already in deep sh*t courtesy of Mr Jonothing’s monumental level of ineptness and malfeasance. I can’t wait for this guy to be voted out on 28th March in order to save us from this embarrassment of an man mistakenly called “Goodluck” instead of Badluck.

      • Fairgame

        The demon of tribalism controlling you will ensure that your hatred burns you up. Only you. Mr President will win a second term and then you can relocate to Somalia. I hope you have applied for a visa and have packed your bag.

        • Dazmillion

          I don’t blame you. Obi Asika has been given money to recruit new E-Rats like you.

          but I thought the new instructions from Jonathan was that the rats should stop insulting Nigerians and only concentrate on talking up Jonathan measly achievements?

          • Fairgame

            Na you be the original eRat. Demon infested tribalist. And look at you talking about insult. It is clear you don’t even know the meaning of the word. Your comment was full of name calling and yet you talk about insults. Anyway the demon troubling you is called the demon of tribalism. You need help because it will never allow you be objective till it destroys you.

          • Dazmillion

            Bros sorry o!

            let me not distract you from your job as you need to fulfill your quota of comments per day unless you wont be paid.

          • SAM .A

            E-rat, why are u still abusing people here, did Obi Azika , your pay master not ask you to change this way of writing? U have to stop it. Submit your thread leave.

        • Okon

          Shoeless boy must return to creek. GMB 2015 for sure.

    • Denzel

      This is wrong calling your President names; it is the highest level of disrespect in the land. Well I’m not surprised that you will do that because we are not patriotic in this nation and that is the reason why you will accept false information and they become your standard for judgments. Soludo should be careful with the way he makes up figure for the interest of the development of this nation. Trying to destroy the reputation of innocent Nigerians is uncalled for. He should have a change of heart

      • Dazmillion

        I am told Obi Asika has hired some new E-Rats

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Soludo’s 1st class degree has been called into question by his APC-motivated gaffe. How can a sum that was not realized be stolen? Many Nigerians are gullible. This is the same way Sanusi Lamido made government to spend hard-earned fx to audit NNPC’s accounts after his wild, baseless and unintelligent allegations.

    • Advocate

      it is not only missing money, it is what we could have realised but due to incompetency (corruption, waivers, mismanaged NNPC, bunkering, inflated contracts, looting, etc.) of this govt we lost or missed the opportunity to generate N30Trillion. it seems you are affected by gej’s disease – imbecility

      • Fairgame

        Then how can it be termed stolen? If it has not been realized? Soludo is just a pseudo intellectual for hire. A jobless ‘has been’ looking for work. You are clearly the imbecile.

        • Advocate

          stolen as in inflated contracts, looting, import duty waivers to cronies, tax avoidance, oil bunkering, mismanagement of Oil revenue, uncompleted half-baked programmes, low quality projects, loans to cronies, etc., etc. kapish! i hope your brain can grasp that now. is it simple enough for you? just like how you chew the food before giving it to baby fairgame

          • hyperbole123

            gbagam to you! gbosa to your parents!

        • hyperbole123

          its stolen because it should have accrued to the PEOPLE OF NIGERIA but it accrued to the pockets of some people. open your brains

    • tundemash

      Omo Ole Orafidiya ,

      It is simple for those who have a bit of sense but not for d@fts like you and Dumbo who only know about goats and yam economics

      Budget has always been based below the international price of oil hence revenue has always surpassed budgetary allocations. What your Dumbo failed to tell mumu like you is how much was oil sold in the 4yrs compared with the price the budget was based on …. and where is the excess which is what Soludo is asking …… ?
      Also does Dumbo’s figure include the officially confirmed 400,000 barrles of oil being stilen daily by his boys ?

  • Mr. Abdin

    Ah The missing money not yet accounted for.

  • Advocate

    pdp just fell into soludo’s trap by this gej ‘s response. gej should have kept quiet instead of attempting to dabble into things he does not have clue on. i am anticipating a regal tongue-lashing in form of a write-up from the amiable economics professor. pdp just added to their woes.

    • D1

      I agree with you 100%

  • ola

    I’m not sure the president understood Soludo clearly. He said 30trillion was mismanaged not stolen. The oil revenue in the past 5-6 years is actually that much. Mr president is adding up the budget instead of speaking about the revenue.

    One more thing. Why do we need a “coordinating minister for the economy” when we have a president? Its the first time I’ve heard of such.

    • Advocate

      a president that cannot differentiate between budget and revenue? what do you expect?

  • Fairgame

    Everyone with half a brain knows that Soludo was just speaking out his frustration of being a job less man for the past couple of years. So when his ‘god’ Obasanjo called on him to help attack OkonjoIweala he came huffing and puffing. What he has only proven is that indeed a diseased mind is a useless one. His poverty of character has further reduced SirOlodo to a scum of the Nigerian political and economic space. The international economic world did well to just laugh at the display of a first class stupidity of Soludo.

    • blueeyedkitten

      and everyone with have brain knows you’re talking absolute rubbish.

      • Advocate

        nice response.

  • Moe

    Jonathan tried, but his advisers put him out of his depths ……and I do believe he meant it when he agreed not to seek re-election in 2015.

    You want a culprit for this debacle? look no further than his wife (Patience). This woman does not want to leave Aso Rock!

    Someone, anyone,,,, please inform Patience that ‘first lady’ is a ceremonial title…and just as she is first lady in the Aso Rock now, So is every woman a first-lady in their husbands house.

    My mechanic’s wife (Bola Suraju) has exactly the same power and responsibility to Nigeria as Patience Jonathan does. .
    Keep doing what you are doing….you will have your day in court!

  • Olaide

    Its so amazing to note the fact that Mr. President did not bother asking Madam Finance Minister for clarity on the many salient point Mr Soludo raised. All he could ask was the impressions of her former colleagues at the World Bank! And based on her response, Mr President came to the conclusion that Mr. Soludo`s allegations as ‘political’.
    May God help us.

    • Fairgame

      And what are the many salient points? If SirOlodo and Thiefnubu are so afraid of the minister of Petroleum that they cannot attack their questions on oil theft to her or to the navy for that matter, what salient points again is the president supposed to ask? The demon of tribalism troubling you will destroy you if you don’t go for deliverance.

  • Fairgame

    Mr President all well meaning Nigerians are backing you and you will surely finish the work you have started. Please you must restructure Nigeria based on the outcome of the National conference once you have taken you oath of office. That is the no 1, no2 and no 3 priority on your second term agenda – the restructuring of Nigeria. Thank you Mr President and may God cause His purpose through you to continue to be fulfilled.

    • Patriotique

      That guy cannot keep a promise. Sorry

    • Advocate

      gej said he does not make promises. also the main cannot even run a country successfully and you want him to implement national conference outcome. who’s fooiing who? he does not give a damn if the country is on fire and you want him to implement the outcome of a fake national conference outcome?

    • truth is bitter

      you cant even construct a meaningful statement what a shame

  • blueeyedkitten

    “We asked Ngozi how her colleagues in the World Bank saw the accusation
    and she said they were laughing and couldn’t believe it. There are
    certain things that you just cannot believe and if that is coming from
    somebody considered to be cerebral like Professor Soludo, then of course
    you know what the ordinary person would say. It is all political,” the
    president said.
    Now, this is making me to cry. so whatever they tell him, he just swallows. oh, what a president.

    • warry

      Liars have work because there are people to believe them. When somebody deliberately lies ,what can one say. Oil bunkering and pipeline vandalism has been around before GEJ.Even during the Obj Govt that Soludo served Nigeria was losing more than what they are doing now.

      • blueeyedkitten

        continue looking for excuses

    • Scarth

      Excactly the point i wish to raise. thanks though. Instead of thorough investigation, Mr president is asking how some people view of feel about the whole situation. Too bad!

  • Spoken word

    How can you take a president seriously that says if usd20billion is missing in Nigeria, America will know.

  • SAM .A

    President has once again demonstrated his shallow knowledge & misunderstanding of events around him , he didn’t understand that what he is making out of the oil business is just fraction of what he is loosing to oil rats. Ngozi expression that the world bank colleagues are laughing & couldn’t believe Prof Soludo ,is the opposite , they are indeed laughing @ nakedness of Both President Jonathan & Ngozi’s ineptitude , cluelessness ,inefficiency & complete loss of control on economy.The final Result of this Economy 101 contest or debate between Professor Soludo on one hand & President Jonathan & Dr Ngozi on other hand will be out in 4 weeks . The World Bank we see who will score F9 & Nigerians will laugh last.

    • D1

      The man has been putting the final nails on his coffin in the past few days, with his kindergarten and clueless replies to various issues. Whoever organized this interview, did him a disservice. He has indeed shown his shallow knowledge, mental incapacity and majorly, his cluelessness of the country he claimed to govern. He is just a ‘signature president’ (meaning sign, sign documents, contracts, toilet papers!), when presented to him.

  • Maitama Tambari

    T. Mbaki, AU Chairman on money transfer in Africa, yours is coming, BE PREPARED. Both Soludo and Sanusi were not talking of budgetary money. Stolen money outside budgetary, in students palace, diverted money before it enter appropriation. CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

    • Fairgame

      WASC less blind follower of perjurer and illiterate Buhari. You will join BokoHari in Kirikiri prison where he is heading.

  • Rommel

    Is this the man Nigeria is calling its president? I weep for my country, where did all the money that has been recovered so far from Abacha come from since non has been shown to have come from the budgeted sums?

    • Fairgame

      Continue to weep. Nigeria will keep marching forward. The world bank report on the utilization of the Abacha loot is on their site for you to go and read and hopefully understand. But I am almost certain you won’t. Because hatred for the Jonathan administration has eaten you up. It will burn you up too. So please keep weeping and I hope you weep all the way to Somalia your new country once Jonathan is sworn in for his second term.

      • Rommel

        Are you sure you understood my post before replying me?

        • Advocate

          please ignore. fairgame is an infant with his mummy’s laptop

          • Fairgame

            And you a sub infant with a laptop stolen through violence.

          • truth is bitter

            he has no father lol the guy is a vagabond

      • truth is bitter

        am sure after may 29 you will simply fade into oblivion

    • emeka momegha

      i noticed that GEJ supporters are very abusive…. its now becoming a steroetyped behaviour among them. Since PDP started using insults every where for campaign, it has affected their supporters negatively. they dont even take time to read meaning or reason from abstract views from theirs without land one insult on you… lol…… i know say person go throw one insult now after i write this truth..

  • Dan Arewa

    Our president was once shoeless and now does not need shoes because he have many jets. What he still lacks is BRAIN. So, once a shoeless creek bow is always BRAINLESS.

    • Fairgame

      You clearly have no home training. How sad for the womb that bore you. Perhaps yours was a wasted sperm.

  • ASY

    The president is actually is poor economist. Even me ordinary engineering student know about excess crude , for five years crude oil budget benchmarks is about half the crude price, so we should have a ridiculous amount in our excess crude and foreign reserves, for about five yet customs device have been generating trillions despite the waivers and loop holes plus corruption( stealing for the president understanding).Again Federal Inland revenue service have been bringing about 4 trillion annually. The total mismanagement is above 30 trillion mentioned by professor chukuma Soludo. Mr president there is a sierious problem,all of the people praising you are liars. Shine your eyes.

  • Passionate about Nigeria

    very sad indeed…Mr. President does not even know the difference between ‘budget’ and ‘income’! How did this man become president??

    • Fairgame

      Trying to rewrite SirOlodo’s article which we all read? Too late. SirOlodo’s stupidity and foolishness and that of his supporters like you has been made evident to all.

      • truth is bitter

        nobody takes you serious here because you lack substance.

    • Scrutiny

      Since you know some economics, particularly budgeting can you tell us how many times in the past 4 years has Nigeria had either a budget surplus or deficit? This will tell you that the matrix of ‘budget’ and ‘income’ is regularly factored in the annual estimate discourse. Truth is that the otherwise disgraced Soludo’s intervention was politically motivated. However, the Federal Government must look for ways to plug any holes to public finance, as many countries do in progressive manner. The current initiatives of IPPIS and GIFMIS are very salutary institutional mechanism to fight corruption.

      • truth is bitter

        the same set of people shouting they want to fight corruption same set of people are rejecting the siple PVC card reader

        Wake Up bro

      • Onike24

        Not everything is politically motivated; and that has been the major flaw of this paranoid administration, not everything must be viewed through the prism of politics, it was the same reasoning that made him wait 18 days before even addressing the issue of the missing Chibok girls!

    • tundemash

      Two reasons;
      1. OBJ used the power of incumbency to rig in two sick men: one had no kidney and the other had no brain.
      2. Nigerians voted ethnicity and religion over common sense ! Infact some were so f00lish they claimed they “voted GEJ and not PDP “.

    • Onike24

      Good Question!

  • Frank Bassey

    Jonathan was too soft on Soludo who would have been in jail when late President Yar’adua discovered his atrocities in the infamous polymer Naira note and the ill-motivated bank consolidation projects. He deliberated under-assessed the assets of former ACB Int’l bank when it merged into Spring Bank thinking he would acquire it. He failed, and that was how he gave out a bank founded by Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe to the North. If he was that good, why is he still unemployed? Why was his tenure not extended by Yar’adua?

  • Jasper Kpokobome


    Soludo might have bagged a 1st class degree, but the moment he started to commune with Duncee, then there was that possibility of infection. So, it is not surprising that Soludo is suggesting that the Govt stole so much, money that it did not have in the first place. Such reasoning can only emanate from the camp of those who are accustomed to scoring F9 in mathematics with 2 credit passes to match.

    How can you steal what you do not have? Its simply nonsense. Shit! Big Shit!

    Professor Jonathan has taken time to respond…and as usual, has responded maturely. These folks who kidnapped Musa and did everything to subvert the constitution to prevent Bros Jona from becoming president will stop at nothing…all of them are now in apc, firing by the minute, every form of projectile they can find. But Jona is going nowhere. No vacancy in presidency.

    Cukwuma shud be reminded that ECONOMICS is not LUDO.

    • Advocate

      jasper.., fairgame, frank bassey, please go and play in the garden. you must be 18+ to post on this forum. kapish!

      • Fairgame

        Empty barrel making the most noise. Playing in the garden is a good way to learn but unlike your certificateless leader who although an adult is incapable of learning, we will play and learn in the online garden.

        • truth is bitter

          go and play are you that daft

      • truth is bitter

        perfect reply

  • Maria

    Looking at and analysing this picture closely, one will have to admit that this man is a moron.

    • tundemash

      a first-class mor0n ! He only comes alive when you discuss goat and yam and ofcourse ogogoro !

      • D1



    Some president we have here. What do you expect from a president who made this comment: “If you talk about ownership of private jets, Nigeria will be among the first 10 countries, yet they are saying that Nigeria is among the five poorest countries.”

    • Fairgame

      Only the criminally insane will take a comment out of context to justify their hatred for the president.

      • truth is bitter

        seriously you are sick. very sick. very very sick. very very very sick, sick infinitude.

      • tundemash

        Give us the context under which he made that statement ….. or was he as usual drunk ?


        Yours is a loaded comment. I’m a citizen, this is my President, and in a democracy it is not only permissible to question our leaders it’s our responsibility. So the fact that I questioned Jonathan’s understanding of simple economics means I am insane and hate the president? Your are just laying your ignorance out for all to see. Keep insulting people since that is the only way you can express your understanding of issues.

  • Amir

    It is absurd for any sane person to imagine Jonathan knows more economics than Soludo. The fact that he does not even understand Soludo’s article shows more how he struggles to understand important national issues. Soludo mentioned about money that should have accrued to the federal government without the haemorrhage, but like a poor quality ‘student’, the president went chasing shadows with budgeted figures for 4 years and forgot even the squandeed savings, excess crude and borrowings by his government that has so far created a wastage of more than $100 billion. Obasanjo was right to apologise that he made a mistake imposing someone who doesn’t have the capacity to take Nigeria to a fast developmental trajectory.
    A president that is always off point even on already submitted questions. Watch his gross incapacity on CNN Amanpour on YouTube. Anyway in politics even Fani Kayode who uses his money to buy ‘brain enhancement substances’ replied Soludo.
    This poor understanding is the more reason why this government claims to have performed infrastructural wonders with average of 15% capital votes in the budget. The president just doesn’t get it and will never do.

    • Onike24

      In law we say ” Nemo dat quod non habet” no one gives what he doesn’t have, it is up to us to decide

  • Baba Jada

    This statement is embarrassing to all Nigerians, I would assume he would defend his administration with facts and figures, but he is simply dismissing this claim as illogical says a lot. There is clearly a lack of will to fight corruption and account for what was entrusted to them.

    • smart G

      Despite pwc report some dunces still ask questions

      • Onike24

        What bloody report? Have you seen it? Was it ever released? Reading out selected points in a report is a joke! Only in Nigeria!

        • Philip Gokir Musa

          Only in your brain that refuses to see what’s right. That’s why your life is a sinking ship!

          • Onike24

            Hmm! Aren’t you people tired of insults? Is it helping? Address the issues or keep quiet, I am sure there are enough motor parks where you can exhibit your skillful Agbero craft. This is not the place

      • Mamman

        Smart,you ain’t so smart after all. Have you seen the full report in soft & hard copies? Or are you arguing based on what the auditor summarised?

  • Philex

    Ok, Mr. President, I think, for once, I am inclined to agree with you on this one. Obviously, like you pointed out, in a cumulative budget of about N18 trillion, the amount that is missing cannot possibly be up to N30 trillion. So are you saying that the actual amount missing is somewhere in the region of around less that N18 trillion? Like something close to what the former CBN governor, the present emir, said was missing? Like $49 billion?? Like $20 billion???

    • WALE

      you must be a dullard!

  • Finitri

    We asked Ngozi how her colleagues in the World Bank saw the accusation and she said they were laughing and couldn’t believe it.

    Is NOI a world bank staff or a minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria?

  • Ette

    Soludo was conservative compared to the amount found out by the AU. GEJ is very ignorant of economic dimension of financial statistics. You sold crude over $40 per barrel above budgeted price, you stole 400,000 barrels of oil per day, you stole subsidy of over N2trillion on PMS and N500billion on kerosene, you stole pensioners money amounting to over 100b, you stole about 30% of annual current budget, and you are saying you did not have such amount of money to steal. May God deliver us from your wicked hands.

    • Oyakhirome Asije

      can you face God on judgement day with this accusations….lets be human in our comments…..

  • Chris1408

    Please lord don’t let GEJ win this coming election. Please save Nigeria from further embarrassments and corruption. Please let Buhari win and redeem our lost image

    • Bidemi Lukman


  • emeka momegha

    the president did not read soludo’s article well …. he might not even understand it , he is not to be blamed on not understanding because his area of expertise is zoology. soludo wasn’t talking about the budget as the writer pointed out… and asking NOI on what her colleagues in world bank think… that is just a sign that the president does not do his thinking himself… now i’m convinced that everything is just handled by other people, he might be a pawn sef. only God will save nigeria from shame upon shame

    • Magenta

      Jonathan does not have the brain capacity to understand prof soludo writing so let just forget this issue but if it were women n alcohol johnny boy get first class

  • tundemash

    The only thing Dumbo knows is the economics of yam and goat …… ah ! Nigerians … how did you get it this wrong ? This cl0wn isn’t fit to head a local council .

    • Joe

      Tunde, I asked you to please separate “mash” from this beautiful name “Tunde”. I take God beg you. The moment you remove it, you will notice the difference in your thoughts.

      • tundemash

        Dumbo Joe, i responded to you yesterday.. was the apeteshi too strong for you to read yesterday ?

        A creek rat seeking 5 mins of fame !

        • burning spear

          Instead, he further reduced himself into an errand boy for a band of
          desperate men, who finding now way of challenging President Jonathan’s
          performance with his transformation agenda, have to recruit Soludo to try
          and belittle what all Nigerians know to be true. President Jonathan’s
          Transformation Agenda is working and he has achievements to show for it.
          Even in this, like his job at the CBN, Soludo failed because his writing
          did not try hard enough to disguise the lines of his ventriloquist and
          puppet masters. Since, the one time CBN chief has shown an unrivalled
          capacity for being undiscerning so one’s message should be directed at the
          people who put him up to his latest verbiage. The message is simple;
          Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo is not the best operative to do serious
          pre election collateral damage. He is simply a square peg in a round hole
          and it is not as if there are other people who can disprove that the
          Transformation Agenda is working for Nigerian

          • tundemash


            His transformation agenda is working and yet he still needed to be running from church to church and one Yoruba oba to the other to beg for votes? Why isn’t those achievments speaking for him ?

          • tundemash

            Both Soludo and Ngozi are gulity of being naive to work for rogues in th elast 16 years. The best economists in the world would fail in an economy leaking $20bn in a year and 400,000 of barrels/day !!!!

            Enough of 16years of rape, Soludo or Ngozi does not matter in this !

  • WALE

    In the kingdom of the political blind professors and bankers describing the nature and size of an elephant is enormous. Sanusi will touch the leg and describe the elephant as a mainly straight and erect animal with some slight contours, whose pedestal value alone is marginally placed at $49billion. Blind prof. Soludu feels the elephant’s trunk and describes it as an animal whose tusks’s value is put at 300 trillion Naira. Nigeria is comedy of error

  • smart G

    Soludo should tell Nigerians the amount of untapped oil in the delta and add that to what Nigeria failed to sell and convert to cash.
    If 400,000 barrels are estimated to be stolen you multiply it by 60 dollars and expect it in Jona pocket.
    Voodoo economics.
    Our external and internal reserve could as well be calculated thus: volume of oil reserve in the delta x 60 dollars

  • True Nigerian

    Can somebody please remind this talkative liar that the African Union has also stated that more than 40 trillion has been stolen from Nigeria? Was that also an allegation by Soludo? Or is this corrupt dishonest liar of a President going to also claim that the AU’s figure was politically motivated?

    This president has to go. He is too dishonest and too silly to lead a local government, let alone a country.

  • smart G

    30 trillion is stolen,… ….missing,… …..unremitted ……no ….unaccounted for,…….no ….is not realized as a result of failed policies……
    That means all us us have squandered billions of dollars which is the worth of Bill Gates if we fail to make it big like him……ok that’s true…..opportunity cost.

  • between the lines

    soludo was not talking of budgeted money but money that was supposed to but not remitted to the coffers of the federal government. in other words, if our revenue had been properly managed, the government ought to be posting twice what it did for our annual budget.

    • burning spear

      A similar trend is in place in terms of wastage of resources because today,
      it has been discovered that Nigeria has to discard the polymer notes that
      Soludo touted as magic. The notes are simply not suitable for the weather
      in Nigeria as they degrade too quickly and do not in any way offer the
      advantages that were sold to Nigerians. What other poor quality advice has
      this man unleashed on Nigerians when he held sway? But this should be a
      topic for another day as the failed governorship candidate himself would

      For those in doubt as to Soludo’s true intentions, they only need recall
      that his pettiness showed through as he could not resist that urge to
      massage his own ego, scratching the itch he still feels from losing to a
      popular candidate who confirmed his loss of touch with the reality that
      citizens live through. He had to find space in his epistle to insult former
      governor of Anambra state, Peter Obi. This act has multiple facets: it
      depicts a Soludo who will indiscriminately attack anyone he perceived to
      have cost him a meal ticket to cosy living and also reveals a man who will
      stop at nothing to attack anyone he knows to be related to President
      Goodluck Jonathan. Yet, this is a man to who Soludo should be eternally
      grateful for not clamping him into jail for the fraudulent transactions at the

      • KG

        Why don’t you respond to Soludo directly, am sure he would be ready to debate his failed policies and also the brilliant ideas you will offer.

  • Debo

    I kind of agree that his response wasn’t smart at all. I don’t see how we can totally disconnect the budgetary provisions from actual income; the former is a factor of the latter, maybe less excess crude earnings. Even at that, nobody have mentioned how much of the 2.2 mpd production is actually FG’s to arrive at a figure that was mismanaged. Besides, didn’t Sanusi and indeed the audit report claim that total earnings from crude oil to federation account is around $60 billion for 2 years – earnings for states and LG inclusive. And if we agree that it makes 80% of total earnings for Nigeria then we can work the maths for total earnings for 2 years. Let us also not forget that the 400000 barrels stolen per day does not belong to Nigeria alone, the OICs have a substantial part of it. If we are guided by the truth in the way we work with these figures then we might tend to agree with GEJ that 30 trillion is outrageous. Somebody on this forum even claimed that one govt agency alone brings in 4 trillion annually, I wonder which log base were those figures quoted.

    • burning spear

      One must also ask: where were all these brilliant ideas when the former CBN
      governor was in office? How come the fantastic economic team he worked with
      did not adopt such measures wholesale? Why are the ideas just been muted
      with vehemence now? There are many questions because when he had the
      benefit of office one his best ideas was to re-denominate the naira? For
      those who might have forgotten, Soludo’s concept of helping the Nigerian
      economy was to knock off a couple zeroes off the naira and print new notes.
      Of course, like the lazy student who spy on his colleagues’ class work, the
      idea was not original to Soludo at that time as it emerged he wanted to
      copy a decision already take by Ghana and a couple other countries.
      Fortunately for Nigeria, that misadventure was not allowed to happen and
      economic watchers can tell anyone who cares to listen that whatever gains
      Ghana got from re-denominating are fast fading away and our country could
      have fared worse.

      Of course we already lost a lot to such college assignment kind of policies
      because revelations around the polymer notes introduced under Soludo showed
      that the only person who would have benefitted from the ruse was himself
      alone a la the bribery scandal around the printing of the lower
      denomination polymer notes. If Soludo seeks to distance himself from this
      and blame the folks at the Nigeria Security Printing and Minting Company, a
      subsidiary of the CBN, then he is himself guilty of what he accused
      President Jonathan of when he said the presidency has been outsourced.

    • Mamman

      The Forum guy is right. How much did the FIRS generated in 2013? Almost N5t. Check that out please and come back for more discussion.

  • Goodluck should restrict his limited mental capabilities to his animal and zoological sciences and avoid contending economic issues with an international Professor, with a first class in economics from one of the Nigerian premier universities.

    • burning spear

      soludo simple principles of economics—————to a primary 2 kid———-not to talk of appearing b4 secondary school lads in Katsina state————-we call his type cut and nail economist—–he is fake————-like buhari–his mentor

      • Dr Soludo, Professor of Economics with a First Class from the globally acclaimed University of Nigeria not Port Harcourt.

        • burning spear

          It is to this third group that one must logically confine Soludo, who gave
          the impression of impartiality when he was actually trying to up the stake
          and see who the highest bidder would be. His thesis, *Buhari vs Jonathan:
          Beyond the Election*, is self serving to the extent that his selfish
          intentions stand out like a sore thumb. The only good thing going for that
          write up was the opening caveat that suggested that the author has kept
          some distance away from government and governance so one can easily
          appreciate that he has lost touch with the reality of running an economy
          the size of Nigeria. If Soludo were such a whiz kid fiscal manager like he
          made out then the administration he served would have been able to build an
          El Dorado upon which subsequent administration would have built a heaven on

          But nay, Soludo and the administration he served did no such thing. His
          stay as the helmsman at the apex bank was a period of habitually papering
          over the reality of not just the banking sector but also a period of
          actively and officially promoting brigandage that threatened to sink the
          country. Does Soludo think Nigerians have so easily forgotten about the
          toxic loans that his predecessor, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi (now the Emir
          of Kano) had to deal with upon the end of that shady era?

          • You have just exposed your financial naivety.Soludo’s monetary policies was the principal fulcrum upon which the OBJ national reserves was built on. The inexperience of Sanusi led to the mismanagement of our share of the global depression. Professor Soludo was a principal party in the liquidation of our dated debts.It will make sense if you all will allow Dr Okonjo Iweala to respond to the Prof’s challenge, because She is already overtly intimidated.
            Your GEJ and Diezani came in to loot and fleece the nation of its
            hard earnings thereby taking the nation back to the post Shagari
            years. Should GEJ be allowed to stay till 2019, expect the Naira to exchange for N1,000 to a US DOLLAR.

        • burning spear

          yet u have refused to leave the city of Port Harcourt—-for the owners———–Isaac boro also made first class in chemistry———-at University of Nsukka—nee Nigeria

          • ije2014

            I wish deluded Igbos who support Ebele Jonathan blindly would see your comment. My family are still waiting for their abandoned property in PH.Creek bound Igbo haters.

  • burning spear

    Buhari is Still admitted in Hospital in London…. Admitted at Cavendish Street, Cavendish Square, W2 London West End, London and Moved to an unknown Hospital yesterday.

    It is wicked of these Politicians to drag a sick man to political Interactive Meetings. Although he failed to appear in the last two official engagements, they should allow him to recuperate.
    HE NEED YOUR PRAYER NOT VOTE. -what a shame

    • Jujubeans

      Ah pleeeeeeeassse! You guys just don’t know when to stop. You are really, really looking ridiculous and not helping GEJ ‘s cause at all.

    • Harry

      your parents are the one admitted into IGBOBI hospital…..mother fucker.

  • burning spear

    It is the season of recycling. The twilight of next month’s general
    elections – including the presidential election is flushing out failed
    politicians from their hideout to make a last ditched effort at positioning
    for plum offices that could be their ticket to rehabilitation from
    obscurity. The latest to make the list is former apex banker, Professor
    Chukwuma Soludo, who finally found the avenue to vent the venom that has
    built up in him since his unceremonious exit from the Central Bank of
    Nigeria (CBN) and the humiliation of a lacklustre performance when he was
    misguided into taking a shot at the Anambra state governorship seat.

    Those being flushed out of premature retirement come in different flavours:
    some are rightly outrage by the attempt to manipulate history and are
    coming out to stand by President Goodluck Jonathan; others are desperate to
    see what meal ticket and crumbs could fall off the opposition’s table with
    the slush money being made available by the league of the desperate; yet a
    third group is made up of those tossing leaves into the air to see what
    direction the wind blows in terms of making a show of being critical of the
    ruling and opposition parties and see who pays up first.PHILiP

    • Tunsj

      I give you credit for standing by your man, Jonathan. But believe me, Jonathan is going to lead you down the drain.

  • Guguru

    Jonathan, can you explain the following below which you have been hiding from Nigerians? If Soludo is a liar as you claim then explain the story below and where the money in that story goes every year.

    “Twenty-one Federal Government agencies, including the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and the Central Bank of Nigeria, have bowed to the House of Representatives by submitting budget details of their expenditure for this year.

    The budget details of the agencies were the cause of a row at the House on Tuesday last week, which stalled debate on the country’s 2014 budget by lawmakers.

    The agencies, described as “big earners and big spenders”, rarely bring their budget details to the National Assembly.

    Sources close to the committee confided in our correspondent that the agencies planned to spend a whopping N12tn
    this year on their operations.

    “The figure is mind-blowing. We are faced with a situation in this country whereby the budget of agencies set up by the government is far above the annual budget for the entire country.

    “While the whole country is to spend N4.6tn in 2014, the NNPC, CBN and other agencies listed under the Fiscal
    Responsibility Act, 2007, will be spending N12tn.

    “Go and work out the difference; these were the details they wanted to conceal from the National Assembly but for the motion by APC lawmakers on Tuesday last week”, one of the sources said.”

    Nigerian Punch, February 11, 2014, “NNPC, CBN, others submit budget details to Reps”

  • boliatepa

    Jonathin says: “Soludo is a professor and first class material.” No sir, he is NOT a first class material. He achieved first class evidently. He is a first class recipient. A material is not a finished product.

    • Guguru

      Very good.

    • Lyzsys

      Well said my dear!

  • hyperbole123

    our so called president is such an olodo. in fact today i will stop respecting anybody with phd. what a waste of sperm! what soludo is saying is that y’all motehrfuckers have been under budgeting. where has the balance been going? how many parastatals – like NIMASA which we hear is now bankrolling your campaign – are underreporting or not even bothering to report their earnings? how many of them have been created lately, capturing monies which do not enter the federation account as it should? that is what soludo is saying. anyone that votes for this goat and yam man, will surely rot in hell! goo bye jonathan. you belong in jail… or a psychiatric hospital

    • Guguru

      You displayed your rage very convincingly and appropriately. Well done.

    • Paului

      Motherfucker reflect your inability to understand what is at stake.
      N 30 trillion is a lot of money to generate during these years. Pls reason well and think well. Mr Soluble is wrong.

      • Guguru

        Be quiet. Take those dirty words to a laundry, clown.

        • Paului

          ‘Facts are stubborn’. Let’s not fight. Thanks.

  • Bukar Isa

    Most of the comments made by the president—with regards to the ongoing war–in the fulani north–often comes from the unstable Fulani NSA–LIKE DASUKI—————–jONATHAN DOES NOT GO TO THE WAR–FRONT TO SEARCH FOR THE ENEMY—————The Yankees are still in Iraq–searching for the head of the man who has been beheading Americans as if they are goats——————The USA has been in Iraq FOR ALMOST 10 YEARS—————spent trillions-to bring peace to that country and Afghanistan—-France just had a taste——of the jihadist—————–who slaughtered over 17 of her best brains——————theirs is not called voodoo————army———-our is——-Buhari is with Tony Blair—-animal–#NO2BUHARI

  • Bukar Isa

    Soludo should tell Nigerians the amount of untapped oil in the delta and add that to what Nigeria failed to sell and convert to cash.
    If 400,000 barrels are estimated to be stolen you multiply it by 60 dollars and expect it in Jona pocket.
    Voodoo economics.
    Our external and internal reserve could as well be calculated thus: volume of oil reserve in the delta x 60 dollars

    • Tonnero

      Where did you read Soludo said the money is in Jona’s pocket? Na so una dey take fail for school.

  • KG

    God save our country from this retard of a president, I can’t believe how daft he act all the time.

  • john jones

    Why was it important what Okonjo Iewela’ friends at the world Bank think. Why was Jonathan not worried about what NigerNigeriaans think

  • bello audu

    Mr. Jonathan dismissed Mr. Soludo’s claim as politically-motivated, and ridiculed his academic standing, saying it was illogical for that sum to be “stolen” as his government had not generated that much in all its years in power.#GEJNaija

  • favourtalk

    This man needs to do better than this, he doesn’t know the difference between revenue and budget allocation. Shame on a GEJ administration, everything needs to be spell out to him before he can talk, he need more lies to convince us more if he will try. We are voting you out by his grace, he should live with that

  • bello audu

    For those in doubt as to Soludo’s true intentions, they only need recall
    that his pettiness showed through as he could not resist that urge to
    massage his own ego, scratching the itch he still feels from losing to a
    popular candidate who confirmed his loss of touch with the reality that
    citizens live through. He had to find space in his epistle to insult former
    governor of Anambra state, Peter Obi. This act has multiple facets: it
    depicts a Soludo who will indiscriminately attack anyone he perceived to
    have cost him a meal ticket to cosy living and also reveals a man who will
    stop at nothing to attack anyone he knows to be related to President
    Goodluck Jonathan. Yet, this is a man to who Soludo should be eternally
    grateful for not clamping him into jail for the fraudulent transactions at the

  • “We asked Ngozi how her colleagues in the World Bank saw the accusation and she said they were laughing and couldn’t believe it. There are certain things that you just cannot believe and if that is coming from somebody considered to be cerebral like Professor Soludo, then of course you know what the ordinary person would say. It is all political,”…..Jonathan

    It is not what Nigerians say or how they feel about Soludo’s accusation that matter to Jonathan, rather it is the feeling of Iweala’s colleagues at the World Bank. Surely I say to you Jonathan is the dumbest president on planet earth.

  • uduak akpan

    soludo is just a noise maker

    • O’seun Ogunseitan

      Our Budget was projected on less than half of the $140 we were selling crude Oil, so you should multiply President Jonathan’s N18 trillion budget figure by two to know how much we really earned.

  • Nelson David

    Jonathan this, Jonathan that just to make him look bad but at the end of the day God will vindicate him from all the baseless accusations from APC and their agents.

  • emmanuel

    soludo should go back to his sleep

  • uzo

    soludo how and where do you get your figure from

    • O’seun Ogunseitan

      According to President Jonathan our budgets in the last four years totaled about N18 Trillion. But the budget was based on $65 per barrel, yet we sold mostly at $140 per barrel. So you simply double the N18 Trillion
      figure to know how Prof. Soludo got the N30 billion and we are talking of about six years not four years.

  • soludo is a big clown, very corrupt to be exact we dont need this kind of noise from his kind

    • O’seun Ogunseitan

      President Jonathan said we have had budgets totaling about N18 Trillion in the past four years. The budget was based on $65 per barrel yet we sold mostly at $140. So you simply double the N18 Trillion figure to know how Prof. Soludo got the N30 billion and we are talking of about six years not four years.

  • Ndubuisi Chinedu

    The conspiracies against President Goodluck Jonathan are no longer hidden from the public glare. These plots started several months ago, even before INEC fixed the election time table. Foremost amongst the plotters are : 1) General Olusegun Obasanjo, (1) Sanusi Lamido Sanusi (3) The Northern Elders Forum (4) Boko Haram and now Chukwuma Soludo, among others. These people or group of persons have not hidden their hatred for GEJ and the Federal Government. They all have their parochial reasons for participating in the plot. Obasanjo began the execution of the plan by his infamous “Letter to the President’ where he accused GEJ government amongst other things, of training snipers to assassinate over 1000 prominent Nigerians, (unsubstantiated); massive corruption, etc. He followed that letter with several attacks on GEJ on every occasion. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi continued from OBJ letter by writing his own letter accusing NNPC of having not remitted over $49.8billion which he later scaled down to $10.8 billion and then upgraded to $20billion. Forensic Audits by world class audit firm, Price Water House Coopers, has shown that no such money was ever missing or unremitted. Boko Haram has always struck when GEJ has something to celebrate. Even when Jonathan was to declare for Presidency, Boko Haram struck in a school in the North-east, killing over 50 students. This was intended to prevent GEJ from declaring. Of course APC latched on to that unfortunate incident to condemn the President for going ahead to declare for President when students had just been killed. Nigerians and indeed the world should note that in all Buhari’s endeavors and political maneuverings including all APC’s activities, Boko Haram has never disrupted their franchises. Now Soludo has come up with another voodoo N30trillions missing. On his part, the D-G, Buhari campaign organization, Governor Rotimi Amaechi recently accused pastors of collecting N6billion as bribe to support Jonathan. The clandestine activities of the Northern Elders Forum is obvious to all Nigerians. These plots are all about stopping President Jonathan from being re-elected. The vitriolic pursuits of ‘Stop Jonathan at all Costs’ using the instrumentality of corruption and Boko Haram have been casting aspersions on the integrity and image of Nigeria. Nigeria is being demonized before the world as a corrupt country, with corrupt and incapable military, because of false allegations of spurious stolen monies. These actors do not mind if Nigeria’s image is completely denigrated. These plotters are completely jaundiced to the gains of the Jonathan administration. Their goal is to delude Nigerians and the international community into believing that the government of Jonathan is not only monumentally corrupt, but weak, clueless and don’t have the nerve to tackle Boko Haram. Unfortunately many Nigerian and foreign countries and their press are buying into these diabolic plots. It is either Jonathan and his men were deliberately ignoring these shenanigans or they are oblivious of the fact that these people were targeting his re election bid. Part of their grand design is to weaken the credibility of the Jonathan administration. PDP as a party has been slow to react coherently to all the falsehood that APC and their sympathizers have been churning out. PDP and its presidential candidate have been too gentlemanly. Olisa Metu, the publicity Secretary of PDP has not matched the loquaciousness of Lai Mohammed, his APC counterpart. Lai Mohammed is a tough malevolent alarmist. Ditto the national chairman of APC, John Oyegun. These people raise alarm on any thing from the ridiculous to the profane. Chairman of PDP, Alhaji Muazu rarely grant press conference. PDP Publicity Secretary is more like a pastor admonishing the Elders and Deacons of his church when addressing the Press. These PDP people don’t spit fire like their counterpart in APC. Even the APC governors are not different. Adams Oshiomhole is full of showmanship. Amaechi another noisy governor. Take his theory of APC forming a parallel government if they lose. Buhari, of course is of the same stock aka, ‘baboon and the dog being soaked in blood’. If PDP and the President want to avoid these well aimed plots to frustrate their victory at the polls, they should reduce the smiles on their faces and add a little bit of frowns. They should learn not only to talk tough, but coherently. PDP should project the achievements of the Jonathan administration with some steel. This is because APC is a reactionary and alarmist party. If the Buhari’s certificate saga had been that of any PDP candidate, Tinubu and his APC gang would have led mass protest to INEC headquarters to disqualify the candidate.

    • Kufere


    • nwaeke

      Come! There are commenters and there ‘commenters’. You carry a true foresight, vision in your bossom. BLESS YOU SIR!

    • Ore_Kajero

      Forensic Audits by world class audit firm, Price Water House Coopers, has shown that no such money was ever missing or unremitted?? seriously?

      • Charles Owolabi

        Yes no money was stolen. That is the fact.
        Buhari should simply show us his certificate. period

        • Ore_Kajero

          Where has certificate come up in this conversation? I see that you have not let your lack of cognitive reasoning affect your ‘”that is the fact”‘ stance….

          And just in case you think I have no reply to your inquiry about Buhari’s certificate… I think you had better check the constitution regarding requirements for running for President and stop exposing your ignorance to the world

          • Charles Owolabi

            i think you must suffer from selective abnastia did you read my posting?
            Since you are a clear Olodo what I said is that from the audit report no money was stolen. I went on to say that all we want is for Buhari to produce his certificate. period.
            He should stop trying to divert attention and produce his certificate. Since he is in London he can ask the British authorities to help expedite the release of the certificate or better still he can go and collect it from the Cambridge examination board in person.
            We are tired of all these distractions. We must first of all establish if buhari is even eligible to contest for the position of President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
            Nigeria can not afford an illetrate at the helm of our affairs.
            Those days are gone.
            We as Yorubas are more interested in the implementation of the out come of the sovereign national conference.
            We beleive in the implementation of true federalism where ever region develops at its own pace using its own resources.
            Buhari can be president of a region full of Almajaris we don’t want any part of that arrangement.
            No amount of propaganda can change the fact that most Nigerians don’t beleive in this illetrate.

  • kemi

    soludo if you are sure of this come out with more fact

  • Enumah

    Speculations on imaginary accusation. ***Hisses*** This is absurd. Soludo your intelligence is eluding you making us ask questions about your competence. So you can be bought so cheap?.

  • Nwaobilor


  • Ibrahim

    clueless cannot understand dey bring ogogoro economics


    pdpigs … . there Messiah OKONJO and Madueke are one the greatest Problem in his administration. theare thieves. y wed even their Oga. Jonathan….. Is a big thief … well their days are numbered in office ………They dont care about us. Imagine our economy in history has never gone bad to thy extent … Nigerians It a time to wake UP …. Pd Pigs are attr our treasury. youth dat lets give mediocre chance to Continue ruling us … Apc all we want… Chang Is Inevitable

  • bib

    I told you GEJ is not only clueless, he is a very slow learner. In sixteen years he has been in governments at the pinnacle. He has been deputy governor, governor, vice president, now president for six years and still doesn’t know his left from his right in governance. He still confuses earnable revenues with budget figures. Is that not the reason why the crooks surrounding him insist he must win? You know his incompetence is very much to the advantages of their insatiable bank accounts.

  • O’seun Ogunseitan

    Oga Jona, a country’s actual income is not its Budgeted income as you are suggesting. For the past five years plus, you budgetted to sell crude Oil at $65 per barrel, yet you sold mostly at $140 per barrel. Is it not not immediately clear sir, that you should double your budgetted revenue if you are discussing about your actual revenue. Nobody will begrudge you if you say Economics is not your strong point and decline to comment on what you are not deeply informed about. That Prof. Soludo is the brilliant scholar you acknowledged he is, should have made you ask those you believe should know, to brief you thoroughly on what the sound economist was saying.

  • Gran puba

    For those intellectually challenged APC apologists, Nigeria only gets 60% of that daily production. U just can’t double up on numbers to get a dubious N30trillion. Prof Stupido should go have his head checked.

  • En

    This Jonathan is a joke. No stuff in his head whatsoever!

    • Dr Sam Nwiyordee

      Look at this thing calling someone a joke, who are you and what do you think you will ever be?

  • soludo is frustrated, like a puppy seeking his master’s affection and attention, pathetic to me though.

  • He never cease to amaze me, its even a waste of time replying him, but GEJ being the bigger man, i trust his judgment on this.

  • Akanji92

    Oga Jona why argue over issues that are open to even the blind. So many unremmitted fund. Only you and Diazeani know what the nation makes.

  • ahmed

    I love the way and manner GEJ handles issues…He’s just so composed and confident

  • uko bassey

    Soludo is a coward and a sick fellow, just another tool in the hands of APC.

  • Poor Soludo. May God help him

  • Mrs benita akpan

    Last kicks of a dying horse, someone should please cuddle up soludo.

  • Denzel

    In Nigeria today when
    people leave public office they become heroes, they now begin to see things
    according them they couldn’t see when they were in government. For instance
    Tinubu now comes out to talk about corruption, when he is the chief of
    corruption. Solodo is now trying to make himself look that way by making wrong
    accusations and spurious amount that is even more than the budget as missing.
    But we know it’s a lie. He now wants to make the credibility of others
    questionable for selfish reasons. Prof. I still remember that you were involved
    in the polymer naira scandal. And I think that matter should still be revisited
    and should be sent to jail.

  • Denzel

    Soludo, you’re the one manipulating Nigerians. I still remember vividly
    about the polymer scandal when you were the CBN governor. You were one of those
    that received bribes from the Australian printing company, Securency in
    order to secure contracts for the printing of polymer naira notes. You cannot
    be trusted and because your corrupt nature, you think everyone is the same as
    you. The epistle you wrote as a rejoinder shows how insecure you are on what
    you claimed you have achieved.

  • Denzel

    Nigerians should also know about the polymer Naira scam you in which you were involved. You can’t promote corruption and now be the one that wants to be the one playing a saint. That scandal was left unvisited and I think Nigerians deserve to know how corrupt you and how you tried to manipulate things for your selfish interest. In fact, because of the money you got from that bribery and the ones you stole from office, which was why you taught you had enough to contest for governorship position in Anambra state. You should be interrogated by the EFCC.

  • Anabel

    I wonder why you want to turn your dirty ranting into a trending discussion. It has become a norm for you to hit at Madam Okonjo-Iweala; someone who is ahead of you in terms of experience and achievements.. Painting someone black to make yourself look good never works. Someone needs to start recanting what Madam Iweala too has done so we would know who can beat who’s records.

  • Kontrais

    You did not do better as the CBN governor. These back-to-back long treatises on how Okonjo-Iweala has fared does not make you the choice for a better Finance Minister. Given the same set of challenges Okonjo-Iweala is facing currently, you would perform woefully if given the chance.

  • Malik Sunsani

    Stop calling the attention of Nigerians without facts Soludo. Prof. Charles Soludo is simply seeking for attention which he’s not got since his tenure at the Central Bank elapsed. He has no moral justification whatsoever to accuse the minister of finance for wrecking the economy after the havoc he wrecked in the banking sector during his ignoble tenure as Central Bank governor.

  • Cynthia Ukpaka

    You wonder how people betray the very person that helped them.With all due respect Prof. Soludo, you ‘don’t bite the fingers that fed you’. Why are you quick to forget that the same Madam Okonjo Iweala you are criticising today is the same person who brought you into limelight. The fact that you’re indirectly vying for her office does not mean you should paint her black sir.

  • Alexandra

    As civil and educated people, it behooves us to act maturely and responsibly rather than resorting to needless name-calling, dirty politics and self-aggrandizement. Let’s respond to issues objectively rather than whip up unnecessary sentiments. Sir, if you have a personal grouse with the CME, its better you resolve it personally and not bring it to public glare.